Bubblegum (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[Episode 6]
I'm here.
Okay, fine.
I'll think about it like you said.
Let's say that you've lost your mind
and you like me.
And it was for a brief moment, but say
that I had some strange feelings too.
Then what? So what?
Are we supposed to date or something?
Suppose that we do date.
Then when you're doing this I'd say,
"Hey, are your hands made of feet"?
And then in response,
I would do this for you.
I couldn't do it because I'm hungry.
- You didn't have dinner?
- I ate.
You can't tell the difference between
hunger and indigestion, can you?
Suppose that we date. Are you
going to keep lecturing like this?
"What do you want to eat?"
Shouldn't you ask me things like that?
What do you want to eat?
Sounds good. Anything it is.
Say that we are dating,
would we eat on our own like this?
We would probably feed each other.
If you're going to do it,
you should do it properly!
Now, suppose that I did accept it
and enjoyed the food.
I would properly feed you in return.
Come over here. Come here.
- Okay, okay.
- You're eating well.
Good job.
What is it?
So, say that we are dating.
I would probably give you
my coat like this.
No, say that we are dating.
Would I feel good if I'm warm
and you're standing there shivering?
Let's say that it's all part of a date.
All right, let's do a give and take.
You look like a slob.
It's so cold. I forgot.
Don't act like you know me.
- Wait for me.
- No, I don't want to!
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
That's hot!
- Hot, right?
- Yeah.
Suppose that you had coal dust
on your face.
Let's say that we were to try "catch me
if you can" like other couples.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
On a pretty face like mine
Do I have to go around like this?
Just pretend it's trendy makeup.
Why? It looks pretty.
You made my face like this.
But I'm buying you things like this
because I think you're pretty.
I'm buying you one too since your hair
falls down when you eat ramen.
You sure look bad.
You're one to talk
with a clip in your hair.
You have a flower in your hair.
Then should we just say that I'm crazy?
How much is it?
How much further are you going to go
like that?
Come over here. Hurry up.
Why? Is someone over there?
Suppose that we are dating
then we would probably
go to places like this.
It's pretty, right?
This is nice.
I told you. It is nice.
Imagining what dating would be like
is nice.
We should have come earlier.
You're right.
I'm not going back now.
You need to come.
I'll just carry it.
Why bother carrying the kimchi container
on the bus? Just put it in the car now.
Or should I come back here
to pick up the container?
Wait here. I'll bring it right away.
Should I come back?
Is that what you want?
I'll go and get it.
Wait here for a bit.
What now!
I'm going to carry it out.
Why is there so much left?
You don't eat rice?
I have no time to eat rice.
I get a call if I don't go in
for even two days.
Oh right, don't invite Ji Hoon
when we're making kimchi, okay?
I invited Tae Hee because
Aunt Princess has a bad wrist.
What if Tae Hee
hit Ji Hoon with a kimchi?
I'll put the leftover kimchi in here.
- You have ramen?
- No, I don't! I don't!
I don't, I don't, I don't!
- Tada!
- You're going to eat now?
How can we not
when you opened up the kimchi?
- I'm going to make two.
- I'm not eating.
I thought you weren't eating.
I have to eat it quickly so you leave.
In the movie "One Fine Spring Day,"
Lee Young Ae says to Yoo Ji Tae
"Would you like to eat ramen?"
Why are you bringing that up now?
Can't I bring it up?
We're eating ramen already,
so why are you saying that?
I'm saying it because we're eating it.
Don't do it!
Are we going to keep living like this?
Are you saying
you're going to live here?
Are you going to get startled every time
I talk about something?
That's because you keep saying
shocking things.
Let go, let go.
I haven't finished eating.
You're done eating. Go now.
Why are you coming inside my room?
I've been in here a hundred times.
I've killed a bug here and moved your
closet from here to there.
I put the nail in the wall
and put that bed there.
Oh my goodness!
What is this?
Why are you turning the light off?
I didn't turn it off.
- Hey, get your cell phone.
- Cell phone?
Ow! My knee.
- Your knee? Are you okay?
- Watch your hands!
- That's not your knee.
- Go over there.
I was worried you might be bleeding
and you'd faint again.
