Bull (2016) s06e16 Episode Script

The Diana Affair

Previously on Bull Hey, there, Dr.
Why, Diana Lindsay.
You miss me? - I didn't know you did criminal law.
- You should know by now I am full of surprises.
Diana's gonna be here Saturday morning and she sounds pretty damned excited to me.
- Excellent.
- Are you all right? You sound strange.
I saw Izzy at the funeral.
I'm sorry about your dad.
I didn't know what to do.
What did you want to do? I wanted to save her.
I'm pregnant, you big Bull.
- Hey, Greta.
- Hey.
Is there any chance you can walk Sunshine for me this afternoon? Oh, shoot, this afternoon is tough.
I have some people coming for book club.
No problem.
I'll figure it out.
I-Is everything okay? There's just something I need to do, and the kids have after-school stuff, and Frederick well Frederick has plans to go sleep with some whore.
Oh, my God, Greta, I'm so sorry.
I just found out.
But I think he's been seeing her for a while.
That's awful.
I'm going to go confront her.
That's why I need someone to walk Sunshine.
Are you really sure you want to do that? Maybe-maybe take a beat.
I need that woman to look me in the face.
See that I am a real person.
That she is hurting me, hurting my family.
I'll walk Sunshine.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
The victim's name is Greta Page.
43 years old.
Looks like she was stabbed, but we haven't located the weapon.
This her home? Vacation home, yeah.
Who's that? Vic's husband.
Frederick Page.
Said he found her like this.
Detective Fletcher.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I was told this is your vacation home.
Did anyone know you and your wife would be here today? Greta wasn't supposed to be here.
What do you mean? I might as well just tell you.
I've been having an affair.
I was supposed to meet her, here.
But instead I found my wife.
Like that.
I'm gonna need the name of this woman.
Come on.
Where are you? Aren't you supposed to be on vacation? Yeah.
We don't fly out till tonight.
What the heck? My passport was right here last night.
It was here and it's gone now! You gonna get that? No, I'm officially off the clock.
Where are you, you government document? It's got to be here somewhere.
- Uh, nice filing system.
- Oh! Nice.
Eagle eye.
- Izzy would've killed me.
- For Pete's sake.
Trial Analysis Corporation.
Marissa Morgan speaking.
Oh, Diana, hi.
Oh, it's Diana Lindsay.
She's at Rikers.
I cannot take another case right now.
Tell her I'll be back in two weeks.
Well, unfortunately, Bull is Oh, my God.
What? What is it? Diana's been arrested.
For murder.
When I moved to New York, I I always thought I'd run into you in the courtroom.
I never thought it'd be here.
You always did know the classiest joints.
You okay? Yeah.
No touching.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
So, what happened? Okay, um I've been seeing this guy Frederick about a year now.
And, uh Well, we work at the same firm.
Well, he's married.
But he swore that his marriage was over.
That his wife is crazy and she had a drinking problem and they were only staying together for the kids.
Clearly, I have terrible taste in men.
Well, I could have told you that years ago.
Anyway They found his wife dead and I was arrested.
What do you think the police have on you? I was with her, right before she died.
I was meeting Frederick at his weekend place, and I got there before him, but you know, I have a key, so She was there, waiting on me.
So she knew you were coming? I mean, I guess she found out about us and well, apparently, it was news to her that her marriage was over because that woman just flipped out on me.
Flipped out? You mean she attacked you? No.
Well, uh, she did grab my arm at one point to keep me from leaving, but yeah, mostly, she was just yelling at me.
I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't listen, so finally, I just, I got myself out of there.
And where did you go next? I went home.
I got drunk.
Felt like a fool for believing any of Frederick's lies.
I woke up with the police pounding at my door.
So, you said you were supposed to meet Frederick - at the house? - Yeah.
You think he's capable of doing this? Killing someone? No.
No, absolutely not.
He's capable of deception.
- He's a liar.
- I just don't see it.
