Bull (2016) s06e14 Episode Script

Safe Space

Premium rush delivery.
Premium rush.
- Just leave it.
- I can't do that, man.
You gotta sign.
No signature, no delivery.
I knew.
I knew it.
I-I knew it! Oh, God What you got there? That is not a ticking time bomb in there, I hope.
An old juvenile therapy client.
Sam Richards.
Smart kid.
His aunt pulled him from therapy before I could make much headway.
Well, I hate to interrupt, but our 10:00 is here.
What's the case? - Patent theft.
- Ah, yes.
I love corporate money.
Our fees are gonna make you dream about our own private helicopter.
We could put the landing pad on the roof.
Bull? I left a job undone with this kid.
I thought you said that they were the ones who left therapy.
He had real problems.
His mother was a drug addict.
He was taken away from her when he was four years old.
By the time I met him, he was eight, and he had severe anxiety.
Why is Sam reaching out now? He's trying to get justice for the aunt who raised him.
She was murdered.
Uh, go.
You talk to him.
I will handle the meeting.
If this kid's aunt was just killed, I'm sure he needs you.
Not "just.
" She was murdered six years ago.
It's me, Dr.
I got the package.
Y-You came alone? Yes, I did.
Good to see you again.
How long has it been? Twelve years.
But I-I didn't forget about you.
Well, I didn't forget about you either, but that's not what I meant.
How long has it been since you've left this apartment? About three years.
How do you survive? Aunt Natalie left me the building.
I mean, it's not a lot of money.
Um, it's, you know, mostly older people on rent control.
But it's enough.
Did you ever get any more treatment? Yeah, in foster care, after my aunt died.
They-they tried, but it was it was just so expensive.
My life is not that bad.
I mean, the whole world is-is online now.
I-I'm taking college courses.
I've got friends that I game with.
I-I'm good.
The world's more than just a screen, Sam.
I didn't ask you here for me, Dr.
I asked you for my Aunt Natalie.
So that, uh that, uh, security video that I sent you.
Um, the man on it is Curt Heglund.
He killed my aunt.
And you knew him? He was Aunt Natalie's boyfriend.
He was a He was a real jerk.
In what way? I mean, did he, did he beat her? Not-not before, uh that night.
But, uh but he was always threatening her that she better not leave him.
And did you tell the police about him? Yeah.
And they said that they checked out his alibi, that he was in Philadelphia with his cousin.
But, I mean, that video proves that Curt was two blocks away just a half an hour before he killed my aunt.
Just tell me what happened that night.
I w I was, uh I was in my bedroom.
Um, and the-the door was, um, was-was closed.
I heard someone come in the front door and it was Curt.
Did you see him? No, I, uh, I stayed in my bedroom.
But-but I-I heard him talking, - and I know that it was him.
- So you heard him.
Then what happened? Well, he, uh he started yelling at my aunt.
I could tell that he was getting rough.
I heard her scream, but I couldn't come out.
You had a panic attack in your room.
You know, Aunt-Aunt Natalie was, she was the only one who ever gave a damn about me.
And-and and I was, I was right here, but I couldn't I couldn't help her.
I w I was hoping that I mean, you know a lot of prosecutors.
After this many years, I'm not sure I can get the D.
to pay attention to this.
There is something I think we could try.
Okay, what?-what is it? It's called a wrongful death suit.
What that means is that you would sue Curt Heglund in civil court for killing your aunt.
Yes, yes, let's-let's do that.
But we need evidence to bring a suit, and this video it's not gonna be enough.
In order to win, we need you to testify.
I-I-I would need to go to court? You can't stay in this apartment forever.
Um who-who, who would be in court? Me, the judge, lawyers, jury.
- And Curt? - Yes.
And Curt.
You've done a lot of work to get this far but it won't make a difference if you don't tell your story in court.
What if But what if I can't? You know, what-what-what After you've gone to the trouble of bringing the case I know where to find you.
You can do this.
We're not gonna have a plaintiff sitting at the plaintiff's table? Sam will be in court when it matters.
If worst comes to worst, couldn't Sam testify over Zoom? Research indicates that witnesses who testify remotely are seen as less credible.
