Burden of Truth (2018) s03e04 Episode Script

Desperate Measures

1 - Hey, Lucky! - My father.
That social worker lady seemed worried that something would happen to those kids.
- Is that her? - Yeah, that's her.
- How much did she pay you? - You better leave.
I just found proof that Marlene tried to buy one of her granddaughters.
And I don't think your father would approve of you harassing me.
And does your wife approve, of you harassing sex workers, Geoff? Come near my family and you're dead.
Above all, the Court must put the safety of the children first.
- No.
- This Court orders that the minors Madison and True Chartrand be placed in protective care in the Millwood foster system.
- You OK? - Billy, we have to get these kids back.
Beckbie! - What's going on? - Madison and True.
Foster family came to pick them up from after-school care, - and they were gone.
- No! Treating it as a possible parental child abduction.
Hey, it's Kodie.
Leave a message.
- Still nothing? - Phone's off.
We have been busting our asses, to prove she's a stable mother.
- And now this? - We don't know for sure she's the one who took them.
I just I can't believe that she would do something so Irrational? Dangerous? If she's out of control around those girls Billy, she would never hurt them.
Before today, would you have thought she'd ever kidnap them? [SIRENS.]
Kodie didn't show up for work.
And the VP spoke to the other students; one of them saw Madison get into a blue car.
Kodie's family has a blue car.
I need to get an Amber Alert out.
Amber Alerts are for kids at serious risk.
Wherever those kids are, they are safe.
You know what an Amber Alert's gonna do to her chances of getting them back.
Please, she is just scared.
Give me some time to find her.
I'll hold off as long as I can, keep it to a quiet BOLO for a car for now.
Thank you.
- What now? - We find her before they do.
Kodie, if you get this, please call me back.
I know you're scared, but we can work it out.
How are we gonna explain this to a judge, when we find her? If we find her.
OK, I'm Kodie.
Where do I take my kids? I don't have a lot of money.
Not many close friends, except you.
She fell off the map for a long time, when she was using.
There's nothing much here, just bills and pizza coupons.
Closet's empty.
Wherever she went, she isn't planning on coming back anytime soon.
I shouldn't have fought with her.
Now she doesn't think I'm on her side anymore.
You've done nothing but go to the mat for her.
When Kodie needs to think, she goes to the land.
Yeah, she went somewhere after that first drug test.
The Chartrands have a camp.
Kodie took me there once when we were kids.
Could make sense that she'd bring her kids there now.
Yeah, especially 'cause no one else knows where it is.
The Chartrands wanna protect it.
Yeah, or their criminal enterprise.
Keep people away from whatever it is they do up there.
Or life is complicated and it's both.
But you've been there.
Yeah, it was a long time ago.
Um I'm gonna check her computer.
I'll start knocking on doors.
Check gas stations, bus stations, and the marina.
I wanna be in touch with Winnipeg on this one, too.
- You're campaigning late.
- I'd rather not be.
What's going on with those missing Chartrand children? Their grandma called me.
She's beside herself.
There's no need to panic.
I'm not panicked, I'm annoyed.
And I'm embarrassed, that I had to learn about this from a civilian instead of my chief of police.
You have to tell me when you're issuing an Amber Alert.
I'm not issuing one.
I don't think it's necessary here.
OK, what's your strategy? I've got a BOLO out on Kodie's car.
- If anything happens to - It's not going to.
Kodie's just afraid.
I know there's a relationship here.
Are you sure you can make this call? I have it under control.
You better, because if this goes sideways, it will be very bad for me, and those kids.
- Hi.
- Where have you been? Sorry, I just I had my phone off.
Kodie took her kids and ran.
What? Where? I don't know.
Billy and I have been working all night.
I-I need you to go to the office, in case she shows up there.
And keep this quiet.
OK, uh, I'm almost there.
We need to talk.
Hey, Lucky! I was hoping you'd swing by.
Barney Gargle's hosting a poker tourney.
It's gonna be big you know.
The buy-in's only 25 bucks and you can come home.
Kodie Chartrand.
You seen her or the kids? Sorry, champ, not with my new lady friend Mercina.
Did you get those kids back, then? Not exactly.
You know the little one's a little wound up.
How do you mean? Well, the way her big sister's always looking out for her.
Like you and Shane it's hero worship.
That wasn't worship.
That was survival.
Kids are resilient.
As long as they have each other, they'll be OK.
