Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

God of Fire

Raise your arms and face this way.
Raise your arms and face this way
I thought they'd called in backup,
but you're just two kids.
Is the Port Mafia short-staffed?
Or is that man, Randou, not very popular?
That's the name of the man
we're about to go talk to.
The person that was restraining
you using his special ability.
Oh, him.
Yo, old fart.
Let's save us both some time.
First, you shoot.
Next, I'll retaliate by blowing you
all the way to the next town over.
And then I'll beat the shit
out of your remaining men,
and we'll call it a day.
Man, you could just trick him to
get some information out of him.
You're with the GSS tactical team, aren't you?
Gerhardt Security Services.
Formerly a foreign-funded
private security firm,
but they had their subsidies cut off
and now they're a fully-fledged
illegal organization.
That's right.
I won't go easy on you
just because you're kids.
Try me, old fart.
You're the Sheep, Nakahara Chuuya.
So it was true that you fell
into the Port Mafia's hands.
Don't get the wrong idea,
you annoying prick!
Good for you.
You're amazing.
Were you just standing there watching?
I was busy collecting information from
the communicator I swiped off him.
It seems like the guy you just beat up
has some backup arriving.
You just make more work when you
don't think about what you're doing.
Want to join him in the ground?
That shrimp is the gravity
manipulator Nakahara Chuuya!
Did you just call me a shrimp, asshole?
I'm only fifteen years old!
I'm still growing!
It's over.
Tell me the reason for the attack.
What do you know about Arahabaki?
I guess we'll have to wait for
our team's investigation report.
How unfortunate for you.
Does it hurt?
It's too late to save you.
Still, you won't be dead for
another five minutes or so.
That's five minutes of hellish suffering.
I wouldn't be able to bear it.
Do you want me to end your
suffering with this gun?
If you want to say yes, you should
do it while you can still talk.
Shoot me, please.
All right.
This is more than you deserve.
Quit shooting dead bodies.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
What you say is probably correct.
That would be the normal way to think.
Written by
Asagiri Kafka
Manga by Sango
in Young Ace
So cold
The wind is coming through,
and it's three times as cold.
Must have been rough, huh? Randou-san.
That was brutal.
Why me?
It's easy to guess why we were attacked.
The rumor is spreading.
If a Mori supporter like you were
to die in a black explosion,
people would take the anger
of the former boss more seriously.
One of the GSS soldiers
he tore up on the way here
had these instructions for
faking a black explosion.
What's a "black explosion"?
Apparently, you can get a black-ish flame
using a sodium lamp flame reaction.
Whatever the case, it's just a cheap trick.
So let me get this straight
The GSS people attacked this guy,
pretending to be Arahabaki,
in order to get the Port Mafia to turn on itself.
The current GSS president
is a cold-hearted man.
Rumor has it that he has close ties to The Guild,
a North American secret organization.
Tell me about Arahabaki as you
saw it in Suribachi City.
That's the only lead we have on the
resurrection of the former president.
I remember it clearly.
How could I ever forget?
I was the only survivor.
My subordinates all burned to ash.
They were engulfed by that black flame.
It was no doubt that god of fire.
This is getting interesting.
Tell us more.
It happened close to the
center of Suribachi City.
We, the Port Mafia,
were on our way to battle the Sheep boys.
There, out of the blue, we were all
blown away by a black explosion.
A sudden blastwave.
All I could do was protect
myself with my ability.
Black flames.
Crumbling earth.
It was hell itself.
And in the middle, there it was.
It wasn't the former boss.
No It wasn't even human.
A beast.
A beast of black flames.
Even its eyes were like
the flames of purgatory.
Everything in sight was shimmering
in the extreme heat,
except the Yokohama sea.
Just the sea, in the distance,
basking gently in the moonlight.
That alone is vivid in my memory.
That moment, I heard the voice of the beast.
It was a voice utterly devoid of emotion.
It terrified me.
I apologize.
You two wanted to prove that the former boss was not resurrected by Arahabaki,
and it was a hoax put together
by enemy gifted, didn't you?
That was interesting indeed.