Frederick, he might be a liar, but he is not a violent person.
Are you in love with him? Somehow that question seems a little unfair.
It goes to motive.
You know that.
I'm not in love with him.
I've only been in love once in my life, and when he ghosted me and I found out that he got back together with his ex-wife and had a baby, I didn't murder anyone.
I'm sorry.
I could've handled all that better.
Jason, just get me out of here.
Thank God, you're home.
I was starting to worry we were gonna miss our flight.
Okay, um, you grab the bags and I will grab Astrid and I'll meet you downstairs.
Izzy, I'm sorry, there's a problem.
You lost your passport, didn't you? It's work.
Jason, no, you promised.
- I know.
- You said we were gonna go on this trip - no matter what came up.
- That's true, - but I just never imagined - You said that we deserved a big, fat vacation after the year that we've had.
You said we'd be basking in the sun and Diana Lindsay was arrested for murder.
- What? - Diana Lindsay is this lawyer I used to date.
No, I know who Diana is.
She was arrested for murder? Yes.
Who are they saying she murdered? Her boyfriend's wife.
Let me get this straight.
You want to cancel our vacation so that you can defend your ex-girlfriend for murdering her lover's wife? - I know it's not ideal - Why do you have to defend her? Diana's a lawyer, surely she knows other firms.
Because I know what it feels like to be wrongly accused.
Remember how hard it was for me to find someone I trusted? Of course I remember.
I haven't forgotten a single second of that damn trial, which is why I need a vacation.
That's why we need a vacation.
I know.
I won't take this case if you don't want me to.
Mm-mm, no.
Don't do that to me.
Don't put this on me.
I'm not gonna ask you not to represent her.
You know, you do whatever you feel that you need to do.
Just doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.
- Have a good day.
- You, too.
Everything okay? We're supposed to be on a beach in Saint Bart's, - instead we're here, so no.
- Right.
Well, let's make it worth it.
I'll gather the troops.
The M.
puts Greta Page's time of death between 2:30 and 3:30 p.
Ring camera footage shows Greta arriving at the house at 2:01.
Diana arrived at 2:23 and left about 20 minutes later at 2:42.
Then Frederick Page showed up at 3:17.
He called 911 just five minutes later.
Well, five minutes is tight, but it's enough time to kill his wife and make a phone call.
Yeah, that's possible, but what if it was a-a burglary gone wrong? Half an hour passes between the time that Diana left the house and Frederick arrived there.
Maybe somebody walked in the back door.
I don't think so.
The house backs up to the ocean.
There's no security camera in the back, but the neighbors on both sides have cameras.
No one crossed their beaches at that time.
So it looks like there were only two people who could've killed Greta.
Diana or Frederick.
Well, then, it was Frederick.
So, what about the M.
's report? Is there anything about this killer being taller than Diana, or left-handed, because Diana said Frederick's left-handed.
But there was some DNA evidence in the police report.
Greta's blood was found on Diana's jacket.
Well, Diana said that Greta grabbed her arm at one point.
- Maybe she had a cut on her hand.
- That's possible, but convincing a jury of that, not so sure.
Did they get anything off the murder weapon? Uh, no.
The police haven't found one yet, but a knife consistent with Greta's stab wounds is missing from a set in the kitchen.
The knife block has Diana's fingerprints all over it.
- But none of Frederick's.
- Well, okay.
Maybe Diana's the one who does all the cooking when they're at the house.
Or maybe Frederick grabbed the knife off the counter.
All I'm hearing is evidence against Diana.
I'd like to hear some evidence against Frederick.
We are working on it, Bull.
We have to identify the weaknesses in our own case.
You're right.
But just so we're clear, I know Diana.
She did not murder anyone.
A new A.
was just assigned to the case.
Who is it? How did this happen? I had a craving for orange chicken.
I'm not proud of it, but it's not that complicated.
You knew that I'm representing Diana Lindsay.
