Bubblegum (2015) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

[Episode 14]
I'm here now.
You should go now. It's cold out.
Go on.
Take a taxi home.
The bus back stops running early.
All right.
See you tomorrow.
Should I really go?
We'll see each other tomorrow too.
I'll walk you to your door.
- Just go.
- Let's go.
- I'll get going now.
- Okay.
- I'm going.
- Yeah.
I'm going.
Have you been well?
Are you going or coming?
I'm coming in.
You would have slippers on if you were
coming from the first floor.
I'm coming from Haeng Ah's house.
- Park Ri Hwan.
- Yes?
You should buy breakfast.
Let me quickly get changed first.
I didn't realize how the time flew by.
Of course! Happy people never know
what time it is.
I no longer need to endure every day
until it is midnight.
Hurry up and come out, Park Ri Hwan.
Did you not get any sleep at all?
- Do it right away.
- Okay.
Then I'll make a separate forum for
people to enter for concert tickets.
I don't think this will work out.
Yeah, make the user profiles
private on this one.
People write their citizenship numbers
even though we tell them not to.
Okay, I'll make the call now.
Continue what you were saying.
So, what next?
That's everything.
Oh wow! All this fresh air!
- Look how nice this is.
- It is nice.
Since you bought breakfast,
I got us some tea.
Drink up.
Drink it all up.
- It's good for energy.
- You too, Ji Hoon.
Well, I didn't do anything
during the night.
Give it a rest.
I'm just happy for you.
You look happy, that's all.
It's nice to live life with a smile.
You were smiling nonstop as soon as I saw
you, so I knew it was one of two things.
You'd either gone insane
or you'd decided to date Ri Hwan again.
I thought you should know.
Did you run into him, just meet him,
or decide to date him?
Number three.
Did you guys meet up
or did you go further and kiss
- Someone will hear!
- This is a soundproof booth.
With lights off and the curtains closed,
I could choke you and no one would know.
Thank you.
For what? Not choking you?
Right now, just saying that.
For not saying anything
and not asking if I'm crazy.
If you ever change your mind
and say you won't see Ri Hwan anymore
I won't ask you why you changed
your mind.
I'll tell you that you did
the right thing.
That won't happen.
It seems that way.
Aren't you scared about the future?
I was scared when I was alone because
I didn't know where I was headed.
Now, I know where I'm headed
and who to go with, so I'm not scared.
After that, you haven't seen Tae Hee?
No, I saw her yesterday.
You saw her?
I just saw her.
I didn't even get to see her properly.
She was so pitiful
I could barely look at her.
Tae Hee was?
She likes him all on her own.
Are you feeling all right?
I had nearly given up on her.
But after seeing her like that yesterday,
I thought maybe there was some hope.
Everything is complex again.
I didn't think it was,
but hope is truly torture.
Why you!
You don't have to hit me.
You should buy lunch too.
Also, just because you have Haeng Ah,
you shouldn't just talk to each other.
You have to keep me in the loop.
- About what?
- There's your mother's situation.
And your test results too.
If you don't tell me things,
I won't be happy with you.
It will create an awkwardness
in our relationship, okay?
- One shot!
- One shot.
- Man, this is hot!
- This is hot!
Anything else I need to know?
Ri Hwan got the test for the gene.
The results aren't out yet.
- You'll let me know the results, right?
- Yeah.
- Why?
- You think it's out of boredom?
I have to know to do something.
Whether it's crying, drinking, or coming
up with ideas together.
What else?
I'm supposed to meet Aunt tomorrow.
Doctor Ko says it's okay.
What else?
There's nothing else I haven't told you.
That's good then.
- As for me
- Yeah?
I confessed my feelings to Manager Cho
and got rejected.
That's all for me. The end.
Manager Cho!
Ninja? Our manager?
Is there a word in there
that you don't understand?
Then that letter you wrote was real?
Hey, the DJ's coming. Be quiet.
Wait, it wasn't just feelings?
You actually told him how you felt?
What? Who confessed their feelings?
- Is there a celebrity scandal?
- No, we're talking about songs to use.
"Don't Say a Word" by Kim Jin Pyo.
"It Can't Be Real" by Lim Jeong Hee.
