Bubblegum (2015) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

[Episode 15]
Goodness, you shocked me.
- Wake up.
- Okay.
I'm so shocked I won't be able
to sleep more even if I tried.
Wow, it's seven o'clock.
Why would anyone start their day
so early?
Does a cleaning fairy live in this house
or something?
When did you clean up everything?
What's this?
You already moved some stuff.
Why are you trying to take everything?
Leave some stuff behind.
I'll just take one.
Hey, what is this?
Is this how you are at home?
That's where it was.
This place is so suspicious.
At this rate, we may even see
a person bolt out from behind the fridge.
I know I had it on last night.
Do you really have to look for it now?
Why don't you go ahead without me?
I'll come after I find it.
Then I'll look for it later. Let's go.
You hate being late.
Let's go.
Before my haircut, maybe,
but now I don't need it.
Hey, put this over there.
Just leave it where it was.
Then Uncle Gangster, Aunt Princess,
Dong Hwa, you, me
Ji Hoon, Tae Hee, Woo Bin.
That's eight guests.
It'll actually be like a party.
Should we make invitations
and send them?
Just send a group text message.
It's because I want to make it
more special.
- Haeng Ah.
- Yes?
Mom might not be able to remember it
after just one night.
Just like our trip last time.
And you will again
I know.
I cried for a bit because
Aunt kept forgetting
and saying sorry and apologizing.
I thought maybe I shouldn't have
asked her and I felt bad.
We all came to an agreement, right?
That we'll live happily day to day.
If she can't remember a good day,
then we can make a better day.
When someone asks
"When was the happiest moment?"
answers like "I don't have any happy
memories" is sad.
But "I'm planning to be happiest in a
few days" isn't sad.
That's nice.
I think as long as you and I don't
get greedy, it'll be fine.
Oh, we should get going now if we want to
go for another round.
You want to look more?
Didn't you say the first one you saw
was the best?
Yes, I said it was the best,
not that I made up my mind.
You made two rounds here
and went into every single shoe store.
Are you going to buy them today?
If not, then we can come out
tomorrow again.
Or you can use up your wish here.
Yeah right. I can't use it up for
something like this.
It was so hard earned.
Come on, just sing something.
Just a little bit.
Wow, I'm practically begging here.
I would've sung at least a little bit.
If I sing, then what will you do?
I will grant you a wish.
- Really?
- Yes.
For real.
Laughing or no laughing?
No laughing. I promise.
If I sing, you're for sure granting
me a wish, okay?
Of course.
Hurry up and tell me.
You're making me nervous.
What's your wish?
What do you think?
You're not going to get me to dance
on the street or something, are you?
So other people can see?
No way, it should only be for me.
Can you say those things more quietly?
Who told you to grant me a wish?
You don't know what I'll say.
I wanted to hear you sing.
How is world peace for your wish?
You like that stuff.
Everything is in its place
and no one gets hurt.
- Nervous, huh?
- What is it going to be!
All right, just give me a kiss
in front of all these people.
Forget it!
I'll grant you the wish because you're
being so petty.
- But
- But what?
Keep your hands off me.
How is that fair?
- It is fair.
- No, it's not.
I said, hands off.
Now just have your wish.
Then it's okay as long as I don't use
my hands?
What about other things?
I can kiss you without using my hands.
I can do everything you're imagining.
Cho Jung Eun.
I made a promise to meet a guy
when the first snowfall came.
I drank too much the night before
and slept through the snow.
The guy sent me a text.
"I'm disappointed.
I thought you felt the same way."
I couldn't tell him I was drunk
and sleeping it off.
I don't see what the problem is.
Call him and tell him you drank,
so you had to sleep.
But I like you a lot.
Isn't that enough?
Do you need an excuse like snow?
Honestly, snow is better for breakups,
not for love confessions.
You know what I mean.
People insist, they just insist on crying
and breaking up in a playground.
One person leaves one behind
and starts to walk away.
The footsteps of
the person walking away
Before you know it, those footsteps
have been covered in snow.
And all that's left are
your own two footsteps.
That is when the snow falls.
Oh right, the song request.
You requested Kim Gun Mo's
"Beautiful Goodbye."
This is such a good song.
I'm not sure about the title though.
How is saying goodbye beautiful?
It's like saying a restaurant is so
dirty that it's clean.
So dirty it's clean.
- Right?
- We have no time.
