Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

My Ill Deeds Are the Work of God

It's not as though I'm unaware
It's not as though
I'm unaware
I have terrible luck.
I have
terrible luck
What an
awful life
What an awful life.
Is that really him?
That's the monster you asked for.
The prize, as promised.
Even twice this wouldn't
have made it worth it.
Be careful.
Speak to him, and he'll suck out your soul.
His ability is quite dangerous.
The one behind the destruction
of the Moby Dick.
I hired a professional
kidnapper to capture him.
He's the leader of a thieving organization called
the Rats in the House of the Dead.
It seems he was also involved in
the Shibusawa Tatsuhiko incident.
But to me, he's no more than a sewer rat.
Port Mafia Executive
A (Ace)
Ability: Madness of the
Jewel King
Describe this man to me.
He's a soulless man, like a vampire.
Actually, he's really just the
boss of a band of arctic mice.
Using my organization's finances,
capturing him was easier than taking
money from a casino dealer.
"My organization," huh?
Either way, that man knows
how viciously the Port Mafia retaliates.
Shall we have our interrogation team do it?
One moment.
Allow me to take this task.
Well, well, you're hard-working.
Especially for the Guild executive
who was the first to flee for shelter.
Am I not more qualified than the ones who
were the first to be captured by the enemy?
Like him or not, this is a
man who betrayed the Guild.
We'll need to be prepared.
I have a plan.
I'll leave you to deal with
the rat you captured.
I am honored.
Pardon me.
Are you sure about this?
He's a gambler who made a mess
of the Port Mafia's casino.
He doesn't have a shred of loyalty.
He became one of the five executives
by paying a large sum,
but he thinks of the Port Mafia as no more
than as his personal bodyguards.
And financial capacity is in
itself a kind of strength.
Let's see what he can do.
Episode 29
My Ill Deeds Are the Work of God
Open it.
The knife.
Nice to meet you.
Don't let our guest stay
locked up in this place!
Get him clothes and something
to drink immediately!
Get to it!
You dimwits!
I happen to be a lonely man.
The Port Mafia doesn't trust me.
Of course, I don't trust them, either.
All I believe in is poker,
the gems in my vault,
and the fifty men in my engineering unit.
Diamond straight flush.
I win.
And, today, I've found the fifty-first.
Would you like to join me?
Let's team up to take Mori Ougai's head.
That town doctor won't suspect
you and I have joined forces.
A man who's capable of outwitting
the Guild is worthy of commendation.
And if I refused,
I'd never see the light of day again.
Is that right?
It seems I cannot refuse.
I'm locked in an inescapable
underground room.
And as you can see, I'm rather sickly.
So how about this:
I'll kill you instead.
I'm slightly disappointed, Fyodor-kun.
Very well.
I'll have you understand
the position you're in.
This is my gift.
The ability to exchange my subordinates'
remaining lifespan for gems of equal value.
I can turn worthless lives
into something valuable.
It's a merciful ability indeed.
The collar is a symbol
of your servitude to me.
It can't be put on without
the subject's agreement.
And, once it's put on, it can never be removed.
If you decide to put on the collar by the
time I return, I'll allow you to live.
Don't worry.
I'm sure it'll look good on you.
Give it up, man.
You don't stand a chance against Ace.
The only way to survive is to wear this.
Leaving this room is impossible.
Ace is the only one with
the key to open the door.
Even we can't get enter or leave
this cell without Ace's permission.
I remember you told Ace
that you'd kill him.
Honestly, I was blown away.
I wish I could say something like that.
But I can't.
If I went against him,
he'd turn my lifespan into gems.
You know, it was my dream
to become the boss
of the Port Mafia someday.
I wanted to become the boss
and try my hand at running this city.
But now, I'm one of Ace's collared slaves.
I was sold to a human trafficker
before I can even remember,
and I drifted all the way here.
I dreamed of a ridiculous miracle,
where someone would come to
free me from this collar.
I finally realized that no one
would save a villain like me.
What are you doing?
I cut my finger on a glass shard earlier.
You weren't listening to me, were you?
Aren't you scared?
This room might as well be my own bedroom.
My ability allows me to
control consciousness and space.
A game?
You want to hire me.
But if you can't, you'll need me to tell you
about who I work with, my finances,
and what I plan to do next.
Therefore, you can't kill me right away.
He's right.
If I kill him before I can get
information out of him,
I can't stamp out the other rats.
Worse, it'll be difficult to
prove he was the real one.
So, how about we play a game with this?
If you win, I'll wear this collar.
If I win, I'll take my own freedom.
Very well.
But I'll be determining
the conditions myself.
Go ahead.
We each take one card
at a time from the deck,
and guess whether the card is higher
or lower than the previous.
It's a simple game.
If you're correct, you draw another.
If you're wrong, it's the opponent's turn.
At the end, the winner will be the one
who guessed correctly more often.
You can have the first turn.
