Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

Dazai, Chuuya, Fifteen Years Old

More corpses were produced
in those 88 days than ever
before in the history of
the Yokohama underground
Numerous organizations
were involved in the
whirlwind of bloodshed
More corpses were produced
in those 88 days than ever before in the
history of the Yokohama underground.
Numerous organizations were involved
in the whirlwind of bloodshed.
The Dragon Head Conflict.
The Dragon
Head Conflict
One year earlier
One year earlier
The King of the Sheep!
Wherever you hide,
there's no escaping gravity.
You monster!
I'm going to kill everyone
in the Port Mafia.
This is hopeless.
Our weapons smugglers are
two weeks behind schedule.
Our men are going to be fighting
with kitchen knives at this rate,
and that's not all.
With the escalating violence, we're losing
contracts for our protection business.
Maybe we just aren't cut out for this.
What do you think, Dazai-kun?
Come on, Mori-san
Not having money, not having intel,
not having the trust of your subordinates
You knew that from the
beginning, didn't you?
You're so mean.
Say, why are you mixing
hypertension medication
with hypotension medication?
I thought taking them together
might be a comfortable way to die.
you were there when
I inherited the boss's seat.
You're a witness for his will.
I can't have you dying so willy-nilly.
How do you feel, boss?
Doctor tell the executives
to murder them all
The opposing organizations,
the military police,
everyone who opposes the
Port Mafia, by sundown.
That's not a rational course of action.
I don't care how many men we lose.
Kill them.
Just kill them.
Kill them all!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Understood, boss.
The boss has passed on due to his illness.
He left word saying I will
inherit his position as the boss.
You're my witness.
Got it?
You made an error in judgment.
It was smart of you to choose someone
who attempts suicide as your accomplice,
but here I am a year later, alive.
I made no error.
You and I were successful
in our mission together.
The mission isn't complete
until those who were involved
in the assassination are silenced.
To that end, I was a perfect accomplice.
Even if I ended my life in a suicide
of unknown motivation
after you became the
boss thanks to my testimony,
no one would suspect a thing.
You remind me of someone.
If I was going to silence you,
I would have done it long ago.
If you really want, I can prepare something
that'll end your life comfortably.
In exchange, I want to ask you
to do a quick investigation.
It's not a big deal.
There's no danger involved.
Sounds so sketchy.
I trust that you know about Suribachi City
in the Yokohama settlement.
There's a rumor going around that a certain
individual has emerged in that area.
I want you to investigate that rumor.
This contract is a delegation of authority.
They call it the "Silver Message."
Show this to any Port Mafia member
and they'll do anything you ask of them.
Who is the rumor about?
Take a guess.
A rumor that's harmful just by spreading
I see.
So that's what's going on.
It's the previous boss, isn't it?
There are some humans who must
never rise from the grave.
You understand, don't you?
You'll promise to make me that drug?
This'll be your first job.
Welcome to the Port Mafia.
Oh, right.
Who's this person I remind you of?
Dazai-kun, why do you wish to die?
Let me ask you, then.
Do you really think there's any
value in the act of living?
The Yokohama foreign settlement.
There was once a giant explosion here.
In the resulting crater,
people began building a city.
That's this place: Suribachi City.
The Complete
Guide to
So they drink metal plating to
kill themselves overseas, huh?
But those who have their
organs melted while they're still alive.
Glad I didn't try it.
Hey, did you know about that?
I'll take that into consideration.
This boy was there with the boss
when the previous boss passed away.
I shouldn't underestimate him.
This area is in a state of conflict.
Be careful.
The Port Mafia currently has
three enemy organizations.
One is Takasekai.
Another is GSS.
And, lastly,
a complementary army comprised
entirely of juveniles, the Sheep
It's Mori-san.
I learned a few things.
Long story short
I found the previous boss.
He came back.
From the pits of Hell.
I'll give you a proper
report when I get back.
This is perfect.
A kid!
The Port Mafia must be really
desperate for people.
I hate pain, you know?
I'll give you two options.
Die now, or die after you
give me information.
Either's fine.
Kill me now, then.
All the better if you can
kill me comfortably.
What, are you just a suicidal brat?
