Burden of Truth (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Name Your Ghosts

Millwood Family Services is just doing what they're obligated to do, but, they're acting on bad science.
ClearDawn's drug tests are the real culprit here.
If you're only thinking about the science, you're not looking at the bigger picture.
So someone's cutting corners.
ClearDawn Labs would like to offer your client 25K.
This isn't about the money.
It's always about the money.
It's too late for any of this.
You aren't alone in this, Kodie.
So many other mothers have gone through this, and it's time for us to bring them into this fight.
We are gonna force the courts to hear us.
I'm here for you, to represent you.
- You represent me? - My firm would.
We just need more information about your drug test.
- Taylor? - I think there's something you need to see.
It is the Court's decision that a class action is not the procedure for resolving this conflict.
- Your Honour - The court denies certification.
I'm pregnant.
Joanna, you can't just spring something like this on me and then shut me out.
Can you, uh Hear me? That's not enough.
I don't know what you want from me.
We want you to give us something tangible.
- This is crazy.
- Hey, Shakey.
Shakey, you came to me.
- You wanted to do something.
- I don't have anything.
The extra revenue, off the books, - where does it go? - Exactly, no books.
- There are always books.
- Well, I don't have them.
Hey, look.
You knew something was wrong, and you did the right thing.
But that's the easy part.
It is because now, wherever you go, you're gonna know what ClearDawn is doing, and living with that is much harder.
If we can't find actual evidence, then nothing changes.
You keep your job, your life.
But families? They keep getting torn apart.
They're too well-connected.
I've never seen the off-the-books, but I might, maybe, know where they keep 'em.
Good, good.
Where? There's a vault, for air-gapped hard drives, for the financials.
They hide them in plain sight.
Then you know what you have to do.
You didn't send one of your henchmen? Oh, I didn't wanna miss this.
ClearDawn Labs has filed a defamation lawsuit against Kodie Chartrand, also naming Crawford Chang, LLP, for damages amounting to $14 million.
You've been served.
Can we talk about this? No need, it complicates things.
14 million.
We go to trial against ClearDawn in less than a week.
We lost certification.
The only thing we can do, is go after them, we target the company.
- Joanna.
- We don't have time - to talk about this.
- How can I help? - Just sit tight.
- Right.
- I'll just stay out of the way.
- Wait.
Have you talked to Callie yet? Uh It's complicated.
I'm not mad, but I can't worry about if you're gonna come through.
You wanna help? Talk to Callie.
- Where did you get these? - I took them.
- I've been following that guy.
- Who is he? Oh, it's a long story.
Um He worked for my dad and now he beats up sex workers, so not a long story, I guess.
Taylor you can't be doing this.
- It's dangerous.
- What do you think they're up to? How many times did they meet? Well, four times that I saw, every week on Thursday and Mercer always leaves with an envelope.
A payoff of some sort.
Extortion, maybe.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
This could be big.
Mercer's gotta have a stash somewhere.
I guess we just have to find it.
OK, Shakey.
Meet us back at our office on your lunch.
No one's gonna know.
You got this.
Are you kidding me?! Shakey, you gotta relax.
I hope it's worth it.
Yeah, me too.
He brought it home.
Typical lazy cop.
We gotta get in there.
- That's breaking and entering.
- Yeah, so? You know I'm the chief of police, right? Couldn't wait, huh? - Is everything OK? - Yeah.
I just needed a strep-B swab or I wouldn't be in here.
She hasn't stopped eyeing me since she opened my file.
We need to talk.
That's a little unnerving.
I'm sorry.
I tried everything.
We can't take your case.
What the hell, Luna?! I left Eric! Not only did I leave Eric, - but I pissed him off! - I know.
I know and I'm sorry.
I'm still gonna help you.
You can stay at my place.
You're safe there.
For how long? As long as it takes to figure things out.
Figure what out?! - Callie, I'm I'm - Just leave me alone! I was better off before you came knocking on my door.
Oh, not here - Not here.
- Callie What? Is that Shakey? - Hey, what's going on? - They know.
What are you talking about? I shouldn't have listened to you.
- They were all over me.
- Did you get caught? Sol Solomon came right over to me, was talking about good or maybe loyalty? You're probably just being paranoid.
- I'm not paranoid! - Let's just sit down.
