Bull (2016) s06e19 Episode Script

Opening Up

1 Hey, Dolores.
Hey, Danny, how are you? I'm great.
Hit the jackpot with that Ruby Red lotto you sold me.
What'd you win? Five whole dollars.
You're rich.
It's gonna chance my life.
Stay there and don't move.
You, empty the register.
Now! Come on.
Come on, bitch.
Let's go! Let's go! Do what he says.
Come on, where's the rest of it? Where's the rest of it? That's all I have.
No, you've got more.
- You've got more.
- No.
Man, she's telling the tr You shut up.
I don't.
- Don't hold out on me, bitch.
- I'm not.
I swear.
Call 911.
What's your emergency? Damn it.
I want to report a robbery in my bodega.
I believe the impossible is possible.
Why? Because I'm proof positive that it's not where you start, it's where you finish.
When I was a little girl, my best friend said to me that we were the only ones who could change our future.
- It's true.
I did.
- I know you did.
She was right, and I now run one of the most successful tech companies in the world.
And I'm here to tell all the girls out there, the future is yours.
Get off social media.
Get into your heads and hearts.
I'm partial to coding, but find what sparks you.
Like sexually harassing your employees? You want to tell the world what you did to me? I didn't do anything.
Call security.
I was an employee at Moore House Technologies when Kyla Moore forced me into a sexual relationship.
When I finally stood up to her and said no, she had me fired.
- That's not true.
- I've hired a lawyer.
- Get him out.
- And I'm suing you - and everyone will know - Come on, let's go.
what a predator you are.
Get him the hell out of here now! Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Is Bull here yet? He's indisposed.
Indisposed? This is Kyla and her husband Oscar.
Please meet TAC's chief legal counsel, Chester Palmer.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Of course.
Please have a seat.
So, I understand that someone has accused you of sexual harassment.
Yes, and it's trending.
D-Don't go down that rabbit hole.
You're right.
You're right.
- This man - Raiden Parks.
Is there any truth to his allegations? I slept with Raiden, but it was consensual.
I had no idea he was my employee.
We have more than 3,000 employees in New York, not counting freelancers.
It would be impossible for Kyla to know everyone.
Okay, I'm sorry, but you don't seem upset about your wife's affair, Mr.
Oh, uh, that's because it wasn't an affair.
We have an open marriage.
You do? I know it's unconventional, but it works for us.
There's rules.
It can't last longer than three months.
No one the other person knows.
If you start developing feelings, we cut it off immediately.
The point is, is that we are still completely committed to each other.
So, if you didn't know Mr.
Parks from work, how did you meet him? I keep a suite at the Arlo.
Uh, we met at the bar next door.
He was reading Auden.
She's a sucker for Auden.
After a few drinks, I invited him upstairs.
We met there for a couple months until I discovered he worked for me.
How'd you find that out? I stopped by our satellite office in Long Island City and bumped into him in the hall.
I ended things immediately.
But you didn't fire him? No.
He was a freelance coder on a six-month contract.
He finished out his term, just like every other coder on his team.
Just because you didn't know him doesn't mean he didn't know you.
You own the company he works for.
You've been all over cable news, on the cover of every magazine.
Wait Didn't you mention Auden in that New Yorker profile? That sounds right.
Okay, what are the odds that Raiden just happened to be at the bar next door to the hotel where Kyla keeps a suite and just happened to be reading Auden? He set her up.
Maybe there was a gunman on the grassy knoll.
Maybe there wasn't.
I did not force that man to have sex with me, Mr.
Will you help me? Will you take my case? So, he worked for her, they slept together, and now he's out of a job? Kyla did not know that he worked for her, and the sex was consensual.
Well, it's tough to prove a negative.
Tougher to prove consent.
Do you want to do this later? No, I'm fine.
I just tweaked my back.
That tweak looks more like a torque.
I I offered to help this delivery man with some boxes.
He neglected to tell me they were filled with bricks.
I'm okay.
All right.
You might want to settle this one quietly.
It's already in the press.
Settling will look like an admission of guilt.
Kyla's career will be ruined.
Well, it's gonna be even worse if she loses in court.
Open marriage doesn't sit well with the jury.
Yeah, you're right.
It threatens the idea of marriage.
