Bull (2016) s06e15 Episode Script

With These Hands

Previously on Bull It's perfect.
Well, she was meant for you.
Who's the hot French guy? No clue.
Go, Marissa.
Yeah, I may have a little crush.
You should ask him out.
Henri? Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime? Cue the music, please.
- Clamps are set? - Yes, Doctor.
Then let's begin.
Mitral valve, please? Watch her pressure.
BP is steady.
Replacing the valve.
Nice and easy.
Pressure's dropping.
She's tachy.
She's going into V-fib.
No pulse.
Come on.
Come on.
Heart rate is normal.
BP is stabilizing.
Here we go.
That a girl.
Would someone mind turning up the music? Yes, Doctor.
Lisa, what's wrong? Our patient Ruth Synford, she She died.
What? She went into V-fib again and she died of cardiac arrest.
Why wasn't I called? It just all happened so fast.
No, I'm her surgeon.
We tried to save her, but we couldn't bring her back.
I'm sorry.
Even now, I'm stunned by Ruth's death.
She just had so much more life to live.
She-she told me she wanted to get back out on the golf course and shoot her age.
I said, "Did you ever shoot a 71?" She said, "Not yet, but with this new lease on life you're giving me, I intend to.
" So while I, uh, don't agree with her Daughter's claim that I caused her mother's death, I am sympathetic to her grief.
I lost my own mother a little more than a year ago and Stop, stop.
Stop talking.
I really wish you would let her finish just once, Vincent.
If she finishes, we're finished.
She is signaling to the jury that they should be sympathetic to the dead woman's daughter.
It's what we call humanity.
Call it whatever you want, but in my experience as a seasoned medical malpractice litigator, that's the last thing we want to do.
What? Be human? We need to stick to the facts.
And those are, in your humble opinion? They say the surgery was too risky, we say Ruth Synford consented to the risk.
Okay, Adrienne will be in a stronger position with the jury if she doesn't come across as a cold clinician, if she shows compassion.
I completely disagree.
If we go down this path of sympathy, we might as well have settled yesterday.
Going any better down there? Not at all.
How long's Bull gonna have to put up with this guy's guff? "Guff.
" What? It's a word.
Not one people use.
Well, Bryan Vincent, he may not be Mr.
Cuddly, but he's a legend in the medical malpractice world.
His firm represents nearly every hospital in New York.
Chunk, he wears boots with his suit.
Yeah, and he has two first names.
Bryan Vincent? I don't trust anyone who has two first names.
I have two first names.
"Danny James.
" Will the two of you stop fighting so that I can listen to them fighting? Do you want to know another fact? I can't wait.
Lucy Synford wasn't even by her mother's side when she had the surgery.
Now she's trying to exploit her mother's death - for her own financial gain.
- It we freight this jury with the daughter's traumatic emotional journey, that is gonna be catastrophic for Adrienne's case.
Geez, you used so many big words in that sentence, all I heard was you trying to tell me that you have a PhD.
I'll make it simpler: attack the plaintiff, lose the case.
Thank you for your opinion, but let me remind you of one last, very important fact.
What is that? You are the consultant, I am the lawyer.
Lawyer trumps consultant.
What is this, rock paper scissors? Sorry to interrupt, but I have some paperwork for you to sign.
Life is a game of rock paper scissors.
Still butting heads, I see.
Ah, we'll work this out.
Don't worry.
Oh, I'm not worried.
Iron sharpens iron.
That's my belief.
Once the contracts are signed, we'll bill you for payment.
No, I'm taking this pro bono.
Absolutely not.
You saved my life with your bypass surgery, Adrienne.
I was paid for my work, you'll be paid for yours.
Besides, the hospital's covering Mr.
Vincent's fee.
I'm happy to pay out of pocket for TAC.
We're happy to accept your payment.
A word? No? That a word, isn't it? I knew that you and Adrienne had a prior relationship, but, uh, did I just hear you say that you owe her your life? And I do.
I never said otherwise.
