Bubblegum (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[Episode 3]
Out of all pastries, Haeng Ah likes
fish-shaped buns the best.
To Haeng Ah, the most important thing
is who she's eating it with.
Are you saying you're going to go
see Haeng Ah now?
Haeng Ah said she wants to break up.
She said she was crazy and exhausted
by herself every day.
She said waiting every day hurt
like she was pricked by a needle!
Who are you?
I told you. I'm her older brother.
I'll give you a chance
to answer properly.
Either don't act like her man
or don't act like her older brother.
I'm asking you this favor.
For whose sake? Yours?
Haeng Ah
What if she doesn't really want
to break up?
There are nights like that.
Although nothing happened
There are nights when
everything is ready to fall apart.
Even the small things
that were all buried away
are awake on those nights.
I saw.
Then you have to feed me.
Just eat.
How can I eat
when my hands are like this?
I'm not going to eat.
People are watching.
What's with that?
Other people feed each other too.
I don't usually do things like that.
I don't usually do things
like this either.
So what am I supposed to do?
Hurry up and eat.
What are you doing?
Put it in my mouth.
Now eat it yourself.
Yeah! Cheers!
You're not sleeping again, right?
Your eyes look gaunt.
It's my shift.
I'm getting used to my nights
and days getting switched.
The day after tomorrow is your birthday.
What are your plans?
I'll probably be working.
Should we have one more round?
Is that your way of saying
we should get going?
- Over here!
- Yes.
- One more bottle, a 38 year please!
- Okay!
Something really, really, really urgent
just came up.
At this hour?
- You're leaving?
- You have a new guy, don't you!
It's all on me, okay?
- Oh yeah!
- Bye, guys!
I'll pay for it.
That night
none of us had a good night's sleep.
Ji Hoon.
It's upsetting to see you suffering
with your drinking.
All right, I really won't ask you
to go for hangover soup tomorrow.
So I'm thinking of going to the bar
and asking them sincerely not to
sell alcohol to you anymore.
No, no, no!
You shouldn't even think of doing that.
Would that be for my own good?
That's not the important thing here.
That's just a bad thing.
You said your insides are hurting.
But I told you I like alcohol.
I said I'll live through that pain.
Who are you to get between us?
And you should've
come to me to ask first.
Whether I really want to part with
drinking or if it's just words.
And what I actually want in front of me
is not a 33-year-old guy
but a bottle of 33-year-old whiskey.
Okay, then keep on drinking
and making things hard for yourself.
But you know
You are allowed to do this.
Because you love me more than
I love drinking alcohol.
You do have the right to get
between me and alcohol.
Oh, that scared me.
Yes, Aunt No, not yet.
I'll contact you when I arrive. Okay.
Is your niece not going to come?
I think she has arrived,
but isn't able to come in.
Oh when did she first get this phobia?
The first time was when Haeng Ah
was a sophomore in high school.
She was perfectly fine.
Then she saw a person
bleed out by a hospital,
and she turned pale and fainted.
Both her parents went to the hospital
with things they thought were minor.
Neither of them were ever discharged.
If it was that long ago,
it must not have affected her life much.
Is there any reason why you're trying
to look into it now?
Both her parents died before turning 40
with stomach cancer.
Haeng Ah's 33 this year.
She'll need to get exams done.
And she's never received
psychological treatment?
Well, she never comes to the hospital.
Anyway, thank you.
Where are you going?
You came to consult,
but you're just leaving?
Is it because of your niece?
How could you,
of all people, overlook it?
Did I bring the chart with me?
I have it with me, remember?
That's why you came to our department.
Can you please step outside
for a moment?
Oh, oh
- Doctor.
- Yes?
Please send me back to my country home.
You're not originally from here?
My field is out there
and my husband is buried there too.
That's where my blanket is.
Last year, I fell and hurt myself.
And my daughter brought me here.
The apartment must be
very stifling for you.
Doctor, please tell her I will only get
better if I go back to the countryside.
I just miss my dog so much.
There was a old farm sheep dog
that they said was too weak.
I took it in and kept it in my yard.
One day, no one was around.
The dog looked up to the sky suddenly.
And he started barking.
I wondered, why is he barking?
Did he see a ghost?
I looked up to where he was looking.
In the sky, the clouds had formed
the shape of a sheep.
I am just like that dog.
I want to go back.
But I can't say anything to my daughter
because I feel too apologetic.
Mom, are you hungry?
Mom, are you in a lot of pain?
Mom, should I buy you medicine?
