Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

Cannibalism (Part Two)

Virus symptoms
in 17 hours
We just received word not
to fight the Port Mafia.
Those are the orders from
our dying president.
Maybe we should look for a way
to capture the gifted who controls the virus.
We've already tried that.
The enemy is as crafty as can be.
It'll be impossible to uproot all of his
meticulously prepared traps in time.
Even for you?
I say this because I would know.
That said, this is a
flagrant violation of orders.
So, decide for yourselves whether
you're participating or not.
Are you telling us to choose between
fighting the Port Mafia or not?
That's right.
We don't have time to think about it, though.
If the Port Mafia finds out that our
president is in a safe ability space,
they'll move to making threats.
The employees' family members, friends,
and loved ones will be taken hostage.
If we don't hand over the president,
they'll threaten to kill them one by one.
If that happens, even the Detective Agency
will have no choice but to buckle.
All that remains is a blood-soaked
path littered with human entrails.
It's a path the Mafia is
accustomed to traveling.
I'll do it.
At the end of the day,
we only know how to protect
people by hurting people.
I will, too.
I have a bit of a bone
to pick with Mori-sensei.
I'm sure he would be satisfied
with such an ending.
I'm afraid of that man.
But if my knowledge of the Port Mafia
can be useful to the Detective Agency,
then I should go, as well.
Kyouka-chan, you, too?
I don't know whether this is right or wrong,
but if everyone's walking into danger,
I'll go with them and help.
Kunikida, what about you?
The president ordered us to protect
the city's peace and stability.
The president's will is to protect the people
from the city's demise, brought on by Fyodor.
Will you bend the rules
and go after the gifted, then?
If we break the rules,
more innocent people will die!
Like that girl
If another death like that
happens before my eyes
I'll never
Kunikida, you're the strongest and
most virtuous of us in the Agency.
That's why the enemy tried
to break you first.
Don't forget that.
We can't find the Port Mafia.
We'd be playing right into
the mastermind's hands.
But it's not like the others don't know that.
Are you coming, Atsushi?
Or do you have a plan for
going after the mastermind?
I'll think of something.
Remember when you asked Katai
to investigate the
Rats in the House of the Dead?
That investigation has
been ongoing, hasn't it?
There's a very slim chance that Katai has
figured out the mastermind's location.
I'll leave that to you.
Got it.
Episode 35
Part 2
Fire! Keep them away!
Ow, that hurts!
The Port Mafia sure does pack a punch.
Okay, my turn!
Here we go!
Let's charge in!
They charged through the front?
Protect the boss at all costs!
I'll be right there!
I can't let you do that, fancy hat boy.
By my estimates, your involvement
will lower our chances of victory.
So, with that said,
I'm here to stop you.
Are you serious?
I know you're integral
to the Detective Agency,
but I don't think you can put up a fight.
But you've lost to Dazai before, haven't you?
Want to see what it's like
to be crushed by gravity?
Nothing is impossible for a great detective.
Katai-san, I'm coming in.
He's gone.
Katai-san would never leave his futon.
Katai-san's not here.
Where could he be?
What's that?
Katai's been recording footage of his room
in case there was an incident.
I thought you would go fight
the Port Mafia, Kunikida-san.
If we go against the rules and go after him,
more innocent people will die.
If nothing I do can save that girl,
I'm going to save the president,
the city, and the next would-be victim.
I can't think of any other
way to honor her memory.
It's Katai.
He's in the middle of investigating.
So this is their
A doll?
Move, and you're dead.
Tell me the code to the underground
room where the boss is sleeping.
I heard you joined the Detective Agency
and stopped being an assassin.
That seems to have been misinformation.
I won't kill if it doesn't serve a purpose.
But if you don't tell me the entry code
I'll make sure you never fire a gun again.
I've been prepared since the
moment I took this job.
I see.
That's a shame.
It's been a long time, Kyouka.
Inform the brass of the intruder.
I'll handle it from here.
It's been a while since I've
fought an enemy with any spine.
Want to see what it's like
to be crushed by gravity?
Nothing is impossible for a great detective.
Do you like mystery novels?
I can't get my fist out!
There are a thousand characters,
and half of them are murderers.
If we don't die in this fictional world
where we have no abilities,
I'll see you when we get back.
I was so eager to write a good
mystery novel for his game.
I've been taken advantage of.
Alas, that tale of massacre
will take the Port Mafia brass,
and even Rampo-kun, several days to escape.