You do realize how emotionally compromised you are? Not compromised.
I flat lined on that table, and her surgery saved my life.
She was there for me then, I'm here for her now.
There's a reason why doctors don't operate on members of their families.
It might be best for you to take a couple steps back here.
I'm not taking a step back.
- Not an inch.
- I get it.
You're used to calling the shots.
But that's just not the way that this is gonna go.
So the sooner you realize that, the better we're gonna get along.
Can you practice that speech a little bit more, maybe in front of a mirror, because I-I don't think it quite has the punch you're looking for.
I thought Bull was gonna lose it on that guy.
Oh, he's gonna lose it.
It's just a matter of time.
Bull's a professional.
He'll keep it together.
20 bucks says he's gonna lose it on this guy before the time the verdict is read.
Oh, I'll take that action.
Danny? Eh, I got 50 that says he won't last through voir dire.
Oh, now things are getting interesting.
Count me in.
In what? Oh, we're betting on how long it's gonna take Bull to go off on Vincent.
Oh, I'm staying out of it.
But if I was in it, smart money's on Bull laying him out before close of business today.
He's such a beautiful boy.
Thank you.
You two are very close, I can tell.
It's been a tough year.
His dad moved to Hawaii a couple months ago, so a lot of transitions.
- I was raised by a single mom.
- Really? Yeah.
Eh, it was just the two of us.
Did she work? Oh, yeah.
She had a big job in government.
I was very proud of her.
You didn't feel neglected? No.
No, I mean, you know, she was busy, but that just made the time we did had together extra special.
She taught me everything I know about art.
How to look at it with your heart and-and not your head.
She sounds amazing.
She was.
She was my best friend.
And, uh, I suspect that's what you are for your son.
I hope so.
You know, my mother was the one who introduced me to Morocco.
So we have her to thank for our upcoming adventure.
You're going to Morocco? Yes.
Didn't I tell you? We're going this summer.
What? No.
It's such a beautiful country.
Filled with beautiful people.
Marissa will fit right in.
He's great.
And he clearly adores you.
He is pretty great.
I think I might be falling for him.
That's so exciting.
Do you still want me to make good on the pact? What pact? That pact we made when you divorced Greg for the second time? - Still not ringing a bell.
- You remember.
We got a cocktail at that bar by the bridge after you signed the divorce papers.
You made me swear if you ever got serious about another guy, I'd ask the hard questions, do a background check.
Not a cocktail.
Cocktails plural.
Okay, yes.
Details are a little hazy, but it's starting to sound familiar.
So? I don't know.
It feels a little icky.
Forget I even mentioned it.
I have been blindsided before.
You and me both.
It's like the blindsided leading the blindsided.
You know what? What can it hurt? Are you sure? Yeah.
Take a little peek.
We want jurors who grab life by the horns and don't let go.
We also want jurors who understand that just because an individual is over 70 years old, doesn't mean they don't understand - risk and reward.
- Got it.
Key to this trial, of course, is going to be likability.
We doing this again? I told you, the jury doesn't need to like Adrienne, they just need to think she's a good doctor.
I'm not talking about her, I'm talking about you.
What? You don't like me? I'm crushed.
If people don't like you, they're gonna project it onto Adrienne.
Don't worry, juries love me.
You'll see.
Is there anyone here who rides horses, bungee jumps or skydives? I, for one, get seasick on an escalator.
But, uh, raise your hand if you're brave at heart.
You have your hand up.
Are you one of the brave and mighty? I'm a BASE jumper.
I'm afraid to ask.
It's when you jump off a fixed object like a bridge or a building with nothing but a parachute.
Yeah, I'd say that counts.
I'm getting flop sweat just picturing it.
This juror is acceptable, Your Honor.
Acceptable, but oh, how I worry.
I am calling your mother.
- I can't believe this.
- I know, that juror seems custom-made for us.
The jurors don't just like him, they love him.
Where was this guy when we were prepping? Ma'am, forgive me for asking a personal question, but, um, are you married? I was.
I've been a widow for ten years.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you have children? I do.
