Bubblegum (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[Episode 1]
This is Black Radio from
the fourth floor CBM studios.
If you look out of the window here
you can see the courtyard of CBM
and some model houses.
There is a flower shop
and an apartment as well.
What could everyone be doing
at this moment?
Are there households listening to us
at Black Radio?
Though we live very detached
from one another
I think people may also be very curious
about one another without realizing it.
On this Monday,
we wanted to send our regards.
This is Oh Se Young from Black Radio.
Okay, it is now time to read
the text messages.
We can only do this for live shows.
That can only mean that this show
is being aired live.
I asked a moment ago,
"When do you feel most lonely?"
Oh my, 1124
you sure have a temper.
"Why are you dropping honorifics?"
Oh my, 1124. You have no friends, do you?
You are always lonely, aren't you?
0520 says it's when she is cooking alone
and cuts her finger.
She says it's when she cannot find
a Band-Aid in the house no matter what.
7188 says it's when the silence fills
the room when the radio is turned off.
3599 says it's when you get in a fight
and no one takes your side.
Yes, that really hurts.
4122 says it's when two people are talking
but don't understand and talk in circles.
Yes, one person is trying to communicate
and the other just doesn't get it.
It can be truly lonely.
6179 says it's when their
special someone is by their side
but that the other person's heart
is absent.
But that person is still my everything.
Ah, gosh. This is seriously lonely.
You should not have sent something I could
sympathize with this late at night, 6179.
What is with all of our listeners?
You are all like me.
Well, those who say
"I'm not lonely. I'm really busy."
People like that wouldn't be listening
to the radio at this time, right?
Should I really read this?
My producer just suggested this to me.
When we play our song soon
we should all turn the lights on and off
in our own rooms.
But we don't want to confuse it with
a house that has broken lights.
Well, you know that beat and timing
in the song?
We should all turn the lights on and off
to that beat.
"I just heard about you on the radio."
"You are not alone."
"I will love you."
We'll give that signal
to each other with the lights.
Oh! Sounds fun, right?
Oh! Where do you think the best
vantage point is for the lights?
Producer Kim! Why aren't you coming out?
For goodness sakes,
what the heck is this now?
This team is seriously weird.
But if no one does it,
they might feel bad.
Gosh now.
Wow, wow!
Wow! Look at that.
Looks great.
Ri Hwan, you're the best.
Oh, over there. Just now.
Yeah, where is that?
I think it's the gas station
at the intersection.
Wow! I'm only going to get gas there
from now on.
Not as many people are doing it
as I thought would.
Is it hard to see because it's dark?
Light would be easier to see in the dark.
Oh! Over there, flickering lights.
Where, where, where?
Yeah, they really are.
- Over there! Do you see it?
- Yeah.
Oh no!
Oh, Producer.
What are you doing this late in the rain?
I'm just moving some stuff.
You know how I lived here.
But why are you doing it alone?
What happened to that guy you live with?
It just it worked out that way.
Thank you.
What happened? How
I won't be coming here anymore.
My stuff won't be here
when you come back home.
Let's talk later.
I'll take care of it all.
Though it was you who ended it, Senior
Be well, all of you.
I'll call you.
To one, that was a promise that a phone
would be used to communicate later.
I'll call you.
To another, that phrase was used
to avoid communicating and leave.
They didn't realize that they were
speaking two different languages.
That's the reason why people break up.
Athlete Kim Haeng Ah,
is this going to be your downfall?
All of you out there
in what image are you living
your life under this sky?
This is a song that suits a night
just like this.
A listener has requested
Cho Kyu Chan's "Seoul Sky."
Rain falls down when clouds become
too heavy with it and can't hold back.
Maybe that is why, but when I see rain
on the days I feel like crying
I feel like it is crying instead of me.
It's okay. You can cry.
It's okay, even if you can't cry.
Once the rain stops,
it will be colder tomorrow morning.
You should all dress warmer
tomorrow morning on your way to work.
For now, I will say goodbye.
This was Kang Seok Jun
with Current Events 365.
Have a bright and warm day.
