Bubblegum (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

[Fall 1989]
Dad, I need the bathroom.
[Episode 11]
Don't be startled. It's just my daughter.
Dad, did you buy me a little brother?
I told you it's too expensive
to buy a little brother.
Dad, why is he so pasty white?
I'm not sure.
Ri Hwan must take after his mom.
He has a mom?
I have a mom.
Then do you have a dad?
No, I don't have one.
I have one.
- Do you want to switch?
- Kim Haeng Ah, that's a bit much.
- How can you trade me like that?
- I don't want to!
If you respond like that,
how would that make me look?
Why? Because my dad's ugly?
Kim Haeng Ah! I'm disappointed in you.
I have to protect my mom.
Is Ri Hwan coming tomorrow too?
I told you he's coming every day
from now on.
You remember the woman who came
to the store and said
"Wow, you look just like your mom."
Yes. What about her?
That woman is something
called a resident.
She needs to finish her studies
to become a doctor.
So while she is at the hospital,
Ri Hwan will be at our store.
Okay, lie down now.
Get in now.
All right.
Well, I told you that she was the one
who helped your mom and dad meet.
When your dad was in college,
she was a club junior of mine.
A junior is basically like a
little sister.
- Little sister?
- Yes.
One day, someone came to the club room
looking for that woman, Sun Young.
And she was so, so pretty.
So I begged Sun Young for
an introduction.
That woman was your mom.
Mom and Dad fell in love, got married,
and had you, Haeng Ah.
And Haeng Ah
grew up beautifully, like this.
The kids are playing very well.
When it was just one,
I had to play with her.
Now that there are two,
they play with each other so it's easier.
Yeah, don't worry. Okay.
It stinks!
This is my dad's poo.
Ah, it smells!
What's so funny?
Let me in on it too.
- It's poo.
- It smells so bad.
Yeah, laughing is good.
Ri Hwan. I think your mom will be
very late today.
- Do you want to sleep over again?
- Yes!
Then let's get your bag packed
and go over to Uncle's house.
Haeng Ah, you get your bag too.
I'll get my poo ready too.
Gosh, it stinks!
I'm so relieved you two have each other.
I think you might wake him up.
Why not just leave him here tonight?
How can I do that every night?
Besides, he's insisting on living here
We can let him live here then.
Don't they fight a lot?
Kids grow up while fighting.
So they do fight a lot.
They fight just a little bit.
I think we can send the kids
off to college tomorrow.
Ri Hwan will be good at his studies
if he takes after you.
If Haeng Ah takes after you
she'll have a good personality.
- Where's my dad?
- The pharmacy.
- You're hurt.
- Oh!
- What's wrong with your socks?
- Oh!
- Did you by chance
- I didn't go on the trampoline.
You went on the trampoline!
- Oh
- So you did go on the trampoline!
Sol Mi asked me to go on it.
Do you go on it with anyone who asks?
It was only the one time.
Even when I was on it,
I thought of you the whole time.
I don't want to hear it. Get out!
But this is my house.
So what? I said get out, right now!
What are you doing out here?
Haeng Ah told me to get out.
You told her that you played
with Sol Mi.
Why would you tell her that?
You should've kept it to yourself.
Why, you ask?
We promised to tell each other
Is this Sol Mi's?
No, I'm going to give this to Haeng Ah.
Where did you get it?
It belongs to my mom.
Did you steal it from your mom?
No. I just took it from my mom.
That's stealing
That's strange.
A thief wouldn't just take the bracelet.
Your mother told me to bring this
to you, Miss.
This needs to go inside the fridge
right away.
Yes, come in.
- You know
- Yes?
Can't you just call me "Sun Young" now?
Oh, how could I do that?
If your father found out,
I'd get in trouble.
He kicked me out of the house though.
Those are only words.
He probably even knows that I'm here.
Senior, I was just about to go pick up
Ri Hwan.
Is he very hurt?
One more.
I'm done. You can get dressed.
Will he be all right?
The wound is not deep.
