Burden of Truth (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

Shelter from the Storm

1 Legacy Pines scandal.
"Solomon Stafford brought in for questioning," "in the death of a student.
" Our lawsuit goes away the second you drop yours.
What if he's the target, not ClearDawn? He's been pulling the strings all along.
Look, we swing and miss here, Joanna, then you, me, Kodie, we're all on the hook.
And it's not just us we have to think about anymore.
I am so scared.
I wanna have this baby With you.
What the hell are we going to do? Blackmail.
He knows why your marriage broke up.
That was a long time ago, Owen.
He's got pictures.
It didn't make sense how they were operating under the radar because they weren't.
They were being protected.
They're funnelling money through the campaign.
This is bigger than Solomon.
So she knows exactly what's going on.
OWEN! We need Sam Mercer.
You don't have a case.
Admit that you used faulty tests, to remove children from their homes, and we will drop our suit.
If you put Miss Chartrand on the stand, I won't hold back.
Your client used bogus science.
- He made millions.
- You can't prove it.
Stone's a fraud.
He's world-renowned.
That's who the jury will see.
Not when I'm done with 'em.
It'll come down to who the jury believes, a celebrated doctor or Miss Chartrand.
Stone has an unimpeachable reputation.
His institution is respected, and we are well-financed, for a long, drawn-out legal fight.
You've lost this one, Miss Chang.
If you were expecting a last-second capitulation, you were mistaken.
But I'm happy to buy breakfast.
You need all the financial help you can get.
It's slipping away from us.
He knows it.
But I guess you heard all that.
We have one more day.
You can do a lot in a day.
Owen, I'm late for a meeting with the kids club.
- It'll only take a few minutes.
- I don't even have a minute.
I need to ask you a few questions about ClearDawn Labs.
I don't know much about it.
Child apprehensions have increased, every year since you've been in office.
These are complicated issues.
Too much for a simple police officer to understand? That's not what I meant.
Millwood Family Services is an independent agency.
But you control the funding.
No, I oversee budget negotiations.
Nothing happens without your sign-off.
Do you know how crazy you sound, Owen? Now, I have to go.
Something came up in the Chartrand civil case.
Transfer payments of money from ClearDawn Labs to your re-election campaign.
- I don't know anything about it.
- Mayor Shepherd.
Am I under arrest, Owen? Because if not, the kids are gonna get hungry if I'm late.
Make an appointment with my assistant.
I promise you, we'll clear it all up.
This is an immunity agreement with the Millwood Police.
It's very limited.
If you provide us with information, that aids us in our case against ClearDawn, Millwood Police will not pursue an investigation.
Owen agreed to this? It's for past events only.
If you fail to provide us, with useful information, the deal is cancelled.
So, what made you first look into ClearDawn? They have you for extortion, while on parole, you'll get 15 years, and this time, you will do all of it.
Police attend child apprehensions.
We saw the stats goin' up.
For a shady AF, man.
Stone hid his dark past annoyingly well.
"Solomon Stone," "Award of Excellence in the Community.
" Luna? The racist jerk who tried to put me in jail is here.
Millwood signed an exclusive contract, with ClearDawn Labs.
All of this over some lab tests? I'm missing something.
Family Services Police Municipal workers, all those tests add up.
- It's a lot of money.
- So Millwood pays ClearDawn, for the tests and some of that trickles back to Mayor Shepherd.
Do you think she knew, what they were up to? Alison knows about everything.
And what can you tell us, about the science behind the testing? I barely finished high school, Billy.
Did you ever hear anything? When I started out, I'd accompany people, on the drug test and then suddenly, they changed the way they did the tests.
- What changed? - I don't know, the The procedures.
And we saw apprehensions going up.
They said they found a more efficient test.
- And when was this? - 2008.
That's when Dr.
Stone took over.
Alright, thank you.
You left without saying goodbye.
I mean it was early.
I was just leaving.
Well, I'll see you tonight.
Parent-teacher conferences.
I'll be late.
Do you wanna know about the affair? - It's none of my business.
- I would never, - do that to you.
- I never said you would.
You haven't looked at me, since you found Mercer's file.
- There's a lot going on.
- Owen.
I made a mistake.
I know.
I gotta go.
