Bull (2016) s06e17 Episode Script

Dark Horse

1 Previously on Bull There's something I have to tell you.
Henri is married.
That doesn't make any sense.
We separated five years ago, but in the midst of the divorce, she was diagnosed with MS, so we decided to stay married so she could stay on my health insurance.
I'm sorry.
How did you find out? I did a background check on you.
I guess neither of us is having lunch today.
Henri, I We've been over this.
You know who to watch out for.
- Gatsby's Greatest.
He's a stalker.
- Got it.
And Rebel With A Cause shoots out the gate like a bullet.
Lauren, I've got this.
Give 'em a run for their money.
Rafael? Rafael? You need to take a breathalyzer test right now.
What? You need to take a breathalyzer test.
Someone reported you drinking in your truck.
Raf, is this true? No.
No, that's ridiculous.
I can smell it on you, Raf.
It was only one drink.
It's never just one.
- You're fired.
- No, no, no, no.
Please, Mr.
Look, I'll win.
Okay, Bold Spirit and me We have a good thing going.
You ride Bold Spirit drunk, you could injure him.
You ever think of that? - Get him the hell out of here.
- No! No.
Look Come on.
How could you do this? After all the races I've won for you?! You'll regret this, you hear me?! And they're off! Slides Truly bursting through the gate, taking an early lead.
Why Certainly moves from the back of the pack passing Genuine Affinity on the outside! Get your hands off me! This isn't fair! Bold Spirit needs me! Put a hose on that! If you think of anything else Bold Spirit.
Is he okay? Sorry, honey.
He's gone.
Get those hoses to the back of the barn! How did this happen?! Sir, please stand back.
It's worse than just Bold Spirit.
What do you mean? Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
They found her in his stall.
Oh, no! Can you tell me what this woman was doing in the barn so late at night? Lauren is Bold Spirit's trainer.
We were worried he had colic.
We asked her to - keep an eye on him overnight.
- Sarge? Go ahead.
We found someone passed out in a truck on the property.
Sir? Come on.
Out of the truck.
- Sir.
- What's going on? Sir, what's your name? Rafael Ramirez.
You son of a bitch! - Hey, hey, hey! - Oh.
I need you to step back.
How could you do this?! Iz, it's your phone.
Mm, what? It's your phone that's ringing.
It's Rikers.
- What? - Hello? Collect call from Rikers.
Yeah, yeah, I'll accept the charges.
What's going on? Raf, okay, okay, okay.
Calm down, slow down.
Slow down.
Vamos a resolver esto.
Yo voy para allá ahora mismo.
What is it you were saying? It's, uh, Raf, the kid that I used to mentor.
The jockey.
What's he doing at Rikers? There was a fire, and the police think that he did it.
Uh, I just I-I have to go help him.
You're not going there.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
No, I'm going, and you're coming with me.
No, I'm not.
How long has it been since you saw this kid? I don't know.
Uh, two years ago.
I don't know.
It's been way too long.
He did so much to change his life around.
Whatever God, whatever they think he did, there has to be some type of mistake.
I have to help him.
Yes, I know it's a mistake, and you will help him, but it is 4:00 in the morning, and Rikers doesn't accept visitors until 8:00, so I can't just let Raf sit there all alone.
I have to at least try to get in.
What do you want me to do? Call Taylor and have her take Astrid so that we can go to Rikers at 4:00 in the morning? Thank you.
What?! I didn't burn down that stable, I swear.
We know you didn't.
Whose stable was it? The man I used to work for - Guy named Garrett Sinclair.
- You used to work for him.
So what happened? You got fired? Yeah.
Right before the third at Belport yesterday.
Why? He thought I'd been drinking.
And had you? - Jason.
- No, it's it's okay.
I got super drunk last night.
I'd been sober for almost four years, but, um, a couple months back, Mariella broke things off.
I guess between the breakup and getting fired, I-I went on a a bit of a bender.
So, Rafael, someone is dead, and the prosecution is gonna say that you are a drunk who got fired and wanted revenge on your former boss.
It's-it's not like that.
- What's it like? - Tell us.
Everything from the beginning.
Look, I-I know it sounds stupid, but I went to Bridleright to beg Mr.
Sinclair for my job back.
It seemed like a good idea after a bottle of vodka.
But when I got there, the stable was on fire.
