Burn Notice s02e03 Episode Script

Trust Me

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until - [Man] We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
- [Whistles] [Michael Narrating] When you're burned, you've got nothing no cash, no credit, nojob history.
- You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
- You rely on anyone who's still talking to you - [Laughs] - a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend - Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the F.
I You know spies.
Bunch of bitchy little girls.
- Family too - Hey, is that your mom again? - if you're desperate.
- Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line: Until you figure out who burned you you're not going anywhere.
[Michael Narrating] There aren't many rules in the spy trade.
There are a few "agreements"that most intelligence agencies honor though.
Low-level agents get traded, not prosecuted.
You don't shoot foreign operatives if you can avoid it.
And you stay away from embassies and consulates.
[Sighs] Mike, look, you know I'm up for just about anything but this this is like cursing in church.
I mean, technically, this is foreign soil.
No, technically, it's just trespassing.
One perk of being burned my crimes are just crimes, not acts of war.
But does it have to be the Pakistani consulate? Couldn't it be I don't know Jamaica? Those guys are probably very easygoing.
And they're not gonna know anything about Carla.
Look, she's just an employee, Mikey some agent they sent to boss you around.
- It's not like she burned you personally.
- You don't know that.
She's all I got.
Look, if she worked in Kurdistan the Pakistanis might have a file on her.
I don't know.
I mean, the prints she left on Veronica's camera did not come up in any government system.
And my buddies checked around like you wanted.
They didn't come up with anything.
That's why I'm making a new friend.
Look, I gotta believe that the best intelligence outfit in the region took a few notes when she took off her burka and started wreaking havoc.
Look, if you don't wanna help, I can ask Fiona.
No, no.
It's fine.
You guys need your space.
Now that she's not your girlfriend anymore, I guess it's probably weird She was never my girlfriend, Sam.
- Okay, Mike.
- [Michael Narrating] Consulates are a great place to renew your visa, pay your taxes back home or find foreign spies working under diplomatic cover.
- [Sam] Hey, hey.
Back of the line right here, pal.
- Excuse me.
- [Laughs] Oh.
- Rich Franklin, Miami Herald.
They called to say I was coming.
Of course they didn't.
I need a couple of visas.
I'm doing a piece on foreign trade.
I need visas for my editor, one for me.
I need it pronto.
I'm sorry.
I need it right now.
[Michael Narrating] Like all bureaucrats, consulate employees live in fear of a pissed-offjournalist.
[Sighs] What a crock.
- Sir, can I just I just would like to get in front of you.
- [Mumbling] Just for like two Look, do I need to speak Pakistani? Can you not understand what I'm saying? - Sir, you are from the Herald? - Miami Herald.
I am so sorry for the mix-up.
Please, come to my office.
Yeah, this guy takes cuts.
This is how it works around Do you gotta know somebody here? - You must be getting a lot of that lately.
- I'm talking about textiles here.
I'm sure it's nothing.
[Chuckles] I hear it's getting harder and harder to do business with Pakistan.
[Sam] Anybody here take numbers? I'm opening a factory in Lahore in seven days.
If I don't get these sign-offs today, ain't gonna be nothin' on those looms, sugar lips.
- Textiles.
! - Just take a seat.
- [Exhales] - Waseem? [Michael Narrating] Most of the people who work in a consulate arejust municipal drones enjoying an overseas post.
- [Chattering In Foreign Language] - But the head of security that guy's almost always a spy.
- This is baloney.
Come on.
Like today would be - Sir? Sorry.
Excuse me, sir.
- What's your problem? - You need to lower your volume, first.
- This is my regular speaking voice.
- This is not your regular voice.
- This is my regular speaking volume, sir.
- No, sir, it is not.
- Don't patronize me, sir.
- Okay, let's start over.
[Softly] Hello.
How are you? - You are shouting! It is not proper for this place! - But you're shouting back.
- This is a volume for a cattle market or vegetable cart.
- Please take a look.
- Sign that and this guy is out.
- Do not tell me what to do.
Who are you? [Michael Narrating] Onejob of a security chief is babysitting the secrets.
If one goes missing, it's a big deal even if it's just transactional data on chemical imports.
Steal a few files, no matter how boring, and you've got leverage.
- Sir.
- Yes.
- I would like to invite you to lower your voice.
- [Quitely] Okay.
How's that? - Is that better? - You're mocking me! - I am mocking you.
- [Michael Narrating] Play your cards right and you can trade what you've got for what you want.
[Michael Narrating] In any covert operation your first concern is remaining undetected.
