Bubblegum (2015) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

[Final episode]
You'll fall. Slow down.
Did you have a good day today?
What about you? Did you?
Yes. I was a bit busy recording this
weekend's segments today. What about you?
I was really busy this morning.
I have a lot of patients
because it's wintertime.
So I just had jjajjangmyun for lunch
and had my afternoon appointments
and then went to the hospital.
The hospital?
My test results came out.
They came out
earlier than expected.
They said that I was fine.
- I'll drink it when I'm ready, so
- This is your punishment.
We bet on Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah.
I said they'll eventually go
out, and you said absolutely not.
But you were wrong.
About Ri Hwan's exam
I got a text earlier that he's fine.
That's why I called you.
There are over 12 reasons
why those two won't make it.
They cried their hearts out, broke up,
and then eventually got back together.
I know Ri Hwan is fine now.
He's been living with a smile on
his face with that bomb in his arms.
While those two are loving each
other with every ounce of their beings
I wonder what I've been
doing this whole time.
Everything I've told you so far
It's just basically old
feelings and obsession.
It feels like I've been
wasting my life away.
You're wrong, so drink.
You know I'm being sincere,
so I guess you just hate me then.
You don't completely hate me then?
Say something.
Then the reason why you
don't want to talk to me
You wanted to meet up for drinks.
You can't even look me in the eye.
Wait, are you embarrassed?
Is that what it is?
There's no need for that.
Look how I'm behaving in front of you.
Can I ask you a question?
I know it's meaningless
to say this right now.
When you're ready later on
Will you believe me then?
Will you believe me that
nothing happened back then?
I want to
Can I?
Does this answer your question?
Stop, will you be okay?
I'm my father's daughter.
I can drink better than you.
I won't mess with you in the future.
Are there any dishes you want to eat?
I'm going to die.
Why are you lying on my sofa?
I was lying on the street,
but it was cold.
Are you still nauseated?
I think my tolerance for liquor has
decreased. This day is going by so slow.
Let's go into the exam room.
I'll do some acupuncture on you.
No, I'm scared of needles! You're
going to stick a huge one right here!
- You're an Eastern medicine doctor.
- I want to enjoy this moment.
Because this hangover is evidence
that last night wasn't a dream.
She told you to wait longer,
but you're still that happy?
Because she's coming
back to me eventually.
I believe this is hope.
What about you?
You slept peacefully last night, right?
If I think about it,
nothing really changed.
- But for some reason I'm just thankful.
- I know.
If I think about it, it's like
you fell and scraped your knee.
But it's like,
"I'm so glad I didn't crack my skull!"
No kidding.
I'm so happy.
- Get up, I'll put some needles in you.
- No, I'm scared.
You know it's not scary.
No, I just want to be sick
like this. This is perfect.
Goodness, get up. You won't be able
to see patients in this condition.
Darn it. Carry me then!
This is so nice.
Who would've thought our program
would be doing something like this?
It's because the DJ is very
popular, so let's be gracious.
It's better than sending
heart emoticons all day.
One is for when questions
come ahead of time.
One is for when there
are no questions coming in
and the DJ pretends to be curious
and starts asking questions.
Ah, I already told Grandma too.
Are you okay?
If you're asking if
I'm fine working with
someone to whom I just confessed
and broke up with
You would probably want me to be
professional about it and say it's fine.
If you're asking how I'm feeling
my answer is I'm not okay
and I feel like I'm going to die.
What should I say?
Oh no. Should I buy
some medicine for you?
You're here.
What is all this?
Hey, of all the days
You're making me do this
because you don't want to, isn't it?
Not at all.
I swear.
Isn't this normally done with idols?
Why a spicy cake Grandma on the show?
Anyway, you guys are weird.
Producer, Grandma Yoo Jung Hwa
is still not answering her phone.
I wonder why.
She promised she would come.
You guys didn't confirm the guests?
I talked to her in the afternoon and she
said she was on her way two hours ago.
Even with busy traffic,
it only takes 30 minutes.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Hey, the DJ!
Why didn't you bring the DJ with you?
She said she's coming
with her mother today.
She's in Seoul and she wants to see
the radio program before she leaves.
Well, of course she should
watch her daughter work.
Everything should be fine
as long as the DJ comes.
Here she comes.
Over here, Mom.
Mom, stay still and don't touch any
weird buttons or I'll get in trouble.
- Stay still, okay?
