Bubblegum (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[Episode 7]
I'll put this away and come back.
Oh Doctor!
Why don't you wash up?
- What are you doing?
- Haven't you seen TV dramas?
This is what doctors do.
You're a doctor too.
- Gloves.
- Yes, Doctor.
The patient "Cabbage" has
already been anesthetized.
Why are your fingers so long?
They've always been like that.
This is too short.
Why are your eyes like that?
What about them?
Your double eyelids are so pronounced.
They've always been that way.
And your lips
Do you really put on lip gloss?
They've always been that way.
Put this on yourself.
- Where do these go?
- The first floor.
Did you grow taller recently?
Not since my junior year in high school.
- You're here too.
- Here? What? Who? Me?
You know how I feel too, right?
Everything is different,
new, and amazing.
No! That's not true at all!
Everything is totally the same.
What are you going to do now?
You like me so much.
You must be crazy!
What are you looking at?
Am I that pretty?
How can you say that
What am I going to do?
We were talking. Where are you going?
I got goosebumps because of you.
Wait for me.
Stop following me.
I'm just going where I need to go.
Did you know?
I'm worried about it.
They finally have feelings
for each other. Why is that a worry?
I feel bad for Sun Young.
Whether she's being greedy or not,
she lived her life looking to Ri Hwan
And you don't feel bad for the kids?
Why must they take responsibility
for what their parents want?
Each person must live out
his or her own life.
The kids can endure
because they are kids.
Others may speak that way,
but we shouldn't.
You know what Sun Young's life was like.
Be quiet.
If you're going to speak that way,
don't say a word in front of Haeng Ah.
Sun Young has no one on her side.
You're not going to smoke, are you?
I'm not going to fight with you at
someone else's kimchi preparation.
I can't even stand to be with you
in the same place.
Do you want to leave or should I?
Stop saying those things.
I even came in your favorite outfit.
I won't even care if you wear
your butt on your face.
You wouldn't have come to the police
station if you didn't care.
For a year, I thought about how I would
get angry at you once you came back.
If I think about how you would've
touched that woman like you touched me
I even want to bury all the spoons that
you used to eat rice with.
But I went to the police station
to help you.
That's because you are just
a pitiful drunkard to me now.
I said that I would try now.
That's why I'm saying no.
Why should you need to try?
Someone will like you just as you are.
I like someone who doesn't need to try.
You said he is weird, divorced,
and a poor bum.
Compared to a guy like you who gets
drunk and sleeps anywhere
I suppose a poor divorcee
would be weird.
Why do you like someone like that?
Even if it's not me,
he shouldn't be the one.
I don't know either.
It's driving me crazy too.
I'd rather like you again too.
I'd rather believe that
you didn't cheat on me.
I wish that you could be happy
without drinking alcohol.
Me? I'm a person who likes
pretty shoes and pretty bags.
I must be insane to like a poor man.
What will I do if people find out?
What would my mom say?
Don't you think I've thought about it?
That's why I'm telling you to date me.
Date me too.
Stop barking and talk to me.
Why are you cutting me off?
Why are you so mean?
"You're a good person.
I'll think about it."
Is it kind to give hope like that?
So that you can never forget me
and hold onto me?
Hope is not torture for me.
For me, it's just hope.
It's the angry older lady and funny man.
Hey, what do you mean "old lady"?
Why are you wearing pants like that
when we're making kimchi?
- Oh, you're here.
- Yes.
Let's have coffee, everyone.
Aunt, I told you not to carry
things like this.
That's why your wrist won't heal.
It's only paper cups.
You like it mild, right?
You can't hold paper either.
Once I marry Ri Hwan, he probably won't
even let me touch water, right?
Aren't you even going
to wash your hands?
Why do you even like this lady?
Dong Hwa, take care of this please.
- I'll get more radish.
- Okay.
- Whose fault is it if Haeng Ah cries?
- My fault.
- And if Haeng Ah is hungry?