- [Woman Speaking, Indistinct] - [Madeline] Seven-card stud.
- Pam.
- [Women Laughing] [Michael Narrating] Whether you're infiltrating a military base or getting car parts from your mom's garage without her knowing staying invisible is tough.
And no matter how good you are Michael! There you are! I thought you couldn't make it.
Come on in.
Sometimes they're better.
- [Woman] Okay.
- [Chattering] [Coughing] Fi, how's it going? Down to the felt.
Full Boat Phyllis here didn't tell me she used to deal hold 'em in Reno.
- [Laughing] - Your girlfriend's getting creamed.
She's not my girlfriend.
- Okay, honey.
Whatever you say.
- Yeah, thing is What? Yeah, we're not, uh Well, we're still working together but the other part, that's, uh Well, we've closed the door on that.
[Liquid Pouring] Why do you always do this? I didn't do it this time.
She did.
- Right.
- Let's play poker! I mean, exactly.
I mean, how does the boy even find a loan shark in the first place? - The yellow pages? - Sure.
That works.
Andy's in deep trouble with that man.
If he doesn't come up with the money, they're gonna hurt him again.
Oh, it's just awful.
Diane's been through so much.
You know, Michael sometimes helps people with problems like this.
- We both do.
- Really? - Fi, what was that? - What was what? "Michael helps people with problems like this sometimes"? - Well, you do.
- The guy borrowed money from a loan shark.
Yeah, a dumb thing to do, but he made the deal, he owes the money and we have no business getting involved with that.
He borrowed the money to invest in his mom's retirement.
Stupid? Yes, and sweet.
And now she's gonna lose the house.
What is this about, Fi? You really care that much about some lady you never met living out in Boca Raton with a bunch of cats? - You owe me.
- I gave you the car.
You owe me more than that.
I wanna do this because this guy Andy chose to put somebody he loved before himself.
That's why.
Let's go.
- Hello.
- [Cat Meowing] Phyllis said you were handsome.
- Come in.
- And single too.
Can you believe it? Yeah.
Let's talk about your problem.
Uh, I hear your son's having trouble with a loan shark.
- Andy's a good boy, a kind boy.
- [Meows] It's just he's a lot like his father was.
He just doesn't always think.
- How much did he borrow, Diane? - $200,000.
And the man said that if he doesn't return the money Well, he can't return it.
He doesn't have it.
- [Meows] - Uh, he a gambler? No.
God, no.
He's a cell phone salesman.
He invested it.
It was sweet, really.
I mean, the cancer didn't get me, but the medical bills might.
So he was just trying to to make money so he could take care of me.
- What's going on here, Ma? - Look, I have $200 left in savings.
Please, you can have it.
You can have all of it.
Just please make sure he doesn't hurt my boy anymore.
No! Absolutely not! We talked about this.
This is my problem.
Well, it's not just your problem now, is it? - Who are you? - We're people who can help.
[Sighs, Mutters] People.
[Sighs] - [Meows] - I don't think there's anything we can do.
- He says I gotta pay him, but I can't.
- Loan sharks are businessmen.
We'll strike a deal with him, set up a payment plan.
- How much money can you still get your hands on? - Uh, none of it.
I put it in this club, and it's gone.
- All of it? - It was a high-risk, high-reward type deal.
Little illegal.
That's why the money all had to be cash.
Let's start from the beginning.
- Okay.
But, uh, can we talk about it outside? - Yes.
A few months ago I started going to Velvet, this club on South Beach - and I got to know the owner, Zeke.
- Zeke.
He's a really good guy.
He cut me in on the club uh, partnership.
I put up five grand.
Dude, I'm telling you, I saw dividends right away.
Zeke would pull these fat wads of cash out of the safe right in the back.
- I mean, like [Vocalizes] - Fat wads.
Got it.
So anyway, one day Zeke comes to me says he can get me in on this new place he's gonna open Thing is, the club is in Cuba.
Hence the cash-only thing.
Shady, I know, but Zeke says we're looking at, like, 1,000% return on investment.
- So you went in.
- [Scoffs] Yeah.
I had to get the cash together.
My mom's got bills.
Anyway, so I go one day to deliver the cash to Zeke's house.
And I'm telling you.
The minute I put the cash on the table the F.
Swarms the place.
Can I tell the rest of the story just to save time? The feds rush in, arrest Zeke, but not before rushing you out the back.
Zeke's under indictment, but he's promising not to turn you in.
- Feds take the cash, but - At least you got your freedom.
