Bull (2016) s06e18 Episode Script

The Other Shoe

Previously on Bull Ms.
Rentzel? You recently met a young woman by the name of Zola Macer.
A hacker, goes by Tidal? You should be more careful who you associate with.
A new A.
has been assigned to Bull's case.
Bull! Come on, Finchy-doodle.
- Parker Reilly.
- Well, if I'm gonna be wrongly imprisoned for ten years, - at least it's by the best.
- The max is 15 years, and that's only a sentencing guideline.
I'd argue for more.
You want to win this case, or do you want to help get to the truth? Looks like Babiack's new supplier's a no-show.
Okay, if there's no deal, let's call it.
- Try again tomorrow.
- Copy that.
Before you go, can you grab me a coffee? Cream and sugar.
Scott, stay in place.
You copy? Copy.
Where am I looking? Front door.
Danilo Kovalev.
The agency's been trying to bust Kovalev for decades.
He's on the move.
I'm gonna keep eyes on him.
This could be our only chance.
Wait for backup.
You copy? Scott.
You went behind Mr.
Kovalev's back.
I didn't do it.
I wouldn't.
Who were you meeting? No one.
I swear.
Nothing here.
Lose it.
- Hey! - So sorry.
Watch it.
On the house.
You are very generous.
Enjoy the pastry.
I heard prison food sucks.
Danilo Kovalev.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be Oh, we bagged Kovalev.
Put that on my tombstone.
For once, I'm actually looking forward to the paperwork.
Oh, I'll handle it.
You got stuck logging the evidence last time.
I did, didn't I? Have at it.
Hey, drinks tonight? Drinks tonight.
Where are you? Well, you were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago.
And I'm not exaggerating when I say a man's life is at stake, so No, no, no, don't put me on hold.
Oh, hi, there.
- Are you in legal trouble? - Finch! Finchy! Ah.
Get her.
No, I'm not at the state Okay.
No, I said federal courthouse, not the state courthouse.
No, not all courthouses look the same.
Give me a sec.
I'm a man in need of pepperoni.
I know you can get the job done.
Thank you.
Hi, Reilly.
You waiting for a pizza? I am waiting for 30 pizzas, actually.
What do you want with 30 pizzas? A coronary? Well, I have 12 hungry jurors about to deliberate.
So I'm gonna place those 30 pizzas right outside the jury room door.
Not inside, - 'cause that would be bribery.
- Oh And I am going to, uh, let the aroma waft into the room and they will come to their decision more quickly.
And the quicker the decision, the more likely they are to acquit.
That doesn't break any technical rules, but it is certainly unorthodox.
Most good ideas are.
Listen, I called TAC, they told me I'd find you here.
What crime am I being falsely accused of now? No crime.
At least that I know of.
- Hmm.
- I need your help.
My help? Hmm.
I'm prosecuting Danilo Kovalev on a RICO murder charge.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Didn't a DEA agent see him pull the trigger? - Sounds like a slam dunk.
- Yeah, not anymore.
Tomorrow the DOJ's going public with the fact that the DEA agent, Darren Scott, was caught stealing cash from evidence.
Now, he's refusing to testify against Kovalev unless he gets immunity.
Give him immunity, if that's what it takes to lock up a drug lord.
Scott stole from the Kovalev arrest, too.
Ah, and Kovalev's attorney will use that to discredit him.
Well, it might hurt a bit, but I still say the move here is to put Scott on the stand.
If I let Scott off the hook, it sends the message that it's okay for agents to be dirty, and dirty agents compromise investigations.
Which compromises prosecution.
It's a domino effect.
The entire justice system suffers.
So this slam dunk is really more of a Hail Mary? Without Scott, I only have circumstantial evidence.
It'll be like prosecuting with one arm behind my back.
- Yeah.
- That's why I want to hire you.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
Really, you don't.
Is this about our history? No, I have only the fondest memory of you trying to put me in prison.
I know you were just doing your job and I get that, but All right, so what is it? I don't think you'd like my process.
You think outside the box.
There's nothing wrong with that.
How should I put this? I'm pepperoni pizza, and you're steamed broccoli.
So what? Combined just right, those two can taste awfully good together.
Can they? Look, Kovalev's on trial for murdering one man.
We suspect that that he is responsible for a dozen others.
None of those victims' families got justice.
This is the DOJ's one chance to put Kovalev away for good.
