Bunk'd (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Luke Out Below !

1 Now remember, campers, both occupants of the vessel must row as one.
Or you won't end up going anywhere.
I'm no expert, but I think the reason we're not going anywhere is because we're not in the water.
Our only chance of drowning is if that sprinkler head goes off.
Yeah, where's the danger? If we capsize here, the worst thing that can happen would be grass stains.
Grass stains on the wrong garment can be tragic.
Now, please pay attention.
After all, it is safety week.
Emma: Right.
Do you think I'd be wearing this life preserver if I didn't have to? No one looks good in orange.
Except you.
Aw, thanks.
I was fishing.
It is Emma's and my responsibility to make sure you all get back home in ship shape.
Get it? I used a boat reference While in a boat.
Please stop.
Now, imagine you are out on the lake, and a storm suddenly strikes.
Whoosh! Blam! Emma, a little help? Fine.
Whoosh! (Wind whooshing) Wow, I'm really good at this! (Helicopter hovering) (Chuckling) Hey, guys! Hey, Luke.
Hey, Luke.
You know the lake is over there, right? Here we go We're leaving the city behind right now Let's gather by the campfire light And sing this song All: Kikiwaka Hanging out with someone new Then falling out of a camp canoe What's that smell? It's on your shoe All: Kikiwaka Got a s'more in my hair Mosquitos in our underwear Shower's broke but we don't care All: Kikiwaka This is our home away from home away from home away from home But watch your back A bear just ate my phone All: Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka All: Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka All: Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka It's so good to see you, Luke.
It's great seeing you guys, too.
I got a week off from summer school, so Mom and Dad said I could come to Camp Kikiwaka.
It was nice of them to let you take the helicopter.
Yeah "Let me.
" Luke, I would like you to meet one of my campers, Griff.
Hey, man, that was so cool, dropping in on that ladder.
I once tried doing that from our private jet.
I'm still picking bugs and part of a bird out of my teeth.
He was coughing up feathers for a week.
So, what's up first? Zip-lining, bungee jumping, water skiing? Actually, next up on our agenda, we are going to review the safe way to open a safety manual.
See, no paper cuts.
Look, Lou put us in charge of safety week, and I don't wanna disappoint her.
She always gives me those sad cow eyes.
She keeps them in a jar.
Whoa! That's weird.
She should keep them in a bag.
And, Emma, you're starting to sound just like Ravi, except your voice is deeper.
(Gasps) How dare you (In deep voice) How dare you? I'm really psyched you and I get to put together the camp yearbook.
(Chuckles) Yeah.
Ooh, look.
Remember the guys versus girls tetherball game? That was so fun.
Not for everyone.
Remember how much you hated losing? Hey, he shouldn't have called a double-touchie on me.
Well, he learned that lesson.
This is gonna be so much better than when Hazel did it last year, the whole thing was just pictures of her.
Thirty different pairs of suspenders, same creepy smile.
But this year, she won't be buttin' in.
I told her we were meeting at The Spot.
Why The Spot? Because Camp Champion had their paintball tournament there today.
Very funny, Lou.
Fun fact.
A paintball can fit up your nose.
(Exhales through nose) You're out! Ha-ha.
So, let's have some fun! I need to work off this Oatmeal? Who knows? I'm just hoping those are raisins.
Fun would be a nice change.
To avoid injuries, Ravi and Emma made us play dodgeball with bubbles, while wearing goggles.
Both: Because soap stings your eyes.
Don't worry, Luke's here.
And we're gonna have some goggle-free fun.
Hey, watch this, everybody.
My mom calls this one "You're grounded.
" Who is ready for another game of dodge-bubble? Luke, what are you doing? The food here is dangerous enough without you climbing the furniture.
Get down! You got it.
(Gasps) Luke, please set a good example for the campers, and try not to be so You.
That was extremely dangerous! What were you thinking? I wasn't.
That's what made it fun.
Zuri, your brother is so cool! Yeah, I'm one for two.
Look, here's a great picture for the yearbook.
Hazel, we never took a hot air balloon ride together.
Just because you were unconscious, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Hey, look! The yearbook from our first summer at Camp Kikiwaka when we were eight! Aw.
And here's a picture of our very first campfire.
Whoa! Rookie mistake with that s'more, Xander.
You left the 'mallow in too long.
There's a fine line between gooey goodness, and a mouthful of lava.
Here, try this.
Thanks, Lou.
Wow, finally something at this camp that tastes like food.
Hazel, you have marshmallow goo right there.
One day, he'll be mine.
You couldn't even finish a s'more before you started creeping on Xander.
Hey, he made the first move.
No, I didn't! I was eight.
I didn't have any moves! Hey, Ravi, what's more fun than climbing a rock wall? I know, Emma.
