Bubblegum (2015) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

[Episode 12]
You should consult another hospital.
It's not an issue with the amputation
or the artificial limb.
He is feeling pain in a limb
that is already gone.
So his pain is a hallucination?
Is that correct?
Like a mental illness?
You could say that.
However, it is believed in Eastern
medicine that emotions have energy.
Though one wishes to see it,
he cannot.
One wishes to get angry,
but he cannot.
Then a problem can arise in the body.
In your father's case,
the limb is no longer there.
His mind just cannot accept it.
That is why he is feeling pain.
If he is not actually sick,
medicine would be of no use.
Some medicines could help.
Also, you said you keep him covered
with a blanket.
You could take the blanket off
in a natural way.
Showing him his amputated leg
will help him.
And tell him often
so that he can accept the fact.
It's no longer here. It is gone.
But you are still fine.
You won't be in pain anymore.
Don't be in pain anymore.
Send the patients to my room.
Do you remember that time?
There are times you want to ask that.
Suddenly, one day,
when you recall a vivid scene
and you want to talk about that day
with someone.
No matter how much you think about it
there's only one person in the world
you can talk about it with.
Do you remember that time?
Late that night,
when we wandered the streets aimlessly.
Were we thirsty or hungry?
We went into the store.
We emptied our pockets,
but we only had a few coins.
We were both wearing sweatpants.
Stop drinking it!
I paid for 200 won of it.
I left some. Don't worry.
- You're a bum.
- What about you?
Now we only have 100 won
between the two of us.
100 won? We don't even have 1 won.
You should've brought your wallet.
Why didn't you bring your wallet?
- I want some red bean fish cake.
- Me too.
I'm hungry.
Maybe there's some money on the ground.
Let's look.
Yes, let's look!
You're actually looking! You fool!
You say that, but I know you're
looking with your eyes.
Give me 1,000 won, please.
Say, "Give it to me, big brother."
Why are you being like this, Mister!
Say "Give it to me, big brother."
I feel dirty about this!
Give it to me, big brother.
- Bow to me, right now.
- Hey!
Thank you.
All right.
- Are you happy?
- I am.
Give me a bite.
I don't want to.
Just give me one bite.
I bought you three.
Am I a monkey or something?
How cute. Let's go.
Hey! That hurts.
Gosh, really!
That day was like any other
out of the 365 days.
I didn't know I'd remember it
for so long.
Why did I give you all of my heart
so fearlessly?
What was I thinking storing all of that
in my heart while with you?
I won't even be able to forget it.
They must go to
the bathroom together too.
Yeah, I guess so.
Where did it go?
Here it is.
Oh! What is that?
Goodness, this will make a soft hand
too strong.
I don't mind it.
I mean my hand.
Why are you so focused on your health
these days?
You're taking herbal medicine
and vitamins and learning to drive.
Producer Kim, are you entering some sort
of a racing competition?
I probably could, right?
I'm a bit hungry after going to
the bathroom.
Should I buy you something?
Isn't there something nonfattening
I could eat?
You've been getting fattened up
with lots of insults.
My eyes feel like they're going to bleed
when I read the forums lately.
You think those insults are for me?
They're for the character in my drama.
My acting is just too darn good.
Wait a little longer.
You'll age one more year too.
I hope someone ages two years
while I age one year.
Ah, I noticed Radio Generation was giving
away kimchi fridges today.
Why don't we give gifts away like that?
If we have gifts like that,
we'd have a lot more letters coming in.
There are positives and negatives
to that.
People on blacklists change their IDs
and send stories in to win the prizes.
Also, we are a night broadcast.
There's a high chance that there will
be an overlap of stories people send in.
There is a blacklist?
They are like gift hunters.
They send in the same thing
here and there just to win the gifts.
One of them is even
a former radio writer.
There are people I really do want
to give nice gifts to.
Do you remember that female student?
The one who said she can't afford college
and went to work on entrance exam day.
She said she envies the kids
who can take the exam.
Maybe it's because I grew up so poor.
I get so mad when I read that.
Why is her family so poor?
Why is she so nice?
At least be bad at her studies then.
Why is she such a good student,
Oh my. My mic is turned off, but I'm
still being careful about my words.