I know it's not ideal, but we don't have to prove that Heglund's guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, only that it's more likely than not that he killed Natalie.
And a single witness will meet that burden.
This is basically a he-said, he-said.
Well, that's assuming that our "he" says something.
Heglund's credibility is shot as soon as the jury hears that he lied about his alibi.
And he has a record; vehicular manslaughter with a DUI.
Well, if Curt's such a strong suspect, why didn't the cops look at him six years ago? Uh, this is where it gets a little trickier.
It gets trickier? Sam was nearly catatonic when the police arrived that night.
He wasn't able to make a statement for weeks.
And by that time, Heglund's alibi was locked in.
According to the police file, they had already turned their attention to a serial burglar who was caught breaking into the building next door the day after Natalie's murder.
- Well, did they ever charge this guy? - Not with murder.
He was awaiting trial on the burglary when he died of a sudden aneurism in jail, so they just closed Natalie's case.
Having an alt suspect that the police liked is hard to overcome.
I agree.
We might lose in court.
But Sam has been punishing himself for years because he wasn't able to save Natalie.
It drove him to be a shut-in.
So if we can break him out of that prison, it's a win in my book.
Oh, power tie.
- What's the occasion? - Voir dire.
And we have a client who is an agoraphobe, so he may or may not make it to court.
That sounds like trying to do the pole vault without a pole.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hmm.
Leave some for me.
You're not gonna leave You're not leaving any Clearly, you have never had a meal with a football team.
You eat all you can when you can, or you might not get any.
Next time my sister sends me a jar, I'm keeping it at my place.
Gives me an excuse to come over.
You don't need an excuse.
Hey, this weekend, there's this new spot in Greenpoint.
It's impossible to get a table, but I have an in with the manager.
Saturday night? Can't.
My mom's in town.
You're mom's How long you been sitting on this? Wait, wait, moms love me.
Let's-let's bring her.
Mm, she's here with her church group.
They got a packed schedule.
It's like shops and shows and museums and walking and Well, okay, lunch.
Let me think about it.
Okay? Ah, I'm late.
Um, yeah, I'll just clean up.
I don't have a key.
It locks itself.
I hope you brought your strong voir dire game today, 'cause our evidence When have I not brought a strong voir dire game? I'm just saying.
Sam? I get it.
Sam is a tough sell.
Even if whenl get him to court, he is probably gonna seem odd to the jury.
But that's why we need jurors that will be inclined to believe him.
And those are? People who can understand that just because Sam has a crippling phobia doesn't mean that he's an unreliable witness.
Oh, I've got a good idea for this one.
It's a good one.
- Should I be worried? - No.
No, no.
We just have to make a quick stop.
Hey I would like to talk to you all a little bit about phobias, and how they do and don't affect us.
And one of the most common phobias is spiders.
You, sir, do you suffer from arachnophobia? Ever since I was a kid.
It's the legs.
I was wondering if you would be willing to do a little experiment with me.
Take a deep breath and, uh, close your eyes.
Now, how do you feel knowing that this spider is near you right now? - Kind of shaky.
- Hmm.
Like my stomach is on tumble-dry.
And in spite of that feeling, do you know where you are right now? Of course.
I'm I'm in a courtroom.
And do you know who's talking to you? Yeah.
The lawyer with the spider.
Okay, you can open your eyes now, sir.
Your Honor, the plaintiffs find juror 47 acceptable.
I want to talk about this morning.
Yeah, I'm sorry I rushed out.
Look, there's so much going on with this case.
You didn't rush out because of the case.
Look, I know we've only been seeing each other since Christmas, but I like you, and I thought you liked me, too.
But if I'm if I'm coming on too strong, or or getting too serious, you know, you can tell me.
- I like serious.
- Well, then, why don't you want me to meet your mom? It's not that I I don't want to Look, it's her and it's me, and it's a Wait, she knows you're gay, right? Yeah.
We just don't discuss my relationships.
- What does that mean? - Just that.
- So it's don't ask, don't tell.
- Rob Chester, I get that it's complicated.
Believe me, I do.
But I have I have been someone's secret before, and I really, really don't want to do it again.
Okay, I want to be I want to be part of your whole life, not just the part behind closed doors.
