Burden of Truth (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Wherever You Go

1 We find the defendant not liable.
I don't fail, Billy.
This is the first case I have ever lost.
I think I saw Sam Mercer.
You're on parole.
One slip and I'll see you pay.
Get your hands off me! [GROANING.]
Bear Clan is non-confrontational.
We can't follow people home.
We're not vigilantes.
That's trespassing! Hey! - Kodie.
- In the flesh, baby! That's Madison and this is Tru.
Where are you taking them? There was reasonable belief, the children of Kodie Chartrand are at risk of serious and immediate harm, due to parental neglect.
We're going to figure out who did this, and we won't stop until we get your kids back.
It's just two days and I owe her.
- Why? - She was there for me a long time ago, Billy.
How'd you sleep? Didn't Longest night of my life.
Looks like you didn't sleep much, either.
No, too much work to do.
But I spoke to the clerk, and the hearing is set for tomorrow.
Great 24 hours to figure out who's trying to take my kids away from me.
- What's your gut saying? - Who's got it in for me? [SCOFF.]
Take your pick.
Tommy Heath.
The cop you filed the complaint against.
Yeah, after he felt me up in the back of his cruiser.
Could be Aki, my ex.
The list of douchebag men in my life is an extensive one.
Well, whoever called MFS on you, did so within the last 72 hours.
So I need you to make a list of everything you've done, and I need your house keys.
We need to ensure that there's nothing lying around that the opposition could use against us.
I'll drive you to work today.
I can't go to work today.
They took my kids from me, Joanna.
I know, but no matter how bad you feel, you have to play it cool.
You have to appear perfect.
How deep your love is How deep your love is - Catch anything? - Not a nibble.
My old man used to say that the fish could smell desperation.
That's what my father used to say about clients.
Do a sweep of her house, Diane's got me an interview with Madison.
- What? - Nothing.
No, say it.
You sure we're not just hiding out here, avoiding going back? I owe her.
It's just one more day.
- Please trust me.
- You see this? This is why you should never go into business with someone you're insanely attracted to.
To love you just like this [PHONE RINGING.]
Hey, Diane.
On my way.
Look at everything she's accomplished in just a few days.
I know, right? It's like a master class in time management.
I am telling you, single moms should run the world.
I'm gonna need more people on this.
Call Luna.
Oh, good to see you putting your trust in computerized cars again.
What can I say? It's all that therapy.
You, therapy? [LAUGHING.]
That's a good one.
- Joanna? - Luna, hey.
No time to explain but I need you to start work early.
Uh, OK.
Like when? Like now.
I can't, I have Taylor, we're going through a bit of a personal thing.
First rule of legal practice: you no longer have personal things.
I need you to go down to the court and get all of the relevant files on our client, Kodie Chartrand.
- OK.
I'm on it.
- Thanks.
MFS thought a school environment would make her feel safer.
Sorry, I hope I didn't scare yous.
Sam Mercer.
Shouldn't you still be in jail? I did my time, Ms.
Six months for reckless endangerment, not exactly first degree murder.
Not here to argue with ya.
What are you here for? Caretaker Kowalski needs my help installing a new sprinkler system.
It's tough to find a good-paying job when you got a criminal record.
Oh, our hearts go out to you.
I'm not asking for your sympathy.
But in time, I would like to earn your forgiveness.
Especially Owen's.
Say hi to the chief for me.
Come in.
Shut the door.
Just have a seat, Constable.
Kodie Chartrand.
What about her? You apprehended her children last night? I accompanied Millwood Family Services, as per my orders, sir.
So you're just following orders? Yes, sir.
This wasn't payback for the complaint she lodged against you? - No, sir.
- You calling her a liar? Well, all due respect, but she did lie about me.
Almost cost me my job, my friggin' marriage.
But I had nothing to do with her kids being taken, I swear to God.
If that's all, sir.
Yes, thank you.
Hello? How much? For a cable bill? No, that's [SIGH.]
That's fine, it's I'm just going to need a couple days.
Kodie Chartrand? I'm requesting her files.
- And you are - Her lawyer.
No offence, but you don't look old enough to be a lawyer.
Well, I work for her lawyer, actually.
I'm only authorized to provide files to actual lawyers.
Hey, did you get Kodie's files? No, they wouldn't grant me access.
You couldn't bluff your way in? - Uh, no.
- OK, uhm Hang tight, I'll send reinforcements.
Hey! Why don't you just join me over here? Have a seat.
Madison, hi.
