Burn Notice s01e05 Episode Script

Family Business

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, You've got nothing no cash,no credit, No job history.
You're stuck in whatever city They decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
you do whatever work Comes your way.
you rely on anyone Who's still talking to you.
a trigger-happy Ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who's Informing on you to the FBI You know spies A bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family,too Is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
someone needs your help.
bottom line Until You figure out who burned you, you're not going anywhere.
there's a good reason covert Operatives keep their work a secret from their families.
once your family knows what You do,you've got problems.
best case they're scared.
worst case They figure They can get into trouble and you'll get them out of it.
Mike,it's your brother.
Listen,uh, I'm out at opa-locka airport, And I got a situation.
I need you to come out and meet me.
I got to go.
Come on,man.
First you told me to leave, And now you're gonna kill me? That doesn't even Make sense,all right? I mean,it's gonna take you Hours to deal with my body, And then there's the cops.
Come on,man.
Come back,I shoot you in the face.
What the hell were you doing? Working.
You're always on my ass To get a job,so here I'm working.
Lying in a heap in an airport Parking lot How's that pay? My buddy got into some Trouble with some guys And needed someone to talk to them.
I said I'd do it for a grand.
"some guys?" what guys? Guys.
I don't know.
Look,I'm just trying To make a living here.
Besides,you have No business giving me crap,bro.
You're driving around in my car.
your car? Yeah,I busted ass for an entire Summer working on this car.
Mom had no right To give it to you.
She said that dad wanted me To have it.
So you bailed, I take a double dose Of dad's crap for years, And you get the car Yeah,that's fair.
Nate,is this your way Of asking me To help you with this job? Is that what this is? It's like you read minds,bro.
We work on this together, You clean up your act.
If I don't help him with this job, He's gonna get himself killed.
Oh,now he's decided That the car is his.
I've never seen you this Attached to anything,Michael.
If my dad left me this car, It was for a good reason.
He wasn't the sort of guy Who would just leave me this Because he was feeling generous.
I almost lost a finger putting In that air-filter case.
I don't think he did you any favors.
Well,that was more his style.
Try it now.
Uh,check the ignition.
You know,you've got a bug in there.
A bug? Under the dash.
Looks like Sam's work.
Fi,you don't know it's Sam.
I know Sam's style.
I thought you had an arrangement He tells the feds what you're up to, Tells you what the feds are up to? I'll handle it.
I'd be happy to take care of it.
There's nothing like A smashed kneecap To remind Sam Who his friends are.
Don't say anything.
I know it's there.
They'll only hear What I want them to hear.
Is that tradecraft,Michael? Or just protecting your friend? It's both,fi.
I got to get cleaned up.
Could you put this back together and don't I'll I'll behave.
I've worked airport security for a year.
Log planes in and out, deal with the cargo manifests.
So there's this family Lebanese,I think the Zamars.
They're two brothers and a dad.
They run some kind of import-export business.
So the thing is, we became kind of friends.
They gave me some stuff.
Stuff? What kind of stuff? Basketball tickets,some nice tequila, Loaned me money a few times.
My my wife's pregnant.
We're trying to get ready for the baby.
It's been hard.
I get it.
You needed the money.
Go on.
Anyway,I-I did them some favors.
I'd change the arrival times on planes in the log.
It's against the rules, but it seemed like little stuff.
Then,last week,they told me They wanted me to leave a flight off the log entirely, And that's serious.
I-I didn't want to do it.
And I remembered Nate told me That you two had this kind of business helping people.
Nate said we had a business together The two of us,like a team? Yeah.
Yeah,he said he was gonna talk to the guys And get them off my back.
I saw how well that went.
They came to my house.
They threatened me, threatened my wife.
I-I said I was gonna quit my job.
They said they were gonna hurt me if I did.
I just want to give the money back and walk away.
Can you just talk to them and It's a little late for that,jake.
I know I screwed up,okay? I just don't want my family to pay for it.
And my wife,she I'm barely hanging on to her as it is,man.
I don't know what else to do.
I'll look into it.
I told your friend I'd help him out.
You happy? You should be,too.
I'm hustling you work.
Yeah,it's almost like we're a team.
You want to get in the car? Hey,about the car did mom show you dad's Will? No,all I saw was an old pack of kools And an unfinished to-do list.
Come on.
You hated him.
I put up with his crap.
I rebuilt the car's engine.