Three boys.
Now, uh, when you have what I like to call life decisions Selling the house, updating your will, seeking medical treatment Do you seek your boys' advice? I don't have to.
They insert themselves into anything I do nowadays.
It's as if they think I'm the child.
Does that bother you, that they don't seem to trust your judgment? It does, as a matter of fact.
This juror is acceptable, Your Honor.
Would it kill him to consult me? He is following your strategy to a T.
This woman is perfect.
Her late husband was even a doctor.
Vincent doesn't know the doctor part.
What bothers you more, that he didn't consult you or that the jury loves him? Told you I have charisma.
Oh, it all bothers me.
Is voir dire over? Just sat our last juror.
Bull and Vincent? They're not making each other friendship bracelets.
- But Bull didn't go off? - Not yet.
Well, guess that means you're out.
It's down to me and Chunk now.
Well, as much as I would love Bull to go off on that jerk, I am officially Team Chunk.
Someone's a sore loser.
Uh, Taylor? I'm having second thoughts about that thing with Henri.
- Really? - My grandmother always said, "If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it.
" My grandmother always said, "Don't eat peanut butter with wet hands," but I don't think that applies here.
Let's pass.
My gut's telling me to let sleeping dogs lie.
That's gonna be hard for you, huh? Letting that dog sleep? Hey, I can let a dog sleep, it's just, this dog is already awake.
You already found something? It might be nothing.
It's probably nothing.
I mean, it's something, but I think it's gonna turn out to be a total nothing.
Well, that's a lot of word salad.
I just, I want to be sure.
I would hate myself if Marissa got hurt, especially because I'm the one who encouraged her to ask Henri out in the first place.
I would stay out of it.
You know why they say "Don't shoot the messenger"? Because people always shoot the messenger? Ms.
Banks, would you please tell the court about your experience in the medical field? I've been a registered nurse for over 20 years, and I have scrubbed in on over a thousand surgeries in my career.
Is it fair to say you've assisted on a wide range of procedures? Yes, I've worked on everything from routine procedures to surgeries with a high degree of risk.
And what about Ruth Synford's mitral valve replacement surgery? Was that an inherently risky procedure? With any surgery, there are risks, but this should have been a fairly standard procedure.
It's a surgery Dr.
Corbett has performed countless times.
"Should have been"? Was there something about that particular surgery that was not standard? Yes.
When Dr.
Corbett went to insert the mitral valve, I saw her hand tremor.
Where'd that come from? That is 100% not true.
Can you please explain to the court why, specifically, it is problematic for a surgeon's hand to tremor during surgery? An open-heart mitral valve replacement surgery is all about precision.
If the valve insertion is off by just the tiniest fraction, it can set off a series of electrical impulses in the heart that can trigger V-fib.
Ventricular fibrillation.
It's a dangerously abnormal heart rhythm that can result in death.
And was it V-fib that killed Ruth Synford? Objection.
The witness is not a medical examiner.
She's not qualified to render an expert opinion as to what killed the patient.
Your Honor, the witness was the senior nurse present at Ruth Synford's surgery.
Her opinion is not only highly relevant but based on years of experience.
I'll allow it.
The V-fib that Ruth Synford experienced during surgery didn't directly cause her death, but once a patient has had one V-fib episode, the likelihood of another increases exponentially, and the severity of that second V-fib episode is usually stronger and often fatal.
As it was in this case.
One last thing.
You didn't mention the tremor during your deposition.
Why is that? There's a lot of pressure in hospitals to support surgeons.
I didn't want to jeopardize my career.
May I ask then, why you're bringing it up now? My conscience got the best of me.
A person died and I felt I couldn't stay silent.
Thank you.
They can't believe her.
Oh, but they do.
Don't they, Jury Man? We just have to get back to TAC and regroup.
"Regroup" is the understatement of the century.
- You killed her.
- Oh, no.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Lucy, let's No, no, no.
My mother should've lived another ten years, 20.
No, I-I understand how upset you are You have a tremor.
