Bubblegum (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

[Episode 9]
What am I supposed to do with that?
[Monday, November 16, 2015
Opening Night]
You haven't answered me yet.
You like me, don't you?
All right, I'll give you an answer.
That's all you need, right?
When it comes to you, I
I am scared of you.
Satisfied now?
- No.
- Why? Why not?
That's not an answer to my question.
I asked if it's a circle
and you answered that it's red.
I'm scared of you.
Wouldn't you be scared of you?
You won't let me high five you,
claiming it's unwanted physical contact.
Your eyes are all shiny
and you stare at me.
And you said Seok Jun was treating me
like a mutt.
Then you made me do all sorts of chores.
And you barged into my dorm
when I was in my underwear.
And brought me a jar of kimchi.
Then you ask me if I like you.
What am I supposed to think?
Simply put, do you think it would
be okay for me to like you?
Simply put, do you think it would be
okay for you to like me and do this?
So how can I not be afraid of you?
So, basically
feel the same way as me, right?
Am I right?
Wow, you really are strange.
You know how old I am, don't you?
And go and take a look in the mirror.
Take a look at yourself.
And check out your citizenship ID card.
Confirm your age.
After that, forget what happened today.
Find someone who suits you.
Ask that person if he likes you
and date that person or whatever.
If that were possible,
why would I be doing this?
Since when have you been
Why me of all people?
Forget it. Don't even say any more.
Okay, I'm going to pretend
this never happened.
I'm going now.
It was ever since I overheard
your phone call
I was scared.
A love with no fear.
A war with no casualties.
A bright white night sky.
All things that do not exist.
When one is in love
there is at least one moment where
you feel that you cannot handle it.
[Last Winter]
If you are someone who lost a first love
this is a reality that you know.
However, it's like children who cry
in front of moving dinosaurs.
Yet the children
imitate and like the dinosaurs.
It's something people fear,
but can't look away from.
Though you end up in tears,
you want to go closer to it.
And it keeps you up
into the early morning.
That's the kind of thing love is.
A love without hurt
That's something that
only exists in words.
Yeah, it's Dad!
It's your birthday.
Did you eat seaweed soup?
It snowed so much here in Seoul.
How about there?
Oh my! You're wearing a t-shirt?
So, your mom is doing well?
Oh, I see.
So that man
Oh, of course!
You should go have fun. Okay.
Dad just
really misses you.
You shouldn't be missing your dad.
Yeah, it would be a problem if you did.
That worked out well.
That's good, that's good.
That's good.
That's good.
They say a love that is too painful
isn't love at all.
A love that is broken
can be so painful.
But we are left with a beautiful song.
When a love is too deep,
I disappear.
When a breakup is deep,
I laugh.
I'll sign off now
with "Afternoon Scenery" by Hey.
Have a nice morning.
This was Producer Yoon Ji Won.
Oh, you're working hard all night.
Gosh, it's cold.
Haeng Ah.
Don't leave, okay?
I've only been drunk.
I've never had to carry a drunk.
Gosh, it's really hard.
How did he do it for over ten years?
Let's go.
Don't go.
I'll be heading out now!
I won't be back until morning.
When people come across truths
they can't deal with
they close their eyes.
In hopes that the darkness will
cover and hide everything.
Disappear, disappear.
Turn everything into a dream.
Joon Su!
Ma'am, hello.
Joon Su must be on delivery.
No, I don't know what he's been
doing all day.
He goes out early in the morning
and come back late at night.
The station work must be busy.
It must be.
Please give me my usual, half-half.
It's you, isn't it? The CP?
Oh, it's you, Eastern medicine doctor!
I'm so glad to see you.
Yes, what brings you here alone?
And no chicken at a chicken restaurant?
What brings you here
at this hour, Doctor?
- Sit down, sit!
- Yes, okay.
I told you to come by the clinic.
Why didn't you?
My specialty is digestion issues.
You have my business card, don't you?
Why don't you have a drink first?
Yes, of course!
Oh, I quit drinking.
Why would you do such a thing?
Because of a sad story with a woman.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't keep my promise.
I'm not going to run away.
- Really?
- I can't anymore.
Now, I
I like you too.
I should open my eyes and get up.
Yesterday was a stupid dream.
I held you.
What a relief. It was just a dream.
If I could talk to you now
If all of this
was merely a dream.
Did you get some sleep?
What about you?
When did you get in?
I got in early, early in the morning.