- Here you go again with the nagging.
Am I a corpse to just stay still?
Who are you?
I'm Yae Joon Su
and I work with your daughter.
I'm the writer for this program.
- Ah, so you're the main writer!
- No, I'm not the main writer.
I'm the youngest writer.
I see. How old are you, young man?
- Mom, don't ask that.
- I'm 28 years old.
Goodness, is that so?
That's a wonderful age.
My daughter is 32 years old, so you're
only four years younger than her.
Goodness, that's wonderful!
Mom, everyone here knows
my true age. Don't lie!
You're constantly throwing a fit
and accusing me of making you old.
What are you doing? Get to work!
You drive me crazy.
Ma'am, would you like a cup of green tea?
I'm fine, but my daughter says
this is very good for you.
Yes, ma'am. Please tell me
if there's anything you need.
Okay, I will.
Goodness, it's a very nice
work environment.
But why are they doing
a radio show this late at night?
Are there people up this late?
Goodness, who would listen to this?
Yes, yes. Not at all.
I'll call you again.
What did she say?
She can't come because
there are too many customers.
They keep coming in
every time she tries to leave.
She says she can't turn them away.
That's perfectly understandable.
It's her bread and butter.
There's no plan then?
We'll explain the situation
as soon as we start
and we'll proceed by
taking song requests.
Or we could invite the spicy rice cake
lady in front of the station.
But don't you think
her spicy rice cakes taste horrible?
That street vendor is busy at
this hour, so she won't be able to.
My mom ran a spicy rice cake
business, so I know.
Don't have any strange thoughts!
I told you my mom thinks
the radio world is incompetent.
I think I did it for one and a half
years. I had to close it right away.
I barely made any profit.
I see.
Thank you, ma'am.
Let's move on to the next question.
She loved to eat!
She would stick the fishcake on
and scarf it down.
She would stick it on again
and scarf it down.
There would be nothing left
to sell to the customers.
When did I
Goodness, and her butt was so big.
Ms. Nam Soo Ja.
She got so easily upset too.
If I told her not to eat it,
she would cry and throw a raging fit.
"Goodness, I don't care!"
"Eat all of it!"
That's what happened.
Ms. Nam Soo Ja, fish cakes
are called "eomook", not "odeng".
Same difference.
Everyone here knows
what I'm talking about.
People like us are
very curious about this.
No matter how hard you try at home,
it doesn't taste the same as street food.
Why do you think that is?
It's because there's not enough MSG.
I just pour it in.
It'll be tasty if you do that.
Ma'am, you can't talk
about specific ingredients.
I'll give you the next question.
Her head was that big
when she was first born.
Can you imagine how much I suffered
trying to give birth to her?
Now she lost weight
and put some makeup on
She's finally living
like a human being.
I can't believe it!
Excuse me, excuse me!
Even when she was at her fattest,
she just loved to eat.
Why aren't you on screen?
It's Manager Cho's last day.
He took over the console for me.
I see. I thought you were sick.
Are you not coming on at all then?
I have to do
the third and fourth sections.
I'll have to watch
more diligently later.
Ah, right! Make sure you
listen to the last song.
I'm not going to tell you.
"If you don't have money,
then take your clothes off."
"Go out and freeze to death."
That's what I said.
Now she makes her own money
and buys me clothes during the holidays.
I'm so proud of her!
Last time she bought me a nice bag.
What's it called again?
Louis Vuitton!
She bought me that expensive thing!
All the neighborhood ladies
were so jealous of me!
Goodness. She's a pretty decent girl.
Young man, how old were you again?
Yes, I'm 28 years old.
Right! She's 32, so a four-year
difference isn't a big deal!
It's perfect! You guys
are perfect for each other!
It looks like we'll be hearing
wedding bells in the future.
It kind of looks like
an epic family reunion.
This belongs to Joon Su, right?
I'm going to take a picture of this.
Don't you think the DJ and her
mother strangely look alike?
Still, our DJ is all grown up.
She knows how to say
eomook instead of odeng.
I probably have to wear
something nice tomorrow, right?
Not unless you're going to
the bathroom in your training suit.
Oh no, this is our manager's last show.
It's time to say goodbye now.
Every day there are celebration stories
and confession stories.
But if you look closely,
each one of them is precious.
It's Kim Woo Seung's birthday today.
Yoon Mi Rae would like
to say happy birthday.