What happened to your hands? I tried to open the doors.
Bold Spirit was inside.
I had to save him.
But the heat It was too much.
It was awful.
- I-I couldn't - It's okay, Raf.
I'm sure you did everything you could.
Why didn't you call for help? My phone was dead.
The last thing I remember was heading to the house to get the Sinclairs.
But I-I must have driven in a ditch or something, because the next thing I know, a police officer's pulling me out of my truck.
Are you sure that's the whole story? Yes.
You-you know I'd never do this.
I believe you.
I'm here.
We're here to help.
Here's what we're gonna do.
I am gonna call the executive director of the public defender's office and see if he can help us.
What? He owes me a favor, and I'm sure he can arrange one of his best attorneys to be on your case.
Can I speak to you outside? I thought you came here to help him.
Rafael needs someone to negotiate a plea deal, and that is what public defenders do.
He doesn't need a plea deal.
He's innocent.
He needs you to prove that.
This is a system case, and the public defender's office is gonna give him a good defense.
Rafael has been in the system his entire life.
I don't want him in the system this time.
You think he's guilty, and that's why you've been interrogating him the whole time.
He was found drunk at the scene of the crime.
He has a hell of a motive.
- It certainly looks like he did it.
- He didn't do it.
I know him.
He is not capable.
You know him sober, but when a person is drunk, they are capable of doing things you never see coming.
I've known him since he was 14.
I know his soul.
He's not vengeful.
He's not he's not violent.
He doesn't have a case.
Plea deal's the best option.
His best option is for TAC to prove that he's innocent.
And I'm willing to pay for it.
Oh, come on, Izzy.
This isn't about the money.
I am hiring TAC and posting his bail, and you are taking this case, Jason, and that's the end of it.
I will see you inside.
Good talk.
Come on.
Come on.
That smell I love it.
Maybe you and I aren't picking up on the same scent.
Oh, it takes me back.
My foster mother liked to play the horses, and she used to take me with her to the track every Sunday.
Doesn't sound like an appropriate place - to bring a kid.
- No, I loved it.
The-the beautiful horses, the exciting races, the betting strategy.
Look, not to brag, but I know how to pick a winner.
Well, that's probably why she kept bringing you then.
Oh, totally.
I helped that woman pay off her house.
- Nice, huh? - If you like space.
It belongs to Garrett Sinclair.
His family's been raising and training horses here at Bridleright Farms for generations.
Local fire department finished their investigation yet? Got the preliminary report this morning.
There's no definitive proof it was arson.
What's our expert say? Anything we can point to to say this was an accident? He's just finishing up.
We should head over Can I help you? Uh, you two go ahead.
I've got this.
Mind telling me who you are and what you're doing here? My name is Marissa Morgan.
I work with the legal team representing Rafael Ramirez.
This is my property.
You need to leave.
We will get out of your hair as quickly as possible.
I know this must be a very difficult time for you.
Difficult's an understatement.
Lauren Parker was a good friend.
And Bold Spirit was oh.
Bold Spirit was quite a horse.
At the Breeders' Cup last year, he ran like he was shot out of a cannon.
You follow racing? Here and there.
Then you know.
Bold Spirit was the kind of horse that only comes along once in a lifetime.
Mind if I ask, these tracks Are they from Rafael's truck? Yes.
Looks like he was driving towards your house.
And your point is? It seems to me, if Rafael had set the fire, he would have been driving towards the exit, not towards your house.
Morgan, do you have any idea how drunk Rafael was that night? I understand he was inebriated.
He was barely conscious.
I doubt he had any idea where he was driving.
Being an addict and being an arsonist aren't the same thing.
Listen, I've sat where you are now, wanting to believe him.
But this isn't the first time Rafael has screwed up.
- Screwed up how? - I've bailed him out of trouble because of his drinking more than once.
I wanted to help.
Look what that got me.
As soon as your work is finished, I'd appreciate you seeing yourself off my farm.
Well, that looked unpleasant.
The man lost a lot.
Any love from our expert? Another inconclusive.
Nothing to say it was an accident, and nothing to say it wasn't.
All I hear is, the prosecution doesn't have any direct evidence that this was arson.
That's something I can work with.
That is something, but we may have another problem.
According to Mr.
Sinclair, this is not the first time that Rafael's drinking has gotten him in trouble.