That's not what I'm saying.
Okay, look, why don't you have a nice weekend with your mom, and-and we'll talk later, okay? Rob.
Almost done.
You'll be able to see the witnesses when they testify and keep track of the case, until you're ready to go in person.
Thank you for, uh, for-for doing all this.
I mean, I-I-I know it must seem weird.
Not at all.
Gets me out of the office.
That's cool.
Those all the places you want to go one day? Oh, uh, I've been to them all already.
In virtual reality.
Man, that sounds nerdy, doesn't it? Uh, raise your hand if you've ever had a noise complaint filed after VR skydiving with your son.
A lot of VR these days is really good.
I'm surprised What? Oh, it's just I'm surprised the VR doesn't trigger your agoraphobia.
- Because it's so real.
- Oh Ignore me.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
Oh, no, no, no, it's okay.
Um Most people think that agoraphobia is fear of being outside.
- It's not? - Uh, no.
When I was 15 years old, uh, not long after my, uh, my aunt died, I was still in regular school.
And one day, two kids got into a fight, and the shouting just triggered a panic attack.
I just froze in the hallway, and I mean, I started shaking, crying And-and kids stared and recorded on their phones, and I could not go back after that.
And that is that's my agoraphobia.
You know, the fear of that panic.
You know, that humiliation.
You know, I wanted to avoid anything that might trigger it.
And avoiding so much that well, here I am.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I mean, it's-it's fine.
Court's about to start.
Court is now in session.
The first witness is Curt Heglund.
I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
That's you at a liquor store, two blocks from Natalie Richards' home, 28 minutes before she was murdered.
Correct? Yes.
But you told the police that you were in Philadelphia with your cousin at the time that Natalie was murdered.
So you lied about your alibi? Is that correct? I was out on parole.
I didn't want any trouble from the police.
You didn't answer the question, sir.
Did you lie about your alibi? Yes.
Palmer's really good.
didn't want any trouble with the police.
You were worried that they would discover that Natalie had broken up with you? People break up all the time.
So what? Isn't it true that you threatened her? Told her that she better never, ever leave you, or else? I-I never said that, and anybody who says I did is a liar.
Like someone who would lie to the police about their alibi? Look, I told you, I was on parole.
- I knew it would look bad.
- Which part looked bad? That you'd been convicted of vehicular manslaughter, or that you had motive and opportunity to kill your ex-girlfriend Natalie Richards? Objection, Your Honor.
Badgering the witness.
I withdraw.
No further questions for this witness.
Your witness, Mr.
did you kill Natalie Richards? No, I never hurt Natalie.
And did the police ever accuse you of killing her? No.
They-they said some burglar did it.
You know the plaintiff in this case, Sam Richards? Yeah, I know Sam.
He was, uh, Natalie's nephew.
He lived with her.
And can you describe your relationship with Sam Richards while you were dating his aunt? There wasn't one.
It's hard to get to know someone who won't come out of their bedroom.
And how about after Natalie's death? Did you have a relationship with him then? Well, I wouldn't call it a relationship.
He started harassing me.
What do you mean? Well, he started telling anybody who would listen that I had killed Natalie.
He-he called one of my bosses, got me fired from one of my jobs.
Did he ever threaten you personally? Yes.
Yes, he did.
He left me messages.
The defense would like to enter a voice mail recording that Mr.
Richards left Mr.
Your Honor, this recording has not been authenticated.
If Mr.
Richards were here, he could authenticate it himself.
I mean, Mr.
Heglund should not be punished because the plaintiff can't be bothered to show up for a lawsuit that he filed.
I'll allow it.
You're gonna regret the day that you called me a weird little creep, because this weird little creep is gonna make it his mission in life to destroy you.
I-I didn't mean it like that.
How did you feel when you received that message? Scared.
- Scared.
- Mm-hmm.
But you said this is a guy, he never leaves his bedroom.
How would you feel if someone became obsessed with ruining your life? Someone you thought was certifiably crazy? He got me fired.
Now he's taking me to court.
How does this end? He hires someone to kill me? Objection, Your Honor.
The witness can't just throw wild speculations out there.
The jury will disregard the witness' last statement.