Should we take care of your hangover?
Alcohol is not very rational.
The heart did the drinking,
but it's the physical body that hurts.
The heart did the wrong,
but it's the liver that suffers.
But people don't know that and say,
"think of the liver."
Are you feeling okay?
I only had three bottles yesterday.
One bottle of coke and two ciders.
Good for you.
- Now, I
- I
Never mind, you go first.
You go first.
No, later.
I have to check something first.
What were you saying?
I'm sorry, but do you think
I can work just mornings?
I can even do it on my own
if it's temporary.
What is it about?
I think I need to be with my mom.
Mom has
What is it?
Hey, you crazy punk!
It's normal to be forgetful at that age.
Why would you speak so carelessly?
How could she have Alzheimer's?
What kind of crap is that?
What do you know!
What kind of nonsense is that to say
in the middle of a meal?
You crazy punk!
You think you can say anything you want?
Why her? What did she do wrong?
What did you do so wrong?
Tell me. Who said that?
Which idiotic doctor said that?
You didn't go to work?
Your car was gone.
I came back.
Come out. Let's go eat.
I'll eat later.
You usually eat with Senior Ji Hoon.
Come out quickly. I'm hungry.
I'll do it.
- I'll do it.
- No, I'll do it.
All right. You do it yourself.
Don't do these things anymore.
What are "these things"?
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I know.
I know what you're thinking too.
But you can't.
- Why?
- Do you really not know?
This all happened because we said
we were dating.
Now we just need to say we aren't.
Even if you don't take this lid off,
I won't starve.
Even if you don't give me side dishes,
I won't be eating plain rice.
We can eat rice, argue, and make fun of
passersby like we did in the past.
We can just do that.
Why do we have to?
Everyone will be better if we do.
Everyone's having a hard time
because of us.
Then we should be the only ones
having a hard time?
Why should we have to endure it?
What about our hearts? Don't they count?
What are hearts?
What's so important about them?
If you hide it,
then you can live that way.
How are our hearts not important?
When a person is placed in a guillotine
if one drop of water falls on the throat,
that person will die.
The heart will feel it and stop.
Don't you know why my mom
tried to kill herself?
How can you say that
our hearts mean nothing?
I'm not like Aunt
and I'm not going to be executed.
I'll have a hard time for a while
and I'll get over it.
You can really do that?
You can see me date other people?
Then why are you being like this?
You have all those foods you like,
yet you can't eat a single bite.
"I've been playing you for the past
few days, Park Ri Hwan."
Why not make fun of me and eat?
If you did nothing wrong, why are you
sitting there like you did?
Then what should I do?
Should I pretend
no one in this world exists?
Should the two of us ignore everything
and live together?
- You can't be bad like that either.
- Why can't I?
I can do that.
Can you leave Aunt
And hold me?
You don't need to bring me
many locations.
I don't need rank number two to 100.
I just need the very best.
The problem is even if we sign up now,
the fastest is next April.
Tell them it's a member of our family.
Then we won't have to wait.
I'm sorry to ask,
but who is the patient?
It's my friend's mother.
I have a debt to repay.
What kind of debt?
Do I have to tell you that, Director?
No, I'll get right on it.
Even if I tell you not to tell Mom,
you will report it to her, won't you?
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Thank you for looking into it
on such short notice.
And thank you for coming so early
in the morning.
It's not a problem. I'll be going.
[Let's meet and talk]
It's probably Ri Hwan.
- You're going to drink some, right?
- Yes.
It's cold out.
Did you run today?
No, I slept in.
Dress warmly when
you go out to exercise.
You're just like me, so
You're not like me,
but you should dress warmly.
You too, Mom.
- You should go to work.
- Yeah, you too.
- I will. Get going now.
- Okay.
Let's meet and talk. I won't be late.
How are you feeling?
You know you're supposed to come today.
Also, your son came
to the hospital yesterday.
He didn't know when he came,
but I told him everything.
It is something he should know anyway.
[Hong Yi Seul]
You have a call.
No, I was awake.
Do you know what I'm really scared of?
Getting slapped by wives like you?
No way.
Once I finish this perfume,
no one will love me anymore.
Why, you crazy bitch!
I'm going to kill you today!
You bitch, you bitch, you bitch!
You bitch, how dare you go after him.
You have nothing better to do!
- Going after my man!
- Cut!
We'll take a 25-minute break.
25-minute break!
Are you all right?
- Oh my!
- Good work.