- Did you find her? - Not yet.
But I talked to a security guard at the green silos north of town.
He saw a blue Toyota come through last night, but he didn't get a good look at the plate or the driver.
- Beckbie.
- Yeah? The green silos? Yeah, the ones north, on Road 13 West.
Used to be the Sinclairs' place before it got bought out.
- You there? - Um, yeah.
Dead end.
I remember where the camp is.
Sort of, I think.
- I'll know it when I see it.
- OK, let's go.
- No, I'm going alone.
- No.
No, even if you can find it, chances are the people up there won't be too happy.
Kodie needs a friend right now, not a lawyer.
And as a friend, you've got a plan to convince her to turn herself in? That's what the drive up is for.
Hey, Kodie had mentioned she was worried True might have an anxiety disorder.
Hank said she's pretty attached to Madison, so maybe we could lay the groundwork, that Kodie was afraid for True's well-being if the kids were to be separated.
That could convince a judge that she needed to take them.
That's good.
- It's what we got.
- Run with it, and I'll find Kodie and It's gonna be OK.
License plate: PIL 147.
We had a non-confirmed sighting north of town; so let's keep sharp.
Hear you got some missing kids.
Where would you have heard that? No need to get all riled up.
We all just want what's best for those children.
I don't wanna overstep here, but Kodie Chartrand, she's a bad seed.
Is that your professional opinion, or just going off of years of bias? Come on, Owen.
Just 'cause I'm not a cop anymore doesn't mean I don't wanna help, especially when there's innocent kids involved.
Well, thank you for your concern.
If you wanna volunteer, there's a clothing drive at the senior centre.
My friends and I, we wanna go out, and start a search for those kids 'cause you're so busy with your BOLO.
This is an official police matter.
- And none of you are on duty.
- No.
No, uh, they're not, so they don't need to take orders, do they? Sorry, Chief, can't sit by and do nothing on this one.
Time's ticking.
Why won't you answer it, Mom? Let's go.
Any information on the whereabouts of Madison or True Chartrand should be directed to Right there, cut them off.
I thought we agreed an Amber Alert is overkill.
We did.
But that changed things.
They were going after her whether I called the alert or not.
- How did they even find out? - Pff! If Millwood PD was a boat, it wouldn't float.
Kodie being who she is is all the excuse Mercer needs to do something crazy.
Aren't those your guys? No, they just work for me.
At least this way there's a better chance of somebody else finding her first.
But Joanna, with all this, it would be a lot safer if Kodie turned herself in to me.
Are you sure you don't have any idea where she might be? If I hear anything, you'll know.
He threatened your life? Yeah.
I was tailing him.
Why were you following him? Well, I was hoping to catch him doing something else, something people would actually care about.
- That's not a plan! - Maybe call the cops.
You can't just disappear like that, OK? I was worried.
I can handle myself, Luna.
You know what? Forget it.
I needed your help, not a parent.
Taylor, wait.
- Taylor! Kodie, thank god! Where have you been? I need to talk to Joanna.
She's out looking for you.
I messed up.
I made everything worse.
- It was stupid.
I'm so stupid.
- It's OK.
It's OK.
I wanted to run too.
God, what do I do? Turn myself in? No.
Keep running.
I'm not a trespasser! I'm a lawyer.
And friend.
I'm here to I'm here to help my friend.
Not really sure we're friends right now.
Where are the cops, parked in the car? No one else knows where you are.
I'm just here to help.
You know, for a big-shot lawyer, all your help has done is make things a lot worse.
Kodie, I only wanna talk, please.
Ah, what brings you in today? I'm a lawyer.
For the Chartrands.
Oh, this must be about the Amber Alert.
Are Madison and True OK? That's why I'm here.
Huxland, I need a letter, stating that True has an anxiety disorder.
Well, then you need to see a child psychiatrist.
She hasn't seen one.
I'm not qualified to make that decision.
You saw True last month.
Yeah, for strep.
And you mentioned to Kodie you were concerned about her levels of anxiety.
It's a far cry from a diagnosis.
How many patients do you see in a year? If you're concerned that she's suffering from anxiety, then she probably is.
I just need a letter from a medical professional.
And I need to avoid peer review, malpractice, and losing my license.
I'm sorry Billy the only people more skittish than lawyers are doctors.
How familiar are you with MFS? I have a few patients in the system.
True and Madison, they have a special bond.
And MFS isn't looking for a home that'll keep them together.
