Bubblegum (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[Episode 10]
Ri Hwan, where are you going?
What about lunch?
Ji Hoon.
Ji Hoon, I have to go home.
Why? Something wrong?
Mom is up and she remembers me.
Go quickly. No, go slowly and carefully.
- Okay.
- Drive carefully.
You're precious, remember that.
- Ji Hoon.
- Yeah, go on.
You know on TV, there are mental patients
- who pretend to be doctors?
- Yeah.
Everyone keeps asking me if you're
one of those people.
Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone.
Okay, I love you. You know I'm yours.
I'll be back.
At least he smiled once today.
That's good enough.
Is she asleep?
Is it normal to sleep that much?
I don't really know, so
Every person reacts differently.
She must have felt so tense
all that time.
Will Haeng Ah be okay to do all that?
I'll try to take care of it.
One illness is making hardship
for so many people.
I wonder if this is
the right thing to do.
You should have left the clothes there.
She might see them and remember you.
She might get more confused if she
sees things she doesn't recognize.
Yeah? Then what about your photos?
I removed the ones next to her bed.
You must not be able to eat well
while taking care of Mom.
Well, I eat quickly
while Sun Young is sleeping.
You have to go back to your hospital,
don't you?
Thank you, Aunt.
Let's not say such things
to one another.
Get going now.
- Hello?
- I'm at the Eastern medicine clinic.
I hear his name is Park Ri Hwan.
What the heck is "Hoon and Hwan"?
What a ridiculous hospital name.
What are you doing there, Mom?
- The doctor's office?
- Over there.
You did what you wanted
and said "no" to the marriage setup.
So can't I do what I want?
We're beyond the point of
respectable behavior.
You eat and eat away until there's
nothing left.
You still eat
even though it's not tasty.
Am I supposed to stand by
and do nothing?
I'll knock you out if I have to
and take you to that marriage setup.
Or I'll do something
to this silly clinic.
I have to come here to know what to do.
Hang up!
Mom! Mom, you can't go there, please
Where is it again?
Ah, here it is.
I'm sure my daughter
has already called you.
Oh, did your daughter
make the appointment?
As for your grandfather,
I want to pay my respects.
I'm here right now because I have
a few questions for you.
- Sit.
- Yes.
You can ask me anything.
That's why you came here.
How are you feeling unwell?
You must have good Photoshop skills.
You look completely different
than you do in your photo.
Oh, you must have seen my doctor's
license. I took that a long time ago.
This is why those matchmaker's photos
are considered fraud.
First, I want to ask you
about your father.
I dug around here and there,
but no one knew anything.
My father?
He is kind of cute.
My father is doing well.
You are in contact with each other.
Ah that's not exactly it.
He hasn't passed away?
Of course not, he just got married.
I did meet your mother once.
Then I will meet your father soon
My mother?
Your mother seems to want marriage.
But 15 years ago, my mother
Oh, my stepmother!
It hasn't even been a year since my
father married my stepmother.
Why would she get married again?
What kind of crazy nonsense
Oh, are you Tae Hee's mother?
What do you mean, Tae Hee?
Who's Tae Hee?
There's another woman again?
Is this matchmaker crazy?
Why would Yi Seul like him?
Why does she always pick guys like this?
What does she see
n this sneaky-looking punk?
Are you Taeyang Group?
Taeyang or whatever, just shut up!
Just what kind of
[Kwon Ji Hoon]
Kwon Ji Hoon you?
That's my name.
I'm a doctor here, not a patient.
How busy could a doctor be that he'd
leave the hospital during the day?
What a total waste of time.
Gosh, my pride is hurt.
When was that?
She was just here, Madam Bling Bling.
- I didn't see her.
- Mom!
I'm sorry for startling you.
It's okay.
I think you were more startled.
There's nothing more I can do
to embarrass myself.
Why do you say that?
Looking like this.
My mom.
Also what I did to Haeng Ah.
Haeng Ah must not have told you.
Tell me what?
Have you two really broken up?
What did you say to Haeng Ah?
I told Haeng Ah to break up with you.