You've gotten much better.
Very good.
There will be several people asking
for money per day.
And that's ten pages of
their own handwriting at that.
Can you handle it?
If I want to do everything I want to do,
how much more money do I have to earn?
Now that I think about it,
I am making money again this week.
Did I mention that I'm shooting
a commercial for Jimyung?
I don't really remember because I only
heard it four times.
Oh really? Then you can listen once more.
I'm shooting a commercial!
I'm shooting a commercial!
Go on without me.
I'm going to write the opening.
I don't think I can get up early.
The poster changed.
Since there was a restructuring.
Kang Seok Jun
he liked me so much.
We barely got to talk at all
and now he's gone.
Yeah, I know.
Oh! Hello.
What are you doing here?
You're not doing your show?
We just recorded it.
Just because you survived
the restructure, you guys record again?
Let's do a live show, please!
I requested it.
I'm on standby tomorrow
and I have to go to the shop by 4:00 a.m.
Where are you going at this hour?
Huh? I just need to meet someone.
If you sit and watch others,
don't they all look happier than you?
If I exercise in the morning sometimes,
I think everyone exercises except me.
If I go to the airport sometimes,
I think everyone travels except me.
If I come to bars after awhile,
I think everyone has fun besides me.
I think that's how they must have
been living.
Others probably look at us
and think the same thing.
"They eat and make a living.
They sure complain a lot."
I thought the same when you were
a freshman.
"Look at the rich kid who looks like
he's never suffered."
"Why are his eyes so big like that?"
- You didn't know, did you?
- Why wouldn't I know?
You said that really loudly
when we all went out to drink.
I did.
I say my thoughts out loud every now
and then sometimes.
You're glad you came out, right?
You feel like you can breathe?
It's nice.
She has someone to watch her at night.
The caretaker nurse seems like a
great person.
- Yeah.
- I'm very grateful to Yi Seul.
I looked into it too.
Finding a good caretaker nurse is harder
than finding a good doctor.
But she found a good person for us.
I'm more grateful to you.
- Because I brought you out?
- Yeah.
Let's do this every now and then.
Sleep properly on the second floor too.
- We'll see.
- Okay.
If you endure like that for a while
- Hello.
- How do you know about this place?
Tae Hee brought me here before.
- We came often.
- Oh really?
You should just drink.
If you are here alone,
let's drink together.
Oh no! I'm supposed to meet someone.
Hold on.
Hey, don't come to this place.
There's a place next door
You're already here.
How is your mother doing?
I heard you helped out a lot.
Oh, with Haeng Ah?
I didn't properly thank you.
- Thank you.
- Oh, I sat in the console a few times.
But lately whenever I see Haeng Ah
at the office, she's like
Oh, uh the ramen I had earlier is
I need to use the restroom.
I'll be going now.
- Let's go together.
- Okay.
Gosh, I came for a relaxing drink.
What kind of tense atmosphere is this?
Tell me about it.
Since things turned out this way,
should we go elsewhere?
I think we have something to discuss too.
I wish I could too,
but I'm worried about Ri Hwan.
Oh. Is he having a very difficult time?
Well, I suppose he is with his mother.
And then there's Haeng Ah.
If you agreed to disappear completely,
why would you show up here?
This is a bar
that station people frequent.
I didn't know.
I wouldn't have come if I had known.
It's a world so small that you and I
can run into each other.
- You should be careful
- Even if I run into her, it's over.
Just because you wanted the breakup,
do you think Haeng Ah has accepted it?
You really don't know anything
about Haeng Ah.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
If you're still too scared
to say Haeng Ah's name
you should be more careful.
You shouldn't intrude again because
you couldn't hide your feelings.
About what I said the last time
I hope you don't take it to heart.
There are things you need to think about
and there are things you don't.
There are things you should not
think about. Something like that.
I'm sure there's a reason for why
Tae Hee feels the way she does.
In her eyes, I think I look very pitiful.
The situation called for it.
The protective and maternal instinct
can rise up in strange instances.
That's probably why she brought me
the kimchi for no reason.
Otherwise, she should have brought
me flowers.
So that kimchi ended up there.
You know about that kimchi?
Anyway, just forget about it
and pretend you've never heard about it.
