Burn Notice s01e06 Episode Script

Unpaid Debts

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice.
You're blacklisted.
when you're burned, You've got nothing no cash, no credit, No job history.
you're stuck in whatever city They decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
you do whatever work Comes your way.
you rely on anyone Who's still talking to you.
a trigger-happy Ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who's Informing on you to the FBI You know spies -- A bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help.
bottom line until You figure out who burned you, you're not going anywhere.
for most people, A night out at the Miami clubs is a chance to see and be seen.
when you're under Government surveillance, it's a different story.
you still want to know Who's watching you, but the reasons are A little different.
Looks like You've had visitors.
Took them long enough.
sprinkle a mixture of flour And dayglo powder on your floor before you go out, and you'll know whether You've had any visitors and what they were after.
A three-man team? Sounds about right Two sneakers and a loafer.
They're not terribly careful, Your surveillance.
you don't always have To get that clever, though.
sometimes they want you to know What they're up to.
They weren't hiding.
I miss your FBI detail.
They were really kind of sweet.
The feds were errand boys.
But these guys, On the other hand, Might actually know Something useful.
Honestly, I don't know Why they bother.
They should just put a bullet in Your head and be done with it.
Apparently, I'm more valuable Alive than dead.
But I'm sure they'll take it Under advisement.
You think They're listening? Yeah, mom.
Michael, there are men here Outside the house with guns! What? What men? I don't know.
They've been watching.
They're coming inside.
Call the cops.
Call them right now.
Take the van And cover the street.
Not a problem.
Stop right there.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Mom? Mom! Aw, I figured you for 12.
It's probably Those causeways, though.
You'll have to forgive My sketchy Miami geography.
I'm new in town.
We nearly got lost Coming from your place.
Mom, you okay? They cut the phone lines.
I couldn't call the police.
They broke in It's okay.
It's okay.
You want to tell me Who you are? I'm the new man In your life.
It's okay.
You pissed off A lot of people, Getting your hands on The homeland-security directive Authorizing Your burn notice.
You're A private citizen now.
You're not supposed To touch that kind of thing.
I asked nicely.
You wanted attention From someone A little higher up On the food chain.
That's about right.
It's your lucky day.
Here I am.
And here I will stay Until you back off.
Michael, Why are they doing this? Are you in some kind Of trouble? Not now.
Not now, mom.
Your problem is with me, Not with her.
You have no business Coming here.
Oh, no, but we do.
See, you're a major Security risk.
You just assaulted Two federal agents.
Go ahead.
Arrest me.
I'd like to take a look At the indictment.
Wouldn't you, now? Yeah.
Listen, you be a good boy, And I'll get out of your hair.
Until then, I'll need to keep looking.
God! Sorry.
You can't be too careful.
there are two kinds Of government surveillance the kind that's there To look for something and the kind that's just there To make your life difficult.
Mike, you get problems Like that, call me.
I still got pull In that department.
Maybe I can get them To go home.
I don't want them to go home.
I need this guy in town.
I need to know who he is And what he knows.
I can help you With that, then.
I tried.
I got your voice mail.
Yeah, sorry about that.
It's the new lady friend.
She puts a lot of demands on my Time, if you know what I mean.
I don't, and I don't Want to know.
Well, at least I'm off your couch.
So, who do you think Was at your mom's? They sound like charmers.
You tell me.
What are Your FBI friends telling you? Nothing.
They'd be pissed If they found out Somebody pulled rank On them.
These intelligence outfits They're springing up Faster than frickin' starbucks These days.
Let me know If you hear anything.
Mmm, where are you going? I got to scrounge up a job.
My mom's house Needs remodeling.
I might have to call lucy.
What about My s.
Buddy, That thing I was telling you about? Is that a job or a favor? No, it's a job.
It's real money.
He's a great guy, Mike.
He saved my ass several times.
He's a boat-repo guy.
It's a tough job.
He just needs some muscle.
Muscle? Great.
There she is.
There you go, Sammy.
Thank you, doll.
Plant one right there.
You sure I can't Get you anything? No, thank you.
I have out-of-town guests I need to attend to.
You have fun.
Mike, call me, now.
you can tie up A lot of resources by keeping A bugged phone line open.
as long as it's open, they're supposed To keep listening.
you have reached the consulate Of the commonwealth of belize.
leave your message After the tone.
say a few cryptic Things now and then and they'll be stuck In their little van, trying to figure out What the hell you're doing.
they can't go home, Can't grab a bite to eat, can't take a leak.
and a limited number Of viewers who are also gonna be Lucky enough to buy and the longer they're stuck in A van with a set of headphones, the more you can find out About them.
just look at that round Cut Brilliant.