Noh Hae Ri finally set a wedding date
Yes, congratulations.
And a happy high school student, Ah Yeon
is finally going out
with her longtime friend.
And Park Do Ro says,
"I like you so much."
How cute. High school junior?
Perhaps middle school?
Anyway, here is
this person's song request.
Lee Seung Hwan's
"Not a Fancy Confession." Goodbye now.
Everyone, please listen again to
Oh Se Young's Black Radio tomorrow.
I told you to listen to it at home.
Watching it on screen
made me miss you more.
- Did you listen to the last song?
- Of course.
Come to think of it, yesterday
was a meaningful day for us.
We didn't celebrate properly.
It's been a while since you've
listened to this song, right?
It brought back all those memories.
Woo Bin helped us make
a lot of happy memories.
You're an idiot.
You are an idiot.
No way, it was you?
You sent that story?
This is Junior "Happy Child's"
story from class five.
- It's you.
- It's not me.
"Park Ri Hwan from class two,
I like you a lot."
"Accept my heart."
- "And the song I want you to hear"
- It's not me!
Kim Haeng Ah, did you confess
your feelings to Ri Hwan?
Maeng Woo Bin, you did it, didn't you?
- You sent that!
- Have you ever seen me write a letter?
We all know you guys
are practically married.
I'm telling you, it's not me.
I swear it's not me.
Let's all go to the studio.
I'm going to compare everyone's writing
and catch that culprit no matter what.
- Let's go.
- Forget it.
How could you be so clueless?
I'm dating a total idiot.
Wow, I've been dating
a total con artist.
How do you feel?
What do you think?
I feel like I've been conned!
I was listening to the radio
and they kept talking about moms.
I'm sure you felt sad and lonely.
I don't have time to feel lonely
when I have a con artist boyfriend
following me wherever I go.
Cut it out!
How am I going to face Woo Bin now?
It's been 18 years and you finally
know the truth. How do you feel?
I don't know.
Congratulations on
your first day at work.
- You're here.
- How do you feel?
It all feels strange.
Except the title of president.
I washed the underwear
I borrowed from you last time.
- Anything uncomfortable?
- There's tons.
It's big, pleasant, and warm.
Come out, I'll introduce
you to the company.
Let's do that.
I forgot to ask this
one important question.
- How's the cafeteria here?
- It's decent.
So what does that mean?
I won't die if I eat it?
Or it's enough
to satisfy anyone's palate?
Let's eat lunch at the cafeteria later.
Are you sure you can
take care of Sun Young?
I can do it.
I'm useful for the first time in
my life, so don't try to stop me.
Did you think you were
useless up until now?
- Don't say that.
- Mom, I'm here.
Dong Hwa, it's just for today.
Let's get going.
Mrs. Park is going to get cold.
- I'll see you later, Aunt.
- Okay.
You have to be alert. Make sure
there are no thorns on the stems.
Don't ever let go of the scissors.
Sun Young, wait.
Let's see if you have your ID card.
I'll be right next to her.
Don't worry.
Aunt, don't worry.
Dong Hwa will take good care of her.
And I'll leave as soon as I'm done.
It's only right that I should go.
Go inside.
Where are we going now?
We're going to go and arrange flowers.
You were there last week.
- I went last week?
- Of course!
You made a bouquet of flowers
and it was so pretty.
- It was really pretty?
- Yes.
I wore that oversized coat
you hate so much
and the heels that don't glitter.
However, I am carrying the new
bag you bought me. Happy now?
Mom, this is only my second time meeting
him. It's too early for a proposal.
I'm not meeting a crazy person.
Aren't you glad we're walking?
It's not as cold as I thought.
It is as cold as I thought.
Me too.
Still, it's nice.
It has been a long time
since I got some fresh air.
I told you.
A coffee shop is too stuffy.
It's cold.
You want some ice cream?
- No, I don't eat stuff like that.
- Eat it. It'll wake you right up.
Are you usually this pushy?
Only when it's nice.
Let's see here, what do you want to eat?
You'll gain weight if it's too heavy.
There's chocolate, there's one
that will color your tongue
This one tastes like fruit.
Which one do you want?
Do you want all of them?
- The pig ice cream.
- You like the pig ice cream, huh?
Okay, okay. Then, as for me
What are you going to do with all that?
No kidding. How could
you not carry any cash?
Yes, but you
You didn't have to buy so many snacks.
What was I supposed to do?