There's water in the conference room.
- No.
I'm leaving town.
- No, you can't leave! He's gonna come after me! Who, Solomon? I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
Billy We need him.
- OK, you can't be serious.
- It's dangerous.
I'll be fine! You need a badge to go any further than this.
You wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for me! You did really well, but I got it from here.
Hello, Sam.
You know Jerry, your parole officer.
- Jerry.
- Sam.
We're gonna take a look around.
Hope that's OK.
- Luna, come on - If you come after him in any way I help people, Mr.
- We believe you, Mr.
- Doctor.
And by allowing us, to take a look into your procedure, I'm sure we could figure this whole thing out.
I would be fine with that, but you know lawyers.
Of course you do.
I understand that you are trying to help out your friend, but did you ever stop and consider that maybe she shouldn't be a mother? That's not your call to make.
You know as well as anyone it's complicated.
Justice relies on us, heavily at times.
People lie, Ms.
Or Chang, is it? Get to your point, Mr.
ClearDawn is an opportunity, to fix broken homes, to give children the childhoods they deserve.
I was put on this earth, to help children, and even if we got something wrong, which we did not, the good we do would outweigh any mistake.
Please, tell that to our client.
I'd love to see what she does.
I came here with a peace offering.
Our lawsuit goes away the second you drop yours.
Unlike you, we're not out for blood.
See you soon.
We're getting you out of here.
This can't be happening.
- It's gonna be OK.
- They'll take the baby! They won't.
Let's turn around.
Nice and slow.
I need a minute.
- Now's not a good time.
- I need a minute! Ms.
It's OK, just relax.
There's nothing you can do until the contractions are less than four minutes apart.
It's OK, we'll take care of you.
We might need a wheelchair.
You good? OK.
Let's go.
Hey! What's the emergency? Oh, my We need to get her out of here.
Isn't here exactly where she needs to be? This baby needs to be born off the grid.
You wanted to do something that matters? O-O-OK.
My car's parked out front.
He walked in here like he was bulletproof.
I haven't seen anyone lie that well since Since my father? Except this guy's more dangerous.
Why? Because he believes every word he's saying, it's Like he's on some righteous mission.
What if he's the target, not ClearDawn? He's been pulling the strings all along.
We convince the jury he's gone rogue, that he's been manipulating the data to fit his mission.
And if Solomon's gone rogue, then ClearDawn has an out.
It's something.
Should we talk about the other option? - What option? - Drop the lawsuit.
Focus on Kodie's trial.
No, not a chance.
Look, we swing and miss here, Joanna, then you, me, Kodie, we're all on the hook.
It ruins us.
And it's not just us we have to think about anymore.
We don't have a case, Billy.
We can't win at Kodie's trial, which means this Is our only shot at getting her kids back.
We're drowning.
Going deeper's our only way out.
It just means that we can't miss.
Where are we going, exactly? Grand Rapids, my cousin's a midwife.
She'll help me.
That's like, a few hours north.
Are you sure you don't want to go to a hospital? I can't! I'll walk if I have to.
We're with you.
- You need to drive fast.
- OK.
You look worried! You can't interfere.
Where's Jerry? He's downstairs.
Tell me what you're looking for, I can help you find it.
Well, hmm.
Wondering if you've played your hand too early? I would be.
Ah, what happened to you, Chief? Look at you On your hands and knees looking for God knows what.
You gonna plant something? Drugs? Ah, don't worry.
I know you don't have the balls for that.
Graduated top of his class, he's a philanthropist.
Look, he's even on the board of a children's theatre company.
He's trying too hard.
Any other suits against ClearDawn? Nothing, no litigation, Board members seem above board.
Further back.
- Where'd he grow up? - Uh, there, I got Nothin'.
That's weird.
What's the farthest back you've seen? Hmm, him taking the job at ClearDawn, in 199 8.
It's like he doesn't exist before that.
How's that possible, even in the '90s? Type in "Joanna Chang".
You think he changed his name? Why? He's running from something.
OK, thanks.
Billy, the clerk says we need the original name to search the registry.
OK, so, what couldn't he change his name on? - Birth certificate? - No, that's easy enough.
News article, maybe? School? I guess anything in print before the name change.
Could he change his name on his degree? Probably.