Pull yourself together now, would you?
If you're going to wield a knife,
use it on pork and beef in the kitchen.
I'll pay you a wage.
What should I do?
He needs to get the bandages changed.
I'm working all night tomorrow.
I'll do it. I know how.
- Hello, I'm someone who works
- She is my friend.
She was at my house
and came with me when we got the call.
- I'll go to the kids now.
- Okay.
Why don't you let them sleep
at my place tonight?
Did they not fight today?
They fought about who would be
the younger sibling.
In the end, they decided they needed
to get a new baby.
Oh my!
Where do babies come from?
Oh, that well
Two people need to have
a good relationship.
And spend a sweet time with one another.
Is there a baby?
I don't know.
I think I'm going to vomit.
How about you?
Me too.
How are babies made?
Baby? Well
If two people have a drink together
Do you have a baby?
I'm not sure.
I think I'm going to throw up again.
And you?
Me too.
An adult male has something called
sperm in his body.
It is released through a certain type
of stimulation.
It then enters an adult female's body.
Once it meets the egg,
fertilization occurs.
The fertilized egg then needs to
implant itself in the uterus.
The cell segmentation will begin.
- The fertilized egg with cells
- Let's get out of here.
I'll be in the hospital.
Have fun playing!
Sometimes, I don't know
what Aunt is saying.
It's probably because it's in English.
English is usually like that.
Should we try drinking more yogurt?
What about Uncle?
No, my dad doesn't know that stuff
very well.
You know if you grow up this tall?
Then you'll find out automatically.
Get out.
Get out.
This is why you guys are still being
called little children!
Watch closely!
I'm only explaining this once.
You have to do this here.
Do this here.
Do you get it now?
Make sure to take your lunch!
I have mine!
I'm taking mine.
Hope Song Request.
I'll be taking all of your song requests
and playing them for you.
[Maeng Woo Bin]
Have you guys seen something like this?
It's called "The Secret of the
Red Billiard Ball."
Suddenly, this woman starts to
Hey, you should have told us
you had this.
Give it back. My dad rented that
so I have to put it back later.
Give it back!
- Let's watch it together.
- Come on.
You scared me!
Are you here again?
Give me your gym uniform.
We just had gym class,
so it's dirty.
I don't care. I like it dirty.
An anonymous request from class 2-5,
student "Haeng Bok."
- That's you.
- It's not me.
"Park Ri Hwan in class 2-4,
I like you so much."
"Please accept my feelings."
"This is the song I want to play
for you"
It's not me!
Kim Haeng Ah, did you just confess
your feelings to Ri Hwan?
Maeng Woo Bin, it was you. Wasn't it?
You sent that, didn't you?
Have you ever seen me write before?
Hey, everyone knows you two are
a married couple anyway.
I said it's not me.
It's really not me.
Hey, let's go to the school station
I'm going to compare the writing to
all the students' and find the culprit.
Let's go now.
- Forget it.
- Oh, Ri Hwan!
I'm not interested.
It's really not me!
I don't even know that song.
Hey, are you Park Ri Hwan's girl?
No, I'm not!
I don't know who did it,
but I'll kill the person, whoever it is.
Congratulations. You finally got here.
What do you mean, congratulations?
I'm years behind others.
You're done catching up now.
Do you think so?
You face looks good these days.
Are you dating, Doctor Park?
And here I am getting a divorce.
It's good times for you.
I think so.
I think I'm almost there now.
[Park Ri Hwan, Jung Ji Hyun]
"Hi, Park Ri Hwan. I'm Jung Ji Hyun."
- "I don't know if you remember me."
- Give it to me.
"The first time I saw you
and your similarity to Ahn So Ni"
"I felt my heart beat faster."
Give it back before I get angry.
I can catch you with just two steps.
"I thought that long-haired, ugly girl
you were with was your girlfriend."
"And I was really disappointed"
Is she referring to me?
If you're with me,
long-haired, and ugly
who else could it be?
Jung Ji Hyun?
