Bubblegum (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[Episode 2]
I caused an incident.
Who are you?
I've come to find the bracelet.
What do you think you're doing?
What about you? What were you doing?
When she was moving all by herself,
what were you doing?
Did Haeng Ah send you here?
Do you think Haeng Ah would do that?
I think this situation needs explaining.
I would like to hear an explanation too.
Why would she say that she broke up
with you because she was lonely?
I don't know who you are,
but this isn't your business--
Even if it ended when it did,
you should have helped her move out!
She is so thin and her wrists look like
they could break at any moment.
She never wants pity from others,
so she stays quiet when she's in pain.
What were you doing when she was
doing that all by herself!
Tell her to come by whenever she wants
if she left anything behind.
She won't come here ever again.
I'll be taking it now.
Where is that bracelet?
I'll get it for you.
Oh, this belongs to Haeng Ah.
Oh, and this is Haeng Ah's too.
Oh, this charger here. This is hers too.
Oh, I can tell just by looking
this is Haeng Ah's too.
This is obviously Haeng Ah's.
Here's another one. Get over here.
You don't have any hair to tie.
Why is this here?
Is there anything else?
Oh, those things over there.
Haeng Ah put them up.
Can you even sleep here?
Why did she leave so much behind?
What did she pack up anyway?
Haeng Ah
is she doing okay?
Why? Did you think she wouldn't be?
That's a relief to hear.
There are bad guys
like that in this world.
If you say they are okay,
they truly believe it.
Bad guys like that
Do you even know anything about Haeng Ah?
If you know Haeng Ah so well,
you know she doesn't like this behavior.
In the end, I lost.
Yeah, I did lose. Gosh.
Do you know how long it's been
since I wore a suit?
Oh! It's been a while
since I've been quizzed.
Let's see don't tell me.
I can get this.
Don't you tell me!
It was Christmas when you did
that Horror Special!
We got about a hundred calls from people
who nearly got into car accidents.
Hello, Sydney! Ah!
Is that suitable for Christmastime?
I could have guessed the answer.
Oh my, it scared me.
Get in already.
Mom, I'm here.
Why did you want me to drop by so early?
Is it so difficult
to come down two floors?
What about Ji Hoon?
It seemed like he got in late,
so I didn't wake him up.
Does he even acknowledge
that he's an alcoholic?
Your Eastern medicine may say
go easy on the seasoning.
In my point of view, Ji Hoon needs
counseling and medication.
Just like you see an ENT doctor
if you have a throat problem.
You need a psychologist
if your mind is broken.
Why pretend you're okay and make it worse?
Why are you labeling
a person an alcoholic?
If a person is late every day,
that person is untrustworthy.
If a person doesn't wash every day,
that person is dirty.
If a person drinks every day,
that person is an alcoholic.
If that's Haeng Ah, tell her I'm not here.
Hello? Yes, Haeng Ah.
Ri Hwan says to tell you
that he's not here.
It's a spam call to sell land.
What's this about?
Did you meet Haeng Ah again yesterday?
Something came up.
Do you see Haeng Ah often?
Why wouldn't I?
Did she not say anything
to you yesterday?
The person Ri Hwan is being set up with
this time had a fiance before.
Her fiance had another woman.
She will probably be
more sensitive, right?
Though you two grew up
like brother and sister
to other people's eyes
Yes, I know what you are saying.
I'm asking you this favor.
You are smart, Haeng Ah.
Yes, of course.
What is it?
What do you mean?
It tastes like barfed-up grass.
I forgot to put in the yogurt.
I'll make you a new one.
You forget things too, huh?
I want you to be sincere
about today's setup and do well.
Yes, I am always sincere about it.
Is it sincere to meet on a weekday
briefly in your hospital yard?
That's what that person wanted.
Your aunt called and said
your grandfather has high expectations.
Why aren't you saying anything?
When are you going to make up
properly with Grandpa?
Once you marry into a good family.