Anyway, I'm opposed to the song title.
I will turn on the song though.
But you should not listen to the song
and just call that guy.
Or you can text him,
"I like you."
These three words are enough, okay?
Here's the song.
Gosh, I can't say what I want
because of commercials.
How come there are more and more?
I'm just too popular these days.
You didn't eat this today, did you?
Here, eat one.
- I'm okay.
- Eat it when I'm offering.
Producer Kim!
You should have given this to me earlier.
You know I'm busy these days
and this is so last minute.
I gave that to Tae Hee actually.
You can give it to me directly.
No need to be shy.
Oh no, it's just meant for
our store people
All right, I will go and brighten up
the event, okay?
Thank you.
So I was forced to invite the DJ
and our rookie writer too.
That's good. It will be livelier.
I'll get going now.
- You're going?
- Yeah.
I saw Aunt so I should go now.
I have an appointment with the doctor
tomorrow morning too.
Stay a bit longer.
Should I do that?
The third floor is still empty,
but I can't seem to ask you to move in.
The last time you were there,
I felt very bad.
I thought about how lonely you must
be there on your own.
I felt that way too.
If I stay here
wouldn't you feel a heavy burden
down on the second floor?
No touching.
Don't get angry.
You can go.
Are you telling me to go just because
I wouldn't let you touch me?
Are you dating me just to touch me
and stuff?
Then don't smile or be pretty.
This is just torture.
How can you say things like that
- What if someone sees us?
- So what if they do?
Who cares about the neighbors?
- So what if we kiss?
- Gosh!
- Stop it.
- Then stay a bit longer.
Is Ji Hoon home right now?
Of course he is.
Fine, I'll go inside.
Let's go.
You're so weird.
Why am I weird?
What's this? You said Ji Hoon is here.
Oh, I thought he was here.
You know how to lie now?
You didn't know?
Who was it that I've known for
the past 26 years? I've been fooled.
There's a lot you didn't know, right?
Is there something you didn't know too?
There's a lot.
What? Don't say something strange.
What strange things are you thinking
Gosh, you 184-centimeter mischievous boy.
You 164-centimeter playing innocent.
I'm 166 centimeters, actually.
Hey, where did that mark on your
shoulder come from?
Oh, this is from my senior year.
Woo Bin got drunk and fell.
I was catching him and fell on top
of the bike.
Why didn't I know that?
How could I show you that wound?
Gosh, Maeng Woo Bin.
Besides that, what else did you see?
Besides the scar on my shoulder,
what else did you see?
What do you mean? That thing
- What's with you?
- Tell me.
What should I do?
Should I leave and return in the morning?
- No, Senior!
- Thanks!
I got the invite. I'll be there for sure.
I want to go.
Why are you going? Stay for a bit.
Ji Hoon's here.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
Not much had changed for us.
We just put in a little more effort.
I'm late, right?
We put in effort to spend our individual
time with Mom.
You look so pretty.
Aunt, you look so pretty.
Then will you take this?
Sun Young, do you like it? How is it?
This is better than the last one, right?
The last one?
Do you like the dress you're in now?
Do you think you're pretty?
It's pretty.
But are we going somewhere in this dress?
Aunt, we're having a party.
Your birthday party.
- Birthday party?
- Yes.
We thought of ways to have happy
memories every day.
Should have done it earlier
Like this
We said we wouldn't cry.
You're crying too.
Then should we cry for just one minute?
Let's not cry anymore.
It wasn't so that we could be happier.
It was to feel the happiness
that we already had.
That's why we put in effort.
Haeng Ah.
Don't take my picture.
You won't make me look good.
Ah, Woo Bin's not coming.
Put this thing on.
- What do I do with this?
- Like this.
What the heck? Take another picture.
Why should I?
Ji Hoon is here.
- Mister.
- Dong Hwa.
You take one too, Mister.
Here you go.
I'll take a picture with you.
But don't put it up anywhere
and keep it to yourself, okay?
- What?
- Here you go.
- But
- You're welcome.
I'll take that.
This is Oh Se Young, our radio DJ.
Oh, you must be so busy.
Thank you for coming.
Yes, Producer Kim just begged me to come
so I ended up coming.
Yes, thank you.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you for inviting us.
Wow, you are very good-looking.
The star of the party is here.
Why did you get here so late?
Mother, you look so beautiful.
One, two, three.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Mom.