This is from Ri Hwan. It's his reply.
What is that?
What? What is this?
"This letter originally started in
England and makes one cycle in a year."
Hey! Did you send a chain letter
to a girl?
"I thought that long-haired, ugly girl
you were with was your girlfriend."
"And I was really disappointed"
Is she referring to me?
Gosh, gosh!
Hong Jung Woo, Hong Jung Woo,
Hong Jung Woo!
Hong Jung Woo, Hong Jung Woo!
Let's go, Hong Jung Woo!
You're so handsome, Hong Jung Woo!
You're the best, Hong Jung Woo!
You did this, didn't you?
What is that?
You got Woo Bin to do it.
- I didn't do it.
- This isn't your writing?
I've seen your writing since you started
writing and you're saying it isn't?
That's right. It isn't.
I changed my writing recently.
Yesterday, you borrowed my book and your
doodling in it is in this writing.
So what?
You made Woo Bin come to my setup
and interrupt it.
What kind of a middle school student
goes on a setup with a high schooler?
What's it to you?
- Are you my older brother?
- Then am I your older sister?
Gosh, I'm so tired of this.
How long are you going to keep this up?
Are the kids still fighting?
I guess so.
They really are too much.
When is puberty going to end?
Don't you think they will be like
that forever?
What brings you by today suddenly?
Just because.
You don't have any reason to come to
the hospital.
Can't I come by?
Who says you can't?
You can live here if you want.
Can I really do that?
I was kidding.
I've made you wait too long, haven't I?
I've already waited long anyhow.
And you're going to live
a long, long time.
Yes, we have many days ahead of us.
Once the kids grow up
and I get things a bit
But you are telling me to wait, right?
You're not telling me that I shouldn't
wait, right?
Aunt, Ri Hwan's driving me crazy!
Why is he such a nag?
Uncle, do you know what she gave
to the girl I like?
I told you I didn't do it.
Woo Bin gave it to her.
You told Woo Bin to do it.
Do you have proof? Do you have any proof?
You're so stupid. Liking a girl
who acts like she's so pure.
What about you?
Why do you like that slimy guy?
You created such a fuss
on the basketball court.
Is he Cha In Pyo or something?
Why is he wagging his finger?
Don't talk about my brother Jung Woo
like that.
Why do you call him "brother"?
Are you part of the Hong family?
- Uncle, she must have changed her name.
- You two, get out.
Get out and come in
once you're done fighting.
Can't you see your mom is eating?
You're creating a scene.
I'm going to eat too.
This is my seat.
Sit here.
Aunt, Ri Hwan has really bad taste
in women.
He'll bring home
someone really strange later.
Sure, you wait and see.
See who I bring home later.
Why would I wait and see?
I have no interest at all.
This is your first message.
I'll be back.
- Senior.
- It's your lunch time, isn't it?
Yes, but I have to get back soon.
How much time do you have?
30 minutes.
That's more than enough.
Let's do the full course.
- What are you doing?
- Hold on.
Excuse me.
Can I borrow this for two minutes?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Okay, sit down.
- What?
- One minute has passed. Just sit.
All right. We're off now!
What are we doing?
Senior, be careful. Oh, it's scary!
- Hold on tight.
- That's enough now!
We've arrived now. You can get off.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
We've gone for a drive,
so let's go for a meal now.
Senior, what are we doing?
Let's go!
I'll choose the menu.
It'll be fish, okay?
Do you have your wallet?
Just run then.
- Senior.
- Run, just run.
Run fast! Run!
They sure know how to have fun
for older folks.
- Oh!
- Oh no. Is it hot?
No, don't worry about it.
What's next?
We're really taking a picture?
You know what you asked before?
Whether I was asking you to wait.
Look straight ahead.
People will think I'm very rich
if I'm with you.
No matter who you ask,
it's strange that you like me.
Even when we were in school,
I thought you were joking until the end.
Honestly, I may live diligently
and have a good personality.
I cook well and I can make you laugh.
I'm surprisingly popular.
