Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

Slap the Stick and Addict

That café—
That café is on the first floor of the
building where our detective agency is.
Agency members often spend
their breaks there.
We have a new job, everyone!
Is anyone interested?
I guess this is our reaction.
Yeah, our reaction.
Definitely our reaction.
Your reaction?
We're burned-out.
The Guild battles were the
biggest since we were founded.
I'm so glad we managed to keep the
Moby Dick from crashing into Yokohama.
Not to mention
Giant Flying Object Over Yokohama
Crashes Into Port!
Thanks to that, you're famous.
That wasn't my intention.
It's fine.
Recognition only brings more trouble.
Where's Kunikida-san?
Kunikida-kun's upstairs.
He's more gung-ho than ever.
More coffee, please.
Curry for me.
All right.
Something that'll pick me up.
Are you hung over?
Sorry for causing you so
much trouble all the time.
Not at all.
The only trouble, really,
is Dazai-san's tab.
At least buy life insurance
before you die, please.
Your will to live
You're an amazing lady.
Also, we had a report from
the military police.
Foreign organizations are coming in,
hoping to take what the Guild
left behind when it collapsed.
I doubt they're that interesting.
Still, I saw a Guild straggler
in this area yesterday, too.
She got away,
but she was holding a
metal box of some kind.
I hope she isn't teaming
up with the criminal organizations
to take revenge on us by
bombing this building or something.
Is this café in danger, too, then?
Danger is like the bitterness of coffee.
For those ready for it, it is savory.
That's the café owner for you.
You can believe he's been doing
coffee for thirty years.
The smell of coffee doesn't come
off his hands, even with soap.
That's all I've got going for me.
The awkward elite type!
Coffee man!
We're here every day.
It's the café's fault for being
so close and so comfortable.
What happened here?
What happened here?
His fingers
It's not too bad.
I'm glad you're all safe.
We have no need for plans.
Wreak havoc and instill fear,
and the tiny Detective Agency
will chirp like a baby bird
and tell us where the Guild's property is.
That's their only fear.
We collected a good piece today.
It smells of coffee.
The Armed Detective Agency is on the move.
Are they looking for us?
They shouldn't bother.
In our organization, the Park,
the heavier your guilt,
the higher your rank.
We move our hideouts every four days.
Not even the international
police can chase us down.
Even if they found us here,
we have heavily-armed violent
criminals and security cameras.
One phone call, and the local criminal
organizations will be here right away.
Also, that door.
It's the heavy kind that's used in banks.
A bomb wouldn't so much as tickle it.
I hope you enjoy your—
There's no way you could
have found our hideout!
Rampo-san figured it out in five seconds.
Th-The security cameras?
The armed guards?
We have to thank you.
You've made work interesting again.
Not yet!
One phone call will bring all the
local criminal organizations here!
Are you out of your mind?
You don't know anything about Yokohama!
Anger the Detective Agency,
and you'll never survive!
We're out!
I heard you like ripping people's nails off.
You have exquisite taste.
I finally get to have some fun.
This is so relaxing.
I wonder what Guild property
it was that they were after.
There's no such thing.
Even if there were, someone else
would already have taken it.
Those guys back there must have been
fooled by the false leads they put out.
Oh, yeah, the Guild straggler
Welcome back.
I'd like to introduce our
new staff member, Lucy.
Why are you here?
Because I feel like it!
A hacker?
We're about to meet with a
talented information broker.
An extremely talented hacker
He's a former Detective Agency member.
Do you know him?
A frenemy of sorts.
I'm going to have him take
a look at this today.
The Moby Dick control console?
This is the issue.
This remote hijacking chip inside.
This is what tried to take control
of the Moby Dick during the chaos
and plunge it into Yokohama.
I haven't even done anything!
Hand it over!
Whoever set this up took
advantage of the Guild
and plotted to destroy Yokohama.
This chip is our only lead.
We have to drag the mastermind out of the
shadows before they make their next move.
Katai! It's me! I'm coming in!
Why is there so much garbage?
There's not even
enough space to walk!
Get out of your never-made bed
for once and clean up your room!
You damn recluse!
I'm done for.
Not again.
What is it this time?
Outside my bed lies hell.
All that is beautiful is above the sky.
All that is enjoyable is beneath the sea.
Kunikida-san, is that him?
Katai's ability allows him to control machines
in his sight without touching them.
He can process information several dozen
times faster than a normal human.
Former Armed Detective
Agency Member:
Tayama Katai
Special Ability:
Several dozen times?
He controls all this?
It's enough for him to take
on military cyberwarfare.