You're a brat, too.
I'm not just any brat, unlike you.
Why don't you tell me about this
"Arahabaki" that you're snooping on.
Arahabaki, huh?
I see. Arahabaki.
You know about it, do you?
Never heard of it.
Those who step into the Sheep's territory
will be met with fierce retaliation.
I see.
So you're the King of the Sheep.
Nakahara Chuuya, manipulator of gravity.
I'm not a king.
I just happen to have a card up my sleeve.
I see.
You're a cocky, over-confident child.
You're the kind of person I hate the most.
And I hate condescending little pricks like
you more than anything in this world.
That's enough.
Surrender, boy.
You're not scaring me, old man.
Who do you think I am?
The King of the Sheep, huh?
No, dumbass.
I just happen to have a good card.
The card of power?
Are you gifted, too?
Hirotsu-san, this kid controls the
gravity of anything he touches.
That's the Port Mafia for you.
I was expecting more from you.
Is that it?
Too slow.
Got you.
Your ability isn't going to work on me.
I'm not so sure.
You've lost your grip on gravity now.
With my ability of nullifying
the powers of others.
Now, boy
It's time for you to regret.
He got me.
He kicked me before you used your ability.
I let go.
He used his ability to fly backwards.
He took no damage.
I don't feel like dealing
with you right now.
Let's go, old man.
The previous boss
Welcome to the Port Mafia,
Nakahara Chuuya-kun.
I'm honored to have been invited.
I hear you put on quite the
show with my men yesterday.
Not for long, before someone got in my way.
Of course, I'm sure you brought
me here in regards to that.
What are you investigating
in regards to Arahabaki?
Hey, Dazai-kun.
I've been waiting for you.
You! You're that suicidal
kid from yesterday!
Yeah, yeah, I'm glad you're
as full of energy as ever.
I'm injured pretty badly
over here, as you can see.
You two seem to have hit it off,
having known each other for just a day.
Now, I'd like to chat with you
about what happened yesterday.
Would you please release him, Randou-kun?
I can't recommend that, boss.
This boy is dangerous.
I have measures in place.
Now, Randou-kun, you look colder than usual.
Are you all right?
I'm embarrassed to admit
that I'm freezing and could die any minute.
Cold? Dressed like that?
You may step down.
Thank you, sir.
Pardon me.
How could he be cold at
this time of the year?
He's probably just chickening out.
Believe it or not,
he's a secondary executive and
an excellent ability user.
I don't care.
Not interested.
Mori-san, why don't you
get to business already?
Oh, you're right.
Chuuya-kun, are you interested in
affiliating with the Port Mafia?
I suppose that's the reaction
I should have expected.
Still, our goals are aligned somewhat.
You could decide after we evaluate
what we can offer each other.
Don't you dare tell me you've forgotten
what you've done to this city.
Our previous boss's rampage.
The tyranny of that man, who led the city
into a state of violence and terror,
is still fresh in everyone's mind.
But that man is dead.
I saw him pass.
If there is such a rumor,
that such bloody rule has returned,
we must find the truth about it.
Wouldn't you be worried, otherwise, too?
I've heard some damning
rumors about you, too.
That the old boss might not have
died of illness, but was murdered by you.
Who could believe that he said,
in his final moments,
that he'd give his position
to a mere doctor?
That's correct.
I killed the previous boss.
I slashed the great boss
with this scalpel and made it
look like a death by disease.
What about it?
Chuuya-kun, I'd like to ask you to
participate in a joint investigation.
The rumors we've heard about
the previous boss's return
and the Arahabaki that you're after are
clearly rooted in the same incident.
I think we could achieve
a mutually beneficial relationship
simply by sharing information.
And if I refuse?
Hey, Chuuya, help me.
You're there, aren't you?
The Port Mafia caught us.
You can do something, can't you?
Hurry up and help me, like you always doー
An organization bent on retaliation that
controls prime property in Yokohama
But even though you're armed with guns,
all the members, aside from you,
are just children.
As a fellow leader, I feel for you.
There you have it, Dazai-kun.
The wielder of the greatest violence
in this room is Chuuya-kun.