Without those things, what do I have?
I'm very sorry
and I feel shameless.
I understand what you're saying.
Wait for me a little longer.
Once the kids grow past puberty
and the store becomes more stable.
It won't take more than a year.
Maybe 11 months and 28 days.
I will!
Thank you.
Thank you.
I like those expressions.
Just like that, look straight ahead.
We're right on time.
I told you we would be.
We went for a drive, had a meal
and coffee, and took a picture.
I'm sorry.
A flower.
A chrysanthemum?
It's still pretty.
I'll head back in now.
Sun Young.
Let's shake hands.
The first man I loved
already left me once long ago.
When I carefully approached
that empty spot by his side
he left me once again.
It was the same disease that took away
the one he loved.
Like a puzzle that came undone,
everything fell apart.
100 joules.
200 joules.
Charge. Clear.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven
It's too bad for Doctor Park.
She put in a lot of effort.
I feel bad for his daughter too.
I hear she has no mother.
Can this happen suddenly like this?
You're right.
It's not like he was drinking.
He wouldn't have been drinking.
Are you going somewhere?
To my aunt's house.
Where is that?
I don't know where. It's far.
Is Haeng Ah really going to
the country?
You came here to ask that?
I asked you if it's real.
- Yes.
- Why?
Can't she live with us in our house?
She has her own relatives.
How can she live with us?
I had relatives too,
but I lived at Haeng Ah's house before.
Her aunt wants to take her.
She doesn't even know that aunt's face.
Ri Hwan, I have to work.
It's because of me that Uncle
We had a drink together.
How many times have I told you
that's now why? That's not why!
I made a promise to Uncle.
I said I'd protect her.
Haeng Ah has no friends there, or aunt,
or uncle, or me.
How can she live there alone?
Once the kids grow past puberty
and the store becomes more stable.
It won't take more than a year.
Maybe 11 months and 28 days.
I will!
She'll live. She can live.
She has to live even if people don't
keep their promises.
We said that too.
We said we'll keep Haeng Ah here.
But her aunt said she'll take her.
You can say that she can't!
Say that it's better for her to be here
than with an aunt she doesn't know.
Think of the aunt's perspective.
She does have relatives.
She must find it uncomfortable to leave
Haeng Ah with complete strangers.
What is a relative?
Haeng Ah and I lived here together.
Then we are relatives too.
I'll try to talk to your mom again.
Uncle and I really don't want to send
Haeng Ah away.
[Seoul to Namhae]
Call us when you meet your aunt.
Yes. Okay.
Ri Hwan. You're not saying goodbye?
Thank you.
Go on now.
Make sure to eat well.
Listen to your aunt.
Call often, okay?
If you're going to be so picky,
I'll get my prescription somewhere else.
At the state you're in,
no doctor will give you what you want.
It's wrong if they do.
Sit. Let's talk.
I got rid of everything.
But the empty spot keeps speaking to me.
It's because of that.
I got rid of the picture.
The spot where the picture was says,
"This was where the picture was."
It speaks to me.
Do you feel guilty for
sending that child far away?
I throw the picture in the garbage
and take it out twelve times a day.
If Haeng Ah were with me,
I'd do the same to her.
I'd throw her out and take her back in,
at least, twelve times a day.
I'd hate her and then feel sorry for her.
I'll give you a prescription to last you
two days. Come back.
I told you I can't sleep at all!
Senior, don't you trust me?
You should know from your studies how
irrational a person's brain can be.
A brain doesn't always consider
how to stay alive.
It may prioritize how to end
the suffering.
Take some time off.
- I'll report you unable to work.
- Take a break?
You want me to do nothing at home
and go insane?
I told you that
things are speaking to me.
This is the spot where that picture was.
This is the chair where we sat together.
This is the phone I used
when we had that conversation.
This is the doorway where he was
smiling in that way.
Everything in that house is speaking
to me all day long.
You want me to stay in that house
all day alone?
An essay is a form of writing where
one can really show their character.