You never should have been in that operating room.
- No, I didn't - You should be in jail.
- I don't think we should do this here.
- Yes.
We should go.
This is a disaster.
That nurse's testimony means we're not just talking negligence anymore.
We're talking recklessness.
No jury is gonna forgive you operating with a tremor.
- I didn't have a tremor.
- We can have this discussion With the potential for punitive damages, - Please - we could be talking millions.
Okay, setbacks happen.
So how about we just calm down and talk strategy? No, thanks.
- "No, thanks"? - I'll figure this out on my own.
Okay, we're not waiting on Vincent.
We will come up with our own strategy for dealing with this.
Does Adrienne have a tremor? She swears she doesn't, but I sent her to see a doctor.
And we will know what we're dealing with soon enough.
Well, I talked to everyone in that surgery, Bull.
No one said anything about a tremor.
People seem to be changing their stories.
Let's hope it's not contagious.
I'll make the rounds again.
I'd like to think that nurse is lying, and if she is, I'd like to know why so we can impeach her.
Got it.
I'll start looking into her on my end, too.
I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for Adrienne.
So let's do our best to defend her.
Do you have a minute? Uh, sure.
Hey, make sure that you check that nurse's employment history, performance reviews, the works.
I'll get right on it.
Um There's something I have to tell you first.
- Yeah? - And let me just preface this by saying, it sucks, it's not fair and I wish it weren't true.
W-What sucks? I know you asked me to stop looking into Henri, but I was already halfway down a rabbit hole and Henri is married.
That doesn't make any sense.
I'm so sorry.
I know how much you like him, but thank God we investigated him, right? We didn't investigate him, Taylor.
You did.
I get that you're mad at Henri Of course I'm mad at Henri, but you went digging when I explicitly asked you not to.
- Because I care about you.
- When you care about a person, you don't go behind their back.
- Marissa - We should talk about this later.
You heard Bull.
We have to do whatever we can for Adrienne.
Let's focus on that.
When we spoke before, you didn't mention anything about a tremor.
Because there wasn't one.
Well, is it possible you missed it? No.
I had my eyes laser-focused on Dr.
Corbett's hands as she went to insert the mitral valve.
We all did.
She never wavered.
Why would Lisa Banks lie about seeing it? I have to get to surgery.
What if somebody lied about you in court? And nobody put it right? I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but a few months before Ruth Synford's surgery, Banks overmedicated a patient in recovery and Adrienne dressed her down.
- Meaning? - She tore her a new one in front of everyone.
- You think Corbett was out of line? - No.
What we do, it's life or death.
Mistakes matter.
Most people around here have extra thick skin.
They shrug it off, move on.
But Banks didn't shrug it off.
Yeah, I guess not.
Look, I really have to go.
Appreciate your time, Doc.
Was I strong with her? Yes.
Because she'd screwed up royally.
But to lie on the stand just to get back at me? Well, some people's resentment runs deep.
Now we know Banks had a motive to lie, and that puts us in a position to claw back the jury.
It's a stretch to think that a 20-year vet like Banks would perjure herself to settle a grudge.
And if I find it a stretch, so will the jury.
Well, not when we tell them that Adrienne's doctor gave her a clean bill of health.
No, doctors have each other's backs.
That's what the jury will think.
So, what's your fix? I've convinced Sacred Heart Hospital to settle with the plaintiff.
- You what? - And I recommend you join the settlement, too, Adrienne.
That's not a fix.
That jury's never coming back.
Not for a grudge, not for a doctor's note.
It's over.
We haven't even put up our side.
Well, we could try to mount a comeback, but the upside isn't as up as the downside's down.
Oh, for the hospital, maybe.
I mean, it's just money for them.
But for me, it's it is my career, my life.
I know this is a difficult pill to swallow.
If I settle, people will think I have a tremor.
I'll never practice again.
It's the only path forward.
Read the offer.
Sleep on it.
Give me a moment.
You're leaving her out on an island.
No, she's out on an island and you are letting her stay there.
