Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

A Diamond is Only a Diamond

Episode 28
Only a Diamond Can
Polish a Diamond
I only have memories of part of my life.
Unlike you, I didn't lose
my memories from trauma.
My very life has only existed
since that day eight years ago.
Everything before that is darkness.
Somewhere in that darkness,
I floated aimlessly.
Someone's hand broke through
the bounds of that void
and dragged me into the outer world.
That hand was yours, wasn't it?
Where did you find me?
I followed this case to find that out.
Now, tell me everything.
I will, of course.
You're worthy of knowing.
Why can't he defend himself with gravity?
Unlike a bullet,
the subspace I control doesn't
abide by the laws of physics.
The subspace is a separate world,
closed off from regular space.
You cannot come in unless I invite you.
Nor can you leave.
You've left me outside while
deploying your subspace.
You must know what my ability is.
Son of a!
I'm surprised that didn't kill you.
I suppose I should have expected as
much from Arahabaki's incarnation.
Chuuya-kun. You can't touch me in this space,
but I can attack you as I wish.
Any ability that touches
that dolt gets nullified.
If you try to quarantine
him with your subspace,
you'll make a good trench for me.
True, his existence is heretical.
The ultimate anti-gifted,
with no peer even in the west.
The west?
How've you been, kid?
You look well for someone
who's been dead, Boss.
Or rather, former boss.
There's no way he could have hurt
that idiot with his special ability.
You got me.
The former boss's giant scythe
isn't an ability. It's real.
So it could kill you, then.
The former boss is dead.
What did you do, Randou-san?
My ability can turn corpses
stored in my subspace
into supernatural beings I command.
I can only control one at a time, though.
That's amazing.
You've been hiding that ability from
the organization this whole time?
Just who are you?
I was formerly a gifted western spy.
I came to this nation to obtain
a high-energy being
the government of Japan
had supposedly discovered.
And that's Arahabaki.
My sole purpose for this
plan has been to kill you,
Chuuya-kun, and subsume you as the replacement
supernatural being for the former boss.
Dazai-kun, if the boss were
to learn what you just have,
he would attempt to have me assassinated.
I regretfully ask you to die
with Chuuya-kun.
It's not a big deal.
There's no danger involved.
I like it.
Let's kill them.
I thought you wanted to die.
I'm starting to like working for the Port Mafia.
In the outside world,
death is pushed away from everyday life.
But in the Mafia's world, death is an
extension of and a part of everyday life.
I tend to think that's more accurate.
After all, to die isn't the opposite of living.
It's merely a component
of the process of life.
Without observing death up close,
one can't capture the full picture
of what it means to live.
In other words,
the suicidal maniac wants to live.
Is that it?
I've come to think it's worth trying.
That's all.
That won't be necessary.
It's death time for kids.
Oh, really?
There you have it.
You understand, don't you?
Don't give me orders.
Eight years ago, I tried to take you,
Arahabaki, as my supernatural being.
But the moment Arahabaki emerged,
it decimated the surroundings.
I won't make the same mistake twice.
This time, I'll end your life
thoroughly and subsume you.
You soaked up the impact by increasing
your gravity and density?
Want me to tell you why I was keeping
both my hands tucked away until now?
I thought that if I ever felt like I was about to lose,
that feeling might give me
a reason to be fond
of my humanity.
Once I subsume you, perhaps
the coldness I feel will disappear.
Come on, Chuuya!
You move, Dazai, you piece of shit.
This is the end, son!
Come on, Dazai!
I won't let you!
It's over.
You cannot escape gravity!
If Randou-san's subspace vanishes,
naturally, so will you.
Let me thank you for once.
What are you, shitty Dazai? A magician?
Listen, Chuuya, do you really think
I'd be wearing a cast for no reason?
You're going to tell us everything,
aren't you, Randou-san?
That day, eight years ago,
my spy partner and I infiltrated this nation.
Your partner?
We were here to take the high-energy being
the military was supposedly
hiding in a secret facility.
But the moment I took the being,
my partner betrayed me and our nation.
He and I fought over the being and, in the end,
we were discovered and confronted
by the Japanese military.
In order to escape, I unleashed you,
the being I'd stolen,
and tried to take control.
In that instant you blew up the
facility along with all its records,
and I lost my memories.
My name isn't Randou.
Someone of this nation simply
misread the hat that I wore,
and gave the name to me.
What happened to your partner?
I killed him with my own hands.
I suspect you aren't Arahabaki itself,
but a human being chosen as a vessel
to keep Arahabaki under control.
But you are strong, not as
the Aragami but as a human being.
Well, thanks.
Whatever may live inside you,
you are already you.
Is that not enough?
All people, all creatures,
live without knowing what
they really are.
It's odd
I'm not the least bit cold.
What a pain in the ass, even in death.
The Port Mafia took all the records
you'd collected on Arahabaki.
Thanks to you, I have no leads.
Well, not that you would have told anyone
about that stuff, even if you'd been alive.
I'll be back.
I've been looking for you, Chuuya.
How did you find me here?
I wanted to apologize to you.
We did some soul-searching
after what happened.
We have a good understanding
of the Sheep's problems now.
So we all talked it over
and came up with a solution.
If it's something you decided
together, I won't—
We attack you from outside your periphery,
when your guard is completely down.
That way, you won't have
time to use gravity.
Right, Chuuya?