"Believe It" by DBSK.
"Unbelievable Story" by Cho Kyu Chan.
"I've Tried Everything" by Ali.
"Is It Over" by Kim Hyun Chul.
"Finished Relationship" by Byul.
"No Matter How I Think About You"
by Sweet Sorrow.
"That Is Me" by Kim Dong Ryul.
"I Can't Comfort You" by Kim Kwang Jin.
"I Am Fine" by Rooftop Midnight.
What, what, what!
So, which song is it going to be?
The list is already full!
Where are you putting it in?
No, we'll just follow the script.
Oh, you guys came separately today.
Yeah, my mom came.
She said she was coming,
so I've been cleaning for two days.
Oh my! She turned my place upside down
as soon as she got there!
Are mothers only satisfied after they
clean all the floors in the house?
And how is it that the pots are so shiny
after my mom cleans them?
Don't even get me started on her nagging!
Am I 12 years old?
Producer Kim, is your mom like that too?
I don't really
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry,
Producer Kim. I must be crazy.
What's wrong with you, seriously?
Don't hit yourself.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Don't hold it against me.
I've been playing a bad character.
It's really all right!
I didn't realize it,
but I have several moms myself.
A person who nags me every time
we see each other.
There is one right over there.
There are a few at the restaurant too.
Make sure to eat breakfast.
Don't just say you will
and then starve until lunchtime.
All right.
I'll be going now.
Yeah, you should get going.
You'll be late for work.
- Get some more sleep.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Okay.
Take all your medicine.
Okay, I will. Get going.
Don't drink cold water.
- I'm going.
- Okay.
Dress warmly when you go out.
You'll get a cold while you wait
for the bus.
Be careful when you cross the street.
If you try to cross like when you saw me,
you'll get in trouble with the police.
I don't usually do that.
I was in a rush that time.
Make sure to dry your hair.
You could get a cold.
Yes, sir.
Don't leave your neck exposed
like this either.
- Wrap it up with a scarf.
- Yes, yes.
Do you have a mask?
No, I don't have one.
But I do have a protective gas mask.
- I'm going now.
- Bye.
Do you know that saying?
They say that my face now is the face of
the person I loved most in a prior life.
I loved a person who looked like me
in my previous life.
You loved someone who looked like you.
So when I'm born again in my next life,
I'll be born with a face like yours.
The important thing is that I met you
after I read that book.
If I thought that you were truly ugly,
would I have loved you?
The girl replied this to the boy.
Why didn't you say anything
about my figure?
Oh, we're done!
- Good work, everyone.
- Good work.
See you tomorrow. I'm going to head out.
Oftentimes, I dislike things
about myself.
But he likes these very things about me.
So I am starting to like myself
a bit more.
I found it.
Honestly, I was planning on being reborn
looking like Audrey Hepburn.
But now that I think about it,
I think your face won't be so bad either.
If I'm born as someone tender like you,
how much warmer will my next life be?
- Yeah?
- You picked up fast.
I was waiting for Tae Hee and playing
with my phone.
Hey, don't I look much better?
- So my hair before was better?
- Yes.
Everyone else said
You told me to cut my hair
and you're saying it was better before.
You are so weird, seriously.
- Aren't you getting on?
- No.
- Get on. Don't make it uncomfortable.
- No.
Do you have to avoid looking at me
as if you hate me?
It's not because I hate you.
Because I like you
I can't look at you yet.
Okay, then I'll go first.
No, I was looking at pictures.
But I only have funny pictures of you.
Like pictures of you with black soot
on your face.
And ones of you sleeping upside down.
You wanted to see me, didn't you?
Gosh, that's not it.
I was listening to this piece
on the radio.
They were saying I'd be born as you
in my next life.
What do you mean?
Why didn't you call?
We might have missed each other.
Even when I try not to see you,
we keep running into each other.
How have you been?
The answer is too long,
so I'll pretend I'm not here.
Go play.
Come have coffee with us.
- I brought
- I can't play invisible person now.
I'm going.
See you tomorrow.
I brought Ji Hoon with me.
Weren't you meeting
your Eastern medicine classmates?
We just had dinner.
Ji Hoon doesn't drink anymore,
so he finds it hard to stick around.
