Btooom! (2012) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Yes, I stocked up on some tools and medicines I can use.
Thank you very much.
Sakamoto-kun, do you doubt me? You can't survive here without mutual trust.
Okay, hold on to this on the way back.
It has important materials inside.
Be careful.
What is this intimidating presence? The first one to move wins.
Stay on the defensive, and you'll lose your chance.
Ryouta, that is the only difference between us Whether or not you can understand this.
Now, let's hurry.
Ryouta! Ryouta, get rid of that trunk! Get rid of it! There's a BIM A bomb inside that trunk! Ryouta! One down! Ryouta Ryouta! Ryouta No! Your boyfriend's dead.
I have lots more BIMs now.
But more importantly How did you figure out a BIM was in the trunk? I was planning to kill you both.
But it's fine.
You'll meet the same end.
The weak exist to be devoured by the strong.
That's true in any endeavor.
I'm going to survive and get off this island again.
And you are going to help me! Die for me.
You haven't changed, Date-sensei.
Th-That voice Sh-Shiki? Revival Murasaki Shiki! — 10 Minutes Earlier — The medicine supply? Yes, a giant lizard bit one of our companions.
I think he's poisoned He won't stop bleeding.
So I was hoping we'd find some kind of serum.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing like that here.
No But there are painkillers and antibiotics.
Come with me.
I'll show you the way.
Three of us are here.
But I don't trust one of them.
Why stay with someone you don't trust? W-Well The medicine is in that room with the window.
That's the one we Th-That's him.
That's Date-sensei! Why is he on this island again? What's wrong?! Are you okay? That's him.
The one who did this to me Date Masahito That's him! That's him? It was Date-san? The one who betrayed Murasaki-san to escape this island? What kind of BIMs does he have right now? A remote controlled type.
Remote controlled Listen, he's going to betray you.
The only question is when.
Ryouta No! He planted a remote controlled BIM in that trunk.
He's used that trick before.
I'm sure of it.
Himiko! No, Ryouta! Ryouta, get rid of that trunk! Get rid of it! There's a BIM A bomb inside that trunk! Himiko! Himiko! What are you doing, Himiko? Ryouta.
Ryouta Stand up We have to run! You survived, Shiki? Ryouta Ryouta.
Pull yourself together.
It doesn't matter where you run I've already planted BIMs.
One here! He planted BIMs ahead of time.
Probably all over this building We're going outside.
This way.
Looks like my timing was off.
It's been a long time, Shiki.
I never thought you'd still be alive.
Did you patch up your missing arm yourself? That took guts.
Let me applaud you.
And I never thought I'd see you back here.
You made it out once.
You must've pissed off someone again.
I'd pity you if it weren't so funny.
What did you say, bitch? You probably planted your remote controlled bombs all over this area, right? I decided I'd make my stand here.
So I placed all my remote controlled bombs in this area.
I know exactly which BIM is where.
If you try to run, I'll definitely kill you this time! What? Is the girl already giving up? I guess I can understand.
Her boyfriend was killed right in front of her Don't worry.
You'll be seeing him soon.
Thanks to his BIMs.
I won't let that happen! You relaxed your guard.
If she presses the switch, I can fight, too! Now it's two against one.
I wonder who's at the disadvantage here.
I never forgot you, not for an instant.
Back then, I cursed myself For being a fool.
For being ignorant.
For being stupid enough to put my faith in love.
Don't you think God must have brought us together again? S-Stay away Please stay away! Wait! You fell for it.
Th-The other side of the wall? No! You should've stayed dead the first time.
Now, all that's left is the stupid girl who can't fight.
Once I kill her, I'll take their two chips, plus the three they collected.
Head back, kill the cripple, and I'll have six.
That's all I need.
Too easy He's coming He's coming.
I have to run Oh, right.
I'm surrounded by BIMs.
I have to fight.
But I can't do it alone I'm going to die here Just when I'd started to think I didn't want to die.
When I was ready to try for real.
Ryouta Without Ryouta When I was fed up with reality and escaped to the world of the game, he always cheered me up.
He's always been there for me.
If I'd known If I'd known this was going to happen I should've told him I was Himiko! Himiko, was it? I'll give you one last chance.
Will you join me? I'm a veteran.
We can get all the chips we need and go home.
Well? It isn't a bad deal, right? Liar! That's how you deceived Murasaki-san! I see.
So you knew Then die! This is for the best.