Your Honor, Mr.
Ramirez's previous conduct is clearly inadmissible under the prior bad acts exclusion.
There are many exceptions to that rule.
None of which apply here.
The prosecutor is saying that because my client got drunk and broke the law before, that he must have done it again here now.
It is the very definition of inadmissible character evidence.
On two separate occasions, the defendant assaulted someone while intoxicated.
This pattern of vengeful behavior is highly probative to the issue of intent, Your Honor.
Two bar fights do not equate to intentionally setting a barn on fire and killing a person and a horse.
Your Honor, these incidents show an escalation that's Hold on, Ms.
Are we boring you, Mr.
Ramirez? Mr.
Ramirez, I'm talking to you.
Oh, my client is-is merely nervous, Your Honor.
He meant no disrespect.
Does your client speak? Uh, I'm sorry, Your Honor.
I'm just nervous, like Mr.
Palmer said.
I believe these prior acts are probative as to intent.
I will allow them.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- Mr.
Ramirez, you stand accused of a very serious crime.
You might want to pay more attention.
Ramirez? Mr.
Ramirez? That judge might as well have called him "Señor.
" Izzy, it was odd, absolutely, - but you have to understand - No, no.
My Tía Rosa with her collection of porcelain cat figurines is odd.
This was outrageous.
He's racist.
- We don't know that.
- Oh.
I do.
That judge is biased against Raf, and you have to get him off the case.
Just like that? Remove a judge? Well, Raf is never gonna get a fair trial with that jerk, and you know it.
Well, it is incredibly difficult to get a judge kicked off for prejudice.
Well, so? We got to try.
I'm the only person that's ever been in Raf's corner, and I'm not going down without a fight.
I get that, but I said, I get that, but if we make the accusation, and we don't succeed in getting Judge Grant removed, we still have to try the case, except this time with a judge who's very pissed off with us.
So there's nothing we could do? Well, Taylor is looking into Judge Grant's previous rulings to see if there's a pattern of prejudice, especially against Latinx defendants, but it's gonna take some time.
Okay, and until then? We start telling our story.
What happened to Lauren Parker and Bold Spirit was undoubtedly tragic.
It was also a tragic accident.
You won't hear any evidence proving that this fire started as a result of arson because the prosecution doesn't have any.
And you'll hear no evidence whatsoever that Mr.
Ramirez started that fire because he didn't.
How's Chunk doing? Uh, it's a strong opening argument.
You waiting for something? I texted Henri again this morning.
I was just hoping He still hasn't talked to you? No, not since you know.
I'm so sorry.
I feel so responsible.
What's done is done.
You and I are good.
I just I hate that he thinks so poorly of me.
I didn't even get to explain myself.
So explain yourself.
- How? He's not responding to me.
- Come on.
You figured out a way to make Bull listen to you, and now you're a partner in TAC.
Think you can figure out a way to get through to Henri.
Hey, Danny.
What's up? Oh, no.
Lauren Parker was Mr.
Ramirez's colleague and friend.
And Bold Spirit was his partner.
He had absolutely no motive to harm either one of them.
Bull, uh, you need to go out in the hall.
Talk to Danny.
Chunk hasn't finished his opening statements.
Go now.
He never would have intentionally set that fire.
- No one did.
- Where are you going? It was an accident.
What's going on? Sorry to pull you out of court, but the police just executed a search warrant on a storage unit in Rafael's name.
What does that mean? They're looking for something.
An accelerant.
I thought the fire experts didn't find any accelerant in the barn.
Well, the local fire department amended their report.
They just got back some labs that identified traces of acetone in samples taken from the stable.
And let me guess.
They found acetone in Rafael's storage unit.
Splashes of it on the floor.
As if it was stored there, and now It's gone.
Why'd you leave? I was killing it in there.
Yes, you were.
Great opening.
And now you're gonna have to make the jury forget it.
What are you talking about? Well, you told 'em the fire was an accident, but now the prosecution has proof that it was arson.
And our whole defense just went up in flames.
So, why did they find acetone residue in your storage unit? My ex used to leave some of her stuff there from her nail salon, but I haven't been to that storage unit in months.
We can't prove that.
Place is self-access.
So, what does this mean now? It means that the jury is gonna have a hard time seeing you didn't start that fire.