What do you think you're doing?
You should try not to move.
I rubbed rat poison on the blade.
Your limbs will be numb
and immobilized for a while.
You wouldn't have had to go through
this if you weren't so strong.
This is the solution we chose.
We'll team up with the GSS.
We all came to the realization
that if you were to side with the Port Mafia,
you'd get everyone in the Sheep killed.
I would never betray the organization!
Unlike you, the GSS doesn't
change its loyalties on a whim.
They can be trusted
as long as they can profit.
This is the smarter way to fight
against the Port Mafia!
I suppose I was the fool.
Get him! Fire!
He may be weakened by the poison,
but it won't be enough to kill him!
Find him quickly!
Don't let him live!
"Leader," my ass.
I was the one ruining the organization.
Hey, Chuuya.
You look like you're in a bind.
Why are you here, shitty Dazai?
Are you here to kill me, too?
I have a message from Mori-san.
He wants me to officially
recruit you into the Port Mafia.
Are you trying to make me
owe you by saving me?
The message isn't important.
I'm just here for a massacre.
Mori-san is a pretty demanding employer.
The moment I joined the Port Mafia,
he put me in charge of the army.
Two enemies, the GSS and the Sheep,
have formed an alliance.
We have to shut them down before
they become completely coordinated.
But, hey, we'll be done by noon.
We're killing them all.
Including the Sheep?
There's no change to our policy.
That said, if someone, a peer
Someone who has information
on the enemy can advise us,
I wouldn't mind changing our policy.
A peer's advice, huh?
For example, a peer in the Port Mafia.
I could trust the advice of one of my own.
So you want to make a deal.
You devil.
Although, anyone who lost to me in a game
is bound to get worked to the
bone in this organization.
I'll shred you someday.
I like that expression.
You look like a wild beast.
Don't kill the children.
Got that, everyone?
As we discussed earlier,
no hurting the kids.
I see.
He'd calculated that this would happen, too.
Ever since he made that
phone call at the arcade
He did it to sow doubt
about me in my people.
That son of a bitch
I'm game, then.
What's up with this hat?
Normally, in the Port Mafia,
whoever recruits a new member
is responsible for their care.
As a symbol of that, they hand
down one of their belongings.
I gave Dazai-kun my coat.
And that's for you.
It's an old hat.
It belonged to Randou-kun.
It seems he'd been investigating Arahabaki.
Apparently, the military facility
he infiltrated was researching
the creation of an artificial gifted by
combining gifted and normal beings.
Artificial gifted?
Those are the documents he collected.
I apologize,
but only executives have
permission to view those files.
What makes you think I won't
pummel you and take it for myself?
You aren't such a fool of a human.
Besides, I can answer another question
that you would want answered.
So you see right through me, huh?
Tell me one thing: What exactly
is the leader of an organization?
A leader is both the head of the organization
and the organization's slave.
For the survival and profit
of the organization,
they gladly put themselves
through any manner of filth.
They develop their subordinates
and place them where they best fit.
And, if necessary,
they use and dispose of them.
For the sake of the organization,
they take on any act of barbarism with glee.
That is a leader.
All for the organization,
and for the protection of this beloved city.
I see.
That's what was missing in me.
Then I dedicate my blood
and all that I am to you, Boss.
I will protect this organization
that you work to support,
and I will work for you
to decimate its enemies.
Our enemies will know the vicious gravity
that will crush those
who oppose the Port Mafia.
Welcome to the Port Mafia,
Nakahara Chuuya-kun.
Why are you taking me to
the meeting, old sis?
Stop calling me that.
I'm not that old yet.
For your information, of course.
The meeting today is with one of
the Mafia's front organizations.
Every cup of tea,
every pause in the conversation
affects the Mafia's future.
What if I take part in the
meeting and make them angry?
We'll deal with that when it happens.
If the boat is so easily tipped,
it would be more triumphant
to destroy it spectacularly.
I'm Kyusaku!
Hey, let's play.
Come on, let's play.
Fine, fine, when you're older.
Why do you think we recruited you?!
You're my dog!
If I tell you my leg is itchy,
you scratch it.
If I tell you I want to eat soba, you threaten
a soba shop owner into coming here.
That's your job!
So what the hell are you doing
in Kouyou-san's direct command?!
Working your way up the ladder?!
Smooth sailing?!
You're young! Go do some grunt work!
Shut up, you scheming bastard!
I joined the Port Mafia of my own accord!
I'm not going to be your
henchman or your dog!
Was it really such a good idea to have
these two in the same organization?
Now what?
Only a diamond can polish a diamond.
Natsume-sensei, those words you
told me and Fukuzawa-dono
I'm going to find out if you were right.
Seven Years Later
(Present Day)
Those were the events
surrounding the recruitment of
Port Mafia executives
Nakahara Chuuya and Dazai Osamu.
The Port Mafia's influence soon spread
significantly under Mori's new leadership.
Another year later,
Nakahara Chuuya discovered the
truth of his own emergence,
and he confronted the gifted spy who
had been Randou's friend and betrayer.
He wasn't dead.
I will provide a separate
report on that matter.
Document Number I-4190 C.
History of the Role of Young Gifted
in the Arahabaki Incident.
Report by Ministry of Internal Affairs Gifted
Special Operations Division Assistant Counselor
Sakaguchi Ango.
Episode 29
My Ill Deeds Are
the Work of God
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