Bubblegum (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

[Episode 13]
- I'll be back.
- I'll be back.
Ri Hwan, wait.
Ri Hwan, wait!
Are you okay?
What about you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I haven't broken up with you.
But you've broken up with me.
Ri Hwan.
If you do this, we have to start
from the beginning again.
We have to cry from the beginning again.
Don't you understand that?
I didn't know that you were coming today.
I didn't ask to meet you today.
If he called you because of your mom,
can't we just go inside?
Let's go inside.
So, did you two have a long talk?
All right then.
Let's discuss the conclusion.
Who was in the wrong?
Sit down, please.
As for the son,
you know if things stay this way
it's only a matter of time
before depression hits.
Kim Haeng Ah, you always blame yourself
for everything.
Then you will need treatment
for one more thing.
Who was in the wrong and why did
things turn out this way?
Perhaps, Doctor Park
Was it Sun Young who did something wrong?
No, I don't think you should say that.
But she opposed your relationship only
because of her past issues.
From Aunt's point of view
Ah, since she raised her son
with so much difficulty on her own
Sun Young is always right when it comes
to matters regarding her son?
It's just that if you think from
Aunt's point of view
You mean because she went through
hardship due to your father?
So it doesn't anger you at all,
no matter how much she drives you away.
Aunt was going through a great deal
of mental stress during that time.
My dad and I were a disadvantage to her.
Therefore, Sun Young's actions
were correct.
So when it comes to her actions, I can't
be the one to say it is not right.
If anyone should understand my aunt,
it should be me.
So she was right to attempt suicide
and oppose you two?
Because if my dad had not died,
she wouldn't be going through this!
How hard must it be for her to see me?
I knew it all and still I couldn't go
anywhere else.
Every so often, I could see that she'd
look at me with eyes of fear, not hate.
All I could do was smile like I didn't
know anything.
So, Sun Young was right?
No! That's not it!
There's understanding that something
is so hard you want to die.
But that's different than thinking
it's okay to actually die.
You can't cross on a red light just
since someone you love likes red lights.
You shouldn't try to match two lives
to a wrong answer.
You're cold. Get going.
I'm worried about you.
Don't. Don't do things like that.
We shouldn't see each other.
We can say Aunt is wrong.
It doesn't change anything.
I've been a burden to you this whole time
and you couldn't handle me.
It's not you. Mom and I are the burden.
If I hadn't brought you back
from Namhae that time
you could have lived a happy life
just fine.
You wouldn't need to worry about
being thrown away or about my mom.
You wouldn't have had to live that way.
Then I would have lived there alone,
washing my face until my skin wore off.
You want to do this again?
You want to cry from the beginning?
I'll do it again if I have to.
Unless this is because
you don't like me anymore
I won't break up with you
for any other reason.
Whether you have that gene or not
I'm not saying this thoughtlessly,
thinking there isn't a chance you might.
I've been studying up on it a lot
all this time.
You can find it early
and get treatment for it early.
Just like a person with high
blood pressure or a bad heart.
You can take medication and be careful.
If we can finally say that Aunt is wrong
and it isn't helpful for me to be away.
It does help. It's one less thing for
me to worry about if I don't see you.
It's comfortable.
All right. Then I'll wait more.
Drive carefully.
Why are you causing such a fuss so early
in the morning?
I'm going to hang
more pictures over there.
Then just take photos of yourself.
Then I'll be all alone.
Why are you alone?
You're a daughter of this household.
What good is that? It's all pictures of
Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah.
Strangers will think I'm just still
an employee.
Was that upsetting you?
When that chair was thrown
and the frames were all freaking broken
I should have thrown away
all the pictures.
I told you not to say "freaking"!
Why are you hitting me?
I cut my hands cleaning all that glass.
Where is Sun Young and that Mister?
What do I do about those two?
Yes, come in.
The PS1 gene is usually more common
in Caucasians.
I'd like to know what's going
on beforehand.
I can't exactly ask Doctor Park.
Please keep it to yourself.
No matter the results,
it's not like the skies are falling.
You know that, right?
You're here?
Of course, why wouldn't I come?
You look barely alive and you suddenly
went to the hospital on this cold day.
And now you're drinking beer
at Han River during the day.
I'm going to the store to buy one more.
What's going on?
Do you want a juice or something?
Did you meet Ri Hwan at the hospital
or something?
I'll be right back.
I'm very sorry.