You have no intention at all?
I can't even imagine it!
Why do you bother asking?
She's so pretty and smart.
And if you get to know her,
she's very sincere.
How could I? Gosh.
I haven't given up on her yet.
- If you're curious about how she is
- No, I'm not.
- Forget it.
- She's doing well.
I have work early tomorrow.
I'll tell Haeng Ah how you are doing.
No, don't bother.
- You're sleeping on the first floor.
- Yeah.
I shouldn't have dragged you out.
No. I'm all right.
What about you?
You know me. Let's go inside.
What's with your expression?
I told a lie.
I don't think I even did it properly.
You're the same as me.
I guess it's been two years
since you moved here too.
I have to sign a new contract too.
The landlord wants to increase
the monthly rent.
- I think I have to move.
- Let's eat.
It's not lunchtime yet,
so don't lie that you ate already.
- I just got the call to come here.
- I'll wait for you.
Still, it might take some time.
Take your time.
No matter what you're doing, it seems
like you're looking at documents.
What do you want to eat?
I'll have jjamppong.
- I'll have the same.
- Okay.
I think this is the first time I had
this kind of food with you.
What did we eat together?
Not much?
We didn't eat together often.
Oh, I saw you report the news.
Everyone at work saw you
on your first broadcast.
I know you couldn't hear us,
but we all cheered for you.
I'm very thankful.
They restructured, right?
We're staying this time around.
I'll be going now.
Let's meet up like this again.
Your phone is ringing.
Let's see each other like this again.
Senior, I told you many times.
I'm not asking to return to the way
it was before.
I'm asking to go back to that moment
when I saw you here for the first time.
- Senior, your phone.
- Let's start from the very beginning.
I'll ask you for your number first.
I'll approach you first.
I won't care about who is watching us.
We'll go wherever you want.
Let's go watch the movies you like.
If you're okay with it, we don't have
to hide it from people at work.
If we were to do this again,
I think I could be good at it.
Not at the things that are urgent,
but the important things
Starting with you.
Why aren't you talking?
Didn't you know?
I've been imitating you lately.
It's spot on, right?
Have you ever thought about this?
That this could be my last chance?
When I see Haeng Ah,
I feel like my blood is finally flowing.
I don't think I would get that feeling
from anywhere else.
I do know that.
Even though all the flowers fell
I lived my life well with the thought
that spring will come again next year.
Strangely, this time
if this flower falls
I don't think spring will come again.
There are times like that.
I do wonder if this is just greed though.
Is it greed?
A passion we're not seeing clearly.
Haven't we come too far to run
holding onto just that?
For me, it is greed.
For you, Haeng Ah is
Well, you should know better.
Hospital a big hospital.
A place with blood.
A place where sickness is healed.
A place people leave smiling.
How was your trip here?
It was fine.
You told me that I shouldn't force
what is fine or not fine.
I was able to open the door
and come in with one try.
I didn't have to look at the floor.
I looked straight ahead and walked.
When I got on the elevator,
a woman was crying.
I was suddenly a little nervous
because I thought she might grab me.
But nothing like that happened.
I recited the lyrics to the anthem
to distract myself from the woman.
You did good work today.
I'll see you on Saturday morning.
Doctor, I want to talk to you
about something.
Aunt Princess told me that she is
no longer forgetting Ri Hwan.
If she forgot and then remembered him,
then that's a recovery.
I heard that this was not possible
with early onset Alzheimer's.
Is Aunt a special case
and can she get better?
Doctor Park is exceptional, educated,
and highly skilled.
Even though she has
all the conditions for it.
I cannot say that it's common that she
forgot the person closest to her first.
There was probably trauma of having
received the actual diagnosis.
Also, there is her father.
With that in mind, she had what people
commonly refer to as memory loss.
It was not a cell issue.
It was something else.
Don't be too disappointed.
Doctor Park is receiving treatment
very diligently.
So when Aunt became suddenly worse
was it because she found out
I was with Ri Hwan?
Kim Haeng Ah, there was nothing
you did wrong.
You can trust me.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Thank you.
Mom, see you tonight.
I'll come right away when I'm done.
Stay here with Uncle, Aunt, and Dong Hwa.