- My fault.
- And if Haeng Ah falls?
- My fault.
Stand up.
Did you have to wait 30 years for this?
I'll be good from now on.
How dare you look down at me.
Lower yourself.
Are you sure of this?
I won't make her cry.
I won't let her go hungry.
I'll hold her hand every day
so she doesn't fall.
All right.
Stand up.
Have you grown recently?
I've been the same
since my junior year in high school.
But what about your mother
I'll talk to her. Don't worry too much.
It doesn't have
that hospital smell, right?
We have many long-term stays,
so it's important it feel like home.
Yes, I see.
The patients who are admitted
are content and get along like family.
The lighting is also very bright.
Patients with dementia tend to get
depressed very easily.
Especially with grandmothers
Ah, will it be your mother or father
who is staying here?
During the stay, the patient won't need
a guardian besides the nurse, right?
Well, yes. We just need
an emergency contact.
Don't worry about the patient.
Once we look after them,
they do very well in here.
They become more at ease when they
forget what they're trying to remember.
Honestly, it's the family members
who suffer more.
How could it be easy to see a parent
transform into a child-like person?
But they eventually adjust
to that as well.
Aunt said not to put kimchi
in the last drawer. It freezes.
- I put it in the middle.
- That's good.
- Get this off my face.
- Like this.
- No, off my face.
- Ah
Like this.
I'm going to put these on your face.
Why don't you give it a try?
Or do you want to try dancing?
Stop it! Stop it!
Or how about Hooray! Kim Haeng Ah
and Park Ri Hwan are dating.
I'm going to hit your head with mine.
Try it. Let's see what ends up touching.
Try it try it.
- Hooray
- Gosh.
Now everyone knows.
You fell. Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine.
You shouldn't have put on sunglasses
in a movie theater.
I was worried a crowd might form
and you would be in a tough situation.
Gosh, I'm just too darn thoughtful.
By the way, did I look really bad
when I was rolling after falling?
No, you looked pretty.
The landing was a little off,
but I'd give the roll an 8.7.
Oh, you!
Well, I did do some rolling
when I was in elementary school.
Elementary school.
You pay for the ice cream.
It's Producer Kim
and the flour-faced doctor.
Let's go.
Hey, let's hide.
Why did we run away?
We didn't do anything wrong.
Oh, that's true.
Why am I hiding?
Uncle Gangster was asking me about
talking to Mom earlier.
I'll talk to her.
No, I'll talk to her.
That's the right thing.
Should we do it later? We're still
No, we should do it quickly.
If we do it later, Aunt will be
Then let's meet her together.
I don't know.
- Are you worried?
- No.
I just want to be good to her.
It's not like you haven't been so far.
Two "Pig" ice creams.
I want to be even better.
I want to be diligent
about my treatment.
And once I get comfortable in hospitals,
I'm going to visit her in hers too.
Ah, in our radio program,
we had a psychiatrist guest.
That doctor said there's something
called Oriental Neuropsychiatry.
Did you know?
Why? There's no such thing?
That's my line of work.
Oh, don't you do acupuncture
and give herbal medicine?
Those are just the basics.
How could you have so little interest?
Do you even know my name?
Of course! "Little Brother Park".
About that "Little Brother Park."
You should change that!
Because of that,
the police thought I was a stalker.
The police?
That day you lost your phone
and we kissed.
- Hurry up and change it.
- Okay.
Give it to me.
You really want me to save this?
Don't ever change it.
You have a call.
No, you don't.
No, you have a call.
Yeah, Ji Hoon.
I was just really busy.
The USB is either in the second, third,
or fourth drawer.
It could be on the desk.
Yes, that's the file name. That's right.
Oh, Ri Hwan, Ri Hwan. Park Ri Hwan.
Thank you.
As for the other files
You know, right?
Those are paid for,
so take good care of them.
- Hey, Mister.
- What are you
Do you have that much money?
You watch pay-per-view porn?