Even in the worst of it, Kodie made sure those kids never missed an appointment.
I can write a backdated letter referring True to a child psychiatrist.
- It's the best I can do.
- I'll take it.
So this is the famous Chartrand camp, huh? Or infamous.
Seemed different when we were kids.
Listen, Kodie, I know things didn't go well last time we spoke.
You accused me of not trusting you, and lying to you about the case.
- Can I see the kids? - Absolutely not.
They're safe.
They've been through enough already.
Look, I know that things seem out of control right now and I know how desperately you wanna be with your kids, but we have to do this the right way.
The right way for you.
It's easy to follow the law when it isn't constantly trying to crush you.
I talked to Luna.
She listened to you.
Turned herself in, try to do the legal thing, and what'd that get her? Exonerated.
After months rotting in jail.
Do you have any idea what months in foster care does to kids? Luna told me not to turn myself in.
She told me to run.
Luna's not a lawyer.
That would be very bad advice to take.
And where's yours gotten me? The system isn't perfect.
It was designed to protect children.
I'm trying to protect them.
I haven't always been the best mom, but they don't deserve this.
I went through the foster care system.
I won't let that happen to them.
Caffeine for the weary.
- Thank you.
- How's it going out here? Hmm.
- Is it a double? - Quad.
I don't want you falling asleep at the helm.
- Anything on the tip line? - Crackpots and busybodies.
Thanks for coming out.
We got a shot of these two angels.
Madison's 12.
True is 7.
We just want everybody to keep their eyes peeled.
Anything you can tell us about the mother? Well, uh, I'm officially retired.
But there is an ongoing history of drug abuse, I can tell you that.
I just hope this woman comes to her senses, turns herself in peacefully, but in my experience, that's very unlikely with this kind of element.
But rest assured, my crew and myself are prepared to do whatever it takes to bring these children home safely.
Alright? Thank you.
Owen find her first.
Heath, what do you got? - What does he want? - Let's call the police.
And say what? Hey, Officer, he's out there 'cause you've been stalking him? We'll just tell them what he did.
And he'll deny it and know it was us.
Taylor, he knows where we live.
It's not a big deal.
That's why you didn't come home.
Look I don't really wanna be killed by some guy so you can prove a point.
He's after me, he's not after you.
You don't know that.
Why are you being so stupid? Don't call me stupid.
I don't mean you're stupid, it's just - you're making stupid decisions.
- It's the same thing.
- No, it's not.
Unknown caller.
Don't answer it.
It's less scary now.
Maybe in the daylight.
Maybe you're just less scary now.
I have, um I've thought about you a lot over the years.
- I never actually meant - You don't need to convince me.
I never thought I'd see you ever again.
I'm here.
Kodie, you know I trust you.
Wow My own lawyer and former bestie finally.
All I have been doing is fighting for you.
Even when you weren't honest with me.
Even when it hurt my own relationship and my reputation.
Someone's trying to make sure I lose my kids forever.
That that sounds paranoid.
- Joanna! - OK.
OK, let's assume that's true.
I get why you can't turn yourself in, but what if you get caught? If someone is framing you, is is this really the best place to be found? How deep would the police have to dig before they found evidence of anything? And you could bet they would use your presence here as probable cause to turn this entire place upside-down.
I don't have anything to do with any of that stuff.
Maybe not, but we would have a hell of a time trying to prove that if they find you here.
You could go to jail for years, lose your children permanently.
Nobody knows where this camp is.
Kodie, I found you.
How long before someone else does? Even if you don't turn yourself in, you cannot stay here.
I don't have anywhere else to go.
What about Blood River? Do you still have family there? My cousin.
He'd help me, at least until I figured it out.
OK, well, that's something.
Who's that? Did you bring someone? No.
Let's go.
There's no need for that, ma'am.
We know Kodie Chartrand is here.
We just need to check the premises.
I know I know she's probably family, but Oh, she's in a lot of trouble.
Mom, where You're just out here by yourself? I'd hate for you to get hurt.
Okay, go.
They're gone.
Forget it, they're gone.
Taylor, you're copying my life.
You move into my apartment, a-and you walk with Bear Clan I'm just trying to make a difference.
You don't have any other friends.
You don't have a job I was supposed to be the lawyer, Luna.
Remember? And then I lost my family and I got poisoned and I got leukemia.
Look, I don't have anybody else.
But it's kind of hard sitting around, watching your best friend live the life that you were supposed to have.