Before you said once I got into college.
I said if you went to medical school,
but you went elsewhere.
I understand Grandpa.
Back in those times,
I wouldn't have let you have me either.
I would have kicked you out too.
Call him after you meet her.
Your grandfather will be very curious.
And if it were me, I wouldn't want
my youngest daughter alone
It is a marriage setup, after all.
What good is it to meet
just for lunch on a weekday?
I was on my way out.
- Wearing that?
- Yes.
What about that dark violet outfit
that your aunt bought you?
It doesn't suit me.
Is that too small too?
I said it doesn't suit me.
I have to head out now
to get there on time.
It's not a bad thing for a woman
to be a little bit late.
It's not polite either.
Oh dear!
Are you going to wear those shoes?
Should I go out in bare feet?
It's not like you have bear paws for feet.
Even your feet are chubby with flesh.
- Ji Hoon.
- Yeah.
You like it too, right?
This is the best for hangovers.
Who needs tomatoes and pasta?
That's like poking the butt of
an old lady with a bad knee.
Ji Hoon, what do you think of
Kang Seok Jun?
"Have a bright and warm day"?
- Yeah.
- I don't like the guy.
He's a man.
What if you were a woman?
I would date you.
How dirty.
You did it, right? You imagined it.
Just eat! Why are you imagining
weird things?
Say that you left something at a bar.
So I broke in and went into that bar.
Where's my wallet?
Oh, that scared me.
So, what did I leave behind?
Probably car keys or a necklace,
something like that.
Anyway, I got into that bar
and got that item back.
Then how would you feel?
Okay, so
Ji Hoon, do you like women or alcohol?
Why ask something like that?
I like women who drink alcohol.
Right, right.
Oh, what's up with this car?
Did we have a patient
with a car like this?
What "ah"?
Is she a celebrity?
Did you see a celebrity?
No, I didn't.
- I want to see. Me too.
- No, no. Just go.
- Just go. Hurry.
- I just want to see her face!
Let's go, let's go!
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Are you by chance
- Yes.
The key is inside.
What are you doing here at this hour?
You too?
Oh, I'm on my way to an interview.
Oh my, Producer Kim. By the way
Now that you're dressed like this,
you don't look like a weird person.
I heard the president called you in.
Who is he to tell you to order you around?
Is he the head of the station?
That is what the president is.
- Is it?
- Yes.
So, what did he say?
Did he tell you to change the DJ
because I'm "Always Last"?
No, I just gave a report
on some things and, oh yeah.
Because we got through it
without any big trouble
We got this! Let's go out to eat
something good tomorrow.
Gosh, do radio work dinners
consist of eating silk worm pupae?
Anyway, as long as I'm not fired.
- I'll be going now.
- Okay, see you tonight.
You're going too?
Oh, I said I'd be
Se Young's manager for today.
It's been a while
since I've had an interview.
If I go alone because I don't have
an agency, it wouldn't look good.
It's okay, right?
Of course. Did you receive the interview
questions beforehand?
No, not yet.
I'm sure they will ask about
yesterday's events first.
If they ask about that student,
say she's doing well with her family.
And right now, she needs privacy
more than anything. Okay?
By the way, did you hear from that man
after that broadcast?
I would think he'd contact you.
Well you know.
Do well on your interview.
I'll be doing some editing now.
She needs privacy too, right?
Oh, how much?
Hello. You're Hong Yi Seul, right?
I am Park Ri Hwan.
I see.
The chair fell.
Please sit.
I thought you were the valet.
The situation felt that way, didn't it?
You look different from your picture.
Ah, I see.
The picture is better, isn't it?
Thank you.
You're much in real life too, Yi Seul.
You had a photo of me?
That's strange. I don't take photos.
Honestly, I was worried after seeing that.
It would be strange for an adult
to have eyes like this.
The black pupil of the eye doesn't grow
any larger after you are born.