I asked her what she can do for you.
And that I can do something for you.
Looks like you came out in the middle
of work. You should go.
Haeng Ah didn't have a mother,
so I don't think she understands.
The actions Haeng Ah is taking now
I told her that she is making you choose
between your mother and Haeng Ah.
I asked her to disappear from your life.
I'm going to head in first.
If your mother comes by again,
I'll talk to her myself.
You don't have to come by again.
Wait a second.
I know that I'm only grabbing onto
your jacket right now.
There is someone else who has a hold
of your heart.
But still
If you have broken up
can't you be by my side?
I'm not saying that you would
like me right away.
Just like when I hurt my ankle.
Also, your mother does like me.
You could tell your mother
that you are seeing me.
That wouldn't help anyone.
Also, thank you for my mother.
- But I will take care of it
- I'm confident that I can help.
If only you would make the decision
to stay with me.
Then I would have the confidence
Ri Hwan, you are a good person.
I like you, Ri Hwan.
Once you make that decision,
you'd make the effort on my behalf.
And I won't tire out easily.
Is it a trend for doctors these days
to leave their offices during the day?
Where have you been?
Oh my! Hey.
Have you been out looking like that?
Perhaps you've forgotten.
Besides having noses, ears, and mouths,
people also have eyes.
Mom, you made me go around outside
looking like this.
Oh my, you never resented me like this.
What did I do?
I never got to meet that punk anyway.
Don't call him "punk" like that!
Who is he that I can't call him that?
He's just some ordinary, lowly person.
Why would I like him?
Why is he ordinary?
How is he just ordinary?
You know what's ordinary to me?
People who study abroad and just party.
Then they enter their dads' companies
and become managers and directors.
They can't tell the difference
between expensive and good.
And think having money means
they're guaranteed a beautiful woman.
They treat their employees like toilet
brushes making them do all the work.
They are people like that, so
No, he is not ordinary at all.
He is
a good person.
You have gone crazy over this man,
haven't you?
Isn't it more strange that I've never
been crazy over anyone until now?
If I marry someone who doesn't like me,
knowing full well he'll cheat on me
but just get married anyway
so not to cause problems
Isn't that more strange?
That's enough for me
to know how you feel.
I'll take care of it now.
Help me.
Help me.
Please, don't do anything.
I don't want to hit rock bottom.
You must not know.
There is no rock bottom for us.
It is very far.
I showed off our money to him.
If that's not rock bottom, what is?
Does your brother know
that you're acting this way?
If he knew, he wouldn't sit still.
Either I do something
or I tell your brother.
You think about it.
It's progressing faster
than you expected, isn't it?
Except for the fact that
she doesn't remember me
I expected it.
How about this week?
She couldn't recall you even once?
She remembered me today.
She's still obsessed with her niece?
- She's not her real niece.
- I know.
She's my girlfriend.
Ah, really?
- Sun Young knew about it?
- Yes.
And she was opposed to it?
I think it would be good if she came too
next time.
She has a phobia of hospitals.
Oh, right.
She was going to start receiving
treatment, but then this happened.
If it's all right with you,
maybe we can meet outside the hospital.
Let's do that.
Thank you.
But I'm more worried about you.
You said you're not
acknowledging the trauma.
I'm fine.
It's not like I didn't know that
I wasn't welcomed when I was born.
The fact that Mom did that
when I was conceived
Mom was only 24 years old.
Mom can have her moment of weakness.
This time Sun Young erased you
from her memory.
- That can be difficult
- I understand that too.
I'm all right.
I'd really like you
to get some treatment.
If you say that your mom can be weak,
then so can you.
Just because she went through hardship
to protect you
doesn't mean you don't have
the right to feel pain.
Your birth was not something
that was wrong.
You don't need to put in an effort
to prove that to people.
I've never thought that way.
If you were your own patient,
what would you tell yourself?
I would tell myself to acknowledge it.
And to talk about the hurt and pain
that they have.
To cry.
To lean on someone.
Do you have someone to lean on?
You're going to fall. Slow down.
