Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

Cannibalism (Part One)

Want to do this one by one?
Want to do this
one by one?
Or should we all go at it at once?
Or should we all
go at it at once?
I don't mind either way.
An ability to produce illusions.
Kenji-kun broke through the
wall and took the president.
The president and the Agency members
already left a long time ago.
You sacrificed your life to deceive the ambush
and give the others time to escape.
I haven't given up my life.
I have a message from Rampo-san.
Capture the gifted who made the virus?
That's right.
If we fought the Port Mafia head-on,
people would die.
The only way to avoid that
is to change the rules.
If we find and kill the gifted
who created the virus,
or if Dazai touches them, everyone is saved.
But what if that gifted has
already run far away?
They're still nearby.
Weaponized poison always
requires an antidote.
So during this cannibalism,
they'll be here in Yokohama.
According to Dazai,
the mastermind called the gifted wielding
the virus "a certain criminal."
If they're a criminal,
they're stuck in Yokohama.
The normal escape routes are
being monitored by the Agency,
and the underground ones are
being monitored by the Port Mafia.
Take the Detective Agency's or the
military police's intelligence on the gifted.
That'll be more than enough
for me to figure it out.
Episode 34
Cannibalism (Part One)
This is the hideout of the
virus-wielding gifted, Pushkin.
He escaped from a European
gifted prison about two weeks ago.
Guided by the Rats in the House of the Dead,
he's hiding out somewhere here
close to his hometown.
That's Rampo-san's conclusion.
Even though he's from abroad?
He was born abroad, but he grew up here.
It's not unusual here,
in this crucible of gifted criminals.
The atmosphere here reminds
me of the orphanage.
We don't have time.
If we can't stop the cannibalism,
they're going to kill Tanizaki,
who stayed behind to persuade the Port Mafia.
Let's go.
Down here.
Failure isn't an option.
They're here.
Brothers! We've been tracked down!
Hold them off!
He's onto us.
Kunikida-san, over there.
Let's go.
An underground tunnel.
It's him.
A long stretch of tunnel.
I can catch up
as the tiger.
Wait, Atsushi!
Are you all right, Atsushi?
Kids carrying sub-machine guns?
We might end up killing them if
we fired back at their tiny bodies.
Alas, we can't stop here.
Doppo Poet
Doppo Poet!
Tear-gas bomb!
Hold your breath and run.
I can't dodge in time!
What is this? Hell?
Kunikida-san, what about the child's injury?
It's shallow enough for
Yosano-sensei to patch up.
It's that child again.
Kunikida-san, there's something
wrong with this place.
I was expecting to be met by gifted.
They aren't gifted.
They're kids armed with guns.
And for having expected us to come,
the alarms and escape routes
are horribly ill-prepared.
I'm helping my brother.
go after him from another route.
Leave this to me.
Don't fail to catch him.
Listen carefully.
Your brother won't die.
I won't let him be killed.
I promise.
Did you abduct me to make me
listen to you play cello?
I just have some questions
about our mutual acquaintances,
the Armed Detective Agency.
Katsura-san, you set bombs
on a girl to take revenge
on a Detective Agency
member named Kunikida.
He gambled his life to save the child.
Is that correct?
What good does it do you to know that?
His ideals are true!
His soul will never be broken by anyone!
In order to protect the girl,
first I have to get her to
throw away the grenades.
Don't worry.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I know.
I'm good at magic tricks.
Want to watch?
You'll be the one to save your brother.
The man is dangerous.
If he ever reveals his notebook
My brother
I'm going to save my brother.
Happiness to the world.
Blessings for the children.
It's over! Give it up!
Are you that desperate to hide
the crime in the shadows?
A good man told me.
There's a group trying to
cover up the hit-and-run!
The hit-and-run from six months ago.
What are you talking about?
Never mind that. I'm going to have
you stop your ability.
What are you talking about?
A lanky Russian?
That's right.
That kind Russian man told me
my life will be spared
if I show this to my pursuers.
It's the military police's documentation
on the gifted who controls the virus.
Gifted Research
Name: Pushkin A.
Nationality: Russian
Native name: Пушкин
English Name: Pushkin
Sex: Male
DOB: May 26
Ability: Manipulation
of a lethal virus
It's not him.
It definitely looks real, but
It does look real, but this document
is likely a fake, as well.
Then the enemy is taking advantage
of your deductive skills, too?
I don't like him.
It's like going up against Dazai.
By the way, I have a message
from the kind Russian.
He told me to tell you just this:
The rules can't be changed.
We're out of chips to bargain
with the Port Mafia.
Tanizaki is in danger.
It's been years since the
Port Mafia's been so vicious.
The promised time has come.
It appears the Agency has failed
to capture the virus user.
They've kept from contacting us because
Rampo-san determined that's
the best course of action.
It's not a problem.
But there's no longer a
chance of a cease fire.
Prepare yourself, mister.
We once fought over a billion in bounty.
We also clashed in the three-way
war with the Guild.
But the Port Mafia now fights
not for profit or reward,
but to protect the boss and to have
purpose for existing as who we are.
Many would sacrifice their lives for that.
Including myself.
All that remains is a blood-soaked
path littered with human entrails.
It's a path the Mafia is
accustomed to traveling.
Are you going to kill me?
I'll have you become a double agent.
You're telling me to become a spy?
You can threaten me however you want—
You have a younger sister, don't you?
Gin here is an assassin.
If you fail to comply,
your precious sister
Do anything to Naomi,
and I'll kill all of you.
I like your ferociousness.
You henchmen won't hit me
with even a million bullets.
Do you think I'm bluffing?
Try it.
Tatami Gatana
Doppo Poet!
Tatami Gatana!
So this is the illusion ability, Light Snow.
Stop shooting, Tachihara!
You won't hit him.
Where the hell did that knife come from?
Didn't we search him?
We mustn't underestimate the
Armed Detective Agency's gifted.
Did you get him?
That was an illusion, too.
We're locked in.
I would have never expected so much
from an illusion-using gifted.
He's far too dangerous.
His ability is terrifyingly
suited for assassination.
Now what, old man?
It seems his goal wasn't to
negotiate with the Port Mafia.
His goal
is to assassinate the boss.
There's been an enemy intrusion.
Secure the elevator hall.
Don't let anyone onto this floor!
The only way to end the war.
Is to do this!
Oh? You're awake.
You have a horrible fever.
Don't move.
Where am I?
Anne's Room.
It's the safest place in the world.
Your tiger kitty came crying to me,
so I couldn't refuse.
Hey, stay still.
We must not fight the Port Mafia.
My life isn't as important.
Protect the city's stability and peace.
Forgive me, boy.
If that man were to die,
the Port Mafia would regress
to the one I so despise.
You've made yourself vanish, I see.
But even if I can't see you,
you have intense bloodlust.
Golden Demon.
Knives fill the entire space.
I can't even escape, let alone get close.
Naomi, I'm sorry.
Demon Snow!
This was my old turf.
The back doors, the entry routes
I know all of them.
I see.
Wait, Kyouka!
You'll hit Kyouka.
Just as planned.
Kyouka-chan has extracted Tanizaki-san.
Take the truck there.
Get in!
I'm sorry, Rampo-san.
I messed up.
It's all right.
How does the Port Mafia look?
It looks like they've transported
the boss to an underground shelter.
We won't be able to sneak in there.
We'll have to fight our way through, head-on.
But, Rampo-san, according
to the message I received,
the boss said not to fight the Port Mafia.
What is your goal?
Just what the hell is your goal?
Episode 35
Cannibalism (Part 2)
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