Climbing said wall Both: Safely.
I can't believe we're about to climb a plastic wall, when there's a real mountain right over there.
My typing class is more dangerous than this.
Wrist cramps are nothing to sneeze at.
Hey, you might want to get the nurse.
Why? Is someone hurt? Not yet.
But (Mimics labored breathing) We're all about to die of boredom.
(Grunting) So boring (Laughter) Quick, let's bury him.
Please, continue to bore.
See, I can enjoy the thrill of ascent, while secure in the knowledge that no harm will come to me.
Ding, ding, ding.
That's right, Ravi.
See, kids? It's fun being supes safe! Hey, guys, you wanna have some real fun, and climb that mountain? As long as it doesn't involve bubbles or goggles, I'm in.
It beats staying here watching Ravi trying to use his muscle.
(Shrieks) (Gasps) (Laughing) Wow, Ravi, you are light as a feather.
Wait a minute, Luke's gone and so are Zuri and Griff.
I see them! They are heading out of camp.
Oh, they must've gone off to the mountain, like he said! We've got to stop them! (Grunts) Xander, we need pictures of the camp for the yearbook.
Stop taking pictures of the sky.
But that cloud looks like a butt.
People do love butt clouds.
So how'd you get rid of Hazel this time? I told her you went out into the forest to chop some wood, shirtless.
She'll be looking for you all day.
Why would I be chopping wood shirtless? I don't know.
You're the one doing it.
Aw, look.
A picture of you under your Crying Tree.
I did not have a crying tree.
Come on, it's okay to admit you were a little homesick.
Okay, so maybe I was a little homesick, but I remember you weren't that thrilled either with camp at first.
Only because Hazel was the world's worst bunk mate.
She kept using my toothbrush To clean the toilet.
(Sniffling) (Exhaling) Ugh! That Hazel's got me madder than a bull that sat on a bee's nest.
Ugh! Hey, don't kick my tree.
It's just that dang Hazel is a poopy head! Language! Sorry.
Hey, are you crying? No, I just have something in my eye.
Is it sadness? (Sniffles) Maybe.
Would you like some company? Sure.
Ugh! I think something took a tinkle right here.
That's my crying puddle.
I have enormous tear ducts.
That was the moment I realized that I had finally found a friend at camp.
Me, too.
Despite your tear duct issue.
But nothing meant more to me than when you left that toy guitar under my Crying Tree the next day.
Uh I didn't leave a toy guitar under your tree.
You didn't? No, but I did leave you some eye drops.
You were crying so much, people thought you had pinkeye.
(Chuckles) This is going to be way better than climbing a boring wall covered in Ravi's sweat.
Oh, yeah.
Although I did like watching Ravi swinging from that rope like a nerdy pinata.
(Chuckles) Except, if you whacked Ravi, the only thing that would fall out is calculators.
And safety manuals.
Okay, follow me.
Uh, Luke, the sign says that way is dangerous.
You see "danger," I see "fun!" Two years of summer school and you still can't read.
Wait a minute.
I just remembered.
I thanked you for the toy guitar.
You did? Hey, Lou, thank you very much for You know, what you gave me.
Oh! You're welcome.
It was no big deal.
It was to me.
I remember that.
Why didn't you mention the guitar, or your Crying Tree? Eh, there were too many people around.
I was embarrassed.
But why did you say "You're welcome" if you didn't give me the toy guitar? I just thought you were thanking me for sharing my potato tots.
Why would I thank you for that? That's no big deal! Which is why I said it was "No big deal!" Oh.
Holy haystack, I just remembered something that happened right after you left.
See you later, Lou.
Bye! Hey, what were you and Dreamy McHandsome talking about? Oh, he was just thanking me for giving him some of my potato tots.
Oh, I gave him something, too.
I guess he didn't like it.
By the way, I've been using your pillow case for my dirty laundry.
Ha-ha! Well, that explains my athlete's ear.
So Hazel gave you the guitar? Wow! I can't believe she did something so nice, and that you didn't give me anything! I would like to point out that I gave you the gift of crunchy potato nuggets! They must be around here somewhere.
Look at that.
Ravi: Oh, no.
Even Luke would not take them on that trail.
I know, that would be stupid.
They went that way.
Oh! And when we get back, we shall work on expanding your vocabulary.
Don't be stupid.
(Chuckling) Zuri, check it out! It's looks just like the view from our penthouse.
Except, without all the buildings, people and trash.
(Zuri shuddering) (Exclaims) Can we please go back down now? Hey, I can see camp! Yikes, Gladys is sunbathing.
Don't look at the dock! (Straining) Zuri, are you okay? Well, my muscles are burning, there's dirt falling into my face, and I'm pretty sure a millipede just crawled into my shirt.
So you're good.
This is awesome! Hey, I can see your camp.