I felt bad using a credit card
to buy two ice creams.
Take this and eat it.
It's a gift.
No, I don't eat stuff like this.
Why? Because you're
afraid of gaining weight?
You don't look like
the naturally skinny type.
What did you say?
You're a lot more
curvier than I thought.
I didn't notice when we were sitting.
You're much shorter than I thought.
I didn't notice when we were sitting.
Why are you being so sensitive?
It's so weird.
Pretty people usually
don't have any insecurities.
By any chance
did you fix all of it?
Were you normally really ugly?
I didn't fix anything!
It's the makeup. People can't
recognize you without makeup on.
I don't wear heavy makeup.
How strange. What's wrong then?
Did your mom kept telling you that
you were ugly when you were little?
I was just kidding.
Is that midnight project going well?
I've been working on that lately.
Is he the midnight guy?
Man, looks really matter to you.
- It's not like that.
- Yeah right.
- It's not like that.
- I'm sure he had other good qualities.
- He must've been very kind.
- Was your ex very ugly then?
No, she was totally pretty.
In my eyes.
I really didn't like him
because he's good-looking.
Sure, if you say so.
You are a really strange person.
- Don't you like this?
- What?
We've been at each others' throats.
You're not going crazy
thinking about him, right?
You haven't looked at your watch
since we met today.
- That's true.
- Should we keep doing this?
Until we're both fine?
You want to keep fighting?
It's better to fight
than want to die.
Then whenever you talk rudely
to me like you did earlier
Can I hit you?
I think it'll hurt if you hit me.
- I'm not that big, okay?
- I didn't say anything!
See? See? You did touch your face.
You're so insecure.
- No, I didn't!
- Then
can I erase half the makeup
off your face with this napkin?
I hope I didn't call
you out when you're busy.
No, you're probably busier than me.
I made a promise to Sun Young.
That I would put all my experience
on the line and treat her.
It pains me that it started too late.
It's pointless to say it now.
I asked to see you because
I heard about your results
and I want to treat you to a meal.
For no reason everyone feels guilty when
they care for an Alzheimer's patient.
"Is it okay for me to eat this
delicious meal when my mom is sick?"
"Is it okay for me to come
to a nice place like this?"
"Is it okay for me to have so much fun?"
I wonder if that's how you feel.
Thank you.
I do have those moments.
But I'm more than happy right now.
Is there anything you want to ask?
What was Mom like when she was in school?
I'm seeing sides to her
I've never seen lately.
For example, is she a good dancer?
She danced? My mom?
Yes, you didn't know? She was
the dancing queen in med school.
Sun Young was famous
during our med school years.
She was pretty, smart,
and on top of that, a good drinker.
She had an awesome personality.
She came from a rich family,
but she wasn't stuck up.
Sun Young just had it all.
Mrs. Park, hold this for me
for just a moment.
You have to wear your coat.
Ri Hwan said you can easily catch
a cold if you're not careful.
Who is calling again?
She's fine. We're going
to go on the elevator now.
You just watch the counter, Princess.
Hold on, let me pick all this up.
Mrs. Park! Mrs. Park! Mrs. Park!
Mrs. Park! Mrs. Park!
Ri Hwan, what should I do?
Your mom just took the elevator!
Mrs. Park!
Mrs. Park! Mrs. Sun Young!
Where did you go? Mrs. Park!
Mrs. Park!
Where are you?
What am I going to do?
Miss. Miss, are you okay?
Please help me! Mrs. Park is an
Alzheimer's patient and she disappeared!
- She doesn't have her coat on!
- Stop crying.
Where? Where?
This person is Mrs. Park!
She did go outside
of the building and headed left.
She has a bob, no coat on,
and she's holding a bouquet of flowers.
Calm down, Miss. Our employees
are out looking for her now.
You stay here until your parents come.
- Your parents are on their way, right?
- Yes.
I called everyone.
Who took this?
It was either
Producer Kim or Senior Noh.
We all look good, right?
My mom will like this
if I send it to her.
What's going on?
Producer Kim's aunt disappeared.
She disappeared?
Look straight!
You're just a beginner.
It's a group message.
If it's the Sangahm welfare center,
didn't we just pass it?
You can't make a u-turn here, right?
I can give a try.
No, now is not the time
to drive 30 kilometers per hour.
I think we're the closest
to her aunt right now.
Let's get going.
Park the car over there.
I'm here to put room 301
in building 613 on the market.
