Bubblegum (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Episode 4]
Kim Haeng Ah!
Why did you shut the door?
It's even more suspicious.
Who was it?
Did they see us together?
What if we were seen?
It doesn't matter. Calm down.
It matters to me.
Even when I was dying to tell people,
I couldn't say a word to anyone.
I don't want to get caught now.
It's unfair to me to get caught now.
We had many reasons
not to tell people before.
People would start picking apart
your every action at work.
You knew how difficult it would become
with the union too.
Do you think I'm complaining
about the past right now?
Doesn't matter if
I'm an older brother or not.
It just can't be you, you bastard.
Kim Haeng Ah, are you okay?
Go on and check over there!
I think you're the one who is not okay.
Are you all right, sir?
I am. It's nothing much.
What is it? What?
What's going on? Huh?
Hey. Hey, what is it?
Even if I ask you what happened,
you're not going to answer, are you?
You probably won't.
Is your relationship some sort of
political rebuilding campaign?
You announce on air to the country
when you break up.
Then you ring an emergency alarm
when something goes wrong.
Wow, that guy sure has a temper.
Before, he seemed like a nice church boy.
Well, he is seeing a Chaebol girl.
If the broadcast company is
bothering him, he can just buy it.
He's seeing someone?
Taeyang Group. The youngest daughter
who doesn't look like her siblings.
She was at the company dinner.
The one who was engaged to
Saemyung Group last year?
They broke up because
he had a girl on the side.
He got someone pregnant and then
that person had an abortion.
Taeyang Group's son got angry that
his sister was embarrassed.
He kicked out Saemyung's president.
He took back all his bonds
and did it behind the scenes.
Gosh, scary people.
He's seeing that woman?
Why are you so surprised?
You didn't hit him, did you?
To what extent?
Will he be getting medical treatment
and all that?
I wonder if Haeng Ah knows.
I know. Of course Haeng Ah knows.
Man Hey, why don't you
press the button?
I was wondering why it wasn't coming.
Hey, what about your jacket?
Get in.
Just go.
- Get in.
- Go.
I said get in.
I'll take a taxi.
Just get in!
Why are you yelling?
Am I the only one who caused trouble?
You caused more trouble.
All right, but can you
just get in for today?
By any chance
did that jerk.
do anything bad?
No, he's not like that.
Nothing like that happened.
I'm going to Tae Hee's house.
We can't go to your house. He knows it.
hate that guy so much.
Hate him so much.
- But that person
- I really hate him.
Hating a person I don't even know
very well
I don't even have to hate him
to this extent.
Hating him to this extent
means that he is not the problem.
That means
there is a problem within my heart.
[Kim Haeng Ah]
Are you home?
Are you a zombie? Why are you up again?
I was thirsty, so I'm up again.
So have water.
I thought it was water, but it was beer.
Why are you taking my beer?
You should take my woman instead!
You don't have a woman.
That's true.
But you were only drinking water
at the bar before.
Am I food? Why are you chewing me up?
Something happened, didn't it?
There's definitely something.
Ri Hwan still lives with
Kwon Ji Hoon, right?
Yes, why?
I don't think
he should be alone tonight.
Get back on the floor.
Seok Jun should be okay, right?
Do you think what happened today
will be reported to the president?
Can you shut your mouth and sleep?
You're the one having the hardest time.
What's the first thing I should
take care of tomorrow?
Should I get a frying pan?
Should I knock you out?
[Kang Seok Jun]
Oh my! 75C is sold out again!
How is it?
You feel comforted, don't you?
Ji Hoon.
No need for thank yous.
Say there's a bar that you like.
But that bar really annoys me.
Why are you annoyed? Don't be annoyed.
It's a good bar.
Where is that place, by the way?
Because that bar is not good to you.
Ah, Samseong-dong.
That place is like that.
It's your birthday, but they don't even
give you free food.
Gosh, they can't do that to a regular.
If you want fruit with your drinks,
you have to bring your own fruit.
What the heck is that?
Tell the owner to come out!
So I hit them once.
You did good.
- Ji Hoon.
- Yeah?
I hate that place so much right now.