I guess he really has given up drinking.
But why would you be born
with my face again?
Oh right! Stand there for a second.
Look at this.
They say that my face now is the face of
the person I loved most in a prior life.
I loved someone who looked like me.
And you loved
someone who looked like you.
And so
Why are you laughing?
What you're saying is that the person
you love most in the world is
What did you say?
Ah, Ji Hoon's car is downstairs, you say?
Are you really going to be born
with my face in your next life?
I don't know. I'm thinking about it.
That's a relief.
- What is?
- That you're pretty.
Then I'll be born as a pretty woman
in my next life.
Work people will hear you.
If that were really true, we could just
switch genders and keep living like this.
You think so?
Then did doppelgangers in previous lives
continue liking the same people?
Is that why when doppelgangers meet,
one of them has to die?
If the present me and the past me
happened to meet face-to-face
that would cause death too.
- People say that too?
- Yeah.
I saw it on a TV drama.
Oh, your car must be parked here.
I thought you were coming to me.
Tae Hee!
If you're not busy, let's talk.
If you have something to say,
say it here.
What could I have to say to you?
I just want to look at you and talk.
I'm sorry and thankful about yesterday.
Then look at me and say it.
I don't know why you're being this way.
Why don't you know?
Have you lost too much money and now
you can't walk away from the table?
You ended up liking a girl with a bad
personality, got dumped, and you're mad.
"So I'm going to win her back
and then be the one to dump her."
Is that it?
Is that what you think?
Then why would you go this far?
You have lots of women.
You had lots of people who liked you!
I don't know.
Like you said, I felt more urgent after
you told me you liked someone new.
I have a lot of regret because
we broke up when things were so good.
If you're confusing regret, obsession,
or misunderstanding with liking me
please stop now!
You could be right!
But I'm still happy when I see you.
I hate the fact you like someone else.
It breaks my heart that you cry
because of him.
I don't know what these feelings are.
I like you this much!
Then isn't this love too?
If this isn't love,
what is it?
I'm not saying this
because he's my friend.
There's really no one like Kwon Ji Hoon.
You're right.
Ji Hoon is great.
He's funny and warm.
Just when you might forget,
he shows his cool side.
I don't know. I just got jealous.
What is that?
What about Tae Hee?
You thought she was pretty at first.
- Never!
- I heard you did.
- She's not my type.
- What's your type anyway?
You know because I'm dating you.
Me? Me?
It's been fun. I'm going to go now.
Just know that this hand is attached
to mine.
Gosh, my pride is hurt.
I just heard that I'm ugly,
so why am I so happy?
Let's go see Uncle.
But it's winter.
You can't go up when it snows.
I think Mom wants to go with you.
She wrote it down.
It would be nice to go in spring
when the snow melts, but by then
I think Mom might not remember.
- Let's go on the weekend.
- Do you have time?
Ji Hoon wants to know if he can go ahead
without us if we're going to take long.
Tell him we'll be right there.
Don't leave him alone.
I'm going to go see Tae Hee.
I'm worried about something.
Then we must say goodbye?
We must in order to meet again tomorrow!
My favorite moment is when I get
to meet you again.
That moment when you appear
in front of me
Does everything get bright for you too?
No, not quite.
Then? Does it get dark?
I start to feel like the safest person
in the entire world.
It feels good.
Well then
Let's go.
Where should I meet you tomorrow?
I'll come pick you up.
Don't do that anymore.
I can just go myself.
This is why it's useless to be good
to people.
What did people think of your hair?
The response wasn't bad.
They said I look less old, less poor,
and less dirty.
This is idol level.
Everyone likes it except for one person.
But she is a strange one.
Hey, do you have some food?
You didn't have dinner?
Of course I didn't.
Why didn't you?
Are you a plant or something?
Do you only drink water?
I can't make water at home.
At least I have some kimchi.
Let's go out and eat.
It's so cold out.
I'm not walking out there again.
You have a lot to drink.
I'll get dressed.
Yes, I'll have the half and half order.
Give us lots of sides.
Hold on, please.
Hey, you charging a card or is it cash?
Chicken and wine is the best.
I have no idea what the taste is,
so it's just great.
Something's up with you.