I will be on air tomorrow.
Get off. We're here.
I said we are here.
All right.
We need to have a nice day today!
Yes, yes. Fighting.
Nurse, please take her out.
Your mom's outside, so tell me the truth.
Why did you say you aren't playing
the game?
You're not sick.
Are you just not good enough?
Have you seen me pitch?
I'm busy. I don't have time to watch
junior high baseball.
Why did you do it?
I'm just a bit tired.
If you're so tired,
how did you break that glass?
Facing that CCTV, at that.
Gosh, that CCTV
You're not sick, are you?
Then you don't need those expensive
herbal medicines your mom spoke of.
So, the thing is
Why did you do it again? Why?
I didn't do it!
What do you mean it wasn't?
For goodness sakes!
- This woman is crazy!
- Ma'am.
It really was me.
Don't worry too much.
If you would just step out
What? I'm sorry
- Don't worry about it.
- Goodness.
Don't worry.
Be careful of your hand
when you clean this.
Why would I clean that?
Because I'm not going to clean it.
And everyone thinks you did it.
Do you want to try it too?
If you don't want to, fine.
Wow! That's pretty good.
Why did you say you're not going to play?
It's not that I'm not going to,
it's that I can't.
But I can't say that to anyone.
Coach told me to bring him money,
but I didn't give him any.
What money?
What money do you think?
Did you try talking to your school?
My school is in debt too.
They can't do it.
I'm sure you couldn't talk to your mom.
Didn't you see her wrist?
She cuts up bandages up into tiny pieces
to put on her wrist.
To save money
Is there anything you're better at
than baseball?
You have one of two choices.
You can endure it quietly
until you graduate.
Or you can increase your skill and show
them properly when you get your chance.
Someone will see your talent.
I can tell right away.
I'll treat your mom's wrist.
I won't charge you anything.
Once you get famous, I want a signed ball.
Who says I'll give you one?
Write a contract.
All right, I'll write one.
I'll clean that first.
Can't have a pitcher hurt his hands.
The smell!
What do they expect me to do with
this food if no one picks it up?
Do you want to go get
Hangover Soup with me?
I have to go see Aunt Princess
because she hurt her wrist.
Okay bye.
[Park Ri Hwan]
Things like kimchi have
to be picked up quickly.
Oh, she hasn't picked it up yet?
I buzz her on the intercom every day,
but no one is ever there.
I just did it now too.
Does anyone even live there at all?
You have something going on,
don't you?
- Are you sick?
- Wrong.
- Where are you?
- Home.
- Were you home the whole time?
- Yes.
Your house?
Yeah, well, whose house then?
A toad's house?
That's funny. A toad
- Did you eat?
- Of course I did.
Yeah? You must have had it with
the radish kimchi I left with security.
Yeah, how did you know?
Pick up the herbal medicine that's been
prepared for you. You can come now, right?
No, I have plans.
What plans would you have?
I do! Really important ones.
Okay. I'll let you go then.
- Aunt, I'm here.
- Hi.
Ri Hwan, you're here?
You have makeup on, don't you?
Why? Do I look pretty today?
Did you go to school today?
She's like a college student.
She only goes when she feels like it.
I told you not to come. Why did you?
- Aren't you busy?
- No, I'm not that busy.
Even if I am, I'm not that busy.
Okay, now
It would be nice if you could rest
your wrist for about two days.
Should I just injure it more?
Then you could rest it.
Why not just kill me then?
I could rest it forever.
Ri Hwan, you're so damn sexy when
you do your doctor thing.
"Damn, damn." I told you not to say that.
Come on now! Watch your wrist, your wrist.
Then just wait 20 minutes. Yes, yes.
I'll be there very soon. Okay.
Yes. Okay.
I thought you were home.
- Yeah.
- I thought you ate.
- You said you had radish kimchi.
- Yeah!
That was cabbage kimchi!
So you're not going around
getting hit by anyone.
You're not running from loan sharks.
You're not on a diet.
You're acting like an idiot.
All right. I'm going. Pick up the coins.
You're leaving?