But I'm pretty sure they wouldn't reprint the yearbook for him.
Oh, I guess we're doing this the old fashioned way.
You used to be so noble.
Any time now, boy.
I've got somewhere to be.
You gonna clean that up? See, the thing about being chief now Is I don't have to clean up your shit.
There's no need for this.
HEY, COME ON! You don't wanna do this.
Oh, I'm sure I do.
That's a very serious offence.
Wow, I'm impressed, Sam.
Is there anybody you weren't blackmailing? Oh, you didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you? You might wanna look through those before you ride off on your high horse, Tonto.
Look for Principal and Bulldog.
Might be of interest to you.
Is everyone OK? Yeah, everyone's fine, Jerry.
I must not have set those bins right.
I got copies of those.
He could be about 50, right? Yeah, so sometime in the mid-'90s? OK.
How do people have time for sports? - I was always in the library.
- Nerd.
Oh, hang on a second.
"Notable was Solomon Stafford" "as Michael Cassio" in Othello.
That's enough of a name change to avoid an internet search.
Solomon Stafford.
OK, it's a newsletter from a school, Legacy Pines.
I've been there.
And when was this? It was before he went to med school and "saving children" is why he was "put on this earth".
"Legacy Pines Scandal.
" "Solomon Stafford brought in for questioning," "in the death of a student.
" No charges were ever laid.
They found another suspect? Or they just couldn't prove it was him.
Careful, careful.
Nice to finally meet face-to-face.
I'm sorry I couldn't see you before.
You're busy, I get it.
I'm Joanna Chang.
This is my partner, William Crawford.
Eli Roberts.
- You're lawyers? - Yes.
We, uh, wanted to talk to you about Solomon Stone.
Or Stafford.
Excuse me.
- Mr.
Roberts - It was a scar on the school.
I'm sure you know that if you're asking.
We wanna know about I don't really have time right now.
We just wanna know about I came back here to undo the damage he did.
Not about to reopen old wounds, so.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
You know what he's doing now? I have to ask you to leave.
Where'd you get this? - You wouldn't believe me.
- Try us.
I really can't say.
I know there are lines you can't cross, but we need to make sure this is verified.
- Sam Mercer had it.
- Excuse me? It looks like he's been blackmailing people in Millwood for years.
I saw "ClearDawn" at the top.
Thought this mess might at least help Kodie get her kids back.
Any idea what it is? If I had to guess, account numbers.
Every piece I found was under a code name, so If I were you, I'd Figure out who "Late-Night Cheerleader" and "Teach" are? Hey, I thought you would've been happier about this.
It's complicated.
Cat, what you got? Apparently, there was a civil suit against Solomon Stafford, but it was dismissed.
- Any names? - The lawyer of record, Harper Bailey.
She no longer practices, but I found an address in the Millwood phonebook.
She got an address.
That's great, maybe she can give us something we can actually use.
Cat, we're sending you a document.
It's related to ClearDawn.
We need you to see if you can track down any of these account numbers.
On it.
Any of these ring a bell: "Cheerleader", "Teach"? No, it doesn't make sense to me.
We just need to figure out how it makes sense to Mercer.
You know I love you, right? That I'd never do anything to put you in harm's way? That's a terrifying start.
I got Mercer.
I actually got him.
He's been blackmailing people while he's on parole.
- That's amazing! - Yeah.
Hey He's gonna go away for good.
OK You're starting to scare me.
Well, I got lost Somewhere along the way.
I got sloppy and, um OK, seriously, what's going on? He knows why your marriage broke up.
Oh Uh That was, um That was a long time ago, Owen.
It was just It was just some workplace affair, I'm not proud of it He's got pictures, Diane.
I'm sorry.
Did you eat anything today? I can't eat because I feel like I'm going to throw up.
But if I don't eat, I do throw up.
I'm fine.
Bailey, thank you, - for your hospitality.
- Oh! We just We don't have much time.
Is your wife home? Uh She's fragile these days.
I'm not sure I should disturb her yet.
Uh I don't know that you'll be able to help us.
The details we need pertain to a particular case.
I promise we won't upset her.
She worked on a case that was dismissed.
We just need to know why.
Tell me why you're looking into Solomon Stafford.
- We never said - You didn't have to.