Well, nothing much.
I may feel the beating once,
but I'm somehow back in the same place.
I take one ride on it,
pull myself together, and get down.
And I'm back in the same place again.
Have you thought about leaving
the company?
I don't know.
I don't know if it's affection,
stubbornness, or fear.
It's not easy to walk out.
How did you do it?
You grab your legs with your hands.
Then you lift your legs off the ground.
I suppose so.
Who wouldn't have fear? We're not young.
Let's work together.
Also, do you want to live here with me?
I even increased my deposit
when I signed my two-year lease.
Why? Are you leaving the country
or something?
Is there something like that?
I might stay at the company residence
for a while.
How much are you planning to work that
you'd go in there?
You will use the company key
as your house key?
I think it would do be good to get out
of this neighborhood.
If you live in a different place,
you will see different things.
Then the things you remember
will be different.
Well, that's a good idea.
You can come in tomorrow if you want.
The secret code is
I guess we should change it now.
You can decide.
You can go home from here.
Aren't you going inside?
I'll make sure you get in safely.
Just go home quickly.
What if my mom catches you?
Then I'll say hello to her.
- To whom? My mom?
- Yes.
- Yes, I want to meet her.
- Why would you?
No, what I mean is
what do you plan to say to her
if you get caught?
Are you going to tell her that you are
my boyfriend?
Then what else?
You don't know what you're saying.
You'd be in big trouble if you met her.
Her life goal is to get me married.
Do you see me in your life at all?
- What?
- You're annoyed at the marriage letters.
Even though you say you don't plan on
getting married.
I really don't plan on getting married.
I would be married already if I had.
I have enough trouble taking care
of myself.
I have bad mood swings
and I like dogs more than people.
I spend more than I earn.
You know what I'm like.
How could I marry someone
and compromise with that person?
I can't do something like that.
So you should never worry about that
or feel burdened by that in the future.
Then what are we doing right now?
We are
- We are dating happily.
- We will date and then break up?
You should go in. It's getting late.
Are you mad?
No. I'm know you're saying that because
you don't want me to feel burdened.
- Joon Su.
- You should go. Your mom's waiting.
How is your mother doing?
She's doing well.
Thank you for the nurse you found us.
It's nothing. I'm glad to be of help.
I see that your watch is gone.
Yes, I no longer need
to look at the time.
This is the reason I'm here today.
It was Hong Jung Woo who left it,
but I thought I should return it to you.
Also, this.
I think you left this at our house
when you came by last time.
You came by to return everything.
I came to say goodbye for the last time.
I want to say thank you for everything.
I am sorry for many things too.
No, those things
- I'll get some coffee for us.
- No.
Someone is waiting for me outside.
I'll get going now.
Why are you out here?
I told you to wait in the car.
I was sitting by myself and I felt weird.
I'm going to be strong.
But I feel sorry too.
You're not supposed to punish yourself
just because you feel bad, remember?
I haven't even been standing here
for five minutes.
Even five seconds won't do.
Look how cold your hands are.
What are we going to do?
What? Am I suffocating you again
with my nagging?
Am I a gas mask again?
You are like one.
But when there is chemical warfare,
you can only breathe with a gas mask.
I can breathe because of you
Why are you hitting me?
Put that hand in your pocket too.
It's dangerous to put both hands
in your pockets during winter.
You can break your nose if you fall.
I'm holding you, so why would you fall?
You might fall and it's okay to fall.
I won't fall.
Doctor Ko said not to speak that way.
"I can do that."
What have you been learning
while I've been getting strong?
Right now, Mom is not the same as you
might remember.
Knowing who the person is
and actually recognizing that person
aren't connecting so well.
Does she recognize Ji Hoon?
She does seem him daily.
Also, he says to her every time,
"Mother, it's me, Ji Hoon."
I think she remembers short-term things.
Same with Dong Hwa.
She calls Aunt Princess Chung Hee.
Oh, what's she going to do?
She hates that name.
I'm certain Mom knows you though.
She wrote down in her journal that she
wants to go to Uncle with you.
But it has been a while
since she last saw you.
- If she doesn't recognize you
- Don't worry.
I saw a video of a woman who missed
her birth mom and cried all the time.