I'm Joanna, I'm an old friend of your mom's.
Just want to ask you a few questions.
How have things been at home lately? I don't know.
Um, I imagine your mom has to work a lot.
She does, but she does everything else too.
: So, things have been good.
Best they've ever been since I was born, pretty much.
And nothing bad has happened in the last couple of days? You mean besides being taken away? I want to see her.
: Madison, we're going to make that happen.
- Is she mad at me? - No.
: This is all my fault.
No, no.
It isn't.
It isn't your fault.
Madison, you just you have to be strong for your sister.
I'm trying, I am.
It's hard.
I miss my mom.
Um OK, why don't we just Let's take a break.
And I will get you a bottle of water.
And maybe a snack? OK.
Cat, hey.
- Hey, uh, thanks for coming.
- It's cool, don't sweat it.
They wouldn't grant me access but I just, I want you to know that I'm taking my job this summer very seriously.
- Oh, I think you just lost your game.
Next time, bring work.
Online dating? On taxpayers' money? I'm Catherine Carmichael from Crawford Chang.
If you would be so kind, as to let us access our client's files, you would be doing us a huge solid.
I'm used to terrifying people on the stand, in the good way.
Maybe you need to look at this in more of a parental light.
All my experience with kids, they only ever really want two things.
Screens and sugar.
Time and love.
Just go back out there and try talking to her about something that she's interested in.
Good snack? You know, sometimes at work I uh get to the end of the day, it's like 4 o'clock, I pick my head up and I realize I forgot to eat.
What's your fave? Food, I mean.
Chicken wings.
Hot? No, you're more of a medium gal.
Honey garlic.
Sauce on the side.
I can make my own.
Chicken wings? Get outta here.
Yeah, I got a deep fryer for my birthday.
That is so cool.
Um Have you ever deep fried a pickle? - All the time! - What about a Mars bar? Seriously Dude, it will change your life.
I'm going to have to give it back now.
The deep fryer? Why would you? It was a gift from my auntie Crystal, but after her fight with Mom Your mom and your auntie Crystal got in a fight? Bad one.
Uh when was this? I don't know.
A couple days ago, I guess.
What was the fight about? And why isn't it on the list? What's your auntie Crystal's address? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Crystal, get out here! Kodie, don't! [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
Crystal, I know you're in there.
Get your ass out here, right now.
Look who decided to show her face.
Thought you were too good for us.
You did this, didn't you? I don't know what you're talking about, cous'.
I'm Kodie's lawyer.
Time to go.
You couldn't get Maddie to be your down girl, so you called me in.
- You called MFS.
- Nah.
You'll drive that girl away all on your own.
We're still family.
I remember you, skinny-ass bitch.
You the one T.
'd this town, the one whose daddy couldn't keep his hands off all those little girls.
- Joanna! - Stay away from my client and her children or you will regret it.
Thought you said we had to keep it cool? That was cool.
Whatcha' doing? Ah, I came home for lunch.
A lunch that includes throwing tomahawks at a target? They call it "chikakunis".
Heath is one of Mercer's guys.
No idea what you're talking about.
He comes to town and suddenly her kids go missing? Wait, you think Sam Mercer has something to do with the apprehension? He blames me for ruining his life.
He'd try to do anything to ruin mine.
You and Kodie are from the same reserve.
She's not exactly family.
Oh, this is just the beginning.
He hasn't approached you, has he? - No.
- OK.
He does, I need to know.
Hey babe, you ever seen Les Mis? I don't like the French, or the British or Canada, for that matter.
Well, Coles Notes: this police chief gets obsessed when the criminal he put away get out.
What happens to the cop? His obsession drives him crazy and he throws himself off a bridge.
Spoiler, sorry.
Don't worry.
If anyone's going over a bridge, it ain't gonna be me.
Thank you.
So we're looking for the most recent reports filed against her.
Let's sort these alphabetically.
I'll grab the As.
Actually, Millwood Family Services uses an alphanumeric system, that's based on the case type, date and location, so the starting letter is arbitrary.
So how did you meet my sister? I met her when I interviewed for this position.
Fun story.
I beat out 400 other applicants for this job.
Winning is fun for me.
Well, I can see why my sister hired you.
You're basically the same person.
Thank you.
The woman who took down Matheson Steel, who coaxed a confession from her father's murderer under cross-examination: She's a rock star.
And I'm just here because of nepotism.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
I work my ass off.
A lot of people work hard but not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister with a law firm.
No one's ever really described me as lucky.