I went to prison, Taylor.
And now you're playing lawyer, and you're saving lives like it never even happened.
You want my job? Take it.
Because right now, our only client just stole her children.
Hi, I heard about that Amber Alert? Yeah, I saw this super sketchy vehicle, idling down on Bannatyne.
Thought I saw some kids in the back seat.
Look, you've had two years of clear tests.
Maybe it's time you move on.
Here we go.
Got it? Alright, just a little further.
Come on, baby, we gotta hurry.
But I'm tired.
And I'm hungry.
- Me too.
- Cousin Joel can cook.
Don't you worry about that.
We'll have a proper fry up when we get there, I promise.
Mom? What's happening? Did you screw up again? [SIGHS.]
Um You know what? I think I have a yes, here.
This'll tide you over.
- You're doing your best.
It's what moms do.
Doesn't always work out.
Didn't for your mom.
Well, that was different.
You're fighting for your kids.
I'm pretty sure she fought for you too, but she got stuck.
- Right.
- Seriously.
Once MFS was involved, her hands were tied.
Joanna, when we ran, your dad called MFS on your mom.
Once they were in, she couldn't do anything.
No - No, he never called child services.
- He did.
My mom told me.
I wanted to tell you, but by the time I wasn't grounded anymore, you were gone.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
- It doesn't matter.
- No, it's OK.
How much farther? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Heard about your Amber Alert.
I always really liked Kodie.
Someone in the area called the tip line.
Saw her and another woman, on foot in the bush with her children, headed in this direction.
Well, she's got family here.
I know I don't have jurisdiction, but Yeah, I like you too, Owen, but I can't have the Millwood police chief coming in here searching homes.
I don't want that.
I just wanna help those kids.
Let me knock on some doors, and I'll see if anybody knows anything.
Friends of yours? Not exactly.
Bastard must have a police scanner.
You know, it's not good when you show up here.
It's really bad if they do.
Good news.
I got a letter from True's doctor on file with MFS.
That's great.
Do you have Kodie? I found her at the camp, but she refuses to turn herself in.
Why does it sound like you're walking? New plan.
Please don't tell me you're helping our client evade arrest.
I'm doing everything I can to protect both of us.
I don't like this, Joanna.
You're flirting with the line.
I, um I need you to do something for me at MFS.
Bring me a case file.
Alright, what name? Hanley.
Please, you have to let me see him, please! Get your hands off of me! Billy? You OK? So, she's in there or not? Couldn't say.
Gonna let Officer Fisher do his job, and you are too.
Oh, of course, of course.
It's what it's all about helping out the law enforcement any way we can.
You know, just 'cause you can't go in there There's nothing stopping us, I could do you a solid, and go in there and check it out.
You really think anyone's gonna be any happier to see you? Us, or me in particular? Ah I'm just trying to balance the scales, Owen.
Do some good, make up for my mistakes.
Pack it up.
You're leaving.
You really trust the locals are just gonna hand over Kodie Chartrand to ya? Yes, I do.
Well, maybe we'll just go and take a look around anyway.
You have no authority here, and we're not doing anything illegal.
They're my officers.
No, they're just a group of concerned citizens on their day off.
Well, maybe today, but tomorrow you answer to me at the station.
So that's it, huh? You'd rather protect a junkie, who kidnaps her own kids than do your job? Ah, it's 'cause she's one of you, isn't it? You got a group of upstanding people here who care about the law and the safety of their community, but you'll always side with them, won't ya? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Oh, there it is.
There it is.
You got nothing to say to that, huh? 'Cause you're not one of us, are you? You can pretend to be a police chief all you want, but we know what kind of chief you really are.
What I am is the man who took you down.
I put you in jail.
I took your job.
You don't call the shots anymore.
Joel! I know it's been a while, but Don't tell me anything you don't want me to know.
You must be hungry.
Fisher gave me 15 minutes.
I don't want to abuse his goodwill.
That's all I need.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
I'd do anything for Kodie, but with Mercer whipping everyone up, I have to follow the law letter perfect here.
I understand, but the kids are unharmed.
She's still facing parental abduction.
- She could get a 10-year sentence.
- She takes a plea.
Then Kodie never sees her kids again.
Or She turns herself in, hands over the kids, and you charge her with violating a custody order.
- Contempt to court.
- Summary conviction, two years' probation, and those kids, may get to know their mother.