Here's another list of the doctor's awards, donations and volunteer work.
Keep looking.
You'll find something.
- OK.
- Oh, we need you, to pack up all the research on the doctor, and bring that with you to Millwood.
OK? Billy and I are leaving to work with the witnesses.
- You and Cat can - Why did you bring him here? Look Luna, I'm sorry, but we need Mercer's testimony.
- Joanna, you can't trust him.
- We go to trial tomorrow with the lives of two children at stake.
You have to stop questioning my judgment.
We are all making sacrifices, Luna.
I haven't heard from you.
How did you get in here? Oh.
Well, I just told them I was your niece.
That guy doesn't seem too sharp.
It's over.
What? What do you mean, it's over? Billy and Joanna arranged a plea deal for Sam Mercer.
They need him as a witness.
Bad guys, getting away with bad stuff.
It seems like that's the way the world works now.
Well, sometimes we have to make compromises, for the greater good.
For the greater good.
- We don't have to like it.
- Well, I really don't like it.
Well, I don't like it either.
It was nice working with you, Becks.
Luna was right.
You're a solid dude.
You can let it go now.
I'll try.
- Hi.
- Keep researching the doctor.
If he's been falsifying drug tests, there has to be a reason.
You're asking me to find a needle in a haystack.
You know that, don't you? I know I can count on you.
Is this your way of apologizing about Mercer, giving me an impossible task to show that you believe in me? You always come through for me, Luna.
I'm on it, then.
I have to prove that a famous doctor is wrong in a field of science I don't understand.
He's testified in hundreds of trials.
He's seasoned, practiced and prepared.
- So are we.
- He has everything to lose.
So do we.
The clock's running, Kodie's kids are gonna be adopted out.
Losing isn't an option.
Let's get to work.
When were you first introduced to illicit substances? I can't remember not being around drugs or alcohol.
Do we really have to do this? They are going to ask you about your past.
We tell it first, our way.
Would you consider yourself to be a drug addict? Are you serious right now? I'm trying to prepare you for whatever questions, they may ask you tomorrow.
Kodie, it is extremely important, you keep your cool.
Keep my cool?! They stole my kids, but I'm supposed to keep cool?! Our only shot at winning Is if we show the court, that you aren't who they think you are.
What if I fail? You won't.
I know you can do this.
When we were kids, you were the strong one.
You never let me give up.
I'm going to do the same for you.
I've been looking for you.
You found me.
You're not supposed to be in here.
Aw, it's just chicken fingers and a Coke.
Smell it if you don't believe me.
Still, you shouldn't be here.
It's under control, Lucky.
You're testifying tomorrow.
Can't wait.
I got you a suit.
Second hand, but it's in good shape.
It should fit.
What, you think I don't have a suit? Do you wanna go over your testimony? Whatever you need.
We're arguing that the lab's faulty science resulted in Kodie losing custody of her kids.
So the other side, they're gonna point to your complaint of parental neglect.
You have to retract it on the record.
You can count on me.
Speak clearly.
Be polite.
Look, that's just what I say to any witness.
- I'll pick you up at 9.
- I can get there on my own.
- I wanna make sure you're there.
- I'll drive myself.
I know it must really piss you off that The case hinges on the least reliable person you know.
There's shoes in there.
And clean socks.
Good afternoon! - Joanna Chang? - Yes.
- I just need a few minutes.
- I'm busy, Tired, stressed and over-worked, as usual.
- I hear that.
- I need an espresso IV, maybe something stronger.
I'm from Millwood Family Services.
I hear you're having a baby.
It's my job to ensure that every child in Millwood is born into a safe and loving environment.
- We have a safe environment.
- I'm sure.
I just need to come in and make sure the home is ready.
- An inspection? - No! Just a friendly visit.
No, I don't consent to an inspection.
It's our duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every child.
Our child is safe.
It's still inside.
Even an unborn child can be at risk.
"An espresso IV or something stronger.
" Please, I was joking.
This is trial strategy.
I don't know what you mean.
They're trying to get me off my game.
We received an anonymous tip, about an unsafe home and we need to Follow up on every tip, I get it.
I just need to do a home inspection.
You're not coming into our house.
We don't need your consent.
Don't make this hard.