The apartment you called about, right?
Yes, yes.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Are you all right?
Do you need some help?
We'll be right there.
Ri Hwan's mom is at the police station.
Ri Hwan's in traffic right now.
Call the others and let them know.
I'm sure they were all surprised.
Let's go.
Sun Young must be alone.
Relax, okay? Be confident.
Please wear this.
Aunt, I'm sure you were surprised too.
But I thought my heart was going to stop!
It was a good thing that we were on
the next block! What could have happened?
Do you remember who I am?
I'm sorry, I don't
Oh, I see
It's fine, you can just think of me
as a really pretty woman.
You are pretty.
Come on, Aunt!
I'm sorry.
It didn't hurt, did it?
It did
Excuse me, can I get
your identification cards?
I'm Oh Se Young.
Yes, I do know that
Are you her son?
Yes, she's my mother!
Mother, it's me, Ji Hoon.
Ri Hwan's coming,
but there are a lot of cars.
But he'll be here soon.
Sun Young!
- Chun Hee.
- Sun Young.
Sun Young!
Sun Young, you were scared, right?
Excuse me, are you her family?
Who will be her guardian?
Wow, you have such a large family.
You're right.
You guys did really well giving her
the name card. That really helped.
It's a relief.
Thank you.
- Will you sign this please?
- Sure.
I mean, we were close by anyway.
We just stepped on it.
I thought I was on a Viking ship.
Thank you so much, really.
Thank you.
It's fine. All I did was come here
and stand.
Mother, you got really scared, right?
Ri Hwan, I'm sorry. I was just picking
something up from the ground
Don't say that.
You cried so much that your eyes
are all swollen!
If you guys are not too busy,
you should come by and eat.
Yeah, let's do that.
We could just eat at home.
Everyone here needs to relax anyway.
I'll let the PD buy later as well.
Sure, anytime.
We should go home too.
We should let her rest.
Sure, do that. Go ahead.
- You're going to go home, right?
- No, I have something to take care of.
Sure, let's go, Mom.
- Let's go!
- Let's take off.
You should get a taxi.
Do you know
We're in front of
the police station again.
This is our third time!
I feel like I'm going to be happy
from now on when I see a police car.
If you didn't eat, do you want
to eat with me?
Soondae stew?
Aren't you coming?
Yeah, I'm coming!
I know a super good place!
It's really really good.
If it's not, I'm going home.
Go in.
Why are you smiling?
I just remembered again
how we were driving.
It was kind of rough, right?
You were like a superhero.
A superhero going to rescue Aunt.
It sucks that people don't know
this side of you.
It's always like that.
It's hidden by my beauty.
It's fine since you know it.
So I was thinking
What the solution to our problem is.
A solution isn't there.
That's the solution.
Avoiding the reality is the answer
as well.
It might be simpler than that.
What is that?
We can just love each other
and live.
We're not harming anybody.
We can just ignore what other
people are saying.
Some people stab people
just by staring at them.
Why do you think that happens?
Because people staring
is a painful thing.
It's a hard thing to do
Ignoring others.
We have to try.
We can't love that easily.
There's no such thing.
It took Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan
a while to become like that as well.
You do make sense.
I've been trying my entire life
to be acknowledged by others.
I'm used to it.
So I'm not sure how ignoring
others will work.
You like me that much though
To try that much?
Of course.
I could definitely try.
Do you want something?
Your mother's working and you want
me to go in and eat some chicken?
Why are you smiling again?
I'm really grateful that you said that.
Hey! People are looking!
Hey! You know I do shine everywhere!
It's fine.
Is that you, Joon Su?
Hey, Mom!
I'm sorry, Mother.
I'm so sorry.
What are we going to do?
Oh, man
It's the end of the year 2015.
We've given you the news about
donations at the end of the year.
Our guest today is the chairman
from Tosung Group, Kim Hyung Do.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
It's been news that you've donated
around 600 billion won
through your scholarship fund
in 2010.
It's quite a large sum.
Yes, you're right.
To use that money to serve
my country and people
- was my dream--
- If we're talking 2010
then that's when Tosung Group
faced accusations about a slush fund.
What happened in the media
sort of slowed down
after you made
that scholarship fund, right?
That's an unfair way to look at it.
I created that fund to make
consistent donations.
When a fund is counted
as a nonprofit organization
you're waived of your taxes
from your assets.