As I explained to you
she didn't mean to take a photo of
the two of you.
I was teaching her how to take photos.
She has a bad memory.
She was just pressing this and that
and took a photo of you two.
Please don't misunderstand.
Sun Young, let's go upstairs to the
second floor. Okay?
Does it makes sense that she doesn't
know what she's taking a picture of?
I'm very sorry.
She's kind of sick.
I told you she can't remember things.
She can't have bad intent even if she
wanted to, so please try to understand.
Who would leave a sick person sitting
out here?
And why give her a camera?
Gosh, seriously! Here!
She should sit with a flower in her hair.
Just think of it like you stepped in
dog crap. Okay? Dog crap!
Excuse me!
I apologized. I told you she was sick.
How could you refer to a person like that
with the word "crap"?
I may have been ranked last in
school for three years.
But I know that you don't call
people with illnesses names like that.
How uneducated and ignorant are you
that you speak that way?
Can you eat with that mouth
and actually digest your food!
Who is the owner of this place? Huh!
Bring the owner out here now!
Wait a minute. Wait.
Why are you crying?
You'll lose your strength if you cry.
Let's stop crying.
Where's Ri Hwan?
Should I call Ri Hwan?
We couldn't take a walk today.
It's okay. I'll take her. Bye, Aunt.
Before the nurse gets there,
make sure you
You're her son.
Why do I even bother worrying?
- Get going now.
- Bye.
See you tomorrow morning, Sun Young.
Okay, see you tomorrow morning.
[Alzheimer's and dementia symptoms]
No wonder. Ri Hwan did break up with you
too easily.
I thought it was strange!
But you know that it can pass down
to him and you still won't break up?
What's wrong with you?
Don't you value yourself at all?
Give me my phone.
I can't give it to you.
You'll be living your life
looking at this and being a slave.
Why should I watch you do that?
It was worse for Aunt
because we found out too late.
If it's treated from the beginning
so that the protein doesn't build
some people can live a long life with
just forgetfulness symptoms.
So what? You're going to wait it out
and make Ri Hwan better?
Do you even realize how much scarier
the real world is outside of this screen?
Alzheimer's is the kind of disease
that can drive an entire family crazy.
Who is going to be next to you? Ri Hwan?
But Ri Hwan is going to be sick
just like that.
Do you have to talk like that?
You're my friend.
Can't you, at least, tell me to stay
and stick through it?
If I am your friend,
aren't you my friend too?
Then at the very least, you shouldn't
have been looking at this in secret
and pretended to be okay in front of me.
You should have cried your eyes out
and gotten angry!
I don't know who to get angry at.
I'm angry at everyone! I hate everyone!
The doctor says Aunt is wrong.
Ri Hwan says it's all his fault.
Aunt is sick and Ri Hwan is having
a harder time than me.
You're angrier than I am because
you're worried about me.
Then should I go get angry at the doctors
at the hospital?
Why are you in those gowns if you can't
even help my mom, dad, or aunt?
Or should I go to a church and get mad?
"Why are you doing this to me?"
Should I go to a temple and shout?
"Leave the people next to me alone!"
Who am I supposed to get mad at?
Everyone! Anyone!
Even me
Do you have your gloves on?
- Are you cold?
- No.
Here, a present.
- It's pretty.
- Mom, you are prettier.
You bought me flowers back then
on my birthday.
So I got angry at you.
And you cried.
You got angry at me?
"Who told you to buy these?"
"Don't you know we have to throw this
away when it dies?"
Oh, you mean when I was in
elementary school?
So, in order to keep it alive,
every day you put
something cold
That's right.
I put ice in the vase every day.
The flower shop said that roses last
longer if you do that.
You wrote "Happy Birthday" on the card.
There were three P's.
I told you to get an eraser.
Then I told you to erase one of the P's.
I could have let it be.
You remember all of that.
I had so much ambition, didn't I?
No, you were a brave person.
No one could have done what you did, Mom.
I forgot something again, haven't I?
I'm not sure what.
It's all right.
Mom, should we sit down for a bit?
It's so pretty.
I'll buy you some every day.
Should I hold them?
Let's put your glove on this hand too.
Here you go.
There are 1000s of nerve cells
attached to one.
There's not much you can do for one
that's already dead.
If we keep stimulating the ones that
are still alive
we can slow down the process of you
losing things you can do on your own.
That's all done.
Haw far did I get again?