Is something wrong?
- No.
- Then what is it?
Nothing is wrong.
What is it?
Why did you come without calling?
Did something happen to Aunt?
It's not like that.
I knew you'd feel uneasy if I did this.
I just wanted to see you for a bit.
Can I hold you before I leave?
Let's stay like this for one minute.
If you looked down on us
high up from the skies
what would we have looked like?
Would it be lovers who did not realize
that this would the last?
Or would it be lovers who could not
control their hearts?
Were they two weak people who could not
let one another go?
Yes, Aunt.
Haeng Ah is still there?
Sun Young won't let her go anywhere.
She needs to go to work.
I'll try talking to her.
Don't worry and work.
Doctor, the patients are very backed up.
Yes, I'll be there soon.
Aunt, I'll call you later.
Haeng Ah, can you give me that book?
Yes, Aunt.
[Finding Lost Time]
You're not having any issues
with your friends, right?
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are a nice girl.
Just a moment, Aunt.
- Where are you going?
- Bathroom.
- The bathroom?
- Yes.
You're not going anywhere else, are you?
Of course not. I'll be right back.
Joon Su, I'm really sorry.
- I'll call the manager myself.
- Where's Haeng Ah?
Why isn't she coming? What's she doing?
She'll be right out. Take your medicine.
Haeng Ah didn't go somewhere, did she?
Why do you only think of yourself!
Sorry, Aunt.
Are you enjoying your book?
My eyes are tired.
- Haeng Ah, are you sick again?
- Huh?
You didn't get a prescription, did you?
You got these on your own, didn't you?
What are you thinking?
Why don't you ever listen to me?
Oh, Aunt. These are your medicine pills.
You took them in the morning
after lunch.
You just had dinner,
so you have to take them again.
You see your name written here?
I'm tired. Let's go to the beroom.
Okay, Aunt.
If you request a song that you had
on your mind all day long
this is the hour
that we'll play it right away.
Today's BGM, here is our first letter.
From 8295,
"On Thursday, I went to an interview."
"I heard those words
over the phone again."
"I'm sorry. You have not passed."
We have a request for Seo Young Eun's
"These Rotten Words."
Oh no, please be strong.
Honestly, aren't the words "be strong"
very rotten as well?
Does anyone actually feel stronger
when they hear it?
But then there is nothing else
that anyone can say.
Isn't that true?
Goodness, the reaction time is slow.
Today Producer Kim has personal issues,
so we have a fill-in.
But he's been staring off into space
and looking elsewhere.
Of course I understand that it's awkward
and you're in awe to be here with me.
I'm sure you're nervous
and your heart is probably beating fast.
Still, you shouldn't be looking off
somewhere else.
Look at me. Look at me.
Because of a sad story with a woman.
She is a very precise woman. Yes
The same spot multiple times.
Don't even bring it up.
That's why I had liked her.
That's why she gives me no opening.
Well, what can you do?
If you like her that much,
you have to change her mind somehow.
I thought that alcohol was
my companion in life.
She beat out alcohol.
When she said she liked someone else
I wanted to stick my finger
down my throat
and vomit all the alcohol I ever had.
I wanted to turn back time.
That could happen.
I've realized that as I've lived life.
You think you'll have another chance
and another chance.
"She is the one."
"This is for real."
You only feel that sure about something
a few times.
That's what I'm saying.
If I knew earlier,
I would have been good to her.
But she doesn't sound
like she's that strange.
Wow, these days for me
Oh! CP, you have some
women problems too.
But I thought you were married
Ah, I was married before.
Of all the people I've seen,
I've never met anyone so weird.
If someone saw us,
they'd think I was the team rookie.
She's always ordering me around.
Then late one night,
she brought me some kimchi.
One day, she looks at me
with these scary eyes.
Then one day, she looks at me like
I'm the scary person.
What do you think that's about?
Why do you even ask?
She obviously likes you.
"Do you like me?"
That's not the question.
"Tell me you like me too."
- That's what she's saying.
- That's right!
That's why I'm going crazy because
I don't understand it.
