Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Herurisu/Portrait of a Father

I may have needed more soy sauce.
I don't like abilities that act on their own.
It's okay.
Demon Snow saved us once before, after all.
That said, she killed Kyouka-chan's parents.
If Demon Snow were human, I could sever
her third cervical nerve to stop her from reaching.
Kyouka-chan's knowledge scares me.
This is the wanted list the military
police sends us every month.
And these are our regular bodyguard clients.
It's fine. I memorized all of them.
It took me a month.
I-I forgot
She works at this shop.
What's good on the menu today?
Dark-roasted muddy water!
She's Lucy, an ex-Guild member.
She works here as a live-in
waitress now, for some reason.
Do you have any idea why I'm here?
To take revenge.
On you.
You'd better remember why.
But you saved me on the Moby Dick before.
Hot milk.
With sugar.
Episode 31
Part 1
If you don't remember why
I'm taking revenge on you,
I'll seriously strangle you to death.
Don't worry.
If she does something,
I'll cut her down first.
Did I do something wrong?
I thought we understood each other.
Speaking of which, I'd forgotten
Some weirdo came and left this
request for the Detective Agency.
It's not for you.
It's for the little shrimp there.
The request is
to deliver a briefcase containing a large
sum of money to a specified company.
No Swimming
Apparently, the briefcase is
on board one of these boats.
But which one?
Did they omit something by mistake?
It doesn't say anything about which boat.
We'll have to split up and search.
You're right.
You're trespassing, you little brat!
I'm sorry!
This sucks.
I'm going to get reported if
I keep searching like this.
In a bind, thievish kitty?
You pulled the page out?
Of course I did.
How would it be revenge if
I'd given you all of it?
What's with the face?
Don't tell me you still
don't know why I'm angry.
N-No, of course I do.
It's because, uhh
You don't like my bangs.
Are you mental?!
Listen. Don't you remember what I said when
I helped you escape from the Moby Dick?
Save me from this place someday.
I'll be waiting.
All right.
Yet look what you've done!
You were taken straight to the
ground from the Moby Dick.
I couldn't have saved you.
Then couldn't you have at least
said something when we met again?
Want the page?
Swim for it, you thievish cat.
An old mooring chain
No Swimming
What's taking him so long?
Wait, you're joking, right?
Are you an idiot or something?
You're the gifted who defeated the Guild.
Could you please not drown
right by the shore like that?
Where am I?
I transported you out of the
water and into Anne's room.
My ability doesn't work unless
I'm close to my target.
Now I'm a wet rat, too!
I owe you again.
I was planning to save you during
the Moby Dick infiltration.
But I ended up being
chased down by Akutagawa,
and there was only so much
time before it crashed.
I tried my best to find you.
You looked for me?
I was so relieved when
I realized you weren't there.
Saying it was for revenge
was just an excuse.
The real reason I started that job
was to apologize for not
waiting like I promised.
Oh, no.
I can't finish work when
my clothes are so wet.
I know.
If you can transport just a
person's body from the water,
could you transport just the
moisture from wet clothes?
What I mean is
First, you return the two of us to reality,
and then re-transport just the two of us
and our clothes, without the moisture.
That way, we can switch back
into our dry clothes instantly.
Don't blame me if it doesn't work out.
Another all-nighter, Ango-senpai?
What's the situation?
A Special Operations Division document
transport vehicle was attacked.
They stole our reports.
One attacker.
We're told they were dressed
like a postal worker.
Attacking a Special Operations Division
armed transport vehicle alone
They must be quite skilled.
Which report did they take?
Document Number E-7581A.
Why would they take that one?
What's it about?
Investigation records that
would reduce her punishment.
It's a record of the ability Demon Snow, and her parents whom she killed.
Ability aside, why the parents?
The parents were on our side.
She has her parents' talent.
That's the boat that was on the page.
I don't trust you.
I don't want your trust.
Whose trust do you want, then?
It's the briefcase mentioned in the request.
There's nothing inside.
I didn't steal it!
There's something in the bottom.
Employment Gift
"Employment Gift"?
The report described the events
of the day Kyouka-chan's parents died.
Do you know what your parents did for work?
I don't know.
Three Years Ago
What's the matter?
I'm just glad I didn't have to work too late.
Dinner's delicious, and I get to
be with you and our daughter.
This is the greatest
moment of my life.
Kyouka-chan's father was
a former government spy.
Her mother was gifted with
Demon Snow, a murderous ability.
She and her husband were involved
in countless assassinations.
My body's moving on its own.
Kill me!