Never mind. Go. Get going.
Hurry and go.
I'll pick up the herbal medicine later.
Aunt, I bought some bandages.
Hi, Dad.
Haeng Ah, you lost weight.
You've aged.
It's because it's too hard
working at night.
Are you suffering emotionally?
I heard the new DJ is a weirdo.
You need to sleep at night
and work during the day.
Who's the guy who's bothering you?
Is it true that she cursed on air?
Ask them to move you to a daytime show.
If there is a guy, bring him by.
Your dad told me that I should pound
him down like a piece of steak meat.
- There is someone.
- There is?
What? Really? You have a man?
The thing is
That mad cow disease,
rotten piece of meat!
No, Uncle. I was just saying it.
A lie, lie.
I don't think you're telling the truth.
I think you do have a man.
If I really did have a guy like that,
I would have brought him here by now.
Oh, it's the station.
Yes, it's Kim Haeng Ah.
Your DJ says she can't come again.
Why? She was fine last night.
That's why today is her problem day.
That girl is not feeling well.
Well, no need to call her "that girl."
She's three years older
than her profile says.
No, the dog in her house.
We can move the recording,
but what about the live show?
- Should we find a replacement?
- No, we should go get her.
She's basically asking us to come.
What the heck? Where are you coming from?
Secret Garden.
Was that place between the ritzy
Gangnam area and the countryside?
Is it weird?
It's beautiful.
Just pretend you don't know me.
Is it very bad?
What is wrong with the dog's mood?
I don't know and that's why
I need to be with my dog.
Then we can take your dog to the station.
You can take your dog in
during the recording.
During the live
Tae Hee will take care of your dog.
Tae Hee is great with dogs. Hold on.
Do that barking thing.
Did you girls bring the car, by chance?
Why are you going to the dentist suddenly?
I had an appointment and I wasn't
going to go because I was too tired.
But now that I have a driver
I'm here.
Excuse me. You can't come in here.
Wait outside.
Did you take a laughing pill?
Why are you laughing in this situation?
I can't cry, can I?
Why? Are you afraid the Han River
will flood?
No, we'll just be exhuasted.
Oh, we rhymed.
Good job.
Oh my baby. Did you wait long?
Let's go with Mom.
Oh my!
- You're here.
- Oh dear!
- Is this how you dress at the clinic?
- Yes.
I don't know if this place is small
or if your body is large.
It's not like you're a polar bear.
Why must you be dressed that way?
This is a doctor's gown.
Others' saliva, blood, and germs.
I don't know why you do this work.
What brings you here?
He's the only grandson of Sehan Hospital.
Oddly enough, he's a doctor of
Eastern medicine.
The only grandson is a doctor
of Eastern medicine
so he won't inherit the hospital.
But he has his own job.
He won't be making useless attempts at
your father's hotel and business.
His mother is a doctor at the hospital.
His father passed away before he was born.
There are no rumors about him
with important families.
There won't be any sort of
mess with this.
Aren't you going to look at the picture?
He'll be more than suitable when
standing in a wedding reception hall.
Why don't you meet him sometime this week?
Are you going to stay a bit?
I have a patient to get to.
No one will die from waiting
because of a cavity.
They could die
from frustration of waiting.
Stay a while and go.
She's so awful. Gosh.
Shave the face line.
Maybe the jaw
Are these clothes or a blanket?
He won't be making useless attempts at
your father's hotel and business.
There are no rumors about him
with important families.
There won't be any sort of
mess with this.
Oh, have a bright and warm day.
This is Kang Seok Jun.
That's good.
- I said I'd come by later.
- Yeah right.
I was going to go earlier,
but I had to go to the DJ's house.
Cat was sick.
She has a cat?
No, it's a dog.
- You said it's a cat.
- The dog's name is Cat.
The other dog's name is Director.
If you call out Director,
a dog comes running over.
Your work place is strange too.
Nothing is normal around me.
You're telling me.
You're making a mistake.
- Follow me.
- Why?
Just come.
Why are you opening that?
You eat it. I'll eat it later.