Happy birthday to you!
That's mine, that's mine.
Happy birthday! Congrats.
Mother, don't ever get sick with a cold.
I heard that reading helps.
It's okay to lose pencils
all you want now.
I bought you tons of the same one.
Try wearing this color.
You'll be in a good mood.
I heard eating lots of good food
is good for you too.
Please make sure to give me, Oh Se Young,
lots of love.
Don't age any more than I have.
And come to see the station
whenever you want to.
Thank you.
Mom, these are from Haeng Ah and I.
Wear these and let's go to lots
of nice places together.
Let's go to lots of nice places.
Thanks, Mom.
- What about Haeng Ah?
- Haeng Ah?
They are so pretty.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Enjoy your food.
I envy Producer Kim's aunt a lot.
Right? She has many good people
in her life.
She's much older than me,
but she's so slim.
You're slim too.
That's because I run around like crazy
and eat just enough not to die.
Who made this cake? What a bad person.
I can't even eat it and it's so good.
Just eat it. Don't be afraid.
You are eating the cake.
The cake is not eating you.
See! I gain weight because of you
and my mom.
Is your mom still here in Seoul?
We need to talk.
It's something we need to discuss once.
Is there an answer?
You are young and I am old.
It's not like we can change that.
That's why we need to look for
an answer together.
What a good world it's become these days.
In our time, you couldn't imagine dating
a man over 10 years younger.
I went crazy for a moment because
you called me princess.
Aunt, should we go on another trip?
Is there a place you want to go?
A place I want to go?
Yeah, we went to the beach before.
You were in a really good mood that day.
I don't remember.
You don't have to remember.
You can look at the pictures.
See, this is you.
This is Dong Hwa.
This is Ri Hwan and this is me, Haeng Ah.
The four of us went to the beach.
The weather was so nice that day too.
And you are Haeng Ah?
Yes, I am Haeng Ah.
What about Chung Hee?
Chung Hee didn't go?
No, Chung Hee didn't go.
Dong Hwa went instead.
Dong Hwa is Chung Hee's daughter.
- Chung Hee's daughter?
- Yes.
She wanted pasta when she was young,
so she lied that she was in high school.
And she said she'd work here.
She got caught by Uncle Gangster
and got in big trouble.
So Uncle told her to bring her parents.
She cried and cried, saying that she
had no parents.
And that she didn't know what they
looked like.
Aunt Chung Hee asked her some questions.
She fed her and later she even gave
her a job.
Then later, she became her daughter.
This is Dong Hwa.
This is Dong Hwa?
Yeah, happy like a fairytale ending.
That kind of Dong Hwa.
Ri Hwan's alone on the second floor.
He doesn't look okay.
You should go check on him.
If he's there alone,
he probably wants to be alone.
I shouldn't go there.
All right.
Have you lost too much money
and now can't walk away from the table?
You ended up liking a girl with a bad
personality, got dumped, and you're mad.
"So I'm going to win her back
and then be the one to dump her."
Is that what you think?
Then why would you go this far?
You have lots of women.
You had lots of people who liked you!
I don't know.
Like you said, I felt more urgent after
you told me you liked someone new.
I have a lot of regret because
we broke up when things were so good.
If you're confusing regret, obsession,
or misunderstanding with liking me
please stop now!
You could be right!
But I'm still happy when I see you.
But I'm still happy when I see you.
I hate the fact you like someone else.
It breaks my heart that you cry
because of him.
I don't know what these feelings are.
I like you this much!
Isn't this love too?
If this isn't love,
what is it?
You should drink something.
You look cold.
About how harshly I spoke yesterday
Don't worry about it.
You should really drink something.
Thank you.
Why are you here?
Were you looking for me?
Of course.
Are you feeling off?
No, I'm good. I'm just thinking.
I don't think so.
No, really.
I'm just thinking about some stuff.
About what?
We said we'd tell each other everything.
The reason Mom was late today
Mom locked the door in the bathroom.
And she couldn't open it.
You just need to turn the handle
from the inside.
She couldn't remember to do that.
She was really alarmed.
She screamed and cried.
I suppose she would if she thought
she were trapped.
So I was looking around here thinking
about if she could stay here all day.
What kind of stuff could happen here?
What does the bathroom door
look like here?
I was thinking about that.
Mom really likes it here.
How will I tell her she can't come?
What would I say?