You're supposed to save money
so you can spend on those things.
What are you doing here?
I ran away and I'm eating udon,
can't you tell?
Coming out at this hour is
just a trip out, not running away.
- One udon, please.
- Okay.
And one sojuno, one soda please.
Mister, you live with Ri Hwan?
Then can I sleep at your house tonight?
No, no, no! Everyone, it's not what
you're imagining it to be.
It is definitely not what you are all
thinking in your heads.
- Did you find it?
- Yeah.
I find it funny that Ji Hoon managed
to write a paper.
I'm telling you, he is a genius.
Even in school, he drank that much
and got scholarships.
He asked me to send this.
Wait two minutes.
Take your time.
"Doctor, is my life as an athlete
over now?"
- "No."
- "Oh, thank you!"
"You are the enemy of parents."
"This sound is not coming
from the mouth."
I'm done now. Let's go have tea.
You're done already?
Of course.
Can't we just drink tea here?
Up there on the patio.
You'll be cold dressed like that.
How about you?
I'll wear Ji Hoon's.
Oh, but you work here every day.
Is it boring for you?
Should we go somewhere else?
Isn't there a song you like even though
you hear it every day at the station?
There is.
I'm like that too.
You like it here that much?
I like it here and
What is this? It's dark.
My cell phone!
You like Ri Hwan that much?
Ri Hwan is such a darn waste.
Such a total, darn waste.
It makes no sense!
Love between adults never makes sense.
People are pulled to each other
because they are total opposites.
Then it can't work out
because they are opposites.
Then despite it all, they like
each other. Then it won't work again.
They think they can live
without one another.
But once they try to,
they feel like they will die.
What is it?
Are adults in relationships
mentally insane?
I can't say that they are not.
Then do you like that lady because
she gets angry at you and stuff?
I think that's why.
What are you, a masochist?
Mister, do you like to get beatings too?
It's not like that, everyone!
We're not talking about what you think.
So what I'm saying is
How could a kiss scene be that yucky?
They have no chemistry.
The way I see it
Joo Kyung Hwa doesn't like Min Woo Shik.
They probably didn't talk to each other
at all when the camera was off.
Right? It looks like the guy
is just banging a wall.
That's what I'm saying!
The lines were totally cheesy.
Who was the writer? Huh?
Did the writer write with an elbow?
When it comes to kiss scene lines,
I think this one is the best.
In "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Oh, I know that one. I know it!
"Where should I put my nose?"
Gosh, she's pretending to be naive.
Is her nose the Eiffel Tower
or something?
She can just put it anywhere really.
Have you seen "When Harry Met Sally"?
Of course I saw it.
That was my generation.
Hey, but you didn't know "Feeling."
My family owned a video store.
That's why
I saw "The Secret
of the Red Billiard Ball."
Someone will hear you.
Anyway, Sally says in that movie
"I really hate you."
And then they kiss.
You did that suddenly
so I was surprised.
Then should I ask for permission
before I kiss you?
Well, why do you keep doing that stuff?
If we can't even do that stuff,
then what's changed from before?
Are we dating just so we can do that?
If we are dating,
I'm saying that should be natural too.
Okay. Don't be angry.
Can't you wait for me a bit?
When would that be?
Just a few months.
I was thinking minutes.
Why are you in such a rush?
Because I'm worried
you might change your mind.
That you might say it was a dream
and run away.
If it were up to me,
I'd want to, right now
I won't run away now.
I can't now.
I like you too.
Well, then.
I still can't wait a few months.
No matter how much I think about it,
I think it might be awkward.
We might not be able to see each other.
Why wouldn't we?
We'll see each other better.
You said it even before.
"Did your eyes look like this?
Did your lips look like this?"
Why is your face so white?
That's what you said
the first time we met.
You don't remember?
I was taking a bath and you barged in
and said to your dad
"Dad, did you buy me a little brother?
But why is he so white?"
That's right! And you were covering
yourself right there.
