Bubblegum (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[Episode 5]
Just once can you not pick up?
Just once can I be number one to you?
I was in a meeting.
Thank you.
I'm really saying
I just received it.
We'll meet tomorrow
and finish the discussion.
[Kim Haeng Ah]
Isn't this Kim Haeng Ah's cell phone?
If you would just give that to me
for a second
I came to get a cell phone.
Take it. I'll call you tomorrow.
We didn't succeed with our only chance.
It seems like Senior
doesn't believe it at all.
Kim Haeng Ah.
Don't come closer.
Haeng Ah.
I'm going to go to Tae Hee's place.
So don't worry about me or call me.
Yeah, don't do anything.
It'll be dangerous if cars come.
No, no. This is more dangerous.
Don't grab me seriously.
Don't grab me.
We will never change.
I'll always be like a hungry person.
You won't be able
to get off that bicycle.
I'll get more and more lonely.
You'll get more and more weary.
What about Haeng Ah?
Haeng Ah hasn't called you?
I wonder why she's not there yet.
No, Haeng Ah Haeng Ah
- Haeng Ah
- What about Haeng Ah?
Are you going to die
calling out her name?
I got it, all right?
You just go and kill Kwon Ji Hoon.
She's here.
Who else would it be?
A thief politely ringing my doorbell?
Hi, I'm back again.
I bought spicy rice cakes.
Oh, jinx!
Athlete Kim Haeng Ah is back to being
a fighting rooster.
Senior Ji Hoon must have been in
so much pain.
I can feel that anger
from spicy peppers.
And what happened to you that you're
eating that spicy food like crazy?
And why is Ri Hwan calling
in that voice?
He didn't say anything weird, did he?
He did.
So you two slept together?
No! We only kissed!
So I got it.
We were only putting on a show
in front of Seok Jun.
It's not a real kiss.
If it wasn't a real kiss,
where were his lips?
The bottom of your feet?
Anyway, it wasn't a kiss.
Yeah? Then
What about your breath?
Did you hold it?
How hot were his lips?
And how moist were they?
What about hands? Were they in
one place or moving down the back?
What about tongue?
Did you move it in and out or not?
Why would we do
something gross like that?
It's not like he's your dad
going to work. Why is it gross?
Why? Were you disgusted to death?
Was it dirty?
Did you want to vomit
because it seemed like incest?
What do you mean incest?
We're not really siblings!
It's not like I would vomit.
We just kissed like other people do.
Do you see the truth now?
That's how you truly feel.
I'll do the dishes later.
Now that you've kissed
everything is ruined.
If the three of you are mixed up,
there's no way out of it.
All of you will wither up and die.
Or one of you will get hurt
and your heart will be shredded.
And go off on their own and die.
I hope that shredded person is Ri Hwan.
Oh gosh.
Oh no!
Oh, how can they crush all those?
Oh, they shouldn't just go by like that.
I should help them.
What do we do here?
What will you do about all this?
Thank you for helping us.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Yes, thank you!
You came quickly.
Give that to Tae Hee. It's oranges.
I told you to bring a bag.
I don't need your coat.
I'm going back in soon.
Just let me put it on you for a bit.
Don't take it off.
I'm not going to wear your clothes.
Why? Because we kissed?
That wasn't
That was just playing around.
That was just playing around? Our kiss?
Hey, someone's going to hear you!
Just take this back.
Are people not allowed to hear?
Are we not allowed to kiss?
Are you asking because you don't know?
Yeah. I don't know.
After we kissed,
I forgot everything else.
Isn't it too early for you to pretend
not to know everything?
You're the one who called me this early
to talk about the kiss.
I called you here because I thought
you might act like this.
I thought you might act
like something actually happened.
You know it wasn't like that.
So from now on,
don't talk about it or think about it.
Just pretend it never happened.
How can we do that?
What do you mean?
We just don't do anything.
Even now we're not doing anything.
No one in the neighborhood knows
that we did "that."
Why don't you just say "kiss"?