But I didn't.
You don't believe me, do you? Look, it doesn't matter if I don't believe you.
It matters what we can prove.
- That means you don't believe me.
- Raf.
And if you don't believe me, the jury sure as hell won't.
- Hey.
- I'm going to prison, aren't I? - We don't know that.
- Why did I have to get drunk that day? Why am I such a screwup? Calm down.
Hey, hey! Look at me.
You need to keep it together, especially when we're in court.
You never wanted a drink that bad? Yeah.
I know moments of weakness can trigger negative actions.
You got to stay sober.
When was the last time you went to a meeting? Has it been a long time? - A while.
- Okay.
Most important thing in your life right now is sobriety.
So after court, you go? I will.
I made a promise to Izzy.
Well, then, yeah, in that case, God help you if you don't keep it.
I'm sorry, but Operation Judgy Judge was a bust.
Operation Judgy Judge? My deep dive into Judge Grant.
I checked his sentencing history of Latino versus non-Latino defendants and found no evidence - of racial bias.
- None at all? In fact, he's slightly more lenient towards Latinos.
I would've bet money that he was biased based on how he talked to Rafael.
Maybe Rafael reminds him of someone from his past.
I can look into that.
No, I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase.
Sometimes you get a bad ref.
You still have to play to win.
I think our best move is to find someone else who had motive to burn down that barn.
Oh, I already did that.
What? What'd you find? Rafael said I'd regret firing him.
He wanted to hurt me.
Setting that fire, killing Bold Spirit, was his way of doing that.
I don't know if he even realized Lauren was in the barn.
It's still hard for me to believe she's gone, too.
Thank you, Mr.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Your witness, Mr.
Sinclair, six months ago, another one of your horses, Gold Rush, died prematurely, is that correct? Um, yes.
Actually, he was my husband's horse.
I got Gold Rush for Noah when he retired from his veterinary practice.
We were both devastated by his loss.
And did you file an insurance claim upon Gold Rush's death? Yes.
It might seem strange to insure a pet, but Gold Rush wasn't just a pet.
He was a thoroughbred racehorse.
Very expensive.
And what was the payout from Gold Rush's policy? $1 million, but no amount of money could replace him in Noah's heart.
Noah was crazy about that horse.
Whose side are you on? What about Bold Spirit? Champion racer.
You must have taken out a much bigger policy for him.
- Objection.
Leading the witness.
- I'll rephrase.
Please do.
What's the insurance payout going to be for Bold Spirit? $5 million.
But that doesn't even begin to cover what we would have earned had he kept racing.
You mean, had he kept winning, right? Bold Spirit won the last seven of his stakes races.
People were talking about his chances at the Triple Crown.
Sure, but a winning streak can end just as quickly as it began.
Perhaps you were trying to guarantee a windfall, and so you killed the horse yourself.
Objection, Your Honor.
Counsel is testifying.
He sure is.
I object, too.
You object? Excuse me, Your Honor? I've let your fishing expedition go on long enough.
Your cross is over, Mr.
Due respect of the court, Your Honor, but I'm not finished - with Mr.
- Yes, you are.
Your Honor, you cannot deny me the opportunity to cross-examine a prosecution witness.
I can, and I did.
Take a seat.
Not until I'm finished.
This witness is excused.
Counsel in my chambers.
What's the problem? Well, I guess Rafael isn't the only one the judge has it in for now.
Palmer, your treatment of that witness was repugnant.
Garrett Sinclair is the victim here.
Garrett Sinclair is a witness and a possible suspect.
Sinclair didn't just lose his employee.
He lost his beloved horse.
I won't have you badgering him in my courtroom.
Your Honor, respectfully, Lauren Parker and Bold Spirit are the only two victims in this entire case.
That man is in mourning.
Don't you have any compassion? I have compassion for my client who's been wrongfully accused and deserves the best defense that I can give him.
I can't even imagine how devastated I'd be if anything like that happened to my Lucy.
If I'm not allowed to continue my cross-examination, I'm going to file an immediate interlocutory appeal! We're not gonna do that.
And I want to apologize profusely for our insensitivity here.
It will never happen again, Your Honor.
Palmer, shall we? What the hell was that? You just cut me off at the knees.
- Did you see his dog? - What? Lucy? Judge Grant's dog.
