Bubuki Buranki (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

The False Hope

1 You chosen young men and women, born with the qualification to wield a Buranki's heart The Buranki hearts that you have obtained have returned to humans the power to hunt and kill Buranki, by making Buranki their slaves.
Thanks to Leticia's efforts, 90% of the déraciné that lurked around Europe have been destroyed.
These are splendid results.
Thank you, Leticia.
I am honored.
I'm also very happy that I was successful in protecting my homeland and the nature that I love.
Monsieur Guy, do we really have no choice but to use the hearts of these "déraciné"? Epizo, what you mean to say is this, yes? That you want to use the heart you inherited from your mother.
Yeah, that's right.
Yes! I promise that I will make the heart your mother gave you work.
So until then, use that heart to protect the world from the evil that is the déraciné.
Be a hero.
A hero? Me? Yes! God, that lardo's a pain! Honestly, I can't keep up with this idiocy.
Maxim? He has a special mission.
Only Maxim gets special treatment? Save the special treatment for me, Kaoruko! I'm sorry, Kaoruko.
This is a mission that only his team can carry out.
Kaoruko, first of all, show me your talent as a heart user.
That is your duty.
Power she got from Kazuki Migiwa, the witch Fine, Guy-sama.
Just watch me.
I will protect this world.
Not Maxim, and not Azuma.
I, Kaoruko, will protect the world with Oubu! BUBUKI/BURANKI The City of Taipei Is that the Buranki Zampaza?! What are they thinking, setting a Buranki loose in the middle of the city? It looks like Demokratia has already made arrangements to keep the media silent.
What do you mean? Are they following some kind of plan? Wait a sec, everyone! As per usual, our heart isn't here.
What?! What kind of leader can't work in a group? It's nothing less than amazing.
We have no choice, then.
We'll have to buy time.
You expect to fight Zampaza with puny Bubuki like those, you cockroaches?! I won't let you escape! A battle like this has no meaning.
Get out of my sight, cockroaches.
What are they doing? So that's the Russian team's Buranki? That Buranki is strange.
Five people are in it, but five people aren't there.
Huh? What does that mean, Shizuru-chan? Those bastards How dare they How dare they?! Monsieur Guy, is this Ah, Maxim, you're awake? You had quite a rough time at the Buranki nest.
No, that was Yes, yes I know what you want to say.
Limbs with wills of their own, who defy their heart You have no need for them.
I am more than aware of your efforts.
Maxim, I've already made adjustments to your limbs.
By forcibly controlling the Bubuki's thoughts, their users' egos are sealed inside.
This will make you even stronger.
Elder Brother, please give us your orders.
So you've finally shown yourselves, you unsightly monsters.
Two headless Buranki? Were they hiding underground? Hands and feet don't think! Now this is the team I wanted! Excellent! This is excellent! Are you kidding me? Two headless Buranki, in one instant Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here! That voice Huh? Where? Where? Where?! It can't be Kaoruko?! How did she get up there? How is she going to get down? My faithful limbs! Your pointless resistance was pointless, but not so pointless at all! I was watching the whole time! I observed and analyzed the way Maxim fights, his strategy, his tactics! So I can see all of that cold-hearted, tsundora guy's attacks coming! I've seen through them! You need to tell us about that stuff beforehand! Time for an ultra, super, gorgeous, deluxe fusion! The color of that heart's light Kazuki Kaoruko, eh? Hey, Maxim! You big doofus! Could you stop doing whatever you want in my town? Well, then You'll have to try and force me to stop! All that big talk, and that's all you can do? You were never a match for me.
You attacked my chest again! Why my chest?! Are you trying to stimulate them so they'll get bigger?! I seriously don't need that type of kindness! That's sexual harassment! I hate to say it, but Maxim is right.
I used up all my strength climbing to the top of that tower.
Kaoruko, you idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Silence Huh? Kaoruko, why do you fight? To make Guy-sama acknowledge my strength! I'll become number one and protect this town this world! I guess Guy really hasn't told you anything.
Huh? What does that mean? After knocking the Buranki nest out of the sky, Guy's next target is That comet.
Through the Buranki nest and that comet, Guy's ambition will be fulfilled.
A comet? What? What are you saying? I could always see it from Treasure Island, too.
That comet How is it related to Treasure Island? You still only have borrowed limbs.
Shatter, Black Oubu! I'll let you off the hook for today, Maxim! But next time, I won't go so easy on you! Remember that! The little loser just won't stop whining.
The first stage in a test to make it possible for a heart user alone to operate a Buranki Guy's so-called special mission was no challenge for me.
A black Oubu? And the one inside it was Kaoruko? Episode 14 The False Heart The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy Pretty efficient, just like the airport attack.