People don't want to think that monogamy is impossible.
And besides, most of the people in our jury pool are married, or they want to be married someday.
Okay, you know what else threatens marriage? Adultery.
How many male politicians and CEOs have cheated on their wives and gotten to move on like nothing happened? But a woman has a relationship outside her marriage, that her husband is okay with, and she has to wear a scarlet letter for the rest of her life.
It's a double standard.
- Oh, I know.
I - You both have daughters.
Don't you want them to be judged by the same standard as men? - Of course.
- Absolutely.
Then Kyla can't give up without a fight.
Okay, but are you sure we should be the ones doing the fighting? Maybe we can refer her to another firm.
Why? Because this case has a stink on it? No.
But this case is gonna get dirty, and she is your friend.
And she might not like where this ends up.
You might not like what you find out about her.
Kyla is telling the truth.
She didn't tell you about her open marriage.
People lie, even to their friends.
I mean I didn't really throw my back out helping a delivery guy.
I was trying to ties my shoes.
That's embarrassing.
My point exactly.
You don't know what's gonna come of this, Marissa, and that's all I'm saying.
If a friendship is strong enough, it can weather anything.
Then that is that.
All right, if you guys wouldn't mind, I'd like to try to sit down without any witnesses.
I've, uh, got the number to a great chiropractor I'm fine.
Thank you, Chunk.
Love you.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Ow! That was a mistake.
Raiden Parks is desperate for money.
Good morning to you, too.
I told you this was entrapment.
Well, why is he so hard up? Messy divorce, big child support payments.
He's been in arrears for almost a year.
You're in your ear.
" Arrears is a weird word.
Yeah, uh, he took some muscle relaxers.
They're having an effect.
I'm fine.
Yeah, as long as you don't try to stand up.
Standing's overrated.
- Oh.
- Got it.
Got it.
Raiden's attorney just requested Kyla's emails going back five years.
I figured that.
I already had the paralegals go through them.
There's nothing explosive.
Are you sure? That's a lot of emails to comb through.
That is why God invented keyword searches.
Sorry, I'm late.
Oh, no! What happened to your arm? Oh, I, uh, tweaked my shoulder in Krav Maga.
Krav Maga.
Did you hurt your arm trying to tie your shoelaces, too? Uh, sure, if it makes you feel better.
Okay, so I put in a call to Penelope Urgola.
She works at Moore House Tech.
She's Raiden's outcry witness Someone that he talked to about the harassment.
And what did she have to say? Well, she claimed Raiden asked her how to reject Kyla's advances without getting fired.
Did she ever witness the harassment personally? No.
But she did say Kyla never came to the satellite office until after Raiden started working there, and then she was there a lot.
Kyla told me that they were doing renovations on the main conference room.
That's why she started going to the satellite office.
Unfortunately, Penelope Urgola isn't Raiden's only outcry witness.
He's planning to put his therapist on the stand.
And what's the therapist gonna say? Raiden started seeing her shortly after Kyla allegedly forced him to sleep with her.
He's been in severe emotional distress.
Is on antidepressants, anxiety meds.
I am telling you, this is a carefully orchestrated setup.
Danny, why don't you Oh, sorry.
You probably don't feel up to a field trip.
What? No, it's It's fine.
I'm-I'm good.
Then can you head over to the bar where Kyla and Raiden first met? Just see if anyone saw him target her or manipulate her in any way.
I'll-I'll be there when they open for lunch.
I think you need to have another talk with your friend.
All right, and see if there's anything that she hasn't told us, 'cause what I'm hearing so far, it don't sound good.
It don't sound good.
What are we talking about? Might be time for someone to go lie down.
Oh, yeah, she's right.
You should go home.
That looks very painful.
I think she's talking about you.
I'm in arrears.
Hi, I'm doing an investigation, and I need to talk to your staff.
Nobody's in trouble.
There won't be any problems.
Cool? Don't hassle the customers, and you can knock yourself out.
How about we start with you? Have you seen either of these people here? The names are Raiden Parks, Kyla Moore.
I mean, maybe? We get a lot of people.
Did you ever see him here alone, before they started meeting up? Probably arrived separately but left together? Yeah.
Yeah, I saw them.
They came in a couple of times at least.
What'd they do? Ate.