In order for an adult's face
to look like this
that would mean when you were born,
half of your face would be black pupil.
That's kind of scary.
How could you not have
a driver's license?
I was always busy,
so I didn't think about it.
- I always had urgent stuff to do.
- What stuff!
Well, I had part-time jobs
and other part-time jobs.
And when I finished,
I fried chickens at my parents' store.
Gosh, why is everyone around me
so exhausting?
Where are all the people with rich
parents who lie around doing nothing?
Did you know about Producer Kim?
That she had no parents?
She sure didn't look that way.
Why is her life that way?
Is the guy she broke up with that guy?
The guy I saw in front of the station
with the white flour face and big eyes?
No, that Eastern medicine doctor is just
someone who is like a relative.
"Like a relative"? What is that?
Their parents were close,
so they grew up together.
And after Producer Kim's father passed,
she grew up in the same house.
The radio producer is starring
in her own TV drama.
This is like "Autumn in My Heart"
and "Feeling." Something like that?
What is "Feeling"?
You don't know Son Ji Chang,
Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jung Jae?
The three brothers all love Woo Hee Jin
and it's a big mess.
But it turns out
one of them is adopted.
Which is her real brother?
You don't know it?
When did it air?
It was when I was doing
my college exams, so 1994?
Ah, I was born in 1988.
Well, it must be nice.
Being young and all.
You got lucky with your age. 1988.
Aren't you lucky with your age too?
Why? Because I'm 44?
- I'm not 44. I'm still
- No, 33. You're only 33.
In American age, you're 31.
Oh you! You're crazy!
Oh my.
You're closest to your older brother,
Yi Seul.
Suppose you left something
very important at someone's house.
And your brother went to that house
and brought it back without telling you.
How do you think you would feel?
What kind of question
My brother would probably just tell me
to buy another one.
What if it's something you can't buy?
Then I'd send my lawyer.
To be honest
I think my mom has sent someone.
Don't turn around.
He'll take a few pictures and leave.
I'm sorry.
He's the neighborhood idiot.
I'll get rid of him.
What are you doing?
I'm taking pictures of the scenery.
I'm going to put it up on my blog.
You don't have a blog.
I'm going to make one.
I'm going to make one!
Still, it's right to do a live show
on a day like today.
Oh, I changed the order of the music.
To come at the back side of the script.
That's perfect.
I went to see the president
and he told me to call in Lee Ji Na.
He is totally crazy.
I said that we can't.
We'll be killed with all
the responses and comments.
When's the president
going to be changed?
Next fall?
Do we really need a spring
and summer next year?
It's either going to that person
or Lee Jae Woo?
Can't we just change it to anyone?
No no!
Did you think I would be proposed to
within 30 minutes of meeting him?
I'll call you later.
Mom, please!
Oh, you have a hammock.
I put it up there to take naps,
but everyone really likes it.
Yes, it's really nice.
It looks fun and comfortable.
Do you want to try it?
Oh no! It's fine.
I'll hold it for you. Try sitting in it.
No, it really is okay.
You said it's really nice, looks fun,
and comfortable. Three things.
I'll hold it. Sit down.
How is it?
Oh no!
I'm wearing a skirt!
- I'm wearing a skirt!
- Right, right! Skirt!
I'm sorry.
I didn't know it would flip like that.
It's okay.
Is your wrist all right?
There's no scar. That's a relief.
Here too.
Your shoes are pretty.
What do you say then?
Do you want to try again?
I've never seen you move so fast
in 13 years.
This one has sugar.
No, it was this one.
Why are you acting like Candy
[Korean cartoon character]?
It's enough for Candy, alone, to laugh
even through loneliness and sadness.
I thought I was going
to roll on those stairs.
What? It's nice to run in an open field.
You get some sun and exercise.
You get good sleep and no dark circles.
Don't make others worry.
You're no different than a madwoman.
You run around without sunblock,
so now you have freckles on your face.
With that face you go around
seducing guys everywhere.
