Burden of Truth (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

No Fathers and Sons

1 You're sure we're not just hiding out here? - Avoiding going back? - I owe her.
- What's your name, ma'am? - Marlene Loddington.
Your relationship to these children? I'm True's biological grandmother, and I would like to petition for full custody.
- Everything OK? - Just my roommate didn't come home last night.
She's gone dark on me, and that isn't really like her.
Crystal hooks for that gang.
Maddie hid her involvement from me, and then they jumped her in I took her to the hospital.
They started accusing me as if I could ever to my my own kid.
: There were drugs in the house, Joanna.
The presence of drugs further proves that she isn't using, and someone is setting her up.
I'm saying the evidence is mounting against her.
Chartrand, you tested positive for cocaine.
No, that's not possible.
: For the first time since we've been together [JOANNA.]
: You're worried, about the firm or about the relationship? If we have any chance of winning this, we have to be on the same page.
: We are.
Then let's do this.
- Hello? Hello? - [KNOCKING.]
: Come in.
Special delivery for Ms.
Unicorn Munchkin! - Is she here? - [GIRL.]
: Hello.
Oh, hello! Here's these flowers.
Ooh! Ah! Ah! It's stuck on my hand! Oh no! You can keep them.
What?! No, I must deliver.
- Oh no.
: It's OK.
Where did you get this? Marlene gave it to her.
I told her to keep mine.
I don't need to be saved.
Too bad nobody could save you from this new hairdo.
- Five-minute warning.
Our client has 15 more minutes.
The custodial guardian has to end early, - she has a long drive.
- I don't care.
I'm just the messenger, sorry.
15 minutes doesn't constitute undue hardship, therefore it cannot impact my clients' guaranteed rights.
She doesn't have any rights.
I mean, not technically.
Parents don't have the right to see their children.
Children have the right to see their parents.
How can we fix this? [SIGHING.]
I don't know.
Try to facilitate a smooth transition.
You know, this is really hard on the kids.
But for next time, how do we ensure our client gets the full hour? You could challenge the guardian.
- Based on proximity? - Based on fitness, I guess.
But it's basically hopeless, since the judge already ruled in her favour.
Alright, last hugs.
Time to go home.
Uh, she means Grandma's house.
Are you an idiot? Why would you say that? I'm I'm so sorry.
- I didn't mean to - Screw it.
I'm not leaving.
Please, don't make me have you be removed, by force, in front of your kids.
Kodie [SIGHING.]
It's OK.
It's OK.
Yeah, come on.
I'm going to fix this.
We get those discovery docs? - Yeah.
- Shouldn't we be getting on that? - You should see this first.
- No one notices.
It's OK for a mom to forget to pack my lunch, but there was nothing in the fridge either, so I couldn't make my own.
She posted it almost two years ago, some kind of video diary.
- No one did anything about this? - No.
So much crap on the Internet, it's a needle in a haystack.
- I'll say more later.
- Maddie, let's go! We should start ploughing through those docs.
It's really more of a light shovelling.
On the upside, Marlene isn't perfect, but on paper, she's a hell of a lot better than Kodie.
So, she just gets to swoop in and take someone else's kids? MFS only has to prove a probability of harm to act.
"July 21st," that's the night Kodie's kids were apprehended.
Neighbour telephone report "two children left alone for several hours.
" "They then wandered on to his property.
" uh, July 15th, same neighbour, "8:20 p.
Heard screaming coming from the house," "and this went on until the mother arrived at 8:45 p.
" This same guy has seven other complaints against her.
This watchdog have a name? "Anonymous neighbour, male.
" We're finding this coward, let's go.
He can see her house from his front yard.
Let's just come back.
Hey, Lucky! What are the odds? My father.
Hi! Kodie! Hi, I'm Luna.
So what? You're like my babysitter for the day? Uhhh think of me more like your chauffeur.
Are you the one who went to jail? Must be tougher than you look.
Have to be to work for Joanna.
- What does that mean? - Don't get me wrong, I love her, but even back in grade school, that girl was wicked competitive.
And that's what makes her a great lawyer.
And a tough boss? [LUNA CHUCKLING.]
No comment.
Uh, the car's over here.
I brought some water and snacks, VIP service.
More like former junkie whose lawyer doesn't trust her to show up clean for her drug test? Maybe, but VIP sounds better.
Thought you were living in that trailer park up by Fox Hill.
Nah, I had to move a few months ago after the city condemned the place.
I tried to reach you.
- You sure you don't want a beer? - We're good.
Yeah, I'm OK.
- It's 10 a.
- I'm retired.