So she asked her mother to come
and then went to meet her at the airport
but even though the mother was waving,
she still couldn't recognize her.
Even though her mother was
someone she longed to see.
Mom could be like that too.
Even if Mom recognizes you, the Haeng Ah
she recalls might not be you.
I won't be surprised
no matter how Aunt reacts.
I told you. I've reading up on
the new treatments all over the world.
I hope I've become
someone she's happy to see again.
I hope Aunt is delighted to see me.
Just like when she used to tell me
to sit down so she could braid my hair.
The roses are ready.
Wow! They're pretty.
So she was the recipient of the roses
you bought daily.
It wasn't me. It was for my aunt.
So she's your younger cousin?
- No, I'm his older
- Yes, she is.
Oh, it's a habit.
She's my girlfriend, actually.
We're going for a walk.
- All right.
- Okay.
Go and get lots of sun.
I'll be back.
Buy me some ice cream on the way.
Haeng Ah! Haeng Ah!
Haeng Ah!
Hold this.
What kind of driving is that?
She had the green light
and it's a crosswalk.
What would you have done
if she had gotten hurt?
Mom, it's fine. No one got hurt.
Aunt, are you okay?
Haeng Ah, are you okay?
Can I give you a hug?
Haeng Ah, are you okay?
Yes, I am really, really okay.
I'm here.
You're here.
You break up and whatnot.
You tried something that everyone does.
Don't do it again.
Okay then, that's fine.
But if you make that mistake
one more time
I won't.
We're only helping out.
It's true that you're having
the hardest time.
Make sure to focus and be strong.
And if things are still hard,
tell people.
Yes, Uncle.
And don't make mistakes again.
They're so pretty.
Aunt, I'm Haeng Ah.
You are Haeng Ah, right?
I am Haeng Ah and thank you so much
for what you did back there.
What happened before was
you were really concerned about me.
You did that in the past too.
You worried that something bad
might happen to me.
I worried that something bad
might happen to you?
You worried a lot about me
about Haeng Ah a lot.
But I'm doing so well.
And during the time I haven't seen you
I've been so curious about you
and I've missed you.
That's what it's been like for me.
So, you are Haeng Ah?
Yes, I am the Haeng Ah you know.
Who do you think is prettier,
Haeng Ah or me?
What? Are you actually thinking about it?
You should have said me.
I'm your partner.
I knew this is how it would be.
Everyone is always like
"Haeng Ah, Haeng Ah."
I don't have a mom or dad either.
What do you mean you don't?
Am I a ghost then?
I'm talking about a birth mom.
A man and woman who gave birth to me.
Do you have to give birth to be a parent?
I'm so upset my eyes are going
to pop out.
What? Why are you getting mad at that,
Shim Chung Hee?
- Stop that.
- Shim Chung
Chung Hee, where are you?
Where is that girl with the name
Chung Hee?
You're very bored, right?
No, not at all.
I would suggest we leave,
but there are some circumstances.
I will sit for just 30 minutes and leave.
I'm sorry.
Someone is probably watching us
right now.
They want to see if I screw up
this marriage setup too.
I know that very well.
Oh really?
You seem to keep looking at your watch.
I've been living one day at a time.
Just waiting until midnight.
I'm not thinking about what comes
after that.
Have you been dumped, by chance?
That's a very personal question,
if you don't mind.
It seems like
you and I are in a similar position.
I guess we are.
How did you end up this way?
On the surface, it will look like
my mother wore her down.
But I guess you'd have to say that
we didn't like each other enough.
I couldn't hold onto her enough
and it was the same for her.
I see.
Does living every day until midnight
have any effect?
I don't know yet.
I suppose if I keep at it
it will pass one day.
I will be back to the time
when I didn't know him.
By any chance, does your mother like
the color pink?
How long did you date him?
I'd have to say not a single day.
From the very beginning to end
it was a one-sided love.
It might snow there.
Did you pack some thick clothes?
- You'll freeze trying to look good.
- Yeah, I packed a lot of stuff.
I'm worried about you, actually.
I'll finish the morning patients
in no time.
Don't worry about anything
and drive carefully.
If I had my driver's license by now,
I would be driving today.
No, no, no, no.
