Bubuki Buranki (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

The Right Hand's Scar

1 Righty-chan Just wait a second, okay? I'll get you out of there, so please! Protect my dad! I won't let you get away with having a kid and running away from your fight with me! Fight Fight, eh? I see you've still got nothing on your mind but fighting, Shuusaku.
Shut up! Not only did you abandon our fight, but you've just been running away to save yourself while Bubuki users are hunted down and killed, you spineless bastard! So this gun Bubuki replaces the right hand of Entei that Migiwa burned, then? Perhaps you've been relying on ranged weapons so much, you've lost your physical edge.
Enough! Dad! BUBUKI/BURANKI BUBUKI/BURANKI You can't win if all you do is defend, lady killer! Hoemaru! Why Why are all my attacks being deflected? She's not the type to do a lot of calculation as she fights.
I get it! She's not giving her Bubuki orders! Her Bubuki is reading my movements and telling her what I'll do! Fighting like that will only cause your Bubuki pain.
Just like it hurts all of you to be at the mercy of a heart.
Are you that scared of that Justin guy? Mind your own business! Your fear is being conveyed to your Bubuki! I am not scared! The Bubuki acted on its own, without receiving any orders from Hiiragi? Iwatooshi here is a real brat.
It doesn't hold back, even with me, its master! And that's what I like about it! Tell me one thing.
How is it that you all can fight with such enjoyment and freedom? We're not enjoying it.
Thing is Our heart is a natural-born airhead.
Maybe that's just how he's leading us, too.
Well It looks like we've won here.
It's not the limbs' job to just do whatever the heart says.
That's what I believe.
We won't just do as our heart tells us forever, either.
Just watch.
I'll change, too, Hiiragi.
R-Right I'll look forward to it, Lakshmi.
Kaoruko, you used up all your Rinzu in the last fight, didn't you? Shut up! Having you worry about me makes me wanna puke! Kaoruko! I'm not done talking to you! Don't try to sound like the respectable big brother! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Kaoruko! A-chan! Guys You haven't seen her in forever, right? We should hurry after her! Yeah.
Damn it, where'd that sister of Azuma's go? Also, I just realized Azuma and Kogane are gone, too.
What? They got separated.
Kogane's poor sense of direction is pure genius.
Separated? So now we have to look for the two of them, too? I swear, that Kaoruko She wouldn't even try to listen to me.
A-chan, it'll be okay.
Kaoruko-chan is no different from back then.
I'm sure of it.
You think so? Yeah.
I know it! I think she just said all those things to put up a front.
I hope you're right Don't worry about a thing! Wait a minute Where are we?! San Francisco, America Buranki Mega-lala How are you not awake after being drawn on this much? What kind of creature is Epizo, anyway? Hey, Epizo! Wake up already! Luis! Hey! Waglula! Domina! What?! Yeah! Jeez, Epizo, get your act together.
Sorry, Farrah.
But just listen to this.
My last customer at work last night said to me, "The moon is lovely this evening.
By the way, where did you buy that T-shirt?" So I told him Hmm Now 90% of the déraciné around the North American continent have been eliminated.
All is going well.
Yes, sir.
This result, however, was not expected at all.
It's the conclusion our engineering department reached after verification through repeated experiments.
There is no mistake.
Who would have thought someone besides Banryuu Reoko could operate Entei? In that case, we must begin practical testing on this qualified heart user immediately.
Yes, sir.
A-chan, I met Kaoruko-chan once before, remember? You did? I think it was right after you guys came down from Treasure Island.
Oh! We ate shaved ice together! Our tongues turned blue! I remember! Oh Yeah! It was in summer, right? The summer of the year I lived with Kaoruko and our dad, right after we fell from Treasure Island.
And Kaoruko-chan was left here in Taiwan not long after that, right? Dad insisted it was necessary.
Maybe Kaoruko-chan wants to see your dad.
You traveled with him all that time, didn't you? Kaoruko-chan said she was all alone in Taiwan all that time.
