Btooom! (2012) s01e12 Episode Script


1 S-Sakamoto-han Where Where are you? Sakamoto-han Sakamoto-han! Why do you always leave me? I'm anxious.
Did you abandon me? Always being left alone I'm scared.
I'm hurt, so I'm left out? Where are you? You're just ignoring me? Why won't you tell me anything?! Why does this have to Like with the chips.
happen to me? I didn't mean to not tell you.
I was just doing my job.
You didn't tell me Life's just a rat race.
either, did you? It's kill or be killed.
You have three chips, right? No one would believe it That's all.
I should make these chips He's just using me.
my trump card! What are they doing here? I want to go home.
No! Let me go home.
If I don't, I'll die.
I miss them I don't want to die! I miss them.
I don't want to die! I miss them! Daddy.
Wh-Who's there? Is someone Is someone there? Are you back, Sakamoto-han? Daddy.
What? I heard something.
I've finally gone— Daddy.
Y-Yuzuhiko! What are you doing here?! When did you arrive on this island? I can't— I missed you so much Why didn't you come home sooner? I-I couldn't I miss you.
I know But I'm badly hurt.
And I don't have enough chips yet.
I miss you! I miss you, too Of course I do! But the chips I don't have eight chips.
Sure you do.
Akiko! Is your mind so far gone that you can't count? Count How many chips do you have? How many chips One, two Three That isn't enough, is it? No, I have more.
Four, five, six Seven Eight! I c-can I can go home! Just wait for me, Yuzuhiko Akiko! I'm coming! I'm coming home! And then we can all go eat some good food.
Let's all go to Ajinoya and have all the okonomiyaki we can eat! Bonds It's gotten foggy.
And the sun's starting to set.
The lizards will be waking up soon.
Let's hurry back.
What's wrong? Shh! I hear something I-It isn't a lizard, is it? No, this sound It can't be A homing type? Ryouta! It's locked on me.
Ryouta, run! This is bad If it gets within range, it'll detonate! A homing type The only person with this type of BIM It can't be! Taira-san! If you're doing this, stop.
We're on the same side! Ryouta, behind you! No! It's within range! Got him! Ryouta! He got my leg Th-This is really bad Taira-san, please stop! Why are you doing something so awful? Why? Why When you get six chips, the two of you will be tested.
Is Taira-san betraying us to get all the chips? No response.
Where is he? Where's that damned old man hiding?! Why? Why did he betray us? We promised to get out of here together So why? I was scared that maybe you wouldn't come back, that you had abandoned me It was all I could think about.
No! No, no, no, no, no! This time, it's over If you leave me here, I I won't be able to stay sane.
We need clean towels and water for you.
Don't worry.
We'll come back with some delicious food.
Is it my fault? No matter what my reasons, I'm the one who made him feel so anxious.
He was so terrified Why didn't I realize? Was I Was I doing the same thing my dad did? My dad was obsessed with work, and never spent any time with me.
And my mom divorced and remarried without a damned thought for me.
"Adults are selfish.
They only think about themselves.
They're satisfied with pretending to care about me.
" That was what I thought.
But did I do to Taira-san what I didn't want done to me, above all else? Was I pretending not to see how he felt? That's right.
You were running away from reality.
Ryouta Ryouta! Snap out of it! I hear another BIM Hurry! We need to get out of here Ryouta! Run, Himiko! What are you doing? Hurry and run! If the game we're playing has the same rules as BTOOOM! That homing type works just like it does in the game.
Then I know what I must do.
I know what I Himiko! Wh-What? I knew it.
It only explodes when it comes within range of its target.
I'll protect him.
I'll protect Ryouta! Th-This Could it be There's no doubt.
Himiko She's the same Himiko I met in BTOOOM!.
Taira-san isn't moving.
But he's hiding somewhere we can't see him.
Himiko It's okay.
The homing types can only lock on to a single person.
Leave it to me.
A-All right.
I'm sorry.
Sakamoto-han, Himiko-han Don't hate me for this.