The man's an animal lover.
And he thinks that Rafael killed a horse.
That's why he's being so hard on him.
He thinks it's worse to kill an animal than a person? I don't know if he thinks it's worse, but the man's got a soft spot.
He's polluting the jury right now with his contempt for Rafael.
If we want to win them over, we need to win him over first.
Shall I go back in there and sweet-talk him some more? No, we got to put Rafael on the stand, and he has to testify about how much he loves horses.
And the judge will never believe that he would burn down a barn with a horse in it.
Rafael's fragile.
You think he's gonna hold up on cross? Better than he's gonna hold up in prison.
Forgive me, but we're closing.
I promise I won't keep you long.
Marissa, what are you doing here? You said the reason you didn't tell me you were still married is because you didn't want to burden a new relationship with old wounds.
And the irony is that I burdened our relationship with my old wounds.
I-I'm not sure I understand.
I consider myself to be a smart woman, but I have been deceived by men quite a few times.
Well, we've all been lied to at some point.
A con man stole all of my money.
My ex-husband nearly got me sent to prison for his crimes.
And that was after I divorced him and married him for a second time.
I'm sorry that happened to you.
My point is that all of this has left me a little wary of things that seem too good to be true.
That's why I investigated you.
I see.
It wasn't fair for me to project my past onto you.
So please forgive me.
Henri - Um - Oh.
You're busy.
Marissa Uh, I'm interrupting, and I'm gonna go.
Horses saved my life.
Can you please tell the court what you mean when you say they saved your life? I moved to this country from Puerto Rico when I was 12 years old.
I didn't speak the same language as the other kids at school, didn't have any friends.
Home wasn't any easier.
My father was abusive.
Well, that sounds like a lot for a boy to carry.
How did horses come into your life? I-I got assigned a mentor at the Puerto Rican Community Center.
My mentor she did all sorts of things with me.
One day, she took me to these stables for a trail ride.
Horses they don't care what country you come from, what language you speak, or even if your dad hits you.
They just need you to love and care for them.
And when you do, they love you in return.
And this love you have for horses It led to a career with them, right? Yes.
I mucked the stalls and groomed the horses in exchange for riding lessons.
It came pretty naturally to me, and, uh, the owner of the stables he noticed.
He sponsored my training to become a jockey.
I never could've dreamed I'd spend my life working with horses.
He's doing well.
Extremely well.
Ramirez, did you set the fire that killed Lauren Parker and Bold Spirit? No.
Lauren was my friend.
And she was always very good to me.
Bold Spirit was my partner.
I loved him.
I can't believe that they're gone.
And I couldn't live with myself if I had been the one who killed them.
Thank you, Mr.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Let's, uh, take a brief recess for lunch and pick up with Ms.
Martin's cross-examination when we return.
Hey, we need to talk to Rafael.
- Let me see that bottle.
- What? Why? Have you been drinking? No.
- Let me see the bottle.
- Hey it's just water.
Look, it was only a few sips to calm my nerves, you know? It's not like I'm drunk or anything.
Bull, can I speak to you for a second? You stay here.
We can't put him back on the stand today.
Ask for a recess until tomorrow.
- On what grounds? - Well, I don't know.
Tell the judge he ate a bad shrimp or something.
We can't lie to a judge.
We don't know it's a lie.
He could have had a bad shrimp.
It's a lie, and if Rafael was drinking on the stand, I'm obligated to inform the judge that his testimony's unreliable.
Unreliable? Now wait a second.
We have no reason to believe that Rafael wasn't telling the truth.
He did not perjure himself.
I'm an officer of the court, and I have a duty, Bull.
What about your duty to Rafael? When this jury finds out that he was drunk on the stand, they're gonna hate him, and you will have jeopardized this case.
Rafael jeopardized his own case.
You want to lie to a judge, that's fine, but you'll have to find another attorney to do it.
In light of Mr.
Palmer's disclosure regarding his client's intoxication, I must ask you, members of the jury, to disregard the testimony we just heard from Mr.
Help me understand how you can do this to yourself.
I'm sorry, Izzy, I You have all these people here to help you.
I'm here to help.
Why can't you help yourself? I-I don't know.
This is your life on the line, Raf.
- It's the only one you got.
- I-I know.
I, I-I know.