Did you get a sense of a dynamic between them? Did he seem like he was in any way preying on her? No.
I mean, not that I noticed.
Oh, man.
What's going on there? Tore it playing racquetball.
You got any good tequila? Lots.
All right then.
You, um, want some anti-inflammatory to go with that? I got some back here.
Alcohol's not really a big help when you're, uh, healing muscle.
Works for me.
Feel better already.
Hey, can I talk to you for a second? I am so glad you're here.
I've climbing the walls.
Turns out I'm not very good at putting my fate in other people's hands.
No, that was never you.
Be honest with me.
Are we gonna lose? We're still assessing the case, but there are some concerns amongst my team.
They think the jurors won't like me because I have an open marriage.
They're worried the jurors might not understand that choice.
And to be honest, I'm not sure I fully understand it, either.
You and Oscar always seemed so Happy? Yeah.
I know.
A couple years ago, Oscar stopped wanting to have sex with me.
At first I felt rejected, but then I worked the problem.
Oscar and I have been married for 20 years.
We run a business together.
We do everything together.
So I realized, maybe Oscar needed some variety.
If it could save my marriage, I was willing to try it.
And it worked.
Here we are, still together.
Still happy.
Until this nightmare.
We are going to get through this.
But I need to know.
Is there anything else you can think of that Raiden might be able to spring on us? Any pictures, videos? Voice mails? I should've told you this already, but I was embarrassed.
I sent Raiden a few racy videos.
How bad are they? Raiden said he liked to be dominated.
So they're basically me telling him that he had to do whatever I asked or I'd punish him.
Do you have anything from him where he says that, that he likes to be dominated? No.
I know you don't want to settle Marissa.
You realize the implications I don't want to settle.
I don't want that creep to see one dime.
But I'm afraid if we go to court, you're gonna get slaughtered.
In exchange for dropping the civil suit against our client and signing an NDA, Ms.
Moore is prepared to offer your client a one-time settlement fee of $7 million.
That's extortion.
Your wife needs to pay for what she did to me.
Do we have an agreement? Not quite.
My client has one more stipulation.
Kyla Moore has to resign as CEO of Moore House Tech.
You can't be serious.
Sexual predators shouldn't be in positions of power.
You step down or no deal.
We walked away, obviously.
Kyla spent her life building that company.
She's not giving it up for a shakedown artist.
I tried to get Raiden's attorney to back off, - but she wouldn't budge.
- Huh.
"Huh"? That's all you've got? Huh? Maybe he's still out of it from the muscle.
I'm not out of it.
Let me get up.
I'll - No, I'm gonna stay down.
- Yeah.
You offer a shakedown artist $7 million, and he doesn't take it? - That doesn't add up.
- He said he didn't want Kyla to be in a position to harass any more employees.
- Do you believe him? - No.
He's got an ulterior motive.
I just don't know what it is if it's not money.
Well, someone wants Kyla out of power at Moore House Tech.
Maybe it's Raiden, maybe someone who's paying him more than $7 million to make sure it happens.
Kyla is the face of the company.
Without her, it takes a big hit.
You think a competitor put Raiden up to this? I don't know.
I'm just a guy on too many muscle relaxers.
And if I were you, I'd find out.
I wanted to ask you I've already got Taylor looking into Raiden's professional background.
Seeing if there are any ties - to Moore House Tech competitors.
- Oh, that's great.
Um, but I wanted to ask you about Kyla's emails.
I was going through the discovery log and noticed there was one exchange that got pulled.
That exchange wasn't relevant to the case.
Okay, well, I ask because it was already - within the parameters - It's not relevant.
You know what is? Those racy videos Kyla sent Raiden.
Any chance you can get them suppressed? Well, we can try, but I think we'll lose that fight.
I figured as much.
They're gonna come out anyway, I just wish we could control the narrative.
Well maybe we can.
You have been a very, very bad boy, Raiden.
I'm gonna have to punish you.
You know that, don't you? First, I am gonna take off all your clothes.
Then, I'm gonna tie you to the bed.
You won't resist me because I own you.
Don't ever forget that.
This is one of three videos that my client, Kyla Moore, left for Raiden Parks.
Now, Ms.
Moore admits to having a consensual sexual affair with Mr.
Parks in which they engaged in occasional role-play games.