She's been putting in so much effort
on my behalf.
[Little Brother Park]
- Doctor.
- Yes.
[Kim Haeng Ah]
Athlete Kim Haeng Ah,
are you just going to sit here?
Oh my!
It's all right.
Let me take a look.
Let me see your leg.
- Does it hurt a lot?
- Yes.
- Do you think you can bear it?
- Yes.
You're a good girl.
Oh! What are you doing here?
You're eating again?
Eating in the morning wasn't my lunch.
Do you really have
to eat all your meals?
Did you buy new shoes?
Gosh, you shouldn't bother with shoes.
You should buy new ankles.
It's because you have so much fat that
you can even tell those are ankles.
If someone had a bug in here,
they'd think my sister was an elephant.
She called so suddenly.
I couldn't get out of it.
Hey, this thing
When are you going to take care of it?
I'm a bit busy.
Is there anything more urgent in this
world than a treatment?
Perhaps a date?
Jung Woo
I've never seen you like this,
little sister.
Who is it?
He's the only grandson of
the Se Hyung Foundation.
So, he's a doctor there?
Oddly enough, he's an
Eastern medicine doctor.
He won't be inheriting the hospital.
On top of that, they won't tell us
who his father is.
Though they aren't going to cause
issues about her former engagement.
- Mother!
- I'm just saying it's a good chance.
Pride in appearance isn't important.
Play it cool and don't call him first.
Ignore his calls too.
That's right.
Calling first isn't very charming.
Just go to him.
Should I lend you the helicopter?
I don't think so.
This is Hong Yi Seul.
I'd like to see you today.
Do you have time?
No, I just want to see you.
Okay, I understand.
It's her, isn't it?
She wants to see you today.
She says she'll come
to Secret Garden too.
Gosh, look at all this stuff
you have on your face.
What is it? I'll get it.
It's money blessings.
10 million won, 20 million won,
30 million won.
No, it's not like that.
The content was like a date request,
but it sounded like a duel challenge.
I wonder if she sprained her hand when
she fell on the floor yesterday.
She must be coming to sue me.
Oh no, let's put it back on.
10 million won, 20 million won,
30 million won.
I'll be back.
What are you going to do?
That's why I'm telling you
to go look at the CCTV.
Hello? Hello
- Gosh, that dog
- Watch your tongue!
If you keep saying "dog" all the time,
Uncle will feed you from a dog bowl.
Where's Ri Hwan?
He's coming now. I'm feeling okay now.
Oh, never mind. It still hurts.
Where's Haeng Ah?
She's probably at home
or at the station.
- Call her and tell her to come here.
- What for?
She fought and cried
with Ri Hwan yesterday.
- Are you going to leave them be?
- Right.
Here comes Ri Hwan.
Aren't you going to call Haeng Ah?
Haeng Ah! Haeng Ah!
Uncle wants you to come quickly.
You can pass if you don't want to come.
I delivered the message.
Thank you. Bye.
Why did you call me here?
What about Dong Hwa?
I have something for you to do.
Ri Hwan! Haeng Ah is here!
I I called you.
Me too.
Anything happen yesterday?
Besides what happened already?
Did you eat lots of cake?
The one in the freezer?
Didn't he go?
Did someone send something?
No one came to your house yesterday?
How did you know?
No one brought cake?
Did you leave cake with security?
The security guy came to your place?
He came to change the lightbulb.
- That's it?
- Of course.
If you left something, tell me quickly.
I'm already on the guard's bad side
since I left the kimchi for so long.
No, it's nothing like that.
I called you before because
- Can I talk first?
- No.
- How I spoke to you yesterday
- I'm sorry for being so harsh!
Hey, why are you butting in?
You didn't even do anything wrong.
Why didn't I do anything wrong?
I didn't consider your feelings
and did whatever I wanted.
That's because I kept lying to you.
Well, that's
Where did you come from?
- Aunt's hospital.
- Oh.
Flu shot?
You know that woman Ri Hwan met?
She's coming soon.
That rich woman. See her before you go.
Oh, her. Hong Jung Woo's little sister?
Woo Bin told you too?
He came by with the big news and left
after getting in trouble with Tae Hee.
Gosh, Maeng Woo Bin.
Does she look like Hong Jung Woo?
How do you know her brother?
When I was in Myung Hwae Junior High,
he went to Myung Hwae High School.
He's tall and fair skinned,
with broad shoulders like this.
When he played basketball, we would
cheer and he'd do this with his finger.
Milky white skin, Hong Jung Woo!