I'll give you the distributor cap If you agree we should find dad's Will.
Deal? Mike,you been doing some work on the charger? There's enough grease in here to lube a semi.
You know,these pants are new.
Yeah,Fi and I have been doing a little work on it Exhaust,electrical.
Yeah? Yeah.
What's wrong with it? Just glitchy.
Glitchy? Yeah.
Well,glitchy i s my specialty,Mike.
Really? Your specialty? Yeah.
Might take you up on that.
Here we go.
I've looked into these guys a little bit for you.
That's Eli Zamar.
He runs the company.
Ari and Ilan are the sons.
Eli's the one that beat up Nate.
The name sounds Israeli, But jake said they were lebanese.
Yeah,the business is registered there.
They got an office here, And they got a hangar out at the airport.
Now,this guy Eli Mike, I think he's had some training.
Every time he comes outside, he does a perimeter scan.
You see that? in gathering intel,little things can tell you a lot a topflight alarm system, well-placed cameras without blind spots, paying attention to strangers in the area.
Time to go.
more aggressive intelligence gathering is more delicate.
but someone who knows what to look for can find out a lot.
Is this hangar 12? What you looking for? Hangar 12.
I think.
I met this guy at a club, And he told me that he had a private plane And that he would take me up in it.
And I-I get here, And it's nothing like a regular airport.
No,this is a private airport.
I mean,this is hangar 12, But it's not your friend's hangar 12.
God,what a jerk.
What's the problem? No problem.
You have to leave.
You guys are working,huh? You know,before I go, do you guys have a bathroom? I mean,I drove all the way out here from south beach And it looks like I have to go all the way back and I'm sorry.
You have to leave.
You're the,uh,boss? That's right.
I-I was just looking for a bathroom.
No bathroom.
God,I just need to pee.
if you know what to look for, a bunch of little things can tell you everything you need to know.
Arms dealers.
Heavy stuff,too.
That plane had new engines.
It could probably carry a few .
50-caliber machine guns, Maybe even a small tank.
Probably shipping off to some african war Off limits to legit dealers.
You're sure? I mean,you saw guns? Didn't need to.
know a gunrunner when I see one.
They're my people.
They ship in a special lubricant, And the whole hangar smells like it.
Mmm! There it is! No wonder I got my ass kicked.
Oh,you were lucky.
The old guy had a desert eagle Ex-mossad.
What do you mean? Like Israeli spies? Sure.
Every other retired spook is an arms dealer.
Not a bad gig, if you can stand the ex-spooks.
You should probably call your client.
So so,what do I do,huh? I mean,Inever saw anything like that there.
No,of course not.
They're too smart to keep anything around That would get them busted.
Listen,jake,now that we know what we're dealing with, We can try to do something.
I should call the police.
I-I know I'm gonna get busted.
No,if you call the police, The only crimes they'll find are yours, And the zamars will know you turned on them.
That's not good,jake.
Take a look at this.
This is how your job opened up.
The old security manager died in a car accident.
All of his brakes just happened to fail at the same time.
I can't believe this.
I went to a goddamn basketball game with these people.
The seats weren't even that good.
Well,next time you accept a bribe, I'd hold out for courtside seats.
We need to deal with the problem.
I'm sorry.
I don't what do I do? Cooperate.
We need to get them busted with the guns, And they need to go down in a way that's unrelated to you So it looks like you had nothing to do with it.
Get them busted with the guns.
But where are the guns? That's what we're gonna go find out.
Mike,um,there's something I want to talk to you about.
Yeah,Sam? What is it? I know you've been pushing hard on this burn notice, Trying to get yourself off the blacklist and all, And I understand that, But I'm getting a lot of pressure.
Pressure? What kind of pressure? Well,you know,they they want me to give them more.
It's always more,but the thing is that Yeah,Sam? Oh,hey,there they go.
Talk about this later.
one cheap and effective security measure is working in an area with low or no traffic.
anyone is a car is too obvious, so you force any would-be followers to get out and walk.
They're in there somewhere.
Oh,Mikey,come on.
It's 10 square blocks.
My cardiovascular fitness isn't what it used to be.
You never said we were gonna be walking.
Rest frequently.
Drink plenty of fluids.
You'll be fine,Sam.
Where do I find fluids? I'm telling you, there's no one here.
Dad thought he saw someone.
This is stupid.
There's no one.
But we have to check.