When the jury hears about this settlement, they're gonna assume malpractice.
They already do.
You aren't doing Adrienne any favors pretending she can still win this case.
And you're not doing your job if you give up at the first sign of trouble.
I'm not giving up, I am simply giving my professional opinion, which is what I am hired to do.
You're fired.
What? I don't work for you.
And now you don't work for Adrienne.
Oh, look.
Your ride's here.
I think we need to talk.
I promise you, I didn't have a tremor during Ruth's surgery or any surgery I've ever done.
How long have you had them? They started Maybe a month before Ruth's surgery.
I I only get them at night, and when I'm really tired.
Like, now.
And all my surgeries are scheduled for the morning.
Well, if the tremors never happened in the OR, then how did Banks know about them? I don't know, I-I had one at a colleague's wedding, and I didn't think anybody saw me, but clearly, I was wrong.
It's been a rough couple years.
The pandemic, my mother's death, you know.
I'm-I'm sure they're temporary.
And you think this because? Well, my medical exam just came up clean, didn't it? Adrienne, that's pure luck.
You kn You know that.
You swore an oath.
Do no harm.
What about that? You're questioning my oath? I live by my oath.
I sacrificed everything to help people, to be in service of the sick and the dying.
I gave up having a meaningful relationship, having children, all for the privilege of putting on my white coat.
When I'm in the operating theater, I am keenly attuned to my hands.
If I thought for a moment that I was in jeopardy of betraying my oath? I wouldn't have operated.
I would've admitted it.
I would've quit.
Wait, do you believe me? I believe you, but I can't put you on the stand, because if you're saying that these tremors only happen outside of the OR, that is gonna sound to a jury like we're splitting hairs.
- I understand.
- Good.
What about this? Second thoughts? I did not commit malpractice.
Okay, then.
Bull fired Vincent, so Chunk is taking over as Adrienne's attorney.
So I won? I won the bet.
Guess you're right about everything these days.
I have to file the paperwork to change attorneys, but Chunk will take you through strategy.
You did it, didn't you? Did what? Well, she was the messenger, and she got shot.
Yeah, I don't know what any of what that means, so why don't we just stick to the case, right? Bull believes Adrienne when she says she didn't have a tremor during Ruth Synford's surgery.
- Do you? - I believe that Adrienne is our client, and we are looking for the best way to defend her.
So, any thoughts? Taylor? Um, yeah, is it possible Banks is covering up her own negligence? What do you have? Over the last year, Banks has moved departments within the hospital three times.
First oncology, then endocrinology, now cardiology.
How common is that? It's never happened at Sacred Heart Hospital, not in such a short time.
You think she's been passed around because of sloppy work? Well, Adrienne called out Banks for a huge mistake she made.
Could be she has a history of mistakes.
And when she becomes the weak link in a department, they ship her off to become someone else's problem.
Why not just fire her? It's hard to justify firing even a semi-competent nurse.
I'll find out if Banks wasn't so competent.
Uh, listen, crisis at work, so I can't stay.
That's fine.
You could've called.
No, I wanted to see you.
In person.
You're married.
Uh, but it's a, it's a long story.
So it's true? Technically, but we haven't been together for many years.
Can you please let me explain? You have a wife.
We separated five years ago, but in the midst of the divorce, she was diagnosed with MS.
So we decided to stay married, on paper only, so she could stay on my health insurance.
Why didn't you tell me? I was waiting until we'd been together a bit longer.
I didn't want to overburden our new relationship with old wounds.
How is she? Honestly? We don't speak very often.
I mean I guess she has good days and bad days.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
How did you find out? Oh, actually, it's a bit of a story.
Did you investigate me? I mean, I uh, I asked Taylor to - Taylor? - No, not I It's not her fault.
I did a background check on you.
Well I guess neither of us is having lunch today.
Henri, I I've supervised all kinds of nurses over the years.
At least Banks seemed to care about her patients.
So there were no issues? She never made any mistakes? Oh, I didn't say that.
She worked oncology during the pandemic.