Why do you keep moving so much
when it's so dark?
It's scary.
What's so scary? I'm right here.
I'm scared of you most of all.
Scared of me? Where's my cell phone?
Tell me what you're scared of.
We can't keep living like this.
And if I do?
If you tell me everything, I'll explain
why you don't need to be afraid.
If you're still scared
and don't like it
Then are we going to go back to the way
we were? If I don't like it?
I'll think about it.
Let's spend a day together.
Are you just leaving?
You're not going to step on me?
You saw that, right?
When I drink, I fall asleep
just about anywhere.
Yesterday, I went around spitting
all over the streets.
- What?
- What is it?
Weren't we just comparing who was
the bigger piece of garbage?
No, I had given up drinking,
but I drank on purpose.
Just to show you that I can't do anything
when I get drunk.
- You can see that now, right?
- Why are you here now?
I didn't get here now.
I came here early in the morning.
You stayed away for a year.
Is it that you can't stand the fact
that I like someone new?
- It's not like that.
- If that's not it
Did you hear the voice of an angel
from heaven guiding you to my place?
- If that's not it
- I was too scared to come!
I thought I'd get in trouble if I came.
You have no idea how scary you are.
You scold me when I drink.
When I beg you for forgiveness,
you scold me for saying sorry.
If I try to kiss you, you say that's all
I'm interested in and call me an animal.
Dating made me feel lowly
and disgraceful and it was scary.
Don't you think it was scary for me?
While I was dating you, I felt like I'd
wake up one day and be like my mother.
I was so scared I'd live my life
cooking and cleaning up after you.
You drink every day
and whenever you're bored.
I knew that you were like that.
Do you think I liked you
because I wanted to?
But you still dated me
because you liked me.
That's why you should've
been good to me!
I'll be good to you from now on.
Don't you know
what "it's too late" means?
Do you need a dictionary?
Can you glue this back together?
If you really have someone new
date me too.
Date him and date me too.
You see that?
I don't keep garbage in my house.
Come on!
She's being too harsh.
Hey! Is that the truth?
Did you come in
that doctor's car yesterday?
Are you in your right mind?
You don't even know
what kind of person he is.
Do you want him to find out
about your grandfather?
Do you want to expose your flaws?
Don't speak of him that way.
He's not like that.
What about your ex-fiance?
Did he seem that way at first?
Before he completely changed his act,
did he seem like that kind of person?
What if they start talking
and rumors start?
I'll meet him and speak to him.
It's early morning. Please stop.
Oh my. Are you coming to my gallery
opening with this bag?
You gave it to me last year.
Exactly! Are you a bum?
Why would you use last year's
instead of all the new ones?
There are already rumors
because of your grandfather.
People will think Taeyang Group
is in ruins.
Get rid of it!
Oh, is that why you get a new face
every year, Mother?
So that no one thinks you are a bum.
I don't get a new face every year.
Don't bother with all that
and get an implant from Yi Seul.
You're clenching your teeth so hard
and you've had those for over 50 years.
Then, are you really going to meet
that Eastern medicine doctor?
Should I not meet his mother?
You're going to do what you want anyway.
Go on in.
We'll be going now.
Let's go, Yi Seul.
Can you really meet with him, Jung Woo?
Wow, I'm getting more and more curious
about him.
I'm going to China tomorrow.
Ask him to make some time
today after ten.
But Jung Woo, the truth is
Is something wrong?
No. I'm not sure about the time though.
It's rather sudden.
He should definitely make time.
You are my little sister, after all.
I'll give him a call.
Where are you going?
I have some stuff to tend to.
I'll see you tonight.
Okay, bye.
Are you all right?
Are you getting in just now?
I'm heading out to meet Haeng Ah.
I guess the seal has come undone.
That's good.
Ji Hoon, you saw my text, right?
- Take care of Aunt Princess for today.
- Yeah, I saw it.
We're making kimchi at
the store tomorrow. Do you want to go?
Tae Hee will be there.
If you spend a few hours together,
you guys can talk and work things out
Gosh, seriously.
Look at that.
I told you. It's nice to be out.
Don't force it.
A clam shell.
