Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Fitzgerald Rising

To my father and mother back at home
Right now, I'm in a slum
in a faraway country.
It's so dangerous, I can't even
look strangers in the eye.
The reason I'm here
Could you spare some change?
Just fifty cents.
Will you hear my wish if I do?
Then please give me orders
again, Francis-sama.
I had faith that you were safe.
The analysts at headquarters told me
there was no way you could have
survived plunging into the sea
without your ability.
But I didn't want to give up.
Please come back.
The Guild needs a boss.
And so do I.
You're speaking to the man in your memories.
The man here is a dead man.
The burnt crumbs of a man who
lost all of his fortune and status,
and who failed to save his wife.
In this nation, they burn the remains
of the deceased, Louisa-kun.
No way
It's only money you've lost.
Only status. That's all.
Those paltry things were
all that gave me value.
And this is my foolish end.
I suggest you laugh.
Episode 32
Yeah, I think it's good.
It's delicious.
It's average.
The customers won't be satisfied if you
sell this for the same price as the manager's.
You're right, though.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Wasn't there anyone
in the Guild who made coffee?
Come to think of it
Louisa-chan would often
drink coffee before work.
She was a strategist for
the Guild, wasn't she?
She's a good girl.
She was the one who scouted me
at the orphanage, too.
She must have been a good friend.
Wh-What's with that look?!
You aren't fooling me!
B-Besides, she wasn't a friend.
I mean
Louisa-chan was as shy as a clam.
I never saw her have a normal
conversation with anyone.
Oh, except with the boss, Francis-san.
That man had no interest in
what people were thinking.
Apparently that made it easier for her.
I see.
Speaking of which,
Louisa-chan has never used
her ability for her own sake before.
Only when she was ordered to?
I wonder why.
I wonder.
It might be because she doesn't
care about herself too much.
Your value isn't in your money or your status.
It's in your qualities as a leader.
Devising strategies under your orders
is the only way I become a powerful giant.
So please give me orders,
with your strong words.
I can't.
But you said you'd grant my wish.
I said I'd hear your wish,
not that I'd grant it.
I'll be waiting.
So will your wife, I'm sure.
My wife
My wife saved me.
My $500,000 wedding ring,
which hadn't been consumed
even when I spent my entire fortune,
was used up for some reason
when I fell from the Moby Dick.
It fortified my body,
and I managed to survive.
You said you wanted orders?
I'll give you one, then.
Never show yourself to me again.
Please don't make me any more miserable.
I got shot down by the Detective
Agency and fled to the slums,
only to hear that the Guild strategist
was wandering around on her own.
I doubted my own ears.
Now then, lady, let's talk about
the Guild's properties.
The Guild hasn't left any behind.
Oh, yeah?
You might not know about it,
but maybe your boss does.
You seem to know where the boss is.
I don't know.
Even if I did, I'd never tell you.
Are you sure?
I take pleasure in tearing people's nails off.
I don't care.
All my goals in life vanished
just a moment ago.
Hey, hand me the gun.
This kid's useless.
She's not going to tell us anything.
Let's get rid of her and move on.
Fifty cents.
Get him, boys!
give me the most valuable thing
in your possession right now.
I'm going to need a good sum of
money to deal with these people.
If I do, will you grant my wish this time?
I'll grant your wish.
I'll give you everything I have.
What is this power?
The power of money.
I didn't get much of a boost.
It seems your value is limited.
Of course.
I was going to give it to
you for free, after all.
Now that we have a deal,
it seems I won't be living here anymore.
My goal was to obtain the book
that is sealed away in this area
and save my wife back home.
Let's do it.
But to find the book and break the seals,
I'm going to need a large-scale
special ability investigation.
For that, our use of the Supernatural
Special Operations Division will be key.
To buy off the Special
Operations Division
Simply buying them off
would be a weak solution.
We might as well buy the whole Division.
You've made an estimate a
long time ago, haven't you?
The amount needed to effectively acquire
the Special Operations Division
and the core institution that owns it,
the Ministry of the Interior
Approximately 50 billion dollars.
We have no capital.
All we have is two wanted gifted.
Isn't this exciting?
It's the birth of the new Guild.
Beasts of sin, clamoring for a miracle
Crimes that have been repeated
for thousands of years.
Don't worry.
It's almost complete.
This is the Guild's new headquarters
I'm going to use my ability
to devise a strategy.
You mean your ability to divine the
probability of all the developments
during an operation, as well as
ways to deal with them?
With you, Louisa, one of the
top gifted in the Guild,
50 billion dollars is worth no more than
loose change found on the streets.
My ability can't be activated unless
I'm in a private room by myself.
Give me about three minutes.
All right.
That's the neighbor's place.
Our headquarters isn't this whole building,
just one room in it?
Well, fine.
Excuse me.
Now then, three minutes will
be worth about two weeks.
My ability doesn't really allow me
to predict the future based
on existing information.
It slows the flow of time
to one eight-thousandth,
but only when I'm spending time
thinking in a closed room.
So this is going to be the second
last drink I have in life.
My friend, I'll be right with you soon.
And your last drink is to
be that degreaser?
Who's there?!
Don't mind me.
I'm just here to watch.
I'm bored of seeing handgun suicides,
but metal degreaser
This'll make for a good spectacle.
Professor T. J. Eckleberg.
An engineer for a security firm.
A genius who almost single-handedly developed
a facial recognition system
for security cameras,
and a murderer who killed his own colleague.
I didn't do it!
I don't think I did.
Nine days ago, a fellow
engineer was killed at work.
What led to your arrest, ironically,
was the image from your
facial recognition system.
That day, I got in a fight with my best friend
and drank until I blacked out.