What Look, the A.
handling the case had emergency gallbladder surgery today.
The D.
himself asked me to step in.
Look, this case is very personal to TAC.
We've all worked with Diana and she's very important to Bull.
This is a big murder case.
It is a major career opportunity for me.
Look, I-I wouldn't have even considered taking on the case if I didn't think our relationship could handle it.
It's just work.
We'll leave it in the courtroom, I promise.
Okay, fine.
But we're gonna have to be very careful about maintaining boundaries.
That's fine.
Wait, does this mean I can't call you my boo in front of the jury? Is that a It's a no? Yeah.
Hey, uh, do you have a minute? Our first witness is about to take the stand.
Uh, but I've got a minute.
Um I don't want to put you in an awkward position.
But, um, I know that Jason and Diana have a past.
And normally, I'm all for just, like, letting the past stay in the past, but this one this one just isn't.
I'm sure this can't be easy for you.
Well, I mean, you saw them when they were together.
Was he in love with her? Honestly, I don't know.
But I do know he loves you.
You two fit like a glove.
Mm, nothing sexier than a glove.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, Rob just called Frederick Page to the stand.
You coming? Go.
I'm fine.
If I have learned anything this year, it's that, sometimes, it's okay not to be fine.
Frederick Page, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.
Whatever Frederick says today, you can't react.
It's not my first rodeo, Jason.
Well, it's your first rodeo as the accused, and it's a lot harder than you think.
I want to take you back to the day that you found your wife Greta dead at your beach house.
Now, you hadn't planned on meeting Greta there that afternoon, had you? No.
Uh I had plans to meet someone else.
And who was that? - Diana Lindsay.
- The defendant? - Yes.
- Had you spoken to the defendant on your way to the house? Yes, I-I was running late, so I-I called to let her know.
But when she answered the phone, she was angry.
She said that Greta was at the beach house and that she had ambushed her.
Did she say anything else? Yes.
She said, "Things got ugly, and now it's your mess to clean up.
" Objection, Your Honor.
This is blatant hearsay.
It falls under several hearsay exceptions, Your Honor.
Statement against penal interest, excited utterance.
I could go on.
No need.
After the defendant said this was your mess to clean up, you arrived at your beach house to find your wife Greta brutally stabbed to death.
Is that correct? Yes.
No further questions.
Page, you were having an affair with Diana Lindsay, is that correct? - Yes.
- And did you tell your wife that you were sleeping with Ms.
Lindsay? No.
So you lied to her? Yes.
So you're a liar? - Yes.
- So we only have the word of a liar that your wife was already dead when you got there? But she was.
She was Or maybe, when you got there, she was furious.
Did she threaten to leave you, Mr.
Page? Take your kids? Take your money? No.
That's not what happened.
Did she threaten to tell the law firm that you were having an affair with a colleague? And you had to stop her, and so you stabbed her to death? Isn't that what happened, Mr.
Page? Objection.
Badgering the witness.
I'm sure you could go on.
I withdraw the question, Your Honor.
And I'm done with this witness.
There she is! Diana, Diana, can we get a quote? - Over here, over here.
- No comment, please.
Did you kill your lover's wife? - Diana, what did you do with - No comment.
Did Greta Page threaten to expose your affair at your law firm? No comment.
Have you considered a guilty plea? Diana, are you still sleeping with Dr.
Jason Bull? Can you comment? Hey.
I am so sorry.
Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is? I should've been ahead of this.
Yeah, you should've, but when it comes to Diana, your judgment is clearly off.
Off? Yeah, off.
You're so sure she's innocent, but Diana's clearly capable of deception.
Look, I know you're upset about this picture She's been having an affair for a year.
God knows what else she's hiding.
Are you worried that Diana is snowing me? Or are you afraid of something else? Well, should I be afraid of something else? I can't believe I even have to say this, but I would never be unfaithful to you.
All I want to do is represent Diana.
You don't want to represent her.
You want to save her.