I didn't say it. You did.
Well, you were little back then.
I mean, you were short. Your height.
Hey! You were a kid.
You were seven. I can look.
Who said you can look?
I never said such a thing!
- Little? Little?
- See, it's awkward. I knew it.
Little, you say?
The kiss hanging from the barbed
wire from "Eyes of the Dawn."
"Spider-man," the upside-down kiss.
"Gone With The Wind,"
that passionate kiss.
"Titanic," the kiss on
the deck of the boat.
Jung Woo Sung in "A Moment to Remember."
"If we drink this, we're dating."
Oh, you! Then I have to drink it.
Here, drink.
When else would we drink it?
I think I'll have lots of time now.
Why are you answering me? It's strange.
What are you going to be doing for now?
I'll have to think about it.
What about the offer?
That too.
You're very talkative today.
What will you do?
What? You're even asking questions?
You can't live in the employee quarters.
If you need
Hey now. There's no need for that.
It's money I lack, but blessings
I lack those too. It all left me.
Who told everyone that I'm the one
who called myself ninja?
There are no secrets here.
So you're not going to marry again?
Why bother marrying again?
I already did it once.
You want to get married?
Did you grab onto Haeng Ah?
Can I hold onto her?
You're not coming to me for counseling,
are you?
If she's happy where she is,
isn't it right to let her go?
Why are you asking
such a difficult question?
My answer is obvious
because I let someone go.
If you can hold onto a person's heart,
then do so.
If that's not the case
Nothing feels lonelier than having
someone with you without their heart.
So I can hold on one more time, right?
Being too embarrassed to tell her
you like her is even more embarrassing.
"Be happy and move on."
That's total bull crap.
That's what people say when they're
tired and don't like the person enough.
You don't like that person enough that
you can't live without them.
Yeah, so I want to hold onto her
at least two times.
Of course! Holding on no matter what
is what's right.
That's right!
She said she went crazy and grew tired
all by herself every day.
She said waiting every day hurt like
she's being pricked with a needle!
So all of my loves ended that way.
I was always
On the side of the relationship
left wanting more.
I was anxious and nervous.
I wasn't just like that with you.
I think there are loves
where I don't have to be like that.
Let's get going.
You should've said that
before I sat down.
It really is happening tomorrow.
Hey, can I hug you?
What's with you?
I don't want to hug you physically.
I want to hug the youth
you spent at CBM.
You did well all that time
and you endured well up to now.
Come here.
- It's okay.
- Gosh, you.
Go, just go. You pretend to be so cool.
Eat well and live well.
What's this?
I haven't had a hand here for so long
it's become a pure shoulder.
Let's go.
Oh, you scared me!
What? Why are you here again? What?
What is this?
This isn't a bomb, is it?
You like me, right?
Were you asking me?
Why do you think that?
You like me, don't you?
Oh, why? Uh um
Oh, uh Well, uh
Hey, why are you doing this to me?
Really? Why, why, why, why?
Why are you doing this?
What did I do? What did I do that
Seriously, why are you doing this?
I'm a ninja, you know? Huh?
Excuse me hello?
Was that a dream or what?
What's up with her?
What are you doing here?
I'm not coming in.
You left it.
This isn't mine.
Then is it mine?
No, I only carried this today.
This is yours.
Birthday present?
It's not your birthday yet.
Then what?
Throw it out if you want.
Who said I'll do that? What is it?
It's not a bag, is it?
I'm very picky about bags.
Wow, just go on in. Go in.
Why is it so heavy?
Seriously, Park Ri Hwan.
What is this?
What are you doing?
I feel like I'm going to throw up.
We've been running for five minutes.
That's why I've wanted to throw up
since five minutes ago.
Okay then. Just walk.
- Give me a piggyback ride.
- Gosh.
What did you do to make yourself so ill?
I drank, of course.
Why are you asking as if you don't know?
If you're going to quit drinking,
should I get you some herbal medicine?