If you refuse entry, that could be used against you.
Hank Crawford'll be there and ready to go.
How was Kodie? She's as ready as she'll ever be.
You can't get a medical degree by the morning.
Millwood Family Services paid us a visit.
It's a tactic to scare us off.
It doesn't matter.
There's an open file, Billy.
One mistake, one carless error, any medical test we take And they can take our baby.
We can't just win.
We have to obliterate them.
So nothing left standing.
We wipe Millwood Family Services and ClearDawn off the map.
ClearDawn Labs was negligent, in carrying out its drug testing regime.
Its faulty testing protocol, devised and overseen by Dr.
Solomon Stone, caused the wrongful apprehension of our client's children.
We also allege that ClearDawn's faulty science, contributed to the wrongful apprehension of 56 children by Millwood Family Services.
Some of the people affected are with us in court today.
Our client seeks damages, for negligence, along with a court ruling on the validity of ClearDawn test results, in custody cases.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Call your first witness, Ms.
We call Mushkode Chartrand.
I was taken from my mother, and put in foster care when I was 8.
When did you start using drugs? I stayed away from it for a long time.
Then someone says, "This'll take the pain away.
" - What kind of pain? - That memory My mom through the back window of a car, as I was being taken away.
But then you quit.
My boyfriend overdosed.
And I didn't wanna be another casualty of this country's history, so I stopped.
But, um But you failed a drug test.
The test was wrong.
It was conducted by a respected medical lab.
I know I was clean.
Do you know what perjury means? Yes, lying under oath.
The penalty for perjury is 14 years.
You love your kids.
You fought hard to get them back.
If you lie in this court today, you could spend the rest of their childhood, in jail.
I understand.
When you took ClearDawn's drug test - Were you using drugs? - No.
- Are you sure? 14 years.
- I was clean.
Thank you.
Page, your witness.
Hank's not here.
Chartrand, how many times have you been arrested? Um - You have to count? - Objection.
Six years ago, you were charged with credit card fraud.
Who was the victim? A neighbour.
Elderly neighbour.
- Yes.
- You defrauded an old lady, only six years ago.
And now we're expected to believe you, over the respected doctors at ClearDawn? Objection.
Does he have a question? No.
- No further questions.
- That was six years ago! - The witness is excused.
- I've changed.
Chartrand, you've been excused.
- No, I don't do that anymore.
- Kodie.
The City of Millwood has an exclusive contract with ClearDawn Labs? For all municipal testing.
Police officers are tested, city workers.
And it's also used by Millwood Family Services.
Now, under this contract What happened to the number of child apprehensions? There were more of them.
I have here the stats from Millwood Family Services.
The number of apprehensions doubled.
- Is that correct? - Yes.
So why, all of a sudden, was there an epidemic of bad parents, in Millwood, what changed? The way they did the testing.
And this was after Dr.
Solomon Stone took over at ClearDawn Labs.
They said they found a new drug testing method that would catch more offenders.
- That bothered you? - As a cop, you know who uses and who doesn't.
A few of the cases, I questioned the results.
You suspected the test was faulty? Yes.
And you never said anything? It's above my paygrade.
Thank you.
What is your current occupation? Objection.
Relevance? The witness will answer.
Currently unemployed.
Probably because you were just released from prison.
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Where did you complete your medical degree? Objection.
Page knows he does not have a medical degree.
The witness opined on the method of testing.
The jury should know his level of expertise.
We have, uh, your high school transcript.
Shall I go over your science grades? "Chemistry C-, Biology" - Objec-Agh! - Joanna! Abdominal pain is common in pregnancy.
She doubled over, and she has a very high pain tolerance.
Well, it doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong.
You can't find a heartbeat.
Well, sometimes it takes a few seconds.
It's been a few minutes.
We have to get Hank on the stand.
No, that's not a good idea.
You need to just take it easy.
- She's gotta take it easy, right? - We need him to retract his complaint about parental neglect.
The jury has to hear that.
We're gonna ask for a continuant.
No, we're not! I didn't miscarry.
Joanna, be reasonable.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine, right? - Well, she should rest.
- There! Thank you.
- That's all set.
- She said "should", not "must.
" We call Hank.
You made a complaint, about parental neglect against Kodie Chartrand.