How could you possibly know which case we were talking about? My wife only became a lawyer after David She only tried one case.
The boy who died was your son.
Taylor, how much farther to Grand Rapids? Uh, a bit to go.
Actually, a lot to go.
I'm not gonna make it.
- I'm not gonna make it.
- We need to find a doctor, or a hospital.
This baby's coming out.
We don't have a choice.
If we go to a hospital, I'll never see this baby again.
If we can't make it there We'll do it ourselves.
WHAT?! People have been having babies, longer than there have been hospitals.
I I can't - Pull over! - Are you crazy?! Pull over! This baby is coming out.
Don't worry, I'm not nearly as fragile as he gives me credit for.
No one survives law school if they're fragile, Mrs.
Harper, please.
Of course, Harper.
Can you tell us what happened to your son? David had come back for the holidays one semester and he felt Different.
He was cold.
We hadn't always been the closest, but He told us that Solomon Mr.
Stafford had said that we I'm sorry.
Um He was concerned about David's safety If he continued to live with us.
The year before, I was driving and I got into an accident.
David was in the car.
He was fine, but I I'd been drinking.
Were you charged? No.
I cleaned up my act.
Thought that we'd gotten through it, but I guess Solomon couldn't let go of that.
He drove a wedge between David and me.
It was like he'd He'd brainwashed him Wiped away everything good Until all that was left was the accident.
So David ran away with his friend, Elliott, to go to him.
Or maybe to just get away from us.
What happened to Elliott? We could never find him.
No witnesses, no charges.
And you have no idea where he went? No, he's alive somewhere.
But no idea.
And how do you know he's alive? Honey? He's sent us a card, on the anniversary of David's death, almost every year since.
Usually a picture inside Of the two of them.
And an apology.
Can we see one of those pictures? No What is it? Do you recognize him?! Actually, um We know where he is.
Joanna, slow down.
We don't even know what law he broke.
He didn't kill anyone, and there's no charge for brainwashing.
She didn't have any witnesses.
Only Elliott knows the full story.
There has to be more.
No, we have to think about another way, - to come at this.
- There is no other way.
Do they, um Do they know where I am? You need to tell us what you know, Eli.
I mean It's been so long.
I'm not sure I'd remember.
Yeah, I don't believe that for a second.
You can't hide from this anymore.
You have no idea what he was like.
OK, so help us understand.
He would like Like, get into our heads.
Twisted us.
He had this way of making us Need to make him proud.
I don't know how to explain it.
I don't I I don't know, it's just We just suddenly didn't see our parents anymore.
He was all we could see.
And And it seemed right at the time, So we ran away.
And we knew, and I I don't know why but somehow, we just knew, that we could never, ever go back to them.
Did he specifically ask you to run away? I mean No, not in not in those words, - but there was - What happened to David? Um Uh David had An asthma attack.
The cold got to him.
He was bigger Bigger than me, and, I couldn't I couldn't pick him up.
So just left him?! No! No, I didn't have a choice! - Yes, you did! - Joanna.
Did Solomon threaten you, is that why you ran away? Take it easy.
Uh, it's just like somehow, he just Just Made us think that that was our only option, that was the only thing we could do! Was he abusive, physically or emotionally? He wasn't like that, he didn't actually ever Did he do anything at all? Because right now, it sounds like you just ran away, and got your friend killed.
No, that's not what I don't know! I don't I don't know! I can't I'm sorry, I can't do this.
I can't do this.
What happens if you use it? - I'm not going to.
- What happens, Owen?! He goes to jail.
He serves his time and then some, and he doesn't get out.
But he'll release the photos.
And everyone sees them: teachers, students, my kids.
I'll find another way.
- Ahem.
- What other way? There is no other way.
These photos aren't just gonna disappear! He will always, have this over me! And what about us? There's only one thing I can do.
What does this affidavit even prove? A pattern of playing God? We're on the right track.
We just have to find something that sticks.
Are you OK? We need to get inside Mercer's head.
We need to figure out what those account numbers are.
That's not what I meant.
And how is ClearDawn, the only company doing these tests? How are they getting these contracts? Well, people must not have known.
The province would've done a thorough background check, Name change or not.
And with the faulty tests, it doesn't make any sense.
It's not the province.
Millwood took over the regional management.