No, it's too bitter.
An Eastern medicine doctor
shouldn't say that.
I know, right?
What did Tae Hee say?
She said "get lost," "you are trash,"
and "stop barking."
Oh no.
It's not like I have so little pride,
you know?
Well, you have none
when it comes to her.
Right. So I won't "get lost."
Hey, but is it okay if I keep living
with you?
Since you're dating Haeng Ah,
she'll be coming over.
And shouldn't Adam and Eve eat an apple
together or something?
If I start seeing Tae Hee again,
a roommate will be annoying to me.
I'll remove myself when needed.
And I told Haeng Ah to move
to the third floor.
- When?
- I don't know yet.
I'm trying to get her to move in.
That's good.
What are we eating?
We should eat something good
since we worked out.
We only ran for five minutes.
Starting is half the task.
Since we planned to run for an hour,
it's same as running for 30 minutes.
I don't get why he decided to talk
to the prosecutor now.
There he is!
You decided to testify.
What were the details of your testimony?
In a similar situation three years ago,
you kept your silence.
What made you get involved this time?
Do you think the two cases are related?
- Can you comment?
- Just one comment please!
- A quick comment please.
- Just one comment please!
- Move please!
- Can you tell us your thoughts?
- Yes, hello.
- Oh, hello.
I'm a little late.
It's okay.
There was a bit of an issue
at the court.
He's an anchorman from CBM
named Kang Seok Jun.
Actually, he was an anchorman.
Anyway, he came in to give
his testimony as an insider.
Oh, you probably don't know about this.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
It's his attempt to make himself
appear as a star anchorman of justice.
Thank you.
In the end, take a look at those who are
somewhat smart but born poor.
They need to risk their lives
for two things.
Externally, what sort of image
should they give off to others.
And internally, which line
should they stand in.
You can't really relate to these things,
can you?
Your shoes look nice.
Nothing can be done
if the judge is a woman.
Oh, I'm not looking down on women.
I'm just telling you that
such a thing did happen.
Honestly, today wasn't a good day for me
to come to meetings like this.
If that's the case
Am I not allowed to like you?
I'm not thin like Haeng Ah.
I don't have a pretty smile like her
or make mistakes like her.
- No.
- Then what?
Why can't I like you?
Yi Seul
It seems like you ought to meet
someone better than me.
My personality is really not like that.
What, exactly, was the content
of your testimony?
Kim Seok Jun is a star anchor and the
host of radio's Current Events 365.
He was at court this morning testifying
for an unfair dismissal case against CBM.
Even when the unions submitted Anchor
Kang Seok Jun as their witness
there were still many people
who did not believe he would show up.
Then are we not going to hear
his "bright and warm day" anymore?
Even from a guy's point of view,
he is pretty cool, right?
Then why don't you date him?
Ah, so his taste is for men.
That's why he's unmarried.
No, he likes women.
He likes really pretty ones, at that.
Why are you getting upset?
Is he the guy Tae Hee likes?
I told you he only
dates pretty women!
Exactly! So is he dating Tae Hee?
I came by too suddenly, didn't I?
It's okay. What brings you by?
I wanted to ask you something.
Go ahead.
What should I do?
I know what people in the world
say about people like me.
I'm burdensome and scary.
They'll say I'm like misery.
I know how difficult
it is to like someone.
I know that feeling well.
I was even told that I was as
suffocating as a gas mask.
Was that person Haeng Ah?
What do other people do
in times like this?
When they can't stay still.
And they're angry and embarrassed.
And they want to see that person.
Other people eventually
meet someone new.
Right now, it doesn't feel like
they ever could.
- But soon
- Then
What do you do until then?
What do people do until then?
I'll get some tissues for you.
Wait. Wait a moment.
Are you going to keep doing that?
You didn't answer me.
When are you bringing your guardian?
I told you how
this is going to progress.
Other patients
We would have discovered it faster
with other patients.
We could have started treatment earlier.