I'm getting my shoes dirty.
fighting is something you want to avoid.
once you fight someone, he knows your face.
There's nobody here.
Shut up.
you kind of blow your cover when you hit a guy with a piece of rebar.
but when you have no choice rebar it is.
Send that to china,you sons of bitches! Go ahead and offshore that! You know,they used to have 30 union welders here and a foreman.
What are you doing? What the hell does it look like I'm doing,Pal? I'm throwing crap at a warehouse! Oh,you got a gun.
What are you security? Hey,go ahead,come on.
Shoot me.
I'd thank you for it.
There's no jobs around here anyway.
You want to shoot him? Shoot him.
Let's go.
Oh,you don't want to shoot him? Yeah,lovely.
Huh? Yeah,batter up,huh? Oh,strike three! You're laid off! Yeah! They're careful.
If we're gonna get them caught on anything serious, It's gonna take some more time.
Then I want melody out of here.
I mean,this was my mistake.
She shouldn't have to pay for it.
When the zamars ask why your wife left town, What are you gonna say? They came to see me yesterday.
They got another shipment going out soon.
They gave me more basketball tickets.
They're expecting my answer today.
What do I say? Since they're probably planning on killing you If you say anything else,I'd suggest "yes.
" Mike,I save your ass at the warehouse.
The least you could do is have some decent beer in the fridge.
Next time you plan on saving my ass, Tell me before I go to the store.
We still have to find out where they keep their guns.
I think you're gonna have to do the spy thing,Mike.
Make a new friend.
But I can't get an angle on this father.
I mean,his security drill is airtight.
What about the brothers? The older brother's the same.
He goes to work.
He goes home.
There's no way in.
Younger? I talked to him in the hangar.
He's not so bright.
I could check him out.
Maybe you should bug his car.
Yeah,maybe I should.
I'll do the recon.
I'll see you guys around.
when you want to turn someone into an asset, get him to betray the people he loves, you have to get to know him.
This wine is warm.
This is very good wine.
You're supposed to drink it a little warm.
Well,I like it colder.
Why did you spend $300 on a bottle of warm wine? Did you speak to your dad about that trip? Yes.
He said not this year.
How are we supposed to have a life If he barely lets you do anything? you need to know his frustrations.
Who's coming? you need to know how he spends his time and money.
Paulie? What? He sucks.
you need to understand his hopes and dreams.
Cover up a little bit.
Everybody is looking,okay? Cover up a little bit.
Well,call me.
tonight, we'll go to the club.
we'll have a nice time and no more talk about work.
okay,and then we have to be home by 2:00 because you're a 30-year-old guy with a curfew.
oh,come on.
Don't be like that.
Ari,I don't understand you.
You read this guy's profile, you're gonna kiss me.
I am not gonna kiss you,Sam.
Look,I'm not saying I'm gonna like it.
I'm just saying you're gonna kiss me.
It is that good.
All right.
Let's make you into an arms dealer.
c-4 has a plastic sheen and a putty like consistency.
if you need to counterfeit it, the best thing I've found is cake icing, or fondant,as it is known in the baking trade.
Hey,how's the rest of the cover i.
? Pretty good.
Got you a fake rolex.
Got a buddy who can rent us an Aston Martin pretty cheap.
There's your business card.
"steve remington"? That's my name? Yeah.
I got to have some fun,Mike.
Oh,here we go.
Got you a list of Ari's favorite wines, His position in the family business, Favorite clubs,even where he likes to vacation.
Nice work.
Are you done making the fake plastic explosive? Can I lick that? Knock yourself out.
if you need a moldable explosive that makes a bang, someone with fiona's skills can make homemade c-4 with spackle,petroleum jelly, and a bunch of other things I don't even want to know about.
How's it coming, fi? Dangerous.
Remind you of anyone? Pack it up, Put a detonator on it, And make it look pretty.
We have to put Our best foot forward.
I'll wrap it in a bow.
All right, I got to go To my mom's place.
Fi, be good.
Hello, Michael.
Nate, you find Dad's will yet? No, not yet.
I didn't know you were arrested So many times.
You know that dad kept notes? Not surprised.
On paper, you're a bigger Screw-up than me.
You stole more cars By the time you were 12 Than I did my entire life.
Dad was never around.
You ever wonder how we got To the store to get groceries When dad was on a tear? I'm gonna get Some more files.
Mom, I need to borrow Dad's cuff links And his cigarette case.