I need the best, and-and-and you are the best.
You should have led with that.
- You'll do it? - Well I mean What the hell? But when you find yourself hating me and every move I make, remember that I warned you.
Thank you.
My acquittal is here.
- You want a slice? - Mm, mm-mm.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for coming.
You finally made it.
We're going into the courthouse.
Outside the jury deliberation room, not inside.
Come on.
I'll do this one.
So, we're teaming up with the man - who tried to put Bull in prison? - Awkward.
If Bull can get past that, so can we.
He did have his back in the end.
Okay, United States v.
Danilo Kovalev.
Surprisingly, the first time his name's been on the docket.
Really? Guy's notorious.
Notoriously hard to prosecute.
I heard you guys aren't using Agent Scott's testimony.
- What about the partner? - Agent Cooke was in the van, so she was not a witness to the shooting.
And she didn't see Kovalev enter or exit the basement where the murder took place.
Surely someone from the coffee shop could place Kovalev in the basement.
Probably, but Kovalev's reputation as a dangerous crime boss is keeping people quiet.
All except one.
Francesca Gant.
A customer.
We're prepping her today.
Yeah, I'm sorry, but one witness placing Kovalev near but not at the crime scene? If I'm defense counsel, I'm ripping that apart.
Admittedly, the evidence is thin, but Kovalev had someone with him that day, an associate.
We find him and we flip him.
Uh, we only have a first name.
But the, uh, DEA suspects he fled to Warsaw.
We have agents on the ground there now.
Taylor, you are gonna coordinate with the DEA search.
- On it.
- Actually, you're off it.
Excuse me? Ms.
Rentzel didn't pass DOJ clearance.
What are you talking about? She's one of the most skilled analysts - in her field.
- I understand that, but her association with a hacker named Tidal earlier this year caused some internal concerns.
What are you talking about? She was cleared of any wrongdoing.
It doesn't matter.
Even the suggestion of Ms.
Rentzel's criminal association could taint the investigation.
So not only are our hands tied behind our back, but you're cutting our head off, too? I'm not cutting off anything.
We have a very capable DEA team - already searching.
- It's not my team.
It's okay, Bull.
I'm sure the DEA can handle this.
No, this is ridiculous.
I'm good.
Just drop it, please? Okay.
Danny, you will be the liaison with the DEA search, and that is nonnegotiable.
Not a problem.
You see? We found a compromise.
Broccoli and pizza.
I was at the back of the coffee shop near the staircase when this guy came out of nowhere and bumped into me.
And this was the defendant, - Danilo Kovalev? - Yes.
I remember because when he bumped into me, my coffee went everywhere.
Okay, hold on, let's pause for a second.
You said he "bumped" into you, but maybe it was more of a push? I wouldn't really describe it as a push.
Ah, how would you describe it? As a bump.
Just looking for another word.
Maybe "shove"? Sorry, it was just a bump.
Okay, just work with me here, help me find a synonym.
Maybe he collided with you? Bull? Can I speak with you? Sure.
Don't put words into my witness's mouth.
Oh, I thought she was our witness.
A pizza gag is one thing, but lying is a boundary I will not cross.
Okay, I don't want her to lie, but right now, her testimony, it's limited.
Look, she didn't see Kovalev pull the trigger.
She didn't even see a gun.
I need to tell a story.
Yeah, but you're trying to change her story - before she's finished telling it.
- No.
"Bumped" is a friendly word.
We need to paint Kovalev as a stone-cold killer.
Killers don't bump.
She needs oomph.
- I want facts, not oomph.
- Okay.
So you want to put Kovalev in prison, you've hired me to help you do that, and I'm telling you that this word "bump" is not gonna convince 12 jurors to put someone away for the rest of their life.
I mean, if you want to give it a try, go for it.
Uh, let's, uh, try this again.
This time with a little more oomph.
So, I checked in with the DEA team that's hunting Olek.
They've been searching the same Warsaw spots for weeks and coming up empty.
It's like a depressing game of Where's Waldo? We need you.
Love to be able to help, but I'm benched.
You're just gonna accept that? I don't want to taint the investigation.
Come on, you're not gonna taint anything.
I put a lot in jeopardy when I worked with Tidal.
I don't want to jeopardize this case, too.
Did you know this Olek guy is suspected of killing multiple people? - I thought Kovalev was the shooter.
- This time.