But because it was you
Because it was you, we found out late.
We need to hurry, even now.
You can't go around on your own.
You shouldn't drive.
Always take your phone.
Bring someone by tomorrow.
If you don't, I'll call your son.
I'll bring someone else tomorrow.
Is the chairman doing well?
He's not doing very well.
Shouldn't you visit him?
If something were to happen to me
do you recall that I said I wouldn't
leave Ri Hwan with my parents?
I don't even want to
think about back then.
I still feel the same way.
Why would you say such a thing?
The kids grew up so well.
They eat well and have no worries.
There are only good days left.
I felt like I needed to say
"thank you" in advance.
If it weren't for Haeng Ah's dad,
my husband would still be a gangster.
If not for you, we would've lost
this store already.
Then we wouldn't have Dong Hwa.
You've given me so much
that I can't repay you.
Don't even say those things to me.
No, I have to.
I want Ri Hwan to marry by next year.
As soon as possible.
Yes, okay.
Aren't we over on time?
No, you said too many brand names
when you did the snack food part before.
We have to take that part out.
Gosh, can't I just say them all?
It's not like it sells more
because I say it anyway.
It's like I can't call my father
"Mother" or something.
You mean, you can't call your father
Hey, didn't I tell you to add comments
in case she makes a mistake?
Yes. I'm sorry.
Writer Noh, you're really funny.
Why are you picking on him?
I was the one who read it wrong.
I can just focus more
and do better next time.
"Bbae bbae snack, Angry shrimp snack,
Mother's foot snack."
Satisfied now?
Yes, that's good.
Please do it like that.
- I'll be off now.
- Bye.
What do you think of those two?
I like them both.
I don't think you're
the only one dating.
No way.
No way!
Oh, no way!
Oh my goodness.
- See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Se Young.
- Huh?
About what happened yesterday
Ah, that
I don't really remember
and I just have a headache.
I'll be going now.
How funny. Bye now.
- Se Young!
- Why, why, why? What, what!
Okay, yes! I remember. So what?
- I'll come by your place later.
- What?
Drive carefully and don't fix
your makeup when the light turns red.
Make sure to take your phone
when you get out of the car.
I'll be there later.
Hey. Is your DJ causing problems lately?
Not at all.
You must suffer a lot.
Hey, hey. Out of the way.
Hey, the script is ready.
Take care of it, okay?
- Okay.
- I heard the director was let go.
- He's a good man. How did this happen?
- It's because he took the union's side.
- Can we just stay put like this?
- There's nothing we can do.
I'll say goodbye from here.
- Go outside.
- Huh?
It hurts when I do this, right?
It's only to this extent
because your ankle is good.
If you had a weak ankle,
this would have twisted.
Wait here for a moment.
I'll bring you another pair of shoes.
Ah, no! I can walk.
You can't do that.
Do you want to wait or get on my back?
I'll be back soon.
Where are you right now?
Did you meet the person
I told you to meet?
Why aren't you answering?
Did you go there and make yourself
look foolish like this too?
How are you behaving out there that
you're being treated this way?
Nothing like this ever happened with
your brother and sister.
What is the matter with you?
Is there a disease spreading all over
the matchmaking world?
First, there was that guy
who had women problems.
Now this person stands me up?
It can't be Taeyang Group
that's being looked down upon.
Is it that my daughter is being
looked down upon?
She just doesn't have a head for
decoration like other people's daughters.
And doesn't put sparkly things
on her nails!
She's not some dummy who lies facedown
on massage tables with oil on her back.
She studied hard by herself
and even became a doctor.
There is a limit to things.
How dare they!
I'm sure it's not what you think.
I know better than anyone
how accomplished your daughter is.
That is why I looked so carefully
to pick the right person for her.
Seeing as how she's not picking up,
I'm sure there has been an accident.
An accident? What accident?
Did she get shot in the head on the way
and forget the appointment?
How could a measly doctor
forget unless his family's insane?