Hey, I'd rather be lucky than good, but now is the time for you to impress.
- I'm not here to impress you.
- Maybe you should be.
The most recent report from MFS, dated two nights ago.
Nice work, rookie.
: You should have told me.
: It's my family, my business.
I am your lawyer, Kodie.
Everything is my business.
You don't know what those people are like, what they're capable of.
I thought I could take care of it myself.
Don't think.
Seriously, if you want your kids back, I do the thinking from now on.
Crystal hooks for that gang.
She wants Madison to follow in her footsteps.
Were you in the gang? Kodie.
Back in the day.
You know how hard it is to get out from under your past.
Maddie hid her involvement from me, knew I'd go through the roof.
And then they jumped her in.
- Jumped her in? - Initiation when your own gang beats the crap out of you.
I took her to the hospital.
They started accusing me, as if I could ever to my to my own kid! I confronted Crystal.
I went full Mama Bear on her ass.
And you think she called MFS as payback.
If I'm out of the picture, they have her all to themselves.
I'm just trying to protect her from Save her life.
I get it.
I do.
But from on, I need you to tell me everything.
I will I swear.
No more secrets? [SIGH.]
Everything OK? Yeah, just my roommate didn't come home last night.
She probably just hooked up with somebody.
Maybe, but she's gone dark on me and that isn't really like her.
This report is from Millwood Memorial.
- Madison made a visit to the ER.
- When? Six days ago.
It was reported by her attending physician as suspicious.
- Text your sister? - Already on it.
Great, more bad news.
A 273b.
- I don't know what that is.
- A restraining order.
Some guy named Aki Locklear, works in Winnipeg.
Put your big girl pants on, rookie.
We're going to go pay 273b a visit.
- Yeah? - I'm Cat Carmichael, I'm a lawyer.
My condolences.
My associate, Luna.
We represent Kodie Chartrand.
What'd she do now? Her children were apprehended by Millwood Family Services last night.
But you probably already knew that, didn't you? What are you talking about? You can't get close to her or her kids by law, but you can call in - an anonymous complaint - Whoa, hey! No, I had nothing to do with that.
I don't know.
If you say she's unfit, you could get custody of your kid.
If Madison was my kid.
She's not? There's no scientific proof of that.
That doesn't mean she's not yours.
She looks nothing like me.
So what? I didn't look anything like my father, who also denied I existed, by the way.
I don't want custody of Madison.
So please, just leave me alone.
We could subpoena a paternity test.
- Luna.
- Do you want me to call the cops? No, that won't be necessary, Mr.
Thank you very much for your time.
There has to be a perfectly good explanation.
There were drugs in the house, Joanna.
Exactly! If she was using, she wouldn't have drugs lying around, she would have licked that baggie clean.
Or she was so high, she just forgot where she put 'em.
No active addict forgets where their stash is hidden.
She's got a point, Billy.
In fact, the presence of drugs further proves that she isn't using, and that someone is setting her up.
That's a lot of assumptions there, Counsellor.
And you're saying it's Occam's razor.
I'm saying the evidence is mounting against her.
You're bringing your bias into this.
Oh, why? Because I know what addicts are like? All Madison's said was what a great mom Kodie's been.
She has changed, Billy.
People don't change; they just find better ways to lie.
It's Kodie, I have to take this.
We were the only three non-white girls at Millwood High.
I know, I was there.
Remember? Actually, you don't know.
Nothing bonds you more than being other.
Why are you so convinced she's guilty? Because that's where the evidence points.
Joanna is a great lawyer, and in her own totally antisocial way, a good judge of character, too.
She's got tunnel vision on this one.
I don't know.
But for the first time since we've been together You're worried.
About the firm, or about the relationship? Tell her.
Kodie confirmed my theory, she has no idea where those drugs came from.
Excuse me.
Someone planted them, Billy.
What else is she gonna say? You're saying that she's lying.
No, I'm not! I don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.
Since we've been back here Things haven't been going well.
Look, we both have ghosts in this town, Billy.
Look Custody hearings are the capital punishment of family law.
I wouldn't be walking in there if I didn't believe 100% that Kodie is a fit mother.
If we have any chance of winning this, we have to be on the same page.
We are.
I love you.
You're perfect.
Then let's do this.
We're on our way to court.
Standing by with little sister.
OK, so here's the deal.
With a custody hearing, there is no discovery, which means that we won't know who the opposition is calling Until they're up on the stand.
Which means that I won't get a chance to prepare my cross.
Which she hates.