I can't do that.
Drink it, drink it. All of it.
Starting tomorrow, drink it every morning.
You have your car?
You telling me to go?
I'm meeting someone at 7:00 p.m.
Which level did you park on?
- Something's going on with you, right?
- No.
- Really?
- Yes!
Nothing's going on.
Do you have stomach issues again?
Then are you having sleeping problems?
Bad dreams?
- Did you see someone bleed and faint?
- No!
Then are you having dating issues?
I said no!
Stop it. You're getting yelled at
even after giving me medicine.
It's here. Hurry.
You get in. I need to use the restroom.
No, you can hold it!
You can go at home.
I just want to use the restroom!
From now on, I'll feed Haeng Ah.
And you house her.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
The person you were meeting was Mom?
I prepared medicine,
but she wouldn't pick it up.
Can we sit somewhere?
Why are you drinking coffee
so late in the day?
My mind felt hazy.
I was just having half a cup.
Give it to me. I'll throw out the rest.
I'm going to the restroom.
They're still only in junior high.
No! Never!
If that ever happened between them,
I'm sending Haeng Ah away.
If I have to throw her out, I will.
I don't know. I'll think about it
when the time comes.
I didn't come when you're busy, did I?
No, the DJ went to eat.
Oh, and this
Doctor Ko's youngest apparently
likes them a lot.
If that was the case, he should've asked
earlier, not the day before.
This sells very quickly.
Thank you.
Does Ri Hwan come to the station often?
No, it's been a really long time.
Woo Bin comes often.
Oh, Aunt. Did you hear?
Woo Bin told me about the girl Ri Hwan
was set up with last time.
She came on a motorcycle like that.
Woo Bin and I should have been there
to see that.
Haeng Ah.
Now that you've brought up
his marriage setups
As for you and Ri Hwan
I don't want you two to be any closer
than what people would understand.
Linking arms at work
like you just did now
Aunt, we weren't linking arms.
I was pushing him to leave.
The person Ri Hwan is being set up with
this time has broken up with her fiance.
Her fiance had another woman.
She will probably be
more sensitive, right?
Though you two grew up
like brother and sister
to other people's eyes
Yes, I know what you are saying.
I'm asking you this favor.
You are smart, Haeng Ah.
Yes, of course.
Oh, here comes Ri Hwan.
Oh. Hi, Tae Hee.
- Your DJ wants you to hurry up.
- Okay.
Go on up. Here are some vitamins.
Hi, Tae Hee. Is anything up with you?
There's too much to tell,
so let's just say there's nothing.
Oh, Ji Hoon is doing well.
Are you dreaming or something?
Did I ask you how he's doing?
Where is everyone?
Not here yet.
I lied to get you out of there.
I don't like that woman.
What's she so afraid of?
That you'll do something with her son?
That's funny.
The thing with Aunt is
His grandfather's hospital?
She thinks you'd want that?
You who faints at the sight of hospitals?
If you were a single mom
who raised a son by yourself
wouldn't you want him to marry
into a good family too?
I can understand her.
You're more annoying than her.
Are you getting old?
I said you're annoying. Stop smiling.
This is all so boring.
It's all "wish me happy birthday"
or "congratulate us on our anniversary."
"Wish me luck on my test."
I'm so tired of it all.
Isn't there anything different?
This is the radio.
Radio is something we do every day
and share our daily routine.
If you don't like this,
you should go to a carnival.
I say one thing
and get lectured ten times over it.
I can read off anything during
live air, right?
But you can't read out brand names
like last time.
Star Cafe, Hong Cafe, M Donald
you have to switch out the names, okay?
I know.
You can't do anything similar to a
a swear either.
I know. I got in trouble last time.
You can't say fcking, bitching, damn
none of those.
- Not even damn?
- You can't!
Those were the commercials.
Before that, Kim Jin Kyu?
Did you enjoy your song request?
Since I played it for you, don't talk
about changing the radio station.
If you do, you know
you're a bad person, right?
That's right. You can't change it now.
Should we listen together?
Get away from me.
Bad person. Bad man!