Nate is tearing up This house Trying to find Your dad's will.
This is gonna be One more thing You two Are gonna fight about.
I'll give them back In a few days.
I just need it For the job, mom.
He's so angry about the car.
Why is it so important? I think he just wants to know What it means, Why dad gave it to me.
Because he loved you.
He wanted you to have something To remember him by.
Now, why is that So complicated? It's not complicated.
It just Doesn't sound like dad.
Excuse me.
Do you have the 2003 Fisher vineyards coach insignia By the glass? Not by the glass.
By the bottle.
What the hell? I'll take the whole bottle.
It's a good bottle.
For $300, it better be A very good glass.
You know your wine.
A little.
Thank you.
Try this? I'd love to.
A glass, please.
What's your name? Steve Remington.
Steve, Ari Zamar.
I love it.
You want to join me? I have a table.
Who are you with? I'm with my girlfriend, Debbie.
I don't want to impose.
No, no, no.
Beautiful wine.
You can come join us At the table.
Come on.
Another glass, please.
Let's go.
Follow me.
you ever meet someone, and it Just seems to click instantly? you like the same things, Share the same opinions.
it seems like you've known them All your life.
it could be fate, or it could be that you have A listening device planted in the air-conditioning Vent of your car.
So there I am, In the mountains of afghanistan, And I don't speak a word Of the dialect.
I got all this training, I'm sent over there, And I'm stuck With a bunch of guys From the wrong side Of the country.
I love it.
I love it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ah, it's just my brother.
So, what did you do? Well, I tried like hell To learn the language, And I ate goat for a month.
Oh, I love it.
Afghanistan? Are you serious? That's crazy.
Why were you over here? Business this and that.
To miami.
Where the beautiful women Are allowed to go outside.
you'd be surprised How often covert operatives pose as international men Of mystery.
fantasies about glamorous Covert ops can be extremely useful To exploit, though some secret-agent Fantasies are more useful than others.
Now that we know each other, I have a confession to make.
It's not a coincidence That we met tonight.
I want to talk to you About something, about work.
I do import-export Furniture, regional food, Import the cigarettes.
Ari, we're adults here.
The fact is, The people in my business know About your family's operations, And we respect it.
I'm listening.
We also know That your father does not work With anyone Outside of the family.
Still, Your name gets around.
We also hear about your brother.
He's a hard-ass.
Yeah, he's been Calling me all night.
He's probably On his way here now.
That's why I want to talk to you About an opportunity.
What opportunity? Why don't you mind Your own business? I don't want To cause problems.
If you're not allowed To talk about your family's No, no, no.
I'm allowed To do whatever I want.
It's just that my father Is a little, you know Jesus.
Your father again? I don't want to get In the middle of this.
God, it's my brother.
Ari, where you been? I called you Three, four times.
I've been here.
What do you want? Let's go.
I'm having fun.
Nice car.
I'm a little tired Of it, actually.
I want to upgrade To the new model.
Sorry about earlier.
My, uh, family Is a little paranoid.
Comes with the territory.
So, tell me about the deal.
I was in town to do a deal With some plastique Good stuff, Military-grade But the contact fell through.
anybody in the arms trade knows that the mark of a pro Is the blow and burn.
it's a detonator On whatever you're selling in case the deal goes bad.
This is very high grade -- You can get commercially With all the same kick, Of course.
I just need a distributor.
You get the buyers, You could double Your profits, Ari.
How do I know this is good? Oh, it's very good stuff.
You want A little demonstration? Please.
Are we in business? So, you gonna go see Your new girlfriend? Debbie? She's not coming, no, Which is good, Because I think Ari Is the jealous type.
Well, I can see Why she likes you.
You look like A secret agent.
Listen, Fi, I just need Ari to show me Where daddy keeps his guns.
We bring in the cops.
Everyone goes home happy Except debbie.
Well, maybe you shouldn't Be so hasty.
Imagine some south beach model Hanging on your every word.
How many times She call you? Five.
Maybe she wants Ari To do the deal.
She wants to trade up.
Admit it.
* you are tempted Not for a minute, fi.
If I need a beautiful woman To mess up my life I could do a lot better Than debbie.
Oh, you know Your chardonnay.
A little.
Don't be modest.
You should come to my place In france.
They call it a château, But really, It's just a big house.
So about this deal I think we should start With something small.
In addition to the c-4, I can get you Military-grade .