Aunt seemed okay, so I had no idea.
Mom already forgot.
I see.
You must have been scared.
I'm okay.
Doctor said not to speak that way.
Saying you're okay
I knew it.
Are you guys bubblegum?
Why are you two stuck to each other?
Come down.
The DJ is leaving, so we're taking
a group photo together.
Okay, I'll be right down.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
Be strong.
Don't think about kissing and hurry up!
You two will be left out.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Okay, test. Making the star look pretty.
Everyone look ugly except for the star.
- Okay.
- What? I don't want to.
What is that?
It's when we all look ugly on purpose
so one person can look pretty.
You can just do your normal face.
You expect me to do this?
I'm an actress.
You'll still be pretty even if you do it.
It'll be okay.
Okay, I'm doing it. One, two, three.
Here we go.
This time you have to
look your prettiest.
I'm only going once. Don't blink.
One, two, three.
I said I'll drive you.
I like taking the bus at night.
If I take the bus and listen to music,
almost everything sounds good.
Is that why you looked so pretty
that day? Because you were on the bus?
Oh, the bus is here.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
- Take the next one.
- Should I?
It was really good today, wasn't it?
Yeah, good thing I listened to you.
If you think about it,
it really wasn't a big deal.
We saw the people we always see
and ate the food we always eat.
The talent show was so funny.
I haven't seen something like that
since elementary school.
How many years has Ji Hoon been singing
that song?
How do you think I feel?
Sometimes I think I hear that song
when it's not playing.
It's the bus.
I have to go.
Take the next one.
Can I even go home today?
Do you have to go?
Am I supposed to lie down here?
There's always my room.
There's my bed too.
What? Come on
Because we did ugly poses,
Aunt came out so well.
Look at Uncle Gangster's expression.
It's so funny.
Look at my DJ. She said she didn't
want to, but she's the best at it.
Why did you do a pretty pose?
I did a weird pose.
What's pretty about it?
You look pretty to me.
Oh, the bus is here.
Take the next one.
It's the last one. I have to take it.
- Really?
- I'm going now.
Call me when you get home.
You too. Oh, and send me that picture.
- Don't follow strangers, okay?
- I won't.
Are you like this household's
daughter now?
When was I not?
Why is she so late today?
Is she tired from yesterday?
Call her if you're so curious.
I thought she was your partner.
So that was returned to you.
You're not angry that I went
to try and find that person?
I am a bit curious about what
you said to them.
Well, you know
I just threatened them a bit.
I told them that
since they cause my younger sister pain
they'll get a mosquito bite between their
fourth toe and pinkie toe next summer.
- No way.
- Also.
I said that their favorite baseball team
will do so badly for 10 years
they won't even be able
to watch baseball in the fall.
- Jung Woo.
- Are you scared? And you're not mad?
There's no way you actually did that.
I should've said something
like that at least.
I acted way too cool
for my own good.
I heard you went on a blind date again.
It wasn't so bad this time.
He said he went through heartbreak.
He said his girlfriend ran away
because his mom was so mean to her.
He didn't want to go on the date, but
it'd be worse if he didn't, so he did.
What a eerily familiar story.
And his mother is a purple.
We decided to see each other again.
That way, we won't have to go on
other blind dates.
That's good for you too, then.
You were the one who
wanted to meet for lunch
and yet you're late because
you were shopping?
I was in such a hurry that
I couldn't even see everything
and I just got all the new items
I guess you could call that shopping.
Why were you in such a rush?
Were you afraid that someone else
would buy up all the new products?
Your younger sister kept
tossing her blind dates aside
but this time, she actually wants
to see him again.
Is that why you bought this?
Because you felt good?
They're both bags.
I met with that guy's mother
and she has great taste.
So make sure you're really careful about
your clothes, bags, shoes, and hair.
You already met his mother?
I wasn't the one who asked to meet.
It was her.
She kept calling and calling,
so I just saw her briefly.
And since I was out,
I bought you some bags. I'm so tired.
This is all mine?
How many times have you used
that bag already?
Is your bag a stand-in for
your nametag or something?
How could you use
the same one over and over?
Why do you think bag companies
make new bags every season?
You didn't consider the fact that
it's maybe because
the company wants to make a profit?
I already have too many bags because
of all the ones you've bought me.
Throw them all out
and start anew.
And don't go through
a hard time this time.
Why isn't the food coming out?