You get unlimited access
to what you can own as your shares.
If you use this benefit, you can get
someone else's assets without taxes.
You know about this, right?
Because of the wealthy
who use such methods
innocent people like us with good
intentions get hurt, don't you think?
So you're saying you have absolutely
no intention of that?
No, of course not.
But you really are lucky.
Even though you didn't intend to be.
Right after that law was passed
you gave your son, Kim Young Su,
the head seat of your fund.
The 600 billion won just went to
your son without any taxes.
You can't just explain that by saying
that you were lucky, right?
- Good work.
- Good work.
Good work, good work.
The way I look at it, this corner
is going to disappear soon.
Why, is it weird?
You guys may call it inviting a guest.
You're basically killing the guy here.
We have to make them come,
especially if they're not at fault.
You are one scary person.
Now I'm getting second thoughts
about following you here.
Let's go eat.
- Are we going to Boon Hae's place?
- Yeah.
Oh, Senior!
I was going to wake you up anyway.
Come here and eat with us.
It's morning, but you're still here!
But you live so far away.
You still didn't tell her?
I didn't.
I'm telling you, hurry up!
This isn't a meal, it's a punishment!
How can I? She's even cooking for us.
Please enjoy the meal!
You shouldn't have any leftovers!
At least take this stew.
Hey! That's too much!
She is your woman! What's it got
to do with me?
I'm sorry.
I'll buy lunch.
I won't have an appetite until lunch
if I eat this.
Hey, don't do that
This is all healthy stuff.
Bean sprouts Those are healthy
for you.
This tomato Is this tomato?
It's healthy.
What is this
Paprika This is healthy.
What is this?
- I don't think it's a potato.
- I think it's an error.
It's all healthy.
Wow, we're going to live such
a long time. Hey, this is so nice.
- Wow
- Shut up.
Let's play rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Yes, I'm alive.
Oh hey, you're done with the stew
I'll give you more.
No! Don't do that!
I mean
He wants
He's saying you should eat too.
If we eat all of it, then
No way, I'm going to eat with my
aunt later, so you guys eat all of it!
Here you go.
Just how do you make your food
taste like an old sock?
When I was young,
I accidentally ate an eraser.
This taste is very similar to that.
If you don't tell her, I will.
No way! Haeng Ah's going to get hurt!
This stew is really great.
Hey, yeah.
These are for you two as well.
Fighting for today!
I'm going to see my aunt now.
- Thanks.
- Seriously.
When I move to the third floor,
I'll make you guys these every day!
Haeng Ah, I think we need to talk.
- Was it good?
- Yeah, of course it was.
I love you and
So that's how it was
I thought you wanted breakfast every day.
I thought that was your dream.
You're right. But
I didn't know you were going to
do this every day.
And the taste
I didn't know it was going to
be like this.
You should have told me then.
You should have said
you didn't want it.
I thought I was going to hurt you.
I should have told you sooner.
We promised to be honest
with each other.
Of course, that's what we promised.
I want to stop listening
to your singing.
I think you should stop calling me
at night and singing for me.
I thought that's what you wanted.
I thought you sleep well
when you hear me sing.
That's only once or twice! You sang
the same song for two weeks!
Every single night!
To the second stanza even!
I need to choose songs at work.
But I can only hear you.
I guess you hated it, huh.
It wasn't that much
I was just a little tired. That's all.
Okay. I won't sing anymore.
I'm sorry for all that.
Don't be angry.
Hey, you said you didn't like
my cooking!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I only learned singing through reading.
Me too. I learned cooking
like that too.
I'll just kiss on the phone
and hang up from now on.
Me, too. I'll just buy
the buttermilk bread.
But was my singing as weird as
your cooking?
Okay, okay.
- I won't ask.
- Is my cooking that weird?
It's fine.
But then it would be wasteful, right?
So can we go
and eat a little bit more?
It tastes like a sock.
An eraser even!
Please save me.
What do you mean
Go-Stop. It's a beautiful phrase.
A battle with flowers.
You know this line, right?
I don't remember.
Then we'll pass that one.
You like flowers!
There's flowers on here too.
There are.
This one's a flower.
There you go!
You know how to match it up
and that's everything!
So this is supposed to prevent
There's nothing to lose
by doing this.
So we don't just read the same book
every day, but try this as well.
I'll be nice to you
on the first round.
Here you go.
10 of these for you.
What should we do from now on?