If you say "that",
they'll think it's something more.
Stop saying that.
That's not something to talk about
in the morning.
Bring your bag and come out.
We'll talk in the car.
I'm going to go to Secret Garden at noon
and go home before that.
Go with me now.
You can't go alone and run into him.
Why would he be home during the day?
- Your face is puffy.
- Don't look at me.
I'm going to look.
I said don't look at me.
Is it awkward? Because we kissed?
It's scary.
You seem crazy.
Why? Because I kissed you?
Can you stop saying that word?
Why? Does it remind you of the kiss?
Is this something to joke about?
Is it funny?
Was this all a joke to you?
It wasn't to me.
But you keep insisting that it was.
I know, for certain, how I feel.
It's been a while for me.
Now you should think about how you feel.
No, I'm not going to do that.
You should re-think your feelings too.
No, don't even think. Just stay put.
Think about it.
No, I don't want to.
Think about it.
I don't want to.
Think about it.
Continue going straight on this street.
What were you doing at this hour?
Are you a sleeping princess in a forest?
Has everything changed for you with
just one kiss?
I just thought I should
talk to him first.
What did "Shreddy" say?
Weird stuff.
How come you're not on Ri Hwan's side?
Because I can see how
your future would turn out.
If Ri Hwan doesn't get hurt,
it will be you that does.
Shreddy, shreddy
Mom, I'm here.
Oh, you're home?
Why are you organizing your clothes
so early in the morning?
Because it got cold so suddenly.
I was looking for a piece of clothing
and I started organizing.
Why are you here this morning?
Because I wanted to see you.
It's odd to see you
when I didn't even call you.
I wanted to see you even though
you didn't call me.
I saw some of your clothes here.
Take them all up when you have time.
Mom, there's no one moving in
on the third floor, is there?
Your grandfather doesn't want
any outsiders moving in.
What are you going to do with this?
Oh that!
Don't touch that. Leave it.
Mom, you weigh the same now as you did
in your twenties, right?
Of course.
- Uh Mom.
- What is it?
It suits you.
You can take it and wear it.
You didn't wear this, did you?
- You want to see pictures?
- No!
Can you imagine how many men
would have stared at me in this?
Stop that! I can picture it.
- Mom!
- Put it on the bed.
Why did you drink it halfway?
Is something going on?
You look like you're in a good mood.
What medicine is this?
What's with the oranges?
Ji Hwan is not coming back from abroad,
so the third floor will be empty, right?
Why do you keep bringing that up?
Does someone want to move in?
Ri Hwan, let's play!
Park Ri Hwan!
- Ji Hoon's here.
- Yeah.
Mother, may I have this yogurt
that's out here?
Yes, go ahead.
- Go on out.
- Okay.
Mother, yesterday's yogurt is here too.
You forgot to take it in.
I'll leave it here for you.
Gosh, stop yelling.
My mom will get a headache.
- Get out. Get out.
- A headache? Why?
Get out.
- Is your mother sick?
- Let's just go.
It's as if an alien is wearing
Korean traditional clothes.
I'll get used to it soon.
So you're finally tired
of hangover soup.
I've given up drinking.
You drank yesterday.
Yeah, so it's been about ten hours.
Then should we start jogging
by the Han River tomorrow?
What's with you?
I will not live like that.
How did you drink that only one side
of your face is bloated?
Tae Hee hit me.
I kissed Haeng Ah.
You buy lunch.
You're not surprised?
What should I be surprised about?
The kiss? Or that it took you this long?
I thought it would
feel a bit strange.
Doing that with Haeng Ah. But
This is because you didn't drink enough.
If you got drunk every time she did,
laughing at the streetlights
you two would have had 12 kids by now.
I thought it would be a little weird.
But I liked it.
You buy dinner too.
Is she still with a patient?
Ah, just one moment.
You must like to travel.
Yes, though I've never been
to a foreign country yet.
When the time comes,
I'll close my eyes.
I'll throw a dart and I'll go
where it lands.