Or perhaps both will die, and I alone
will stand in the glory of victory.
But what would I do with myself
if Rampo-kun were to die?
Not good enough!
An assassin, specialized in black ops
and ambushes, has already half lost
the moment she decided to fight
against a formidable opponent.
I'm still not convinced the Detective
Agency is the right path for you.
I'm no longer the person you used to know.
She dematerialized and escaped my bonds!
I can't even touch her
with physical attacks.
Devoured Space!
You said I was worthless if I didn't kill people.
Demon Snow was a decoy!
Defeated by such a lowly ability
We're under a barrage of bullets.
We're pinned down like
a butterfly on a board.
How are things over there, Atsushi?
No leads so far.
Katai-san's been erased.
Katai has?!
Tell Kunikida
Even more people are about to die.
Tell him to keep the luxury of
mourning friends until later.
I don't know how long
we'll last here, either.
The gunfire stopped.
What the hell is that?
Demonic Armor
I can't move the blade!
You really have changed, Kyouka.
Your eyes are not the same
as when I knew you.
Four years
Are you the gifted who can cut anything?
Port Mafia
Hall of
Light and Dark
And if I am?
Cut down Demon Snow.
Avenge my parents.
And then, Demon Snow's master
Kill me.
Your eyes were filled with vengeance.
Those eyes saw no value in your own life.
How would you know?
Because I knew a man who had
the same eyes as yours.
And what happened to that man?
The same as what happened to you.
He met a certain person, joined a certain
organization, and ceased to desire death.
I'm happy for you.
Senpai, you need to retreat for now.
The lemon runway is coming.
All right.
I pulled three all-nighters to develop this!
In the end, I forgot to wear my underwear.
The enemy's retreated.
We need to make a run for it.
Hold it.
Something's not right.
Now, then, allow me to announce the
theme of today's science experiment.
Fireworks Up-Close!
Don't tell me those are all filled with
Guys, let's get outside.
Just come!
The lemon runway!
My path in life is filled
with nothing but explosions!
Go near him, and you'll be blown into so many pieces
that even I couldn't put you back together.
This world has always been empty.
Happiness, too, is but a
simple signal in the brain.
Thus, the truest way to live is to use
science to dance and play with reality!
I won't allow you to kill the grand master
of the universe who makes it so!
Let's go.
Full retreat.
I won't stop you.
I'm not a Detective Agency employee.
But I took care of you,
so you could at least tell
me where you're going.
I'm going to meet an old friend.
There's no getting close
to the enemy's building,
so long as we have to deal
with that idiot's bombs.
What's the matter?
The president vanished?
Abandon all battle stations.
The boss has vanished from his bed.
Missing from a closed
underground room, I see.
I'm out of ideas.
Perhaps we should call a detective.
I'm kidding.
We've received word of a sighting
from the guards outside.
The boss left of his own will.
Where would he have gone when
the Agency is out to get him?
I don't know.
But I can think of a reason.
He's trying to protect us.
Virus symptoms begin
in 12 hours
Mii-chan hasn't been back
for over two days now.
I'll go look for him.
It's dangerous outside.
But Mii-chan's smart.
When he doesn't come home,
it's always because something
bad's about to happen.
The attempted bombing of the police building,
the illegal military activities before that
I have to bring him back, or something
bad will happen to the president.
Mii-chan will be fine.
It's you that I'm worried about.
The boss
That man
He pushed through his sickness
and left all on his own to save us.
So, Tanizaki-kun, where
has the president gone?
We've got everyone looking for him,
but we don't have the slightest idea.
I'm not surprised.
The president will have chosen
somewhere we cannot find him.
If anyone would know where he is,
it would be the people who
are acquainted with him.
What would that person do
in a situation like this?
That person?
Isn't that
Isn't that Haruno-san's cat?
This place brings back memories.
Our fated place, known to neither
the Agency or the Port Mafia.
If we're ever to meet without any
prior arrangement, this is the only place.
I had faith that you would come.
Have you brought your subordinates?
If I did, it would only have started
another war between our organizations.
There's one way to avoid
causing casualties in a war.
The two of us will duel, one-on-one,
and stop the cannibalism with
the death of whomever loses.
We both have so much more
to protect now, don't we?
It's been ten years, after all.
Since we fought together.
And this place will now become your grave.
Vita Sexualis.
Vita Sexualis
Episode 36
Cannibalism (Part 3)
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