With what?
Out of all the people
losing their memories
I think I must be the happiest.
I told you before too, right?
This is the first time you've ever said
something like this.
That you're happy
That I'm happy?
Yes, that you are happy.
The weather is so nice.
And this is so pretty.
So, you are happy?
Where are we going now?
We're going home.
Not to the cold and sad home,
but the house that's warm.
In a world that is full of light
the shadow that hung at your feet
was clear.
In a world that had become dark
the thin, weak ray of light
had become clear.
A light that had been hidden in
a world of light.
A new happiness that had been unknown
during times of happiness.
While her memories faded,
perhaps she wanted me to know that.
I always felt like I needed someone.
Someone who liked me
more than I liked him.
Someone I could show off to my friends.
But those are all things I don't need.
Those were all things I wanted because
I didn't have them.
The people I really can't lose were
people who I already had.
[Older Brother]
- Jung Woo?
- Open the door.
- I'm still at the hospital.
- I know that.
Jung Woo, what's going on?
Let's go inside.
Wow, you got a new painting.
Also a new globe.
Are you alone in a closed office
to avoid Mom?
I wanted to read some books too.
- Mom still barges in often?
- Yeah.
- With marriage setup photos?
- Yeah.
- And they're all ugly?
- Yes.
Can't you filter out based on looks?
Why are they all ugly?
Are you saying that my daughter would
match these ugly people?
She can't do it to me,
so she's doing it to you.
You're not going to get married again?
I won't. Whoever it would be would
be pitiable.
Unless I end up being reborn into
another family, that is.
It would be nice
if you met a nice person.
Mom came by my work on Wednesday.
I thought a pink balloon witch
had burst in.
She wore something similar this morning.
Look at this. What kind of tie is this?
They're all bums.
Don't they have anyone to style them
when they're taking a photo?
Where in the world is she buying
those clothes?
- I'm not sure.
- Aren't you curious sometimes?
How would Mom have lived if she hadn't
met Dad and married him?
Like Mom said
I guess she would have been an actress
or something like that.
If Mom had become a celebrity,
her manager would have died.
If I freeze to death,
will you bring the car out on time then?
How can you make me wait
every single time?
I'm sorry.
Do you have a utility pole in your ear
or an acorn for your brain?
Why do you make me say that same thing
over and over?
I try to take care of Driver Cho myself.
Still, I feel sorry every time I see him.
Yi Seul, you find Mom to be spiteful,
don't you?
All her life, she was told to divorce for
being poor and marrying with nothing.
She heard all of that and fought to
keep her spot in the family.
You're being given all of that,
but you keep throwing it all away.
Maybe Mom is just bored.
She no longer has anything to fight for
or to protect.
Where should I take you now?
Well, the hotel?
I have nothing to do there
The house?
No one will be there.
The department store
No, let's just go home.
What about Yi Seul? Where is Yi Seul?
What I'd really like to see is Mom
wearing pants above her knees.
I don't want to.
- Why?
- Just because.
I think it would be weird.
It would be weird.
I just want Mom to be the way she is now.
Not sick and not losing her confidence.
I just wish she wouldn't be
so harsh on others.
Besides that
The customer is not available
Why isn't she picking up her phone?
By the way, is the air in this car dirty
or is it this cell phone?
And why is my ear so itchy?
Yi Seul, honestly, I didn't come here to
make fun of Mom with you.
I heard something.
I heard you looked into
an Alzheimer's hospital.
If you heard about it,
then Mom must know about it too.
I told her not to say anything.
Thank you.
Can you let go of that Eastern medicine
doctor now?
- I think that there are
- I've already thought to do that.
I want to do that. I really want to stop.
He says he doesn't need anything
and he told me to stop coming.
But I held onto him tightly
and didn't let go.
Jung Woo, he must find me so burdensome.
He already has so many hardships.
About that hospital you looked into
Don't listen to me starting today.
Don't listen to what I had said.
Think only about what will make you
happy in your life.
You can do that, right?
I just want you
not to suffer and be here.
And call this place for me.
I can't do that.
I would have said that too if I were you.
But what if you were me?
No, let's not think about that stuff.
Can't you let me keep
my last bit of pride?
I know it was stupid, but I spent
my whole life protecting that.
Everyone who cares about you
is all relieved that you didn't get
into a car accident.
We're just grateful for that.
It will get worse and worse.
No, you will just get different.