But rumor is, Olek's got a pretty big body count himself.
He needs to be taken off the streets.
So now you're guilt-tripping me.
- Yes.
- The answer's still no.
Can you just reach out to your contacts at Homeland? See if they can point the DEA in the right direction overseas? I'm sure the DEA's checked in with Homeland.
Government agencies rarely know what the other hand is doing.
They're too proud and territorial.
Look, I'll keep your involvement off the books.
Just a call to Homeland.
That's all I'm asking.
Furthermore, the evidence will show that Danilo Kovalev was in the coffee shop's basement that morning.
My question to you, the jury, is simple: why else was Kovalev in that basement, other than to murder Konstantin Ba Whosever phone that is, turn it off, before I have court security confiscate it.
Your Honor, excuse me.
It is my mother's medication reminder.
May I quickly help her? Very well, but please hurry.
It's okay.
I got it.
Forget "not guilty," this guy wants an Oscar.
I don't know what Kovalev's doing, but I just lost two jurors.
I apologize for the interruption.
Reilly, please continue.
I was essentially done, Your Honor.
Since Ms.
Lamont's reserving her opening, are you ready to proceed with your first witness? Yes, the government would like to One moment, Your Honor.
- What is it? - Ask for a recess.
No, we need to keep momentum with the jury.
Ask for a recess or I will throw this pencil at the judge and we will get one the hard way.
Very funny.
The government requests a brief recess.
Kovalev put on quite a show in there.
I know.
The good son act.
Hey, don't worry.
I'm sure the jury saw through it.
I don't think so.
You were busy watching Kovalev, I was watching the jury.
They wanted to hug that cuddly bastard.
Oh, come on.
Kovalev is obviously a sociopath.
You can't get more dead behind the eyes than that man.
You see him that way because you know about his crimes.
You are primed to see a sociopath.
The jury comes in a blank slate.
And now? And now, that slate reads "angelic son.
" We need to convince them that he is a dangerous criminal, Reilly.
I just told them that in my opening statement.
We need to show them, not tell them.
If Kovalev is playing theater I think it's time we went full opera.
These theatrics are outrageously prejudicial.
Your Honor, the safety of our witness is of paramount All parties to the bench, now.
This bodyguard stunt is clearly intended to make my client look dangerous - in front of the jury.
- He is dangerous.
Bull, please.
Using these marshals to paint the defendant as violent is not only prejudicial, it's disappointing.
I expect better from the government.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.
Marshals, you may be excused.
Your presence here is unnecessary.
Now, let's get to the witness, and no more antics.
- Got it? - Of course, Your Honor.
I feel icky.
That was a cheap stunt.
It was worth it.
They're scared of him now.
Gant, where were you around, uh, 10:00 a.
on Wednesday, February 9? I was at the Romanian Garden coffee shop near Ocean Parkway.
I like to study there sometimes.
And did anything unusual happen that morning of February 9? Not that I recall.
You don't recall anything out of the ordinary? No.
Do you remember spilling your coffee? Yes.
And do you recall who spilled your coffee? No.
Did someone catch a case of witness amnesia? - Looks like it.
- You don't remember who collided with you and spilled coffee all over your shirt? No.
Your Honor, I'd like permission to treat Ms.
Gant as a hostile witness.
You may proceed with leading questions.
Gant, isn't it true that the person who spilled your coffee was the defendant, Danilo Kovalev? - I can't recall.
- And isn't it true that at the time Kovalev spilled your coffee, he was coming from the staircase that leads to the basement? - I can't recall.
- Ms.
Gant, may I remind you that the penalties of perjury include serious prison time? Now, I'll ask you once more, didn't you see the defendant come from the basement? The same basement where Konstantin Babiack was found murdered? - Objection.
- I'm allowed to ask leading questions.
But you're not allowed to testify for her.
- I'm doing no such thing.
- Your Honor.
Gant, please answer the question.
Did you see the defendant come up from the basement? It doesn't matter how many times you ask me, I can't remember.
Kovalev got to Francesca.
We've lost our witness.
No, we've lost our case.
All right.
There's only one way to win now.
You know what we need to do.
Yeah, I'll go back to the witnesses from the coffee shop.
See if I can get someone to change their mind about testifying.
So Kovalev can scare them the way he scared Francesca? Fine, I'll put Agent Cooke on the stand.
She wasn't inside.
Won't work.
I'll call an expert witness.