I hate it when you go near that place.
I hate thinking about the fact that
you were even in that place.
Kim Haeng Ah, Kim Haeng Ah!
I saw it.
Was it a scene you didn't expect?
When you see it with your own eyes,
things change.
I think I'm going to go insane.
What about Haeng Ah? Does she know?
That you're like this?
Do you want to scream?
Here, do you want to throw something?
Should we go to
the batting cages together?
Or brush our teeth until our gums bleed?
Ri Hwan, Park Ri Hwan! Park
Kim Haeng Ah.
Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah!
I have something to say.
Before you were probably
the most startled.
I was too
No, it was all me.
It was all my fault.
I said that I hated that guy.
But if you like him
I really want to break up with him.
I gave it plenty of thought
when I made the decision.
Do you still like him?
If I tried to have
everything I wanted
I'd be much more impoverished
than I am now.
I might not have anyone by my side.
Including you.
That would never happen. You know that.
I wish I could quickly go back to a time
where nothing is happening in life.
Can I help you?
I'll try to do well.
But don't worry too much.
If I really need you,
I'll reach for your help.
You did that too.
In high school, that scary older girl
said that she liked you.
You lied and said that we were dating.
Because of that, those girls would
rip up my shoes while I was in gym.
What was her name?
Bong In
Bong In Bong Yeon
Bong In?
Ah, I'm not sure. It had a "Bong" in it.
What was it?
Bong, Bong. What was it?
It's annoying I can't remember.
Ask Woo Bin.
They dated each other when he went
after her to teach her a lesson.
That's why she suddenly stopped
bothering me.
That's Maeng Woo Bin's first and last
time of being helpful to me.
He helped me live.
You know
After you left like that,
my chest was feeling so stuffy.
I was pressing down on the spot
you told me about before.
Oh my.
This is for indigestion or when
your face is bloated.
When your chest feels stuffy,
it's this spot and here.
- Does it hurt?
- Ow!
Both spots are connected to your heart.
Imagine that you can hear the sound of
your heartbeat and take deep breaths.
Now, exhale.
[Kim Haeng Ah]
It's not heavy?
Starting today, we can have nice air
while we do our broadcast.
Why does this station force us to use
these humidifiers anyway?
In the summer, they turn on the A/C
full blast and it's so cold.
These days the heater is so strong that
I'm getting wrinkles on my eyes.
I don't see anything close to wrinkles
on your face.
Hey you! Get away from me.
Look from over there.
Kang Seok Jun?
Should we invite him?
Excuse me?
I'm Oh Se Young.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
You listen to our show, right?
We've completely changed
the guests that we're inviting.
So we're inviting people who aren't
stars and have lots of rumors about them.
So how should I put this?
Someone who is a bit
Ah! Someone who smells a bit suspicious!
You're one of the candidates.
Did you know that?
No well, then.
You should come on the show.
There are rumors you beat up people
when you were in school.
It would be good to clear the air
on all that.
Why does the past matter anyway?
Being successful now
is what's important.
We'll reserve a slot for you, okay?
I'll talk about it with your PD.
Do you know our PD?
Producer Kim Haeng Ah?
I know her well.
I'll see you soon.
I did well, didn't I?
He's not so bad once you talk to him.
Why was I scared of him all this time?
I feel like I've met him
somewhere before.
Maybe not.
[Kang Seok Jun]
Thank you. Goodbye.
- You're here.
- Yeah.
Just a moment.
Let's get going.
Are we going to the hospital cafeteria?
No, let's head out. Wait here.
It's very chilly outside.
What should we eat?
- Whatever you want.
- What do you want to eat?
Whatever you want to eat.
Then what should we eat?
Oh, look who's here.
- Hello.
- You're getting more handsome.
Doctor Park, are you going
to keep doing this?
If you transferred the patient to us,
you should trust us and leave it to us.
What do you mean?
The vocal chord paralysis patient.
I noticed you took the chart and files
because you needed to check something.
Bring it back quickly, please.
Yeah, hold on.
Why is this here?
- You're not seeing her this weekend?
- No.
Why? Is Yi Seul busy?