I have no further questions, Your Honor.
Bull, we've lost the whole jury.
They now see Curt as the victim, and Sam as the bad guy.
If you can't get that kid into court to change their minds, we're done.
I'm positive that it was Curt's voice that I heard.
Uh, he-he was yelling at my aunt.
He said, "You went behind my back with Louis and Frank, didn't you?" What happened next? Uh, Curt started getting rough with Aunt Natalie.
And then there was a loud thump.
She went quiet.
Uh, and when I came out, she was just lying there; she was gone.
You made it all the way through that time.
Oh, I I shouldn't have left him that message.
But I no one would listen to me.
No one believed me.
I-I-I was just so mad.
That is why it's so important for you to look this jury in the eye and tell them the truth.
One more thing we have to practice today.
So what we're gonna do is have you step up to the threshold, and then take one step into the hallway.
Uh You can do it.
Just one step.
That's it.
You got this, Sam.
- I'm - It's okay.
- I-I can't.
- It's okay.
I-I-I, I'm not ready.
You're okay.
It always feels so good to stretch my legs after a flight.
To breathe in the fresh air.
I don't know how fresh the city air is, but if you're happy, I'm happy.
Any opportunity to be with you makes me happy.
Are you gonna be able to take some time off work - while I'm here? - Only on the weekends, Mama.
We're in the middle of this case.
That's my boy.
Always working, since the day you were born, you know.
There was football, school, fashion, law.
And I'm proud of you, don't get me wrong.
Thank you.
But you just get to be my age and you realize what's really important.
And I want to make sure that you're not missing out on the really great things in life.
No, I'm not.
I'm I promise.
My life is full.
I have lots of friends, just You know, lately I've been hanging a lot with Anna.
Anna? I know.
I follow her Insta, and I see you in those pictures.
I see a lot of other stuff in that girl's pictures.
- Oh, I know.
- Mm-hmm.
I think she forgets her grandmother's watching.
I think she forgets her daddy's watching, too.
Oh, no.
Good gracious.
Uh, brownies for breakfast? I earned it.
I found proof that the burglar the cops liked for Natalie Richards' murder - couldn't have done it.
- What proof? When the cops arrested this guy, he swore he was on the other side of town at a gas station at the time of the murder.
- That should be easy to prove.
- You'd think.
But this gas station didn't have any working security cameras and no credit card transactions in his name.
Well, I got to thinking when this guy was busted, he had a bunch of stolen credit cards on him.
Oh, so there's a record on one of the stolen cards? Not one that went through.
But the cops never checked for declined credit cards.
Sure enough, one of those stolen credit cards was declined at that gas station at the time of the murder.
That's great.
Lord knows I need a win this week.
What's going on? My mother's in town.
You guys have a tough relationship? No, no.
It's great.
At least on the surface.
Look, that woman is the reason why I am who I am today.
I mean, money would get tight, she'd take extra shifts, and she still never missed a football game.
She never let me shirk my homework.
I swear, the woman could go into a grocery store with ten dollars, and come out with a feast.
- That's mom magic.
- Yeah.
But then there was the day that I told her that I was gay.
And she didn't say anything bad.
We didn't fight.
It was It was a look.
That look of disappointment.
That look hurt.
I'm so sorry.
I just decided I was gonna keep that part of myself to myself.
And, God, I've been so busy pursuing my careers and reuniting with my daughter.
I didn't have time for a serious relationship, and that made it easy, and and now And now you have Rob.
And he's becoming more and more important to me.
And I want to introduce him to the woman that made me me.
And you don't feel like you can? It's like there's a door between us, and I keep waiting for her to open it.
But I'm also scared of what'll happen if she does.
Maybe you've gotta stop waiting for her to open it.
Maybe you're the one who needs to invite her in.
Now that Heglund can't point a finger at the burglar, the jury's gonna take a real hard look at him.
I just wish we were following up with Sam's testimony.
Well, he is not quite ready yet, but we'll use him as a rebuttal witness, - finish strong.
- Hey.
Sorry to interrupt.
Got an updated witness list for you.
And who is Deborah Carter? And why are we just hearing about her now? Ms.
Carter's a friend of the deceased.