Appreciate you coming, Mike.
Sam's told me a good deal About you.
Really? Come on, Mike, Don't be like that.
Virg is one of us.
Teams, Panama, iraq, china.
Last time I checked, I had top-secret clearance.
But I haven't checked In a while.
Sam tells me You're some kind of spy or used to be.
Y'all want a beer? Yeah, I'll take one.
I knew you'd want one, Sam.
What about you, Mike? It might be hot In that jacket.
No, I'm good.
What's the job? Pain in my ass.
I was supposed to repo A donzi 27 zr For a guy who's done me A few favors.
But I went To pick the thing up, And a couple of jamaicans Tuned me up but good.
Damn embarrassing.
Oh, come on, they had 30 years On you and a baseball bat.
Well, I am On blood thinners.
Goddamn pills Make me light-headed.
Oh, hell, that's no excuse.
Anyway, now I'm in a bind.
Word gets out I can't hack it Ffft! I'm done.
I'm not one to ask for help, But there it is.
That's a fast boat.
Smuggling? It's a high-performance Speedboat In a crappy, little hellhole Of a marina.
What the hell else Is it gonna be? Maybe cuban cigars, Maybe grass Problem is, These guys have guns, And they like To wave them around.
Listen, Just pick the thing up, Point "a" to point "b," Ffft! Oh, is that all? Point "a" to point "b"? Well, when you put it That way All right, look, I'd go Down there with you guys, But these guys know me.
Cash on delivery.
My buddy mason Is gonna be waiting for it At a repair warehouse Up on 23rd.
Mike, we get Fi involved, We got a three-man team.
Do it just like that personnel Carrier in bulgaria.
I mean, look, I got to get my New lady friend something nice, And you sure as hell Need the cash.
Free gator steaks in it For you Best in the everglades.
I'll think about it.
You're towing my car.
Hey! Yeah.
There might be evidence in here.
Evidence? There's a busted 8-track And one of my mom's lamps I'm trying To piece back together.
Well, I guess We'll find out, won't we? Oh, by the way, We noticed suspicious activity On your phone line, So we took care of it for you.
Oh, thanks.
Alas, you won't have Phone service for a while.
Hey, you want a stick Of gum? Yeah, thanks.
I didn't catch your name.
No, you didn't.
Yeah, Sam, about that job I'm in.
Oh, oh, and tell virgil I need to borrow his truck.
Mmm, he's cute.
We're gonna take his boat.
I doubt he's gonna Give you his phone number.
Who knows? I've had stranger dates.
So, what's Your cover i.
, Mikey? I think I'm gonna go with Devoted employee.
How'shomer? Homer.
I like it.
as a rule, spies don't like Dealing with cops.
covert ops are illegal By definition.
if they were legal, they Wouldn't need to be covert.
Want me to set up That one, Mike? The sailboat? Yeah, that's good.
still, the police Can be useful if you need a little insurance Against people shooting.
Yeah, hi.
Um, boy, I don't know If this is the sort of thing I should be calling The police about, but Oh, I'm at the marina Down on waverly street.
Yeah, I saw some men Loading bags full Of white powder into a sailboat.
Kind of creeped me out, you know? Hey, there! Can I help you? Yes, sir.
I'm here for that boat.
Oh, you're with The repo man, huh? My boss, hell of a guy.
He's like a father to me.
You beat him up pretty good.
Yeah, that was unfortunate.
I tried to explain The situation to him, you know? But he forced me To clarify my position.
This is my property.
We've got paperwork That says otherwise.
Hmm, well, That paperwork is misinformed.
Why don't we ask the police To sort this out? I mean, They're right over there.
I could holler over to them Right now And ask them To come sort this out.
That's a nice piece.
You gonna shoot me with it? Probably gonna have to Shoot her, too.
It might be tough to explain To the cops.
Or I could just Start screaming.
The way I see it, If this is your boat, These guns are registered, And you're 100% squeaky clean You have nothing To worry about.
But if not All right.
You're making A serious mistake, man.
You do this There's no Turning back, you know? I can't leave Without the boat.
So, if you're gonna shoot us, Get it done.
Otherwise, We got places to be.
You know, we'll deal with this Another time, When I got a little bit More privacy.
Ooh, leather seats.
I can see why You're so attached to it.
Pretty lady, Don't get too comfortable.