I don't know about that.
You said you saw her a few times.
It was because of her ankle.
Do you think you're the only
Eastern medicine doctor?
She went to you because she likes you.
So she only got treatment and went home?
What about a meal?
You didn't even have a drink together?
Ah did you know Haeng Ah had beer
when she got her flu shot?
Why are you suddenly bringing that up?
Did you go see Haeng Ah late last night?
How did you know?
Because I saw you run out.
Why did you go there late at night?
Just because. I had my reasons.
What reasons?
You don't need to know, Mom.
Did you have to go to that extent
to get her a flu shot?
Haeng Ah received
a saline shot that day.
She smelled like alcohol.
Don't tell Haeng Ah.
That's a relief.
So Yi Seul just gets acupuncture
and leaves?
I think it would be better
to leave Haeng Ah alone.
Do you think I told a girl who may faint
to come to the hospital
just for a flu shot?
Haeng Ah's mom and dad had their illness
when they were a little older than you.
It wasn't just one parent,
but both with the same illness.
Mom, are you not a doctor?
Why are you worried about
such a ridiculous thing?
It's not a hereditary disease
or household issue.
It's just an unfortunate event
that occurred to Haeng Ah.
She's always had issues of nausea
and vomiting since she was young.
When it was exam time, she couldn't
digest and lived off of digestives.
When she was writing her media exam,
she had gastrospasms twice.
But she has never
checked it out properly--
I know the deaths of her parents
were hard for you too.
After Uncle Joon Hyuk passed away,
I saw how it affected you.
I remember it.
But you can't keep putting
memories of the past on Haeng Ah.
I wish Haeng Ah would just
go someplace else now.
I thought she'd marry and go far away
once she reached the age of 30.
I'm disliking it more and more
that she's still here.
It feels like a dark and cold shadow
is following you around.
And if there's any chance that
Haeng Ah
- Mom.
- If something happens to Haeng Ah too
Mom, did you say that to Haeng Ah too?
I'm asking you.
Did you say that to her?
And if I did?
I won't see you anymore, Mom.
No, that won't happen.
I'm your mom.
Haeng Ah is nothing.
There is only one
of this product available in Korea.
If you want to buy a couple set,
the price will be
I'll take it.
Ah, the groom doesn't need to see it?
This is for your wedding gift?
No, it's for something else.
Wrap the men's watch
and throw away the box for it.
Oh, but Customer
you need to keep the box in case
you want to sell the product later.
Please ring it up.
[Kim Haeng Ah]
Really? You mean the girl
who was going to jump off the roof?
Didn't she say that she'll be coming
to the public broadcast?
Yes, this is
Producer Kim Haeng Ah's phone.
Oh, she must be doing well.
She's been staying in touch with you?
Yes, she's been getting therapy
and communicating well with her mom.
Director Kang Seok Jun called.
He wants you and Writer Noh
to come to his office.
Oh my! He's going to come on our show.
I invited him.
I saw him in the elevator.
There's lots of talk about him,
so I told him to come on our show.
He acted like he wasn't going to,
but he called back pretty fast.
He would've been mad
if we didn't invite him.
Is he really planning to come?
What else would it be?
Look at this, look at this.
Everything my fortuneteller told me
is correct.
I was told I'd save this program.
Oh! Am I really going
to find a man then?
Producer Kim, why aren't you going?
Hurry up and get him on our show.
What do you want
I heard they were inviting guests
who had rumors about them.
I was confirming a few things.
I thought the CP should hear it too,
so I called you in.
You're a bit late.
Yes, I was.
You can head out now.
Why do you need to call them up
to the office to talk about that?
Producer Kim Haeng Ah,
stay behind please.
I guess you can talk about that in here.
Yes, you can.
You scared me.
What? I don't know anything.
I don't know what they're talking about.
Why is he doing that?
What did I do?
The director.
Haeng Ah says it's totally over,
so why is he acting like that?
I suppose it's because he likes her.
Because he doesn't want it to end.
Did he say that?
Is he a person who knows
how to say that?
This isn't allowed.
You broke the rules.
Why didn't you pick up the phone?