This is where you two fine young people come in.
When they call a witness, Billy will text you their name.
But isn't it illegal to use a phone in court? Only if you get caught.
Deep-dive the name and dig up any dirt you can find.
Text me keywords that I can use.
- Copy that.
- Great.
Put on your fatigues, ladies.
It's time to do battle.
: We have before the court a care and custody hearing.
On the night of July 21st, Mashkode Chartrand's two children, Madison, 12, who is present in court today, and Tru, 7, were apprehended from her home, after receiving a complaint of neglect and abuse.
Millwood Family Services seek custody of the children.
Your Honour, my client has been clean and sober for 18 months.
She has fully cooperated with this investigation.
You'll get your turn, Ms.
Your first witness, Ms.
Cohen? We call Natalie Cross, Your Honour.
Natalie Cross.
Cross, you are Madison Chartrand's - seventh grade teacher? - Yes, ma'am.
And how many days of school did she miss last month? Oh jeez, I wouldn't know offhand.
I do.
- That surprise you? - Not really.
Madison was away a lot.
And what state was Madison in when she was in class? Depends on the day, I guess.
- Did she ever show up hungry? - Yes.
- Tired? - Most days.
And what about with bruises on her body? A week ago.
I reported it to the principal.
And what did you report? I suspected Madison was being abused.
Her saccharine Facebook posts make me want to puke, but I'm not sure if that's actionable.
Anyone who does a Spartan race should get arrested just for that.
- Your roommate? - No.
I haven't heard from her yet.
Oh my God.
- What? - Jackpot.
Come check this out.
Oh, uh Is that our teacher? Turns out our Miss Frizzle moonlights as a lingerie model.
Wait, you're gonna use that? Are you kidding me? This is a goldmine for Joanna.
But that's just another form of slut-shaming.
Which, in theory, I am totally not for, but this isn't a university campus, Luna.
This is a law firm.
Political correctness goes out the window when you're trying to win.
Thank you, Ms.
We have no further questions, Your Honour.
Chang, your witness.
Cross, how many days were you absent last semester? Sorry? Well, we just spoke about Madison's absenteeism, what about yours? I missed a few days.
I have a fairly full life.
Does this full life include a second job? I'm not sure what you're asking.
I think I was fairly clear but I can reframe: do you have another source of income, besides teaching? I do some modelling.
Is that what you call this? Objection.
I don't think people would object if they saw these.
Chang, put the phone away.
Your Honour, the witness has accused my client of abuse.
These photos should at least show that she has questionable judgement.
You're on thin ice, Ms.
- Who is that? - Ryan's mother.
Your Honour, an interested third party would like to be introduced to the court.
- What's your name, ma'am? - Marlene Laudington.
Your relationship to these children? I'm Tru's biological grandmother and I would like to petition for full custody of both children.
Your Honour, we request a recess.
Let's all take 15.
I've barely met the woman, now she wants to take my babies? We have 15 minutes.
Tell me everything you know about Grandma.
I'm retired, but I was an accountant.
- And your financial situation? - Very secure.
I'm happy to provide the court with any of my financial statements.
And what is your interest in these two children? I want to provide them with a loving, stable environment so that they can blossom.
Like Ryan blossomed? Ms.
Chang, control your client.
Who is Ryan, Ms.
Laudington? My son.
- Tru's father.
- And what happened to him? He died a a year and a half ago, of a drug overdose.
She's the reason he's gone.
No more questions, Your Honour.
Do you need a moment, Ms.
Laudington? After your divorce, when your son was still a teenager, how often was he supervised? He went to the best school in Winnipeg, stood top of his class.
Well, and he achieved that with the help of amphetamines, right under your roof? This is all conjecture, Your Honour.
Ryan Laudington can't testify to this.
But isn't it true that you didn't have contact with your son for several years before his death? After he met her.
She pulled him away from me.
In 2006, you were charged with driving under the influence.
That was a one-time thing.
Oh, so you don't drink anymore.
Just socially.
So how often do you socialize? Three times a week, every day? She's a drunk.
Chang, if your client can't contain herself, she'll be removed.
Ryan found her passed out in the bathtub! - You let my son die! - I'm clean.
- Prove it.
- Can you say the same? - Don't respond.
- Ms.
Chang, Ms.
I'm ordering you both to take a drug and alcohol test.
Happy to.
Happy to prove it.
We'll adjourn, until results return from the lab.
Hot date? Um, I really need to find my friend.
Longstanding legal tradition, after a day in court: Scotch.