Do you remember what I told you the first time we met? Yeah, of course.
Tú eres un rey, Rafael.
Vaya con la cabeza bien alta.
You are a king.
Now go with your head held high.
Well, we tried it your way.
Now what? I don't know.
I'll come up with something.
Make sure he gets home okay, will you? Yeah.
How can he show up to the stand drunk? I don't understand.
He has so much left to lose.
Well, that is exactly what happened.
He was under too much pressure.
Drinking is his coping mechanism.
You know, when I first met Raf, he was arrested for shoplifting a candy at the bodega.
And he was so ashamed, and just seeing that same shame on his face today just it gutted me.
And yet you are still here by his side.
Is it bad that I really want a drink right now? I'm glad you said it first.
Sorry to hear about Rafael today.
We started out having a slim chance, and now we have a slim chance in hell.
Bull have any ideas how to spin this? No.
He's passed that squarely onto me.
- So where are you at? - I think our only hope of winning is by pointing the finger at someone else.
What? Didn't you already try to point the finger - at Garrett Sinclair? - Yeah.
You know, he said something interesting on the stand that got me thinking.
He said that Bold Spirit was worth more alive than he was dead.
And if Bold Spirit is winning all of these races and making all of this money, there's got to be some sore losers out there, right? Well, yeah, there are plenty.
Some of them are especially sore because they don't think he won fair and square.
There's a rumor that Lauren Parker The trainer who died in the fire was doping her horses.
Well, if Sinclair's rivals think that he cheated to win, robbing them of all of that money and all that glory, that's motive right there.
Sure, but it's gonna be hard to get those old money folks to testify.
They don't like airing their dirty laundry.
Well, not to outsiders, but there is someone these horse people love to complain to.
My name is Alex Garves.
I'm the director of the American Thoroughbred Racing Guild.
And in your position as director, do you field complaints about racehorses being given performance-enhancing drugs? - I do.
- Have you ever received complaints about Bold Spirit being doped? Yes.
We've received a number of allegations that Bridleright Farms, and their trainer Lauren Parker were giving Bold Spirit performance-enhancing drugs.
And did you investigate those allegations? Objection, Your Honor.
Relevance? Your Honor, the Defense has the right to present others with motives for killing Bold Spirit, and Lauren Parker.
- I'll allow it.
- We tested Bold Spirit for the presence of drugs in his system, but none was found.
- Did that stop the complaints? - No.
The unfortunate reality is that drug testing can't keep up with the availability of new drugs on the market.
The other owners were certain that Garrett Sinclair and his trainer Lauren Parker were cheating, but we couldn't prove it.
And did that make the other owners angry? Very much so.
There's a lot at stake in these races.
It's not just bragging rights.
There's millions in purse winnings, but the real money's in stud fees.
Stables can make over a half million dollars for a champion's stud fee.
And a horse can stud almost a hundred times a year.
That's a lot of money.
Maybe even enough to kill for.
Thank you, Mr.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Chunk made some hay with the jury.
Yeah, but it looks like Garrett Sinclair would like to stick a pitchfork in his eye.
Bridleright Farms has been in my family for generations.
I'm proud to uphold its legacy of excellence and also integrity.
Which is why I have not, nor would I ever, allow my horses to use performance-enhancing drugs.
- He's laying it on awfully thick.
- You think? I find it unconscionable that the reputation of my trusted trainer Lauren Parker is being attacked in the wake of her tragic passing.
- You see that? - Hmm.
What? Watch Noah's body language.
is being attacked in the wake of her tragic passing.
You see how it changed when Garrett started talking about Lauren? - He took his hand away.
- And crossed his arms.
Classic indicators of hurt and anger.
Noah doesn't like Lauren.
So what are you saying? We may have finally found someone else who had a motive to burn down that barn.
Need some help, ma'am? I do.
Thanks for stopping.
I know a thing or two about cars.
Let me take a look.
Well, actually, my car is fine, but I do need your help with something else.
What? Who-who are you? My name is Danny James.
I work with Rafael Ramirez's defense team.
I figured you'd be more open to talking to me out here than up at the ranch.
Look, lady, I don't want to get involved.
I just want to ask you a question about your boss's husband Noah Sinclair.
Do you have any reason to believe that he disliked Lauren Parker? I'm not talking to you about the Sinclairs.
I need my job.