Let's sit down.
So, what will I drink to? This isn't a social call, we're here on business.
We're here about the reports you made, to Millwood Family Services about Kodie Chartrand.
Who? We have a file containing multiple reports from an anonymous neighbour.
I'm not the only neighbour.
Well, you're the only anonymous male that can see directly into her house.
OK, it was me.
But those kids ran roughshod all over my property.
- And how old is her oldest? - 12.
Only a Chartrand would leave a 12-year-old to babysit alone all day.
You ever hear of Wendy? Billy? Shane? Times were different.
Also, that social-worker lady seemed worried that something would happen to those kids, so I said I'd keep an eye out.
The social worker, did she leave you a card? Was she a young woman? Closer to my age, but well preserved.
- Is that her? - Yeah, that's her.
How much did she pay you? [CHUCKLING.]
You better leave.
We're not leaving until we have an affidavit saying you were paid to rat out your neighbour.
Crawford, if you "Mr.
Crawford"? Don't patronize me.
An innocent woman had her children taken away.
Now, just give us your statement and we can get them back.
I'll talk if she moves.
What, you can't make up your own mind? I'm gonna go to Kodie's, see if we missed anything.
Don't tell me you don't want one.
So, the affidavit.
I write it up, you just have to sign it.
You been to see your brother? Twice a week, religiously.
Good boy.
You know, your sister stops by from time to time.
She brings me a casserole.
You know, the one with the chips on top of it.
She doesn't like me coming out to her place, says I'm a bad influence.
Hahahaha! This is the part where you can disagree with her.
Wish I could there, Hank.
Hank the disgrace, Hank the deadbeat.
So, are you shacking up with your boss? She's not my boss, she's my partner.
She know that? Hanleys always think they're the boss.
Alright, so, the affidavit.
Yeah, right, about that, it's gonna have to wait.
Can't wait.
Sorry, Billy boy, but I handicapped a huge overlay on the first.
Wanna come with me? You can write up the statement on the way.
But it's post-time, son.
Come on! Come on.
Taking my time I'm taking it slow Making it right Wherever I go I've learned my lessons I've seen the light No more kissing I'm going to be alright I'm riding on a train Riding on a track Rolling in the ring I like it like that You make your own luck.
Go on, give 'em a rub.
I'm not rubbing your tickets.
- Used to do it all the time.
- Yeah, when I was 8.
I didn't bring you to the races when you were 8.
Well, you used to bring me all kinds of crazy luck! I'm not sure there's much I can do about Pookievision; you picked the longest shot on the board.
He doesn't know that.
I'd always buy you a new toy whenever you picked me a winner, remember? Come on, Lucky.
You rub for old time's sake.
No, that's for you.
Let's go find a quiet place; we can go over the details of the affidavit.
Nah, after.
The race is about to go off.
Hey, we need a couple of beers.
Excuse me.
Elm Creek is a public and private middle school, right? - Sorry, hi.
- Hi yourself.
You know I can't tell you where Kodie's kids are.
- It's Kodie you can't tell that to.
- You're her lawyer.
Kodie's been lying to me.
Her kids did have a relationship with Granny.
- Where did you get this? - True's room, secret box of treasures.
Jo, you can't just rifle through someone's private stuff.
She's 8.
She's still a person.
Not a real person in the eyes of the law.
You know what I mean.
You really don't get kids, do you? Marlene has been impersonating a social worker, trying to pay off neighbours.
I need to know the truth.
Diane, I'm not gonna break the law, I don't want to be disbarred.
Let's see what I can do.
Man, I miss driving.
Sweet tunes, open road, best feeling in the world.
When do you get your licence back? Let's work on my kids first.
Yeah, cool.
Good to prioritize.
So, what's the first thing you'll do? - What? - When you get your kids back? Squeeze 'em 'til they can't breathe.
And then go to DQ.
Hey, take the next right.
- What? - Gotta make a quick stop.
I promised Joanna I'd take you straight to the lab.
It'll take two seconds.
She'll kill me.
She doesn't have to know.
Come on, quick pit stop.
Look, you can either drive me or I can jump out of this moving vehicle.
548 days.
That's how long I'm clean.
I am passing this test.
My teacher told me I can't be late to school anymore.
But if I don't get True breakfast, nobody will.
Turn it off.
It was dumb of me to post that.
It was a bad time for my mom, but she's been good for a long time.
I know.
You made that video almost two years ago now.
Was that after Marlene started seeing you and your sister? Is this why they took us away? Madison, this is not your fault.
We just need to know when Marlene started showing up at the house.