Someone from the task force investigating the Kovalev operation.
Won't work.
I know you don't like this, but there's only one witness who can put Kovalev in prison.
In exchange for your testimony, the government is willing to reduce your current sentence from ten years to four.
I thought you guys came to play.
It's a decent deal.
I want better than decent, or you can find another witness.
One year.
That is as low as I'll go.
I want out today.
A year is nothing.
It'll pass in the blink of an eye.
I am not gonna make it a year.
They're gonna kill me in here.
You should have thought of that before you broke the law.
I kept the streets safe for kids.
I put criminals away.
I put my life on the line every day and barely made more than minimum wage.
I just took what I deserved.
You deserve prison time.
Look, my dad has advanced Alzheimer's.
I couldn't take care of him on my salary.
The federal government doesn't need that money.
My dad did.
What does it matter? It matters because you took an oath.
The same one I did.
And if it's meaningless to one, it's meaningless to all.
You're lucky there's someone out there he wants to put away more than you.
You owe me.
Why? My call to my Homeland contact turned into a two-hour lunch.
He kept on trying to sit on my side of the booth for "security reasons.
" Wasn't fun.
Did you at least get anything out of it? Yeah.
He ran the Olek photo through facial recognition.
He hasn't boarded any flights since the murder.
He's not in Warsaw.
Well, the DEA's looking in the wrong direction.
I got to text them.
I just got word from Bull.
Agent Scott is cooperating.
Bull and Reilly are prepping him tonight.
We don't need Olek for trial? Oh, no.
If we can find Olek, we want him.
Scott's an eyewitness, but he's also corrupt.
The jury might not think his word is enough to convict.
Damn it.
Well, the DEA's not gonna be much use finding him.
Why not? Taylor got a tip from Homeland that Olek hasn't left the country.
I passed the intel on to my DEA guy and all he said is, "I'll look into it.
" You know what that means.
"Don't call us, we'll call you.
" Yep, the bureaucratic kiss-off.
They're never gonna find Olek if they keep dicking around Warsaw.
Hold up.
You've been helping with the search for Olek? All I did was make a phone call.
And eat too much green curry with an annoying ex-colleague.
But I'm back on the bench, - where I'm supposed to be.
- No, no, no.
I don't want you on the bench.
- You heard Danny.
- The DEA is not gonna find Olek on their own.
Well, you heard Reilly.
If I'm involved in the investigation, it could get tainted.
Maybe, maybe not.
Reilly is not right about everything.
He thought Bull was a criminal.
You said you were past that.
I lied.
We need to find Olek, Taylor.
Oh, who am I kidding? I hate being on the bench.
I'm in.
He's not at any of his known locations, and his cell and credit cards have gone dark.
Someone connected to Kovalev must know where Olek is.
Let's just stroll on into Kovalev territory and say, "Hey, has anybody seen Olek?" Actually, that's exactly what we'll do.
I'm a private investigator.
I'm looking for a man named Olek.
I'm looking for Olek.
He's a friend of Kovalev's.
No English.
Well, if you see him, let him know Alexis Woods is looking for him.
I knew it was Kovalev right away.
How's that? His picture's been hanging up in the DEA's office as long as I can remember.
Besides, you don't forget a face like his.
What do you mean? He just looks like a criminal, you know? And you have particular experience knowing what a criminal looks like? Oh, yeah.
I've busted dozens of crooks.
They're all the same.
Must be hard, working around scum like that.
I do what I can for the good of the country.
That's what really inspired me to put my life on the line - every day, you know? - That's what inspired you? - Not the cash? - Okay.
- Excuse me? - Stealing cash from the scenes.
Isn't that what really inspired you every day? Hey.
Agent Scott.
Give us a minute.
In fact, we're gonna take five.
You do realize Scott's testifying for us? I know.
I won't ask those questions in front of the jury, obviously.
Obviously, because the jury is gonna sense your contempt.
You need to find a way to hide it.
I just can't stomach that Captain America schtick.
The hypocrisy of it all.
Reilly, the world is not a binary place.
It as a gray and messy place.
A place where Scott, yes, is a criminal, but he's also a man who's done some good.
In theory, I get that, but when I see his smug face going on about his love of his country, I want to punch him.
Well, if Scott's face is the problem, then replace it with another.
What do you mean? Try this visualization technique.
When you're facing Scott, picture someone you trust implicitly.
