Bubblegum (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[Episode 8]
What happened? Why didn't you pick up?
I had my reasons for doing so.
- What reasons?
- You don't need to know.
Mom, were you planning on meeting
Yi Seul's parents?
I was supposed to.
Probably to get you married.
I don't understand it.
You're someone who is embarrassed of
being greedy for things.
That kind of thing hurts your pride.
So why are you being like this now?
I'm not sure. Because I'm old?
Or maybe because I have no time.
What in the world are you talking about?
I'm tired. Get next time.
Leave if you're done talking.
I do have something to say.
I've been seeing Haeng Ah.
I know that you're worried,
but that's what I've decided.
Haeng Ah was scared and avoided me,
but I grabbed onto her.
We went to see Uncle
and told him everything.
- So
- You can't!
No, we can.
There's no reason we can't.
What happened with Uncle
isn't Haeng Ah's fault.
All the hardship you went through
That isn't Haeng Ah's fault.
I'm happy when I'm with Haeng Ah.
Now that I've given myself permission,
I'm deliriously happy.
I get thinking that I would've had
this earlier if it wasn't for you.
So don't oppose this now.
What if I still say I don't like it?
Are you going to say
you won't see me again?
you were going to throw
Haeng Ah away too.
The first Parent's Day
after Uncle died
Haeng Ah made a carnation
and was going to give it to you.
And she overheard everything
you were saying on the phone.
"I'll throw her out if I have to."
Even after hearing you say that,
she has never once resented you.
She says she likes you.
She wants to be good to you and
What should I do?
I still don't like it.
I'm sorry I didn't marry Yi Seul
like you wanted.
But I said I like this.
I said I'm happy.
Even when I was young
and the house was so cold.
And I would sneak into your hospital
and sleep in the patients' rooms.
Even when the kids would pick on me
for not knowing my dad's name.
Even on holidays, we had no relatives,
so I had only Haeng Ah to play with.
I never, ever felt unhappy.
Until the day you die and leave
me alone, I'll never be unhappy.
Stop trying so hard to put me into
the rich world that you came from.
All I need is you by my side.
That's enough for today.
Don't oppose us.
Don't tell us we can't.
Don't act like something bad will happen
if we are together.
Don't place the blame of your past scars
on Haeng Ah.
Say what you want to me.
you can't do that to Haeng Ah anymore.
I told you to leave!
I want you to answer me and say
that you won't do that to Haeng Ah.
You can stand there all night,
but my feelings won't change.
Even if Haeng Ah were in this room,
my answer would be the same.
I don't like it.
Ri Hwan's gone. Come out.
I have more to say to you.
The name of my disease is
Early Onset Familial Alzheimer's.
"Early onset" means it is different than
the kind affecting people at old age.
And the word "familial" means it can
be passed down to family members.
The chance is fifty-fifty.
Ri Hwan doesn't look like me
or have my personality.
He won't be like me.
Aunt, that won't happen.
If you think like that
However, if that were to happen
Ri Hwan needs to have many people
by his side.
People who won't tire easily and will
stick by him even if they do tire out.
Those who will be bonded to him
even in death.
Even if they want to throw him out
secretly in the middle of the night
people whose relationships keep them
from doing so.
Most people call that
family, don't they?
Wanting to throw away,
but not being able to.
You know best about the necessity of
those relationships, right?
- That's
- If you become Ri Hwan's family
Ri Hwan will have only
one family member.
You know what I'm referring to,
don't you?
Because you're smart, Haeng Ah.
I don't have time.
I have only months
before other people start to catch on.
It will be even less
before Ri Hwan catches on.
- Aunt.
- Get going now.
No, I'll stay here tonight.
Are you going to stay until I get angry
just so you feel at ease?
Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah, Kim Haeng Ah.
Kim Haeng Ah.
What's wrong?
I am okay.
I'll just get going.
Haeng Ah.
You can sleep more.
[Brother who loves Haeng Ah]
Who would hit it
and just leave like this?
They probably didn't know.
In your next life,
don't be born a pigeon.