You never told me about Bull and Diana.
I told you that she was very important to Bull.
You failed to mention why.
That was some pretty good dirt you kept from me, Chester, and you know it.
We agreed that we were gonna keep things professional.
That means no dirt.
If we're gonna be all professional, then I have an updated witness list for you.
Who's Dr.
Audrey Birdge? Oh, that's your job to figure that out.
Oh My name is Dr.
Audrey Birdge.
I'm a forensic pathologist, more commonly known as a medical examiner.
And do you have any specific area of expertise? My training includes a specialization in hepatology, which is diseases of the liver.
Birdge, how long would it take someone to bleed to death from a stab wound to the liver? If a healthy person was stabbed at the same depth as Greta Page's cut, it would take them several hours to bleed out.
And was Greta Page a relatively healthy person? I'm afraid not.
Her liver showed signs of advanced cirrhosis, which is often caused by heavy drinking.
Cirrhosis prevents the blood from clotting, which makes exsanguination much faster.
So how long would it have taken for Greta Page to bleed out? Roughly 30 to 60 minutes.
In your expert opinion I don't think I like where this is going.
could have bled to death in less than 30 minutes? It's extremely unlikely.
What about less than 20 minutes? No.
I don't believe that's possible.
Yeah, I definitely don't like it.
It's been previously established that the paramedics arrived and pronounced Greta dead a mere 11 minutes after Frederick got to the house, so are you saying that even if Frederick had stabbed Greta the second he arrived at the house, uh, she would have still been alive by the time the paramedics arrived? Yes.
She could not have bled out that quickly.
Meaning that Frederick Page could not - have killed Greta? - Correct.
So, if Frederick didn't kill Greta, then At least I know I wasn't sleeping with a murderer.
Silver linings.
Well, here's the thing we know for sure.
Diana didn't do this.
So who did? Well, let's start from the beginning.
Were we too quick to reject the idea of someone coming in through the back? There's no security camera out there.
Well, like I said before, they would've had to walk up the beach.
The neighbors on both sides have cameras that capture the beaches.
Well, they could've come from the water by boat.
Walked straight up to the Pages' house.
I watched the neighbors' beach footage.
I didn't see a boat, and between all of the cameras, I'm pretty sure you can see the full shoreline in back of the Pages' house.
Pretty sure or positive? Y'all excuse me? I need to use the restroom.
Okay, we need to point the finger at someone else.
So find me a someone and a somehow.
Or that jury is gonna have no problem saying Diana is guilty.
And until we do? - What? - We're up tomorrow, Bull, and right now I don't have anyone to call as a witness.
Well, then, find us a way to get a continuance.
I just want to apologize to you.
I know that you and Jason were supposed to be on vacation and well, this isn't a vacation.
It happens.
Jason is really good at getting people out of trouble.
Lord knows I need that.
Are you okay? Diana? Can I, can I get you anything? No.
I'm fine.
It's just nerves, that's all.
Never been accused of murder before.
Yeah, I used to throw up all the time, too.
When When I was pregnant.
Are you? Yeah.
Ain't that a kick in the pants? Yeah.
How long have you known? I found out the day before Greta was killed.
Did you tell Frederick? No.
I didn't know what I wanted to do.
I I didn't know if I was even gonna keep the baby.
I just And then this happened.
I Diana, you should have told me this right away.
- I know.
- I asked you if you were serious about him and you said no.
- You weren't.
- I wasn't.
Do you know how this is gonna look to a jury when they find out that you're carrying his baby? - Yes.
- They're gonna think you killed his wife so that you could have the father - of the baby all to yourself.
- I know.
Why wouldn't you tell me? Because then it would be real! And I I can't I can't think about having a baby right now or I'm just gonna lose it, okay? I always thought if I found out I was pregnant, it would be a happy thing.
You know? I could just tell the father and we'd be so excited together.
But this is Did you kill her? How could you ask me that, Jason? You know me.