I won't feel heartache or pity you.
As you keep changing,
I will treat you differently.
As you forget all the difficult times
you've been through and feel at peace
I'll feel at ease when I see you too.
If you forget me
I will tell you that I'm your upstairs
neighbor come down to visit.
I am ready now.
Bring me a pen and paper.
Don't write things down.
- I'll remember it.
- Bring them.
Now. Hurry.
One, contact the sanatorium.
Go to Senior Joon Hyuk.
Pretty outfit
Haeng Ah, Haeng Ah
Three, let Ri Hwan go.
Tell him I'm sorry.
Vacation, the ocean.
A faraway place.
Field trip.
That I'm sorry
That I'm sorry
If I don't remember anything here,
listen to my recording on my phone.
Leave my cell phone under my pillow
at all times.
Six, if I don't understand all of this
do not
do not say anything more to anyone.
Out of all the people
losing their memories
I think I must be the happiest.
Ah, this is nice!
How is it?
It is pretty, but didn't they tell you
to just come?
They just say that.
"You can just come. No makeup is fine."
Forget it. Makeup makes me prettier.
Get in. Let's go.
Get in. Let's go.
"Travel back to a time when you had
your young skin."
"The heroine of Nine Affairs."
"Secret to youth by Oh Se Young."
"I get insulted so much that
I do not age."
Oh my goodness.
Your eyes look great. They sparkle.
I'll enjoy this.
Well, I did promise.
I'll buy us dinner after the recording.
Oh no, you must be tired after going
to the salon this morning.
Forget it, just go and eat.
We do all this to live and eat.
When I was young, I looked to
the sky after doing a good deed.
You saw my good deed, didn't you, Santa?
You weren't looking somewhere else,
were you?
So when I found out my dad was Santa,
I was actually relieved.
The anxiety I felt over those
pure and ambiguous things
I felt it even back then.
Do I have to become an ambitious person?
They're even recording on a Sunday?
How much of a good person
do I have to be?
How much money do I have to earn?
But I no longer feel that ambiguous.
I know just how much happiness I want.
There's a person by my side
and I think that's enough for me.
Oh, I understand that very well.
Am I the only one here who understands?
Well, I'll continue reading.
Se Young, that's why I'm writing in.
I'm getting married.
Please congratulate me.
Congratulations. Let's go to commercial.
Commercial. We are going to commercial!
It says here that we are going to hear
a song request.
What, what, what? It's up to me.
She's funny. Why ask me to
congratulate her on her marriage?
Then should she ask the 8:00 p.m. news
to do it?
Isn't there anything else besides this?
- Like someone dying of loneliness?
- No.
Only the ones asking us to congratulate
"brothers" on their comeback.
If this were live,
we could receive texts.
All because of my drama and commercial
shoot. I'm just too popular.
I contacted you very suddenly.
Thank you for coming.
I was going to send you the paperwork,
but I wanted to see your hospital.
My mother wanted to get rid of
this place.
That's a problem.
This is my senior's hospital.
That's even better.
To a person like you, it's more effective
to bother your friends than you.
If you want something, tell me.
Yi Seul likes you and you don't.
So I thought about what I could do.
All I could think of was
kidnapping, forcefully detain, threaten,
or bribe.
Or assault like I showed you last time.
You said you had something to say to me.
There's a business card and a credit card
It is everything I could find out about
your mother's illness.
So it will be the best in the world.
All you need to do is make one call.
There will be a house ready to live in
and someone to help you.
A car to take you to the airport
and even a toothbrush.
I assume you know how to use
a credit card.
I have no reason to accept this,
and there will be no reason I would.
I want my sister
to marry the man she loves.
More than that
I want her to marry someone
who loves her.
If you can't change to be that person
why don't you go somewhere where
you will not be seen?
For example
a place where neither I nor Yi Seul can
suddenly appear like this.
I would like to wait for your answer,
but I don't have the time.
Please contact me when you have
the answer.
Don't refuse right away and think
for a few days.
It's not just about you,
but about your mother.
You should think about it carefully.
Hey, man. Hey, hey!
You've got no fear.
What are you doing walking in here?
What if you get unlucky and bump into
the president on his way out?
There will be another world war
right on the spot.
His office lights were turned off.
Do you think people won't recognize
your face?
You're suddenly talking a lot more
and you've gotten so strange lately.
Let's get out of here. Let's go!
- Oh my, hello!
- Hello.