You should have a good day
with others too.
- I will.
- Mother, let's go!
- Driver Park, bring the car around.
- Yes.
Aunt Sun Young is here!
Ri Hwan's not coming in again.
Yes, he's in the car.
It would be nice if he came in to eat.
No one would say anything if he came in.
Hey, today
What is it? Do I look pretty?
Are you not going to school?
Why do you suddenly care?
Of course I care.
A student is not going to school.
- I'm going to graduate soon anyway.
- Hey, kid.
That's why every day is more precious
and you should go to school.
What's with you?
You're a mess everywhere else.
Why are you all cool in front of me?
Speaking as Sun Young's friend
and not as her doctor
I think she has passed her hardest stage.
Her memories are slowly fading.
She is slowing becoming a demon.
She is slowly becoming a child.
That's what they said about
Alzheimer patients in ancient Egypt.
Doctor Park is becoming a young child.
You can use whichever one you want.
My pencil was here.
Inside the book.
This is a pencil too. Can't you use this?
Look here.
Works well, doesn't it?
It makes a good sound too.
Aunt Princess says
Haeng Ah can't come by either.
So why do you have to do that too?
Why do you both punishing yourselves?
I made a promise.
You never know.
Say that there's a restaurant
that you like.
It's called "Happy Girl."
But if you go there,
the owner finds it difficult.
Because the owner there likes you so much
and she makes food for your friends.
You thought that would be too hard for
the owner, so you stopped going.
Gosh, this is hard to explain.
It seemed easy when you did it.
I get what you're saying.
So what I'm saying is
Do you really need to stop
seeing Haeng Ah?
That's my decision.
And you don't know
how things will change.
Also, even if it's not right now
things could get even harder.
The reason you pushed Haeng Ah away
It's not only because of your mom, is it?
If I keep living like this
and I don't get married
and become an old, lonely man
I'm going to go to your house
for New Year's and eat rice cake soup.
I'm going to get New Year's greetings
from your grandkids.
I'm going to play with you.
So, what I'm saying is
Somehow, I'm going to see you forever.
Why don't you get a DNA test?
I'll look into it.
She'll throw a fit once she starts
looking for it.
They haven't called yet.
Don't you think she's okay?
If you feel unsure, I'll take it to her.
No. You go on ahead without me.
I'll leave it at the door and call Aunt.
I'll go.
No. If you do that, I'll feel too
Oh Then take your time.
I'm positive he looked
like a squid before.
Suddenly, he looks good-looking to me.
Why is that?
When a person looks at a picture
it goes into the visual optic nerve
and eventually into the brain.
So if your heart likes it,
your brain will be persuaded.
If you like a man,
he will look handsome to you.
What the heck?
You always forget my name.
What was your name again?
Dong Hwa.
It's like the fairytale book, Dong Hwa.
Ma'am, I must be getting old.
My taste in men is changing too.
The sun is nice.
Where are you going?
It's cold if you sit outside.
I'll bring a blanket.
No, it's all right.
Where is Chung Hee, by the way?
Chung Hee? What's that?
There you are, Chung Hee.
Let's go outside.
Okay, Sun Young.
What's "Chung Hee"?
Why is she calling me by my old name?
I'm glad she's remembering
her old memories.
What? Your real name is Chung Hee?
So your name was Shin Chung Hee?
- Be quiet!
- And you made your name Princess?
I made it for her. Why?
- What?
- Watch the counter.
You two played around
calling each other Princess and stuff?
I have something to say!
Just one moment.
I won't go any closer.
I'll talk from over here.
Don't go.
I'm getting my driver's license.
I just need to do the road test.
I had nine sessions with the doctor too.
Starting last week,
we had them inside the hospital.
I went up to the 11th floor by myself.
I never fainted or threw up at all.
Once I finish all of my treatments,
I'm even going to start working out.
I'm taking the medication you gave me
every day.
I'm taking the vitamins Aunt gave me
every day as well.
So, I'm not quite there yet.
If you wait just a bit
I can take Aunt to the hospital too.
When that time comes
I'm going to go back to you.
Even if you tell me not to.
Right now, I feel like I'm not helping
and I'm a burden on you.
I'm standing here so that I can take
that weight off your shoulders.