Was our lunch appointment
for tomorrow?
You. You're not even
going to open these?
You didn't go inside?
I love this hammock so much.
I missed this guy so much!
He.. I'm asking because
I feel really uncomfortable.
Can't you get up from there?
Why? I'm so comfortable right now.
Get up and have some of this.
Damn it!
But I have to spit out my gum.
Spit it out! Why are you telling me that?
What do you want me to do?
Ugh bubble
Why are you getting mad?
Take my gum!
So I prescribed them those two medicines.
Even so, that won't fix their
psychological states
I got a text from the hospital.
They said that my results are out.
Don't worry.
Oh of course not.
So when is the patient coming back?
You're not going now?
How could I?
I have afternoon appointments.
I can see them for you.
It's that patient from last time.
The one who asked if you're a patient
pretending to be a doctor last time.
Oh. If I say I'll see them,
they'll probably run away.
I'll go later when I have some free time.
You'll tell me what your results are,
Of course.
You have to tell me right away.
With no hesitation.
- Exactly as they are!
- Of course.
[Resignation Letter]
Thank you for taking in someone
who had nowhere to go.
So today's the last day.
Tomorrow, it's a live broadcast.
So this is an invitation from us
for tomorrow, from us at Black Radio.
Last week we had a baked sweet potato
seller, Mr. Lee Dong Gi, from Yeonshinnae
and learned a lot about sweet potatoes
that are baked in drum-like containers.
And this week, we have a woman
who conquered a middle school
with her ddukbokki, Ms. Yoo Jung Hwa.
Please look forward to this story.
- There's such a thing as oil ddukbokki?
- Yeah.
Yeah. It's made with soy sauce
Isn't that too oily?
Someone brought this for our team.
Geez, so popular.
Why is it cake again?
Can't even eat it
Is it someone's birthday?
No. My birthday is in the summer.
And it's not mine, either.
34, so I don't think it's for
anyone in our team.
They said that it's for Black Radio
for sure.
It's me! Me!
People think I'm 34 years old!
When I go abroad,
even high schoolers chase me!
They don't chase you down
to curse you out?
Huh? No!
You don't know English, though.
Do I need to understand the language
to know what they're saying?
How could I not recognize
lovestruck stares?
Geez, you have no experience
with these things.
Don't look at people like that.
You won't score any men.
Geez, look at you, shooting lasers
out of your eyes again
Can I have some of this?
Yeah, of course! Go ahead!
Eat it all!
I'll just leave it here.
If I bring it home, I'll eat it again.
Oh yeah. I have my mom at home.
PD Kim, I'll just take one slice
for my mom.
No, I'll just take one slice.
That's more than enough for me.
Good work!
- I'll be going ahead, then.
- Goodbye.
Call me when you're done editing.
I'll be in the office.
No, don't wait up for me.
- Are you okay?
- Why wouldn't I be?
Manager Cho is quitting.
Trying to forget someone
but seeing them all the time
and forgetting someone by not being able
to see them even when you want to
which one of the two
is worse, do you think?
Well, I'm not sure.
If it were me
It's the same thing.
What can I do for you?
Want me to buy you drinks?
Or should I go where he is and
what should I do?
I'll call you when I feel frustrated to
take my anger out on you, so pick up.
Okay. Anytime.
Even late at night or morning.
It's been a while since
you've worn that.
Yeah. I lost it and then found it again.
I was happy, so I brought it along.
See you tomorrow.
From Seok Jun: Here's next year's in
advance because I think I'll get busy.
Happy birthday.
No matter the reason, I don't think
it's right for me to hold onto that.
Thank you.
I was thinking about this a lot.
So why didn't you
ask me to give it to you?
Because I felt bad.
When I said let's break up, I thought
you were totally unaffected by it.
I thought that you didn't care
and maybe you were relieved
and felt like a burden
had been lifted off you.
But that wasn't how you felt.
When I asked for us to break up,
I was going through such a tough time
so I didn't think about it.
But after some time had passed
and I'd thought about it
I thought that I was more at fault
than you were.
I always acted like I was fine
and then suddenly turned on you
saying that it'd been too hard on me
the whole time.
I felt like I attacked you and then
escaped the situation by myself.
And I was the one who'd lied.
It's my fault for not properly
understanding your words
despite saying that I liked you.
When you said that you were fine
the only thing true about your words
was that you wanted to be fine.