Although, apparently he can't concentrate
unless he's where he feels most at home.
The only place he can use his
ability is from inside that futon.
That, too, was long ago.
Now, my mind is shaken,
and I can no longer use my ability.
I'm no more than the largest piece
of compostable trash in this room.
You can't use your ability?!
Why not?
Don't make noise
in the hall
You're in love?!
Three days ago, I met
someone who blew me away.
Her black, elegant hair
Her standing figure, as graceful as a lily
Her aura, as delicate as a dream or illusion
She stole my heart, even from
five hundred meters away.
Five hundred meters?
That's pretty far.
You've never really met her, then.
I was stunned by the sight of her.
I could only muster the strength
to take a picture of her.
You're right, she's pretty.
It is a love never to be!
Me, talk to women?
I'm better at bantering with moles.
Yoshiko is my only love!
That's the name of this futon.
Why does his futon have a name?
The investigation isn't going
to get anywhere at this rate.
I see.
I understand, then.
How about this
I ask
the Detective Agency to find the
black-haired elegant beauty.
On his way home from work!
Stay calm.
Hold it together, Higuchi.
Good work today, Senpai.
Shall I take you home?
That's it!
It's so casual!
He might be like
Want some tea?
And let me come in!
Long time no see.
Let's go home.
That woman
Who is she?
Akutagawa-senpai met up with a woman,
and they went home together.
No, there must be a reason for this.
This is a conspiracy.
An enemy assassin?
A secret agent?
Either way, I need to expose her and
stop the conspiracy against my superior.
This isn't a matter of personal interest.
It's a mission.
I saw them around here yesterday.
The Armed Detective Agency!
Why are they here?
That photo the weretiger is holding!
It's that woman!
She's connected to the
Armed Detective Agency.
But this is no time to confront them.
I forbid any animosity against the Armed
Detective Agency for the foreseeable future.
But the Guild has already been dissolved.
It would seem impossible to avoid further
friction with the Detective Agency.
Believe it or not, as the boss, I have my plans.
Trust me.
The same instruction applies
strictly to all members.
Gin-kun, hand this to all our units.
Why did the boss say such a thing?
I don't want that puny Detective
Agency looking down on us!
Did you need something from us?
What does the Port Mafia want?
Our president has instructed us
to avoid conflict with you.
But, depending on the
circumstances, I'm game.
Two against one,
and they're experienced in battle.
The situation couldn't be worse.
But I do this for my senpai.
No matter what it takes, I'm going to
get the information out of them!
Please, tell me about the woman
in the photo you're holding!
I don't know what to tell you.
We don't know anything about her, either.
We're trying to find her
to deliver a love letter.
A love letter?
The weretiger's surprisingly bold.
Hold on
The weretiger
hands her the
love letter
breaks up with
the woman
And, somehow or
another. profit 3
I'm rooting for you.
Women like to be approached forcefully,
but I think you should tidy up your bangs.
Have your clothes tailored, too.
He's not the one delivering the love letter!
I must see the outcome
of my passion to the end.
Why did he bring his futon?
So its your letter?
You seem, like, even more
hopeless than the weretiger.
My love is deeper than any other.
Besides, you are Port Mafia, are you not?
I, Katai, may have left the
Armed Detective Agency,
but I have no interest in making
friends with criminals!
Weretiger, why is he yelling
in that direction?
He really is bad at talking to women.
There she is.
Motomachi Cleaning
The elegant beauty!
She came out of the dry cleaner's.
Those are Akutagawa-senpai's clothes!
This is all kinds of unacceptable!
The love letter tactic is too unreliable.
I'll punish her myself!
You aren't getting away from me!
Hold it, Port Mafia!
Why did the signal change like that?
The agility in her movements
I knew it! She's an enemy agent!
All right.
The elegant beauty
Is under my protection!
Is mine!
Perfect. That's alley's dead-end.
Prepare yourself!
Why are you here?
That hairstyle and mask
You're Akutagawa-senpai's
Akutagawa's little sister
Are you all right?
What now, Katai?
You hate the Port Mafia, don't you?
The moment I first saw you,
I learned what "beauty" means.
I hope Katai-san's all right.
That's what the love letter was for.
Katai would never have had the courage
to express his feelings to a crush.
But if he didn't get over his crush,
he could never resume the investigation,
which would be bad for me.
So he volunteered himself to certain defeat.
He'll start work once he's done crying.
You know Katai-san really well, huh?
It'd be a little easier if he'd
return to the Detective Agency.
Gin, as your superior, I order you
Try calling me onee-san.
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