Be born a seagull or an eagle.
Fly around freely where the air is good.
Fly freely.
One moment, Ji Hoon.
[Haeng Ah]
Yeah, are you done with work
Why do you have Haeng Ah's phone?
I'll be right there.
Is something wrong with Haeng Ah?
I don't know. I'll be back!
Call if you need me!
Why do I have this bad feeling?
What happened?
I couldn't leave her alone.
I thought Haeng Ah might be
uncomfortable if she found me here.
Why are you here!
Why don't you lower your voice?
Haeng Ah is sleeping.
Shouldn't you be explaining?
I think you should be
the one explaining.
She was fine until yesterday.
She was fine until this afternoon too.
Then what happened tonight?
Shouldn't you know what happened?
Didn't you say that being with me was
like being pricked by a needle for her?
Yet she never fainted on the street
while she was with me.
And I'm in a position where I won't
make Haeng Ah wait for me anymore.
If Haeng Ah isn't
so comfortable with you
I have no reason to send her away.
Thank you for calling me, but
If Haeng Ah were able
to go to a hospital
and if you were not a doctor,
I would not have called you.
I called you here as a doctor.
Please, nurse her well.
Nothing happened at the station?
Shouldn't you tell me
what's going on first?
Haeng Ah is sick.
How sick is she?
She fainted on the street.
Did you hear anything about
her meeting someone yesterday evening?
- Where are you going?
- To my aunt. I'll be back.
- What were you doing?
- I called her
What the heck were you doing while
Haeng Ah was getting shredded?
Who else do you think could make
Haeng Ah that way?
If you couldn't protect her from your
mom, why did you start this with her?
- She wants to be good to you.
- What should I do?
Even if Haeng Ah were here in this room,
my answer would be the same.
I don't like it.
A bad omen is even scarier
than an immediate terror.
There's one person who would completely
understand that fear.
That fear must be hidden until the end
and I cannot be caught.
By that person, in particular.
Even in your sleep,
do not be lonely.
You can sleep more.
Lie down.
I'm fine.
Last night, your pulse was irregular.
I'm okay now.
Why would you say that now?
Yesterday, I was busy and I didn't eat.
I was in a taxi and got carsick,
so I opened the window and it rained.
At first it was just a few drops,
but then suddenly
Why would you be?
Just because. For everything.
What hurts more than hearing
"Why did you hurt me?" is
someone who cannot even say
she is hurting.
And not being able to say anything
but "Do not be in pain."
See, I'm fine, right?
Are you okay?
Why wouldn't I be okay?
What kind of birthday is this?
You're doing a live show today?
Do you have to go to work?
Of course, I'm totally fine.
Also, the DJ told everyone that
it's my birthday yesterday.
The listeners wrote birthday messages
on the discussion boards.
I'm going to go receive
all my birthday greetings.
I'll pick you up after work.
No, don't do that.
I'll see you at home.
I'm going to move to the third floor.
I thought about it
and I think that would be best.
- I haven't spoken to Mom yet.
- I'll talk to her.
You said your grandpa said okay.
Let's do it.
I'm going to do it.
It's my birthday.
Thank you.
Sun Young's coming down soon.
You should get going.
Aunt, I brought my luggage.
I'm going to move to the third floor.
Don't do that! It's not the right time.
I can't leave her alone.
I'll be here.
If you're here during the day,
I'll be around in the evenings.
Haeng Ah, right now she needs to have
peace of mind.
I'm busy just thinking about that.
Let's talk more at the store.
Get going before Sun Young comes.
Hurry, hurry.
Oh, you're out.
Wait in the car a moment.
I'll bring your shoes.
Black is fine, right?
Black will be good.
Don't go anywhere and wait in the car.
There are three things
that I never want to forget.
I'm going to say them multiple times
so that I don't forget.
But if I do forget
Tell me.
My father is very sick.
I need to tell him quickly
that I'm sorry.
Ri Hwan shouldn't be with
someone he has to protect.
He needs to marry someone
who can protect him.
