Bubuki Buranki (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Black Oubu

1 Norfolk, England Leticia-sama! Leticia-sama! Leticia-sama! Oh, my How unseemly of me to fall asleep out here.
The sun just felt so nice.
A day like this would make anyone feel drowsy.
That's just how humans are.
Are you here on business? Yes.
We just received a summons from Monsieur Guy.
We must respond.
Very well, Moses.
Let's go, along with the others.
The Former Capital, London Déraciné sighted.
Entering combat to destroy it.
How truly splendid.
So long as we have the Buranki Epimeu and Leticia to control it, Europe's security is assured.
No matter the era, the masses long for a hero.
She is truly the second coming of Jeanne d'Arc.
Half a Month After the Fall of Treasure Island Taiwan So this is Taipei Station?! It's huge! So this is the Presidential Office Building?! - Presidential Office Building - Presidential Office Building! So this is the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall?! It's so white! So blue! So pretty! So this is a Taiwanese dog?! - Taiwanese Dog - Wow! It's just like Japanese dogs! So this is Taiwan So this is Taiwan, huh, Kino-chan? Shizuru-chan, did you find someplace you want to go? Wait, what is that book?! It's not a guide book for Taiwan?! I want this stone.
Wow, it's so pretty! It looks like a diamond! "Kongouseki" That is a diamond! We'll never be able to buy one of those with the pocket change we have! Darn Also, also! Know what I wanna buy? A swimsuit! A swimsuit? Isn't it too early? It's warm in Taiwan, so I bet we could swim here already! You think so? Darn Ooh! That looks tasty! That's the legendary mango shaved ice, and the legendary tapioca milk tea! A-chan is probably getting hungry around now, so let's meet him at the airport with lots of Taiwanese specialties! Yeah, since he was the only one to have trouble in immigration and ended up on a later flight.
A-chan, it's your turn.
Oh Right.
Thanks, Kogane-chan.
Don't put your hands on the counter.
Oh Okay.
Kazuki Azuma Oh, you're the witch's son? My mom is not a witch! Now, now There shouldn't be a problem with his documents.
Even with all of his documents, there are still procedures to follow, if a heart user wants to leave the country.
A-chan We'll be waiting for you in Taiwan! Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye-bye! He's a mama's boy and afraid of heights! He's got way too many weaknesses! Yeah, even though he fought on a place as high up as Treasure Island! I was so caught up in the battle, I didn't notice! Shizuru-chan, that sounded just like him! Hey! Hey! Hey! You guys! Don't forget why we came here! We're in Taiwan to look for the body of Oubu that fell into the sea with Treasure Isla What's that? That's the headless Buranki that fell from Treasure Island! This is The Taiwan airport! The airport?! But A-chan's flight is due to arrive soon! Get us to the airport, quick! I don't care! Just do it! We don't know which way the airport is! Do it.
I see it! All right! Let's go! Himekiri! Hoemaru! Thanks for the ride! Let's go, Righty-chan! Iwatooshi! Xie xie.
All right, let's make a little mayhem! We don't have Azuma, so we can't fuse into Oubu.
Don't get too reckless, you guys! Right! There it is! There are people here.
What?! A Bubuki? They're Bubuki users, too? Wow! Their Bubuki got bigger! Quite impressive.
Who the heck are those guys? Still, they can't finish off the headless Buranki with Bubuki alone.
Damn All right! A big "thank you" to our opening act! My faithful servants from the Asian team, you've done great work! Seeing the limbs, even if they're ordinary people, working so hard makes Kaoruko so happy! But of course, it has to be me, Kaoruko, that deals the final blow! So now, it's time for our ultra, super, delicious, gorgeous, deluxe fusion Oops, wrong one.
Oubu! Is that Oubu? Why does she have that?! But Hii-kun, the color's different! It's all black! Squid Ink Oubu.
A black Oubu? What the heck's going on? Sheesh, it's so cramped in here.
I can hardly breathe.
Come on! O-Ouch! That really hurts! That seriously hurts! I really am linked to Oubu, huh? Man, talk about scary.
And how could you hit me there? What are you gonna do if they get squashed?! You brainless nitwit! Enemy of all girls! You won't get away with that! And now to finish this! Hey, you guys in the audience! How was that? Did you enjoy it? I'm Kaoruko! Kazuki Kaoruko! Ka Ka Kazuki Kaoruko No way Is that girl Azuma's younger sister?! Episode 13 Black Oubu BUBUKI/BURANKI The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy BUBUKI/BURANKI The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy Hey, wait! Wait up! So, you said earlier that your name was Kazuki You want an autograph? You don't have to be in such a rush, then.
Huh? Uh, no, I didn't say that Okay, give me your autograph board.
Well, hurry it up! You guys recovered the body of Oubu after it fell in the sea, right? But how are you able to control Oubu? Hey! What the hell did you do?! No need to thank me.
Hey, by any chance, are you A-chan's I mean, Azuma-kun's younger sister? Don't! Don't! Stop! Stopper! Stoppest! I don't want to hear the word "Azuma"! It hurts my ears! So you really are Azuma's little sister.
Sister?! I am not Azuma's little sister! I'm basically the little sister of everyone in Taiwan! I think I'm starting to get a headache.
Déjà vu If a highly intelligent conversation with me is making your head hurt, you must have a very small brain.
Poor dear.
Wh-What?! You little Bring it on! Kinoa, chill out! Just calm down! All of your nutrition just went to your chest instead, I bet.
Okay? What'd you say?! Damn it, Hiiragi, let me go! Let go! Come on, Kinoa, violence isn't the answer Fine.
If you insist, I'll tell you.
All the things you want to know, from this to that.
Kino-chan, just calm down! You don't wanna do it! Seriously! Hey! Kogane! Where do you think you're pushing, idiot?! Sorry.