You think that'll work? It better.
Why did you become a DEA Agent, Mr.
Scott? I got into this line of work because of men like Kovalev.
Because you wanted to clean the streets? - Yes.
- And protect Americans? Yes.
In doing so, did you ever place your own life in harm's way? Every day.
Weren't you, in fact, injured in the line of duty? I was shot right here, in the shoulder.
Despite this harm and the risk of being shot, you proudly went to work every day? - I did.
- Why is that? Because I took an oath to protect this country.
No further questions.
Well, look at you.
Turned a corrupt cop into a Boy Scout.
We're done here.
You can take him.
It's a bust.
- No one's taking the bait.
- It'll work.
Once Olek learns someone's asking about him, he'll check the fake website.
It's classic curiosity killed the cat.
My cat's too smart to let her curiosity kill her.
Well, someone's not that smart.
- Someone's accessing the site? - As we speak.
And that means my malware is being dumped onto their system.
Okay, what does the malware do? It gives me access to the computer of whoever's visiting the site, including their webcam.
It's the guy I gave my card to.
Between you and me, I should have given him a breath mint.
Olek? Any chance he told Olek to check out our site? No idea.
But I don't need him to.
I can mine this guy's computer and hack his recent call log.
And that'll get you Olek's number? He drew us a map straight to Olek.
That was an impressive turnaround.
So tell me, whose face did you picture instead of Scott? The only face that's never let me down.
Man's best friend.
In some cases, man's only friend.
I know it's not easy for you.
Having to turn Scott into a hero.
It feels strange to say, but it wasn't as hard as I expected.
Is that what's bothering you? When a government official goes corrupt, it's not usually one big dramatic move.
It's small steps.
Each time there's a justification for moving the line.
"I need it.
" "I deserve it.
" Until they can't see who they've become.
People rationalize their behavior to make it acceptable to themselves.
I thought I'd never have to worry about that kind of slippery slope, if I never got out onto the slope in the first place.
And tonight, you stepped out onto the slope.
I did, and I was fine.
The world didn't crumble.
That kind of terrifies me.
What step will I take next? We found Olek.
- What? - Without the DEA's help.
Well, where is he? I tracked his burner phone to this neighborhood.
Rentzel, I made it crystal clear that you were to stay away from the investigation.
There's no warrant in place.
Whatever you've captured is completely inadmissible.
- I can't - He's on Scott's street.
He's gonna try to take Scott out.
Call the marshal.
What happened? Scott went into the backyard to have a cigarette.
We heard a shot, ran out, found Scott on the ground.
He's still breathing, but it looks bad.
Olek got to him.
What's Scott's status? He's alive, but in a coma.
Will he recover? It's too early to tell.
As of now, doctors are giving him a five percent chance to wake up.
Do we know where Olek is now? I lost his signal not long after Scott was shot.
Olek's been hiding for a while.
Wouldn't surprise me if he routinely changes burner phones.
What about the gun found at the scene? Any connection to Olek? Ghost gun.
If we can't find Olek, and Agent Scott's out of commission, this prosecution's over.
Kovalev's team will easily have this case dismissed.
And he'll have added another body to his tally This time, on my watch.
He had security.
This isn't on you.
I hate that Kovalev's gonna get away with this.
He won't get away with it if we have Scott testify.
How? We recorded his prep.
Of course.
We can use that.
Isn't that hearsay? Technically, yeah.
But there's an exception called forfeiture by wrongdoing that allows you to enter hearsay into evidence if it's the other side's fault that our witness isn't available.
I'd say a coma qualifies as unavailable.
What happened to Agent Scott is a tragedy.
But Mr.
Kovalev had nothing to do with it.
You can't be serious.
The night before Scott is set to testify against your client, he's shot? Who do you think did it? The Tooth Fairy? Dr.
Need I remind the court, and Dr.
Bull that Agent Scott routinely put notorious criminals away.
Yes, like your client.
And Agent Scott is an admitted thief.
This is a man who has many enemies.
Judge, with all due respect, the timing of Scott's shooting can't be a coincidence.
Obviously Kovalev ordered the hit, and therefore, under the forfeiture by wrongdoing rule, we should be allowed to use the recorded testimony of Agent Scott.
Do you have any evidence of Kovalev's involvement? Not directly, but we have reason to believe that Kovalev's associate Olek acted under his orders.
I don't know any Olek.