He must.
And the last thing.
That day
I was really happy.
If I come to resent this world
or curse others
and if I become depressed as if my life
had always been unhappy
tell me.
Tell me that I had a day like that.
I couldn't pick up earlier because
there were people around.
I see.
- Senior, about yesterday
- Are you feeling better?
Are you okay?
Thanks for asking.
- Thank you.
- Haeng Ah?
Let's meet up and talk.
So we finally meet.
I'm Ko Jung Hyun from Channel Korea.
I'm Kang Seok Jun.
You're going to take it out again.
Why are you burying it?
I've decided to accept
that I can't have both things.
Tae Hee beat out alcohol.
Why do you have two bouquets?
Who's the other woman?
My mom. It's a sort of apology.
Ah, it sure is very colorful.
It smells nice too.
Wash my hands for me.
I'm a bit late.
That's fine.
I'm sure it is.
It's not like I didn't show up.
Please sit.
I'm very sorry about yesterday.
I've never been treated that way,
so I was very taken aback.
A patient in your care died, you say?
Ri Hwan's marriage,
Taeyang Group, Hong Yi Seul.
Apologize for yesterday.
Lie that a patient died yesterday.
Is she thrifty or is she a bum?
What kind of tea would you like?
If there's anything that matches
about them
your son is not interested in his
grandfather's hospital and runs a tiny
runs a small Eastern medicine clinic.
My daughter is not interested in Taeyang
and runs a small dental clinic.
That's about it.
I heard that your daughter
is a very easygoing, good person.
My son is as well.
You will know if you visit
the dental clinic.
The interior and everything is cheap
There is not one piece of marble
in the office.
That's the kind of girl she is.
There are many
who just want to marry her.
They are lined up to use her money
once they are married to her.
My son even pays monthly rent
to his grandfather.
Once he graduated school,
he has never asked me for money.
What? A monthly rent?
He hasn't made enough money
to buy his own house yet.
Oh my! It's not as if
he's a stranger's child.
Then are you planning on having him
live with you after he marries?
No, that will never happen.
But even still
How could he not have a house?
Taeyang Group wouldn't want
the size of my father's inheritance.
If you wanted to control that foundation
I'm sure it's possible
even without this marriage.
Yet you still wanted the marriage setup
with my son.
I think you misunderstood.
It wasn't that I wanted it.
I believe it was because you recognized
the good traits that my son has.
In his entire life, he has never been
a bad son.
He is willing to make any sacrifice
necessary to protect those by his side.
If you're a family that doesn't want
someone like him
I do not want to send him to you either.
I know that this is sudden,
but I came anyway.
Oh no.
But Ri Hwan must not have spoken to you.
Ri Hwan has someone else
If you mean Haeng Ah,
you don't have to worry.
Even if it's not you,
she cannot be the one for him.
What I want to know is how you feel,
Yi Seul.
Can you tell me that?
I want to look good to Ri Hwan.
I want to become someone who suits him.
But I can't do something bad
just because I want to have him, can I?
What if I ask you to?
I seem like a strange mother, don't I?
I force things because I want them.
I say no because I don't like it.
If you take out the word "mother,"
it's not that strange, isn't it?
You've met my mother, right?
With my mom
A woman, a person
I lived my life trying to view her
that way.
Some woman, some person
can be weak and greedy.
She can blame another and take things
out on another for pain she received.
Because she could not be
strong and sacrificial
and she could not understand everything
I could not call her bad.
you had Ri Hwan all on your own.
You may not want to talk about that.
Sorry for pretending to know about it.
I may seem like a strange mom,
but don't worry about that.
Soon I won't be in
Ri Hwan's life anymore.
I have Alzheimer's.
Ri Hwan doesn't know.
I'll look for a way to help.
That's not why I told you.
No, I will look into it.
I'll find out everything I can.
Why would you do that, Yi Seul?
Ri Hwan
The only family Ri Hwan has
Because I'm all he has?
You didn't make any mistakes, did you?
Do you only see your sister?
What's with you?
