Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Cannibalism (Part 3)

As vile a special ability as ever.
As vile
a special
ability as ever.
Now, Eriusu-chan, give him a gentle pat.
He draws the sword so elegantly
that you don't even see it.
I'd expect no less of the Silver Fox,
formerly the best assassin
swordsman in the government.
— Twelve Years Ago —
Guard duty?
I'm told that you're an
exceptional bodyguard.
I'm taking a break from bodyguard
work for the foreseeable future.
Right now, I'm busy preparing
to open a Detective Agency.
I'm here by order of Natsume-sensei.
You're taking a break?
It would be such a shame
if you become rusty.
Sensei! Our man's been shot!
Help us!
Fine, but don't start a fight inside.
The one who shot him is
being treated, as well.
G-Got it.
Oh, not to worry.
This clinic is a neutral zone.
I get to hear all kinds of interesting
stories from the underground.
It never gets boring.
Underground doctor Mori Ougai.
What a shady man.
Why did Natsume-sensei
order me to protect him?
Because your clinic is a safe zone,
you gather a lot of information on the
underground through your patients.
Enough to shut down a smaller
organization overnight.
You work on the side as a black
market information broker.
We're interested in knowing
where the Port Mafia armory is.
The Port Mafia boss has been
chaotically causing casualties, as of late.
We can easily blame all of our
crimes on the Port Mafia right now.
Especially if we use their weapons.
I know.
You attacked a drug transport
vehicle last week.
I love this city, including
its underground society.
But parasites like you make
me sick to my stomach.
What about you, Fukuzawa-dono?
We had at least a dozen guards out front!
I killed all of them.
Stay back!
I'll kill him!
That's fine.
Oh, come on.
He was just buying time for me to arrive.
Am I right?
You have the same disgusting stench as me.
I pretended to be caught so they would
tell me where their hideout is.
It's time for payback and revenge.
Just as planned by Natsume-sensei.
Natsume-sensei is the legendary gifted who
was the core backer of the Detective Agency.
He comes and goes, and his
whereabouts are unknown.
Rumor has it that his special ability
is the most powerful of all,
allowing him to see through anything.
Dried sardines.
— Once Again, Twelve Years Ago —
"You'll be fine, Fukuzawa," my ass.
There were a lot more enemies
than your information suggested.
The Silver Wolf's skills
sure are a sight to behold.
You spared me half the work.
Is it not in vain?
Is what in vain?
The conspiracy we stopped today was
no more than a speck among calamities.
Until the tyranny of the
Port Mafia is stamped out,
disasters will continue to strike.
I'm aware.
That's why I'll be taking on
Natsume-sensei's three-part framework.
Three-part framework?
Since fighting here twelve years ago,
we've clashed and fought countless times.
But when we did fight alongside one another,
we were invariably unmatched.
I'm sorry, Rintarou.
I'll be waiting on the other side.
I expected this to happen.
This is the end of the three-part framework.
The three-part framework
In which the military police and Special
Operations Division would oversee the day,
the Port Mafia would oversee the night,
and the Armed Detective Agency
would oversee the twilight,
maintaining order in the city.
Natsume-sensei implemented
the framework and retired.
We never did learn about his
rumored almighty special ability.
Fukuzawa-dono, there's something
I'd like to tell you before we die.
The Detective Agency and the
Mafia are not of equal value.
If you die, the fighting will end.
But if I die, the Mafia will
become uncontrollably vengeful,
and there will be an even bloodier
gang war between our organizations.
Kunikida-san's friend of
over a decade just died.
I don't know if even he can handle it.
Katai's always been a troublesome man.
I dragged him out of his room and
made him join the Detective Agency,
but then he would bring his own
futon to the office and live there.
His futon? You mean Yoshiko-san?
There's something I noticed about
the footage we saw earlier.
The futon Katai was in when
he got shot wasn't Yoshiko.
Katai wouldn't use another
futon without a reason.
I suspect it was a bullet-proof futon.
In other words, Katai isn't dead.
But how would he have
escaped that situation?
That's the problem.
Someone deceived the Fyodor.
Who saved Katai?
I could not have won by might, so I
took to the dirty art of persuasion.
This, too, must be fate.
It's such a shame.
Come to think of it, the things
that happen when Mii-chan vanishes,
including the attempted bombing
of the police building
and the discovery of the military's
illegal activities
Disasters are stopped every time.
And Mii-chan vanished three days ago,
right before the "cannibalism" began.
When the president collapsed
You two sure are a pain in the ass.
I'm a retired old man.
Give me a break.
Why do you think I left you
in charge of the city?
Natsume Soseki
Special ability: I Am a Cat
Natsume-dono! Where are you?
Young Katai has figured out
where the Rats are hiding.
But the enemy is the epitome of craftiness.
If they realize they're being pursued,
they'll disappear into the darkness,
never to be captured again.
So what will you make of this chance?
I see.
Just when the two leaders
may or may not be dead
They'll stay in their
hideout to wait and see.
The best moment is within the twelve hours
before the onset of the virus's symptoms.
I've already given your subordinates
the information they need.
No mere rat could chew up an
organization of my approval.
I expect the two of you to prove me right.
Episode 36 Cannibalism (Part 3)
Let me go, Dazai-san!
You two are going to start fighting
with your special abilities again.
Ow, ow!