I meant to ask you on Treasure Island, but I never had the chance.
What is your dad doing right now? Dad went up to Treasure Island a year ago, and he died there.
He was sick, apparently.
You! Looks like you hate my guts as much as ever.
Episode 15 The Right Hand's Scar BUBUKI/BURANKI The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy BUBUKI/BURANKI The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy What do you think you're playing at? Please.
I need your help.
Like hell! Why would I help you?! I'll kill you! Kogane-chan! Kogane-chan! Let me go! Let me go! What do you mean, you need our help? I want you I want you to save Reoko-sama.
Reoko? Reoko's alive? Yes.
When that island fell, she was retrieved by Guy along with Entei.
And now, she's being held captive at his organization Demokratia's stronghold.
So what?! Kogane-chan! Out of my way! Why should we have to save Reoko?! Why won't you fight me? If you won't fight me, I'll just kill you! If you want to kill me, go ahead.
You have every right to do that.
But There's something I need to tell you, Kogane.
Don't you dare speak the name that my father gave to me! I need to tell you what happened when your father, Asabuki Genma, died.
Genma! Genma! You moron! He had already lost all his powers as a Bubuki user! I couldn't shoot him with a Bubuki gun! Dad! Dad? Dad, are you okay? Dad! K-Kogane Dad Dad! Dad! Raijoudou! He's dead.
My dad My dad is The Bubuki's acting on its own! This is bad Raijoudou is trying so hard to protect her from us, it's draining too much of her Rinzu.
Her life may actually be in danger.
Stop, Raijoudou! I don't intend to hurt the girl! Raijoudou To protect this girl, I'm going to destroy you right now.
Stop Stop! So what? I'm supposed to forgive you because it wasn't you who killed him? No.
If I hadn't been there that day, Genma wouldn't have died.
I did kill him.
Then why did you chase Kogane-chan around all that time? Before I lost all my powers as a Bubuki user, I wanted to destroy Raijoudou.
Having a monster like a Bubuki clinging to you from birth For a child, that's like a curse.
So if I could destroy Raijoudou, she should be able to live a better life.
That's what I always thought.
But you're the one who ruined everything.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
But from now on, Kogane, I've decided that I'll live to protect you.
It's the least I can do to atone.
Atone?! Then atone with your death! I'll kill you right now! Kogane-chan! Matobai, isn't the reason you won't fight because you've already lost all your powers? Migiwa is special.
When we Bubuki users have children become parents we lose all of our powers.
And I just had a kid, too.
So what?! So I'm supposed to forgive you now?! I'm supposed to not kill you now?! You coward! I don't care if you kill me.
But I'm begging you, please save Reoko-sama.
Stop being so self-serving! Kogane-chan A-chan, what am I supposed to do? He killed my dad! All my life, I've wanted to kill him.
But I I I can't kill him.
I can't do it.
But I won't see my dad again.
There's no way I can ever see him again.
That's just not right.
It's too much.
I've decided.
I won't talk about killing you anymore.
But I won't forgive you, either.
It's just as we predicted.
The Buranki nest remains in nearly the exact same shape it had before its fall.
What's the matter, Kaoruko? Nothing.
Are you worried about Oubu, now that it's been stolen from you? That was When your limbs are just a bunch of ordinary people, you can't take anything.
There's no need to worry, Kaoruko.
You did the best you could.
Above all, you proved that you are a heart user worthy of controlling a Buranki.
Really? Really? Really?! Yes, of course.
Kaoruko, there's something I'd like to show you.
Is this It's Entei, which we were fortunate enough to successfully recover.
We've added legs to give it its complete form.
It's a present from me to you, Kaoruko.
Guy-sama! I'm so happy! Kaoruko, you are the one best suited to pilot Entei.
Yeah! I think I am, too! It's very red I like that! The red of passion! The red of boiling blood! The red of flames razing everything to the ground! Now I'll use this to pulverize Azuma's Oubu!