I gave birth to her too, you know.
I heard it and heard it,
but I just couldn't believe it.
I'm not sure they are up to
my standards. I'm looking around more.
If you get greedy with
Yi Seul's marriage one more time
I won't let this go.
If you won't let it go, what?
Just hang up!
I'm talking about other families.
Yi Seul's feelings are genuine.
It's the first time she's said
she wants something.
Just leave it be.
Her sister never read a book
and read magazines all day.
But at least she married well.
It's absurd enough that she'd live with
a tiny Eastern medicine clinic owner.
He's some great son who's going to live
with the mom.
It would be better
if he had no parents at all.
What is she lacking?
I think I can take a guess.
Never mind. Go on in.
What should I do for you?
Even if you did something,
nothing would change.
He's a good person and I like him.
And that's why there are so many reasons
it wouldn't work.
What are the reasons? Let's hear them.
First, I like him because
he's that good of a man.
There is already someone by his side.
Because he is a good person
he would not throw away the person
he likes for the things that I have.
If I really like that person
I can't tell him to break up
because of me.
Senior, do you want to sit on this side?
People are looking.
It's all right.
Are you uncomfortable there?
No, I'm all right.
About yesterday
I was going through a tough time.
Thanks for this. I'll enjoy eating it.
I'll be going then.
Around this time, last year
you said you were sick.
Was it like last night?
I'm sorry.
You were so sick all alone.
I didn't even think about it.
No, I'm the one who shouted at you
to leave quickly.
I'm not entirely sure what's going on.
If you're in a difficult situation
Even if that's not the case
If you want to
If you can
For all of that time you waited for me,
I'll make up for it.
This is more than enough.
Thank you.
Oh, you scared me.
You have a cake too.
Did you steal that?
Why would I steal it?
I told them and took it.
It's their thousandth day,
so they have four cakes.
I'll be going now.
Well, can you move please?
I haven't received an answer yet.
There are many strange people
at the station.
There are truly many,
but you are the strangest of them all!
- What exactly is
- Aren't you going to answer?
Let me ask you.
No, I have a question for you.
Why are you doing this to me?
I asked you first.
Hey, I'm a ninja, okay?
Do you see that? Do you?
I'm your manager, okay?
Don't tell me things I know.
Tell me something I don't know!
I can't and I won't.
Why do I have to answer that?
Hey, enough.
Do you really believe that the
pen is mightier than the sword?
Don't come closer.
"How is it wrong
for a cat to eat a fish?"
"It's the owner who's stupid
for leaving the fish with the cat."
"If you don't want someone coming in,
lock your doors up well."
"Take a look at yourself."
"You've been sleeping with your front
door, back door, and windows open."
"And now you call me a thief?"
"You better shut your mouth!"
"Do you know what it is I'm scared of?"
"Getting slapped by a lowlife like you?
No way."
"The truly scary thing is"
"once I finish using this perfume,
no one will love me."
"You are a crazy wench.
I'm going to kill you today!"
"Move that cheap hand away.
Do you know what kind of hair this is?"
"You could sell sprouts for 100 days
and still can't afford my hair salon."
"With the money your husband gave me!"
"Oh, today I'll pull out
all of your expensive hair!"
Oh! Save me, save me!
What is it? What!
Gosh, you startled me!
We're running lines for
Se Young's TV drama.
Didn't you skip a live show because
you didn't want to do that drama?
Well, the role is bigger
than I had originally thought.
What is the story about
with such a weird title?
[Nine: Nine Affairs]
There's a special perfume.
If you spray it, you can seduce
married men, single men, everyone.
But you can only spray
this perfume nine times.
It has 20 episodes.
Every couple episodes,
I'll get hit and my hair pulled.
And you're going to play that role?
I'm long past the image of
the nation's little sister.
With my image this way,
I'm not exactly the nation's mom either.
Since things turned out this way,
I'm aiming to be the nation's bitch.
This world only acknowledges first
place, so I want to be first place too.
I thought you had a movie offer.
Why don't you do that?