You didn't need to call in the writer.
You wouldn't have come
if I just called for you.
- Let's talk outside.
- Sit.
It's uncomfortable in a room like this.
If you want to talk, follow me.
Hey, he's not in a position to be
acting like that right now.
The unions have made him a target
and are trying to play the media
while the president is making
ridiculous news releases.
But he's doing stuff like that.
Why do you think?
Do you think it's to bother Haeng Ah?
Don't hate him too much.
I know that he can be
uncaring and rude.
- If you get to know him
- I've been a fan since before.
Who? Him?
He's sexy.
Who? That guy?
He's all about the hair and suit.
Do you know how silly he looks
if he doesn't do his hair?
See him at the sauna with nothing on
and it's hilarious.
He's the ugliest!
You know how to smile too?
Why are you smiling though?
Are you imagining the sauna?
I'm not a fan anymore.
He's a boss who uses his position
to show off his power.
You know how relationships
between men and women are.
We can't speak about it carelessly.
If he was going to tell you to leave
as soon as you came and if
he was going to talk before you arrived,
he shouldn't have called for you.
You're referring to me?
So you're saying I was treated
like a mutt?
Oh, what is this?
Wow, what's with her?
Oh, hey. What is this?
I know you had a hard time.
I realize it was hard for you to live
not being able to tell anyone about us.
But you never really talked about it.
You're the one who said it was okay
not to call if I was busy.
- That's because
- And on your birthday
you're the one who said not to worry
and you'd spend it with your friends.
You said you don't like to talk
when you're sick.
When you were sick and I got you a car,
you ran off and didn't go.
- That's because
- It would've been nice if you told me.
Why do you think I didn't tell you?
You were just so busy, Senior.
You said you liked me for being
understanding about that.
You didn't have to
take care of birthdays.
You liked me being strong
even when I was sick.
And I liked you so much.
It doesn't matter now.
[The president is looking for you.]
I'm not saying it's your fault.
I'm saying that I didn't know.
Now that I know,
there will be things that change.
Don't think about running away
and just stay put.
About what you said last time
You said if you could live without me,
you would already be doing that.
Don't you think I wavered
when I heard that?
Do you know how much
I had wanted to hear that?
But I still want to stop this.
That's the one thing I learned
over this year.
[CBM CEO Kim Sung Soo]
We won't change.
I'll always be like a hungry person.
You won't be able
to get off that bicycle.
I'll get more and more lonely.
You'll get more and more tired.
Just once can you not pick up?
Just once can I be number one to you?
I was in a meeting.
Thank you and be well.
I just received it.
We'll meet tomorrow
and finish the talks.
You should be better by now.
I must be losing my skills.
It's uncomfortable for you
to get around, right?
Oh no, not at all
No, it does hurt a bit.
Rather than pain,
I feel some discomfort.
You are a good patient.
It's important to get treatment
until it's completely healed.
People generally don't come
when they think it's somewhat better.
It's the same for dentists too, right?
Yes, that isn't right.
Oh right, Haeng says she will buy you
a new bag.
Oh, there's no need for that.
I should tell her that myself.
No, don't do that.
You should get it.
The same bag and a new one.
Or even a better bag,
maybe even an extra bag.
Anyway, you should definitely get one.
Kim Haeng Ah has to get
her head on straight this time.
Last time, she put her laptop
in the washing machine.
It's a relief that it was
just her laptop.
I'm scared to death that one day she'll
put herself in the washing machine.
She's so skinny.
She could definitely fit in there.
Haeng Ah must have
very bad drinking habits.
She's usually on an Olympic level.
This time it came fast.
I see.
[Kang Seok Jun]
[Kang Seok Jun]
- Sir!
- Yes.
- Bill, please.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah!
Sir, do you need a driver?
Oh, of course I do!
But did I call one?
I usually have someone.
Ah, I'm not with a company.
I'm running independently on my own.
Because of the commission fees.
Ah, I see.
Well, this is fate too.
Shall we head to my house?
Thank you! This way.
Be careful, be careful.
- Oh dear.
- Oh my.