Thanks to you, the mystery is solved.
Episode 27
The God of Fire
A derelict at the
edge of town
Chuuya and Dazai
collide violently
"Tell me who's
behind it!"
"No way!"
Chuuya quickly
closes in on Dazai
He unleashes
a powerful
downward kick
Dazai kicks the ground beneath
him, leaping into the air
away from Chuuya
As he descends, he swings
down with the club in his hands
Chuuya blocks
with both hands
Dazai lands on the ground
Immediately, Chuuya delivers
a storm of punches
"You don't
get it,
do you?!"
I do.
Unlike a certain
kid I happen
to know!"
a step
Chuuya hammers
him relentlessly
with his fists
"Come on, come on!
You're never going to
win if you're always
on the defensive!"
Well, too bad for you.
The club emits a
destruction beam
Hang on a second!
Remember our promise?
The loser has to obey one order
from the winner, like a dog.
Now, what should I have you do?
I was so sure I could win, too!
The strength of your ability is your downfall.
It's so strong that you never learn
to be cunning or to think tactically,
whether it's video games or riddles.
I don't remember ever doing
riddles, let alone losing!
Then let's have a contest to see who
can catch the perpetrator first.
If you win, we can call off the bet we had.
But if I win, you're my dog for life.
You're on! I'll do it!
I'm neither cunning or tactical?
Why would I ever show you
what I have up my sleeve?
Does the fact you always have your
fists closed and engage with your opponents
using just your kicks have something to
do with what you have up your sleeve?
How I fight is none of your business.
I see.
So you're being lazy on purpose.
Say, why are you looking for
the god of fire, Arahabaki?
What got you interested?
Why are you so insistent on dying young?
What's wrong?
Shut up for a second!
Oh, those two.
The blue bracelets they're wearing
They're members of the Sheep, aren't they?
Is there a problem?
Does this seem like a good
time for them to see me?
Hey, Nakahara Chuuya-kun!
Let's get to work!
Boss's orders!
What are you, mental?!
Shut up, dammit!
Finally, there you are.
We were looking for you.
Hey, guys.
You're safe.
Akira and Shougo were
abducted by the Port Mafia.
Let's go to their base
and give them some pain.
Like we always do.
Don't worry about that.
We're dealing with that right now.
Dealing with it?
Yeah, dealing with it.
Never mind that.
Could you tell me what you
learned about Arahabaki?
Have you discovered anything?
Who's he?
Is he interested in joining?
Something like that.
Sorry, but would you mind
answering his question?
Sure, I guess.
Based on our investigation,
rumors about people seeing
the previous boss or the black flame
have exploded in the past week.
What's the oldest confirmable rumor?
Probably eight years ago.
The giant explosion that created
Suribachi City at the end of the conflict.
Arahabaki didn't cause
any damage prior to that.
I thought so.
Is this kid really a newcomer to the Sheep?
More importantly, let's come up
with a plan to get our guys back.
They were abducted from the
factory road past the river.
Hang on. You went past the river?
You went to steal booze again?!
So close to the Port Mafia base?!
It's right in the middle of the conflict!
It's like asking to be abducted.
Please don't shout.
We're upholding our defensive policy, aren't we?
Besides, this is a good opportunity.
Lay your hands on the Sheep and
we hit back a hundred times harder. Right?
Isn't it what you always say?
That anyone who has the means others don't,
they ought to fulfill that responsibility.
Fulfill your responsibility as someone
who has an ability. Please.
That's great.
You two sure are interesting.
He's the one with the strongest power,
and he acts like a sheep
in the eyes of wolves.
It seems that leading an organization
is a lot harder than you'd imagine.
You can't take him with you, though.
He's busy carrying out the
Port Mafia's orders right now.
That's impossible!
Right, Chuuya?
You're with the Port Mafia?!
Oh, my, I'm scared.
You got me.
I'll do anything. Just don't kill me.
Oh, I know.
I'll ask Mori-san to release
the hostages, so spare me.
Who told you to contact him? Dammit!
Are you listening to me?
Hey, Mori-san?
We're making good progress
on the work you ordered.
We're almost done.