Someone must have thrown it away
after grilling clams.
Gosh, how romantic of you.
And I thought it was a find.
Oh! A gold ring.
Wear it. It's pretty.
No, even if you find rings in these
places, you should throw them away.
Someone was determined and threw away
their heart and feelings into the sea.
It isn't mine.
It just came out of the sand.
I didn't say you were.
Why is this even here?
Well, that
There's a guest house in Jeju Island.
In front of it, there's a sandy
white beach that has no lighting.
At night, it's so dark that you can't
even see the person right beside you.
If you go out in the morning
They say that the beach
has several holes here and there.
Someone must have buried a body.
Ah! Ah, okay!
So, on top of the sand
They get sand all over their bodies.
They probably lay out
their clothes first.
Basically, we're sitting on top of
garbage right now.
We're sitting on top of
someone's memories.
What if this is us too?
On the outside, it seems
peaceful like this.
When we dig deeper
what if we find things
we didn't want to see?
We'll keep digging
until it becomes clean.
What is it that you don't want to see?
Tell me. That's what we were supposed
to do today.
Don't do that other stuff.
I'm going to turn on a song.
It's a habit from my job.
In moments like this,
this is the right song.
I told you. It's nice.
I'm hungry.
Should we get up?
Should we stay here like this?
Totally fun, right?
[Park Ri Hwan]
I think I will arrive around 7:20 p.m.
- I think I will arrive around 7:00 p.m.
- Okay.
There is traffic.
I think I will arrive around 8:00 p.m.
Okay. Take your time.
Please call me when you have the time.
You're both Eastern medicine doctors,
but you're very different.
- What is?
- Nothing.
Dong Hwa, I hear you're an employee now.
Are you going to call
Aunt "Mom" now?
What are you saying?
Leave her alone.
She'll do it when she's ready.
We're legally bonded now,
so who cares what she calls me?
Mister, don't you have
a date on weekends?
Why do you call Ri Hwan "Brother,"
but I'm "Mister"?
That is what all older men say.
It's totally stinky.
What is that supposed to mean?
That's what she says now because
we stopped her from saying "dog."
By the way, Ri Hwan's not sick, is he?
Sick? He's great!
He has good news?
He sealed the deal. Popped open
the champagne bottle after 33 years.
Pandora's box is now open!
With Haeng Ah?
Ah, is the chef not allowed to know?
Is something really going on
between those two?
Does Sun Young know?
Has she thrown a fit?
I don't really know that much
I'm worried.
Because of Ri Hwan's mother?
But if the two of them are happy,
wouldn't his mother be too?
Um, there must be something
that I don't know.
Thank you for today.
You came out of your way because of me.
- I'll come help with kimchi tomorrow.
- Okay.
Also, try to keep Sun Young
from finding out in the meantime.
Sure, I'll do that.
Okay, bye now.
Wait a minute.
There's something in my shoe.
I really hate that too.
I sent a letter like that
to a radio show once.
I said that I felt like
a pebble in someone's shoe.
Why would you say something like that?
The DJ said that too and scolded me,
asking why would I say such a thing.
A pebble in a shoe can be gone with
just a shake of the shoe.
Why would people
keep me around and raise me?
You're afraid because of
Mom, aren't you?
If I didn't like her,
I wouldn't be afraid.
Because I wouldn't have to see her then.
But I like Aunt.
That's why I'm scared.
To me, she is someone
who is difficult and precious.
I want to look good to her
and she is your mom.
I felt sorry for her.
And I worried that she might try
to do that again
I'm so scared.
Where is Park Ri Hwan?
Something's happened at your home.
Take your bag and get off the bus.
They say your mom is okay.
Don't worry too much.
They said it's because
she couldn't sleep.
She couldn't sleep at all.
She was only going to take
a few more pills.
That's not it.
Your mom was
Your mom has been
I'm here.
So why?
Sun Young
has been having
a really, really difficult time.
So she must have wanted to sleep.
Try to understand your mom.
Okay, Ri Hwan?
Young lady, young lady?
- Are you okay?
- Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah!
Haeng Ah.
Haeng Ah.
Kim Haeng Ah.