Please don't struggle so much.
You're going to reopen
the wound on my tummy.
Why is Akutagawa here for our retaliation
mission to save the president?
Because that's my plan.
I'm going to have the two of you sneak
into the enemy hideout together.
The enemy base is in an
old abandoned coal mine.
It's several hundred kilometers wide.
The interior is packed with sensors
and traps to stop intruders.
Our main target is the gifted
who controls the virus.
Unless we can disable his special ability,
both bosses could die.
Our secondary target is
their leader, Fyodor.
Isn't that all the more reason to keep
him out of such an important mission?
Akutagawa's hatred for me is beyond reason.
There's no way the mission
is going to pan out.
So he says.
I'll carry out the mission.
Why is he so focused?
It's been four years since you've
been under my command, huh?
I hope to see you a little more capable now.
Yes, sir.
You're actually Akutagawa, right?
You're going to cooperate with me in battle?
What did you have for dinner last night?
Look at all those guards.
They all have wireless communicators.
If we fight, the enemy headquarters
will know instantly.
The sensor at the entrance
is a countermeasure against
Tanizaki-kun's illusion ability.
Their vital signs are being sent
to headquarters every minute.
They'll know something is wrong if the
guards so much as become excited or nervous.
We can't even let them get nervous,
let alone defeat them.
Weretiger, bear in mind two things.
Fall behind, and I'll leave you behind.
Get in my way, and I'll kill you.
He left you behind.
I'm going, too.
But, Atsushi, how are you going to
He slid past the guards and the sensors.
We have to keep up.
Let's get started.
Dazai-san told us to stick together.
This is my first opportunity in four years
to prove my superiority to Dazai-san.
I'd in fact prefer that
you'd be taken down early.
How utterly slow of me.
I ought to cut you down
and report to him that the weretiger had
been held down and had disappeared.
If you want to fight, I'm on.
But if we fight now, we'll make a
huge mess and let the target escape.
Is that what you want?
You only ever think about killing
the enemy in front of your eyes.
Of course, Dazai-san would
leave you and vanish on you!
As someone who's lived his life constantly
worried about what other people think,
I have a modest talent.
I can hear the switch
go off in someone's mind
when I bring up something that
never must be brought up.
You're right.
Wait, Akutagawa!
There's a detector ahead.
If we get caught, they'll know we're here.
Why did you decide to work here?
I snuck into this country.
Why else would I take up such a sketchy job?
The guards are coming.
And the detector is still up ahead.
What do we do?
Don't kill them, Akutagawa!
That's up to them.
Raise your voice without my
permission, and I kill you.
Got it?
Hey, Forty-nine, Forty-eight,
your vital signs are slightly elevated.
Is something wrong?
But bear in mind that your
lives are terribly cheap.
F-Forty-eight here.
It's nothing.
There was a huge snake.
It ran away.
Are you sure it was the snake that ran away?
It wasn't you?
Work for your money.
Next, mute your microphones.
Don't resist He's that black-caped beast.
I thought that was a fairy tale.
Where is your employer?
We don't know We're just here for the money.
Shall I begin with your ears?
I-I swear!
I don't even know what this facility is,
let alone what the boss looks like.
I think he's telling the truth.
Fyodor would never entrust his underlings
with important information.
So they're grunts that
aren't even worthy pawns.
What are you going to do with these guards?
We can't kill them or leave them.
Do you two have any ideas?
If not, I'll cut off your toes
to keep you from running away.
Wait, wait!
I don't know where the boss is,
but I saw a blast door over there.
It's a cutting-edge one with voiceprint
and fingerprint recognition.
The enemy base?
Katai-san might be able to
infiltrate their systems.
Switch allegiances.
The Port Mafia will pay you tenfold.
Sounds like things are finally
turning around for us.
Thank you.
Now, Port Mafia,
has the cannibalism ended as planned?
It seems the boss and Fukuzawa of the
Detective Agency fought in a duel.
The hotel they fought at was
blown up for some reason.
It's not clear whether they're alive or dead.
I see.
I gave you the information I promised.
Please deactivate the bomb, already.
My apologies.
You can disable the necktie bomb
by removing the blue wire.
Personnel Only
Now, then.
Do you think you can open it, Katai-san?
This is an isolated network.
Tayama Katai
Video call
It could be hard to pull off
with my connection speed.
Then prioritize finding the
enemy over opening this door.
If we don't take down the virus controlling
the gifted, the boss will die in moments.
Gotcha. Just a sec, bro.
Who are you calling "bro"? I'll kill you.
Say, Akutagawa
Why do you think Dazai-san
made us work together?
The thoughts of a fool.
Anyone who questions Dazai
falls into a cognitive prison.
I have a question, as well.
Why did you participate in this operation?
Why does a coward like you put your
life at risk for another person?
Because I feel the need to help.
For what reason?
Because it's the right thing to do.
For what reason?
Those who can save no one
do not deserve to live.
I got it!
I know where the virus
controller Pushkin is!
He's very close.
He's behind you, two meters away.
Pushkin A.
I missed.
Special ability:
A Feast in Time of Plague
But that's all right, too.
He's the gifted controlling the virus!
Our primary target!
Let's go.
Don't underestimate small wounds.
Seeing powerful gifteds suffer is great
entertainment for weak men like me.
What's wrong?
the virus ability.
Episode 37
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