It was overwhelming.
A lot of people made mistakes.
So what mistakes did Banks make? An older patient.
He just had a kidney tumor removed.
He complained that Banks tried to give him the wrong medication.
Had she? Banks denied it, and there were no witnesses, so I could never say for sure what happened either way.
But that's why you transferred her? Oh, I didn't transfer her.
She asked for that transfer herself.
Why? She didn't say.
Change of scenery? But frankly, I was a little relieved that she did.
That's very helpful.
I hear you've been checking up on me.
Just doing a little due diligence.
Interrogating my colleagues isn't due diligence, it's harassment.
"Interrogating" is a strong Surgeons think they're gods.
They can call everyone else out on their mistakes, but no one's allowed to call them out on theirs.
So, are you admitting you made a mistake? You're gonna try to make me out to be the bad guy, but you know what the irony is? What's that? Most surgeons don't even see their patients as human.
But I do.
Good to know.
And then she gave me this look that was just chilling.
Okay, a-a chilling look doesn't make for a legal defense.
I know, but it's the second time that Banks nearly overmedicated a patient.
Once is a mistake, twice feels like a pattern.
So Danny and I took a deeper dive to look at Banks's background and we've come up with a theory.
But just a warning, it's a little out there.
Like far, far out.
It's the 11th hour, and we're the only ones who can help Adrienne.
I'll go to Pluto if I have to.
All right.
Take a look at this.
Okay, what are we looking at? We cross-referenced the three times Banks transferred departments to a list of deaths in those departments.
Within a month prior to each transfer, there was a death of an elderly patient with a similar profile to Ruth Synford.
All were over 70, all lived alone, and while they had chronic health conditions, were expected to make full recoveries.
And let me guess, Banks was on duty when all three deaths happened.
She was the head nurse in each of their surgeries.
And she specifically requested overtime so she could supervise their aftercare in the ICU.
Wait, y-you two are proposing that she killed them? On purpose? Yes.
That is our theory.
You think we got a Charles Cullen on our hands? Maybe.
Who's Charles Cullen? A so-called angel of mercy serial killer.
A critical care nurse in New Jersey who murdered hundreds of patients for almost two decades, going from one intensive care unit to the next.
He said he did it to ease his patients' suffering.
Okay, but I'm gonna need more than ghost stories to bring to court.
So, if Banks was killing these patients, do we have any ideas how she did it? That's where it gets tough to prove.
If she did this, she knows how to cover her tracks.
Is there any proof that Banks was in Ruth Synford's room at the time of her death? I'm working on it.
There are cameras in all the hallways in the hospital, but their security network is locked up tighter than the NSA.
You know who could probably get us access? Yeah, I know.
I just wish I didn't have to ask him.
Sorry to stop by so late.
Um What do you want? Ah.
So, we're just gonna do this here? Okay.
Well, I have reason to believe that the nurse Lisa Banks killed Ruth Synford and two other patients.
Two other patients? What-what the hell are you talking about? Murder, possibly.
Uh, I don't know what game you're playing, but I'm going back to bed.
I need your help.
I need you to get us access to the hospital footage of the CICU in the minutes before Ruth's death.
I'm gonna ask you this with all the respect I can muster at this hour: have you lost your mind? I assure you, it tracks.
Okay, let's assume it does And that's a gigantic assumption Do you know what you're asking me? Trust me, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
Giving you access to hospital security footage could open the door to more lawsuits.
You think Sacred Heart Hospital is going to willingly expose themselves to those liabilities? Well, imagine the liabilities if they turn a blind eye to a serial killer.
Now, if I'm wrong, think of how much fun you'll have humiliating me.
Your Honor, the defense would like to recall Lisa Banks to the stand.
Banks, you testified that you witnessed Dr.
Corbett having a tremor during Ruth Synford's surgery, is that correct? - Yes, I did.
- And it's your opinion that tremor caused Ms.
Synford to go into V-fib, is that correct? Yes.
Are there any other reasons why a patient would go into V-fib? Of course.