And I'm not going to cry.
Because you might be watching me
from somewhere like just now.
I don't even cry when I'm at home.
Some days, I miss you so much.
My throat hurts so much.
I thought about getting in a taxi
and secretly seeing you at your clinic.
I thought about hiding in front of
your house and watching you.
I made all these plans by myself.
I endured and didn't do them.
missed you so much.
Did you eat?
What about you?
Did you eat?
I ate.
Ri Hwan.
I'm going to go.
Ri Hwan!
Stay just a little longer.
One more minute.
- Hello.
- Oh, you're here.
Did you wait long?
I did well on my road test.
I need to do just one more.
Producer Kim didn't come today
because she went to the hospital.
I don't care if she does or not.
Are you mad that I'm late?
There was a lot of traffic.
- No.
- Then what's wrong?
What did I say?
You're mad right now.
Why? When? Why would you say that?
Oh Se Young, you can go in now.
Wait one moment, please.
What the heck are you doing?
- What?
- Forget I said anything.
- About what?
- I said forget it!
Did something happen before I got here?
No. I was in a good mood
before you got here.
That is before you started giggling with
the girl who is all men's ideal type.
What are you saying?
Number one, a woman you don't know well.
Number two, a woman you won't see again.
Number three, a sexy woman.
Why are you pretending not to know?
Yeah, I'm only ranked third.
I'm sure that nurse is ranked first.
Still, how can you greet her as soon
as you come in?
With a smile on your face, at that!
Your jealously is cute,
but I don't like what you're saying.
Oh my, what are you saying to me?
Doctor Hong, am I wrong here?
Yes, the man I know isn't like that.
That's because he's not an ordinary man.
- How did you know?
- What?
You're doing this because I'm attending
driving school with Producer Kim, right?
I didn't say that.
You were concerned about it.
You said Producer Kim was dangerous
woman rank number one again.
I'm going to start treatment.
Continue your fight later.
And if you keep drinking on the day
of your treatment and getting infections
you will need to get dentures later on.
It seemed like it was all right
at the time.
It's important to complete treatment
until you are all healed.
Just because you think you're
somewhat better
people usually stop coming.
That isn't right.
You are a good patient.
It's important to get treated
until it's completely healed.
When it's somewhat better,
people usually stop coming.
It's the same for dentists too, right?
No, I just want to drop this off.
How can I let you just do that?
Come in and have some tea.
No, it's fine.
I don't want to cause trouble.
What do you mean?
You even found a good nurse for us.
I'm relieved she's a good fit for you.
I really will get going
Who is it?
Hello, I am
She's a friend of Ri Hwan's.
She brought some healthy food
for you to eat.
Thank you.
You're very pretty.
Thank you.
You smell good.
I don't use perfume.
But I smell something good.
Oh, I think it's a hospital smell.
My mom says my belongings have
that smell.
I work in a hospital.
- Hospital?
- Yes.
I work in a dental hospital.
Dental hospital?
When I get there, the first thing I do
is turn on the lights.
I usually get there
before all the nurses.
After that, I open all the windows.
I take off my coat, put it on the hanger,
and then put on my gown.
People usually wear a white gown,
but I like to wear a pink one.
Then I turn on my computer.
When the patients arrive,
I ask them what the problem is.
Then they tell me which tooth is in pain.
Or they tell me they want to make
their teeth look better.
Or they want their teeth to look whiter.
They usually have more issues with
their teeth than they realize.
We take an x-ray beforehand
and look at that while we
I was just going to leave it by the door.
But then your aunt came outside
right then.
I didn't intend to go see her
or anything like that.
- I would never.
- Yes.
I didn't think you did.
- So
- I had no other intent.
I don't want to make things harder
for you either.
Something just made me think of you
This may sound weird to you.
When your mom visited me at my clinic,
I felt like I could understand her.
I liked her.
It wasn't just because of you.
It would be a lie to say you have
nothing to do with it.
- So
- Yes.
Thank you for everything.
You look like you've grown very thin.
That watch
I thought you usually don't wear watches.
You asked me this before.
Other people usually meet new people.
It may not seem like it now.
- Soon.
- Then
What do I do until then?
How do I last until then?