Maybe that's the problem.
Izzy says I don't see things clearly when it comes to you.
What are you saying? You told me you used to love me.
And I loved you, too.
Maybe that's why I don't want to believe you could have done this.
- Jason.
- So if I'm gonna defend you, you have to tell me the whole truth.
I didn't kill Greta Page.
All I'm asking for is a short continuance to pursue a new lead, Your Honor.
- Three, four days, tops.
- Your Honor, as my esteemed colleague is well aware, I have another trial on the docket next week.
A continuance would cause a major conflict.
Should an innocent woman get convicted to suit my esteemed colleague's calendar? That's clearly not what I'm saying.
Maybe you shouldn't have taken this case if your schedule was so tight.
Gentlemen, I have a dinner reservation, so let's wrap this up.
Palmer, I'll grant you a continuance.
Thank you, Your Honor.
For one day.
That's it.
So you're welcome, Mr.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I thought you said you were okay with me taking this case.
- I am okay with it.
- Then what's with the dig about how I shouldn't have taken the case? I was making an argument to get a continuance.
Whoa You don't have a new lead, do you? - Yes, I do.
- Uh-uh.
Your case is tanking and you're trying to buy time.
My case isn't tanking and I have a lead.
- A big lead.
- You're creasing.
What? When you get stressed, you get this adorable little crease right there, right between your eyebrows.
- I don't have a - Right now, you are creasing.
No, I don't.
This is It's my face.
It's what I look like all the time.
It's my face! Hmm.
Well, the mirror and I respectfully disagree.
Look Are we gonna be okay? - When I win? - We'll never know, 'cause you're not gonna win.
Have fun with your "big lead.
" I will.
I didn't think you'd be up.
What you doing? Uh, just thinking.
Well, I suppose you know that you were right.
Diana was hiding something from me.
I feel sorry for her, being pregnant on her own, at a time like this.
I think she's terrified.
You were right about the other thing, too.
What other thing? Part of me did want to save Diana.
The truth is, I ended things abruptly when you and I got back together.
And there were unresolved feelings? Yes.
And I justified taking her case because I knew that I would never cross a line with her.
You're the only woman I want to be with.
But it was not fair of me to put you in that position, make you worry.
I wasn't even really worried about you.
Or even Diana.
I You know, when I was pregnant with Astrid, things weren't exactly on the up and up either.
I was married to Michael.
I was unfaithful.
But you and I were married before I don't think Michael would appreciate the difference.
I just I I sometimes feel like something's coming to me.
Punishment for my sins.
I don't think the world really works like that.
People don't get what they deserve, good or bad.
Well you're not Catholic.
That's true.
Well, if you want to bring God into this, all you have to do is look at our beautiful daughter to know the Almighty is just fine with our shenanigans.
"Shenanigans"? Yes.
That's what the kids are calling it these days.
I would never want to mess up what we have.
Me neither.
And for what it's worth, I I really hope you can save Diana.
Me, too.
Veronica Davis? Yes? My name's Danny James.
I'm an investigator working on behalf of the woman accused of killing Greta Page.
Not interested.
- I just have a few questions.
- No.
You're gonna try and pin this on me.
- Why would you say that? - You wouldn't be here if you didn't already know that Greta Page ruined my life.
But, sorry, - I didn't kill her.
- Well, maybe you can just help me understand Greta a little better.
I heard that she got you fired after you kicked her daughter off the volleyball team.
That must'vesucked.
"Sucked"? I almost went to jail.
Jail? Why? I guess you didn't do your homework.
Well, not well enough, I guess.
Are you gonna educate me or should I talk to your boss? I'm sure you wouldn't be working here if you had an easy time getting a job.
I kicked Greta Page's kid off of the team because she was late.
Every day.
And that woman went ballistic.
She demanded the school fire me, but school backed me up.
Next thing I know, I'm getting pulled over in the school parking lot because of an anonymous tip, and the cops found cocaine in my car.