Weren't you fired from this place?
Can you just come in like this?
It was the weekend, so I thought you
wouldn't be here.
We had a recording to do.
You're all heading out together.
Se Young's buying dinner.
She did a commercial.
Oh, congratulations.
If you were planning on dinner,
why don't you join us? It's on me.
Why would you buy?
Honestly, I find this a bit burdensome.
I don't mind you being a fan,
but that's it.
Yeah, why are you making an offer
that burdens people?
Why would people eat dinner with
their bosses?
You can all go now. Let's go.
Oh, come on! He did come all this way.
Let's go together. Let's go.
We did agree to eat together often.
Let's go.
Did you even go into work today? Did you?
You're getting more lax these days.
Before you know it,
you'll have a ponytail like me.
Oh, I'm all right. I'll cut my own.
Or someone else can do it for me,
but I don't think you ought to.
Yes, please enjoy your food.
You see that? I'm an iron wall.
- Oh yes.
- Come on now!
Wow, Channel Korea must be
a great company.
CBM must have done something wrong.
You changed so much, right, right?
Never mind. You just eat.
Did you look into a new place?
No, I'm still waiting. I couldn't find a
monthly rent.
If you're free after dinner,
I can look with you after we eat.
Senior, I told you back then
I know, but people's feelings don't
always go according to their plans.
Don't draw a line to keep me out.
Let's start from the very beginning.
If we were to do this again,
I think I could be good at it.
Not at the things that are urgent,
but the important things
Starting with you.
Starting from the beginning is nice.
From the beginning, you were amazing,
handsome, and someone I wanted to know.
But if we were to start over again
The part where my heart beats like crazy
when I look at you
and approaching you first with
no shame and asking you to feed me.
None of that will happen.
Will that be okay with you?
If you really are nothing to me
I could treat you like Manager Cho and
ask you to buy me drinks when I'm down.
Or ask you to buy me yummy food.
But you can't be
that kind of person to me.
Even when I see you on TV,
I still think you're so handsome.
And I'm so proud of you.
Senior, I
only have one heart.
Okay, let's meet.
No, you don't need to come inside.
You know that place
by the front entrance?
Yes, the place we met last time.
When she said she likes someone else
I wanted to stick my finger down my
throat and vomit all the alcohol I had.
I wanted to turn back time.
That could happen.
I've realized that as I've lived life.
You think you'll have another chance
and another chance.
"She is the one."
"This is for real."
You only feel that sure about something
a few times.
That's what I'm saying.
If I knew earlier,
I would have been good to her.
Yes, yes.
No, I don't think that would be
a good idea.
This isn't the cafe in front of
the office.
You can't take money with you in death,
but some people like people for money.
It's not you can live off of looks,
but there are people who fall for looks.
Yeah, you are right.
There is no reason for liking a person.
Whether you sympathize
with them or what
if you like them, you just do.
- But
- But what?
I don't dislike you.
I have no reason to.
I find you really interesting and I find
it interesting that you're doing this.
I wonder to myself if something like this
will ever happen to me again.
Will spring ever come for me again?
It's not that I haven't thought
these things.
But it hasn't gone any further.
Just like spring,
I felt an odd sensation.
I felt good and sad.
That's all it was for me.
Open it.
If you're going to say you have no money
or no house
Open it.
I don't like you enough to cover that up
with a picture of you.
That's very important.
I don't really want it.
Just to have it once
That would just be greed.
I don't want to live like that.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but it's the weekend
and we close at 9:00 p.m.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Why did you bother coming back?
I know you didn't come here to meet me.
I only came in case no one came
and you'd wait all night.
If you didn't get stood up,
then that's good.
You're okay, right?
I'm always the one who suffers. Just me.
I'm going to have coffee now.
Do you want some milk?
I have strawberry milk.
Am I a child? I'm having coffee too.
No, very dark.
Did you eat?
I work at a restaurant. Of course I ate.
- How about you?
- I ate.
Then why is your face that way?
Don't you look in the mirror?
Where is all your fat?
I put it in the drawer.
I'll take it out soon.
You're both skin and bones.
You can have Ri Hwan, by the way.
I'm done with him.
He's not so great.
How can he break up with you first?
If he likes you,
he should go to hell and back with you.
Isn't that what a man should do?
I'm disappointed in him.
It's not like that.
There are things you don't know.
I know everything.
I heard his mom didn't like you.
So what about that?