Whoa! Who's the hairy dude sunbathing on the dock? (Gasps) I'm slipping! (Screaming) Zuri! (Screaming) (Gasps) Zuri! Griff! Are you okay? I'm going with no! Zuri: Help! Luke! Okay, I'm coming down to get you! Don't move! Where would we go? I mean, besides the afterlife! Almost there! Oh, no! (Screaming) Zuri! (Gasping) I told you guys this was gonna be fun.
What do we do now? I say we scream for help.
I like it! Help! Save us! We're up here! (Rubble falling) (Grunts) Maybe we shouldn't scream so loud.
Save us.
We're up here.
Hey, Hazel, you got a minute? Oh, my gosh! You're proposing! Yes, yes, 1,000 times, yes! Sorry, I'm not proposing.
But I am here to thank you.
Thank me? For what? Is this a trick? No! No, I wanted to talk to you about this.
I realize now that you were the one who left this guitar for me.
And if it's not too late, I just wanted to say thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
I can't believe you still have that.
Of course.
If it weren't for your kindness back then, I might have left camp.
Instead, I stayed, and found my love for music.
And I owe all that to you.
But why didn't you thank me then? That really hurt my feelings.
I didn't know it was from you! I left you a note.
You did? I never saw it.
(Sniffling) Oh, my gosh, I bet I know what happened.
I always thought that was the receipt! (Sighs) I should've taped it on.
"Dear Xandy, I hope this makes you happy.
"Love, Hazel.
" I am so sorry I misjudged you all these years.
Can we start over and be friends? I would like that.
(Chuckles awkwardly) Hazel, moment's over.
You owe me this, Dreamy McHandsome! I cannot believe they are not up here.
We couldn't have passed them on the trail.
Zuri: Save us! Luke: Help! Wait, do you hear someone whispering for help? Luke: Help.
Yes! Luke! Griff! Zuri! Hey! We're down here! (Gasps) What in the world are you doing down there? Country line dancing.
What's it look like we're doing? We're hanging on for dear life! So let's stop with the Q&A, and start with the helping! And hurry up! I have to go to the bathroom, and there's not a lot of privacy on this ledge! Don't worry, we'll get you up! Did you bring the rope? Water.
Water Water.
Please tell me you brought more than just drinks.
Never dismiss the importance of proper hydration.
Rope! Okay, listen! We'll throw the rope down.
Tie it around your waist, like the safety harness we showed you, and then we'll help you climb up! I'll help you climb up.
Oh! Catch the rope! (Gasps) I think she missed a step.
Please tell me you brought Yes, I brought a back-up rope.
Okay, I will tie one end to the tree.
Okay, Zuri, you first.
That's the smartest thing you've said all day! Oh, you made it! Thanks, Ravi.
I guess I have two cool brothers after all.
You're safe! Scare me like that again, and I'll wring your neck.
I love you so much! Kinda getting mixed messages here.
Hello? Can we save everyone's life before we celebrate? Okay, Luke, you're next.
Whoa! (Gasping) My life just flashed before my eyes! Ravi, I owe you an apology.
You also owe me $40, so please grab the rope and climb to safety! Emma: Pull! Pull! Almost there.
(Straining) Luke! (All exclaiming) I have got you, brother! (Grunts) Someone get me! (Breathing heavily) Luke, are you okay? Yeah Thanks to you guys.
Good thing you brought that rope.
Rule one of safety, always be prepared.
Rule number two, never go anywhere with Luke.
Okay, I realize now, I probably should've been better prepared before I led us down the chained-off trail that said "Danger.
" Or you could just not go down the dangerous trail at all.
(Scoffs) Why don't I just lock myself in a library and call myself Ravi? I am so glad I got rope burns saving your life.
Thank you, Ravi.
And, Zuri, Griff, sorry about the whole "nearly getting you killed" thing.
I can't believe we almost fell off a mountain.
Which was so cool! Yeah! Speaking of cool, who wants to hydrate? Me.
Oh, yeah.
Told you.
I also got lotion for chafing.
No? Just me, then.
We'll really miss you, Luke.
Try not to kill anyone at summer school.
I start chemistry on Monday, so no promises.
(Helicopter blades whirring) Oh! Here's my helicopter.
Have you ever thought of taking a bus? You know I get carsick.
Well, thanks for everything, guys.
Oh! Wait, Luke, you should put on a helmet.
Oh, okay.
Bye! Wait, no! Ravi: Wait! Ravi, let go! There's only enough food for one on this flight.
I would love to, but I am entangled! The blood is rushing to my (Water splashes) Huh, Ravi landed in the lake.
That was lucky.
(Ravi screaming) And the toxic waste woke him right up.
Wanna go get a snack? I could eat.
Hazel, I told you, the moment's over!