Did she ask your mom if it was OK to take you guys out for True's birthday? She never asked, she just started showing up at school, giving us stuff.
- Did your mom know about that? - No.
Marlene made us keep it a secret.
But when she bought us new outfits, my mom noticed.
But Kodie didn't stop the visits.
- Only after the cheque.
- What cheque? Did your grandmother send it? Madison, what was it for? I don't know, but Mom and Granny fought about it a lot.
so I hid it.
You still have it? Where? Before I tell you, you need to promise to do something for me too.
My overnight bag; when they came for us, I put all my important stuff in there, but they took it.
I need you to get it back for me, please.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard the same story past few years.
Children being apprehended? Some of the kids, I totally get it - they need to be protected - but then there's others.
Like Kodie's.
The laws are overly broad.
And even as a principal, there's nothing I can do.
Makes me feel so helpless.
But I don't do helpless.
And that's why God made you the lawyer.
My father made me a lawyer.
And you're the best one I know.
If I'm so good, why haven't I been able to get Kodie's kids back yet? Patience, my friend.
Also something I don't do.
Marlene took those kids without permission; I need a paper trail.
Cat, hey.
I need you to go to Millwood Child and Family Services and file an unauthorized access against Marlene Loddington.
I'm getting another call, sorry.
- Joanna Chang.
- Joanna Chang, Alan Christie.
- Alan? - Listen, are you free for supper? I'm in the Peg.
- Actually, I'm in Millwood.
- Millwood? You haven't had enough of that place? OK, no worries, I'll make the trip to you - with a proposition.
- A proposition? I don't think tonight's gonna work.
An incredible opportunity, Jo.
But I leave tomorrow first thing, it's gotta be today.
OK, I'll think about it and call you back.
What was that about? Nothing.
I'm kind of curious about your newfound interest in child safety.
Because after you left and Mom died, you seemed pretty fine with the idea of us raising ourselves.
I had to feed my family, I was working.
The benders did those work? [ANNOUNCER.]
: And here they come around the outside! One counted as four.
: And down the stretch they come! It's Tiger Express.
Tiger Express a length behind Sunwaltz.
And here comes Pookievision flying on the outside.
He's not gonna get there.
Time with this four! - Come on, get there! - and Sunwaltz.
Sunwaltz as Pookievision continues to run down on the outside.
- Come on! - It's Sunwaltz by half a Pookievision pushed with every stride! - Come on, come on! Go, go! - Come on! - Come on! Come on! - Pookievision! [LAUGHING AND SCREAMING HAPPILY.]
Aaah, Pookievision! Alright, stay here.
I'll just be a minute.
Get down! Down! DOWN! [DOG WHIMPERING.]
Go on! Just needed a piece of home.
I never thought he would have found enough room to make that move.
It's you, Billy boy! If you're not here, Pookievision doesn't win! I don't think that's how that works.
Now you're gonna tell me how luck works.
I'm just saying I had nothing to do with that horse win.
Are you kidding me?! You had everything to do with it.
Some people are just born lucky, and you're one of 'em.
I mean, look at the goddess who's agreed to share your bed, that's pure luck.
And a head for numbers.
You've got a deadly combination, kid! You could calculate odds in your head, before you could read.
I remember your first-grade teacher Ms.
God, I had the hots for her.
You're a Crawford.
She was so impressed with my little math prodigy.
I didn't tell her it was thanks to the ponies.
And that's cold cash.
I got my eye on a filly in the next race, - first time on Lazings.
- Oh no, no, no.
Ever hear of "quit while you're ahead"? It's not my style, Billy boy.
That's why I kept reaching out to you.
You know, university and law school after you won that big case, all those sick girls You just wanted a taste of the money.
No, I just wanted to talk to you and congratulate you.
Well, I wasn't ready.
Well, I'm happy you're here now.
Alright, Dad, the affidavit.
Right, right, the papers.
But first, a couple more whisky shots.
So I can get through all the legal gobbledygook.
- Hey! - BILLY: Hey! - Where are you? - Uh, the track.
Trains? Horses.
It's a long story.
My dad's about to sign the affidavit.
That's great.
Are you there? Just give me a second.
I just found proof that Marlene tried to buy one of her granddaughters.
Hey, did you get her to the drug test? Sorry.
We just got here.
We had to make a stop.
Is that a you we or a Kodie we? Sorry, I can't really hear you.
I'm appealing Marlene's guardianship.
I got the last slot today.
- What? - Luna? I think Joanna just said we got an appeal for today.
Alright then.
Somebody, find me a cup.
Stop! Stop! OK.
