Bungo Stray Dogs (2016) s03e12 Episode Script


Virus symptoms—
The next requested piece is the "Waltz of
the Flowers" from The Nutcracker Suite.
Yo, Ivan, I've completed the orders.
Hey, Ivan, are you listening?
I can't hear Tchaikovsky.
Listening to the radio again?
I infected the intruders.
So, what's the boss's next order?
Our master instructs you to
do what you can to escape.
No backup?
If I get caught, the virus will be lost, as well.
I have no intention of protecting
anyone other than our master.
I'm in bliss.
I'd love to see your face the
moment the bliss is gone, too.
The skin on my face?
If the master were to ask for it,
I would peel it off without
a second thought.
You're completely nuts.
The bastards are after me.
I'll see you on the surface.
Episode 37
Finally, a connection.
I trust that you're chasing down
the gifted controlling the virus.
His virus infects the victim
through open wounds.
The fever and nausea make it
difficult to even just stand.
Don't let yourselves be so much as grazed.
I'll take care of Fyodor.
Don't let that gifted out of your sight.
Damn, I can't reach.
Neither the wretched dog nor the weretiger
live up to their reputations.
What the hell is that?
Go faster than him!
Also, you're an uncomfortable ride.
Shut up.
Don't think. Just run, fool!
Shut up! You're not paying for this ride!
Got you!
You're too late.
What is that?
He's getting away.
I'm so blessed.
My master, Fyodor-sama,
has tasked me with something more
important than guarding him.
Rats in the House of
the Dead Agent
Ivan G.
Special Ability:
The Precipice
Prepare yourself, weretiger.
We're going to take him down within
a minute and go after the tram.
They're on the move.
Dazai-san, three cars just left the
abandoned mines from the north.
Contact the surface team and follow them.
Ignore them.
Those are decoys meant to slow us down.
How can you be sure?
Because that's what I would do.
Tanizaki-san, there's a cargo truck
leaving from the west of the mines.
Is that the one?
No, it's not.
Ignore that one, too.
Now we're seeing several armed
soldiers moving to the southeast.
They're escorting someone in a hood.
Ignore them.
We're trying to capture a demon.
We need every hand we can spare.
Ignore them.
You're wasting your time.
My ability is to control earth.
No amount of cutting or crushing
will defeat my stone giant.
Don't forget that you're
in the belly of my ability.
Even the ground you stand on is your enemy.
I'm impressed that you survived my blow,
man with the ability of the weretiger.
It seems there'll be a lot of
pain to be had before my bliss.
If we can't defeat the stone giant,
we have no choice but to go
after the gifted himself.
But if this ground is in the
field of his special ability,
even getting close will be difficult.
Then our only choice
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Of course.
How many times do you think
we've tried to kill each other?
Stay put, sickly man.
Keep running, fool.
Give it up!
This is
Is he jumping on the black cloth of that ability
to avoid touching the earth?
I can't tell where he is!
Got you!
An fully-enclosed defense
using fast-spinning rocks.
If I can't tell where you're coming from,
I just need to protect myself in all directions.
Now, wretched dog, it's your turn.
"Even the ground that you
stand on is your enemy."
I'm afraid to say, those words have been
directed at my enemies countless times.
Damn it, using me as bait
You're the one who charged
in knowing you were bait.
Of course I knew.
How many times do you think
we've tried to kill each other?
Let's go after the tram, weretiger.
Be my horse.
Come on, that's—
A golem
It's a fake!
This is the virus'
My master brings joy to this godless world.
Evil is the one who stands in his way.
I've infected you with the virus
through your wound.
I have no strength.
I won't be able to go after the tram,
even if we beat him.
Dazai-san, there's a helicopter of unknown
nationality approaching from the east.
We can't fight it off with our equipment.
Call for the military police to back us up.
A helicopter?
Is there anyone on the ground?
There's what appears to be hiker
at the base of the mountain.
He's wearing a hat, so I can't see his face.
That's the one.
Everyone stop the hiker.
Send Mori-san's men, too.
G-Got it.
Dazai-san, it wasn't him!
He's just an ordinary hiker
handcuffed with grenades.
It's not Fyodor!
You two are strong.
There's no end to this.
I'll have you drown.
My body's sinking and I don't
have the strength to escape.
Answer my question from earlier.
Why do you fight?
This isn't the time for that.
There's a way to escape.
A last resort.
But answer me first.
Why do you fight?
You know the answer.
Those who can save no one
do not deserve to live.
You fight to escape your childhood
memories and earn the right to live.
But I heard that your childhood master died.
He's not dead.
He's standing behind you right now.
He lives in my head now.
He keeps repeating the cursed words,
"Do what is right."
I can't get revenge against
someone who's dead.
That's far more brutal
than my trivial death.