Moore denies knowing that Mr.
Parks worked for her during the time of their relationship, nor did she coerce him in any way.
And we look forward to proving that Mr.
Parks' allegations of sexual harassment are completely false.
One at a time, please.
Oscar, are you okay with your wife's affair? Kyla and I have been married for almost two decades.
We are deeply committed to each other.
In fact, we trust each other so much that a couple of years ago we decided to open up our marriage.
So, yes, I am okay with her affair.
What I am not okay with is her being slandered and extorted.
Well, that was smart of Chunk to have the supportive husband there.
Ow! What was that? Well, you said to really dig in No, I know, but it didn't mean "use a shovel.
" - It really hurts.
- All right.
No, I liked what you were doing.
- I just didn't like that part.
- Mm.
Can you come back and just not do that one? - Hmm.
- Thank you.
I wonder if excessive whining was what led to their open marriage? Oh, should I be worried? Do you need more excitement than massaging your invalid husband? God no.
And who has the time or energy - for more than one partner? - Or the core strength.
I'm gonna get you another ice pack.
Thank you.
It feels good.
But you know, if we are talking about bringing more excitement into our lives, there is something I would - I would love.
- Okay.
One night a month.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, uh I can't promise that, you know, I'll be pretty out there on the floor, but once I'm back on my feet, I'm there.
Oh, no.
You're not invited.
What do you mean? You hate dancing, and I hate dancing with someone who hates dancing.
No, I meant a free pass.
One night a month where I just get to go dancing with my friends.
That gives me one night a month to indulge - in my guilty pleasure.
- Hmm.
Do I want to know? A good game on TV.
Bucket of hot wings.
No judgment.
I pamper you ♪ Dizzy summer ♪ Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I want another one.
Come on.
Everything okay? Why do you ask? Well, it's been a few hours since you finished talking to everybody, and here you still are.
Well, maybe I like it here.
Hey, if I wanted a necklace like that, where would I get it? Nepal, at a puja ceremony.
- Puja.
- Mm-hmm.
- At the base of Everest.
- You know about it? A Tibetan lama blesses the climb before you go up the mountain, right? - That's right.
- Ah.
He gave me this.
Wait, you've climbed Everest? Not quite.
Got most of the way up, then another team got in trouble.
We had to help them down.
Then some bad weather set in, and that was that.
You climb? No.
I wish.
I'm just interested.
Man, to get that close to the top and not make it.
That's got to be hard.
When you're on the mountain, you're not in control.
The mountain is.
Just got to accept it.
Who says? One more! Yeah, I'm afraid that's it.
Wait, wait.
You're cutting me off? Let me get you a cab.
No, thank you.
- Let me.
- No.
You've had a bit too much to drink.
I'm nothing.
Okay? I'm great.
I won the lottery this morning.
That's how I got this.
You said you hurt it playing racquetball.
Whatever, man.
I am fine.
I don't need your help.
I'm fine.
You're fine.
All together now.
♪ Uh, thanks, Taylor.
Text me if anything pops up.
- They leaked it.
- What? Our settlement offer.
Retaliation for the press conference, I bet.
They're trying to make Raiden look like a saint, like he walked away from $7 million to protect future victims.
They're gonna see this, and going after him about overdue child support payments - isn't gonna move the needle.
- Yep.
Seven million would buy a lot of school lunches.
Please tell me that Taylor found some connection between Raiden and one of Moore House Tech's competitors.
No obvious link.
Uh, Raiden mainly worked in academia before the Moore House Tech gig.
What about Danny? Anything from the bar? No one willing to say that Raiden targeted Kyla directly.
Just gonna have to go after Raiden with what I got.
Which is? My wit and charm.
It took me a long time to admit I was being harassed.
As a man, that's a hard thing to wrap your head around.
But my therapist helped me work up the courage to confront Kyla.
So I told her I wasn't gonna meet her in her hotel suite anymore.
And did the defendant accept no for an answer? No.
That's when she started coming to the satellite office where I was working.
She'd corner me and demand that I go into the storage closet with her and perform oral sex on her.
- That's not true.
- Try not to react.
Why not simply refuse to go in the closet with her? She said if I didn't give her what she wanted, she'd fire me.
I needed the job.