Take me, Hong Jung Woo!
Unattainable, Hong Jung Woo!
He was so good-looking.
Over here!
This is Kim Haeng Ah.
Ah, hello!
Are you by any chance a dentist?
Hong Jung Woo
I was the person who got kicked out
after I took Oh Se Young's dog.
- Hello.
- I'm here.
Excuse me, you can't be in here.
Please wait outside.
I was at the dentist with the dog
because of the DJ.
You went into a hospital clinic?
She has a phobia of hospitals,
injuries, and blood.
But I got kicked out so fast
I didn't have time to faint or anything.
Oh, I'm his older sister, by the way.
She's my little sister.
She's a little lacking in some areas.
I've been telling her for 33 years
the person born first is older.
She still doesn't get it.
You don't know his real name, right?
It's "Little Brother Park."
I'd like to kick her out,
but this place belonged to her father.
Now it belongs to my aunt and uncle.
Aunt Princess is the manager
and Uncle Gangster is the chef.
Uncle Gangster was an actual gangster.
But my father told him if you're going
to make a living using knives
don't use it on people and use it on
beef and pork meat instead.
My father passed away
when I was in junior high.
I see.
- I'll be going now.
- Okay.
Please don't stand up. Don't stand up.
- It's not that
- Yeah.
Don't stand up!
I just need to use the restroom.
I need to wash my hands.
- Oh, okay.
- This way.
I don't want this blue one.
Have dinner and go.
It's just uncomfortable.
What is this? I got kicked out
by Yi Seul again.
Are you okay
after going to the hospital?
Your face looks red
now that I look at you.
It's because I drank beer
out of a straw.
- Go on in.
- You got a shot and drank beer?
No, I drank beer first then got the shot.
Don't tell aunt.
You really can't do that,
especially with vaccinations.
I can't hear you. I can't hear you.
If you have any problems later
Don't do that next time, okay?
Why are you
You're not going to answer?
You're not answering?
- I'm going to tell on you to Mom.
- Don't you dare call.
- I'm going to call.
- Don't you dare call.
- I'm going to tell her.
- Hey, let go of me!
- Seriously!
- Mom, Mom!
This is Haeng Ah.
This is Haeng Ah's dad and mom.
This is Ri Hwan and Ri Hwan's mom.
This was the last time
Yeon Hwa came to this place.
We didn't know it back then.
She had digestion issues, so she went
to the hospital on her own.
After that, she wasn't discharged.
Back then, it took longer
to know about illnesses.
This is after the kids
graduated from elementary school.
Ri Hwan's mother must have taken
the photo.
Oh no. It was Uncle Gangster.
Sun Young was too busy.
We asked her if she was going to cure
all the world's sick people by herself.
Haeng Ah's dad raised the kids.
After school, they would come here
to eat, do homework, fight, and play.
Haeng Ah's parents' wedding
Maybe it's because they were alike
When Joon Hyuk was diagnosed with the
same illness, we thought it wasn't true.
Don't you dare tell on me.
I won't! I won't tell on you.
You're petty. You're showing off that
you have a mom.
Ouch! I said that I'm sorry.
Come on now! Here we go again.
Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan!
If you're going to fight,
go out to the yard and fight.
Who's fighting so loudly
in the restaurant?
Why you little rascals!
Is Haeng Ah your little
She's my little sister.
I'm born in July and she's in October.
She's more like your friend,
not a little sister.
I guess so.
She's the first friend I ever made.
I grew up in the countryside, so I was
hanging out with older grandmas.
I was so popular back then.
Do you want ice cream?
If you want it, go ahead. It looks good.
Should we choose one each?
This one?
Melon? Candy?
I don't eat things like that.
I'll gain weight.
What? Because of this one thing?
- It makes a difference.
- But still
Ah okay.
You must have eaten lots yesterday.
You grew quite a bit over one day.
Don't your feet hurt?
I already had these shoes.
Don't look at them.
Just go ahead, please.
Just go on ahead of me.
- No! My skirt, my skirt!
- Oh, your skirt!
You keep falling when you meet me.
No, you can't.
If it hurts even with a slight touch,
I think you injured it.
My ankles
Do I have a cavity? I don't, right?
No, I don't think so
Since you've given me consultation,
it's my turn now.
You saw mine, so now it's my turn.
It hurts when you do this, right?
It's only to this degree because your
ankle is good or else it would be worse.
I'll look at this one too.
In teeth terms,
it's not like white ones
but weak laminated teeth
that can't bite apples.
It's like your strong original teeth
that you already have.