So what if you have a hard time because
of her? What's the big deal?
"You're having a hard time."
And then he can give you a hug.
This is all because he doesn't like
you enough.
Because he can live without seeing you.
That's not what it is.
Ri Hwan's not worried about what's been
going on now.
He's worried about the future.
I would have done what Ri Hwan did.
What is this?
I was going to insult him with you.
Why are you taking his side?
If I were Ri Hwan
If I happened to be Ri Hwan
Unless this is because
you don't like me anymore
I won't break up with you
for any other reason.
Whether you have that gene or not
If I were Ri Hwan
And I really were like that
I think I would run away.
To a place where I could never find him.
Dong Hwa, you can go on your own,
Are you telling me to leave now?
You can take your time.
Look around to see if you want anything.
You can take it.
Are you home?
Yeah, nothing's up, right?
Of course not.
Is there anything to eat?
I'm so cold and hungry.
- You didn't eat?
- Did you?
Gosh, I knew you wouldn't have.
What should we eat?
It's too late to order.
Why didn't you eat this whole time?
We were talking and it just worked out
that way.
Your face doesn't look good.
What about you with your
good-looking face?
You're better looking.
I know that.
It's been with the extra work, right?
I haven't been at the hospital much.
Be quiet.
Have you called that place?
The sanatorium?
Mom had even put down a contract deposit.
It was the day we were making kimchi
at the store.
It's her personality to do that.
I just can't do it.
If the store family keeps helping out,
I'd like to continue on like this.
Am I being too selfish?
I know you'll say "no,"
but you're having a hard time too.
What would you have said
if this was my dad?
Would you have turned away
if this was Aunt Princess?
This is something we all should pitch in
on and you've taken on the hardest role.
Don't get weak now.
- Buy this.
- Okay.
Your mom would have said something
if she knew we ate ramen.
Not listening to Mom
and that it could be right
it still feels awkward.
I feel like I'm lying to Mom.
Don't be alarmed.
If it was your mom,
they would have called. I'll get it.
- Haeng Ah.
- Senior, is Ri Hwan here?
Oh, come in.
What I said earlier today,
did you by chance
I thought you might get a test for that.
Don't do it.
I thought you wouldn't answer if I called
and you would delete my texts.
Ji Hoon, I'm going out. I'll be back.
Senior, can you hold onto Ri Hwan?
If it is right then I think Ri Hwan is
going to run away where I can't find him.
You didn't already do it, did you?
That's not why you're acting this way,
is it?
I don't know either.
You did get the test done.
Ri Hwan, did you really?
Hey, Park Ri Hwan.
I don't know the results yet.
He doesn't know the results yet
and, Haeng Ah, even if it's positive
Senior, I know.
While I haven't seen him,
I've been researching the entire time.
Oh really?
- Then I'll be outside for a bit.
- Ji Hoon.
You don't need to. I'll leave.
I'm leaving soon, but
If someone came to me when I was five
and told me
you will lose your mother soon
and your father ten years later.
If someone told me that,
then I wouldn't have been able to live.
If someone came to me at 15 and told me
you will lose your father soon
and in 20 years your aunt will lose
her memories.
Even if someone said that,
I wouldn't have been able to live.
But I'm living perfectly well right now.
I'm going to work and eating well.
I'm smiling and even now, I miss you
and want to hold you.
So now, I'm not afraid of anything
that could happen to me.
After my mom left me,
I met you and Aunt.
After my dad left me,
I lived with you and Aunt.
I fought and played with you.
I was dying of sadness,
but somehow I got through those times.
Ten or twenty years from now,
no matter what happens to me
I am going to be living well.
Just like I have been all this time.
As long as you are by my side.
Hurry up and go to her.
I know you two will find your way
back to each other.
But the longer you stay apart,
the deeper the wounds become.
You shouldn't be doing that to Haeng Ah.
Maybe I shouldn't be saying this.
You doing this right now
You're making the same mistake
your mother did.
You're hurting her just to protect her.
I'm here now.
[A Green Signal in the Dark Night Sky]
I no longer need to endure until
midnight anymore.
Did you run into him, meet him,
or decide to date him?
The third one.
You are returning everything?
I'm here to say my last farewell.
Aren't you scared of the future?
I have someone with me
and I know where I'm headed.
I'm not scared anymore.
It was you in the end. It was all you!
Stop playing around and grill some meat!
I told you. It's nice.
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