But I started having these panic attacks, worrying about when she'd come for me next.
So eventually I did refuse.
And true to her word, she fired me.
Why did you decide to bring this lawsuit? I have two young sons.
I just can't stand the thought that someone could do this to one of them someday.
I couldn't stay silent.
No further questions, Your Honor.
We just lost another one.
Should I even look? That depends.
Are you a glutton for punishment? I'm a grown man, using a foam roller on the floor in front of my employees.
I'm a glutton for something.
You said that Kyla Moore fired you.
But, in fact, you left Moore House Tech when your six-month contract as a freelance coder came to its natural end.
Isn't that correct? Well, I was hired as a freelancer.
But when Kyla coerced me into sleeping with her, she promised she'd make my position permanent.
When I broke things off, that went away.
Do you have any written proof that Ms.
Moore altered the terms of your employment contract? - No.
- Do you have any proof that she forced you in a supply closet? Security camera footage, perhaps? It was her company, I mean, she knew - how to avoid the cameras.
- What about witnesses? If she came to your workspace as frequently as you claim, surely one of your colleagues would've seen the two of you together? She was always very careful.
Having sex in a supply closet at work doesn't sound careful to me.
No, in fact, Mr.
Parks, it sounds to me like your story just doesn't add up.
Counsel is testifying.
Watch your step, Mr.
Parks, you don't have a single shred of evidence that proves that Ms.
Moore knew you were her employee when you were having a consensual sexual relationship, do you? Yes, I do.
I have her email.
Your Honor, we went through Ms.
Moore's emails and there wasn't a single email to Mr.
Your Honor, I have the email in question right here.
It's from Kittyky1999@AOL.
com from the defendant's personal account.
I haven't used that account since college.
It's where I send all my spam.
The plaintiff did not provide any of these for discovery, and we have not had a chance to review it.
Defense has access to their client's personal emails.
It's not Mr.
Parks' fault that they missed it.
- Your Honor - And Mr.
Palmer asked if Mr.
Parks has proof.
He should be allowed to present his proof.
I'll allow it.
Go ahead, Mr.
"Ray, I can't stop thinking about you.
"I've never felt this way for anyone, not even my husband.
" I didn't write that.
That's not me.
"I need you right now.
"Meet me at the Arlo in an hour.
"Don't say no this time, or I'll be forced to punish you at work.
" I'm done defending you.
I want order in this court.
Order! What's happening? Oh, son of a bitch.
Was this the email you pulled? I need to go after Kyla.
Order! - Marissa.
- Taylor, talk to me.
Palmer, get control of your client.
Tell me what's happening.
Pretty sure all hell is breaking loose.
I have never seen Oscar that angry.
Well, that's probably him.
The board is meeting to discuss my position.
They want me to resign.
Just go home, lay low.
We will get to the bottom of all of this.
Thank you.
Take me home.
If you're trying to protect your friend, you're doing a lousy job.
What? You pulled that email from discovery, didn't you? Do you think I am that stupid? To try and cover up an email the other side received? I know you're hiding something.
You pulled an email.
What was it? It was an email I wrote about you, okay? What? I pulled it because I was trying to protect you.
After Benny left, I emailed Kyla to see if she knew any good attorneys.
I wasn't sure if you were up to the job of chief counsel.
You have doubts about my abilities? I did, then.
I don't anymore, but clearly you have doubts about my integrity.
It's my ass that's on the line as the lawyer, and Kyla is your friend.
People do stupid stuff for their friends.
Look, just next time give me a little bit of credit, okay? My ego is not that fragile.
Kyla didn't write that email, you know.
If she didn't write it, who did? Raiden or whoever he's working for.
Think about it.
Why would Kyla tell us about those videos but hide that email? It's the smoking gun.
It proves she knew Raiden worked for her.
That's the problem.
At the last minute, they pull out exactly what Raiden needs to prove his case.
I think he faked the email.
Well, unless we can prove it, Kyla's done.
Marissa wants to see us.
You okay? Someone took out my brain and replaced it with broken glass, but other than that I'm good.
What happened? Nothing.
Just a little too much fun.
Let's go.
The email wasn't fabricated.
It definitely came from Kyla's computer.
Well, Raiden's a coder, right? Maybe he hacked her system, or whoever put him up to this did.