Does one sugar in this place mean
one rice bowl of it?
Why is it so sweet?
You're happy to see me, right?
Is this one mine then?
Haeng Ah left it behind.
Why would she leave behind
a hot coffee like this?
I don't know at all.
You know, right?
What? Know what?
Director Kang Seok Jun?
You bragged about being friendly with him.
No, I'm not friendly with him at all.
He's your school junior.
There are so many Seoul University
graduates here.
And who cares if he's my junior?
He's the boss here.
I heard he's your
high school junior too.
Why do you bother remembering all that?
Wow! You are really smart too, huh?
You hooked them up, didn't you?
Not at all!
They met at the real estate office
for their apartments.
I just went to the sauna and Seok Jun
had something like a tattoo on his back.
So I looked at it and Haeng Ah had
written her name with a marker.
How did you know about it?
- About what?
- That thing you know.
What is it that I know?
I don't know.
You knew from the start, didn't you?
No! I only found out recently.
Wow! It's one thing
after another with you.
How come you don't fear me at all?
In the old days, I was in a ninja group.
I could destroy a person
just by using my tongue.
Back then, people called me
Mouth Ninja.
But if you're not scared, forget it
She sure is weird.
Hold on. Wait please.
Oh, hello director.
- I live on this floor.
- I know.
There's always a blind spot.
Do you know what that is?
What if the doorman sees
Didn't you say we should talk?
That was then.
Why are you doing this?
Because you don't even know that.
Aren't you going to say anything?
See if you like feeling frustrated.
Are you going to keep
running away like this?
You feel frustrated as well, right?
Let's go.
You're leaving?
You're just going to leave?
You aren't talking.
Why do I have to talk?
Don't you have anything to say?
You're okay with our current situation?
Then why did you follow me here?
Are you here to investigate?
You want to know why that woman
broke up with you, huh?
Since I won't cooperate,
you're done investigating.
Is that it?
I'm just one of those to you, right?
I never said I wanted to be your
number one priority. I know you're busy.
I know you have many people
to meet and consider.
But I'm not even number five or ten.
I'm always the last.
Whatever it was, it was always
more important than me.
How can you say "let's go"
in a situation like this?
I must really be nothing to you.
You must not need me at all.
I never spoke that way to you.
No, you were speaking that way
the entire time.
I was so stupid
that I couldn't understand.
I should've known every time you said
that you didn't have time.
You weren't really busy. You just liked
other things more than me.
I should've known when you left me
alone while I was sick too.
It's not that you didn't know I
was sick. You just wanted to ignore it.
I should've known when you said that
you couldn't say "I love you."
It wasn't that you were shy.
You just didn't want to lie to me.
You never loved me for one second.
I find myself being so petty,
I can't stand this anymore.
I hold my phone and wait for your call.
I get mad that you don't.
I make plans to dump you first
before you can do it to me.
To you, am I
Aunt, I'm going there now.
Is Haeng Ah there?
No, she's not.
Is she going to come today?
She didn't say that she was.
Okay, then I'll be right there.
Ri Hwan, did you eat?
Gosh, is someone chasing him?
It's incredibly sexy, isn't it?
Many people buy it before they go
on their honeymoon.
It comes in black and red.
The size of this one is 75.
This one here is 80.
The sizes are
You don't have any larger sizes?
Customer, I'm very sorry. This product
only comes out in these sizes.
No need to be sorry.
It's not your fault
that I gained weight.
What do you think of this one?
This one is a bit larger.
Ah, I see.
Here you are.
Oh, Jung Woo!
Hello, Vice President.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This is my youngest sister.
Isn't she pretty? She had a date today.
Jung Woo!
- Go back to work.
- Yes, sir.
This is unlike you. You only shop
at other department stores.
Did you find anything you like?
There's nothing that fits me.
I better remove this store here.
They don't even have my sister's size.
Your department store won't have
many stores left if you do that.