Why are they doing a checkpoint on such
a busy night like this?
Yes, it's very busy.
It's good to check and all,
but cars need to get going.
That's true. Have you eaten yet?
Yes, of course I have.
Us drivers can eat, have coffee, and
pick food from our teeth in 15 minutes.
Wow, you are very fast.
It is very nice
to see the customer smile.
When customers get annoyed about
traffic, it makes it much harder for us.
I can see that.
Honestly, it's harder for the drivers.
By the way, why do you
look so tired, Miss?
Are you sick?
Me? No, I'm not sick.
You look sick.
- Excuse me.
- Already?
This isn't my house.
You moved into the passenger seat,
didn't you?
Did this guy go somewhere?
It seems like you've been drinking
a lot. Blow into this, please.
I didn't drive.
You moved over when you saw me.
No, I didn't.
Just step out for now.
What? But where am I?
Take off your seat belt.
He was he was right here.
Right there!
It's that person right there!
I wasn't dreaming after all.
Hey, Mister! Hey, driver!
Why are you running away?
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Has that guy been drinking?
It looks that way, right?
Gosh, seriously.
Thank you.
Perhaps later
If you don't have any other plans,
do you want to
A call at this hour means
it's that stupid Ji Hoon.
If I don't pick up, he'll keep calling.
Okay, pick up.
I'm at the police station.
What kind of bar name is that?
No, it's a real police station.
Okay, it's really funny. Happy?
Don't drink too much.
I can't go home until you come
and act as my guarantor.
Ji Hoon, I really don't feel
like drinking tonight.
Drink slowly and come home. Bye.
What's with him? Is it this phone?
The tea is good, right?
Yes, it's nice.
By the way, you like coffee too, right?
No! Right now, I like this better.
For your body type,
it's all right to have coffee.
As long as you don't have much.
I don't eat a lot.
How heavy?
I don't weigh that much!
I was asking about the watch.
But it suits you well.
I was going to ask you something anyway.
Do you like watches?
No, I use my wrist a lot in my work.
It's uncomfortable for me.
Ah, yes.
Now he's not picking up the phone.
Who do I call?
My friends are all gone.
Oh! Here it is.
This is Kim Haeng Ah, a producer
at a broadcast station. She'll come.
- Hello.
- Huh?
Who are you?
Yes, yes. The taxi driver
brought the phone here.
If you can get in touch with the owner,
tell her the phone is here.
Yes, I can contact her.
Should I give you her phone number?
Sir, I have her phone right now.
Do you know her home phone number
by any chance?
Does Haeng Ah have a home phone?
I'm sorry.
I should've pulled out the plug.
It's okay. You should pick up.
Stop calling me!
You know Haeng Ah's thing
It's at the police station.
You said you were
at the police station before.
I just hate myself, seriously.
Let's take my car.
It's okay.
I didn't see your car
in the parking lot.
Ji Hoon took it, and that's why
this whole mess happened.
It's on my way.
And I don't know what's going on,
but I could help if it involves police.
No, it's nothing to worry about.
I'll take you there.
- Thank you, Mister.
- No problem.
You came.
My driver must have been drinking.
He ran away.
I really didn't drive.
We checked the black box later
and confirmed that.
But before they can send me home,
I had to call someone to get me.
Aren't you coming?
Yes, I'm coming.
Don't breathe. You smell like alcohol.
But you did come.
I came to sign a guarantee
for this person.
Do you have your ID?
You're not family?
Are you his girlfriend?
Do I have to be to take him?
No, of course not.
Then I'm definitely not.
We did date before, though.
Where are you going?
Somewhere you don't know.
What about me?
You're free now.
Go to the bars you like
and play with the women you like.
I don't go there anymore.
Don't come next to me and don't talk.
You reek of alcohol.
I have someone I like now.
That's why I came.
Even if I see you now,
I don't think I'll be angry anymore.
Who is he?
A divorcee whose wife cheated on him
while she took his kids abroad to study.
Now he's a bum.
He can't waste his money,
so he doesn't do stupid things.
He doesn't drink every day like you.
He doesn't go to bars
where women serve like you do.