Don't say scary things like that.
You'll be tired.
You'll be with me.
My hands shriveled up.
I don't think I can do acupuncture.
Let's close the hospital.
Oh, Dong Hwa.
What are you doing? Take my bag.
Isn't it just for a night?
You're not running away from home,
are you?
Don't borrow my stuff
when we get there.
You know the hotel has blankets.
You didn't pack them, right?
I even know that you don't take off
shoes on an airplane.
You didn't bring a stuffed bear, did you?
You're a child. You're a baby.
Why are you opening my bag?
You don't know what could be in there!
If I find a teddy bear on top,
I'll likely find snacks under it.
- Snacks.
- Snacks?
- Gosh, you baby.
- Seriously.
Have a nice trip, baby.
What do people usually do
on family trips?
You eat yummy food.
You see the ocean.
You eat udon in places like these.
You eat seafood.
You eat corn dogs.
Walnut cakes, coffee, ice cream.
- That's right.
- Besides eating?
At night, we can grill meat.
With lettuce and perilla leaf.
That's eating too.
Do family trips consist only of eating?
You take pictures too.
And listen to songs.
What is this?
Neither of you have ever been on trips.
What the
We're totally screwed.
We've been manipulated by beginners and
they've brought us someplace strange.
We did research on the internet.
The hotel is a good place too.
We looked at so many places.
You learned about vacations
through reading.
I was so looking forward to this.
I didn't even go on my high school
field trip because I got in trouble.
We didn't go either.
Why haven't you gone on any vacations
at your age?
We're going to start going now.
This is a trip, right?
That's right.
"I told you. It's nice to be out."
What are you doing?
I'm imitating you.
Don't do that.
If you didn't come after me on the bus
that night
I would have followed you around
reciting everything you said to me.
"I think everything until now
was a dream."
- So
- Stop it.
"In the end, it was you.
It was always all you."
- What else was there?
- Don't do that.
Why are you hitting me?
All right, you can hit me too.
This is mine too.
That's true.
Should we dig today too
and see what comes out?
No, don't.
It doesn't matter what comes out anymore.
Let's leave it, whatever it is.
Then we're sitting on top of
Pandora's Box.
We're sitting on top of the hope that
will be there until the end.
That's nice.
A few days ago
Mom told me that she was happy.
- Why?
- I don't really know.
She said the weather was nice
and that the roses were pretty.
And then she said she was happy.
I think she was just in a good mood.
Because just being in a good mood
is what happiness is.
That's true.
You know in Aunt's journal?
Besides the sanatorium and coming to
see Dad with me
what else was in there?
"Let Ri Hwan go."
That's what she wrote.
"Vacation, the ocean. A faraway place."
And that's she sorry about
that school trip.
She should forget that now.
Things would be easier for her.
In times like this, we need this song
Today, I will turn on a song that we like
and Aunt will like too.
Don't turn it on.
It's a symptom of my job.
Then should I make you lie dow
and give you acupuncture right here?
Then people would report you.
They will think you're up to something.
Something like what?
What do you mean? Just something.
Like what?
Like what? Like acupuncture
and moxa treatment.
What were you thinking?
I just want to hear your voice.
Today, I'd rather hear your voice
instead of the song.
What are you going to do about this?
What? You want me to hold your hand?
Like this? Like this?
What's with you?
You weren't like this before.
You made me this way!
That's cheesy too!
You won't let me say anything.
Is there a "what if" in something that's
already happened?
There can't be "what if's"
in things that have already happened.
Why do you ask that?
It would have been better if I had
been a bit stronger.
That thought came to my mind.
You gave birth to Ri Hwan
and you held Haeng Ah.
Can't you give yourself more
It's because I'm sorry for the children.
You must be cold.
Don't do that stuff.
Today, I want to hear your voice!
Seriously, why are you doing that?
"It was all you! In the end, it was you."
Can you be better to them?
Enough to make up for what I lacked?
What can I do for them?
It's getting harder and harder for me
to remember.
Tell them you were happy.
And tell them to be happy.
That will be enough.
Yes, also
good job all those years, Sun Young.
Thank you.
Mom, aren't you cold?
Why did you take this off? Put it on.
Okay. Thank you.