Women's clothing is
too expensive and small.
Doesn't it look like it's for a hamster?
Aren't you busy?
I took a break from a meeting.
Everyone likes it when we take a break.
You should head back up.
It's been a while and I can't even
buy you yummy food.
Even without you buying it for me,
you know I eat very well, right?
Of course.
Oh, how did the setup go?
Should I not ask about it?
It was just, you know
Is that the reason why you're shopping
for underwear?
Is my youngest sister moving too fast?
Jung Woo!
I won't do anything until
you tell me about it.
Take your time and look around.
If you like something, take it.
I can do that?
Of course! I can take it off my pay.
Last month, Mom came by
and picked up this and that.
I was paid 180 won.
- I'll be going now.
- Okay, go on.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
Thanks for your help. Goodbye.
Have a nice day!
Wow, they really look nothing alike.
I guess one sibling can be different
out of the three.
I guess it's luck of the genes.
Hi, Aunt.
What's wrong with Haeng Ah?
You said she wasn't here.
She wasn't here before.
She came after that time.
Why is Haeng Ah acting that way?
Was she looking for me, by chance?
No, she was looking for
squash taffy candy.
She said she had to eat taffy today.
Why is she acting like that?
- Get over there.
- No.
I think we should leave her alone.
I'll come back another time.
Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan is here.
Look, I'm here.
What are you doing?
I'm eating carbohydrates and salt
to get my body addicted to them.
Eat noodles like this.
Eat noodles.
Do you have anything to ask me?
- Do you have a hairpin?
- No.
Then never mind.
I didn't see any hairpins.
I did bring back a hair tie elastic.
What did you say you brought?
It's really pretty, right?
You should try it on.
The heel is very high.
People say it's more comfortable than
it looks when they try it on.
By any chance, is your boyfriend on
the shorter side?
My boyfriend is about 170 centimeters.
He's probably more like 168 centimeters.
Anyway, I only wear flat shoes.
So if that's why you're reluctant,
I can recommend other stores too.
It can be very hard to find
low-heeled shoes that are pretty.
Your shoes are pretty.
His height is about
185 centimeters.
Oh my! Then try this on!
If my boyfriend were taller,
I would try this on.
And this one too. I'd try everything.
They are so pretty!
You have a small face too.
So even with a heel about this height,
I think it will be a great look.
This is everything.
This thing here
It isn't even mine.
The person who lived there before him
stuck it on the ceiling.
Gosh, seriously!
Why is Haeng Ah crouching there?
Haeng Ah doesn't cry.
She's standing up now.
Is she crying? Is she wiping her tears?
- Can't see.
- Haeng Ah doesn't cry.
It looks like she's crying.
Have you seen a crazy woman recently?
Besides you?
So why did you go there?
I told you I'd take care of it!
I was afraid you'd go back there.
So what if I do go back?
Why would you go there?
Why would you do something
no one asked you to?
It wasn't even helpful to me
Haeng Ah is hitting Ri Hwan!
Ri Hwan must have done something wrong.
What's up with them? I'm so curious.
Oh! Ri Hwan is getting angry too.
Dong Hwa, get out there.
No, sometimes people just need to fight.
Ri Hwan must have been nosy about
something again.
Did Sun Young say something again?
Seriously, why did you do it?
Because I'm your older brother!
Your brother!
Why are you my older brother?
Then am I your older sister?
Okay, say that you are.
Then you should stay put.
What brother stays put while their
little sister gets mistreated by a guy?
That's how older brothers are.
Even if their sisters cry all night,
they sleep in and get up late.
Then stick their hand in their pants,
scratch their butt, and ask for ramen.
That's what an older brother is.
There is no older brother
in the world like you.
How would you know?
You don't even have an older brother.
Because you act this way,
people say weird things to us.
Because you act this way,
Aunt thinks I
At this rate
are you going to take responsibility
if Aunt says she won't see me anymore?
What are you saying?