: And that's all she wrote as even-money favourite Candybean romps across the lines.
LET ME GUESS: you didn't have that one.
Yeah, those tours gave him a terrible ride.
I suppose my luck ran out.
Your luck and my money.
Don't tell me you gave it all back.
Alright, I need you to sign that affidavit, Hank.
Lend me a couple of bullets first.
The money I gave you from the Pookievision win, it's technically still mine.
The affidavit is more important.
Wouldn't be here otherwise.
And I'll sign it if you give me some money! No.
It's called bribing a witness, I could be disbarred.
- God, she's awful pushy.
- Got you in a vice, I get it.
I mean, there's fighting above your weight class, and then there's just different leagues.
A filly like that, she won't stick around long.
You know that, right? Hey! [GRUNTING.]
- Come on! Hit me! Come on! - Throw me under the bus! Come on, kid! Hey, you think I'm a loser, huh? - Come on, come on! - Come at me! Yes, come on! Come on! Get up! Hit me, come on! Come on, you drunk, hit me! [HANK LAUGHING.]
Come on, man, get up! [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Billy? Hey! You never called.
Sorry, it has been a crazy day, and I'm due in court soon.
Well then, I'll be quick.
I left the law and I'm managing a hedge fund.
Emerging markets, lots of travel, exotic foods.
And we're looking for in-house counsel.
Someone who gets and inhabits the world, someone basically exactly like you.
I'm flattered, but I can't be in-house counsel, I have my own firm.
Yeah, I know.
What's the name? Crawford Chang.
Why would you let Crawford put his name first? It sounded better.
Look, I want you on retainer.
Let me take you for dinner.
You can bring Billy.
Just hear the pitch.
I really need to prepare for this appeal, but, I will call you back.
For real this time.
I haven't seen you in a long time.
- How have you been? - Are you following me? What?! What are you talking about? Don't mess around, Taylor, I saw you.
And I don't think your father would approve, of you harassing me.
And does your wife approve of you harassing sex workers, Jeff? Yeah, I saw what you did to that girl.
And maybe your wife should know what kind of a monster she's married to, don't you think? You're in way over your head.
Let go.
- If you go near my wife - I said, "Let go.
" Come near my family and you're dead.
You're contending that Marlene Loddington cultivated a relationship with the Chartrand children without their mother's consent? That is exactly my contention.
The court has settled the matter of custody.
Chang can't keep coming back.
Marlene Loddington engaged in a systematic plan to undermine my client's custodial rights.
She was generous.
She's a grandmother.
It didn't interfere with any parental rights.
It was an attempt at constructive kidnapping.
That's a heavy accusation, Ms.
Yes, it is, Your Honour.
But I'm not done.
Marlene did all of this in the hopes of eventually acquiring them.
"Acquiring"? This is a copy of an uncashed cheque, made out to Mushkode Chartrand for $100,000.
Along with an illegal contract, detailing Mrs.
Loddington's offer to acquire full custody of True Chartrand.
- She only wanted to buy one of them? - Only her blood relative.
But at the hearing, she asked for custody of both of them.
I guess she thought the best way to get her hands on True, was to pretend she wanted Madison as well.
Also, Mrs.
Loddington approached my client's neighbours, passing herself off as a social worker, offering money, in exchange for false reports against my client.
There are no witness affidavits to support these accusations.
My partner is in the process of procuring one right now.
That affidavit will prove that Mushkode Chartrand's children would still be with her today if not for Mrs.
Loddington's duplicitous efforts to pry her kids away from her.
I agree that according to this evidence Marlene Loddington is unfit to be a guardian to these minors.
- Thank you, Your Honour.
- However, without further evidence, this court must also take into account the continuing questions about Ms.
Chartrand's fitness.
Above all, the court must put the safety of the children first.
- No.
- This court orders, that the minors Madison and True Chartrand to be placed in protective care - in Millwood's foster system.
- Your Honour, please, you can't! [BILLY SIGHING.]
This isn't necessary.
This is my son, and we haven't seen each other in a while.
We got a bit excited is all.
We can we can sleep it off at home.
I want my one phone call! That's only in the movies, Hank.
The cops won't let us leave drunk or it's on them if something happens.
For a minute there, you sound like a real lawyer.
I can't believe they took my phone.
We're too bloody reliant on those things anyway.
Joanna's probably been trying to reach me.
The statement, right? We were just about to do that and then My fist got in the way.
- We are Crawford.
- Stop saying that.
I am sorry that the fates brought us back together, kid.
Look, after your mom died, you're right, I didn't know how to come back from what I'd done.
- Dad.
- Right.
- Easy.