I saw her leave.
I knew the kids were inside the house alone.
Did you, believe, that Kodie Chartrand was a neglectful parent? Well, the kids always ran all over my lawn.
I overreacted.
I made it up.
So you take back your complaint? Kodie was doing a great job, in my opinion.
Parenting is hard.
Thank you.
We ask that the witness be dismissed, and his testimony be stricken.
On what grounds? I believe the witness is under the influence of alcohol.
Are you drunk, Mr.
Crawford? - No, ma'am.
- You're under oath.
Crawford? Were you aware of his impairment? I believe the witness has given truthful testimony.
Were you aware of his condition when you called him to the stand? Uh, he swore, um, an out-of-court statement.
Sorry, Mr.
We respectfully withdraw the witness.
The Bailiff will remove the witness from the court, and the jury will disregard the testimony of Henry Crawford.
We call Dr.
Solomon Stone.
I've been a doctor at ClearDawn since the late '90s, and I became chief medical officer in 2008.
An exemplary career.
Prizes, awards, commendations.
I work hard at it.
ClearDawn is a testing facility? We do lab work for hospitals, research facilities, diseases, infections, cancer screenings.
Can you tell us how those drug tests work? Our client tested positive for cocaine.
Cocaine use is confirmed by detecting the presence of benzoylecgonine, which is produced in the liver - and excreted by the kidneys.
- Benzoylecgonine, the primary metabolite of cocaine.
- Very good.
- I'm a quick study.
Benzoylecgonine is the corresponding carboxylic acid of cocaine.
It is cocaine's methyl ester.
So the presence of benzoylecgonine in a test sample, is evidence of cocaine use? Yes, at very high levels.
You concluded that our client had recently used or was currently using cocaine.
She had, I'm sure of that.
Are there any other potential explanations, for the presence of benzoylecgonine? Not at those levels.
Here is a sample that we submitted independently to ClearDawn.
Can you analyze those? Saliva sample.
Benzoylecgonine and ecgonine are the most abundant metabolites.
And there's also a strong presence of methylecgonidine, which indicates smoking of cocaine.
- So crack? - Yes.
There's also pharmacologically active cocaethylene.
- What does that show? - Cocaethylene shows alcohol.
So this person was smoking crack and drinking alcohol? - According to the numbers.
- You're sure? - I'm sure.
- OK.
This sample Was taken from this glass.
We submitted it, to your lab under our client's name.
But this was the glass that you used, when you came to our office.
Stone, were you drunk and on crack when you came to our office? If you weren't drunk and on crack, then maybe your testing method is faulty.
When you tested our client, is it possible that you were simply wrong? Uh, a-approach, Your Honour? Dr.
Stone, you've testified in my court in many cases.
I've sentenced based on your opinion.
You need to answer the question.
Did you have a professional collect the sample? The only thing this proves, is that you don't understand the science.
The sample has oxidized, and any good scientist knows oxidization will only inflate levels of any methyl ester.
The results are useless.
They indicate nothing.
Your Honour we request an early adjournment.
The court is adjourned.
The witness is not excused.
See you all tomorrow.
- How's Billy? - Night fishing.
Not a good sign.
I'm sorry I couldn't find you anything on the doctor.
I'm not sure there was anything to find.
Oh Just a little something I saw.
Thank you.
You're pregnant and you never talk about it, which is super weird, but I'm excited because I get to be an aunt.
I couldn't resist.
Just what the world needs, another assassin.
That's what our father called me, what he trained me to be.
You're not gonna do that.
He really did a number on us, huh? Yeah.
You know what I can't figure out about Dr.
Stone? Hmm.
How he could be such a dick? Convincing those boys at Legacy Pines, to run away from their parents Creating a test, to steal kids.
Why? He wanted to play God.
Why does someone wanna play God? Control.
And someone who desires control usually had it taken away, an event that left them helpless.
Childhood trauma, the gift that keeps on giving.
What'd you just say? - The gift that keeps on - No.
Childhood trauma.
We researched Solomon, but we didn't go far enough back.
We need to research Solomon the child.
He is on a mission to destroy families.
We have to find a way to show it.
We stay up until we figure it out.
Uh, no.