If I'm a wretched dog, you're a wandering dog.
This is the solution.
Fight, and give me an answer.
If you still lose like this
I'll never forgive you.
One of them is missing!
The whole ground's missing, space and all.
He carved out space with his ability
and moved!
Don't bother.
The stone he carved isn't recovering.
Only those who've tried to kill him
know that the tiger's claws can cut
through the very fabric of an ability.
Thus, by expanding and contracting
the space he detached
the same way he cut through my Rashoumon
our abilities become a peerless
sword against which
there can be no defense for
physical armor or abilities!
Let's go, Akutagawa!
Obliterate him, weretiger!
Beast Beneath the Moonlight, Rashoumon!
Kokuto Zessou!
I made it out.
I win.
Fyodor and the Rats in the House of the Dead
are all tools for my entertainment.
Weak men like me get away with anything.
The haves ought to die barfing.
See? Just as I told you.
What a simplistic escape route.
Far too predictable compared
to Fyodor, master of phantoms.
Well, we were all put in mortal
danger because of you.
Any thoughts?
Forgive me!
I'll disable the virus right away!
I'll turn myself in!
So please
Good enough, then.
Let's forgive him.
Obviously not!
The virus is gone.
The mission was a success.
Fyodor's missing?
He's nowhere to be found.
But he wasn't in the helicopter
or the escape vehicles.
He must still be in his hideout.
What's so funny?
I'm just so happy.
My master removed the part
of me that feels grief.
Did anyone ever once guarantee that
capturing this base would
lead you to my master?
Would you like more tea?
I think not.
Thank you.
He was never even here to begin with?
There are no connections
to the outside world here.
We're monitoring cell phone communications
with our hacking ability.
This place can't be operated from outside.
It's this music.
The requests being made
on all the music programs
are serving as a secret
language to relay his orders.
Our communications make use of
all the radio waves in the air.
No amount of hacking can stop us.
You'd lost from the beginning!
Atsushi, what's going on?
The rat is already outside the hole.
The "St. Matthew Passion" by Bach.
It seems my time's up.
They weren't nearly as
formidable as I'd thought.
It looks like I'll be able
to end them in my next move.
Nice café, huh?
I've never seen you so shocked.
You want to ask how
I found you here, don't you?
I really played my best card.
This is my best card.
The one that caught the demon.
Long time, Rat.
Eyes of God?
That's right.
The inescapable eyes that integrate
surveillance images from all over the city.
I used that power to find this place
while you were distracted by your base.
He agreed to help us on the
condition that we'd take back
the Guild's hidden assets,
which you've swiped.
I have no interest in money
once it's escaped me,
but my pride wouldn't allow me to
leave it in the hands of rats.
We'll take it from here.
Is that all right, Dazai-kun?
That's why I called you here.
Put your hands where we can see them.
Wait, don't touch him!
He's dead.
Try anything funny,
and we'll shoot you on the spot.
Let's go.
Do you know what his ability is?
No, I don't.
This is bad.
Yes, it is.
It's bad?
We straight-up disobeyed the president's
orders not to fight against the Port Mafia.
We could be axed.
We could?
I've never been axed before.
Do you know what "axed" means?
I do.
Several people have been
axed at my previous job.
Cleaning up after them was such a pain.
Forget it.
This kid doesn't know what
the word means, either.
Look at all these snacks.
You made it out of the mystery novel.
Of course.
I identified all 500 criminals.
Fancy-hat boy is still inside.
He gave up on the mystery novel
and just started beating everyone up.
It's the president.
We'll accept any punishment in the fullest.
We'll determine your punishment later.
But I'm deeply grateful for
your work on this matter.
Well done, everyone.
This is such a nice venue.
It's a beautiful ship.
How was it working alongside Akutagawa-kun?
I never want to partner with him again.
Why not?
We're just fundamentally incompatible.
He's short-sighted and
In six months, I kill you.
Be well-prepared.
When we first fought on the ship,
I utterly despised you for
how well-off you are.
But that's somewhat different now.
Until I defeat you, I can't move on.
Thus, I will kill you.
And what did you tell him?
I'm sure you can guess.
Sure, I have a vague idea.
All right.
But on one condition.
Don't kill anyone for the next six months.
There's something simple
that you'll learn from that:
what it takes to win Dazai-san's approval,
and the fact that weakness and
strength aren't what they seem,
and that you're really ahead of me already.
Very well.
I'll get stronger.
I'll ask Kunikida-san to teach me to fight,
and I'll train myself to
control my ability better,
so I can brush off Akutagawa's
strength six months from now.
That way,
I can be freed from the
shackles of that man.
I figured that's what you'd say.
A mafia member who doesn't kill, huh?
You and Akutagawa-kun are both fighters.
Just like us.
What are we toasting to?
To the stray dogs.
To the stray dogs.
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