I hope a bird poops on your head
My producer's telling me not to say
this kind of stuff. Why not?
To me, anyone who doesn't listen to
this program is a bad person.
Anyway, we have just
received some letters.
The title of this is
"You probably won't read this anyway."
That is what the writer has written.
How boring is this letter
that this is the title?
I am so curious.
It was sent to us by Lee Ji Na.
Hello, Se Young.
I put in a request on the phone yesterday.
Do you remember?
I had a mock exam today,
so I asked you to send me some luck.
But you didn't call me.
Oh my! Did I really?
You don't remember, do you?
It doesn't matter. I totally fu
I totally
messed up the test.
Gosh, what a mess this is.
My mom tells me she's
beyond disappointed in me.
So I plan on dying today.
I know this probably won't make it on air.
Please let my mom know later.
Tell her "thank you and I'm sorry."
Wait, Lee Lee Ji Na?
Wait, Lee Ji Na.
- Find her address and number now.
- Okay.
Producer Kim, what do I do?
She says this is a suicide note and
she's on the roof. What if this is real?
I'll call the girl. You call emergency.
The is CBM Broadcasting.
- Someone called during a broadcast
- Ji Na!
You're receiving a phone call, right?
That's us calling you.
Pick up the phone, please.
PD Kim, what should I do?
Keep talking to her.
Ji Na, are you listening to me?
School marks mean nothing
once time passes by.
When I was in school,
I was always in last place.
My nickname was "Always Last."
But look at me now. I make a living
and I'm fine, right, PD Kim?
Yes, that's true.
I was in first place sometimes.
But look, the last place person I work
with makes way more money than me.
Don't pay too much attention to what
your mother says.
You know my mom?
When I asked her to buy me clothes,
she hit me and told me to die.
And told me to freeze, at that.
Mothers are like that, right?
Yours too, right, PD Kim?
Oh, me? I don't have a mom.
She passed away when I was five.
My dad passed away too.
I'm an outcast in the celebrity world.
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday.
I'm alone again.
On my birthday this year,
I bought my own cake and ate it all.
I don't have a manager or a coordinator,
so I always buy clothes with my own money.
I'm heading out first.
See you later at home, okay? Bye.
How do I get home?
I I don't have my wallet.
I haven't had an offer of work
in a year now.
We have her on the phone.
I mean, I did get one offer
but it was an erotic film.
They said I didn't need any wardrobe.
Those little thug punks!
Phone, phone.
So, what I'm saying is,
if you think this is the end
Yes, I know you might want to die.
I went through that too.
There was a rumor I hit my junior
when I didn't even touch her.
I was the main character in a
8 billion won drama. Me!
Here I am doing a second-rate
radio show like this.
Phone, phone.
Oh! She's on the phone?
Hello, Ji Na? Are you listening?
Where are you?
I'm on the roof.
Are you having a very hard time?
Ji Na, thank you very much
for sending us your story.
You gave us the chance to help you,
isn't that right?
Ji Na, are you still listening?
Well, is there anything
you're curious about?
There is not.
Ah, Ji Na! Which idol singer do you like?
Oh right, don't I look a bit like Hyeri
from Girl's Day?
Someone told me that.
Hello? Hello, hello?
Are you angry, Ji Na?
You must be angry. I'm sorry.
I was just joking.
Ji Na? Hello?
Hello? Hey, hey, hey!
Hey hey!
- Yes
- Oh my!
You scared me!
You should respond when I call you.
Lee Ji Na! Lee Ji Na!
- Are you okay?
- Hello, hello?
We just got news.
The emergency crew has arrived and
she is being taken off the roof safely.
What a relief.
All of our listeners, you are all very
shocked, aren't you?
Goodness, we have a lot of text messages
that came in.
Thank you for worrying with us
during that time.
Ah, we're long past our required
commercial break.
If we don't turn this on,
our producer will get let go.
She already got let go by a guy yesterday,
so we can't let that happen.
We'll be back after the break.
Gosh, looks like I have to put a suit on.
What kind of a new store like this
doesn't allow customers to run a tab.