With poems and novels,
the writer's history and life
You have to pour me a shot now.
With two hands. That's right.
Ri Hwan, you're all grown up.
I can trust you now.
Of course.
If Haeng Ah takes after me
and drinks when she grows up
you have to be by her side
and pat her on the back.
And get her home safely
so that strange guys don't get to her.
All right?
I'll see.
If you promise to listen to Uncle,
I'll buy you that thing.
A remote-controlled car.
Oh, I don't need it.
Ri Hwan.
I'm going to trust you.
Please do me this favor.
Please do me this favor.
Ri Hwan, I'm going to trust you.
Please do me this favor.
Please do me this favor.
Kim Haeng Ah.
How did you get here?
Wipe your face.
I came to give you this.
You came all the way here
to give me this?
You can't sleep unless you listen
to the radio.
There's a tape I made inside too.
Uncle's store is opening again on Monday.
Really? That's great.
Everyone is doing well, right?
How is Aunt doing?
And how are Uncle Gangster
and Aunt Princess?
And Woo Bin?
They are all the same.
Do you want something? Like juice?
Come in.
No. I should go.
Now? You're going to go?
I can't miss the bus.
Hey, Kim Haeng
Are you
Have you been
This whole time, were you
Uncle, it's me.
I'm in Namhae right now.
I'm with Haeng Ah.
Can you come to the bus terminal later
and pick up Haeng Ah?
From now on, I will feed Haeng Ah.
You give her a place to sleep.
While you were so busy becoming a doctor,
who was the one who raised Ri Hwan?
Both you and I
have a lot of debts to Joon Hyuk.
Come in.
You can listen to this
if you can't sleep.
I was already listening.
It's the one you gave me.
Oh, there's soda in the fridge.
- You want some?
- It's okay.
You can come in
if you have something to say.
What will you do about school?
Uncle said he'll look into it tomorrow.
Maeng Woo Bin is dating Jung Ji Hyun,
did you know?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Also, the Korean teacher and gym teacher
are getting married.
- Really?
- Yeah.
The gym teacher proposed
during morning announcements.
The kids were all just throwing up.
The store was the same when you went,
wasn't it?
Uncle said they're going to keep things
the same if they can.
By the way
Aunt doesn't know that you came
to Namhae, does she?
I'll tell her later.
I think she'll get more mad
if she finds out later.
I'll take care of it.
Also, our school lockers are all
brand new.
Taeyang Group replaced them all.
They're the long ones
where you can hang your uniforms.
What are you doing in here, Ri Hwan?
Why are you sleeping here?
You have your own room.
Yes, Mom.
They are only in junior high.
No, never!
If something like that ever happens
between them
I'll send Haeng Ah away.
I'll throw her out if I have to.
I don't know.
I'll think about it when the time comes.
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I have nowhere to go.
Get up.
Let's go home.
Don't go if you don't want to.
Let's stay here together.
You scared me.
Why did you close that?
Who studies the day
before the school trip?
I'm not smart like you, so I have to.
Let's go home.
I'm going to study more.
You can do it at home.
Why are you doing it here in the dark?
I like studying in dark places.
Then go ahead.
Stop it! Seriously, Park Ri Hwan.
I don't like it dark like this.
So, let's just go home.
- Give me my dictionary.
- No.
Give it to me. It's mine.
I'm going to hold it.
I already put it in my bag.
I don't want to bother taking it out.
Give it to me.
I'll give it to you when we get home.
Give it back!
You can try to take it from me.
I'm better at running than you.
Where is Park Ri Hwan?
Something has happened at home.
Get your bag and go.
They say your mom is fine.
Don't worry too much.
She just couldn't sleep at all.
She only meant to take a few more pills.
That's not it.
She has me.
So, why?
Sun Young
Things must have been so difficult
for her.
So she must have wanted to sleep.
Try to understand your mom,
okay, Ri Hwan?
Young lady. Young lady.
- Are you okay?
- Kim Haeng Ah!
Kim Haeng Ah!
Haeng Ah.