Good work, everyone.
Be careful.
Oh my, what do we do?
Wow! She sure is a pro.
I thought all my hair was going
to fall out.
It must hurt.
Now that we got that over with,
I feel relieved and sleepy too.
I'll buy some coffee.
You want some tea?
Oh, hold on!
- I have money.
- That's not it.
I have a coupon.
Oh, here it is.
Here. Make sure to get it stamped.
- Just rest.
- Okay.
Oh, my head hurts.
He doesn't greet people much
for a manager.
Oh Se Young gave him her credit card
from her wallet just now.
So he's her boyfriend?
Do you think he would be?
He's pretty good-looking.
Plus he's not working at this hour.
He uses her credit card.
There's your answer right there.
Why would a guy go around doing that?
Hey, be quiet.
Drink this.
Here's your coupon.
This is one week's worth.
The morning and afternoon ones are okay,
but the night's will make you drowsy.
That's fine, as long as I'm not sick.
Why are you here?
I told you not to come.
Can you tell me how Aunt is doing?
She's going to the hospital today, so
I'll let you know if something happens.
I'll be on the third floor
when I'm not at the station.
- If you happen to need me
- Haeng Ah.
If Sun Young finds out you're staying
there, that would be
Haeng Ah, what are you doing here
Thank you.
Come in.
Thank you.
But I'm going to turn you down.
Actually, I did hear from them yesterday.
The bag passed through customs.
The sea slug
You don't need to get it for me.
Oh, you had a similar one already.
Ah, how did you know Aunt?
She came to me first.
She told me everything.
I looked into some possible solutions.
Nothing is a complete cure,
but I thought I could be of help.
Is there something like that?
- From what I know
- She refused to go to another location.
I'm going to look into something else.
If we can slow it down by even a day,
Ri Hwan can have one more day
He can spend time with her.
I can do that for him.
Thank you.
Why would you be, Haeng Ah?
She doesn’t seem to like you.
Isn't your behavior now just your greed?
You're telling Ri Hwan to choose between
his mother and you.
No, I
I love my mother but I hate her.
I get angry when other people say
bad things about her.
But I go to the clinic on Sundays
to read in order to avoid time with her.
But even still
If my mom were to come down
with an incurable illness
I would be by her side.
And I would not do
something she disliked.
Do you not understand that, Haeng Ah?
That's why I
You can keep that bag, Haeng Ah.
Everything that I have
you can have it all if you want.
Even my pride.
If I have any left, that is.
I will give you all of it.
Can you disappear
from Ri Hwan's side?
Disappearing is a bit
I'm sorry.
Oh, wait!
Is there really a solution?
I've only been able to look online.
It says that there is no cure.
But if there is something that can
be done, can you please do it?
I want to go into just any hospital
and ask but I can't even go inside.
There's nothing I can do.
Yes, I will do that.
I'm not going to meet Ri Hwan.
I can't disappear.
I plan on going back to how things were.
I tried to tell him yesterday.
But Ri Hwan was in too much pain.
But I will do it soon.
That's the only thing
I can do for Aunt.
Please forget everything I said
to you earlier.
It's all right. Please help.
I'm sorry.
Don't be concerned about what they said.
You shouldn't be concerned.
Stop following me to those places.
Why should I stop?
Oh my. Did you just drop honorifics?
We're not doing anything wrong.
That's what you think.
Do you think any differently?
Other people think differently.
Why do you care what strangers think
and get hurt by it?
Do you think I'm acting this way
because I'm hurt by those comments?
I've been sleeping with my face exposed
on the streets for 20 years.
While I'm sleeping, some people will
come by and say that I'm pretty.
Some people will spit on me, curse me,
and step on me for no reason at all.
But I still wake up in the morning,
put on my makeup, and smile.
That's how I live and it's okay.
Because I live my life doing what I want.
Some people hate me
when they don't even know me.
But some people like me when they
don't even know me so that balances it.
After I hit rock bottom
I took a look around.
On that same street I slept on
my mom was sleeping next to me too.
When I do something wrong,
my family ends up next to me too.
People spit on my mom.
Then if you're with me
Then you will have to live your life
with your face out on the streets.
- You're scared, aren't you?
- Yes.
People will spit on you.
- They'll say you like me for my money.
- Yeah.
But the important thing is
I have no money.
I've made a lot, but not enough
to keep up with my spending.
I'm three years older than
my official profile says.
I've had work done on my eyes and nose.