Regarding that, I want to ask for a favor.
Could you release the Sheep hostages?
Yup, that's right.
Immediately. Unharmed.
Sure. Bye.
The guards are contacting me.
They've all been released?
What are you playing at?
Are we done here?
Let's go.
We have work to finish.
Chuuya doesn't do work for the Port Mafia.
You have no more hostages.
Let's go, Chuuya.
Sorry. You guys go without me.
What are you talking about?
Arahabaki comes first.
I made a bet with him
that I'd find it first.
Everyone's waiting for you
to beat down the enemy!
Lay off him already.
He has the ability to choose for
himself how to use his power.
Even a kid could figure out that much.
There's nothing to discuss here.
Are the rumors actually true?
That you betrayed the Sheep
and joined the Port Mafia?
The Port Mafia has nothing to do with this.
This is my own problem.
Don't you dare forget, Chuuya!
You had no family or relatives
when the Sheep accepted you!
That should do it.
I can't wait.
Imagine how happy that brat's
going to be when he finds out
he's getting such a grand party in
honor of his new-found freedom.
you said you found out
who's behind Arahabaki.
Is that true?
Or did you lie to torment Chuuya-kun?
Both, of course.
I said what I did in front of him
so he'd take on the bet,
but it's also true that
I know who's behind it.
Who is it?
You, Randou-san.
You impersonated the former boss
and spread rumors about Arahabaki.
Do you have anything to say?
What's your reasoning?
You've made a mistake.
A very basic mistake.
And what mistake is that?
The sea.
You said this:
When you saw Arahabaki
and the black flames
Just the sea, in the distance,
basking gently in the moonlight.
That alone is vivid in my memory.
I did say that.
Because that's what I saw.
What about it?
Are you sure you want
me to spoil it for you?
Tell me.
It happened close to the
center of Suribachi City,
and Suribachi City is a
hemispherical basin valley
that was carved out by the explosion.
I see!
There's no way you would have seen the sea.
If you were inside a giant depression
roughly two kilometers wide,
the sea would never be within sight,
no matter how tall you stood.
Why, then, did you say you saw the sea?
You described Arahabaki with
persuasiveness that was almost truthful.
So how?
It's because you did indeed see the sea.
That's why you made that mistake.
You could only have seen the sea from
Suribachi City before it was made.
Before the giant explosion eight years ago,
at the end of the conflict.
You had a bet with Chuuya-kun, didn't you?
Have you won that bet, then?
You've beat him to the man behind it all.
And now I've won the bet
with the suicidal maniac.
It was your doing, Randou.
You aren't fooling me.
I knew all along that you were lying.
Okay, stop!
Why are you here?
Just so you know, I made
the announcement first.
I was just in the middle of explaining
the method behind the crime.
In the middle of? So you weren't done?
Then I win.
There's no way you've won, but I'll
let you explain how you deduced it.
How did you deduce that
Randou-san was behind it?
What is there to deduce?
Anyone could have figured
it out from what he said.
Every eyewitness so far has
said they saw the former boss,
but this guy said he saw Arahabaki itself.
There is no such thing as gods,
so you decided I did it.
Is that right?
The opposite.
It's because gods do exist.
I know it.
You know that Arahabaki exists?
You saw it, too, didn't you?
Eight years ago.
There's no way you could have given
such a precise account otherwise.
Chuuya-kun. Do you know
where Arahabaki is right now?
Tell me.
You should tell him if you know.
Randou-san's going to be executed for
putting the Port Mafia in danger, anyway.
Dammit, why the hell does everyone
want to meet that thing?
It doesn't have the power
to revive the dead.
It doesn't even have a
personality or a mind.
It's the same as a typhoon or earthquake.
It doesn't need a personality.
Great destruction.
Scorching the earth, staining the skies,
rumbling the air
An unfathomable thing from the other side.
That power is enough for me.
Tell me, Chuuya-kun, where is this
thing beyond human comprehension,
this thing that burned me alive?
I'll tell you if you really want to know.
Arahabaki is
I had a hunch that you were.
Episode 28
A Diamond is Only a Diamond
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