- How did you - Andy, you were conned.
- But the feds - They weren't feds.
They were actors.
It's a classic kiss-off.
Zeke's a con man.
[Exhales] I'm such an idiot.
Look on the bright side.
You might get to keep your kneecaps.
Do you think You think Zeke'll give me the money back when he finds out I'm onto him? No, but there are other ways we can get your money back.
****[Electronica] Ooh.
Look at her.
And her.
I bet she'd be fun.
Are you shopping for me or for you? You are gonna have to get back out there sooner or later.
What I have to do is get back there.
Now, Andy said Zeke's office is just past the V.
Good bet he keeps the cash there, probably launders the money through the club.
Hey, Fi.
The cash, the safe.
I don't understand why you refuse to mix business with pleasure.
Can we focus? Our ticket to the back room just showed up.
You're no fun, Michael.
Now, Zeke, on the other hand, looks like he knows how to have a good time.
[Michael Narrating] Exploiting an asset is easier when they have a vice an addiction you can feed drugs, money, respect, women.
Breaking into the safe shouldn't be too hard.
Getting invited into the back shouldn't be too difficult either.
Why don't you go meet your Pakistani spy, and I'll take care of this? Yeah, uh, just don't Just Just Just don't work too hard! Ah.
"I will be wearing a white shirt and" [Chuckles] This word right here is a kind of, uh, spicy goat cheese.
I was trying to say "black pants.
" My Urdu's a little rusty.
At least you got the name of the restaurant right.
- I'm Waseem Alihan.
And you are? - Just a friend who needs a favor.
Well, I need a favor too.
I would like those documents returned.
So, what can I do for you? So direct.
It's refreshing.
I'm looking for a spy, a woman who worked in Kurdistan about 15 years ago.
I don't have her real name, but she's very distinctive, very attractive, very forceful.
I'm sure she made a big splash.
Your intel might have some info on her? What you want is worth more than what you have.
Wish I could help.
Come on, Waseem.
Pick up the phone, call back home.
To land a gig like this in Miami, you gotta be pretty well connected.
I am, and I'd like to stay that way.
So go ahead, leak those documents.
I'd rather take my chances than ask for an eyes-only dossier on a foreign operative.
Now, uh, how are the peach mojitos here, hmm? ** Go 'head, girl Shake that thing ** - **Just move that thing **** - [Michael Narrating] If you need to get into a secure area the best approach is to give yourself a good reason to be there.
- Now it's just us.
- Why sneak past guards when you can just spill a martini? - Oh.
Oh! - [British Accent] Oh, bloody hell! I'm sorry.
- Where's your loo? - Uh, out the front, around the bar.
You want me to go out there, looking like this? No.
No, of course not.
Use mine.
[Sighs] Oh.
[Michael Narrating] A hairpin is one of the most versatile tools in a thief's arsenal.
It's as good as a key most of the time but not when the lock is a magnetic card reader.
- [Horn Honking] - [Fiona, Normal Voice] Zeke is one careful con man.
He's security conscious, he's smart and smooth too, in a cheesy Sam kind of way.
- Hey, smooth is smooth, baby.
- The club is locked down tight.
We wanna get to the safe, we need Zeke's key card, and he keeps it on him all the time.
- Can't you lift it, sticky fingers? - Yes, I can.
But I already made my play.
He'll get suspicious if I duck into the back again.
- So it looks like a two-man job now.
- Yeah.
Trouble is, Zeke only lets girls and marks past security.
So one of us has to play the fool.
I know who I'd vote for.
See you tonight.
You're perfect for it, Michael.
Hey, how's that thing going with your new Pakistani pal? - He's a good guy.
He likes Miami.
There might be an angle there.
- [Cell Phone Ringing] - Diane? - They're here on the porch.
- Andy, get away from the door.
- Sit tight.
We're coming.
- Andy, get away from the door.
- Sit tight.
We're coming.
[Sam] How about if I handle the lookout and you deal with whatever is going on inside? - Mmm, that seems fair.
- Yeah.
He's, uh He's an old guy a little frail but he's probably armed though.
- [Grunting] - [Groaning] Stop, please! We don't have anything.
I'm terribly sorry, but your son, he's very late with my money.
Guys, guys.
Wifebeaters, so not a good look.
- Who's this? Who are you? - I'm a friend.
Now, we can come to some kind of an arrangement.
You're a businessman, right? I am.
This man owes me 200 - with the vig, 230.
- And you're gonna have it.
Look at this.