Haeng Ah.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you all right now?
How about you?
And Aunt?
Mom isn’t going to do that anymore.
That won't happen.
You're scared too.
That's why you haven't traveled
and you're still living in that house.
Don't care about what the world thinks
and think about what your heart feels.
I did that and I found the answer.
What Mom wants is for me
to find happiness in the end.
I was happy just now.
Still, I like the world
I'm living in now.
So I will care what the world thinks.
Even if I broke up on Sunday,
I have to go to work on Monday.
I run into the person I want to avoid
in the neighborhood and work.
I can't go to a foreign office branch
or anything like that.
But I still like where I am right now.
I have my friends and my family
at the store.
I have Aunt and you.
I don't want to be greedy for myself.
What if it's okay to be greedy for more?
What if nothing happens and it's better?
You and Aunt are everything I have.
Who gambles with everything they own?
I don't want to lose everything I have
and get kicked out.
They are only in junior high.
No! Never!
If anything happens between those two
I'm going to send Haeng Ah away.
I'll throw her out if I have to.
I don't know.
I'll think about it when the time comes.
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I have nowhere to go.
Get up.
Let's go.
Let's go home.
Okay, let's go now.
You won't ever lose everything you have.
I won't ever let you lose it.
Don't speak that way.
Dad spoke like that too.
He said I'd never be alone.
You're not alone now.
If you don't like me,
you can tell me that.
We can go back to the way
things used to be.
But if you're just scared
Let's be together.
Let's go.
Dad, I'm here.
[Kim Joon Hyuk]
I asked her to come here.
Dad's watching us.
Uncle, we even kissed.
We're doing well
and we'll continue to do well.
Mom is doing well too.
I think I'm ill.
It would be nice if I'm not.
But I have a bad feeling.
You don't know how badly I wanted to
forget you, do you?
I wanted to forget so much that I even
thought about sleeping forever.
I did that, but
Now I'm scared.
I'm scared I'll forget it all.
And that I won't be able
to come here anymore.
In my life, for just one day
I was very, very
happy and I might forget that.
If that happens
can I go to you a bit early, Senior?
- You're not late, right?
- No, not at all.
See, you just need to trust me.
What the heck? Go.
- I'll call later.
- Okay.
Just pick up. You'll find out.
What? Okay, go.
- Go on.
- Go inside. It's cold.
Please call me when you have the time.
Mom, where are you? Your car is here.
I'm at the hospital.
- Will you be late?
- I'll be done past midnight.
Then after midnight I'll
Let's talk later.
I'm busy right now. Sorry.
Are you Park Ri Hwan?
Who are you?
Vice President Hong Jung Woo has sent
a car to request your presence.
What is it about?
I'm sorry. I was only told
that it was important.
Where do I need to go?
- This way.
- No, I'll take my car.
She's not coming. I'm sure of it.
She's not picking up.
No one's picking up in the announcer's
room. They must be sleeping.
Joon Su, go to her house to get her.
Tae Hee, report this to Manager Cho.
The tracks are all loaded.
I'm going to the announcer's office
and report on the situation.
What if Se Young doesn't come?
Then stay with her.
Whatever happened must not be good.
Don't leave her alone. Just go now.
Go find Manager Cho now, okay?
Isn't it time for you to go on air soon?
Our DJ hasn't arrived yet.
Yeah, okay! Okay, hold on. Hold on.
Hold on a second.
What now?
Help us out with the console
until we find a replacement.
For goodness' sakes, seriously.
We have ten minutes. Let's go.
Hey you! Come on now!
Hurry up and come out.
Gosh, seriously?
Why? Why are you like this?
You're dressed, right?
What about the announcer on call?
He's drunk. He was spouting off
nonsense about liking frogs.
Nice going. What's the first song?
Here. Director Kang Seok Jun
is upstairs.
Oh, he wouldn't do it.
He's not in a situation to do that.
Just say Oh Se Young is sick. Fill it in
with a BGM special for two hours.
Saying those few sentences
would be enough.
I would call in any other case
He is Oh my!
Se Young, people are staring.
No one is looking. That's just me.
Let's go inside for now.
I don't want to cry
in front of the kids.