Are you serious? It's tradition.
Billy keeps a secret stash in his filing cabinet, but it's locked.
- Combo's 1-2-3.
- Yes! Just the one, OK? I really do need to track down Taylor.
My roommates could be gone for weeks and I wouldn't even notice.
You guys seem tight.
Yeah, she's like the sister I never had.
Here's the scotch.
But don't tell Joanna.
Screwed-up families, huh? Everyone's got one.
You hide it well, but You don't have to.
Uh, we need glasses.
We haven't even had a chance to argue our case and now Kodie has talked herself into a drug test.
She more than talked herself into it.
It's out of our hands now.
- I just want - I know.
You owe her one.
So, where did Kodie go after the test? Uhm, I offered to keep her company but she wanted to be on her own.
It's times like these, family and land are the only comfort.
She's probably at the old Chartrand Fishing Lodge.
Hub of criminal activity Mercer never did a thing about.
Let's not talk about the law tonight, babe.
That was creepy though, the other day, when Mercer asked us for forgiveness.
Wait, you did talk to him? [SIGHING.]
I was going to tell you.
Hello? Results are in.
Judge wants us back in chambers.
The results of both tests are back.
Laudington, you tested negative for drugs and alcohol.
Chartrand, you tested positive for cocaine.
: No, that's not possible.
And it is the decision of this court that both your children be placed in the custody of Ms.
: No No! Joanna, don't let them! No, please! Maddie! Maddie! [MOURNFUL INDIGENOUS MUSIC.]
: I can't believe we lost.
And I can't believe you drink this stuff for fun.
It's so smoky, it's like your mouth is on fire.
Today, at the warehouse, Aki? That was personal for you.
Disappointed I'm not a robot like Joanna? She's not a robot, she's just a master at compartmentalization and only the progeny of a true bastard can do that.
And we do share a parent.
Yeah, not according to him.
You know I spent 18 years wondering about him.
I'd search the faces of other white men, wondering are you my dad? I'm sorry.
He denied me until the day he died, and when your dad won't acknowledge you He's not he's not your dad.
He's a sperm donor, sure, But a dad? That's bedtime stories.
That's coming home from work because you're sick.
Sounds like you had a good one.
I drove him crazy, but he showed up for me.
He was an everyday player.
I never had that.
Maybe he didn't deserve you.
You're smart, you're driven, you even have a sense of humour after some scotch.
And you did that not just because you didn't have a dad, but in spite of one.
I should go.
Right, the case of the missing roommate.
Good work today, rookie.
Can you not call me that? Bring me coffee tomorrow and I'll think about it.
- Smoke-swell haze on the hill - Over Tennessee Leaky churches Honey-burned tobacco leaves How's she doing? Is that a trick question? Thanks for letting her stay.
- I was afraid to leave her alone.
- Of course.
Tomorrow, we'll go straight to the court and secure supervised visitation.
We were only going to stay until after the custody hearing.
That's when I thought we were going to win.
Yeah our streak continues.
Summer peelings I don't want to be heartless.
'Cause that's usually my job? We do have a firm to manage.
Our firm will still be there when we get back.
I can't leave her.
I know what they're going through tonight, I I know what it's like to be taken away from your mother.
The rose-set road will bend around, the earth you knew Why didn't you tell me? Because I didn't think you could handle it.
I'm not one of your kids, Diane.
Then stop acting like one! He took another man's life.
Neil Bellegarde He's gone and you Weren't there! I wasn't there to protect him, and I'm not gonna let that happen again.
Sky gone a certain shade of blue The kind that heaven's fixing up for you Boy that sure-fire desire's true, raw hands heart-beating Taylor? Warm glow morning soaked Where are you? Soulful, soulful Kids stamped to the concrete Tryin' to be a paintbrush When we started this firm, you made me sign in blood that I wouldn't take any cases pro bono.
It wasn't blood, it was cocktail sauce, but yes.
I recognize the irony.
Someone is messing with her head saying she's something that she's not.
I know what that kind of emotional abuse can do to a person.
There's those ghosts again.
I can't slay them without you Billy.
When my dad would get sober, we'd have to go back to church.
Never lasted longer than two weeks, thank Jesus.
But there was this one passage that always stuck with me.
Billy Crawford.
Are you about to quote the Bible to me? Yeah, I believe I am.
"Where ever you go, I will go" "where you lodge, I will lodge" "And where you die" "I will die," "and there will I be buried.
" I'm gonna get another beer.
You? No, I think I'm good.