She read a post about the case, just contacted us this morning.
She believes she knows who really killed Natalie.
Carter, you were released from prison not too long ago.
I did three years for social security fraud.
But you didn't act alone, - did you? - No.
Natalie Richards was my partner.
Relevance? I am getting to that, Your Honor.
I'll allow it, but tread carefully.
Could you tell us how this-this fraud worked? I had a check cashing business.
Natalie owned a building that catered to older residents.
When they died, she intercepted their social security checks, and I cashed them.
And whose idea was this scheme? Natalie's.
She said she needed extra money to take care of her sister's kid.
He wasn't right in the head.
And she was worried that he was never gonna be able to hold down a job.
She was stealing money for me? After a while, I wanted to quit.
Natalie said she couldn't 'cause of that kid.
Why did you want to quit? It was getting dangerous.
The Russian mob operated in our neighborhood.
They wanted a cut.
I was getting threatening phone calls.
I warned Natalie that she was gonna get hurt, and look what happened.
No further questions, Your Honor.
She's killing our case.
I'm more worried about someone else.
Taylor, put Sam on the phone.
I can't.
He kicked me out and shut the door.
He says he's never opening it again.
After a while, I wanted to quit, and Natalie said she couldn't.
How's Sam? I don't know.
I went over there, but he wouldn't let me in.
Oh, I'm sorry, baby.
I was so close.
He was almost ready to leave his apartment, but now he blames himself even more.
Not just for Natalie's death, but also for being a burden, that she became a criminal.
I feel like Sam's not the only one blaming himself right now.
When he was a kid, I had him draw a picture of himself as he wished he could be.
Most kids draw pictures of themselves on a pirate ship or flying or in a space ship.
He just drew a picture of himself with a smile, as a happy kid, unafraid.
That's all he wanted to be.
Poor kid.
I didn't help him then, and now this case might be the worst thing for him.
You think you're gonna lose? Well, this woman's testimony did a real number on us.
She told the jury that Natalie got herself killed because she was a criminal.
- You don't believe her? - Well she's not lying about the social security scam, but there is something off about her testimony for sure.
Off how? Right after we eliminate the burglar, leaving Curt Heglund the only suspect, this woman shows up to point a finger at the Russian mob? It's too perfect.
Well, I can't say anything about her timing, but she's got expensive taste.
Those are $800 earrings she's wearing.
Seriously? Yeah.
My client designs them.
Thank you.
Taylor, it's not over yet.
Mama, you didn't have to do all this.
This is your vacation.
I'm the one that's supposed to be the host.
Listen, when you were growing up, I felt like I was always cooking one meal or another.
- Mm.
- And now I kind of miss it.
Well I want to cook for you on Saturday night.
- Really? What's the occasion? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, there's somebody I want you to meet.
His name's Rob.
And we've been seeing each other for a couple months.
I see.
Look, I know we don't talk about this.
It's who I am.
And I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable, but this is who I am.
Who said I was uncomfortable? You did.
The day I told you.
I saw the look on your face, Mama.
Is this the story you tell yourself? That your mother doesn't accept you? That's not what I said.
You didn't have to.
I scoured Deborah Carter's finances looking for proof that she got paid for her testimony, but I didn't find any mysterious deposits to her accounts.
So I went through her finances the old-fashioned way.
Dumpster dive.
Someone's been on a shopping spree.
I found receipts for designer bags, shoes, clothes, all in cash.
Well, I don't think a few cash purchases are gonna make a difference.
We need something concrete that can tie Curt Heglund to Deborah Carter.
Hold your horses.
I can't connect Curt to Deborah in the now, but a look in the past Curt Heglund and Deborah Carter have known each other since high school.
Looks like Curt called in an old friend to take the heat off him.
What if Curt was involved in the social security scam? The jury now believes that Natalie died because of this scam.
If we prove Curt was involved, I think we can convince the jury - that he was the killer.
- Okay.
Well, these are the people we know Natalie and Deborah defrauded.
A few of the men weren't from Natalie's building, so Curt could have targeted them in some other way, let's see.
William Frank was from the building.
Not Gerald Louis either.
You know what, let me dig into this and see what Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Frank and Louis? Yeah.