How could Mom not see you?
She'll see you, of course.
You are her blood, but me?
Why do you keep thinking
strange thoughts?
If something like that happens,
do you think I'll do nothing?
Haven't you been listening up until now?
Even if something like that happens,
you need to do nothing!
Then you could just live well.
Why are you going around
meeting guys like that?
I guess I'm with a guy like that
because you are like this!
I can't even cough in front of you.
Even when I'm babbling with a fever,
he just goes off to work!
That's just evil. Is that even human?
Yes, that's a human.
You're like a gas mask.
When you're worrying about me,
do you think I'd feel at ease?
And if I get caught worrying,
you always look at me that way.
Do you know how suffocating that is?
All right.
Then go on and see
that toxic gas-like person again.
I won't concern myself with it anymore.
Are you satisfied?
Yes! I'm going to do that for sure.
Is this how Mom felt?
Once I had always wanted
to be by her side.
Then I started yelling at her
to mind her own business.
Becoming a person
whom another no longer needs
It hurts.
Where does it hurt?
Not there.
What do we do?
Ri Hwan, are you hurting a lot?
Quite a lot.
You all right?
Haeng Ah is walking around.
Then she's all right, I suppose.
You two don't have any misunderstandings
or anything, right?
That kind of thing can be explained
by talking.
Okay, don't respond. Yeah.
Man, the more I think about it
Haeng Ah is amazing.
To put it simply, about dating
you are a total stupid idiot.
Even when you like the person, you don't
know how to express it or smile.
I don't even have to see it to know.
"Seok Jun, do you love me?"
"Do I have to say that in words?"
You are so boring like that.
But really, why didn't you
buy her a cake?
Well, I'm the same too.
My oldest asked for a blueberry cake
and I didn't buy it.
It was 38,000 won.
I told him that cakes are all the same
and that we could have it next year.
And I bought one from the neighborhood
bakery for 12,000 won.
I didn't realize I wouldn't be able
to see him on his birthdays like this.
Why did you do it, seriously? Huh?
Yeah, I know your life is empty
and you have no parents either.
But you're not a screwup like me.
Hey, are you listening?
Okay, why did you call me out
if you weren't going to say anything?
How long have I known you?
It's been a long time.
I was a high school senior
and you were a junior.
How long have you known Haeng Ah?
Oh, that's been a while too.
I was her teacher.
It's been about seven or eight years.
Do you know who that guy
with Haeng Ah is?
The one who acts like her older brother.
You dated her and you don't know,
so how would I know?
I don't know.
I don't know, but I do know that
it's not her brother.
She's alone.
She has no mother, father, or siblings.
She's all alone.
She trades shifts with the other PDs
during the holidays.
I did ask her that favor when my kids
were studying abroad too.
Yes, that's a human.
You're like a gas mask.
When you're worrying about me,
do you think I'd feel at ease?
And if I get caught worrying,
you always look at me that way.
Do you know how suffocating that is?
[To: Ri Hwan]
[I think the herbal medicine
is making me really healthy.]
[I went too far before]
[Are you sleeping?]
All right.
Then go on and see
that toxic gas-like person again.
I won't concern myself with it anymore.
Are you satisfied?
Yes! I'm going to do that, for sure.
Oh, where are you off to?
Gosh, you reek of alcohol.
Go in and sleep.
Where are you going?
I want to go. I want to drink too.
I'm going to Haeng Ah. I'll be back.
Haeng Ah?
I want to see Haeng Ah too.
Gosh, this is no fun.
My lower body is so tired.
You aren't cold?
I'm cold. Don't I look cold?
Did you make a lot of money today?
Can't you tell by looking? Would I be
doing this now if I made a lot?
Wow, you put in a lot of red bean paste.
I can tell it'll be yummy.
I can't even eat one
since it's too sweet.
I don't know how anyone can eat
several of these.
How many would you like?
Just three, please.
Who can you feed with just three?