I'll see you soon, huh? I promise.
Easy now.
Whoa! What you looking for Back there? He was confident He was getting his boat back.
I want to make sure There's no surprises.
Well, people get attached To their vehicles.
I had a cadillac eldorado once.
That thing was part Of the family.
Gps tracker.
That's how our jamaican friend Was gonna find us.
Son of a bitch.
Sam, how well Do you know virgil? You trust him? He's like a brother, Mike.
I mean, The guy saved my life.
when you're going Into a meeting cold with people You know nothing about, you have to be extra careful.
pay attention to every detail.
map out an escape route or two Just in case.
and never, ever show up As yourself.
You mason? Yeah.
Who the hell are you? You waiting On a boat delivery? Yeah, where's virgil? Oh, he can't make it.
He sent me instead.
I'm one of virgil's drivers.
My name's homer.
Hold on, homer.
Not coming? What do you mean? He's supposed to be here.
You know how he is.
Well, I got your boat outside With my team.
Team? You got other guys outside? another thing you look for is people who seem overly upset That things have changed, details that shouldn't Matter so much.
Damn! Wow! That is A twin supercharged sterling.
Whoo-wee! I got a 400 horsepower Back at home.
I work on it a little bit.
some tip-offs aren't so subtle, like a detonator Sitting on enough chloride to incinerate a city block.
Why don't we move this along? What do you say? All right, Let me go get your boat.
Well, we're all gonna Go get the boat.
No need to get gun happy.
Calm down.
Put it out! It's clear.
I don't think They followed you.
It got pretty hairy Back there.
How well do you know These clients of yours? You mean mason? Like I said, He did me a few favors.
He had all the paperwork.
It seemed Like a simple delivery.
Mason and his friends are cops, Dirty cops.
What are you Talking about? Oh, I wouldn't lie to me Again, virgil.
They had department-issue glocks On hip holsters, A late-model crown vic In the parking lot.
In fact, I think they knew you.
You know what it sounded like To me?! they do know me! From some boat repos That went bad.
They came to me! I got a daughter in tampa! They took pictures! They said they'd hurt her If I didn't help! Why do they want that boat So bad? How the hell do I know? It's a donzi 27 zr.
They were ready To incinerate it and you.
I mean, it's a nice boat, But it's not worth Killing the four of us And blowing up a boatyard.
Sam, you know I wouldn't Do this to you.
I may be a son of a bitch For dragging you into this, But if I had Any other choice Come on! Please.
Hey, Mike.
You know how I told you virgil Saved my life and all that? The truth is it's It's more complicated.
Back in '84, I was in east germany.
I made some mistakes, Mike Did some stuff I shouldn't have.
Virgil gave me A second chance When I sure as hell Didn't deserve it.
I owe him, Mike.
Sam It's his daughter.
Look, if you're not in on this, I got to handle it myself.
You can't handle this By yourself, Sam.
Yeah, I know.
We need a place To stash him.
And my third tour, I was laid up for six months With infected feet and some kind Of agent orange disease.
Oh, that's horrible.
Hurt all over, Kind of achy.
They thought I was after disability.
I know tone they don't bel Exactly.
So, when I got back, I got into boat repo, And that was fine For a while.
Till, of course, My wife passed away, And then things Went downhill.
I think we can skip The life story.
Virgil's only going to be here A night, maybe two.
Where's the hatchet, mom? Try the utility drawer.
I don't want to be An imposition.
I can sleep out in the back If you need.
Oh, no, I don't mind, Really.
I'd never see Michael At all If he didn't bring His friends over.
I know what that's like.
I don't get to see my daughter Trudy very much, either.
Oh, yeah.
If was worse After he went overseas, And Michael's father died In '98.
How did you lose your wife? Cancer.
She was a nurse at the v.
Of course, That's how we met.
Find anything? No.
Tore the seats out.
I'm working on the carpeting.
Nothing yet.
Check under the subfloor.
Mike, I got a hatchet And a vise grip.
I'll work something out.
Call me If you find anything.
My surveillance has had A good 14 hours To get into my place again.
I got to get back there.
Say "hi" for me! you can turn an old tv Into an oscilloscope with about $150 worth Of hardware.
it'll electrocute you If you're not careful, but it makes a decent Bug detector.
if you don't want to tip off Anyone who might be listening, you have to be prepared to keep Talking for a few hours.
Oh, another "no confidence" vote In the italian parliament.
