Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

The Masked Assassin

What comes after knowing the evil within
Blood stains
The trail stops at this puddle.
What a dangerous night.
What a curious skill, kicking nothing
but air to change direction.
Death to the gifted.
An eternal slumber in the soil,
from which there is no awakening.
A gifted-hunter.
If I'm not your only target,
I'll have to stop you.
You can't reach me.
You'll never reach me.
No matter how masterful you
may be in martial arts,
you can't evade an attack
outside of your awareness.
An attack from an empty dead-end
You seem to have detected my bloodlust.
But this is adequate.
Inescapable death awaits everywhere.
For example, by gunshot,
by disease, by loneliness,
and by poison.
It is a good, moonlit night to die.
Episode 33
The Masked
Is it true that the president was attacked?!
He survived, but he's unconscious
and suffering mysterious symptoms.
He isn't improving, even with
Yosano-sensei's abilities.
There have been a lot of
similar attacks recently.
Gifted being attacked at night,
with no one around to see.
Some have already died.
What do we know about the attacker?
Only that they use an unknown ability
and that they wear a mask.
A masked assassin.
Of course, the attacker may be dead
before we start running around.
Atsushi-kun, which organization do
you think stands to lose the most
if a gifted-killer were to
go on a massacre in town?
The Gifted Special Operations Division.
In this town, it's the opposite.
It's the Port Mafia.
For the Port Mafia, masters of the night,
the relentless killing of the gifted
on whom their existence depends
is an insult akin to having a
knife swung around at their nose.
If one of the Port Mafia
were to fall victim
Their credibility would come tumbling down.
But will they take action before
there are any casualties?
The first to make a move wins.
That's what Mori-san would always say.
I guarantee they will act.
They may have even discovered
the attacker's hideout by now.
We were a moment too late.
Boss, the hideout is an empty shell.
So they're good at playing tag.
Come on, Rintarou!
That's all right.
As proud as they may be of their quick feet,
Rintarou, Rintarou!
they cannot run from the night forever.
Are we going to the sweets shop yet?
We're almost there, Elise-chan.
But first, one more place.
Another clothes shop?!
This is the fifteenth one!
It's a short distance by car.
I could die happy, right now,
if you came with me.
Fine, I'll go. Happy?
Right, where were we?
Has the trap been set as planned?
The assassin will soon make his next attack.
That's when we'll catch him.
Thanks for waiting, Elise-chan.
All right, let's go!
The alleyway where the president was attacked,
and the blood stains that
the president first saw.
An unidentified puddle of blood.
An attack from an empty dead-end
and the ability to walk on air.
That makes sense.
I know who the attacker is.
This seriously sucks.
Thanks, Elise-chan.
But I-I can't breathe.
Ow, ow
It's me.
As you expected,
our prey has taken the bait.
Then give him a good bite.
The first to make a move always wins.
The vehicle detonation signal
came from Area C-33.
For gifted, the slumber of death.
To think that the rabbit being
hunted would show its face
Are you the gifted-killer?
For the resurrection of my beloved,
I carry out this contract of death.
You kill for someone's sake.
Is that your goal?
I can't say it's not beautiful.
But without strength,
you're just a howling animal!
So you're the gifted-killer.
The Guild's Irmão.
What the
Is it an accident?
No one's hurt!
Just the car!
It's burning
At the shopping mall?
This is a scoop!
Seriously? I can't see anything.
Look at all these gawkers.
Maybe we made too much of a commotion.
Are you all right?
We received word that a car exploded.
Oh, not to worry, officer.
My daughter here just put some
orange juice in the gas tank.
She said she wanted mister car to try some.
Right, Elise-chan?
It was an accident?
Your clothes appear burnt.
Are you hurt?
We're fine.
See? We're doing great.
That's a problem.
What the?!
I lost him.
The excessive number of gawkers
was his doing, as well.
Your ability, The Scarlet Letter,
allows you to manipulate blood.
You affix the blood writing to nothingness,
allowing you to walk on the air.
And this
is what was behind your unmanned attacks.
Firing words from the puddle of blood.
That's quite a devious skill you've acquired,
for a straight-laced man of God.
Jaws of Endless Gates!
Jaws of Endless Gates
You said this was for the
resurrection of your beloved.
So you're doing this is for that woman.
The woman I defeated in combat at the port.
Who are you?
My hat is missing.
Is this what you're looking for?
Hey, demon Fyodor.
It's you.