50-caliber machine guns.
50-caliber? Wow.
And then we can go bigger.
I just need to see Your operation.
Oh, no, operation No, I can't do that.
My father would kill me.
Are you kidding me? Ari, this is about trust.
I can't just give you a .
50-caliber machine gun to sell Without knowing What warehouse it's going to, What transport It's getting on.
I can't.
It's impossible.
You know what? Forget it.
I'm going out on a limb here, And you don't trust me.
No, I get that.
I understand, and that's fine.
It's just not How I do business.
So thank you for your time.
I'll get the check.
Ah, sit, sit, Sit, sit, sit.
I like you.
I like you.
Okay, Meet me tomorrow night.
We'll see.
Okay? Are you happy? Very happy.
I can do the deal And then talk to Ilan and dad.
you can make A lot of money.
Okay, sounds like He's gonna go for it.
Just goes to show you A car is a bad place To have a conversation.
Mike, you know I was gonna tell you.
What's that, Sam? Don't treat me like I'm stupid.
The bug in your car.
I thought We had a deal, Sam.
Mike, we do.
I help you out.
I tell you what I know.
But they know You got something.
They wanted me to bust Into your place and search it.
I told them I wouldn't do it, So they made me plant a bug And said if I told you, They'd be all over us.
At least I tried To make it obvious.
I mean, I practically signed My name on the goddamn thing.
Oh, that you did, Sam.
Mikey, I'm with you, But this FBI crap I'm grinding my teeth At night.
It's bad For my blood pressure.
So break into my place.
Yeah? Search it.
These FBI guys Don't know anything.
It might get the attention Of someone useful.
I got to go.
Jake's meeting With the zamars tonight, So you should have A couple of hours.
I would search In the kitchen area.
Cabinets? Sink.
Behind? Under.
Don't break anything.
All right, then.
So, tomorrow, You'll do this, huh? You'll talk To the customs people, yes? Yeah.
Is there a problem? N-no, there's no problem.
You need Some motivation, huh? Huh? Huh? Ow! Hey! I'm sick and tired Of waiting.
I have to be somewhere, And this Get up.
Get up! It's me.
You never answer my calls.
Where's Ari? He's coming.
He's getting bitched out By his dad or something.
I wanted to talk To you alone.
How long are you in town? Aren't you and Ari engaged? Whatever.
Come on.
Can you have a little fun? You've been Around the world, But you never talk About a girlfriend.
I want to see Your gun.
Okay, that's not my gun.
Not my gun.
Get out of here.
Now I know your secret, You son of a bitch.
Get in there! Get in there! Ari, calm down.
I don't know What you think you know.
You lied to me! dealing with a blown cover Is about stalling for time.
stay alive long enough To figure out what they know and tell a bigger lie To save yourself.
You lied to me Since day one! What is this secret You're talking about? You wanted debbie, huh? You wanted debbie From the beginning.
Debbie? That's what you thought? You were watching me The whole time, weren't you? You sent her over To test me.
You wanted to see How I handled the pressure.
Oh, that's good.
Oh, you are good.
So, what did I pass? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, your father Trained you well, Ari.
So, I see the operation? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
riding in a car With a blindfold on takes some getting used to.
the good news is, If the driver's busy making sure You can't see anything, he's not paying attention To whether he's being followed.
I'll take you to the warehouse, But if you screw me Why would I want to Screw you? I've got merchandise to sell.
You've got buyers.
It's that simple.
I just want to know What I'm getting into.
Security is airtight.
The warehouse Is not connected to us.
We keep the weapons there Till we ship.
If the cops come, They can't arrest anybody.
A dead drop.
So what if someone tries To steal your merchandise? Nobody knows where it is -- Just the family.
Now you see the operation.
Not bad On the warehouse front.
What about security? We have no problems With cops.
We have cops On the payroll.
They let us know If there's a problem.
M1a .
Nicely balanced.
Special forces.
Airport security? We have a guy.
Reliable? Yeah.
If not, we, uh -- How do they say? -- We liquidate him.
Fn p90 with halo sight.
State of the art Very nice.
Looks like you have things Wired here.
So, are we gonna do Some business? After we send out the shipment, We'll make a deal.
You and I We put it together, And then I take the deal To my father.
Trust me.
You're doing him a favor.
Shall we? You want me To talk to them again? They'll kill me.
You see what they did.
I thought the plan was to find The guns and call the cops.