What kind of movie is it?
It's the opposite.
Her husband is stolen away.
By another man.
It's a queer movie?
It's called "That Man, That Man."
But it's not getting investments,
so production will be difficult.
Just wait and see.
Within this year, I'll become the most
hated person in this country.
I'm going to work hard until I go to
a restaurant and they kick me out.
You wait and see.
You still think I'm the strange one?
I feel like I'm watching a world
champion competition in front of me.
You still haven't answered.
Do you like me?
Okay, I'll answer.
You just need an answer, right?
Doctor Park is on temporary leave.
On leave?
Doctor Park's son.
- Hello.
- Yes, it's been a while.
Let's talk.
There will be a change every day.
With Doctor Park, her memory is so good
memory loss will set in later.
Once it starts, it progresses faster
than for others.
You can't push her too hard.
But you can't leave her alone either.
You probably know this, but she's
a patient who has attempted suicide.
And Doctor Park did attempt suicide
two times.
Did you say two times?
Besides the time I was in junior high?
Even after that?
No, long before that.
Was it
when she got pregnant with me?
[Hoon & Hwan Clinic]
Why are you drinking coffee
so late in the day?
My mind felt hazy.
I was just having half a cup.
Give it to me.
I'll throw out the rest.
I forgot the yogurt. I'll make it again.
I guess you forget too, Mom.
Let's go.
Are we going to the hospital cafeteria?
No, let's head out.
Mother, the yogurt from yesterday
is still here too.
You forgot to take it in.
I'll leave it here.
Stop yelling.
My mom will get a headache.
You had made plans to meet her?
You didn't send the car without notice?
Then she wouldn't do that.
You still can't reach him?
- No.
- Gosh, this is unlike him.
I told you I'm not taking
your song request.
How many times do I have to tell you
that's not how you spell "one drink"?
That's not why I'm calling today.
I can't get in touch with Ri Hwan.
We have a lot of appointments.
You know very well that
Ri Hwan is not like that.
I was wondering if
Haeng Ah knew something.
Last night, Ri Hwan called me.
Did you tell him that I met Aunt?
I was just so angry.
Why would you be?
Just because. For everything.
I see.
You can't beat that woman.
Every time I said I didn't like her,
you said you understood her.
You feel sorrier for her
than you do for yourself.
Though you can beat bad people,
you can't beat the ones you pity.
And Ri Hwan? He's worse than you.
You know what kind of mom she is to him.
She sacrificed so much because of him.
Just admit defeat and get out.
Before you get shredded up even more.
Aunt is sick.
So what?
Everyone is sick!
It's not that. She's very sick.
Don't feel useless pain for others.
I don't want to see that crap.
Why aren't you smiling?
You usually smile like a crazy person
in times like these.
So why aren't you smiling?
I haven't picked out
the first song for part three yet.
I can't think of one.
What were you listening to
when you wrote it?
If you can't think of anything
Kim Kwang Seok.
"Too Painful A Love Was Not Love."
Aren't you cold?
No, it's just right.
Hold on.
Wait and see.
It's like we're in a different world.
Should we go on a vacation?
Oh, I was going to say that too.
Where do you want to go?
Can you get time off?
Anywhere! First, check when
Aunt can get time off.
The three of us?
Yeah, not a group travel thing,
but just the three of us.
We should do absolutely nothing.
Just sleep in, eat, and talk all day
something like that.
That kind of vacation is more memorable
than the kind spent walking everywhere.
We could do that.
I want Aunt to laugh excitedly.
I can't recall seeing her that way.
When do you think Aunt was the happiest?
I'm not sure.
Maybe when she got pregnant with you?
They say mothers are happiest
in that moment.
Or when they first hear
their baby's heartbeat.
I wonder if that's true.
Most average women say
it's their wedding or
How about you?
When were you the happiest?
For me
I'm not telling you.
And you?
For me, it's right now.
Me too.
What is that?
Sorry, but I can't see you today.
I have to hang out with work people.
How do you feel?
I'm totally fine.