Isn't it better to cry in front of dogs
rather than all these people?
They get sad with me when I'm sad.
These people don't.
Then how about the car?
So you're embarrassed by me too?
I'm not even the main character mom.
I'm the one having an affair
with the main character father.
And I'm only in the second part
getting my hair pulled and slapped.
How could they do this to me?
And they said the role suits
the clothes they gave me.
That darn punk!
- But Se Young
- But what?
You think I should still do it?
- I might as well stay at my level?
- No!
I became your fan
after seeing your debut.
"Tomorrow's Youth"?
No. "Secret of the Red Billiard Ball."
Oh my, oh my! How? How did you see that?
That's not even on the internet.
How did you see it?
You, you get over here.
Oh my, oh my!
What are you doing here?
Your brother sent a car for me.
My brother?
What about you, Yi Seul?
My brother asked to see me as well.
He's still on his way.
- Please sit.
- Okay.
How is your grandfather?
Oh, he is more stable
compared to yesterday.
That's a relief.
You sent me a message.
I had something important to do today.
I see.
I have lots to apologize to you for.
No, don't do that.
You have nothing to apologize for.
You said I had gotten the wrong idea,
but I don't think that I did.
It's true that you were very kind to me,
but that's not something wrong you did.
And it's not your fault you happened to
treat and mend my most painful wounds.
You were very clear with me,
but still
I continued to behave this way
and that's not your fault, Ri Hwan.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long time.
Is this the first time
since the engagement party?
You must be working hard.
- Who are you?
- He's nobody.
- Leave.
- Why?
Are there people who don't know
about our broken engagement?
You knew that before dating her, right?
You're making her uncomfortable.
Why don't you leave?
Well, she is Taeyang Group.
I wouldn't call her pretty.
Take care of yourself though.
You should make sure to get rid of
all the women you're seeing now.
Don't get caught like me
and lose your father's company.
Well, I don't have a father, so
You're both people with flaws this time?
Do you want to leave on your own
or should I make you leave?
Leave him be. I'll call someone.
What? Why?
Are you going to tell on me
to your brother again?
Yi Seul, wait outside.
Sue me for getting hit just now.
You'll die if you do.
You're not going to sue?
You'll still die anyway.
If you show up in front of my sister
ever again
I'm Park Ri Hwan.
You wanted to speak to me?
Manager, the songs are all ready.
[On Air]
Oh Se Young, who is usually on
Black Radio for this time slot
has come down with a sudden illness
and cannot join us today.
For the next two hours,
it will be a BGM special.
My name is Kang Seok Jun.
That was Coldplay's "Fix You"
and Travis's "Writing to Reach You."
Sorry about that.
It's all right.
I heard you helped out
in an urgent situation yesterday.
I'm here because I thought
this was about your grandfather.
I figured you might worry about
this and that.
I'm not the type of person who would
spread word about such things.
I want to let you know
that you shouldn't worry.
- So, you're an Eastern medicine doctor?
- Yes.
I heard that your mother's parents
are Sae Hyung Foundation.
So why are you
an Eastern medicine doctor?
It's not a completely different career.
I was interested in treating illnesses
that a needle or a drug could not.
"My chest is stuffy." "I want to die."
Things that start off that way.
You should have done psychology.
A person I'm close to
has a phobia of hospitals.
That's interesting.
Do you know why Yi Seul is a dentist?
When she was young, she got
orthodontic treatment for a while.
She couldn't remember her doctor's face.
At the dentist, the patient doesn't
really look at the doctor's face.
Yi Seul really believes
that she is fat and ugly
because our mother is obsessed with
a thin body.
Our mother suffered a lot at the hands of
our grandmother who Yi Seul looks like.
"You married into this family
with nothing."
Something like that.
I'm prepared to let Yi Seul marry
whom she wants without any conditions.
- However
- I think you're mistaken.
Yi Seul and I are not in
that kind of relationship.
Does Yi Seul think that as well?
- That's
- No, don't answer.
I think Yi Seul is having
a nice dream for once.
I don't want to wake her.
I am her older brother.
I should make at least one dream
into a reality.
I should get going now.