I know.
That's all.
I've told you all the important stuff.
And also
My mascara isn't waterproof.
My face is a mess right now.
Then we'll just stay like this.
Well, we could do that.
Go back? To when?
To when you guys weren't dating,
but on the brink of it at any moment?
You're going to stay in that building
and see him every morning and evening.
You'll see each other
having a hard time.
"But we're friends so we'll only have
this much heartache."
"You go date that rich girl who can do
everything for you."
"And I'll live well without worrying
about you and your mom."
- You think you can do that?
- Yeah.
Stop kidding me
and get out of there now.
I need to be with my aunt right now.
Who does it help for you to be there?
You, Ri Hwan, his mom?
Will she stop being ill
if you are hurting?
That's not it!
What did I tell you?
I told you to make Ri Hwan get shredded.
Why is it you?
It's not your mom.
You've already lost
your mom and your dad.
So why are you going through it again!
I'd rather you date Kang Seok Jun again,
you stupid.
What, what?
Give me Kang Seok Jun's number.
- That's kind of
- You heard everything.
Haeng Ah's feelings are
what are important though.
Haeng Ah will die at this rate.
Just give me his number!
- Hello.
- Yes.
I understand.
I didn't realize you had
so much interest in my affairs.
- Because it involves Haeng Ah.
- That's between Haeng Ah and I.
You shouldn't have come
all the way here.
I shouldn't have to hear it from someone
who forced his way in my home and work.
What is this about?
I thought maybe I should ask you
for a favor.
Just like you did.
Please do me this favor.
Unless you're holding onto Haeng Ah
so you will both be hurting
I'm not holding onto Haeng Ah
so we will both be hurting.
Unless you're loving her
so you can cry with her
I'm not loving Haeng Ah
in order to cry with her.
You asked me if I know Haeng Ah well.
Haeng Ah was able to break up with me
because she thought I did not need her.
If you are in that situation
no matter how many times
she faints in the street
she won't be able to bring up
breaking up first.
That won't ever happen again.
I won't be hearing about Haeng Ah
from you anymore either.
The reason I'm doing this is
I want to be good to her, at least now.
I made her feel pricked by a needle
when we dated.
At least now, I don't want
to make her wait.
I don't want her to cry.
On the days she is sick, I want to be
with her even if she says no.
I'll be the one to be with her.
If she needs someone to cry with,
I'll cry with her.
If she is sick, I'll be sick with her.
Whatever it is, I'll do it with her.
Why does Haeng Ah have to do that?
Because we'll be in pain
even if we are apart.
And we will cry even if we are apart.
Rather than cry where
we can't see each other
we'll cry together.
You asked me earlier
if I could hold you.
I can hold you.
Even right this moment, right here.
I can hold you anywhere.
You came here to say that?
I was frustrated,
so I left the hospital.
I went here and there aimlessly,
trying not to come to you.
But all the paths led to you.
We eventually end up like this.
We pretend it's not.
We pretended and we ran away.
Yet we ended up dating one another.
Even if we break up now,
we'll end up back together.
In the end, it is you.
It was you from the beginning.
It was all you.
With everything I said
Is what I'm saying wrong?
I've always thought the saying
"Fighting" was a funny thing to say.
When you say that to me,
I really felt stronger.
If I have you,
I can really do better.
I'll do better.
I'll be better to Mom too.
"Thank goodness Haeng Ah is with him."
I'll be so good and make Mom think that.
I can hold you and I want to.
But I'm not going to.
I'm not going to do anything
you don't like.
I won't do anything
that makes you uneasy.
go back to work.
Don't be afraid and don't cry.
Like nothing has changed.
You're here again?
Whose painting is this?
It's a replica.
You're even intent on
putting up cheap art.
If you were leaving early this morning,
you should have said so.
And you know the big bear or pig doll
in your room?
Can't you throw it out somewhere?
I called you thinking you were home.
You didn't reply so I went to your room
and the thing was just sitting there.
I had an urgent matter. What is it?
- It's your uncle's birthday today.
- I'm busy this evening.
- I'll call him.
- That's good.
All your relatives will be there.
I'd rather not tell them
you have no one to marry.
It's better to tell them
you're sick at home.
He's a prosecutor. He lost all his hair
at a young age.
He's still just a prosecutor.
But his grandfather is a former
Supreme Court judge.
His father is currently
a District Public Prosecutor.
I have someone I like.
So? Why does that matter?
How does it not matter?