Guy's Demokratia has good relations with most national governments.
He has the power of immense funds, you might say.
So it's just money, money, money? That's freaking disgusting.
The tea is ready.
You get it, right? I lost earlier because you guys held me back.
Normally, the great Kaoruko-sama never loses.
Get it? Understand? We do.
We sure do.
You're amazing, Kaoruko-sama.
Thank you.
Okay, good.
If you get it, I can forgive you.
By the way, what's your name? Kazuki Azuma.
It's written with the characters for "one hope" and "east.
" Huh? "Kazuki"? Then Yeah.
I'm Kaoruko's older brother.
Go on, have some tea.
I will.
A-chan You came straight from the airport? I'm impressed you found your way.
A-chan, you must be starving, right? Here! Thanks, Kogane-chan.
Well, well And who were you, again? Was that you in the black Oubu? What if it was? You're not hurt, are you? Huh? There's no way I'd ever get hurt! Who do you think I am? How have you been? What happened to you, Kaoruko? You never change, Azuma.
You don't get it.
You don't understand a thing! I see Yeah, maybe not.
But I have something important to tell you.
I see you still don't listen to what people say, either! Most people would respond to, "You don't get it," with something like, "Huh? What don't I know?" It's about Dad.
I know all about that! Don't act like you're hot stuff! Stupid! Stupid! Guy-sama told me that he's on Treasure Island! He went back up there a year ago with the treatment for Mom's sickness! You met her there, didn't you? And she was healthy! Kaoruko, listen to me.
Hmph! All you ever did was run around in circles in the palm of my hand.
What do you mean by that? You knocked Treasure Island out of the sky for me, didn't you? Nice work.
What did you say? You guys made it to Treasure Island on a train, right? And the lardo from the American team told you to break the heart, right? All of that was arranged by me! Kaoruko Why? Why would you do that? Tell me why! Huh? Treasure Island, our homeland, sank into the sea! Treasure island still sits at the bottom of the sea, almost exactly as it was! Guy-sama found out everything for me! But we don't know what happened to Mom when it fell! I'm sure she's just fine! Think back to when we were little.
That power she had The power that made the whole world call her a witch.
Don't you Don't you dare talk about your own mother that way! Shut up! Shut up, shut up! Dad sank into the sea along with Treasure Island, but the island's barrier is still functioning.
So I know Dad's fine, too.
I'll find him and show you myself! You'll see! I found you, heart of the Buranki Oubu, Kazuki Azuma! You are the one I want to fight! Kaoruko, you don't need that false heart anymore! Let go! Let me go! I'll catch your mother complex! I'll catch your Azuma! Let go! Let go! Let go, you jerk! Quit it! Quit flailing! Hey! Why are your eyes closed?! That's dangerous! Look where you're running! Wait, are you shivering? Shut up! I'm just not crazy about high places! They get along well.
Kaoruko looks so happy.
If you save me, your fear of heights will rub off on me, idiot! Idiot! Nyah! Good grief.
I guess you haven't changed.
Turn into your Buranki right now, Kazuki Azuma! Shizuru! Hiiragi! Kinoa! Kogane-chan! We're fusing! Right! Oubu! I will never forget the humiliation you made me feel at the Buranki nest, Kazuki Azuma! I I couldn't stop my home from falling from the sky.
I couldn't protect my mom.
And what's your point, witch's son? I can't forgive myself But I can't forgive you even more! That attack hurt less than a mosquito bite! We have to defeat that Buranki right here! Right! Don't get cocky! Azuma! A-chan! Kogane-chan, use Righty-chan! Okay! I'll try! Fly, Righty-chan! Now, Kinoa! You got it! Take this! Very good, you two! Yes, Elder Brother.
Extend, Himekiri! Hoemaru! Way to go, Azuma! Azuma! Nice one.
A-chan, that was awesome! Impossible How could those brats defeat Zampaza defeat me? Righty-chan, you were so cool! You're not Righty-chan anymore.
You're Super Rocket Punch Righty-san! Now, I'll be taking Oubu back.
Undo your link between that heart and Oubu's body, and return Oubu to me.
Don't be dumb.
Oubu is ours.
Shut up! I wasn't asking you guys, so keep your mouths shut! What'd you say? You just don't know when to shut up, do you? Azuma's so much better just because he doesn't yap as much.
I won't get anywhere talking to dimwits.
What? I need Guy-sama to acknowledge me.
That's why I need my own Buranki! Kaoruko, I can't give Oubu to you.
But listen to me! In that case I'll just have to take it by force! By crushing that heart in your hands! Stop it, Kaoruko! This is Mom's heart! Azuma! Lakshmi? Hiiragi We're the ones you'll be fighting.
Damn, I got myself completely lost.
Ow The wound's really aching today.