You definitely had lots of nutrition end up here! Follow me.
Lehua Night Market Wow! This looks great! Drool Thanks for always dropping in.
Oh, no.
I should thank you.
No need to be polite.
Eat up.
Okay! What's with you? Just eat it already.
Can we, Kaoruko-chan? A kid shouldn't be so modest.
Let's dig in! This is so good! L-Let's eat.
Give me grass please.
That outfit is so cute! Super cute! Thank you.
My name is Chou.
Chou Ouran.
Ouran? Ouran-chan? Your name's cute, too! Chou-chan, you're chou cute! I'm Asabuki Kogane.
This is Righty-chan.
Kogane-chan You're very cute, too! Aw, I'm not really Lakshmi.
That's my name.
It's the name of the goddess of beauty, wealth, and fortune.
What's your name? M-My name's Hiiragi I mean, it's Nono Hiiragi.
Oh You have very long ring fingers.
Huh? That's wonderful.
Men with long ring fingers will be successful in the future.
The f-f-f-f-future?! No way! It's much too soon for that! We need more time to get to know each other She has a mature appeal that the girls on our team don't have! And I-Is this what they call the "global standard"?! Wait, what good will it do to compare? Everyone's unique Everyone's unique, right? Individuality! Right! That's what they call "individuality"! Right, Kino— ah! Oops, sorry, Hiiragi.
My hand just moved on its own.
Namu Hey, you said you're Kaoruko, right? You're the leader of this team? "No.
This team's official leader is elsewhere.
" "I'm only borrowing this team to achieve a certain goal.
" Goal? Forget all that.
Where is Azuma? Oh, crap! I said "Azuma"! My mouth's gonna rot! First of all, we may be twins, but we're totally different! I'm cuter, I'm smarter, and I'm more athletic.
Just calling him "Stupid Azuma" is plenty! Augh! I said "Azuma" again! Cold, cold, cold A-chan is circling around in the sky in an airplane right now.
The plane can't land because of what happened earlier.
Hey Hey, boy, are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
The black Oubu was so strong.
How are you able to use Oubu? Because I, the genius heart user, am allowing these ordinary people to act as my limbs! Ordinary? What are you talking about? They were using their Bubuki like pros! Why don't you guys get mad when she talks about you like that? Huh? Well How did you get the heart, anyway? Didn't Azuma inherit Oubu's heart from Migiwa-san? A black heart? Oops, pardon me.
I borrowed this from Guy-sama.
Guy? Guy Barville Abeille.
He's the president of Demokratia, the organization founded to rid the world of the evil presences known as Buranki, and the one who commands all the Bubuki users of the world.
Guy Barville Abeille So the lardo from America and those guys from Russia are all working for him, too? That's right, that's right.
Let's get moving to our next stop.
So then I let him have it! - I said, "Shut your big mouth and" - My, your luck line is so straight.
- Y-You, too, Shizuru-chan?! - Mine's normally pretty quiet.
A-chan, please hurry and come back to us! What's this place? This is a secret school we go to that's just for Bubuki users.
Guy-sama built it.
So you guys are all classmates, then? Yes, I suppose.
Boom! Rumble, rumble Ker-splash! Blub, blub, blub And that's how Treasure Island sank into the sea, right? How do you know about that? Because I was right there, watching.
From my front-row seat on a deluxe luxury cruise liner.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, for all its problems, it was where I grew up.
I was sad to see it go.
So very sad.
You fell to Earth from Treasure Island with A-chan when you were little, right? What did you do after that? What? You're asking questions about my private life now? You want to know about my past that much? Uh Okay, fine.
I'll tell you.
Just when I'd gotten used to life on Earth, one day, out of the blue, my dad said, "I'll make him the strongest man in the world," about that idiot, and left on a trip around the world to find him.
I was left in this school's dormitory, all alone.
Oh, poor me! The heroine of my own tragedy! So then I grew up in this foreign country, all alone, without becoming cynical or anything at all.
So this city is like my second hometown.
People here are so nice, the nature is beautiful, and it's the city that I love.
So I won't let anyone destroy it.
I won't let anyone die.
This is where you've been, Kazuki Kaoruko? Ryuuki! Listen, Kaoruko Don't you think it's about time you returned my limbs to me? I can't do that.
I haven't completed my mission from Guy-sama yet.
Well, give them back soon.
I don't want my limbs picking up any weird habits.
Bet it was nice to be so carefree while I've been away, huh, Haku? Looks like Kaoruko is a lot nicer than I am, huh, On? Are you all buddy-buddy with Kaoruko now, Ouran? Hey! Ouran! Hey, come on.
That's a bit of an overreaction.
You guys make it look like I've been really cruel to you.
Right, Lakshmi? You understand, don't you, Lakshmi? Everything I've done has been in the name of tough love.
We are ever grateful for your guidance, Ryuuki-sama.
Get out there and spread your wings while you can.
In return, you'll work even harder for me when I come back.
Who are you? Rude thing to do to someone you've never met.
You are the worst kind of bastard there is! What are you so mad about? This is none of your business.
It damn well is! I'm a Bubuki user with a Buranki's left foot, just like Lakshmi! Then you should understand just as well! The limbs are nothing more than the heart's servants.
They're just slaves with no abilities other than to obey my orders! These limbs were prepared specifically for my use.
I don't need to hear complaints from you.
I'm free to treat them however I please.
I'll kill you.
What?! That light It's the light of a Buranki fusion! What?! The color of that Rinzu light It's Maxim and Zanpaza! Does he want to turn this city into a battlefield? Everyone! Let's go! Well, let's see what you can do, Kaoruko.
Show me the power that your mother supposedly passed down to you, daughter of the witch.