Any thoughts? As interested as I am In european politics, I was thinking This would be a good opportunity For us to discuss Why exactly you left me.
of course, When you have to keep talking, it's an opportunity for someone To hijack the conversation for their own purposes.
Oh, I think now Is the perfect time.
It was a difficult time.
There was an important reason.
It was years ago.
We should Let me gather my thoughts, And we can talk about this Another time.
Not even a goodbye, Michael? If you remember, I made you dinner that night.
Well, had I known It was the last supper, I would have chewed slower.
If you recall, My cover was blown.
You could have left a note.
Leaving notes Is bad tradecraft.
It could have put you In danger.
you ran away in the middle Of the night for my benefit? believe it or not, Fi, Yeah, it was for your benefit.
And yours.
Yes, Fi, and mine.
Thanks, Michael.
A little honesty is Refreshing Let us take some pictures To celebrate this special night.
What a great idea.
the optical bug Is a high-tech toy that shoots a light beam In a window.
it picks up vibrations From the glass and translates it into speech.
How's that one? Can I see it? Yeah.
you can't see the beam With the naked eye, but take the infrared filter Off a digital camera, and it shows up nicely.
as high-tech as a laser Mike Is, they're not hard to defeat.
they pick up vibrations On the glass, so you supply Your own vibrations.
You had to do that now? I didn't say I'd help you for free.
You found the eavesdropper.
I'll go over To his little listening post, Wait till he leaves, See where he scurries to.
You think he's the one Who burned you? No, but he came here To show me who's boss.
He's one step closer.
We should do this More often.
Yeah, Sam.
Mikey, I've been calling All night.
Yeah, it wasn't safe To talk earlier.
What's up? You better get over here Now.
Mom, where's virgil? We need to talk.
He's still asleep.
Have you been up all night? Yeah.
Virgil! Where is he? He's in my bedroom.
He's lonely, Michael And so am i! It's been a long time Since your father died.
And sometimes I think it would be good For us to have more Of a family.
Oh, with virgil? He lives In a beat-up trailer.
Half of his meals Come from roadkill.
Stop being so judgmental, Michael! All right, your father Had problems, too.
Wake him up! Have him meet me Out in the backyard.
It's important.
I ripped her open, And there it was.
I'm guessing about $10 million, Give or take.
But nobody ever thinks Of packing it In something With a goddamn handle.
Is this money real? Oh, yeah.
It's probably headed Toward aruba or anguilla One of those caribbean Money holes.
To want us dead.
Come on, Mike.
That's a glass-half-empty way Of looking at it.
Mason probably stumbled upon The money-smuggling operation, Didn't want to risk Pulling the heist himself, You were the cutout, You deliver the boat, He shoots you, And 300 gallons Of burning methyl chloride Cleans up the mess.
What do I do? Well, for now Dump the boat.
You have any way Of reaching these cops? I got a number.
Naw, this ain't virgil.
This is your buddy homer.
Remember me? No, he ain't around.
Y'all have to deal with me now.
And I want a meeting.
when working a cover identity, the safest thing is to let The target take the lead.
you've got more information Than he does.
you want to keep that edge.
Hey, you brought Your friends.
We got a little party Going on here, don't we? You want some fries? How would you like To die choking on them? Oh, they're good.
Not that good, But they're good.
Now, see, That is just unfriendly.
Where's virgil? Seems a shame Just to dump it.
It is a nice boat.
Yeah, it's a nice boat.
It's a nice boat with a great Big hole in the deck And a bunch of guys with guns Looking for it.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you, Sam.
Yeah, virg, When this is over, If we're not dead, Thank me then.
All right, Sam.
I don't know where he is.
He's holed up somewhere.
Listen, we got A real problem here.
Well, that's right.
We want out of this.
But those guys We took the boat from They're coming after us.
If you could see your way To helping us That's your problem.
Well, seeing how We have your $10 million, I guess that makes it Your problem, too.
Now, I know you guys didn't Want to get involved in this.
You wanted us to do Your dirty work for you.
It's $10 million.
I know you must Have big plans for it.
All right, fine.
You give us a time And a place, Put the jamaicans there With my money, And we'll handle it.
And then we walk away? 'Cause if I see Another barrel of chemicals With my name on it Let me put it this way You bring me my money, And you got nothing To worry about.
Then you can disappear.
Talk to the jamaicans.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Virg, get down! Virgil: how the hell Did they find us?! Must have had A backup gps tracker.
What happened? You look awful! Trust me, sweet thing, You'd rather not know.
I can't believe we didn't find That other tracking device.