I told you not to let anyone in.
She's been waiting so long.
I'm sure I told you
not to knock as well.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to wait
outside the front door.
Can you call me in
once she's ready to see me?
- Yes, okay.
- Okay.
[Gift that a guy can't refuse]
[Gift that a guy can't refuse
at any price]
It's all right.
Excuse me.
You must be very busy.
I couldn't get in touch with you,
so I just showed up
It's nothing really.
I have to replace that bag of yours.
You should put this
in your bag like this.
Let's both take care of one each.
Yes, please replace it for me.
I'll send you the name of the model.
Also, these are some macarons.
They are a bit fattening,
but it makes you feel good to eat it.
I like to eat one before bed
when I'm in a bad mood.
Sit down.
Do you want to try one now?
Yes, sure.
I don't like having food
where others have bitten into it.
Oh I haven't bitten into it yet.
I don't like it when
people have touched it either.
Then do you want some oranges?
Forget it.
Ri Hwan brought these this morning.
Well, you seem busy.
I better get going now.
What are you doing here?
Are you going to this dentist too?
No, I had other business with Yi Seul.
What is he doing with you?
Ah well, Se Young had some other
business, so I'm going with her.
I have a meeting
for my TV drama tomorrow.
So I'm going to see
some clothing sponsors.
It wouldn't look good if I go alone.
So today you're a stylist?
Yes, I suppose I am.
Ah, here are some oranges.
You can't come to work drooling with
your mouth still frozen like last time.
That's why I came early this time.
Yeah, see you later.
See you later.
Producer Kim must be happy about
something. Why is she smiling so much?
Aren't you guys recording
too often lately?
The guests' schedules don't work out
with us.
- But Saturday's show will be live.
- I see. Is Kim Haeng Ah around?
She wasn't in A.
Should I open B pod?
If you don't know, just say so.
Why do you talk like that?
How did you even become friends
with Kim Haeng Ah?
You can staple those for me.
What? Me?
Don't do it horizontally.
Do it vertically.
Hey, slowly, slowly.
Give it to me slowly. Gosh!
She was my dorm roommate.
She smiled and pretended to be friendly
right away and I hated that.
Once, some stupid guy was driving by
and the wheel rolled over her foot.
Haeng Ah didn't say a peep.
She insisted she was all right
and she wouldn't go to the hospital.
Her foot would have been quite injured.
I made her go and she fainted
in front of the emergency room.
You must have been scared.
I slapped her awake and asked for
family contact info.
She said there was no one.
Even then she apologized for
inconveniencing me and smiled at me.
How could I not become friends with her?
That girl just smiles all the time
even when it's not the time to.
Now that I look at you,
only your words are like a drill.
- Your heart is
- How can you do it like this?
Oh, I'm sorry. I'll do it again.
Hey, I'm a ninja.
You made up that nickname yourself.
No one calls you that.
I hear you went around saying,
"I'm a ninja."
Who said that? That is totally wrong.
- You're really going to work like this?
- Oh, sorry.
Sorry. I'll do it again.
It's because you kept talking to me.
This work requires
focus and concentration.
I'm going to borrow this.
Producer Kim came by, right?
You must have had a nice conversation.
She was all smiles.
Haeng Ah was?
You set her up on a date, right?
Oh really? Then what was it?
Are the two of you perhaps dating?
Oh my, oh my! Not at all!
What are you saying!
Hey, you must be so happy.
She thinks you're my boyfriend.
Are you happy? Are you?
Thank you.
By the way, how did you become friendly
with Producer Kim?
Through Park Ri Hwan.
We're not friendly though.
Park who?
That Eastern medicine doctor
with the flour-white face.
"Autumn in my Heart" and "Touch."
Oh hey! What do you mean "Touch"?
- It's called "Feeling." "Feeling."
- "Feeling."
Doctor Hong, do you know "Feeling"?
You know the story where they pretend
to be siblings but they end up dating.
Is Kim Haeng Ah dating Park Ri Hwan?