I think you need to live day by day.
Until it becomes midnight.
Don't think about the fact that
it will be this hard tomorrow.
Don't think about the fact that
she won't be with me tomorrow.
Don't wonder about how long
days like this might last.
Just last until midnight.
Is that how you have been living?
One day at a time.
This may sound strange.
I'm not saying this for my sake,
but for yours.
If Ri Hwan, you
could like me.
That would be really great.
Though you can't.
I'll try living one day at a time too.
It won't be as hard for me.
You must be tired,
so I'll be going now.
I think you need to live day by day.
Just until midnight.
[The Friendly Sanatorium Hospital]
This was on my makeup table.
By any chance
did your grandfather pass away?
About a month ago.
Was I present at his deathbed?
How was my state of mind?
Did I make any mistakes?
Not at all.
No one knew.
And what about this?
Did I go there?
Not that I know of.
Don't you think I intended to go there?
If I could think as clearly as I am
thinking today, right now.
It's right that I would go to that place.
That's something that I would have done.
But I'm still here.
So, for a while
I haven't been able to think
this way.
I'm right, aren't I?
Ri Hwan.
I'm going to say something now.
Listen carefully.
Take your time.
Listen carefully.
Ri Hwan, I'm sorry.
It hurt my pride too much
to go back to my dad.
I wanted you to do well.
I wanted you to do so well that my dad
would want you to run his hospital.
That's when I wanted to go back.
Once you married into a family
even better than my dad could imagine
that's when I wanted to go back.
"Look, you were wrong."
"I was right."
I wanted to say that to him.
Dad would have been happy even if I came
home crying in torn clothing.
I couldn't even do that.
If I had done that,
you wouldn't have grown up lonely.
You would have been like siblings
with your cousins.
Then you wouldn't have had to play alone
on the steps of that country hospital.
You wouldn't have fallen asleep
alone in that cold room.
Mom, even back then
I was wrong.
I am very sorry.
You worked so hard.
I understand everything, Mom.
But I was wrong.
What else was I wrong about?
Tell me. I might not remember tomorrow.
What difficulties did I cause you
with my own selfishness?
What else was there?
Don't listen to me starting today.
Don't listen to what I had said.
Think only about what will make you
happy in your life.
You can do that, right?
- You're home?
- I said hello to your mom downstairs.
She's in a good mood.
They're going for a walk.
Now? It's cold.
The nurse is wrapping her up warmly
like a baby.
Exercise is good for her.
Oh, this is nice!
It's been a while. Should we relax?
Remote control. Remote control!
No thanks. Watch on your own.
Don't go. I'm lonely.
Ji Hoon, what about Tae Hee?
I'm not sure.
It's worse because of me, isn't it?
Did she ever pick up my calls?
But you know that guy she likes?
He seems like a good guy, doesn't he?
I can see why Tae Hee likes him.
Why am I telling you this stuff?
Hey, Park Ri Hwan!
What? Kwon Ji Hoon.
- Hug me!
- Gosh.
I'm going downstairs.
Sleep up here tonight.
- Don't do that.
- Okay.
Let's laugh every now and then.
We should all be happy.
What else have I been wrong about?
Tell me. I might not remember tomorrow.
What difficulties did I cause you
with my own selfishness?
What else was there?
I missed you so much.
Don't listen to me starting today.
Don't listen to what I had said.
Think only about what will make you
happy in your life.
Some days, I miss you so much.
My throat hurts so much.
I thought about getting in a taxi
and secretly seeing you at your clinic.
I thought about hiding in front of
your house and watching you.
I made all these plans by myself.
I endured and didn't do them.
missed you so much.
You're not cold?
We went far.
- Where?
- Very far.
You did well.
Let's head back inside.
We can go inside now, read the book you
like, and then go to sleep.
What else do you want to do?
- Now?
- Yeah.
Yes, now.
Not tomorrow and not yesterday.
I'm the type of person who doesn't get
paying a lot to drink coffee here.
But I asked to meet you here because
this won't happen a second time.
Go on.
I hope you know that I'm not taking
your feelings lightly.
I asked to see you after
quite the conflict within me.
- No matter how much I think about it
- That won't do.
What won't do?