Just buy 2,000 won worth.
I'll give you seven.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Yes, if you make a right turn there,
you'll see it.
You didn't even know it was Haeng Ah's
birthday, right? Ouch, that hurts.
No, no, that's not it.
If you didn't know,
then Tae Hee would've bought a cake.
Oh, you bailed on Haeng Ah's
birthday, didn't you?
You must've, you must've, you must've.
That's why she couldn't even
meet up with her friends.
And she bought her own cake and ate it.
You mean bastard.
If things work out and you become
the president of our company later
see if I get you a cake or not.
I won't, punk.
Do you know how many points
I have on my phone?
I can even buy bread with
these points, punk.
I won't buy you anything, punk!
Do you know how hard it was
to earn these points?
Are you looking for
something in particular?
This cake is the most popular one
these days.
Is that the biggest size?
Yes, should I pack that up for you?
I find myself being so petty,
I can't stand this anymore.
I hold my phone and wait for your call.
I get mad that you don't.
I make plans to dump you first before
you can do it to me.
To you, did I
Did I seem that generous to you?
That I would let you stay next to me
just because you like me?
Or would I do that just because I don't
have anyone else to date?
Or because I can't find a woman
to sleep with?
Whenever I'm debating if I should
buy something or not, I choose not to.
When it's should I eat or not,
I don't eat.
Because I'm busy enough with work.
As for you
If I could've lived my life
without needing to see you
I would've done it a long time ago.
My goodness.
- Thank you.
- Bye now.
Of all pastries, Haeng Ah likes
fish-shaped buns the best.
To Haeng Ah, the most important thing
is whom she's eating it with.
Are you saying you're going to go
see Haeng Ah now?
Haeng Ah said she wanted to break up.
She said she went crazy and grew tired
all by herself every day.
She said waiting every day hurt like
she'd been poked with a needle!
Who are you?
I told you. I'm her older brother.
I'll give you a chance
to answer properly.
Either don't act like her man
or don't act like her older brother.
I'm asking you this favor.
I'm asking you this favor.
[You asked me for a favor.]
Go home and study.
I get sleepy at home.
If you're sleepy, then sleep.
Why are you studying?
I have exams next week.
Then you should study next week.
Why study now?
Close it.
Look at you, punk.
- Oh.
- Stop it.
Wow, you're a man now.
Of course.
- Park Ri Hwan.
- What?
- Ri Hwan.
- Yes, what?
Here. Take this.
With both hands. Good.
Uncle, isn't this alcohol?
Now turn your face away and drink.
Now you should pour me some.
With both hands. Yes, good.
Ri Hwan, you're a grownup.
Now I can depend on you, Ri Hwan.
Of course.
Later on, if Haeng Ah takes after me
and goes around drinking
you stay right next to her
and help her.
And bring her home safe so weird guys
don't take her away.
You need to do that, okay?
I'll see.
If you promise to do what I ask,
I'll buy you one of those.
A remote-controlled car.
Forget it.
Ri Hwan.
I trust you, okay?
I'm asking you this favor.
I'm asking you this favor.
Of course.
23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
- Pump.
- Okay.
Set it up.
Charge! Clear!
200. Again.
Charge. Clear!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14
Poor Doctor Park.
She put in a lot of effort.
The daughter too.
Apparently she doesn't even have a mom.
But is it possible for the abdominal
wall to collapse so suddenly like that?
I know. Unless he had drinks.
But he couldn't have had any drinks.
Drinking won't cause that.
Unless he binge drank.
True. Gosh, only if we had known sooner.
She's not your little sister,
but a friend?
- Yesterday, I was really
- Sorry for being so mean!
I lowered the volume because I didn't
want to wake you.
Yesterday, Seok Jun told me
he can't live without me.
You go where the arrow ends up.
No matter where it is.
You're so blessed with money.
What is it? Are you crying right now?
Why don't you talk to her later?
Haeng Ah is sleeping next to me.
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