Don't you know I can get rid of
that hospital today if I wanted to?
Where is the car?
I'll contact you right away
once I get in touch with them.
I'm so sorry, Madam.
Gosh, what's wrong with her?
Your mother hasn't been picking up
the phone for an hour.
You had made plans to meet her?
You didn't send the car without notice?
Then she wouldn't do that.
No, I had no knowledge of this.
Yes. Okay.
Excuse me
Your phone keeps ringing.
[Aunt Sun Young]
Yes, Aunt.
- Haeng Ah.
- Yes, Aunt.
I'd like it if you could come here now.
Ah, okay.
Where are you right now, Aunt?
Hold on.
Yes, hello.
Yes, I'll tell you where this is.
Yes Yes.
- Where are you going?
- To my aunt.
I'll be back.
Are you better now?
Yes, thank you.
I guess you helped me.
Oh, it's nothing.
My grandma is in a similar situation.
Well, then
Oh no, I'll stay with you
until your daughter arrives.
I'm fine. Thank you.
You don't need to look at me that way.
Okay, Aunt.
You know to some degree what kind of
disease Alzheimer's is, right?
But Aunt, you're too
Why would you?
I was going to call the store,
but I couldn't remember the name of it.
I'm sorry to have startled you.
You can go now.
But Aunt
I won't get better
just because you stand there.
You won't tell Ri Hwan, right?
Aunt, but
Answer me. You won't tell him, will you?
What happened? Why didn't you pick up?
I had my reasons for doing so.
- What?
- You don't need to know.
Mom, were you planning on meeting
Yi Seul's parents?
I was supposed to.
Probably to get you married.
I don't understand it.
You're someone who is embarrassed of
being greedy for things.
That kind of thing hurts your pride.
So why are you being like this now?
I'm not sure. Because I'm old?
Or maybe because I have no time.
What in the world are you talking about?
I'm tired. Get angry next time.
Leave if you're done talking.
I do have something to say.
I've been seeing Haeng Ah.
I know that you're worried,
but that's what I've decided.
Haeng Ah was scared and avoided me,
but I grabbed onto her.
We went to see Uncle
and told him everything.
- So
- You can't!
No, we can.
There's no reason we can't.
What happened with Uncle
isn't Haeng Ah's fault.
All the hardship you went through
That isn't Haeng Ah's fault.
I'm happy when I'm with Haeng Ah.
Now that I've given myself permission,
I'm deliriously happy.
I get angry thinking that I would've had
this earlier if it wasn't for you.
So don't oppose this now.
What if I still say I don't like it?
Are you going to say
you won't see me again?
You were going to throw
Haeng Ah away too.
The first Parent's Day
after Uncle died
Haeng Ah made a carnation
and was going to give it to you.
And she overhead everything
you were saying on the phone.
"I'll throw her out if I have to."
Even after hearing you say that,
she has never once resented you.
She says she likes you.
She wants to be good to you and
What should we do?
I still don't like it.
I'm sorry I didn't go to medical school
like you wanted.
I'm sorry I didn't marry Yi Seul
like you wanted.
But I said I like it.
I said I'm happy.
Even when I was young
and the house was so cold.
And I would sneak into your hospital
and sleep in the patients' rooms.
Even when the kids would pick on me
for not knowing my dad's name.
Even on holidays, we had no relatives,
so I would only play with Haeng Ah.
I never, ever felt unhappy.
Until the day you die and leave
me alone, I'll never be unhappy.
Stop trying so hard to put me into
the rich world that you came from.
All I need is you by my side.
[In The Mood For Love -
What You Couldn't Know]
Are you going to stand there until I
get angry so that you feel comfort?
Then shouldn't you know
what happened during the night?
A bad omen is scarier
than an immediate terror.
I'm going to move to the third floor.
I'm someone who will be out of
Ri Hwan's life soon.
If we could again
Hurry up and come out
before you get shredded up.
When are you the happiest?
For me, it's now.
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