Haeng Ah.
Kim Haeng Ah.
Haeng Ah.
Are you okay?
This happens to you
whenever you go to big hospitals?
Ever since what happened to your aunt?
Have you spoken to your aunt?
This is what they call a phobia.
You need to get treatment
before it gets any worse.
Why don't I try meeting your aunt?
No. You can't do that.
Do you have other relatives
or another adult I could talk to?
How can the class president suddenly say
he's not going on the graduation trip?
At the beginning of the semester,
you didn't attend due to family issues.
I just didn't want to go.
Is it that you can't sleep outside
or go to the bathroom outdoors?
Something like that?
Or should I speak to your mother?
No! You can't do that.
Tell me.
If I know what it's about,
I will help you.
I'm worried that when I get home,
my mom will be asleep.
And that she won't be breathing.
This time I have an anonymous
young lady in Seoul.
She'd like to be called "Pebble Girl."
"Lately, I get the feeling that I am like
a pebble in the shoe of someone I know."
You do, do you?
You should not think this way.
If that person truly only found you
tiresome and hateful
they would have shaken their shoe
and thrown you out long ago.
Don't you agree?
Children are normally afraid of
big things and strong things.
However, adults feel afraid when they
see small and weak things.
When children see baby chicks being sold
on the street, they beg adults to buy it.
Adults cannot make the decision to do so.
The reason is because they know just
how weak those baby chicks are.
They don't have the confidence to raise
those baby chicks very well.
"No, you can't have one. Let's go."
Adults may reject coldly,
but it's not hate behind that rejection.
It could be fear behind it.
It would be so great if "Pebble Girl"
could understand that.
This is N.EX.T's "Fly Baby Chick."
This was requested by Kim Joon Hee in
Eunpyungu and Kim Sang Gyo in Gwangjingu.
You sleep well too.
You too.
Are you okay?
What do you think you're doing?
Don't you have eyes?
Why do you drive like that?
This is a crosswalk!
Your daughter came out of nowhere.
You call that an excuse?
It's a green light for her
and this is a crosswalk.
What would you have done
if this child got hurt?
Aunt. I'm okay.
Why did you jump out like that?
What if you had gotten hurt?
Who am I that you'd jump out like that?
Why are you so happy to see me?
Let's go. Everyone will be waiting.
You're arriving together.
Ri Hwan arrived earlier.
He's on the second floor.
Uncle made all his favorite foods because
it's the first anniversary of his death.
Aunt, I'm going to go upstairs.
Go sit down.
Though I wanted to throw it away,
in the end I could not.
Why did I want something like that
so much?
Because I didn't have it
and because it's something I lost.
Why did I believe that
I had gotten it all back?
I like those expressions.
Just like that, look straight ahead.
Just one day.
My memory of being happy.
Who am I that you'd jump out like that?
Why are you so happy to see me?
The one time my honesty exploded out.
The touch of one person.
The reason I wanted to live.
And that one person
who would never let go.
Those things alone make life complete.
As my memories started to fade, things
were starting to get clear for me.
I heard coffee was not good for you.
I'm not going to give it to you anymore.
I made this here.
I thought it might smell like onions
if I used the mixer.
I blended it by hand.
Drink it all.
They say tomatoes are good for you.
You are very pretty.
What's your name?
I told you yesterday
Just like the day before,
and yesterday, and today.
my name has been the same.
I'm Dong Hwa.
Like the fairytale book. Dong Hwa.
Even your name is pretty.
You are pretty too.
I thought you were like
Cinderella's stepmother before.
You are pretty.
Oh yeah? Thanks.
[Memories Before Love]
I made a promise to Uncle.
I said I'd protect her.
Just for one day.
My memory of being happy.
I'd like it if you liked it.
Tell me. I might not remember tomorrow.
What difficulties have I caused you
because of my selfishness?
What else is there?
"What was I doing while dating you that
I kept all of that inside?"
"I won't even be able to forget you."
As my memories started to fade,
things were staring to get clear for me.
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