She's pretty and she's a good worker.
She's friends with Haeng Ah
and they're the same age.
So why is she doing that to me? Huh?
I was thinking about it in
the company dorm room.
I was wondering if this was
a large-scale hidden camera joke.
- Company dorm?
- That's where I live.
You live in the company dorm?
It's a bit odd, right?
But what can I do?
I have no house right now.
Is Haeng Ah's friend's name Tae Hee,
by any chance?
How do you know that?
Aren't we cutting to commercial?
Excuse me. Excuse me, Mister.
Just because Producer Kim is not here
doesn't mean she's quitting the station.
She's away because
her family is not well.
Though you're a temporary fill-in,
it's obvious you don't want to be here.
Oh! Producer Kim is here!
Everyone, Producer Kim is here.
- Aren't you playing the commercials?
- Oh!
Why did you come in?
We just needed to finish up.
I wanted to finish up at least.
I'm sorry to keep doing this.
That's fine.
Just see me before you leave.
- Okay.
- Is your aunt doing better?
- Yeah.
- What's wrong with her?
She's just not feeling well
and keeps asking for me.
Be strong.
Should I sign something for her?
Is this going to be okay?
Filling in for you can be
just once or twice.
I was going to talk to you about it.
I think I need to take leave.
I brought this up because I knew
you'd say this.
Hey, this is a long battle.
You can't throw away your life.
I can take care of the broadcasts
for you if you want.
You don't need to be sorry at all.
Your team is full of weird people,
so I like it and it's interesting.
Rather than sitting alone in my room,
time passes faster for me in the booth.
However, make me a promise.
Eat some food, would you?
Put some makeup on your face too.
And I know it may make you feel anxious,
but leave her with a nurse when you can.
They say there are no dutiful children
with long illnesses and it's not bad.
That's just how hard it is
dealing with illness.
I'm telling you from experience.
- Okay.
- All right, then.
Let's go! Oh, you scared me.
What do you want?
I'll give you a ride.
Oh, I can take a taxi.
You should go before she says something.
- Okay.
- Go, go.
Let go. Our bones are bumping.
I'm going to do this all the way home.
Did you eat?
I ate, of course.
Then be quiet. I'm too tired.
What are you doing here?
What else would I be doing?
I don't know.
It was a hard day today, wasn't it?
No, I don't even do much at work lately.
Everyone helps me so much.
I'm grateful to everyone.
I'm blessed by the people around me.
What about dinner? Did you eat?
You're maybe the seventh
or eighth person to ask me that today.
- I'm really grateful to them for that.
- Yeah.
Have you seen that video?
There's a man who proposes
to his wife every day.
He has Alzheimer's too,
but it's a bit different than Aunt's.
It happened to him after a stroke,
so it's vascular.
You know about stuff like that?
Of course, all I do is search things
like that when Aunt is sleeping.
Anyway, that man only remembers up
to the time he was dating his wife.
He remembers asking her to go
to Lake Baikal
and his wife's name
and that he really loves her.
That's all he remembers clearly.
So he looks at the map every day
and says he's going to go there.
And he calls out his wife's name
every day and asks her to marry him.
And tells her that he loves her.
Haeng Ah.
Let's get married.
Like that?
Just like that.
Haeng Ah.
I love you.
Like that?
Just like that.
Every day.
I hope Aunt returns to memories that
were not hard times for her.
Don't you think that's what Mom is doing
right now?
Erasing what was the hardest first
I wanted the three of us
to go on a vacation.
- We can go.
- Should we?
When should we go?
Should we go tomorrow?
Let's do that.
Where should we go?
Where do you want to go?
Should we really throw the dart?
We can do that.
Haeng Ah.
What is Haeng Ah doing?
Why isn't she coming?
I'm calling her now. Hold on.
Where is Haeng Ah? Where is she?
Haeng Ah, Sun Young says she needs
to find someone right now.
Huh? Okay, one second.
Yeah, Haeng Ah.
It's a white background and there are
black polka-dot patterns.
Aunt, can you tell me
more specific details?