Andre's good.
And that's bad.
Do you want Something to drink? Yeah.
That sounds good.
Maybe a scotch.
I wouldn't mind a little Something if you're gonna Sam! Not now.
We need to talk alone, mom.
We need to set up a meeting With andre and the jamaicans.
Hey, mason just showed me The boat.
I don't know those guys.
Yeah, and when we saw them, There wasn't a lot of time For conversation.
Call the marina, Leave my number.
Andre knows What he's doing.
He'll have everyone From the harbormaster To the guy emptying trash cans Looking for us.
I'll see If I can stall mason.
Right on time.
Fear brings out the best In people.
Look, I brought you some fries Now that we're friends.
I haven't had time to talk To the jamaicans yet.
That's not good, homer.
That's not good at all.
I repo'ed their boat.
It's not like I can go down To the crab shack And have a beer with them.
I don't give a damn About the Jamaicans.
That's your problem.
I just want the money! I'm doing the best I can! I just need a little more time, That's all.
Well, here's a little incentive For virgil.
His daughter got picked up on A traffic warrant this morning.
They haven't Searched her car yet, But if they do, They just might find drugs Under the backseat.
Pretty girls don't Do very well in jail.
The other girls tend To ugly them up real quick.
Don't know how long The poor thing would last.
You'll have your money Tomorrow.
So, this is Sam's new ride.
His girlfriend loaned it to him.
He loaned it to me.
Love is a beautiful thing.
Anyway, are you sure These guys aren't gonna show up And surprise me? You probably Have a few hours.
They're setting up surveillance Cameras at your place.
Which room is his? I followed him here Last night.
The guy looked A little pissed.
After that business With the personal massaging, You sure you want To upset him? He's here To make me behave.
I do that He goes home, I never find out anything.
I need him here.
If I can't Make him a friend the next best thing Is an enemy.
anyone with a security Clearance is going to know not to leave anything In a hotel room.
they'll keep the important Stuff with them.
usually it'll be In a secure laptop with a few layers Of encryption.
means you can't break into it.
but if you're just looking To make somebody angry, you don't need To break into it.
put a big enough magnet where That laptop's going to be, and you can turn it Into an expensive paperweight.
Hello? Andre, it's good To hear from you.
doctors are well-known To be the worst patients.
similarly, anyone With special-ops training is tough to protect.
they think They can handle anything.
That shirt Looks so good on you.
You're the same size My husband was.
Oh, I don't wear This kind of thing much.
I'm glad you like it.
I do.
Thank you.
Are you sure This is all right? Michael said you weren't Supposed to be out.
Don't worry.
I can handle myself.
It's fun sneaking out, though, Isn't it? It is.
Have a drink, man.
Relax yourself.
No, I'm relaxed.
You know, you caused me Quite a lot of trouble.
At least do me the courtesy And have a drink.
All right.
Flo, let me get a rum punch For my friend here.
So, the money you stole That was a payment For a debt, A large quantity Of merchandise Delivered from one very Powerful man to another.
It's my job To deliver this money.
Listen, I don't want any I take my job Very seriously.
I stay in business because, When someone trusts me With their funds, I don't let nothing Or no one Come in the way Of a safe delivery.
I make a promise To my clients I would sooner cut my own throat Than leave a debt unpaid.
Do you think I would hesitate To cut yours? I just wanted to know What Michael was doing Or where he was All those years.
Take it from me, sweetheart.
I've been there.
Half that classified crap Is so boring You'd tear your hair out, And the other half, You don't want to know.
I think I could handle it.
I put up with his father For 30 years.
Don't be too hard on him.
You get into that line Of work Sweetheart, something real bad Is about to happen.
I need you To keep your head down And pretend You don't know me.
What? I don't want you to get hurt.
Do that for me, please.
So, now that we understand Each other, where's my money? We want to give you Your money back.
We just need to arrange A time and a place.
So, we come and get it, And what else is waiting For us when we get there? Now, andre, you're just Gonna have to trust us.
Stop! You come with us now! Excuse me.
Yeah, mon.
Put him on the phone.
It's for you.
For me? Hello? It's virgil.
I was out to dinner With Madeline.
I'm sorry.
They must have had eyes On the street.
So, we do this tomorrow at noon, We'll exchange virgil For the $10 million.
Everything go well, you'll both Get to go home alive.
If not Enjoy your drink.
I calmed your mother down.
I gave her enough sedatives To knock out a trucker.
Did you ask her what the hell She was doing out? I told her To keep him inside.