We don't know yet.
But Producer Kim is in
a dangerous situation, after all.
Oh my!
Why is she dangerous?
Don't you know about
the most dangerous women?
Number three, a pretty woman.
Number two, a sexy woman.
Number one, a woman who has been
Producer Kim is number one.
I'm merely number two.
Ow, that hurts! Ow!
If you continue to move your tongue,
you could get a hole in it.
Be strong! Just a little bit longer.
Just a bit.
What is it you called me out here for?
Yes, sit down.
Uh, Doctor Park.
Don't misunderstand and listen.
Have you felt confused recently?
Have you forgotten a password
or worn clothes incorrectly?
- Or
- What is it you're trying to say?
- Let's run some tests.
- What tests?
Why are you overreacting?
Even if I had things like that happen,
who hasn't at our age?
That's not what I mean.
What do you mean?
Would you be saying this if there
was no history of this?
This morning you gave the order
for patient Kim Min Ho twice.
It wasn't just anyone. It was you.
You forgot your appointment last time
and even after a reminder
you didn’t remember.
That intern you met yesterday?
When you saw that intern today,
you said the exact same thing.
"It's the first time meeting you.
You're very pretty."
There are so many interns.
That's very possible.
Doctor Park.
I want to get back.
Doctor Park Sun Young.
It's because I'm scared.
I want to confirm that it's not true.
[Madam Park]
They said that?
Then we should meet.
I want to confirm it,
but my son is not meeting anyone else.
After meeting Yi Seul,
he has not gone on any marriage setups.
Yes, Aunt.
- Are you busy?
- No, I'm on my way to lunch.
I wanted to talk to you.
Hold on yes?
This is the chart you wanted.
- Hello? Aunt?
- Oh, thank you.
Aunt, are you suddenly busy?
Call me when you're done.
I won't answer any questions.
I don't like saying foolish things.
I'll do other tests tomorrow night
when everyone else has left.
You can bring her over here.
- Ji Hoon.
- Hold on.
I'm going to go see Aunt.
You go ahead and have lunch.
I think I'll get to see Haeng Ah.
You must be happy.
Should I tell Tae Hee
that you quit drinking?
Say it in passing so it doesn't
look like I made you say it.
Okay. I'll be back.
Uncle, I'm here.
- I'll get your food soon.
- Okay.
Your face looks like a ghost's.
You should be nice to me today.
Oh, why should I?
- Tada. This is it, right?
- What? Where did you get it?
I stole it from a department store.
Wow, you go to department stores?
Then why do you look like that?
I went to buy a bag.
Not for me, but for someone else.
Although I couldn't even buy one.
It tastes pretty good.
Why do you taste that?
It's something Ri Hwan's going to eat.
Of course, I should taste it first.
You haven't looked at his lips
properly, have you?
They are so pretty.
Every time I see them,
I think there's lip gloss on them.
Oh, gosh, why would I look at his lips?
They have nothing to do with me.
Oh, Aunt said to call her
when you get here.
Okay, I'll call her later.
[Park Ri Hwan]
It's Ri Hwan.
Aren't you going to answer?
Did you guys fight?
- Then why?
- Just because.
Is Ri Hwan being intrusive?
- Then?
- Just
Should I beat him up?
I'm only doing this
since you got me the lipstick.
The person who ordered rare is asking
why we served uncooked meat.
I guess he doesn't even know
what he ordered.
I should just cook it
in the microwave and serve.
It's not unusual for them to not know.
Since when did we start
taking orders in English?
Yes, Aunt. I just finished eating
the pork cutlet Uncle made me.
That's good.
What is this?
You should've just picked up your phone.
Things just get weirder between us
every time we talk.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to barge in there if you do.
Listen from there.
I know I can't force my feelings on you.
It's been a while for me,
but I know it's sudden for you.
I also know that you're still
in the process of breaking up.
You can come to me slowly.
I hope that you come out of
where you are quickly.
I really hate that
you are still there.