So you think Greta planted the drugs? I think that psycho would do whatever it takes to get what she wants.
Do we know for sure that Greta really did that? Because planting drugs on someone for kicking your kid off the volleyball team is I-I I don't even know what that is.
Frederick always said his wife could be vindictive.
Doesn't matter whether Greta really did it.
Veronica Davis thinks she did it, which gives her motive.
We can put her in front of the jury as an alternate suspect.
Yeah, that's not gonna go so well for us.
To avoid jail time, Veronica's been doing a court-ordered sobriety program.
She was there at the time of the murder.
So the suspect list is down to me again.
Pretty much.
- Maybe that's the point.
- How so? Well, you've always been the obvious suspect here.
Right? So maybe Greta wanted it that way.
Maybe she framed you the way she framed that coach.
She grabbed you by the arm maybe to put blood on you.
You think that woman hated me so much that she'd be willing to die to set me up? Maybe she didn't plan on dying.
Maybe she just wanted to wound herself, blame you and then he goes running back to her.
That seems pretty complicated.
I mean, didn't Greta tell her neighbor that she had just found out about Frederick's affair that day? Actually, she didn't.
When I was examining Greta's devices, I discovered that she spoofed Frederick's phone last summer.
She'd seen all of his texts.
She knew about the affair for months.
So why lie to your neighbor, unless you're planning something? I kind of see a big problem with this whole theory.
The knife.
How does a dead woman dispose of her own murder weapon? Well, if she planned this in advance, then she would've planned a hiding place in advance.
A place the police would not think of searching.
Maybe you can I'll head to the house and start searching.
And, you know, we don't have a lot of time, - so - I'll go, too.
Thank you.
Don't thank us yet.
Searched the patio high and low.
That knife is not out there.
I really wanted it to be hidden inside Slicing & Dicing with Jimmy.
Because of the title? Because of the title.
It was the last one on the shelf.
Well, the knife's either in the patio or the kitchen.
Those are the only two places they found Greta's blood.
Or Diana walked out with it and dumped it in the ocean.
We're not going there.
Did you check the dishwasher? Right when I got here.
That would've been embarrassing.
Look at how happy they look in their pictures.
It's hard to believe their marriage is so terrible.
People are always more messed up than you think.
That's what keeps us employed.
You ever wish you were a children's librarian? Taylor.
I'm not gonna quit or anything.
No, check this out.
Maybe this is how Greta got rid of the knife.
You think she used her son to get rid of the knife? That's dark.
The science fair project.
This kid used a weather balloon to launch a camera into outer space.
Now, a knife is much lighter than that camera.
She used a weather balloon to dispose of a murder weapon? I thought it sounded like a stretch, too.
But then I took another look at the neighbors' security footage of the beach.
Look what I saw just a few minutes after Diana left the house.
All I see is water and sky.
Wait for it.
Looks an awful lot like a weather balloon to me.
Greta's body was found on the patio.
We think she went out there to launch the balloon.
There's a shed in the back where that balloon could've been stashed, blown up and ready.
It tracks.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
But is it gonna sound like science fiction to a jury? Not if it comes from the person who knew Greta best.
What are you saying? You think Greta stabbed herself to get revenge on Diana? I'm asking if you think your wife is capable of doing something like this.
I know she had some issues, but God.
Your wife set out to ruin Diana's life.
And she might succeed if you don't stop her.
Stop her how? What, you want me to get up on the witness stand and-and tell the world that my wife was a sociopath? I can't do that to my kids.
Look, I know that this is difficult They just lost their mother.
I will not take her memory away from them, too.
Diana could go to jail for 20 years.
This jury is against her.
They won't convict her.
She's got a great lawyer.
And she has you.
I know you will do whatever it takes to protect her.
But I have to protect my children.
This is not my news to share.
But before you make a decision you're gonna regret, there's something you should know.
Diana is pregnant.
Pregnant? Yes.