Oh, go easy on them, Michael.
They snuck out.
A woman needs A little danger.
So, what do we do about the cops And mason, huh? Well, I expect they're gonna be Very disappointed When they find out we're giving The money to the jamaicans.
But we don't have Any leverage.
They got virgil's daughter, Mike.
One problem At a time, Sam.
First virgil, Then his daughter.
We could take Some of the money Hire her a lawyer.
That could take care of it.
That could take care Of us, too.
I doubt They'll miss it, Mike.
Hello? You think you can play with me, You son of a bitch? You destroyed all my files! Oh, it's good to hear From you, too.
I'm right in the middle Of something.
You broke into my room.
Well, I just wanted To get to know you better.
Now then, I'm Michael Westen.
And you are? You don't need my name.
I came down here to bring you A message Back off.
People get fired all the time.
Leave it alone.
Oh, good.
A message from who? I just wanted to send him A thank-you note.
Dream on, pal.
My new friend just discovered I paid him a little visit.
He'll be moving hotels.
I'll stay on him.
when something serious Is going down, it's a good idea To show up nice and early so you can see the ground And assess the situation.
Mike, I should go.
Virgil's my buddy.
You don't owe him anything.
They know me and Fi.
If you show up, they'll think Something is wrong.
Just cover us And keep an eye out.
All right.
Good luck.
It's cute This loyalty of Sam's.
I really like This side of him.
Thanks for doing this, Fi.
Oh, I'm not doing this For you.
I promised your mom I'd bring virgil back alive.
Hey, they're right On time.
Let's make this trade, Make it quick, And get out of here Before things get interesting.
Yeah, Sam.
Your hunch about mason Was right 'Cause he and the boys Just showed up.
Yeah, okay, I'm ready for them.
The cops are coming.
All righty, then.
when enough people hate you, sometimes the only move Is to just stand in the middle and hope they kill each other Before they kill you.
Hey! What you doing, man? What are you doing?! I said stop it! Stop it! anyone who's ever handled large Amounts of cash can tell you, it's one of the toughest things In the world to move.
it's heavy and dense Dead weight.
if it's on fire, of course, that complicates things Further.
Freeze! Drop it! Hey, you get back! You calm down! Calm down! Boys, boys, boys, Calm down.
We have a little bit Of business first.
Andre, let virgil go.
Andre, let virgil go! I'm gonna find you, boy, And I'm gonna kill you.
And then you'll cut my throat.
I know, I know.
Let him go.
Andre, it's the fumes That ignite.
I don't even Have to touch it.
Wait! Wait! Wait! Okay! Okay.
Have you two guys met? You have a lot To talk about.
Andre, detective mason.
Detective mason, andre.
Get down on the ground! You ain't a cop! You a thief! Okay, on the ground.
You ain't no cop.
Get on the ground! Go on, call for backup! You call for backup! Go! Go! Go! Come on, Mike, You'd think we'd be able To keep a little more Than this.
We took what we needed.
My daughter called.
She's pissed at me, as usual.
But she's home.
They dropped the charges.
They had to With the jamaicans dead And the cops in jail.
But unfortunately, You're going to have to get out Of town for a while.
With this all over the papers, There are still a few people Out there Who want to put a bullet In you.
Well, I'll just Get the boat fixed up And go down to the bahamas For a while.
You sure You're not just trying To keep me away From your sweet mama? Hey, virg? Don't push it.
I'll go make my goodbyes.
I think you're even, Sam.
Oh, by the way, I made some calls, Talked to a buddy of mine At the FBI.
Looks like I got the charger back.
Let's just call it A thank-you gift.
You're welcome, Sam.
Okay, I need a beer.
getting information Out of someone who doesn't want to give it up is all about upsetting The target's emotional balance, impairing their judgment.
fear's good for that.
Anger's not bad either.
Hey, buddy.
I thought we could spend Some more time together.
You really don't understand The situation here, do you? You're out, man.
That's it.
You should be in jail.
Jail?! That's interesting.
Why jail? I don't remember ever Doing anything jail worthy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't get cute.
I want to know Why I got burned.
Show me the burn notice.
Tell me why.
You know damn well why.
I've seen the dossier.
I'd like a look at that dossier.
You have it? Get off! Take your hands off me! Okay, all right.
All right.
All right.
sometimes, Intelligence gathering involves sophisticated Techniques and a lot Of high-tech equipment.
but sometimes it's as simple As picking someone's pocket.
How'd we do? Good to meet you, Agent bly.