I haven't seen you since Mukurotoride.
A double-pronged attack that used
the masked man as bait.
I expected as much from you,
so I took the liberty of figuring
out your escape route and waiting.
How do I look?
Oh, fine.
Have it back, then.
This has your name written all over it.
You tinkered with a poor priest's head
and turned him into an assassin,
and had him attack the leaders
of two organizations.
And what business do you have with me today?
I think I'll have you tell me
what poison you used on my boss.
I know what your goal is.
In order to obtain the book you need,
you'll purge Yokohama of all its gifted.
But you Rats don't have
the manpower to burn down
the entirety of Yokohama
the way the Guild did.
That's why you tried to assassinate the heads
of the Detective Agency and the Port Mafia.
Why do you think that?
Because that's what I would do.
So we're two-of-a-kind.
Very well.
I'll tell you.
The poison I used
is a cannibalizing ability.
What is this?
It's a viral ability belonging
to a certain criminal.
A minuscule supernatural lifeform
grows to maturity in 48 hours
and eats through the two hosts' bodies.
However, if one of the hosts
dies, the ability stops.
To save the president,
the only option is to kill
the other host, Mori-san.
You'll have to give up
trying to nullify the ability.
To try to find the virus hiding within
the vital organs and touch it
directly is suicidal.
What will you do?
Will you discuss it with the Port Mafia?
Son of a bitch!
Two days?!
So it's a scheme to make the Armed Detective Agency
and the Port Mafia crush each other.
Big sis
Do you plan to fight the Detective Agency?
You'll be playing right into
the mastermind's hands.
I'll pummel the mastermind.
Two days isn't enough time.
People are sinful and foolish.
Even knowing that it's part of a trap,
they can't help but kill each other.
Someone must cleanse them of that sin,
thus I seek the book.
Just like this.
A sniper
He predicted my actions, too.
I directed him not to
shoot your vital organs.
I need you to carry out your role, which is
to report the conflict with the Port Mafia.
You said we're two-of-a-kind.
We are the same kind,
but there's just one difference
to the way we think.
You're right that people
are all sinful and foolish.
But isn't that what's so great?
You knew about the sniper, didn't you?
You came here knowing that,
in order to obtain information.
The book is a single-volume novel.
A piece of literature wherein whatever
is written becomes reality.
Yes. I'll be using that book to create
a world without sin Without gifted.
Go ahead.
Give it a try.
Where'd he go?
He said he was going to investigate
something around here.
Well, then,
we'll meet again in the promised land.
Fukuzawa-sensei and Mori-sensei
This is fate.
The president's examination is finished.
It sounds like the enemy's warning was true.
The ability is draining the life out of him.
I'm not sure whether he'll
regain consciousness or not.
So it was true.
Let's save the president, Kunikida-san.
Let's kill the Port Mafia's boss!
That's the only way!
It's true that we absolutely
must prevent the president's death.
Dazai is currently undergoing surgery
for the bullet wound at another hospital.
There's no way we can fight
the Port Mafia without him.
Yosano-sensei, where's Rampo-san?
Keeping the president company.
He was devastated.
I don't blame him.
This is bad!
The Port Mafia has surrounded the building!
Sorry, Detective Agency.
It's nothing personal today.
Give me your boss' head,
and you won't have to die.
They're already here?!
They're holding the front
and back entrances.
They are the masters of raids
and killing, after all.
What's our plan?
What do we do?
The enemy is likely well-prepared and ready
to charge in, regardless of casualties.
Worse, they know our abilities.
If we fight them without a plan,
people will die.
But what plan can I come up
with in this panic?
Stay calm, Kunikida.
You call yourself the
president's apprentice?
Are you all right?
The president told us to get a grip.
He's regained consciousness?
But I could hear him.
Give us our orders, Acting President.
I'll deduce any information we need.
Gifted guards spotted in front of
the Detective Agency's hospital room.
A blonde child.
It's that brat again.
Physical attacks do almost nothing to him.
They're playing their trump
card right off the bat.
Of course, they're probably trying
to buy time to get the boss out.
Report. It's not just the child.
Kunikida, the weretiger
Almost the entirety of the Detective Agency's
main force is defending the hospital room.
They're going full-force already?
We'll respond with our top men.
Send Akutagawa and the Black Lizard
over from the perimeter team.
Want to do this one by one?
Or should we all go at it at once?
I don't mind either way.
Episode 34
Cannibalism (Part 1)
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