But, to the Mafia, violence is
just one tool at our disposal
The Mafia's true nature is to control
rational action by a plethora of means.
Why are you lecturing me with that lesson?
I wonder.
I don't mind exchanging information.
But you speak first.
I'll decide after.
Very well.
We're investigating the rumor that
the previous boss has re-emerged.
According to Dazai-kun's information,
he's appeared three times in the past two weeks.
In each case, he was sighted
in Suribachi City.
The fourth time, yesterday,
he blew you away with black flames.
The dead don't come back to life.
I agree, but we no longer have
the luxury of insisting so.
This security footage is of the Port Mafia's vault,
the most difficult room to enter in our headquarters.
The previous boss?
I've come back to life from
the burning pits of Hell.
Do you know why, Doctor?
He feeds on anger.
He summoned me back from Hell with the
intention of having me breed even more anger.
The beast of the gods,
Arahabaki of the black flames.
That's all the footage we have
in our security records.
Currently, very few people
know about this footage.
There's a strict gag order in place.
And suppose the previous
boss gave the same speech
elsewhere that he did in the video?
He says that his death was not
by disease but by assassination.
If the previous boss's supporters
were to find out,
a third of our organization
would become my enemy.
Win or lose, the Port Mafia would be doomed.
Chuuya-kun, what is Arahabaki?
I did a little research of my own.
Arahabaki is a legendary
servant of the gods.
But because they are so old,
their true form is unclear.
Do you really believe in gods?
It's not a coincidence that you
were doing research on Arahabaki.
You heard the same rumors that we did,
and you were after the truth. Correct?
We get a lot of drifters.
There's no easy way to find
the source of the rumor.
Do you know how Suribachi City was made?
The city was built
in the aftermath of an unexplained
explosion at the end of the conflict.
The explosion was caused
by Arahabaki, supposedly.
Rumor has it that eight years ago
a captured foreign soldier
was tortured at a military
facility in the settlement.
His rage and hatred summoned Arahabaki,
and the black flame blew up this
nation's soldiers, facility and all.
That explosion resulted in
Suribachi City as we know it now.
Dazai-kun, what do you think?
They must have used a special
ability that we don't know about.
If that footage wasn't forged, we're screwed.
Oh, dear.
Dazai-kun, I have an order for you.
Find the person responsible before they
do the same thing they did on the video
in front of the supporters
of the previous boss.
Got it?
I don't think we have much time.
Am I doing this by myself?
You won't be alone.
Have Chuuya-kun there give you a hand.
No way!
Why do I need to work with this brat?
What the hell are you talking about?
I'll beat the shit out of you, kid!
You're a kid, too!
And you're smaller than me.
You ought to drink some more milk.
None of your business, bastard.
I'm fifteen!
I'm still growing.
Quiet, both of you.
I trust that you understand you aren't
in a position to refuse my orders.
You, too, Dazai-kun.
If the previous boss's supporters
find out, as my accomplice,
you will be tortured, as well.
You won't be able to die easily.
What makes you think that's
the best course of action?
I have several reasons for
making you work together.
First, someone outside of the Port Mafia
will have an easier time interviewing people.
Chuuya-kun needs to be monitored
so he doesn't betray us.
The rest is a secret.
Oi, tell me where we're going, dammit.
Sorry, would you mind not talking to me?
I'm busy breathing right now.
I'm going to rip your head off, you suicidal maniac.
Tell me where we're going!
We're going to investigate.
We're interviewing people who
were closest to the explostion.
What explosion?
A week ago, there was an explosion
similar to the one we experienced.
It happened nearby.
The previous boss wasn't sighted there,
but the cause is likely the same
as what we're investigating.
We're going to talk to a
survivor of the explosion.
A survivor? You mean there were casualties?
A handful of the Port Mafia
members you so despise.
The survivor is gifted.
You've already met this person.
Oh, dear.
The culprit must have
gotten to them already.
Quit yapping and move.
I don't think we're going
to get an interview here.
Raise your arms and face this way.
Check this out.
Our dinner just came to us.
I didn't feel like doing
an interview anyway.
It's simpler to beat the guy behind
the cover-up and make him talk.
Stay back.
I'm going to beat the shit out of him.
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What a child.
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