When I came to, I was in front
of the company office,
my clothes soaked in my best friend's blood.
But it wasn't me.
I would never kill him!
Believe me, please!
I don't care if you did it or not.
I'll make you innocent.
Wh-What are you trying to do?
Give me the source code to your facial
recognition system, Eyes of God.
I'll pay at least $200,000
for the patent acquisition.
That's worth as much to me as a pebble,
compared to who I'm looking for.
But it's a good first step.
It's your choice, genius engineer.
Me or the degreaser?
Which poison will you drink?
As requested, I've arranged an appointment
with the security firm the professor worked for.
What's that bag?
I bought this over there.
This is amazing, Louisa-kun.
Why three of the same pot?
It was a one-day three-for-one offer.
I had no idea that choosing
affordable products
with limited funds could be so fun!
I've always bought the entire store when
there was something I wanted, until now.
Not just the pots, either.
This all-purpose knife was on sale,
This person's been rich for so long,
his shopping instincts are dismally bad.
requires no sharpening, and cuts
through meat, bone and all.
He doesn't even cook!
I'm going to have to return them later.
The tea is lukewarm.
I question this company's dignity.
And what brings you here today?
I'll make your former employee,
Professor Eckleberg, innocent.
Pay me $100,000 upon my success.
Make him innocent?
I'm sure it can't be good PR for your
former employee to have been a murderer.
I can't do that.
If the facial recognition system,
Eyes of God, came to that conclusion,
the professor is guilty without a doubt.
Why would a corporation be interested
in saving an employee, anyway?
You treat an employee in
need like he's a biohazard.
I'm leaving.
Dig through the circumstances
around the murder.
That chairman knows something.
But I'm a strategist.
I don't have the ability to solve a mystery.
My employees are all highly capable.
You may not be able to solve the murder,
but you know who can.
Am I right?
Rampo-kun, are you in?
You're from the Guild.
Hey, Poe-kun! It's you!
How's your new mystery novel coming along?
I'm here today to challenge you with a riddle.
It's not your new novel?
These are the documents.
A former security firm engineer
is suspected of killing his coworker.
Manhasset Security?
This is an interesting case indeed,
but the professor isn't the murderer.
It's this chairman.
Given the evidence presented, we believe
that the defendant, albeit heavily intoxicated,
is responsible for this highly violent murder
and thus there are no grounds for clemency.
We will now recess for fifteen minutes
while the jury makes their decision.
So far so good, murderer.
You killed your own employee
and blamed it on someone else.
I commend you for having
dirtied your own hands.
The first secret to success:
Never leave the most
important task to others.
Isn't that right?
What are you talking about?
A detective saw through your alibi.
Unbeknownst to the professor, you had a
backdoor planted in the security system
Secret code to automatically replace the face
of someone in the footage with someone else's.
I'm sure both governments and criminal organizations
would spend a lot of money for that code.
After you had the professor's
colleague write the backdoor code,
you killed him in order to silence him,
overwrote your image with
that of the professor,
and pinned the crime on him.
Are you threatening me?
Give me $400,000.
I'll forget that we ever spoke and
make sure the professor is found guilty.
The truth isn't worth a penny.
Your own profit—money—is everything.
You're right.
I've seen those eyes of yours.
You think the lives of
others aren't worth trash.
They're the same eyes as mine.
Very well.
Here's a check for $400,000.
Forget that I committed the murder,
and about the backdoor.
Contact me if you ever need something.
I'll help you cover up anything.
This is why it's so hard to stop being a villain.
Please believe me.
I didn't do it.
Have you come to a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor.
We unanimously find the defendant guilty.
Who are you?
We're in the middle of a trial.
When I'm in the room, I make the rules.
Listen up, incompetents.
Very well.
Here's a check for $400,000.
Forget that I committed the murder,
and about the backdoor.
That voice!
This voice recorder is available
on a three-for-one offer.
This is what you call smart shopping.
That's an unlawful recording!
It doesn't count as evidence!
True, it has no value in court.
Neither does this $400,000 check,
signed by you.
That's all I have to say, everyone.
Please carry on with your charade.
You asshole!
Are you really going to throw away good
money for your petty sense of justice?
Neither the recording nor the
check can be used as evidence.
You can't make me guilty.
I never intended to make you guilty.
You said money is everything, did you not?
Indeed, money is everything.
Take a look at your company's stock prices.
True Evidence Was Not in the Eyes
of God but in a Digital Recorder
The Truth Behind Manhasset
Security Chairman Buchanan
Revealed by Man Barging into Court Room
The Power of Money Reveals a Blind
Spot in the Eyes of God: A Backdoor
The jurors in court should be
spreading rumors any minute now.
Breaking: Murderer Identified to Be Chairman T. Buchanan;
Backdoor Found to Have Cheated the Eyes of God
The head of a corporation turns out
to be the one behind a murder.
Your stock price is taking
a nosedive right about now,
and I already shorted
your company's stocks.
400 million dollars.
The stocks you own will be worth
no more than scrap paper.
Almost all of your value
will land in my pocket.
It won't be easy living on
the streets at your age.
Son of a bitch!
I'm the chairman of a military corporation!
Wh-What is this strength?
The Great Fitzgerald.
Good morning.
Where's the president?
Over here, Professor.
How've you been since you got your job back?
Twice the pay, twice the work.
It's not worth it.
It would be even more of a sin to leave my
excellent employees with nothing to do.
I bought back most of the
stocks at rock-bottom prices.
This company belongs to me now.
And, most importantly,
I've acquired the Eyes of God.
It'll be a great asset in the future,
when we fight to recover the book.
This is an oversight
I must hurry.
Francis-sama, where to?
Huge Sale
These pots are on special sale.
Episode 33
The Masked
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