So who gives out the contracts then? Some council at City Hall.
Maybe Shepherd could get us something on this.
I, um I do know, what that's like, so it's, um I'm sorry.
Please, just Let me know if there's anything I can do.
How to deliver a baby.
I found it on the web.
OK, um, bedsheets.
Something clean to put underneath Use my blanket, put that underneath her.
Tell her to breathe and push.
I'm not deaf! Breathe, Callie.
Get me out of this car! You're doing great, really! Yeah, are you comfortable? Are you kidding me?! I don't It says to ask that.
- OK, next? - OK, um, Callie, when the contractions come, just breathe and p push with the pain.
It's gonna be OK, Callie.
- We got this, Lu.
- Get me out of this car! You're almost there, don't worry.
No! I want the first thing this child sees to be the sky.
OK! We're gonna get you out of here.
Just breathe, it's OK.
Sam Mercer.
You're under arrest.
You might wanna ask your old lady about that.
Oh, I did.
Turns out she's not afraid.
Certainly not afraid of you.
No, I'm here because she told me to be.
- Look, Owen - You know what I was wondering? Does your wife know that you took those? Sneaking around, taking naked pictures of people? I mean, Diane taught your daughter.
Does she know what kind of thing her dad's been up to? And what about your boy? I mean, would he be proud of the old man? I mean, I wonder what he would say.
Sounds like you're blackmailing me.
I guess I am.
But I'm taking you in, Sam.
And you're gonna destroy every last photo.
Every last copy.
Now, put down the wrench.
Be smart.
The story ends here, Sam.
I can't do this.
I'm so sorry.
You got a life ahead of you now.
It's gonna be so good.
Thank you guys.
Maybe we could still stay at your place.
Just 'til we find something.
Pull over.
Let's go.
Come on, Billy.
I'm sorry.
Joanna, what is going on with you? You're not yourself.
This is me.
- Sorry, but - No, don't do that.
You know exactly what I mean.
Why won't you talk to me? - We talk every day.
- About the baby.
- Stop.
- If I'm not enough, you need to tell me.
If you need more, - you need to tell me.
- This isn't about you! - Can we please - IF YOU DON'T WANT ME, that's fine, but this baby is coming either way.
You don't think I know that?! You don't think I know there is a person inside me? I don't know what I am doing, Billy.
You You are good.
And kind.
And I shouldn't even be A marriage is one thing.
We get out of contracts, all the time.
But a child? You would be Stuck here with me, and I am clearly not capable of living this life.
I can't even say "good job" to our employees.
What am I supposed to do with a child? And I just Can't stand to see The look of disappointment I'm not disappointed.
When I can't help but turn our child into me.
Look, I I don't have any answers, so I don't know what to let you in on.
I am I am I am so confused.
And I can't even trust myself, or I am trying to figure this out.
And when I do, I will let you I DON'T WANT YOU TO FIGURE IT OUT! I wanna figure it out with you.
Joanna, I don't have the answers either.
But if they exist At all Then I don't want to find them without you.
What the hell are we going to do? It's so nice to hear you say that.
I wanna have this baby.
With you.
I am I am so scared.
Ready to dig in? I'll put a pot on.
See if Mayor Shepherd has some answers for us.
Hang up the phone! - What? - Hang up the phone.
Why? Oh, you don't think Millwood City Hall gives the contracts to the testing facilities.
Shakey said that ClearDawn was well-connected.
Do you remember the reunion? Kind of overshadowed by Kodie having her kids taken away.
Do you remember Mayor Shepherd's speech? Mercer and Shepherd are around the same age.
When she was in high school, she was The cheerleading captain.
It didn't make sense how they were operating under the radar, because they weren't.
They were being protected.
How many digits are there, in the account numbers that Beckbie gave us? - Uh, 8, 15 - 18.
It's a tax receipt for a donation.
They're funnelling money through the campaign.
This is bigger than Solomon.
So she knows exactly what's going on.
It's gonna be a stretch to prove, without actual copies of the transactions.
Or We get the guy who created the codenames to testify.
Where are you at with Mercer? I'm taking him in.
Owen, we need you to wait.
- We need you to - I'm sorry, Joanna.
I've waited too long for this.
OWEN! We need Sam Mercer.
I'm sorry.

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