- Are you sure? - Frederick, how are you gonna protect that child? I first realized that something was wrong with my wife about ten years ago.
Our family was living in a co-op.
And we had this next-door neighbor.
She was young, single, pretty.
And my wife got it into her head that this woman had a thing for me, thought she was intentionally working out in the building gym the same time I was.
One day, the woman came over to borrow a drill and Greta came home and found her there and totally freaked out.
Next thing I know, this woman is kicked out of the building by the co-op board.
Why was she kicked out? Someone had sent the board an ad that this woman supposedly posted online offering sexual services out of her apartment.
She was a masseuse, so people were coming in and out all the time.
You don't think that your neighbor placed that ad? I know she didn't.
When I confronted my wife about faking it, she didn't deny it.
She just said, "I'll do whatever I have to to protect my marriage.
" Your testimony from a few days ago implied that you believed that Ms.
Lindsay killed your wife.
Do you still believe that? No.
Based on what I know now, I believe that Greta went to great lengths to set Diana up, too.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
On the charge of murder in the second degree, we, the jury, find the defendant, Diana Lindsay, not guilty.
Thank you.
You were brilliant.
Thank you.
I don't know how to thank you.
Well you don't have to.
They serve crow on that menu? So I have to lose and be the bigger man? - That's fine.
That's fine.
- Oh, yeah.
That's good.
I'll have to reevaluate your brow creasing.
I for sure thought you were bluffing about that lead.
Your crease reading was spot-on.
I was bluffing the whole time.
It was pure luck that Danny and Taylor found that weather balloon.
Okay, that is the wildest defense theory I have ever heard in my life.
But, I have to admit, it did even make me question Diana's guilt.
You had doubts about Diana's guilt? Yeah, at the end there, sure.
Greta Page sounds like a real piece of work, but what do you want to bet Frederick was banging the, uh, masseuse neighbor back in the day? Why didn't you just pull the case from the jury? - What? - As a prosecutor, if you have doubts, you have an ethical duty to dismiss the charges before the jury - goes to verdict.
- They already heard the entire case.
No, the jury had heard all of the information.
It was up to them to decide.
Rob, you're the government.
You have all the power, all the resources.
You are supposed to be the first and the last check in the system.
If you were some newbie public defender, this would be a different story.
But Diana Lindsay had literally the best defense team money can buy.
And she almost went to jail for the rest of her life - for a crime she didn't commit.
- But she's not going to jail.
She's not going to jail because you won, remember? This is your victory dinner.
Can we please enjoy it? Yeah.
- All right.
- Sure.
Do you want to start with something? Uh, the yellowtail crudo looks good.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, they have, um Yeah, they have bone marrow.
You said you liked bone marrow, right? It was you.
It was someone.
Someone said they liked bone marrow.
I don't think I can do this.
You mean us? I-I-I wondered what was gonna happen to us if I won.
I didn't even consider that it could go bad if you won.
It's not about who won.
Rob, what we do in court, people's lives are at stake.
I know that.
You had doubts, but you wanted to win anyway.
I hate this, but I have to be honest with myself, and I don't think that I can be with someone who sees things so differently than I do.
You can't be serious.
I love you.
And I'm sorry.
You still like scotch? What do you think? I just felt like you know, a simple thank-you wasn't enough.
Well, I told you no thank-you was necessary.
But it's aged 20 years.
Well, in that case.
I guess you won't be having Yeah, that's on hold for a while.
All right.
So where do you go from here? I don't know.
I've got some thinking to do, but I'll be all right.
You sure? Yeah.
Don't you worry about me.
Your job's done.
I'm not your problem anymore.
- You have never been my problem.
- Mm.
You know, despite this being one of the worst things - that's ever happened to me - Mm.
I didn't hate working with you again.
And I didn't hate working with you either.
Which is why it's probably time to say goodbye, huh? Yes.
It probably is.
Goodbye, Jason.
Goodbye, Diana.

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