Uh, if I can find evidence of a hack, I might be able to work backwards to whoever did it, but I'll need access to Kyla's servers.
Well, they're at her house.
I can get you in.
Danny, can you go with her? See if there are any signs of a break-in.
Someone may have tried to get to the servers directly.
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm, uh, looking for her.
I'll check in with you both later.
- What's up? - You, um left your credit card at the bar last night.
How'd you find me? You told me where you worked.
I wanted to make sure you're okay, since I couldn't get you that cab.
I'm-I'm good.
Thank you.
How's the mysterious shoulder injury treating you? You know, it's it's better.
It's getting better.
Okay then.
I'll, uh I'll go, I guess.
You ever hear the phrase "climbing heavy"? No.
It's when a climber's having a tougher time with a route than they should be.
They're out of shape, or their head's not in it.
Usually because they're distracted by something.
Are you saying that's me? You looked that way last night.
For whatever it's worth.
Anyway, you got your card.
See you.
Um, we should get to Kyla's house.
Checked all the entrances and the, uh, security footage.
There's no sign anyone broke in.
How are you doing? I'm fighting with the bloody smart sensors bloody Kyla and Oscar installed everywhere in this bloody house that for some bloody reason don't want me to have access to the servers.
Smart sensors? They track your heartbeat, insulin level.
Practically read your mind.
I'd think they were amazing if they weren't making me so miserable.
Who was that guy today? Bartender from last night.
Pretty sweet as bartenders go.
Bringing you your card and all.
Seems like a nice guy.
Can we just not talk about him? Can we not talk about anything? - Can we just do the job and not talk? - Fine.
We don't have to talk about it, but when even bartenders are asking if you're okay, you might take the hint.
You don't look good.
I don't know what's going on, but something is, and you should talk to somebody about it.
Because this whole "I'm Danny, nothing bothers me" thing is bull.
And I know it sounds like it, but I don't mean that as a pun.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to I-I'm just hungover.
Whatever you say.
This is weird.
What? I'm not seeing any signs of a hack, but look at the sensor readings when the email was sent.
See Kyla's heartbeat? It's under 60 beats per minute.
She was asleep.
That means Marissa was right.
She couldn't have sent it.
But look at Oscar's.
120? He's not just awake, he's jacked up.
We've been looking for the person who put Raiden up to it, maybe he's been under our nose the whole time.
We got to find something that connects Raiden and Oscar.
You think Oscar wrote the email? Our investigators discovered that Oscar and Raiden know each other.
Oscar was a professor in Raiden's study abroad program.
Study abroad.
That was over 20 years ago.
They were also at the same tech conference in Vegas a month before Raiden started working for Moore House.
And sleeping with you.
You think they bumped into each other, started reminiscing about old times, and then, what, decided to ruin my life for fun? Oscar knew when you would be at the Siren Room.
He knows Auden is your favorite poet.
He knows all your passwords.
There's got to be another explanation.
It doesn't make any sense.
If I pay, Oscar pays.
But the board just gave him your job.
My husband loves me.
He started out as your mentor.
Now he's in your shadow, Kyla.
Oscar would never, never do this to me! Are you sure you're gonna be okay without me? Oh, yeah.
You go and dance the night away.
I've Wait a second.
Are you sure you can't just stay home and take care of me? Anybody missing a bucket of hot wings? Oh, in here.
These were right outside your door.
Which was wide open? Well, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get to the door, so I thought these wings were supposed to come without judgment.
I assume this isn't a social call.
We showed Kyla the evidence, but she refuses to believe it.
Won't let us use it.
And we're sunk if we can't show the jury that Oscar put Raiden up to this.
Kyla's husband is behind this? I'm looking better and better, aren't I? I know this is a horrible thing for Kyla to have to accept, but the evidence is pretty clear.
I don't know how else to prove it to her.
- Mind if I get that - Yes, I do.
When Jason was accused of jury tampering, there's no evidence that would've convinced me he was guilty.
He would've had to confess to me himself.
Well, then, I guess you're gonna have to get Oscar to confess.
You really believe this? Because of an elevated heart rate and some decades-old study abroad trip? I don't even remember the guy.
This is ridiculous.
I assure you I am serious.
You are facing charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, identity theft, federal wire fraud.