My heart is being ripped apart.
This is what parting is.
Gosh now
Good going.
I'm sorry.
No, really. Good job.
As long as the child isn't hurt, right?
- Well
- Yes, that's right.
Hey, Kim Haeng Ah.
Hey, what is this outfit
that makes me speechless?
By the way, is Seok
I don't think this is going
to be wrapped up any time soon.
Forget all the callers.
Just turn on the music
and do a simple closing, okay?
The later program is all recorded
and if it doesn't transition,
it'll be odd. Right?
We've picked out the songs for now.
Wow, I look forward to
the Internet tomorrow.
"Always Last" and erotic films
Where is my suit again?
Here's the list of song requests.
Okay, and the closing needs to be
- I'm re-writing it.
- The last song will be "What A Relief."
I hear you are suffering quite a bit.
With Kim Haeng Ah, Oh Se Young, sick dogs,
and now the listeners too.
This means that you can work with
even the strangest people in the future.
Are you trying to impose unwanted
physical contact?
What now?
Forget it, forget it!
She sure is weird.
Your parents passed away early?
You broke up yesterday?
I didn't know that.
Will you be all right?
"Always Last"?
The show was really aired, right?
What do I do now?
Thank you.
Oh, you startled me.
You think you're more startled than I am?
You heard it?
You said nothing is going on.
You wouldn't tell me,
but why would you tell the whole world?
What is it? Why are you lying?
I am sorry for lying.
Is he a celebrity? A criminal?
Why can't you tell me?
Do you know how many weird scenarios
I came up with coming here?
I am sorry for lying, but
What did you say to me on your
Everyone was gathering
and you said you had plans.
I told you to come late if you had to
and you said you were going to the sea.
So what's that about cake?
Can I get a word in?
No, you'll lie again.
Why do I have to hear this from you?
Am I one of your patients?
Did I lie about not being sick somewhere
and die or something?
What's the difference?
You pretended not to be hurt.
You made me feel stupid.
Yeah, I was going through a tough time
so I'm sorry I didn't think about you.
Happy now?
See, you were having a hard time.
A very, very hard time, at that.
Yes, I can have a hard time.
Didn't you hear?
Because you act like this all the time
even your neighborhood bum found you
overbearing and moved away.
What kind of nonsense talk is that?
Don't change the subject.
Oh, it's you, Producer.
Who is this?
- My little brother.
- Her older brother.
He's going to help you move?
No, I finished with that yesterday.
Thank you!
Move? Move what?
Move what?
You moved all this by yourself?
I like moving anyway.
While getting rained on?
I like wet stuff anyway.
Let's clean this up.
Leave it. I like it dirty anyway.
You know I can't stand it like this.
Not that one not that one!
- Why not? Why?
- You can't touch that one!
Gosh, really!
You just don't listen, do you?
I didn't realize that
it was Pandora's Box.
Then is this one hope?
My hope has wings on it.
That's good.
Don't touch it!
Why are you overreacting?
How can I use something you touched?
Do you know where I would put this?
What about rice? Rice?
I ate.
You don't even have water.
- Kimchi's still at the front desk, right?
- Yeah.
[Senior Kang Seok Jun]
Give it to me.
- Wait. Why?
- Give it.
Hand it over.
Give it back now. Oh, don't answer. Don't.
Don't answer.
Where are you right now?
Let go.
Kang Seok Jun?
I listen to his radio show
on my way to work every morning.
He left you all alone on your birthday?
That's not it. You don't know anything.
What's not it? And what don't I know?
My birthday.
It was because he was too busy.
He even sang for me the next day.
Although he did say
everyone knows the lyrics.
And it repeats
and he just sang the first two lines.
He doesn't usually sing,
but he did for me.
Even all these things
He told me he doesn't like my stuff
at his place, but I put them there.
It's on purpose, so he's reminded of me.
Now you know everything. You can go.
If he didn't do anything wrong,
then why did you guys break up?
And when he called, you froze. Why?
If you broke up because you don't like him
then you could've answered
and cursed at him.