Is the next card higher or lower than nine?
The deck contains cards
from one to thirteen.
Chances are slightly higher that the
next card will be lower than nine.
Now, is the next card higher
or lower than four?
Not bad.
But that won't last long.
As a gambler, I'm adept at card counting:
the ability to determine the
number of remaining cards.
I have an overwhelming advantage
in the second half.
Is that it?
That was a fun game, was it not?
Call my unit!
We're done messing around.
Cut this swindler's limbs off!
What's wrong?
Answer me!
It's no use.
The door won't open, either.
It took a little time, but my friends
have taken control of the outside.
The underground is for rats, after all.
Was the provocation and the gambling
all an effort to buy time?
What will you do?
If you hand over the key to the vault,
I'll guarantee your safety.
You're lying.
Not even the boss knows
about this secret hideout.
We aren't underground.
We're inside a ship at sea,
and the ship is equipped to prepare
for a battle against gifted.
There was never going to be a way
to subjugate you peacefully.
Besides, you said it yourself:
your ability allows you to control
consciousness and space.
My ability allows me to
control consciousness and space.
I've been listening in on your conversation,
and now I'm certain.
Your ability is to trap your
victim's mind inside your own head.
Which means this isn't reality,
but somewhere inside your head.
That's right. An ability space.
That's why you can manipulate
the cards' numbers as you wish.
What makes you think that?
The broken communicator, the locked door,
and that clock.
Don't underestimate how observant I am.
It hasn't moved since I entered this room.
I see right through your tricks,
you dirty rat!
I should have expected no less of one
of the Port Mafia's five executives.
I'm impressed.
So what if you've figured it out?
The fact that we're conscious
in my ability space
means that our bodies in
reality are unconscious.
Until we starve to death, even.
I'm well-trained, but what about you?
You're the one with the
real key to this room,
so your subordinates can't come to your aid.
That's true.
But it's also certain that we're in an
ability space and not in reality.
In which case
I want to ask you something.
When you were abducted and brought here,
why didn't you use that ability?
The man who abducted you is one of the top
professional kidnappers in the nation.
He carries out his work perfectly prepared
and with intimate knowledge of his target.
He researched how to escape
your ability space.
That's why you didn't use
your ability.
No, you couldn't use it.
I was born a king.
He who controls information becomes king.
Foolishly, you passed on an
opportunity to serve the king.
This is how to return to reality.
I'll watch as your body
dies in the real world.
Good day.
I'm sure Ace will kill that man.
Those two are opposing evils.
One thing that's certain
is that he won't be leaving
that cell for all eternity.
How did you get out?
Where's Ace?
Is this the vault Ace kept his gems in
to avoid a market crash?
How did you get those keys?
It was simple.
My ability isn't one that allows me
to control consciousness or space.
Hey, what do you mean by that?
I lied.
I expected the surveillance.
Where's Ace?
People are quick to believe they
are thinking of their own will.
Whether it's the surveillance or the clock,
we believe that everything
we discover is valuable.
We're loath to believe that our
thoughts are being controlled.
The method of escape he heard
from the kidnapper was one
that erases a person's consciousness
from an ability space.
But I gave that information to
the kidnapper deliberately.
Just before he returned to this cell,
I destroyed the clock and
communicator with wine.
I stuffed bits of cork into the lock and
pretended that we were in an ability space.
He killed one of the Port Mafia
executives with such ease.
I enjoyed the card game we played together.
He was mistaken from the beginning.
In fact, I didn't win the game using my ability.
I simply memorized all of the faint
scratches on the surface of each of the cards.
He memorized all of the scratches?
What kind of superhuman intelligence
does it take to do such a thing?
The rest is as you see it.
He thought it through himself,
and ended his own life.
Crime is thought.
Crime is respiration.
He was freed from all of it.
What is he talking about?
He just killed a man, and yet he acts like
he's looking at a stain on the wall.
So it was part of your plan to be abducted?
Is it the gems you're after?
I have no interest in such pebbles.
I'm interested in the list
he secretly compiled,
of the Port Mafia members' abilities.
It even details the boss' top-secret ability.
With this, I'll bring the mercy of
death upon the evil of this world.
I see.
Ace never stood a chance.
Ace was evil for sure,
but this man isn't even evil.
He comes from the beyond.
He's a thing that exceeds human limits.
If the Port Mafia were to learn that
their abilities have gotten out,
this list would lose half its value.
Thus, I can't allow the events
here to be known to the outside.
Therefore, I will grant
you the great silence.
But I finally realized that no one
would save a villain like me.
That's when I understood who can save evil.
This is my true ability.
He's a thing darker and more hideous than evil.
He's going to destroy the Port Mafia.
If that's how my life has
to come to an end
It was an awful life,
but hey, this isn't too bad.
May you be freed from the shackles of
your crimes, and your soul salvaged.
Next, the Port Mafia
and the Armed Detective Agency.
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