Wait here for a moment.
I'll bring you other shoes to wear.
No, I can walk.
No, you can't do that.
Do you want to walk
or do you want a piggyback ride?
I'll be right back.
The shoes are a bit heavy, right?
You should come by for acupuncture.
Even after your work.
I'll go.
People wear these when they go
ice fishing. They're warm, aren't they?
Okay, let's finish up today's meeting.
- Aren't you going?
- Yes, coming.
If he was going to drink it like this,
he shouldn't have opened it at all.
You know, I'm worried.
With this upcoming year,
the labor unions will be upset.
They think if they can make you fall,
it's all that's necessary.
Gosh, who am I to worry about others?
I don't even have a place
to move into right now.
Stop making faces and say something!
I guess you don't mind because you
came over from foreign correspondence.
My life is radio, so I feel anxiety when
there's even two seconds of silence.
Is Haeng Ah on the fourth floor?
Yeah, there's a dinner outing today.
If they're done, they'll probably go to
the youngest writer's chicken place.
That's where they always go.
Why? You want to come too?
Give me an answer this time.
- No.
- Good. Don't come.
You could get in trouble.
That team has a really weird writer.
And she's really close to Haeng Ah.
It is weird. I want to change it too.
Why? I like who I have invited.
We're done with the meeting, right?
It's over?
It's the same people who come out when
they need to promote, and it overlaps.
Can't we just have a meeting when
my mind is working better?
I'm really tired right now.
Have this.
"Please tell us about your title track."
"Ah, you're having a concert."
Still, it wouldn't be right not to ask
those things to someone promoting.
Or play their title tracks.
I brought this up the other time.
Can't we bring on a guest
who is not a celebrity?
Who? Should I invite my mom?
That's not bad.
You did mention her on air last time.
She can tell us about her hardships
raising the "Always Last" daughter.
Oh! You can't talk about that anymore.
Plus, my mom swears all the time.
I'd like to meet her.
How about the lady who sells hot cakes
in front of the building?
But she turns out to be
the owner of the building.
Oh, there was someone like that
at my school too.
Someone saw the spicy rice cake store
owner getting into a fancy sports car.
We could invite those people and
find out if the rumors are true or not.
There's someone else I'm curious about.
Director Kang Seok Jun.
They say no one has seen him smile.
He never gets sleepy, uses the bathroom,
or drinks alcohol.
He never even smiles during broadcast.
Does that even make any sense?
I heard that too.
I heard he was a gangster.
I heard he killed a dog
with his bare hands too.
The problem is getting them to come.
For now, I'll make a list of people
we would want.
Good. Okay, let's go drink now.
Go ahead. I'm going to check on
the song tracks first.
Okay, let's go.
This time, let's listen to
Park Hyo Shin's "Stupid."
It was requested by Kim Shin Young.
- It's that sea anemone, isn't it?
- What?
Yeah, sorry I couldn't tell you earlier.
What is it that you want?
Sea anemone's throat?
Or do you want me to lock the two
of you in the room and leave?
I'm asking you for real.
Say you tell me that he's a jerk
and cry your eyes out.
And I curse him and say that
I will cut out his insides.
But then the next day,
you show up holding that seaflower's hand.
And say to me, "You were a bit harsh
with him last night."
If that happens, I'd lose my
only friend. I don't want that.
It's not like that.
Yesterday, he did say that
he can't be without me.
Why do I want to believe those words?
I know it's not true.
If I don't even know that,
I'd be seriously stupid.
While I was dating him,
I was really useless to him.
Do you know what I got him
for his birthday?
"Since it's your birthday, let's be
together and go somewhere nice."
I didn't say those things.
My gift was just leaving him alone.
You're not going to drink today, right?
I shouldn't.
Now that I've gathered them all up,
there are so many.
"Stupid" by Park Hyo Shin,
"Stupid" by Big Bang
"Stupid" by Epik High, and
"Stupid" by Coffee Boy.
Wow! How stupid does love make one feel
that so many "Stupid" songs exist?
Sit over here.
I thought you had your clinic open
in the evenings.
I didn't know you were waiting for me.
I usually read, write,
and hang out here.
I just lie around at home.
You must like to travel.
Yes, though I've never been to
a foreign country yet.
What do you mean that
you've never been to a foreign country?
I mean exactly that.
I've never been once.
How why?
What about all those guidebooks?
I don't know when I will go,
so I'm studying in advance.
When the time comes,
I'll close my eyes
I'll throw a dart,
and I'll go where it lands.