When I was still in school,
I had a dream that I kissed Woo Bin.
For several days after, I felt
so strange every time I saw Woo Bin.
It felt like I liked him
without even knowing it.
It was Maeng Woo Bin
and I still felt like that.
That's what you're going through
right now.
Are you saying this is a dream?
If I take ten more steps,
I can touch you.
And you're saying this is a dream?
I think everything up to the moment
we kissed was a dream.
I've waken up from that dream.
Now, you need to wake up.
So just think about it.
You have nowhere to run.
So think about it.
What are you thinking about?
Oh, I ate pork cutlet. There are
some of Ri Hwan's oranges left.
We don't have enough letter content.
Why don't you write your own?
Oh, it's because we suddenly
scheduled a recording.
How many more do we need?
We chose six and I wrote two.
You need to write two more.
What should I write?
What do you think I should write?
Fake stories are obvious.
Just write something real in your life.
Okay, Black Radio's
official advice show.
"Worries are better off short."
Let's hear the first one.
Nickname "Even when hidden, I twinkle."
When I got my wedding makeup done,
my ex-boyfriend came into the shop.
I thought he would just leave,
but he paid a deposit fee.
The problem is that he has continued
to contact me ever since that day.
He says he wants to go back to before.
What is with this guy?
What should I do?
He's the neighborhood dog.
Don't pay attention to him.
Okay, next one then.
Nickname, "Baseball or me."
My husband plays baseball with a group
on the weekends.
Every day and night, he watches every
single baseball game.
When we eat meals,
he plays a baseball game on his phone.
When my husband was sleeping last night,
I wanted to hit him with the bat.
Am I going crazy?
You are normal.
Your husband is the crazy one.
This time nickname "Slap."
There's a guy I cannot get
in touch with when he drinks.
He says he really doesn't remember
anything and just passed out sleeping.
Should I bother making an effort
to believe him?
No, even if you try
you won't believe him.
If you wanted to believe him, you would,
and you wouldn't have sent this in.
Yes, nickname "Drill."
I like a dirt-poor man
who lives in a little room.
Am I ill or something?
How do I fix this?
You can't fix this
and you don't need to.
Love is the only acceptable
mental illness in the medical world.
She has an illness,
but she should just leave it?
She likes a dirt-poor man.
That's why it's love.
Still, it's one of our listeners.
Shouldn't we stop her?
It's the same as the previous person.
They wouldn't send in the question
if they were the type to listen.
This time it is nickname "Phone."
Why would a guy I dated never say
the words "I love you" to me?
It's because he is stupid.
There are people who are not meant
for relationships.
Nickname, "I am your older sister."
Is it possible for me to have feelings
for a lifelong friend over one kiss?
What should I do when I'm
not sure of my feelings?
If you have feelings over one kis
then you were probably not
100 percent friends to begin with.
If you're not sure of your feelings,
try kissing each other again.
You'll get your answer right away.
If you don't like a person, wouldn't
you like him by the second kiss?
Then you can like him.
What's the problem?
They are lifelong friends.
Then why did they kiss?
I wouldn't know that.
Maybe it was alcohol.
You should not have chosen this letter.
By the time this goes on air,
they will probably already be dating.
Today Seoul's "Sky is Clean" and
Yoon Jong Shin's "Going To You."
We heard those two songs.
We're already at the end.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
What will you all be doing?
Me? I'll be here for the live show.
Why? Because today was a recording.
We said it was live before?
Well, that was a lie.
Everyone, join me, Oh Se Young,
on Black
What? It's funny.
My producer says I shouldn't do this.
She thinks it's embarrassing.
But I'm doing it.
Everyone, join Oh Se Young
on Black Radio.
Come on back!
Are you going somewhere?
Yeah, home.
Have you become more aware
of your lips after kissing?
- People will hear.
- Who?
Oh, oranges.
Can I eat one?
Eat them all.
Should I?
Let's eat rice.
Here, eat this too.
You eat it. I'm not hungry yet.