I don't go to those places
anymore either.
After that time with you,
I never went back again.
Go. Why don't you?
You're spending your money, ruining
your body, and hurting your girlfriend.
Who cares what anyone thinks?
Do what you want.
Did you sleep with him?
With that divorcee?
You think everyone is like you,
don't you?
You think people sleep with anyone
when they drink?
Don't contact me ever again
in your life.
Or I'll kill you.
It wasn't like that!
I just drank and passed out.
How many times do I have to tell you?
The girls at those bars always text
messages like that to customers.
It really isn't true!
Thank you.
The phone is registered to Kim Haeng Ah.
What's your relationship to her?
She's my little sister.
- So family?
- Yes.
- You have ID?
- Yes.
Park Ri Hwan?
Why do you have different last names?
I'm not her real brother.
You just said you were family.
Well, Haeng Ah and I grew up in the
same house ever since we were little.
Haeng Ah's parents passed away early.
I know the pattern to open this too.
Give it to me.
I'll show you my pictures inside.
Or I'll call that phone with mine.
It's not your name, Park Ri Hwan.
Oh, it says "Little Brother Park."
There's a reason for that.
When we were younger, Haeng Ah told
Uncle she wanted a younger sibling
If you would just give that to me
for a second.
I came to get a cell phone.
[Senior Kang Seok Jun]
Oh, she's your junior.
Oh! Well, your face is your ID.
But we do have to follow the rules.
Can you fill this out please?
Then you can take it.
I came here first!
You have to identify yourself
and your relationship to her.
You say your family and then not,
older brother then little brother.
You keep changing your story.
Do you happen to know this person?
Why don't you stop
following Haeng Ah around?
This person! Is he a stalker?
Hey, Mister! Are you a stalker?
- How did you know about this?
- I am her older brother.
My mother is Kim Haeng Ah's legal proxy.
If she loses consciousness,
she can make decisions on her behalf.
Thank you.
Oh, wait can I get a handshake?
Thank you. Goodbye!
Give me the phone.
If you had the right to it,
the police would've given it to you.
I told you.
You're the one with no right.
You must not be very smart.
You must not understand.
You're definitely not her brother.
Sure, we'll say that I'm not.
The police say that I'm not,
so let's say that I'm not.
Starting today, I'm just a man.
Is that okay then?
Give me the phone.
I heard you're seeing someone.
Yes, that's Haeng Ah.
So give me that.
I said everything I wanted to before
and I have nothing more to say.
Give me my phone.
Fine then you keep it, Senior.
Don't stay here.
Give me that phone.
I said don’t stay there.
You say you're not her brother,
but you're a man? You?
He is a man to me.
Will you give me my phone now?
I'm dating him now.
Will you stop calling me now?
Do whatever you want.
Throw it away or keep it.
The only thing I wanted to keep hidden
on that phone were photos of you.
Kim Haeng Ah.
Don't look back, don't lose your temper,
don't fight with him.
I won't.
Don't say anything to me
about losing my phone either.
I won't.
Is he still there?
I told you not to look back.
You asked me.
Yeah, he's still there.
Grab my hand.
You need to pay me back for last time.
If you don't want to grab my hand,
put your arm around my shoulder.
No, next year!
He'll know it's not real.
But if we do it right in front of him,
he'll have too much pride to pursue me.
- Hurry.
- Hurry and what?
You know there's stuff people do.
You can touch my butt or something.
Did you wash yourself?
Were you going to touch
under my clothes?
You're crazy!
Just take charge and do
some suitable stuff here and there.
Okay, let's hold hands.
Can you see his facial expression?
Kim Haeng Ah, stop doing useless things
and take your phone.
Are you sure you're not going
to see him anymore?
Haven't you been listening to me so far?
Then don't be surprised.
[Our Today Is Not Our Yesterday]
Why would it be taboo?
It's not like we're actually siblings.
We just kissed like other people.
That's what your true heart is.
I thought it would be strange.
But I liked it.
You're not really going
to do it, are you?
I think I hurt her too much.
I want those rags to be Ri Hwan.
Thank you for everything.
And goodbye, for real.
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