Wherever that is, I'll go for sure.
What do you mean by,
"when the time comes"?
[Stupid Ji Hoon]
He's drunk and he's asking me
to pick him up.
That stupid guy you saw
taking photos of us before.
We live together.
- Sorry, just one moment.
- Okay.
Where do you think?
You called the hospital, didn't you?
I said it's the hospital.
Hoon and Hwan Eastern Medicine Clinic.
Hello? What is it?
Are you crying right now?
Hurry up and pour.
Hey! Haeng Ah!
How can you be later than me? Hurry up.
- Hello.
- Ji Hoon even acts now. I got fooled.
I thought dogs were banned from here.
Here, here. You need to catch up to us.
If I knew you were a Chaebol,
I would've asked for a bigger discount.
So how much of a discount do you get
at Taeyang Department Store?
I don't really go
to the department store.
Gosh, are you afraid I'll ask you
to buy things on my behalf?
I get a celebrity discount too.
You must get free coffee
at Sunny Place, right?
They have so many locations.
How many would you say?
About 200 in Seoul.
Oh my goodness! I don't even have
200 straws in my house.
Oh my, oh my, oh my!
She said 200! That's amazing.
This is a present.
Is it my birthday today or something?
This chicken leg must feel ashamed.
Then I will take it so that
the chicken leg feels no shame.
Thank you! Please take care of
this chicken leg for me.
Yes, yes. I will eat it happily then.
Are you going to the bathroom?
Ah, yes.
It's outside on the left,
next to the stairs.
Okay now. Looks like our Eastern
medicine doctor's cup is running empty.
Oh, thank you, CP.
CP? I thought you were swearing at me.
There was a man in the bathroom.
That is great! Is he good looking?
This chicken is wearing stockings.
Did I seem that generous to you?
That I would let you stay next to me
just because you like me?
If I could've lived my life
without needing to see you
I would've done it a long time ago.
Look at that.
She never left her scarf
or whatever here.
Gosh so annoying.
She's so ugly.
How dare she accuse us of stealing.
Turn it off. Let's go now.
Isn't this the girl Ri Hwan met?
Me too! I want to see too!
What does she look like?
The quality is so bad. I can't tell.
Be quiet. Fast forward it.
What is she looking at?
I'm not certain.
Is it here?
One step to the right.
- Is this right?
- One more to the right.
Right there. Do you see anything?
Haeng Ah smiling prettily.
Why is her expression like that?
She looks like she's going
to go after Haeng Ah.
Why is she standing there
and looking at our Haeng Ah like
- Doctor
- Get in. Hurry up.
I just need to see the doctor.
- Get in now.
- Wait.
Hey! This is unwanted physical contact!
- Call me later.
- Okay.
Ji Hoon won't leave until you leave.
Are you okay?
I couldn't even have one drink
because of someone here.
Is that funny or not funny?
Why would that streetlight be funny?
Get in and go.
Go on.
- Get up already.
- I'll get your car.
- I'll drive you both home.
- No, I have this luggage after all.
That's why I'm saying I'll drive you.
I'll take you.
Call me when you get in a taxi.
Okay, all right.
Thanks for tonight.
I'll make sure to call you for real.
There's a taxi right there.
Get into that one.
Okay, okay. Get going. Bye.
- Get into that one.
- I said okay.
Don't just say that, get in.
- I said okay. Just go.
- Hurry, hurry.
I'm sorry, Mister. Bye.
What time is it?
Time for our radio broadcast.
If so, then
- That was "Stupid" by Coffee Boy.
- Look at that.
Yoon Jin requested "Stupid"
by Na Yoo Ji.
And said that the lyrics to this song
are just like her life.
I should never have met him at all.
It's too late to have regrets.
And yet it's too early to accept that
we have really broken up.
Oh! Mister, aren't you going to open up?
I'm too old to be crying
in random places.
But I'm still too young to laugh it off
saying "we're all alone in life anyway."
I was about to say "I love you",
but then we ended.
I want to be able to say "I loved you"
but I still like you.
This wraps up our night of songs titled
"Stupid" with our last song.
"Stupid" by Na Yoo Ji.
I was fooled.
Yes, it's me.
It's nothing really.
I had a frappuccino from
one of your stores.
I think something was wrong with it.
- My place?
- Yes.
So I bought two sea creatures.
What are you doing right now, Senior?
I'm not your Senior.
My birthday's in January, so that's
why I'm a year ahead in school.
Oh my, oh my.
Oh, that scared me.
- It wasn't anything important
- Hello?