You could be looking at spending the rest of your life behind bars.
What's Raiden doing here? Chunk reached out to a friend of his who works in the D.
's office.
He's on his way over.
Whoever talks first will get immunity in exchange for testifying against their coconspirator.
Yeah, well, I'm not talking because there's nothing to say.
Do you trust Raiden to keep his mouth shut when he learns how many years he could spend in prison? I thought we were here to discuss a new settlement.
Did I say that? I'm sorry.
We are here because Raiden and Oscar are gonna play a game of prisoner's dilemma.
And if Raiden can win, he might be able to avoid prison.
What are you talking about? You want to tell her about the conspiracy you have with Oscar Moore, or should I? You know me.
I love Kyla.
How could you ever think that I would do something so cruel? I think you were hurt.
And you wanted her to hurt, too.
What was it? That her ideas always eclipsed yours? That she got all the attention? Were you sick of just being Kyla Moore's husband? Was I even that? My wife was sleeping with other men.
Because she thought you wanted to sleep with other women.
She was trying to save your marriage.
Then she should have let me be the man for once.
He resented me that much? I'm so sorry.
Was I supposed to make myself smaller - to make him feel bigger? - No.
You should never do that.
What can I do to help? Shut it down.
- We're talking to the D.
's office.
- No.
I don't want the world to know my own husband tried to ruin me.
Are you saying that you don't want Oscar to be punished for what he's done to you? I just want you to make it go away.
Your Honor, my client would like to withdraw his complaint.
He has a statement he'd like to make, if it please the court.
Go ahead.
The allegations I made against Kyla Moore were not true.
She never sexually harassed me.
I'd like to apologize to her, and her family for putting them through this ordeal.
And I'd also like to apologize to the court.
Parks, are you admitting that you committed perjury in my courtroom? Your Honor, if I may be heard? I suppose so.
Moore would like to put this unpleasant chapter behind her as soon as possible.
I've spoken with the D.
's office, and we've worked out a deal whereby Mr.
Parks would do 200 hours of community service in exchange for pleading guilty to perjury.
We don't want to waste any more of the court's time.
Parks, you got off easy.
But you had better hope that I never see you in my courtroom again.
This case is adjourned.
I'm supposed to be dead.
You don't look dead.
A guy pointed a gun at my head, pulled the trigger That's supposed to kill you.
But it didn't.
The gun misfired.
Here I am.
That's a good thing.
Right? Considering the alternative.
I guess.
I just, I haven't felt right about it since it happened, and I can't talk to my friends about it.
Why not? I need something to be different.
If I got a second chance for whatever reason, something's got to change.
My life, my-my job.
Then why are you telling me? Dude, I don't know.
You climbed Everest.
I only got halfway.
But I think I've got something that will help.
You're-you're giving me coffee? Oh, do not tell me you're a tea person.
No, this is, this is good.
What's this? This is a topo map of Mount Marcy.
It's up in the Adirondacks.
A few of us are climbing it this weekend.
It's not exactly Mount Everest Pretty easy walk but from the peak you can see for miles.
It's like the whole world's laid at your feet.
You want to come along? I don't know your name.
It's Cameron.
I know.
I saw your credit card.
- Right.
- Cameron! Oh, um, I got to get this guy, but, uh think about it.
Completely caught up ♪ Next stop, shook up ♪ The one to blame is you ♪ Well, Oscar's the one who got off easy, if you ask me.
In six months, Kyla will file for divorce, and Oscar will step down as CFO.
And he'll be riding out his time in their house in Aspen.
It's a gilded prison.
I bet you wish he was behind real bars.
This is what Kyla wants.
Her heart's broken, but at least she walks away with her dignity intact.
At least someone got to keep their dignity.
Those muscle relaxers were powerful.
- Was it as bad as I remember? - It wasn't so Worse.
Well, thank you for keeping the ship afloat while I was lost at sea.
You know, I forgot how good it feels to just stand up straight.
I'm gonna go try the stairs.
See you in the morning.
See ya.
You ever think we could run this place on our own? Oh, yeah.
And with a better name than TAC.
Actually, TAC was my idea.
And by better, I mean TAC is perfect.
- What were you thinking? - No.
TAC's great.
It was nice working with you, friend.
Right back at you.

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