You know It's a game, right? Right? Right, Yuzuhiko? Akiko? It's coming! Where? I can hear it There.
It doesn't matter how many you send! Doesn't something seem off here? If he really intended to kill me, would he waste his BIMs like this? No, he wouldn't.
He's smarter than that.
That means that BIM is headed for Taira-san's target is you, Himiko! I did it.
I outsmarted him! H-He outsmarted me.
D-Damn Damn! Taira-san C-Crap Taira-san! Taira-san! No He's going to kill me.
Stay away! Taira-san! Stop this, and come back! Ryouta Ryouta! M-My hip Taira-san! Taira-san! They're going to kill me I only have one left? I have to kill him before he kills me.
For Yuzuhiko! For Akiko! Taira-san, where are you? Taira-san, I want to apologize to you.
I want to I want to go back with you! I want to go home with you.
I won't worry you again.
I'll do it right this time Please just give me one more chance! Please, Taira-san Please let me apologize, Taira-san.
Taira-san! S-Sakamoto-han, I I I This is karma, isn't it? Punishment for what I did.
Sorry, Sakamoto-han, Himiko-han.
I just wanted to go home I missed my family.
That was all.
Yuzuhiko Akiko I'm sorry Daddy can't take any more pain.
Taira-san? Why? Why did this happen? Weren't we going to return together? Stand up Say something! Tell me another stupid joke like you always do! Start eating your instant ramen before it's cooked! I never got to apologize to you Why? Why?! Do you think Taira-san planned to betray us the whole time? Like Date-san? No, he wasn't like that.
He was just a normal person.
And that's why he got scared and suspicious.
No one wants to die.
And everyone wants to go home.
So when he got hurt, and was alone with despair closing in His heart broke.
I I basically killed him! I Do you want to go home, too? Yeah, I want out of here Away from this hell.
You can leave, Ryouta.
I can? Yes.
I took these chips from back there.
One of them is Taira-san's.
And he took the other two without telling us.
With these and the three we found, it makes six.
Plus one from me, and one from you.
Those are the eight you need to leave the island.
If one of us dies, one can leave.
So kill me.
This is right.
I don't have anywhere to return to.
When I had nowhere to go, you changed me.
I feel like even if we weren't connected in the real world, our hearts were.
Even if the world was virtual, you saved me.
Then, when I came to this island and almost died so many times Even when I almost fell apart.
So now, I understand You are my hope for survival.
Ryouta If you survive, if you live I don't care what happens to me.
I don't care.
D-Don't be stupid! You think I want to go home so much that I'd sacrifice you? Do you think that's the kind of guy I am? I won't abandon you! I wouldn't ever Not in this world or the virtual one! You're the Himiko from the game, aren't you? I finally realized I finally got to see you.
Himiko I always I always wanted to meet you.
Himiko? That's right.
She's still scared She should be scared.
But for me, she's doing her best not to be.
But I Not going to do it? Remember what I told you? The first one to move wins.
Show her what a man you are Or are you still satisfied with holding yourself back? Sh-Shut up! You'll never catch up to me that way.
Shut up! I don't look up to you anymore! I finally understand What matters is to care for others.
If I'd known that, I wouldn't have let Taira-san die.
I could've gotten along with my family.
I thought I was the only one that mattered I looked down on others.
If I hadn't, I never would've been brought to this island! Oda I'm not like you.
I won't be like you Get out of my heart! Ryouta? Is something wrong? Sorry for being so sudden.
But doing this here, in the heat of a moment It's not right.
Himiko, let's leave this island together.
Let's go back together! And then And then I'll start dating you officially.
This is right.
I'm going to leave this hell with Himiko.
Twenty-four hours Get it back on-line in twenty-four hours! Once you get to the island, begin at once.
Got it? Understood.
Make sure the clients don't find out about this.
Y-Yes, sir.
Mechanical trouble on the island now, of all times Of all the times! Ryouta, I'm sorry.
This is all that I can do.