I'm going to throw up now.
Haeng Ah, which location did you buy
the frappuccino from?
Is anyone with you?
Are you all right?
Senior, do you want to eat this?
It was on sale, 50 percent off.
Oh no, this one!
Come over here.
- No, it's okay.
- Come over here.
I have lots of money.
I said I have lots of money.
Senior, do you live
in this neighborhood?
I'm not your Senior.
I'm moving soon.
Oh, there's Ri Hwan.
How did he find out?
I called him.
Can you tell that I've been drinking?
- Yes.
- Oh crap! What do I do?
Tell him I'm not here.
- Sir?
- Yes.
- I'll get you a different one.
- Okay.
- One moment.
- Okay.
Sausages are the best for getting
alcohol out of the system, you know?
- Barcode.
- What?
Beep, barcode style.
What are you doing, young lady!
I'm so sorry.
Do you know her, ma'am?
You should go home
and sleep if you drank.
I told you to lock the front doors.
How could you let a crazy girl
like that out like this?
What if she stabs someone
like last time?
What kind of show is this?
I'm sorry!
Hey, legs, legs, legs.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know why she called you,
Yi Seul.
She's usually not this bad
even when she drinks.
It's usually something like putting
her computer in the washing machine.
We did say we should
keep in touch often.
Ah, keeping in touch often. That's nice.
You're very kind.
Hey, you! Get in the car!
I just wanted to say goodbye to Senior.
I'm not your Senior.
This is a gift for you.
One is for me and one is for you.
Put this in your bag like this.
Careful, careful.
Let's raise them well, one each.
Bye then.
- Where are you going?
- To do some editing.
I'm not the type to cause a nuisance
after I drink.
- CBM Station, please.
- She's not usually a nuisance
One moment.
That bag looks very expensive.
Is it over one million won?
15 million won
[Little Brother Park]
I was going to call the cops
if you didn't pick up this time.
You should go home after drinking.
Why are you here?
Come down. I'm out front.
Why don't you talk later?
Haeng Ah is
sleeping next to me.
That crazy
What are you doing?
Wait, just five minutes.
You can't do this.
There's a PD named Kim Haeng Ah
in the radio department.
Someone else just picked up her phone.
You can contact a writer for that team
or go up with me.
- Go outside.
- I need five minutes.
I said leave.
Just a moment.
I turned it down
because I didn't want to wake you.
What if someone sees you?
This phone is turned off
Hey, you!
Hey, you! What are you doing?
You are dead now.
Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah, Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah!
Doesn't matter if
I'm an older brother or not.
It just can't be you, you bastard.
[What I Want Is What You Want]
Why does your head shine, Grandpa?
You don't have to turn on
lights at night, do you?
Will it be hot if I touch it?
You dummy. Of course it is.
It's very hot, isn't it?
Is it? Then try giving it a touch.
Go on. Touch it.
Is it hot?
You rascals. What are you doing?
Apologize to him now.
Aren't you going to?
Then I'm going to cook the goldfish
and eat it.
- Uncle, you can't do that!
- I'm sorry.
We won't do it again.
We're sorry.
- Let go.
- You let go.
Are you two fighting again?
Ri Hwan keeps trying
to take this from me.
One of them is mine.
Give it to me.
This one is Ri Hwan's.
This is Haeng Ah's.
You take care of one each.
- Okay?
- Yes!
What's with the state of the fish?
What did you do all day
and not even clean the tank?
You were playing all day
and come home smelling of yogurt.
And that's all you have to say to me?
Do you think I drank yogurt
because I wanted to?
Eun Hee in grade two gave it to me,
so how could I refuse?
So you didn't want to drink it
and were forced to then?
You want to believe that?
Do you think I played all day?
How hard is it to clean their poo
and give them food while home all day?
How could you say that to me?
Do I have to raise them on my own?
They're your fish too!
So what do you want then?
Should I not go out and earn these pods?
Should I stay home with you?
Yes, that's what I want.
Hello, you two.
Why don't you wait four weeks and see?
- What's he saying?
- Who knows.
I really dislike that guy.
It will be different
if you see it for yourself.
I'm going crazy.
I'd like it
if Haeng Ah went somewhere else.
Don't think about running away
and just stay here.
I had something to say to you.
I think we've met somewhere before.
- Did you sleep?
- You think everyone's like you.
I'm getting lonelier,
and Senior, you're getting more tired.
You're definitely not her brother.
That's right. I'm not her brother.
I can start being a man starting today.
That works, right?
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