It's an ability that uses blood
as a medium for mind control.
Demon Snow
Protect my daughter!
Go, Kyouka.
Your mother will always be by your side.
Her parents were struck down by a gifted
who had a score to settle with them.
The government, unable to make
her parents' existence public,
treated it as a case of her having
lost control of her ability.
But Demon Snow is my ability.
I've heard that there's a way to
transfer abilities to family members.
It seems your mother learned how to do that
from a gifted who controlled black shadows.
But because it was a sudden attack
and the transfer was partial,
Demon Snow can only be controlled
using that cell phone.
A few days before my parents were killed,
Mother gave me this phone and
told me to never let go of it.
That's why she never let go of her cell phone,
even after she joined the Port Mafia.
What I saw that day
Demon Snow didn't kill them.
Kyouka-chan, if there's anything I—
That hurts. Jeez.
You're so dense.
She resented her ability
for killing her parents,
when in fact it was the
embodiment of her parents' love.
Give her some time to herself.
Her parents' love
But who put that report in the briefcase?
I heard the news.
Apparently you used six month's
worth of operating budget
to obtain information from the
Special Operations Division.
How generous.
I suppose.
It's her new employment gift.
It's money well spent.
Episode 31
Part 2
Portait of
a Father
Over here.
Sorry, I'm filling in for Rampo-san.
Filling in?
What about Rampo-san?
Hey, Atsushi.
Gather 'round!
Investigation Partnership
Rampo E.
Investigation of truck collision
and unidentified man
in Miyagawa, Noge City
Can you go do this for me?
But the request is for you.
I can't.
My baked snacks are nice
and fresh right now.
Oh, well. That can't be helped.
The victim is a male in his forties.
He was struck by the truck
and died on impact.
His face was destroyed,
so we don't know who he is yet.
According to the driver,
he jumped out onto the road.
It's a newspaper article.
There might be more around here.
Super mystery solver!
No good.
I can't figure anything out.
Speaking of solving mysteries,
before I left, Rampo-san said
This is your case now, but I'll
give you one piece of advice.
If you get stumped, find a flower shop.
A flower shop?
A flower shop.
A flower shop, huh?
They've identified the victim
from his fingerprints.
This is him.
Why are you here?
Why, Headmaster?!
I can't believe it.
The headmaster is dead.
Are you all right?
You can take a break if it's too painful.
I feel absolutely great.
That headmaster is dead!
The reason behind the nightmares
that haunt me every night is gone!
Aren't you curious to know why
your headmaster was in town?
I don't even want to know.
Back then, I lived every
day of my life abandoned.
Nobody expected anything of me.
I never even knew who I was.
Do you hate me?
Do you know why you've been locked up?
Because you hate me.
It's because I became a
tiger and wreaked havoc.
Atsushi, resent me.
One day, you'll leave for the outside world.
When you do, Atsushi, hate me.
Never hate yourself.
Atsushi-kun, the rest of the
article the victim had was
on the other side of the road.
Giant Flying Object Over Yokohama
Crashes Into Port!
It was you the headmaster was looking for.
He came to Yokohama after
he saw this article.
It's a gossip article and photos
of the battle with the Guild
the Special Operations Division
failed to cover up.
I got more information out
of the orphanage staff, too.
The headmaster learned about
your work from this article.
He probably wanted to wish you―
That's not possible!
Absolutely not!
He would never
Are you happy with this, Dazai-san?
Does it hurt to see kids with their parents?
Dazai-san, do you remember
when you first met me?
That was when we were looking for the tiger.
Why do you think the headmaster
didn't tell anyonee that I was the tiger?
At the very least,
it's certain that maintaining
the secret would have taken serious effort.
Especially to keep you from realizing, too.
Find a flower shop.
Rampo-san was right.
He had an appointment at a flower shop.
Headmaster was going to buy a bouquet
of flowers before he met me.
Still, I can't forgive him.
I really
I really suffered.
There's nothing he could
do to make me forgive him.
You don't need to forgive him.
No matter what he may have believed,
what he did to you was unforgivable.
Absolute barbarism.
You were truly in hell,
but that hell raised you properly.
If I could save them
the passengers here
If I could get them back safe
and sound to their homes
Wouldn't that mean
Wouldn't that mean it's okay for me to live?
As someone who understands suffering,
you resisted violence and evil
and saved many people who were
in positions of weakness.
This feeling that's overflowing inside me
This feeling
What is this?
There's no one who can fully grasp
the deepest feelings of another person.
You can only get the sense that you have.
I can only tell you one general thing:
When someone's father dies, they tend to cry.
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