If only I'd known that you wouldn't
have had such a hard time.
Thank you.
For this, and for everything else.
You're okay, right?
I'm happy.
You haven't heard from
Doctor Park yet, right?
No, I haven't heard anything.
Yeah so why hasn't he come yet?
Yeah, Ri Hwan!
No, I wasn't waiting.
I was thinking about something else.
Not worrying about you at all.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh my god.
Oh why are you here?
I wanted to say goodbye
and to make a request.
Do you have a bit of time?
Yeah, I do
What is it?
Can you fill in for me tomorrow?
And take care of
the music selection too.
Did something happen?
Did your aunt
No, it's not that.
I grew up listening to the
radio programs that you did.
So now, to think that I'll never be able
to hear that again
it makes me feel so sad.
Geez, such nonsense. I'm not going
anywhere! I'm just transferring over.
But they don't do radio shows over there.
And they don't even have a radio station.
Don't be like that. I'm getting
sentimental in my old age.
How will I see you again?
Didn't I tell you?
I'm going to live at Seok Jun's.
So we'll be neighbors
from now on.
Then what about Seok Jun?
He's basically
living at his office again.
- He's going into a residence.
- Oh.
Let's see each other around
the neighborhood.
Okay. Then, about tomorrow
Then should I just do part one
and part two?
See you tomorrow.
- Okay. Go.
- Yes.
I'm at the police station
from before. Can you come here now?
I tried to call out to you,
but you were so fast.
What happened?
Nothing in particular.
- What?
- Just consider this the last time.
Say it in a way that I can understand!
If I'm really wrong about this,
I should be arrested.
You can report me, but I wanted to say
I'll do this a couple more times anyway.
If you were me, how do you think
you'd feel?
- I'd be really sick of me.
- You're wrong.
And you're probably annoyed because
you have a hard enough time as it is.
You're wrong.
Is me not saying anything and going
away the best way that I can help?
You're wrong.
Then what?
I'm going to go have a drink.
What about you?
You'll fall. Slow down.
Did you have a good day today?
What about you? Did you?
Yeah. I was a bit busy recording
this weekend's segments today.
What about you?
I was really busy this morning.
I have a lot of patients
because it's wintertime.
So I just had jjajjangmyun for lunch
and had my afternoon appointments
and then went to the hospital.
The hospital?
My test results came out.
Oh. They came out
earlier than expected.
They said that I was fine.
[A spell for happiness: Thank you.]
- That
- Huh?
Oh, this bracelet?
It's my mom's.
My dad gave it to her when I was young.
I left it somewhere
and got it back recently.
I found a bracelet,
but it went missing.
You lost your bracelet, Aunt?
This this?
Do you want to try it on?
That's where it was.
I'm going to give it to Haeng Ah.
Where did you get it?
It's Mom's.
Did you steal it from your mom?
No. I took Mom's.
That's strange. There's no way a thief
would only have taken a bracelet.
Ri Hwan brought this
I don't want it.
Throw it away.
But I'm giving it to you,
not Ri Hwan.
What is it?
This is something called a bracelet and
it goes on your right wrist, like this.
Like Mom's?
Yeah. Like Mom's.
So it's Mom's bracelet.
My mom's bracelet.
I left it there.
Why is that there?
I brought it there to show off
Is it your special talent
to leave things behind all the time?
What do I do?
Who are you?
I've come to get a bracelet back.
I'd like it if Haeng Ah were happy, even
if I wasn't the cause of the happiness.
I don't think that
you're the answer, but
When you don't know the answer
you have to cross off the ones
that are definitely wrong first.
So I'm crossing myself off first.
Despite the reason, I didn't think
it was right for me to have this.
Things that are fated to meet will meet
and will return to their rightful place
even if they have
to travel a long distance to do so.
That's where it was.
You can keep it on, Aunt.
You hold onto it.
And don't lose it.
Okay, Aunt.
I'll take good care of it.
Hello, it's me.
Are you doing well over there?
Hello, why aren't you responding?
Are you crying because it's been
so long since I've called?
Because I'm the one you love? I pushed
away your precious feelings back then
Your face, like a purple light,
slowly crept toward me.
I couldn't forget you because the scent
had remained with two pretty eyes
We helped each other through the dread
that we felt a couple times a day
believing that tomorrow
would be a happier day.
The people singing today
were living in such a place.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Sun Young.
happy birthday to you!
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