I have someone to pick up.
[How did you know I liked Seok Jun?
I love you Black Radio!]
[Black Radio, you are the best.
Kang Seok Jun!]
[Don't just turn on songs.
Let's hear Seok Jun's voice.]
His reception is good.
Oh, I didn't do anything.
Something inappropriate almost happened.
I'll be going inside.
You can't go inside.
Why? The light's off.
Those two
It wasn't an act.
There's no way your heart
would suddenly change like that.
I didn't like being around
someone who knew all of me.
I was more comfortable being with
someone who didn't know me well.
Someone who mistakenly thought that
I was actually stronger than I was.
Someone who actually thought
I liked being alone.
So all of my loves ended that way.
I was always
on the side of the relationship
left wanting more.
I was anxious.
And nervous.
I wasn't just like that with you.
I think there are loves
where I don't have to be like that.
So what you're saying is
- That is
- If that was an act
What you saw that night
was when the act I've been putting
on my whole life came to an end.
There are 50 seconds left.
Let's put on a new song.
From Ryuichi Sakamoto's album,
that was "Amore."
That was heard by
someone's lover out there.
The next song is
You haven't told anyone, right?
But in "Secret of the Red Billiard
Ball," you take the ball and
Someone will hear you.
You were pretty then too.
You weren't in the credits
and came out very briefly.
But all I remember is your face.
What is this?
You're working really hard
to take me back to the station.
That's not it.
Okay. I'll go.
They sent you to get me, right?
That's not it either.
Who's filling in right now?
The on-call announcer is drunk,
so Director Kang Seok Jun is.
I thought he wanted the president's job,
not my job!
Hey, call a taxi. I had two beers
and I can't drive.
Se Young, do you want to take mine?
I thought you couldn't drive.
Do you have a blanket in here?
- Are you all right?
- No.
Why did you do that? In front of him?
What can I do for you?
Why haven't I done this before?
Aren't you cold?
It's so cold!
But it's so exciting!
Then I'm going to go faster!
Go faster!
It's cold!
You know that bicycle you talked about?
I think I'll be coming off of it soon.
No matter what happens,
pretend you don't know me.
What happens?
If you wait a bit longer
That security is really funny!
Just because I'm not wearing makeup,
how can he not recognize me?
How can he say
I look like a crazy person?
I would have preferred a brain tumor.
You don't have to think this is worse.
Why not?
I have to hide the fact I have dementia
from my son's potential in-laws.
I'll treat you with my career
on the line.
You mean delaying it
by two or three years?
There are some drugs that offer hope
in clinical trials.
I have something to ask you.
Now is not the time to worry
about others. Think only of yourself.
Your family bring your son.
No, I can't do that.
This isn't something you can do
on your own.
- Starting tomorrow
- Give me some time.
I have something I need to do.
Why is the time flying by today?
Ah, I came late today.
How many minutes did I do?
36 minutes?
I see.
Everyone, you can't miss tomorrow
just because I did this today, okay?
For our last song, it is Lee Kyu Ho's
"Should We Meet Tomorrow."
Then join me, Oh Se Young,
on Black Radio and please come back!
Come back!
- Yeah.
- You're done.
No, not yet.
We're playing the last song.
The DJ is gone already.
- Nothing is going on?
- No.
You're not tired?
You're the one who drove.
Are you going home right away?
Yeah. Why did you call?
Because I miss you.
At least you didn't hang up.
Are you listening?
I can hear the wheels in your head
turning from here. Just pick up.
The customer has been disconnected.
You will now be connected
to voicemail I think.
Is that so?
I have something to ask.
Early onset familial
Then is this hereditary?
The chance is 50-50.
There's no certainty that
your son will have it.
Surprised, right?
[Some Dreams Pass Deeply Into Reality]
Why are adults in relationships
all crazy?
If we drink this, we're dating, okay?
Then we should do it!
- You like me, right?
- What is this?
How dare a measly Eastern medicine
doctor do this? Is he crazy?
Are you a pervert?
Do you enjoy getting hit?
It's not like that, everyone!
It's not that kind of conversation.
I don't think
you're the only one dating.
I think I should tell you
thank you in advance.
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