You're sleeping for two now, and you barely sleep enough for one as it is.
I'm not tired.
I'm fine.
I got this.
Luna? Thank you.
Luna? She was already gone when I woke up.
Chang? Your witness? Ahem! Dr.
Stone, when you took over at ClearDawn, do you know how many apprehensions there were a month in Millwood? I wouldn't have a clue.
I just conducted tests.
During the decade you've been at ClearDawn, there have been twice as many positive tests, and twice as many removals.
- If you say so.
- Did you get better at it? Catching drug users? We started using a more thorough test.
Thorough? People were slipping through the cracks.
Your test has an objective and a subjective part.
You get the data and you interpret it.
You draw conclusions from observations.
So is there really ever a sure? Experience makes me sure.
Twenty-five years.
- So it is just your opinion.
- An expert opinion.
Is it possible, that you see what you want to see? No.
We all have our biases.
I'm a scientist.
But you must have an opinion about parents.
We all have parents.
We all have opinions.
Opinion doesn't enter into it.
- Who was Heather? - Objection.
Chang is fishing.
I wouldn't bring it up if it wasn't important.
Who was Heather? Heather? Heather Stafford.
She was my sister.
What happened to her? She died when we were young.
I'm sorry.
That must have been traumatic.
Do you have any relevant questions? Childhood trauma has a way of just sticking with us.
Uh, that's not my area of expertise, and that wasn't a question.
Your Honour, we're off in the weeds here.
Ask a question, Ms.
Chang, and make sure you're going somewhere.
How did Heather die? In a house fire.
I'd like to enter into evidence, a newspaper article, from December 1973.
You were four.
Were you in the house, when the fire was set? I'm sorry? Were you in the house when the fire was set? Uh, yes.
But you got out.
I was in the front bedroom.
- And where was your sister? - She was upstairs.
- You tried to save her? - She got trapped.
I did I was too small.
I'm sorry.
- How did the fire start? - Your Honour, relevance? Ms.
Chang? Things that happen in our past, they Inform our decisions, shape our biases.
We're all just broken little children.
The witness will answer the question.
How was the fire set? Dr.
Stone, how was the fire set? It was a cigarette.
When you look at those test results, you just see what you want to see.
- No.
- It was your mother's cigarette.
My test is universally admired.
Her cigarette set the house on fire.
She was drunk.
Your sister died.
I've won awards.
You're just like everybody else.
- You made a mistake.
- I don't make mistakes! You see what you need to see.
No, it's science! No, it is a four-year-old's soul.
No, she had benzoylecgonine, in her sample! You were too small to save your sister and you're still trying to save her.
Benzoylecgonine is the primary metabolite in cocaine! You're just trying to protect the children.
Someone's gotta protect them! - Why? - Because! Why, Dr.
Stone? Why do you have to protect the children? Because some people don't deserve to be parents! Judges and courts are not infallible.
We make mistakes.
Unlike ClearDawn's, ours were not intentional.
I am sorry.
We have an agreed-upon cash settlement between ClearDawn Labs and Mushkode Chartrand, the terms of which shall remain confidential.
I am ordering a judicial inquiry, into the testing at ClearDawn Labs, and into the practices of Millwood Family Services.
And I hereby vacate, the 57 custody orders, affected by ClearDawn's shameful actions.
Chartrand, go get your kids.
I knew you could do it.
At least you knew.
When your baby comes, just forget all the books.
We've been having babies since forever.
Trust your instincts.
I keep forgetting this has to come out.
It's not that bad.
You are such a liar.
- OK, it's kind of bad.
- Yeah.
- Mom! - Mom! - My girls! - Hi! - I missed you so much! - Uhh! I missed you both so much! I'm taking dinner to Kodie.
- The kids are home.
- Yeah, I just heard.
Me and Billy and Joanna at the Boot.
Well, maybe I'll meet you later, if that's OK.
Why wouldn't that be OK? I need you to know why I had an affair.
- It's none of my business.
- Derek ignored me.
OK? He moved past me, like I wasn't even there, and now you are pissed off, and you are ignoring me, and I cannot handle you pretending that I don't exist! I'm not mad at you.
Well, you're pissed off about something! I'm just I'm pissed that Sam Mercer is gonna walk free.