"No matter how much I think about it"
means it won't work out.
Okay, then
- I'm very sorry, but
- That won't do either.
Why not?
If you say "Sorry but,"
you're saying something to be sorry for.
Don't I have any choice in the matter?
Say what you want.
- I just
- No, don't say anything!
- What kind of person
- I like you, Cho Dong Il.
Hey, I'm your boss.
I was confused too,
but I give up now.
I confessed my feelings now, so reject
me next time if you're going to.
I have a live show to do.
I don't like you.
Is that good enough?
Take out the "is that good enough"
and say it once more.
Look me in the eyes and say it.
Then I will believe you.
Hi. You're all here early.
You're here.
Why are you so happy?
I just found out.
There's a patient with the same
type of Alzheimer's as my aunt.
It's been seven years since her
She still takes walks on her own.
She even teaches Korean to
her three-year-old grandchild.
She takes her medicine daily, walks,
and reads.
Laughs a lot.
If you don't get stressed a lot,
they say it's possible.
- Are you that happy?
- Yes.
I'm dying to tell my aunt.
Our fight suddenly seems so lame.
You fought?
He's good to all the women in the world.
He smiles to them all. All of them!
And then he smiles for me,
very half-assed at that.
You were wrong.
Wow, I really did not do that.
How could you use your acting this way?
People will think it's real.
Thank you.
Did you pick a song for the third set?
- If there isn't one
- G.NA.
"I'll Get Lost, You Go Your Way."
It's about first love, though.
You don't have to use it.
I'll just use
Fall Vacation's "First Love."
What's with her?
Black Radio's official advice corner.
You are listening to
"Problems are best when short."
Should we go through a few more?
Nickname "Regret or Stupid."
My ex-girlfriend calls me
whenever she drinks.
But when I call her again the next day,
she does not pick up.
What is that about?
It's watching a replay of a soccer game
that ends 0-0.
You might get excited for a bit,
but there is nothing left in the end.
This time it is "What is morning?"
My morning and nights are switched
and it's getting hard for me.
Is there a way for me to get up early?
Try getting up an hour late every day.
3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.
After about half a month,
you'll be getting up at 6:00 a.m.
Okay, let's move on to
Nickname Me Ah Ri's request.
The coffee shop employee was my type,
so I got their number.
We exchanged texts many times.
Every time, this person just smiles at me
and never mentions a date.
How long do I have to wait?
You just became a regular customer,
so take another look at the texts.
Try putting a coffee store owner
in place of the sender's name.
It won't be strange at all.
Oh, and this is something I'm asking
on behalf of someone I know.
This friend who I know is dating a guy
who is quite younger than her.
I guess it makes her nervous.
Do you have any good advice?
Precisely, what makes her nervous?
For example, wouldn't he like
younger women?
He would date younger women if he did.
Still, he might want to make friends
who are around his age.
He would date women around his age
if that were the case.
Wouldn't the chance of cheating
be higher?
If a man dates an older and ugly woman,
is the chance of abuse higher too?
No! You shouldn't speak that way.
What's the difference?
Is that friend's name Oh Se Young
by any chance?
That's totally not true!
I was joking.
Oh my. I need to get on to the next one.
Nickname "I go to the hospital now."
He pushed me away
because I was a burden.
I knew everything he was going through
and I still told him that I missed him.
Can a selfish heart like this
be considered love?
It's not selfish. It's just human.
Just giving makes you happy.
If just watching from afar
makes you happy, what are you, God?
Why try to love like God?
People want to see and touch.
It's how it is.
Don't feel guilty about it.
James Dean said this.
Dream like you'll live forever and live
like you're going to die tomorrow.
But some people twisted those words.
People live today as if they will
live forever.
They don't dream as if they will
die tomorrow.
This year has only one more month left.
Pretending things are not urgent
or important.
Or that we can hold it in.
If there's a confession you've hidden,
try to build up the courage tomorrow.
It's me. I'm sorry.
I brought all the clothes hangers
and came here.
I just wanted to see you so much.
This was Black Radio on the first day
of December.
Everyone, please come back to join
me, Oh Se Young.
- I'll be back.
- I'll be back.
[I'm Calling Out To You,
Like A Song That Doesn't End]
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