Mom, I'll bring Dong Hwa. Wait here.
Dong Hwa.
It seems like it's burning,
but it's really not.
Salt, salt.
You're just too much, Ri Hwan.
What should I do now?
Just go grill the meat. This is my area.
Gosh, the lettuce and perilla leaves
have lots of folds in them, right?
You have to put them in water.
I said I'd take care of it.
I'm hungry!
We're working on it.
Wait a bit.
Are you hunting for the meat?
How many hours is this taking?
Stop fooling around and grill the meat!
What if we have a daughter
and she's like that?
But I was like that when I was young.
- Oh, you're right.
- Right?
- The meat is burning. Go.
- Okay.
Go grill it!
She was that young?
Chung Hee's father was very scary.
He didn't even send her to school.
He sent her to our house.
So he named her Shim Chung Hee.
Then he sold her off to a rich household.
He always hit her
when she went back home.
Chung Hee never went back home.
When it was New Year's or Thanksgiving
my dad would give her an allowance
and fruit to go back home.
She would say, "Yes, I'll be going now."
But then she'd hide in my room.
Gosh, what is that?
I feel so sorry for her.
I didn't even know that.
And I made fun of her name.
Where's Chung Hee?
Where is Chung Hee?
She's at the store, the store in Seoul.
Ji Hoon was right.
You're right.
We should have listened to him
and bought the food.
It's because you only read up
on going on trips.
Do we have to eat this thing like this?
Yeah, you have to eat marshmallows
on an open fire.
- Who says that?
- Doesn't everyone?
You read this somewhere again.
Mom, it's not too hot?
No, it's not hot. It's fun.
Aunt, you're supposed to turn it
like this and cook it.
- Like this.
- Ah
So how long do we cook it?
Does the color change?
Do we have to cook it like this?
That's true.
It's good to eat it as is.
We should've had it with cocoa.
- Do you have cocoa?
- No.
Ma'am, we're on a trip with two idiots.
This is fun.
Aunt! That was scary, right?
Sorry, we've only read up on this.
Since she laughed, it's okay.
Mom, sleep well with Dong Hwa tonight.
Good night, Dong Hwa.
Leave it and sit over here.
I'll clean this first.
Sit down.
Isn't this backwards usually?
You're supposed to clean over there
and I'm the one who wants to do it later.
It's too late to start cleaning it all
up now.
I don't want to be that way anymore.
Once things got all okay
and you and Mom were happy
I wanted to go on a trip then.
But right now
everything's a mess.
Nothing is ready.
The weather is bad,
so we can't see Uncle.
Mom probably won't remember
what happened today.
But still, it was nice.
"I told you. It's nice to be out."
Still, maybe the weather will get better
there tomorrow.
It would be nice to go see Dad.
If we can't, let's come back in spring.
Aren't you tired?
You must be tired from driving.
Not at all.
It would be a waste to sleep
on a night like this.
You're right. Turn on a nice song.
- I don't want to.
- Why?
"I'd rather hear your voice
instead of the song."
That's right, isn't it?
Stop copying me.
No, today I'm going to make requests.
Sing me a song.
What kind of song could I sing?
Just sing anything, something sweet.
What do you sing at karaoke?
- Have you seen me go to one?
- No.
- Why don't you go?
- I can't sing.
I want to hear how bad you are.
I don't even know any songs.
Hey, just sing anything.
Just a little bit.
I'm begging you like this.
I would sing you a little bit, at least.
And if I sing you a song,
what would you do?
I will grant you a wish.
- Really?
- Yes, for real.
All right.
Laughing or no laughing?
No laughing, seriously.
If I sing a song,
you really have to grant me a wish.
Of course.
If I were to say it,
I'm a bit concerned about you.
Your voice sounds
loud and clear to me.
There's no need for us
to get any closer
but I still want to draw closer to you.
Like a song I hear in the night
my heart flutters
without any known reason why.
I can't say that seeing you tomorrow
will be better than
seeing you today.
It may seem like it's too soon
for me to say this until today.
Seeing you every day restores me.
I think I know what
my clumsy heart feels now
as the feeling of butterflies
in my stomach arrives much too late.
[One Step Between Yearning and Happiness]
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