Wow, you totally got stripped.
She's not a joke!
You're just bad at this.
Sun Young never even touched
these cards before.
I guess an old saying there's nothing
to eat and die comes from here
She poops it out right there!
Sun Young, take that, that's yours!
- Like this?
- That's right!
Here, 9, 10, 11, 13
So 13 points.
Three go and double points.
And the clean up points.
Princess, you totally got stripped.
Wow, she's so good!
Using both hands in this kind
of situation is unfair, but
Wow, I have too many.
Why is the moon there?
- Moon?
- The moon?
Look at this guy!
My goodness!
Look at it!
Did you just cheat against her?
Are we playing one more round?
Sure, we can do that.
We can play this every day!
This is fun.
Sun Young.
Let's be this happy
and live together
for a very long time, okay?
Let's be happy and live a long
time, okay?
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Sun Young! I've scolded him.
- I did well, right?
- The moon is right there!
That is funny!
Sun Young, smile like that again.
Let's put that picture
on the wall, okay?
You have a lot of heat in your body.
So when that goes up
even if you're not having indigestion
you can still have headaches
and feel nauseated like right now.
We can use medicine to bring
your heat down.
but even better than that
it's more important to control
your anger and feelings.
Be relaxed.
So I told you to stop going there!
How can you hit a tree
from here?
This is such a large field!
How can you hit this tree?
I didn't do it on purpose.
So stop it.
So you're saying you'll drive even
though you do this?
You were going to do this over
here, but you want to go out?
This is what practice is for!
It's not even the real thing!
We're not hurt!
This car and that tree got hurt!
And our lifespan!
You were too loud next to me.
So I couldn't concentrate!
Okay Well First
What is this. To the back
- Reverse.
- Yes, reverse.
Do that.
All right.
Lightly, lightly!
I said lightly, lightly!
- I said lightly!
- Stop yelling! Okay?
Slowly, slowly, lightly.
- Here we go.
- I miss my mom.
- Should I go one more time?
- Yes, lightly.
Yes, there we go. Right now
it's good. It's good.
- This feeling's good.
- I'm doing well
To the right, to the right
- No, I mean to the right.
- Yes.
- Right?
- Yes.
To the right! If you go like this
you're going to hit that again!
To the right!
To the hand that you eat with!
To the right!
Stop! Be quiet!
- I'm going to forget everything now!
- To the right!
Stop it!
- I said stop yelling!
- I said to drive lightly!
I'm forgetting everything
because you're yelling!
If you forget right from left
then you shouldn't drive at all!
Lightly, lightly!
Don't move, don't move.
Let's practice using signals.
Did you just turn the wiper off?
It's raining! Why would you turn it off?
How can you see the front then?
The signal's that side
and the wiper is this side!
I'm not doing this. This is too
unfair and petty!
All right, good idea.
You need to think about the others
driving as well.
I'm just going to stop for today.
I'm going to try again tomorrow!
Good job today.
You too.
Still, you were better than yesterday.
I know.
You really want to drive though
Yes. I'm going to drive Aunt around.
Not immediately.
But in like a year.
I'm going to be good at driving then.
Let's say two years instead.
All right!
If you were good at everything
Going to the hospital
Good at dating
If you were like that
We wouldn't be here together.
It's a relief then.
In front of a puzzle where
only one piece is missing
It's not easy to say, well, that's it.
We had to go through a tough season.
We never needed to finish that puzzle.
We can just throw it away.
How come we never thought
of that?
Oh, I've thought about my wish.
What? You're not thinking about
not making me drive, right?
No, I wouldn't use my wish for that.
Then what is it? Tell me.
Can I really tell you?
Yes, go ahead.
Are you ready to hear it?
- Yes.
- Really?
Yes, what is it?
My wish is
What did you say?
- What about it?
- How can we do that?
- You can!
- By myself?
You want me to do it by myself?
- You do it with me!
- Sure, okay.
- I'll do it with you.
- That's crazy!
Are you going to do this for me or not?
I'll think about it!
I didn't even see that coming
at all.
To lose something
and to forget something
There's no way to be sad
about those things
If the bubble pops,
then you can just blow another one.
The small happiness that you feel
when chewing bubblegum
It's not any different from
any other kind of happiness.
To us, who have been through
a difficult autumn and winter
and to the gaps
that will never be filled
And there it was
a new spring was approaching.
[That's how a new spring approaches
through the gaps.]
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