Yeah, so the person
wearing that dress
That person is a doctor?
At the hospital you worked at?
She's in Respiratory Internal Medicine.
Respiratory Internal Medicine.
Do you not know her name?
Do you know how old she is?
Just calm down, Aunt.
I'll call you once I look into it.
Oh, I
What is it?
Oh, go. Yeah, just go!
I need to go up
to the director's office.
What would you have done without me?
Just get going and don't come in.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that like we're strangers.
I'll feel bad.
Go on now.
- Oh, Joon Su. I
- Please get going.
- Let's talk later.
- I'll tell everyone.
Don't worry about us. Fighting!
[Haeng Ah]
Doctor, your 5:00 pm appointment
arrived a bit early.
Okay, I'll be right there.
[Seok Jun]
What can I do? I can't make it.
I have to fill in for Kim Haeng Ah.
Where's Haeng Ah?
Oh, she's so busy lately.
It's not just that.
She's getting paper-thin lately.
She's going to go extinct.
Once you start work next week,
you'll be too busy and have no time.
I won't be able to see you.
What are you doing tomorrow?
[Haeng Ah]
Excuse me.
By any chance, in the
Respiratory Internal Medicine Department
is there a woman with a white dress with
a black polka-dot pattern on it?
- Do you know her?
- What?
Maybe a doctor or a nurse?
Or she could be
a patient's family member.
Have you seen someone like that?
I know this sounds odd.
It's a little hard for us
if you just tell us that
I'm sorry, but we're kind of busy now.
He has a high fever.
Are you okay? Wake up.
What should I do?
Can you hear your phone?
Help me, Doctor.
Hello, do you know this woman?
Yes, okay.
[Haeng Ah]
Is this going to be the last time
that this happens?
If this is the beginning
[Aunt Sun Young]
Haeng Ah, why didn't you get the phone?
Where are you right now?
Why don't you listen to me?
Where are you?
Don't open your eyes.
Close your eyes.
You're still in the hospital.
I can look at the floor and walk.
I was looking for something before,
so I was looking around.
This is the ER.
There's blood by the exit.
Sorry, but can you help me to the exit?
Take me
out of this place.
Let's go. Close your eyes.
Do you know who Aunt knows who has
a white dress with black polka dots?
She says she is at the hospital.
It's too much for me.
The dress that Mom loved so much
What are you going to do with this?
Oh, that!
Don't touch that. Leave it.
It was Mom's wedding dress, of sorts.
The person Mom wanted to see so badly
was her own self
on a happy day.
If that is the situation,
I'm worried about Haeng Ah.
I'll have to take care of it.
Don't you think she feels the same way?
The burden that you both carry
is probably no joke.
Will Haeng Ah be okay to do all that?
I'll try to take care of it.
One illness is making hardship
for so many people.
I wonder if this is
the right thing to do.
She studied until her nose bled
because she didn't want
the school to call her parents.
Even if a senior bothered her,
she endured it without a word.
I never saw her let go and play
even once during college.
She studied like crazy because she
didn't want to be an unemployed burden.
She paid back all her student loans.
She moved out of my place
and got her own.
It's only been a few years.
Can you let Haeng Ah
have some peace now?
Can't you let her go?
Whether she's lying in a ditch
on the street or not
can't you throw her away and go?
Take me out of this place.
Unless you're holding onto Haeng Ah
so you will both be hurting
I'm not holding onto Haeng Ah
so we will both be hurting.
Unless you're loving her
so you can cry with her
I'm not loving Haeng Ah in order
to cry with her.
I'll be the one to be with her.
If she needs someone to cry with,
I'll cry with her.
If she is sick, I'll be sick with her.
Whatever it is, I'll do it with her.
Why does Haeng Ah have to do that?
What if you let go first
and completely disappeared?
I'm sure Haeng Ah would cry at first.
But soon she will be better.
People want to be together forever,
but they all break up.
They say they will never
forget each other.
But they all forget and move on.
They say they will never feel
this way again.
However, they all come
to love someone new.
I would like it if
that person could be me.