At least I can die with dignity Farewell, Mother.
Why? Why won't it explode?! The detonator won't work Does that mean I don't have the right to use it? What's going on? H-He's He's Alive? So that was it, Date-san? You're an ass, you know that? Are you okay, Himiko? R-Ryouta? H-How? How did you survive that?! Ryouta, get rid of that trunk! — 5 Minutes Earlier — Get rid of it! There's a BIM A bomb inside that trunk! R-Ryouta, I I thought you were dead Yeah.
For a minute, so did I.
It almost feels like something is keeping me alive.
I've learned my lesson now.
My old naïve self is dead.
Date-san No, Date! As long as I'm alive, the only BIMs you can use are the remote controlled type.
You've planted all of them around here.
Meaning that you're totally unarmed.
I've got one cracker.
And Himiko is fully armed.
This fight is over.
Give up and admit defeat.
Or I'll kill you right here! Wait Wait, Date! Stay away! Let me go! I can't believe he's alive! I should've made sure he was dead.
Crap! Crap! That's right, come! Come after me! I'm unarmed.
You have the advantage.
You can't lose.
That's it Relax.
Lower your guard.
Chase me as I run! Date! Dumbass! I hid a BIM under those boards I'll show you what a veteran is capable of.
Die! What? While you were chasing Himiko, I found a BIM that you set.
In the only place nearby to hide one.
So I moved it.
R-Ryouta! Ryouta, what will you do with him? We have to kill him.
He kept trying to kill me until the very end.
He only got close to us because he wanted our chips.
We can't stay with him.
And look at him.
He won't survive on this island.
Murasaki-san, you're alive?! Who said I was dead? I'm fine.
You don't need to dirty your hands.
This was always between us.
Shiki H-Help me Sh-Shiki You're pathetic.
At least die like a man.
You've always been this way, looking down on people.
Using them.
And tossing them aside like garbage when they outlived their usefulness.
You're dishonest You're a disgusting man! I'll give you your judgment.
I-I'm sorry.
Don't say that.
Don't you say that.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me like that! It's just not fair Y-You'll forgive me? I'll never forgive you! Not someone like you! I can't Can't forgive you No peeking, okay? I know that.
You're there as my bodyguard, you know.
I know that, too.
But I don't get it Don't get what? Murasaki-san.
Didn't he do something horrible to her in the last game? Yet, she saved him.
I don't understand how adults think.
Ryouta, aren't you also an adult? Maybe I never grew up because I was a NEET.
I think I understand.
Really? Just a little Just a little.
Maybe you have to be a woman to understand.
Maybe so.
We have to get the medicine Murasaki-san gave us to Taira-san.
Himiko, I've got a suggestion.
What? I want to pick up some chips on our way back.
We've seen bodies here that we haven't checked for chips, right? That Akechi guy who attacked you.
The father of that crazy kid I met.
And the guy with the buzz cut I fought at the start.
I want to get them before anyone else.
But with the ones we have, that will only give us six.
We'll still be one short.
That first guy I saw had two BIM pouches.
Which means he should have two chips.
That would make seven.
We could use them to bring a helicopter.
We take the helicopter, and everyone gets off the island! We won't have to fight anymore.
We won't have to kill anyone, will we? That's right! Ryouta, you pervert! You jerk! Sicko! Y-You're the one who came out of the shower! Peeping Tom! I can't trust men, after all! No, there's no chip here, either.
Someone's taken it.
We checked all three, and there aren't any.
What's wrong? Are you thinking about that Akechi guy? If you're blaming yourself, I don't think you should.
It was self-defense.
You were dragged to this island, and forced to play this weird game.
It isn't your fault.
It's the fault of whoever's behind this.
And his for losing self-control! Let's go back.
This doesn't make sense Once or twice would mean another player had stumbled upon the body.
But all three? The only one who knew about that chip was No way That can't be.
No, it can't be.
Seems to me like you're satisfied with holding yourself back.
To me, you're like a kid who'll believe what anyone says I stopped being like that! We're all going to survive this.
And we'll leave the island together.
Right, Taira-san? Look at this fog.
I'm glad we made it back I wonder if Taira-san's worried.
What's wrong? Shh I hear something This sound A homing type? Ryouta! The only person with this type of BIM It can't be! We couldn't see a home to go to.
Or a future.
Even so, you were there there for me.
You are hope.
My hope.
The two of us will survive.
Here, in this hell.
Final Episode: Bonds