- You're not ready.
Do you think you ever will be? [CHUCKLING.]
I don't know.
I didn't mean that girl any harm.
That lady said she was on drugs.
I wonder what people said about us.
So, we lost again.
What's next? We wait for the results of your drug test, bring it to the judge in a few days.
And in the meantime? Your kids will be rehomed, and you will maintain supervised access, and we gear up for trial.
When do I get to fight for actual custody? The courts fast-track child welfare cases, so within the year, for sure.
Doesn't take a year to mess up a kid for life.
I just I wish you'd been honest with me, about Marlene and the payoff in the first place.
I was in a real bad spot.
Kodie, if I had known about that cheque, I would have destroyed her on the stand.
You don't get it, do you? I almost sold my kid.
I thought they'd be better off.
I need all of the information in order to launch our best defence.
They're not giving me my kids back, and it's killing me.
It's just gonna take us a little more time.
I don't have more time! Every second I'm away from them is a freaking eternity! This is the speed at which the legal system works.
Bullshit! The system doesn't work! OK, the law is imperfect, but I know how to navigate it, and I need you to trust me to do that.
You keep saying that, that I'm supposed to trust you, but why? Sorry? Because this thing happened between us, like, 20 years ago, and that, what, that's still supposed to mean something? It does to me.
We're not kids anymore, Joanna.
You think you know me, but you don't.
Kodie If it happened all over again, I wouldn't do what I did.
That's right I'd leave you alone this time.
And now I'd like you to do the same for me.
: This is impressive.
It's only been two years? Yeah.
It's pretty exciting.
And in the next two, we're predicting quadruple growth.
I was thrilled when you called and told me to make the drive out.
I needed a distraction.
Nothing distracts me better than numbers.
Same old Jo.
I was hoping Billy would be here.
Yeah, me too.
When are we expecting him? Your guess is as good as mine.
Last I talked to him, he was at the horse races with his father.
Everything OK? Where to start? Toxic disasters, kids being taken, Luna, my father; it's - all been - Hard? Human.
- Which is hard, for me.
- Yeah.
You've been through a lot, and I don't know, maybe it's time to make a change you know.
And you come home.
Sorry if I overstepped.
Um you didn't.
I would be lying, if I Said I didn't think about it.
A road not taken.
Or rather the road abandoned.
I started a boutique law firm in Winnipeg.
- How is business? We're building momentum.
Yeah, it's hard, you know, starting from scratch, especially in a town where you gotta chase the money.
I'm good at chasing money.
Yeah, you are.
I don't know though, for me, I just prefer when it falls right in my lap.
You know, like this hedge fund We're committed to taking cases that are meaningful to us, that have a positive social impact.
You almost said that like you believe it.
Look, I know that working for my fund might not make the world a better place, but it might put you back in touch, with that part of yourself, the part that you've been missing.
Think about it.
I need a shower first.
Billy, where were you? - You don't want to know.
- Yes, I do.
I left you with your estranged, abusive father, and then you ghost me? - I'm sorry.
- Where have you been? We got in a fight.
Well, while you were beating up an old man, we lost the appeal.
Is that 'cause I didn't get Hank's statement? I don't know if it would have made much of a difference; I think the judge has it in for us.
I'm just glad you're OK.
Was someone over last night? Yeah.
- Alan.
- Alan? Like your ex, Alan? Billy, I only called you like a hundred times.
- The cops had my phone.
- The cops?! He runs a hedge fund now, and he wants me to get into bed with him.
- Oh.
- He wants us to get into bed with him.
Oh, that's slightly better, I guess.
Honestly, this could be an interesting financial opportunity for us.
Yeah, to pay for the case that we shouldn't be doing? You know, I punched that guy out too.
Kodie's not answering her phone.
How big was this fight you got in? If we find Madison's bag, it will be my peace offering to both of them.
Why is Madison's bag here? When kids are apprehended, they're not allowed to bring any of their stuff.
Foster parents are scared of bed bugs.
So they just can't bring their things? Apparently not, they start a whole new life; they can't even bring their favourite teddy bear.
Yeah, confiscating these kids' things, is tantamount to theft.
Are each of these bags from a kid that was taken? We're looking for a pink and black gym bag.
Aaah You OK? No.
Billy, we have to get these kids back.
Are you in this with me? Yeah I am.
Ah, it's on.
- Beckbie, hi.
- Joanna, I'm down at Halden Academy.
You guys need to get here now.
Beckbie, what's going on? Madison and True, foster family came to pick them up from afterschool care, - and they were gone.
- No.
Treating it as a possible parental child abduction.