Then why are you taking it out on me? - I don't know! - Well, don't, then! I love you.
I love you too.
I'll see you at the Boot.
Taylor? A couple of beers and one sparkling water.
I'm fine with sparkling water.
Well done.
Kodie's kids are back home, and soon, all Millwood kids.
Owen, I'm sorry about Mercer.
What are you gonna do about Mayor Shepherd? Well, she's my boss and gave me a job, so - I don't know.
- Hey.
I know you had to make that deal with Sam Mercer.
Yeah, plea deals are never easy.
That deal only covers past crimes, though, right? If he commits another, he's mine.
I told him I had evidence, on crimes committed by Chief Beckbie.
He offered to buy it from me.
He really hates you.
Well, that's enough.
It's his word against Taylor's.
Well, this day just keeps getting better.
Let's dance.
I was really enjoying sitting.
Huh! You just couldn't let it go.
Guess not.
I figured that Bad people getting away with bad stuff That doesn't have to be how the world works.
You ever thought of applying to police college? You're certainly smart.
And relentless.
I stole half a million dollars from my father.
Well Don't do that kind of thing again.
Only rusty flats A chain-link fence Pressing into your hands But, I'll get you up I know about the money.
For your brother.
You don't have to hide that from me.
Copy that.
That's what I wanna do You know, adding a hedge fund to our roster of clients isn't the worst idea.
You ran away from that life.
Corporate law wasn't the problem.
The corporate lawyer was.
Fair enough.
Are you ever gonna tell me about you and Kodie? She was Just a good friend at a difficult time.
You never forget people like that.
No, you never do.
Oh, I see him.
You need to deal with him.
I don't think I do.
What I need to do is not become him.
Billy, what if there's a little David Hanley growing inside me? It's not possible.
You won't let that happen.
I wanna dance with you That's what I wanna do I wanna dance with you I wanna see your body move I wanna dance with you I want a rematch.
Mayor Shepherd, how was your round? Ugh, terrible.
And I was playing with the church committee, so I couldn't cheat.
Alison? I'll meet you guys inside.
We'll have some lunch.
I'm grateful for the opportunity you gave me, and the confidence you've shown in me.
Well, you've earned it.
But it's about your financial ties with ClearDawn Labs.
I keep telling you, it It's a simple misunderstanding.
Frankly, this feels like a witch hunt.
I hope there's an easy explanation, because I'm growing tired of being disappointed in people.
I've done nothing wrong.
And I worry that my personal admiration for you is Clouding my judgment.
I trust you.
You're gonna make the right call.
That's why I forwarded all my material to the RCMP.
Owen - I'm sorry, Mayor Shepherd.
- Owen.
I'm sure we can work this out.
Owen! Luna! How'd it go? - The judge ruled in our favour.
- You won! - It's just small claims court.
- Good job.
Nice work, rookie.
Hey, I have that call on the teacher class action in two minutes, do you want to sit in? No, you take it.
How are you two doing? We're good.
You're coming out any day now, And I want to apologise in advance, if I screw you up.
It won't be intentional, and Intention matters.
No one gets out of childhood without some kind of trauma.
And that kind of damage, It, uh makes people put up walls.
Make bad choices.
Do bad things.
But When I screw you up There is a possibility for you to come back from it.
But, you can't do it alone.
If you wanna heal Seek out people.
Find safe harbour.
And if you're hurt By people who love you You have to be open to being loved again.
Find Just a, small handful of friends, who you like and you trust and And if you're really lucky Find someone who gets you And loves you, and take shelter in them.
And provide them with shelter, because There's a pretty good chance they're damaged too.
You're gonna be OK.
We'll be OK.
We'll figure this out together.
I'm a quick study.
You can be Anything you wanna be in this life.
Well Any kind of lawyer You wanna be.
Hey, I was reading about the fontanelle, you know, that soft pit on the top of a baby's head.
Do I wanna hear this? Apparently, a baby's skull is made up of five bones, held together by these fibrous sutures, which helps them move through the birth canal.
Helpful, because Crawford heads are very large.
But then it also allows for brain growth.
Brain growth is good.
Yeah, the bones of the skull, they don't fuse together for, like, - twelve months.
- Hm! I bet our kid will do it faster.

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