Could a medication, like magnesium sulfate, trigger a V-fib episode? I suppose so, yes.
And is it true that magnesium sulfate doesn't show up in a standard autopsy? I don't know.
I'm not a medical examiner.
Well, for your information, no, it does not show up in a standard autopsy, but I have a feeling that you knew that already, right? Objection, Your Honor.
Counsel is testifying.
I'm sorry, Your Honor, I'll move on.
Your Honor, the defense would like to enter into evidence security footage from the CICU the night that Ruth Synford died.
Your Honor, we haven't had a chance to authenticate this footage.
I can assure the court that this video comes directly from New York Sacred Heart Hospital via their legal counsel.
He's in the courtroom today if you'd like him to authenticate it before we move on.
Uh, that won't be necessary.
I'll allow it.
Uh, proceed, Counselor.
Banks, can you tell us what kind of cart this is? It's a crash cart.
It's kept in the CICU because it contains equipment needed when patients go into cardiac pulmonary arrest.
Do crash carts contain medications, such as magnesium sulfate? Sometimes.
In fact, in the video, we can see you taking medications from this cart.
Why is that? It's protocol to move certain medications off the crash cart depending on which patients are housed in the CICU.
But standard protocol would require you to bring that medication back to the hospital pharmacy, would it not? Yes.
But you didn't take it back to the pharmacy.
You took that medication into a patient's room.
Why did you do that? I meant to take it to the pharmacy, but there was an emergency.
That's Ruth Synford's room.
She went into V-fib and I rushed to help her.
Actually, Ruth Synford went into V-fib at 10:57 p.
, You went into Ruth Synford's room at 10:54 p.
So can you explain to us why you would take medications from that crash cart into the patient's room three minutes before she went into V-fib? I - I-I don't recall.
- Isn't it true that you injected Ruth Synford with magnesium sulfate, - Your Honor, objection.
- Sending her into V-fib Speculation.
and killing her? No one was there for her but me.
What? No one was there for Ruth before her surgery, or after when she was scared, frightened for her life.
And I made sure that she was not alone when she died.
In light of Ms.
Banks's testimony and the hospital security video, we are dropping our case against Dr.
Corbett and recommending the NYPD do an immediate investigation of Lisa Banks.
We'll provide the authorities with any assistance we can.
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
If you would all excuse me for a moment.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Yeah, you owe me one.
And something tells me you're never gonna let me forget it.
I'm sorry.
Taylor No, please, just let me say this.
You've been there for me through a lot.
I don't know how I would've gotten through my custody battle without you to lean on.
And I know you asked me to stand down from the Henri investigation, and I absolutely should have, no question, but I found out already that he was married, and I thought for sure I'd find out he was divorced, but I didn't.
And I just wanted to be there for you the same way that you'd been there for me and I got lost in it, and I'm really, really sorry.
I know your heart was in the right place, but if I am ever going to have a successful relationship again, I've got to trust my own judgment.
And to have my friend second-guess me was hurtful.
I get that completely.
It's probably how Henri felt when he found out I looked into him.
Wait, you feel bad for Henri? Everything isn't as clear-cut as it seems.
Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me if I want to win back his trust.
And what about me? How much work do I have to do to win back your trust? We'll be okay.
I might just need a minute.
Take all the minutes you need.
Maybe we should make a pact not to make any more pacts.
Thank you.
For not giving up on me.
Well, like I said, I owe you my life.
You think I should retire.
A very wise woman once told me I'd be different on the other side of surgery, and you know what? She was right.
I am.
Because I have a loving wife and a beautiful daughter.
And that is all thanks to you.
And all I'm saying is you don't know what's waiting for you on the other side of this.
No, I don't want a different life.
I don't want to be a different person.
I sacrificed everything to be a doctor.
I'm not ready to give it up.
I just think it's important you address these health issues.
I-I'm going to get to the bottom of this tremor, and get better and get back in the OR.
I wish you all the best.
Kiss that daughter of yours for me, will you? I will.

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