Is the rumor true?
Did you get beat up? Did he hit you?
That's all nonsense. Just stay out of it
if you don't know anything.
Then why are you afraid of him?
Breaking up for no reason,
does that make sense?
We broke up because I was lonely.
I didn't want to be alone. Happy?
Does it make sense to break up
because you don't want to be alone?
Did he lock you up?
Ban you from going out?
Waiting for a reply indefinitely
Waiting for my turn after things
that are pressing, important, urgent
Going crazy and getting tired alone
I got so sick of it I ended it.
Imagining tomorrow and how I'd have
to wait again
feels awful like someone who knows they
will be pierced by a needle every day.
Are you satisfied now?
He didn't do anything wrong.
He never asked me to like him.
He never pretended to be tender.
It's all because I liked him more.
Because I liked him more.
The rumors are all lies.
He is not the type to hit someone.
He loves puppies too.
He doesn't sleep sitting down and
he doesn't have any tattoos on his back.
That's why I
drew it on his back.
[Haeng Ah Seok Jun]
We dated and we broke up. That's all.
Like other people.
I'm going to go.
Will you be okay living here?
If he lives in the building right across,
you'll run into him.
I talked to the landlord.
They can rent it out quickly.
You found a new place?
I should start looking.
You haven't even found a place,
but you ended your lease?
Look at this place.
What if someone comes to see it?
There's nothing worth stealing here.
There's my laptop I'm still making
payments for and Dad's journal.
Mom's bracelet.
Mom's bracelet
I left it at his house.
Why was it there in the first place?
I took it to show off.
Is leaving things behind your specialty?
Why would you take those valuable
What's the unit number?
This is it, right?
Forget it. I'll go later and get it
when he's not there.
It'll be weird if you run into him.
It's more weird if you go.
Gosh, what do I do?
When two people dated and broke up
Can just one person be hurting?
The person who couldn't tell anyone
is already hurting by herself.
The person who doesn't even
know he's hurting
will hurt later.
The person who neglected that pain
is hurting more.
Who are you?
I'm here to get the bracelet.
What do you think you're doing?
What about you? What were you doing?
When she was moving all by herself,
what were you doing?
[Still, you should have told me.]
What about my dad?
At the pharmacy.
You got hurt.
- What's with your socks?
- Oh.
Are you by chance
I didn't go on the trampoline.
You went on the trampoline?
You did go on the trampoline, didn't you?
- Yeah.
- With who?
We said we would tell
each other everything.
Was it Sol Mi by chance?
You seemed close with Sol Mi.
You went on the trampoline with Sol Mi?
Sol Mi asked me, so
If someone asks you, do you go on
the trampoline with just anyone?
It was just once.
I was thinking about you the whole time
I was on the trampoline.
I don't want to hear it. Get out!
But this is my house
So what? Get out, right now!
Why are you out here?
Haeng Ah told me to get out.
I guess you told her that you played
with Sol Mi?
You shouldn't have told her.
You should've kept it to yourself.
We said we would tell
each other everything.
Is this Sol Mi's?
No, I'm going to give it to Haeng Ah.
Where did you get it?
It's my mom's.
You stole your mom's?
No, I took my mom's.
That's stealing
Let's see.
This is pretty, isn't it?
What is it?
Something Ri Hwan brought.
I don't want it. Throw it away.
Actually, it's from your dad.
What is it?
This is what you call a bracelet.
Didn't you see your mom
and Aunt Sun Young wear these?
When your wrist becomes like a grownup's
you are supposed to wear it like this.
Like Mom?
Yes, like Mom.
It's Mom's bracelet.
He didn't contact you after the broadcast?
You never even loved me for one second.
Sit down here. How is it?
Oh no.
Do you know who that guy is
next to Haeng Ah?
I caused an incident.
Why did you do it, seriously?
I did it because I'm your big brother!
The radio producer is in
her own TV drama.
While she was alone like that,
what were you doing?
Oh, Haeng Ah. Ri Hwan says to tell you
that he's not home.
What did you bring?
I'm asking you this favor.
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