Well, the word is already out that your bosses were doping their horses.
I mean, how much longer do you think they'll be able to stay in the horse racing business? No idea, but I'm holding on to my job as long as I can.
I know you like to help people.
You wouldn't have stopped for me if you didn't.
I just wonder how it's gonna sit with you if Rafael goes to prison for something he didn't do when you could have helped save him.
Remember how the Sinclairs filed an insurance claim on that other horse earlier this year? - Gold Rush? - Yeah, Noah Sinclair's horse.
Well, it turns out, Noah blamed Lauren Parker for its death.
A stable hand overheard Noah and Garrett fighting about it.
Noah was screaming that Garrett had to fire Lauren.
Do we know what killed the horse? The insurance claim lists cause of death as renal failure.
Performance-enhancing drugs can wreak havoc on kidneys.
If Lauren was doping the horse without Noah's knowledge, and it wound up dead, maybe Noah wanted revenge.
You think he killed a woman to avenge a horse? Well, Raf said Noah was crazy about that horse.
Some people love their pets even more than they love their families.
Think about Judge Grant.
But why kill Bold Spirit, too? An eye for an eye.
He wanted to punish Garrett for allowing Lauren to dope his horse.
But why would he let Bold Spirit burn alive? - That's a brutal way to die.
- Maybe he didn't.
Check this out.
And what is this? A prescription monitoring database.
Noah's a retired veterinarian.
A month ago, he ordered a case of sodium Pentothal, which is used to euthanize horses.
He put the horse down before the fire? We think so.
Or maybe he bought that to use in case he needed to put a horse out of his misery.
Look, there's no way we can prove that he used it on Bold Spirit now anyway.
There is, actually, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.
I don't understand.
What is this? It's a motion to exhume Bold Spirit.
Dig him up? Are you kidding me? They can't do this, can they? I'm afraid so.
Judge Grant signed the motion.
Bold Spirit died a horrible death because of your client, and now you won't even let him rest in peace.
We have reason to believe that Bold Spirit didn't die in the fire.
What are you talking about? His body was found along with Lauren's.
We believe that he was euthanized with sodium Pentothal before the fire was started.
Sodium Pentothal is a controlled substance.
How would Rafael get his hands on it? He didn't.
But your husband did.
This is insane.
First you tried to pin this on me.
Then you go after Lauren's reputation.
Now you're accusing Noah.
You're just grasping at straws.
Your husband held Lauren Parker responsible for Gold Rush's death.
He asked you to fire her, but you didn't.
You know your husband.
Do you think he'd just accept that? You asked Lauren to stay in the barn with Bold Spirit that night.
Garrett, this is insane.
You know I wouldn't have hurt anyone.
Did Bold Spirit even have colic? Go ahead.
Got it.
Good news.
Noah Sinclair was charged with the murder of Lauren Parker.
And Rafael? The judge dismissed the charges.
He even apologized to Rafael.
And TAC brings another winner across the finish line.
Giddy-up! No, Taylor, please.
Oh, you're just jealous you didn't think of it first.
Uh may I interrupt? I'm gonna go somewhere that's not here.
This is a surprise.
I didn't expect to see you again.
I was thinking about what you said, and, um, you didn't know my history, and I didn't know yours.
I should have asked.
I could have asked, too.
So? I like being with you Marissa.
Maybe we could we put our pasts in the past and start over? That's a lot of pasts.
Then maybe we could, um, just, uh, stay in the present.
I'd like that.
Don't care.
I-I don't know how to thank you.
Get help.
That's all the thanks I need.
I'm going to a meeting tonight.
Well, that's a good start.
And I-I've got an interview tomorrow at another stable.
It's just as a stable hand for now, but I'll be around horses, and that's all I want.
And that's what I want for you, too.
Thank you.
You take care of yourself, Raf.
Do you think he'll stay sober? Well, that is entirely up to him.
You did everything you could to give him a shot.
You believed in him when no one else would.
Oh, yeah.
I was right and you were wrong.
Oh, boy.
I believe I proved him innocent, which should count for something.
Oh, yeah, sure, but I still think I should get a discount on my bill, given that I was so right and you were so wrong.
- The bill.
- Ah, here we go.
The bill.
I believe you should buy me dinner.
Burgers and fries? You're not getting off that easy.

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