Do you have any evidence to support your theory that this Olek shot Scott? Nothing admissible right now, but we're working on it.
I agree the timing is curious.
But it doesn't matter what you or even I might suspect.
Without something to hang my hat on, I can't find that Kovalev's responsible for making Agent Scott unavailable.
Judge Nolan, we'd like to move for a directed verdict in favor of the defendant.
Now wait a minute.
If Your Honor won't let the video of Agent Scott in, we would like to bring Scott himself in to testify.
There's a chance Agent Scott might be well enough to testify? Yes, but he needs rest rest at the moment.
Give us two weeks.
Reilly, two weeks sound right to you? Yes.
Yes, it does.
We just lied to a judge.
A federal judge, at that.
- Okay - I could be censured.
We didn't lie.
We left things open to interpretation.
Come on.
Look, Judge Nolan asked if there was a chance Scott would be able to testify, and I answered truthfully.
Yes, there's a chance.
A five percent chance.
He didn't ask if it was a good chance.
I guess you weren't technically lying to the judge when you said Scott needed rest.
- No, I wasn't.
- Okay.
We bought time.
For what? Well, we need to find evidence that Kovalev ordered a hit on Scott.
What about that burner phone that Taylor captured? Maybe we can use that to get Olek to flip on Kovalev? The burner evidence is inadmissible.
Olek won't know that.
And once he flips, it won't matter.
He becomes our evidence.
How do we flip Olek if we can't find him? Well, I know someone who happens to be very good at finding an Olek in a haystack.
But you might have to do a little bit of groveling first.
Rentzel? I owe you an apology.
I should've included you in the investigation from the outset.
It's fine.
I get it.
You were just doing what you thought was best for the case.
Any new leads on Olek's current location? Not yet.
But I recorded this man's call to Olek.
It's how I found his burner phone.
I just finished running their conversation through a translator.
He asks Olek if he is still in "the bowels of the greedy tiger.
" The bowels of the greedy tiger? It might be a Polish expression for "jeopardy.
" Maybe it's not a metaphor.
There is a convenience store in Kovalev's neighborhood called The Greedy Tiger.
I wonder if bowels means he's staying in the basement? I'll send a team there right away.
Judge Nolan's chambers called.
There's a problem.
An affidavit from Agent Scott's doctor.
Courtesy of Ms.
Don't bother, Mr.
It's very easy to sum up.
Agent Scott won't be able to testify in two weeks because he's in a coma with very little chance of recovery.
So little, in fact, his family is pulling the plug this afternoon.
Well, then, Agent Scott's death will be on your client's hands.
Where is the evidence? The only evidence I see is that you and Mr.
Reilly falsely claimed Scott would be able to testify.
I never said that.
I did not lie.
Reilly? Judge, I'm-I'm sorry if I misled the court, but I have an update that makes this whole issue moot.
We've located Olek, the man we believe Kovalev ordered to shoot Agent Scott.
Well, where is this mystery man? We only need a few hours to arrest him and meet with him.
You snowed me for time once before, Mr.
Why should I believe you now? This man we're arresting, Olek, he can testify as to both Scott's and Babiack's murders.
But as you stand here now, you haven't yet arrested this Olek.
So you have no evidence that Kovalev had anything to do with Agent Scott's death.
Without Scott, you have no evidence that Kovalev murdered Babiack.
I have no choice but to grant Ms.
Lamont's motion and dismiss this case.
Let's go to court, and put it on the record.
You can't let Kovalev get away with this.
I'm sorry, Mr.
You've left me no other option.
Don't do this.
Reilly, please move.
Come on.
Let's get this wrapped up.
What the hell? Son of a bitch.
That's one way to object.
Your Honor, let's take a breath.
Let's take a breath? I just got sucker punched in my own chambers.
You can forget about going to court.
I'm gonna sign an order of dismissal right here, right now.
Clearly, A.
Reilly is having some sort of mental breakdown.
But please don't dismiss this case.
Not, at least, until you've heard the argument as to why you shouldn't.
Argument from what attorney? I'm not letting this maniac back into my courtroom.
I can have an attorney here by the end of the day.
- Chester Palmer.
- Okay, clearly, this is just another stall tactic.
If you dismiss this case now, Kovalev walks.
Until he is inevitably brought to trial again.
He just killed a witness.
Who's next? A juror? A judge? Have Mr.
Palmer here by the end of the day.