It's been less than 100 years
since love mattered in marriages.
Even with your grandparents, it was
normal to marry people you'd never met.
It's not those times anymore.
- Is that what you think?
- Yes.
A person with 100 won tries to avoid
being set up with a person with 50 won.
They say things about dowries and so on.
And gifts and make a fuss.
The couple is then broken up
before entering the wedding hall.
That's marriage in this day and age.
Love or whatever?
If you want to live in a fairytale book,
go on and meet a prince.
- Mom.
- I'm right here. Why are you calling me?
- Don't get sick.
- What?
Why are you saying that out of the blue?
Do you want me to be sick?
No, that way
I don't have to listen to you.
What are you saying?
So are you going to the marriage setup
or not?
I won't ever go!
Oh dear!
Go lie down.
I'm not feeling physically tired.
The doctor told you to rest.
Would the doctor tell me
to go and work hard?
Should I make you a drink?
What do you put in your smoothie?
I think I should write down
everything I can think of.
Yeah, we should do that.
Starting with the three things
that I cannot forget.
I won't forget the things you told me.
Don't worry.
I have to go see my father
before it becomes more obvious.
Let's go before the end of the week.
- Go inside and rest.
- Okay.
Looks like we need to get you groceries.
Aren't you going to get that?
I have a bad feeling.
They hung up.
They'll call back if it's important.
Hi, brother?
He tried so hard to stop you,
but you went and had your precious son.
But to a man whose child you were
you couldn't say one word of apology
and let him die?
How could you be so stubborn
until the end?
Do you know how much
Dad waited for you?
Back in those times,
I wouldn't have let you have me either.
I would have kicked you out too, Mom.
Call him after the marriage setup.
Your grandpa will be very curious.
And if my youngest daughter
went out on her own
Why are you sleeping for so long?
When people come across truths
they can't deal with
they close their eyes.
Mom closed her eyes.
And in that long sleep, what did she see
in her unconscious mind?
Which memories did she face
and which memories did she push away?
Which memories did she change?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What about the baby?
[Name: Park Sun Young
Baby Name: Park Sun Young's baby]
I think we all watched Mom's long sleep
with the same feelings.
If only this were all a dream.
Disappear, disappear.
Turn everything into a dream.
[December 1982]
[January 1983]
Sun Young.
We made the bean noodles you like.
Let's eat.
What is this, huh?
What do you think you're doing?
Honey, is something wrong?
Sun Young, are you okay?
What do you think you're doing?
You're a doctor.
You're going to be a mom soon.
How could you think to do this?
Disappear, disappear.
Turn everything into a dream.
It's only one more month
until Christmas.
Oh, I hate it!
After Christmas, it's New Year's
and I grow one year older.
What's wrong with that?
There's a big age gap even now.
I get a year older too.
- That's true.
- Yeah.
I'm at the front door.
Take your time
and come when you're done.
Stay in the car. It's cold.
Aren't you tired?
Not at all.
You're going to see Aunt
before you go up, right?
If there's anything going on with her
I'll let you know.
- Go on up first.
- Okay.
Don't come tomorrow, for real.
You're having a harder time than I am.
I'll see.
Disappear, disappear.
Turn everything into a dream.
[July 1983]
What about the baby?
Are you awake?
Who is that?
What about Haeng Ah? Where is Haeng Ah?
Sun Young
I am
Park Ri Hwan.
[Love, So Heavy and So Scary]
The red-hooded young girl was tired
from having walked a long way.
After stopping for a moment
she put her favorite rabbit doll
under the shade of a tree.
"Goodbye, I won't be able
to remember you anymore."
Mom, why did she throw away
the rabbit doll?
Because it was too heavy.
Because it was too hard.
The red-hooded young girl
started to walk again.
And she discovered a small bird
that had fallen.
She held it close to her chest.
"I'm sorry.
You must have suffered a lot."
Aunt, why is the red-hooded girl
apologizing to the bird?
Red Hood had disliked the bird a lot
for a while.
The red-hooded girl started walking,
turned around, and asked the road.
"Should I stop and rest now?"
"Should I let go now?"
That is my name.
If you've broken up,
can you stay with me?
Can we leave Haeng Ah like that?
Haeng Ah, let's get married.
Something like this
could be the last time.
Why is he average?
What makes him average!
Mom, you don't have to look for
Haeng Ah, right?
I would like it
if you got some treatment.
Listen to me carefully.
You should just live your life.
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