If she turns herself in peacefully.
Kodie - How the hell could you do this to me? - Kodie You are lucky my kids are here right now.
Just listen to me.
When you are inside it, it is hard to see a way out.
I get that.
When When you helped me, I didn't want it.
I didn't even understand that I needed it.
I know that it looks bad right now, but there's still hope.
I am still fighting, and I am not gonna leave you.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Kodie They haven't looked at me like that since I was using.
I promised myself, they'd never be scared of me again.
Hey Jesus, Jojo, do I need to? Someone told me That love Love has no limits No limits Love Love has no limits No limits No limits Someone told me That love Love has no limits No limits Love Love has no limits No limits No limits Someone told me Right, clear and true About what hurts I write my story With more than words Have we already reached that stage in the case? As requested.
- Did you read it? - Yeah.
Oh god Your father called MFS on your mother.
Claimed he was afraid for your safety.
This is right about the time she would've found out about his affair with Gerrilynn.
She kicked him out of the house.
You think he was just doing it to try and get custody? Get custody, discredit her, establish grounds to have her committed, take your pick.
This was my fault.
What are you talking about? He used what I did against her.
No, don't go there, Joanna.
You were a kid.
There's nothing you could've done, that would've been that bad.
- Hey - I think I'm gonna be sick.
Do you trust me, Luna? Of course.
As your boss or your sister? Mhm, both.
Because as your sister, who moved heaven and earth, to clear you of murder charges, I am pretty hurt that you told Kodie that I didn't protect you.
That's not what I said.
And as your boss, I am furious, that you discredited me to our client and gave her illegal and unethical advice.
You have no idea what Kodie's going through right now.
It is not our job to empathise, it is our job to get her out of it.
It's not exactly something I can just turn off, OK? I've tried.
Well, try harder.
Because as your sister, maybe I'll get over the fact that you went behind my back with Kodie.
But as your boss, if you aren't with me, then you are against me and there's no room for that at Crawford Chang.
Joanna Here to congratulate me for resolving an Amber Alert peacefully? Didn't sound too peaceful to me.
Mercer's filing a complaint against me because I yelled at him? No, because you threw him against a car and assaulted him.
That's not what happened.
It's what Sam's saying happened.
Yeah, well, you still think I'm paranoid about him? You know, it's been a busy few days.
Thanks for your concern, everyone.
Looks worse than it is, although I have filed an official complaint.
Doesn't matter, though, a little shiner like this.
What's important I didn't do that.
I didn't hit him.
How integral was your search party in locating Kodie Chartrand? You know, as an experienced police officer, what I saw yesterday troubled me.
It troubles me that an Amber Alert almost wasn't issued at all.
We all know in child abduction cases, every second counts, and Millwood PD wasted hours.
Frankly, it's left me concerned about the competence and integrity of the leadership.
Thank you, that's all.
You're right, he's gunning for you.
And you gave him the ammo.
You're gonna be charged with contempt to the court order.
We'll get you bail and get you home.
And we're already working on a plan to get your kids back.
We have, before the Court, a show cause hearing from Mushkode Chartrand.
Cohen? On or about August 12th of this year, Mushkode Chartrand removed her children from their lawful guardian in violation of a court sanction agreement.
We have received from the Millwood police force, a charging document for a summary conviction contempt of court charge.
Your Honour, my client surrendered peacefully with the agreement of a contempt charge.
The Crown is exercising its discretion to increase the charge to two charges of parental abduction.
We will be seeking a 10-year sentence.
Joanna, that's not what Beckbie said.
We had a good faith agreement, Your Honour.
The agreement was made with the arresting officer, Ms.
The accused is a demonstrated flight risk and has shown a willful disregard for this court's orders.
We are asking that bail be denied.
Given the chronology and the opinion presented by the Crown, bail does not seem appropriate in this situation.
Your Honour, my client is a loving mother whose recent actions were driven by a hardwired protection instinct.
She is a parent.
Mushkode Chartrand isn't a flight risk, because the only things she cares about, are her children.
Wherever they are, that is where she will be.
The accused shall be placed under house arrest with an electronic monitoring device.
She may love her children, but any attempt to make contact with them, and I will revoke this bail agreement and place her in remand.
You've been warned, Ms.
Hang tight, OK? We'll meet you at your house.
What the hell was that? The bags, the kids, Kodie, it's all connected.
If they're wrong about Kodie, they're wrong about all of them.

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