Those are the guys that Sam said Curt accused Natalie of going behind his back with.
They They're not boyfriends.
I think they're victims.
Won't you need Sam to testify to that? Last I heard, he still won't leave his apartment.
Tell Chunk to buy us some time with the judge.
Taylor, please come with me.
Sam? You were right, more than you know.
Curt was part of the fraud.
That's why he killed your aunt.
But you're the only one that can prove it.
You're the only one who can get justice for Natalie.
It was because of me she got mixed up in all that stuff in the first place.
It-It's my fault.
If that's how you feel, don't you think it's time you apologize to your aunt? What? How? Open the door, Sam.
This isn't gonna make a difference.
Uh, it's not real.
She's not Aunt Natalie.
The feelings are real.
The words are real.
Oh, what's it gonna change? You probably don't remember this, but when you were a kid, I had you draw me a picture of what you wanted to be Well, I'm not a kid anymore.
All right? I don't want to draw pictures or role-play.
The day you drew that picture was the last day I treated you.
And I wish I had tried harder to convince your aunt to keep you in treatment.
And I am very sorry that I wasn't able to help you more, Sam.
We're the ones who quit.
It It wasn't your fault.
Doesn't change how real my guilt feels to me.
I'll tell you one thing.
It helps to say it out loud.
Um I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I couldn't come out of my room that night.
And I'm sorry that I was a a burden on you; that I was so hard to raise.
I was always afraid.
- Sam, you have nothing to be sorry for.
- I tried to help.
Look at everything you've done.
For six years, when no one believed you, you didn't give up.
You found the video, you found Bull.
You should be proud.
I'm proud of you.
It's up to you if you want to testify.
But if you do it's got to be today.
Where is your client, Mr.
Palmer? Your Honor, he will be here.
Something must have happened.
They probably hit traffic.
I granted you a continuance for this morning.
There won't be another one this afternoon.
Understood, Your Honor.
Then I believe it is time for closing arguments.
Your Honor, my client is here.
Here we go.
State your name for the record, please.
Sam? Um My name is Sam Richards.
Thank you.
Now, Sam, were you in the apartment the night that your aunt was murdered? Yes, I was.
And did you hear the person who killed your aunt? Yes, I did.
Can you identify that person today? Yes.
It was that man, Curt Heglund.
Has the jury reached a verdict? "We the jury find the defendant, "Curt Heglund, liable "in the death of Natalie Richards, and award the plaintiff $200,000 in damages.
" You did it.
You can tell that kid this verdict don't mean a damn thing.
- He won't see a dime.
- But the D.
seems awfully interested in all that evidence that Sam provided.
So I'd worry about yourself, 'cause I think Sam's gonna be just fine.
Let's just get started.
No, no, we're just a few minutes past.
Let's just wait a little bit longer.
No, come on, let's eat.
You tried.
That counts for a lot, okay? Order for Ms.
Oh, no.
Wrong apartment.
She's one flight up.
Mama? What are you doing out here? Beating myself up.
Mama, I'm sorry.
I know you love me.
And I love you.
I just don't want there to be anything that we have to tiptoe around.
I want to be my whole self with you.
Don't you think I want that, too? Honestly I'm not so sure.
That look that you saw on my face when you told me that you were gay, that was not disappointment, baby.
That was fear.
I was afraid for you.
Afraid that life was going to get harder for you.
Harder than it was already going to be.
Well, why didn't you just say that in the first place? Because you were already going through so much.
I didn't want to add my worries to yours.
So I just shut it down.
But I ended up shutting out a part of you when I did that.
And I am sorry.
Come on.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Nice to meet you.
You took some good, deep breaths.
I'll tell you, you are an intrepid explorer now.
I think one day you will be a man about town.
At least around the block.
You're gonna like life a lot better out from behind a screen.
Ten minutes.
- Personal best.
- Yeah.
So what do you think? Can you do 12 minutes tomorrow? I-I think.
I'll try.
Well, that's all you can do.
Oh, I, uh I found this.
I wanted to, uh, give it to you.
Thank you, Dr.
Good-bye, Sam.
Hey, Sam? I'm gonna see you around, right? I think you will.

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