Okay, see you tomorrow then. Have fun.
- Haeng Ah?
- Yes?
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
You and Aunt are everything I have.
You won't ever lose everything you have.
I won't ever let you lose it.
However, if that were to happen
Ri Hwan needs to have many people
by his side.
People who won't tire easily and will
stick by him even if they do tire out.
Those who will be bonded to him
even in death.
Even if they want to throw him out
secretly in the middle of the night
people whose relationships
keep them from doing so.
Most people call that
family, don't they?
Wanting to throw away,
but not being able to.
You know best about the necessity of
those relationships, right?
If you don't like me,
you can tell me that.
We can go back to the way
things used to be.
But if you're just scared,
let's be together.
I don't have time.
I have only months
before other people start to catch on.
It will be even less
before Ri Hwan catches on.
When were you the happiest?
And you?
For me, it's right now.
Me too.
I was scared that Mom wouldn't come.
What can I do?
Mom still has work to do.
Can you play at the store with
Aunt, Uncle, and Haeng Ah?
You promised to protect Mom,
so how can you cry like this?
He was playing just fine and then
he fell asleep for a moment.
He must have had a bad dream.
He said he was scared.
What did I say to do
when you are scared?
You said to count to ten.
Do you think you can do it?
One. Two.
Two, three!
Happy birthday, Producer Kim!
Happy birthday!
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm just so happy.
You startled me.
Why did you cry so intensely?
I thought someone died or something.
I'm sorry.
Well, I suppose you didn't even get
a cake from your boyfriend last year.
This year you have a star like me
and all the listeners.
Stop crying!
Now, we're a family, family, family!
Next year, let's make sure we remember
Producer Kim's birthday.
Family is supposed to do
stuff like that.
I'm fine.
Haeng Ah
[Don't Mind Stains, Don't Mind Scars,
Just Don't Disappear]
I was really happy that day.
If I come to resent this world
or curse others
and if I become depressed as if my life
had always been unhappy
tell me.
Tell me that I had a day like that.
Here you go.
Are the kids still fighting?
I guess so.
They are over the top.
When are they going to get
past those years?
Don't you think
they'll be like that forever?
What brings you by suddenly?
Just because.
You wouldn't have reason
to come to the hospital.
Can't I come here?
Who says you can't come?
You can live here if you want.
Can I really do that?
I'm kidding.
I've made you wait too long, haven't I?
It's too late anyway.
You're going to live
a long, long time.
Yeah, we have a long time left.
Once the kids grow up a bit
and once I
You are telling me to wait though,
You're not telling me
I shouldn't wait at all, right?
Aunt, I'm going crazy
because of Ri Hwan.
What's wrong with him?
Uncle, do you know what she gave
to a girl I like?
I told you it wasn't me.
It was Woo Bin who gave it to her.
- You told him to do it.
- Do you have proof?
Do you have proof of that?
You're so dumb falling for
that girl's pure and innocent act.
What about you?
Why do you like that slimy guy?
You made such a fuss in the gym.
Is he Cha In Pyo or what?
Why is he shaking his finger?
Don't say that about
my brother Jung Woo!
Why do you call him that?
Is your last name Hong?
Uncle, she changed her last name.
You two get out and come back
after fighting.
Can't you see your mom is eating?
Stop making a fuss.
I'm going to eat too.
That's my seat.
Sit over here.
Aunt, Ri Hwan has really bad taste
in women.
He'll bring home
someone really weird later.
Fine, you wait and see who I bring home.
Why would I wait and see?
I don't have any interest at all.
Wait a minute.
And that day started like this.
It was a day that was like any other.
Senior suddenly came to see me.
I went running out
the front doors of the hospital.
And on that day, we
When you come across a truth
that you can't handle
people have to close their eyes.
I have a favor to ask too.
Just like you did.
Which stupid doctor said that to you?
Haeng Ah is going to die at this rate.
Give me the phone number now.
Even if she says no,
I want to be by her side.
I'm the one who will be by her side.
Who are you?
My name is Park Ri Hwan.
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