That plan Won't work anymore.
They've got cops On the payroll, jake.
If you want to get out of this, It's your best chance.
For your family.
What do I do? I think it's about time The zamar family learned About Ari's new friend.
any good operative is going to Be a bit of a control freak.
above all, They don't want to hear that the people They think they own really belong to someone Who can destroy them.
Look, I said I would help you.
I got to help Your friends now? I can't do this What are you talking about? What friend? Steve something.
He said he worked with Ari.
He checked out the logs, Had me show him the airport.
He said I belong to him now.
What the hell Is that supposed to mean -- I belong to him? He had My social security number, My passport information.
He had all kinds of stuff About you guys, too pictures.
What are you Talking about? I don't know What's happening to me.
I want my life back.
Give me my life back.
Shut up! Shut up! Hey.
Who is this person? Who is he? I don't know.
Okay, that's what I'm saying.
He said He was friends with Ari.
I don't know anything.
Get out.
Get out! Ari, what did you do? I've told you Never to talk to anyone! No, no.
This is my deal.
I did this on my own.
A deal? Who asked you to do this deal? Who is this friend, huh? What what he has documents About us, pictures.
Met him at a club.
He came to me.
What does he know? Did you tell him anything? Did you Show him anything?! I showed him The warehouse.
We took a little tour.
But but it's okay.
He was blindfolded.
He just wanted to see The operation and -- Ilan, Go to the warehouse now.
Come, you fool! Was that okay? Fiona: perfect.
Michael trained you well.
They're on their way, Michael.
I am telling you, He was the real deal, okay? He had the trunk Full of c-4 -- Stop! Someone's there.
It's all gone everything.
there's nothing worse for anyone who spent time In intelligence work than being up against a ghost.
you can deal With an enemy you know, but an enemy you don't know? he could be a competitor who knows all about Your operation could be law enforcement Getting ready to bust you could be a foreign agent setting you up In some deep spy game.
your only option Is to disappear.
Steve remington -- He said he was special forces.
Try again.
He could be Using a different name.
Enough, Ari! Let's go.
As long as they think Steve remington owns you, You're safe.
As far as they know, There's a mystery man out there Who can destroy them, And you're his property.
Thank you.
I'm not here Fishing for thanks.
You need to understand The situation.
Eli will have his ear To the ground forever.
If word gets out he got conned, You're dead.
You guys look so serious.
Come on.
It's not that hard, man.
I mean, secrets are what keep A family strong, right? Something like that.
I'm just glad That you guys are finally happy.
I got to tell you, though, When I busted into Mike's place, I didn't know If I was gonna find anything, And then I find This document here In a hidey-hole Under the sink.
I don't know.
Maybe he's as bad As you guys say.
We sent this Up the ladder, Sam.
This document's classified.
Westen shouldn't have Had this.
They're looking for leaks.
Well, that's nice.
But the point here, Fellas, is, I brought home the bacon.
You got prime goods On my buddy Mike right there.
We're off the case, Sam.
This thing's serious enough Washington's sending Someone else down.
Westen's Someone else's problem now.
Yeah? New surveillance? What what department? Don't know.
Don't care.
Enjoy your lunch, Sam.
See you around.
Thanks, Fellas.
I'm gonna miss you guys, You know? Mike.
Hey, Sam.
Yeah, good news And bad news.
Good news is, Your FBI tail got pulled.
Bad news is, they're sending Someone new down.
Sounds heavy.
Thanks, Sam.
Who's the new surveillance? Hell if I know.
Oh, uh, there's more good news.
They were so eager To get rid of you, They dropped three $20s On a 10-buck tab.
Lucky you.
All right, Check you later.
Hi there.
My frien Just abandoned me.
Any chance I could get you To keep me company? Maybe.
I'm Sam.
I'm Veronica.
What are we drinking? I knew it wasn't gonna be In there.
Well, she said It was in here.
Of course she -- Well, it's not.
So, will you Stop arguing now? Ma, it doesn't mention the car In the will.
I know.
You know? I wanted Michael to know That his father remembered him In the end, And, Nate, You spent more time with him.
You lied.
Makes sense.
You know what, Nate? Fine.
I'll flip you for it.
All right.
Of course.
You know what? You won it fair and square, bro.
Now, you see, Michael, You're too hard on him.
I mean, He can be so sweet.
I just want us To be family.
I know, mom.
I know.
He just stole my wallet.