As for you, Mr.
Reilly, I never want to see your face in my chambers or courtroom again.
- Understood.
- Get him out of here.
He can cool off in a holding cell.
Yes, Your Honor.
You went full opera.
Make it worth it.
Lock Kovalev up.
Hey, Olek.
Get on the ground.
Hands behind your back.
You have the right to remain silent.
We can place you near Agent Scott's street minutes before he was shot.
Look, you're not the one we want, Olek.
I've been deputized by the DOJ to offer you a one-time deal: admit that Kovalev ordered the hit on Agent Scott, admit that it was your gun at the scene, and you're a free man.
I have nothing to say.
Scott was a federal agent.
That's a capital offense.
That's the death penalty.
Use your head, Olek.
Give Kovalev up.
Are you afraid he's gonna have you killed, too? Because we can offer you protection.
Kovalev would not kill me.
He knows you can bring him down.
Kovalev is not a bad man.
People fear him.
I do not know why, but they do.
Maybe your friend, this, um, Agent Scott, maybe he feared testifying against Kovalev.
Maybe he feared so much, he take his own life.
I don't know.
Maybe it was his gun you found.
Maybe he pull trigger.
I don't have time for this garbage, man.
Shame, really.
Kovalev never would have harmed him.
Kovalev would never harm anyone.
Did we get him? We got Olek, but he won't flip on Kovalev.
He even had the gall to say that Agent Scott was so scared of Kovalev that he killed himself.
That's absurd.
This forfeiture by wrongdoing rule, does it define wrongdoing? Not in the rule itself.
It could be harm, threat of harm, really anything intended to discourage the witness from testifying.
Why? Well, maybe Olek has a point.
Maybe Olek does have a point.
What point? Your Honor, we have uncovered some last-minute evidence - that we believe - Mr.
Palmer, I'm gonna cut to the chase here, because I'm a little tired of the government's games.
Do you have any evidence of any kind that shows the defendant tried to have Scott killed? No, Your Honor.
Then because there is no wrongdoing by Mr.
Kovalev, Agent Scott's video testimony can't come in, and this case is dismissed for lack of evidence.
If Your Honor will indulge me, that is not an accurate statement.
We have evidence that Mr.
Kovalev committed a wrongdoing that made our witness unavailable.
- What wrongdoing? - Your Honor, we have a statement from Mr.
Kovalev's associate that Agent Scott shot himself because he feared Mr.
Now, we believe Mr.
Kovalev's wrongdoing in this instance is creating an atmosphere of paranoia a-and fear, with the sole purpose of wrongfully scaring Agent Scott into harming himself.
I-I can't even state a precise basis for this objection because I've never heard such a wild argument in open court before.
Your Honor, may we approach? Oh, why the hell not? Your Honor, you asked for a showing of wrongdoing, something to hang your hat on in order to enter into evidence Agent Scott's truthful and extremely relevant testimony.
Testimony he would otherwise have given himself, if it were not for the defendant.
But here it is.
A wrongdoing.
Hang your hat.
And after Babiack and Olek began to argue, what happened next? Kovalev pulled this gun out of his jacket and shot Babiack dead.
He didn't hesitate.
He just shot him, like it was no big deal.
That is the kind of monster that Kovalev is.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
We the jury find the defendant Danilo Kovalev guilty on all counts.
You better get me out of this.
You hear me? Well, look who's a free man.
Well, not free enough to go into Judge Nolan's courtroom, but free nonetheless.
Thank you.
For all you and your team did for this case.
Because of you, Kovalev is gonna spend the rest of his life behind bars.
What about you? I will probably be censured.
Definitely kicked down the career ladder.
Guessing I'll be on misdemeanor duty for a while.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be sorry.
I should be disciplined.
I punched a judge.
Being disciplined means the system is working.
I admire your outlook in the face of demotion.
How about I buy you lunch? That's a great idea.
Convictions always make me hungry.
I just have to grab my clock.
Clock? Hey, did you know that, uh, casinos don't have clocks on the floor? Yes, so the customers will lose track of time and keep gambling.
And you know, the longer jurors deliberate, the greater the chance they'll choose to convict? You removed the clock so the jurors wouldn't realize how long they've been deliberating in order to persuade them - to convict? - Yes.
Before the jury came in this morning.
That's very unorthodox.
Most good ideas are.
And so the student became the master.
Learning from the best.

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