Even if it isn't
Haeng Ah deserves complete happiness.
I'd like it if she had that
at least once in her life.
It's your birthday the day after
tomorrow. What are your plans?
I'll probably be working.
Something really, really, really
urgent came up.
At this hour?
- You're going?
- You have a boyfriend, don't you?
I'm going now!
If you promise to do this favor
for Uncle, I'll buy that for you.
A remote-controlled car.
Ri Hwan, I'm going to trust you.
Are you sure you're not cold?
You used to get a cold every winter
when you were young.
Did I?
That house was too cold, right?
Which house?
That building behind the hospital.
The room next to that building.
The wallpaper had wings.
- Wings on
- Butterflies?
You were sad that day
because it was cold, weren't you?
No, it wasn't cold.
The wallpaper was coming off
the ceiling, so it was dry there.
I tried to put it on by standing on
a chair, but I couldn't reach it.
You know, right by the front entrance.
- Mom.
- Yes?
I am
not going to see Haeng Ah anymore.
I haven't see Haeng Ah
in a long time either.
You can live without her, right?
Why would I look for her?
You can't forget that.
Is Haeng Ah coming? Here?
Haeng Ah is gone.
She's not anywhere anymore.
She has gone far away.
Where did she go?
She's far away.
Ri Hwan, why do you look
like you're about to cry?
What is it?
Remember you had those goldfish before?
One was small and one was big.
The big one died first, so I secretly
bought one and put it in the bowl.
You told me that.
As soon as you saw it,
you said this isn't that fish.
So I said
Ri Hwan.
Is it true? You're not coming anymore?
Be well.
Don't go out drinking and staying out
late just because you're an adult now.
Ri Hwan.
Be obedient to them.
Call them "Dad" and "Mom."
Don't be that way.
You can come by when Haeng Ah is
not around. I'll contact you.
Be well.
Ri Hwan!
Ri Hwan!
Do you want me to go with you?
It's okay.
You have to come back home alone after.
It will be okay.
I don't think you're the answer.
When you don't have the answer, you have
to erase the most wrong solution.
That's why I'm erasing myself first.
Be well, for Haeng Ah's sake.
Why are you here?
- Put your coat on.
- Aren't we leaving soon?
Tae Hee said she'd wait in the car.
Put it on. It's cold.
You don't have to go into the hospital.
He's willing to meet you outside.
Make sure to get treatment diligently.
Yeah, but I don't know about right away.
Call him tomorrow.
I'll call once Aunt is more stable.
Promise me. Call him tomorrow.
I don't know what will happen
to Aunt tomorrow.
Promise me.
You will call, right?
Now, listen to what I'm about to say.
I've moved your stuff
back into your old apartment.
Is something going on with Aunt?
Did she find out I'm on the third floor
and get upset?
You don't need to know.
Weren't you with her all day today?
I thought she remembered you today.
You don't need to know any of that now.
And you won't know anything
in the future.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Both Mom and I
Just think of us as dead.
You just live your life on your own.
Is something wrong with Aunt?
By any chance, did she make
another attempt to
I thought we got rid of all the pills.
Even if something happens,
even if that had happened
you shouldn't be concerned
with it anymore.
She's not your mom.
She's not even your real aunt.
I don't understand what you're saying.
You were right about everything.
I can't leave Mom behind
and hold onto you.
The whole world is telling us
to break up.
You were right that we shouldn't do this
because we like each other.
let's stop now.
That's not what you're saying though.
You're saying that
you won't see me at all.
There's no such thing as
breaking up halfway.
No, don't do this.
Wherever you go,
I won't be there.
Whoever you meet, I won't meet them.
I already said my goodbyes
at the restaurant.
It's because you really were born like
my little sister.
So that this doesn't happen.
I said I don't know what you're saying.
I'm going now.
No, I don't want this.
Don't follow me.
Don't come.
Don't come here.
Are you stupid?
I told you not to come closer.
I'm sorry, Uncle.
It's all right.
My Ri Hwan.
[Haeng Ah, I Love You]
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