Hey, if you really feel that way,
we won't eat in the cafeteria anymore.
Let's go. Today I'll buy.
I'll only eat one.
I'll be here for an hour or two.
I'll call you.
It's a nice tea set.
Yes, it's a couple's tea set.
It's for you and that friend
to use here.
Not that I'm saying
you're a married couple or anything.
Yes, we'll use it well.
You suffered a lot all this time.
Then am I
You can do everything now.
You can walk and jog.
You can even try out for the UFC.
I'm not that strong.
I knew you would say that.
Is there anything else
you want to know?
There is.
Do you have any free time tomorrow?
I'd like to buy you a meal
to thank you for everything.
Oh no. You got hurt because of me.
- You came here every night too
- Then buy me dinner tomorrow!
- I have a prior engagement tomorrow.
- What time?
I'm just curious, that's all.
I think I should tell you.
You asked me before about Haeng Ah,
and I told you about her.
Everything was true.
She is my lifelong best friend.
- But
- It's all right!
You can buy dinner next time
if you're busy.
I can buy too or it doesn't have
to be a meal.
I don't have to eat multiple meals.
If I let you get the wrong idea
No, you didn't do that.
I didn't think that you would, Yi Seul.
So I acted more comfortably with you.
Why did you think I wouldn't get
the wrong idea about those things?
- Because you
- Is it because I'm from a rich family?
Besides that, what do I have?
That's not what I meant.
Or is it that
I couldn't dare to like you.
I'm not thin like Haeng Ah.
I don't have a pretty smile like her
or make mistakes like her.
- No.
- Then what?
Why can't I like you?
Yi Seul
It seems like you ought to meet
someone better than me.
Then I guess we won't be seeing
each other again.
[48th Floor]
What is it?
What about his breathing?
I'll be right there.
I'll contact you again. Thank you.
Who is that and why is
Yi Seul in his car?
I'll look right into it.
Doesn't she know where this is?
I thought only her body was fat.
Is her brain getting fat too?
What will she do if rumors start?
The chairman is in China.
Where is Jung Woo?
He hasn't arrived yet.
Child, are you here?
Today is live too!
So, everyone gather around.
In the third and fourth part
we have prepared a
"Worries are better off short" corner.
Look forward to that.
First, let's listen to a song request.
Shin Hae Chul's
"An Invitation to Daily Life."
This is everything.
This isn't even mine.
[Little Brother Park]
What is this?
[Hoon and Hwan Oriental Medical Clinic]
Why are you opening that?
You drink it. I'll drink later.
I can't do that.
Drink, drink. Drink it all.
Starting tomorrow,
take it every morning.
If I take a U-turn here,
it's my house.
A left turn would be your house.
If I go straight, it's the station.
I'm going to go straight.
What did your grandfather say before?
What he always says.
He asked me if I want anything.
By the way
Do you do your hair like that on purpose
for me to see?
Your grandfather is on his deathbed.
His children are working away
and Taeyang is in disarray.
Are you going to announce it to the
world with your disheveled appearance?
- Let's talk later.
- How many times have I told you?
You cannot match the things you buy
to your own looks.
Always wear the best,
most expensive, and newest.
Mom, please!
Don't do this, not today.
What's with her? What did I do?
Hey! I told you to use nice things.
What's wrong with that?
Why is she carrying around opened water?
Gosh, look at her carrying around food.
No wonder she isn't losing weight.
Hey, is this even organic?
There is something that I want.
Drink this and take a deep breath.
want him.
[Haeng Ah]
I'm here.
[Those Are Your True Feelings]
Say that we are dating,
would we eat separately like this?
We would feed each other.
Should I say that I'm crazy then?
Date him and date me too.
I don't keep garbage at home.
I don't have anything to apologize for.
If you show up in front of
my sister again
I would have preferred a brain tumor.
You were pretty then too.
So much that all I remember is
your face.
Go faster!
Because I miss you.
I think I'm going to get off
that bicycle you talked about.
Let's be together.
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