[Michael Narrating] The key to hand-to-hand combat is being able to close the distance between you and your opponent without putting them on their guard.
These are nice people.
This is not necessary.
We don't have to do this.
I mean, guys, come on.
- Impressive.
- We don't want any trouble.
But now it's on you too.
Two days.
If I have my money, there'll be no more trouble.
If I don't, you'll need a lot more than a magazine.
- Two days? - Ow.
How can we get that money in two days? Keep it on.
- We're gonna hit the club tonight.
- You know how to crack safes? Some.
But I can't crack just any safe.
I need some details.
Andy, do you think you would recognize Zeke's safe if you saw it again? I think so.
But how are you going to get to the safe? Zeke's got these two huge guys guarding the V.
He only takes women back there.
Andy, you got back there.
Oh, sure, but I was an investor.
Andy, you're looking at Zeke's new mark.
[Chuckles] Oh.
- [Chuckles] - Oh.
What's up, Waseem? How unexpected.
Trina, meet my friend, uh Mr.
I should've brought a fruit salad.
So, Waseem, have you given any more thought to what we talked about? I'm sorry, but, no.
So you really don't want your documents back? - I wouldn't say that.
I'd say the price is too high.
- Really? Too high? I could get six figures from any number of buyers and they'll all have a bone to pick with Pakistan.
- You're sure you're not interested? - What's bad for Pakistan and what's bad for Waseem they aren't necessarily the same thing.
I know what you mean.
You're a tough one, Waseem.
You win.
- Take your documents back.
- [Shutter Clicking] Honey, he's a keeper.
I wouldn't let go of him.
All this stuff belongs to Fiona? Was she a locksmith? No, just a hobby of hers.
- You sure that's the safe? - Yeah.
I remember that dial.
So, once you're into Zeke's office, what, you just drill through the lock? - [Whirring] - It's not a high-end safe.
I just knock the lock off with a hammer.
The real problem will be carrying the cash out of the club.
Cash is heavy.
I brought mine to Zeke in an overnight bag.
You wanna borrow my duffel? No.
They're gonna carry the cash out for us themselves.
I'm gonna stuff it into a trash bag, give it to the busboys and they bring it out to the Dumpster.
Listen, uh, I brought you something from the store.
I wish I could pay you, but it's all I got.
Think you can use a bunch of cell phones? Yeah, I can find a use for 'em.
[Knocking] - [Madeline] Michael? - [Quietly] No, Andy.
Andy, no! Andy.
Don't - Hi.
You must be Andy.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I'm Michael's mom.
- Oh, hey! - Hey.
- Your son's been helping me out.
- Aw.
- I gotta get going, but I just wanna say your son's awesome.
- Smartest guy I ever met.
- Thank you.
All right.
Sweet kid.
I can see why he's in trouble.
Mom, I gotta get to work actually.
Uh, what is it you need? - Well, I can't find my salad spinner.
- That is tragic.
Well, I lost it during poker.
Did you take it? Ma, why are you here? It's this thing with Fiona.
Just tell me what happened between you and Fiona, and then you can go to work.
- I don't know what you want me to say.
- Michael, please.
I don't know what it is you're thinking, but Fiona is the best thing in your life.
You're the best thing in my life.
Don't be that way, Michael.
I want you to talk to me.
I don't wanna talk about it.
- Fine.
- Fine.
You don't wanna talk about it.
I'll talk to Fiona.
- [Door Opens] - [Sighs] Great.
- [Door Closes] - [Michael, Southern Accent] So he goes on up to the hill and he says, "Which one of you am I takin'home?" [Laughing] - Who's your friend? - [British Accent] You don't know Davis? He's wild.
He's some oil baron's kid.
Oh, yeah? You wanna introduce me? You're a "vega-tarian"? [Indistinct] There she is! Damn! [Laughing] Davis, Zeke.
Zeke, Davis.
Friend, you're ruining my ratio.
I have a good ratio going on.
I got four ladies to one Davis.
Ooh, l-I can fix that.
- Now you're talkin'.
I'm Davis Cullen.
- My name's Zeke.
- Is that a Texas drawl I hear? - Born and raised.
- Ah.
Oh, pardon me.
- [Cell Phone Ringing] Honeybear.
[Laughs] It's been a long time Honeybear, he's gonna have to call you back.
He's gonna mind his manners.
That was rude.
My apologies.
- How about a bottle of Dom? - What is this, breakfast? - Whiskey then? - Whoo! - Why don't we take this party back to a private location? - Round up, ladies! So Fi tells me that you're into oil.
Well, that was Daddy's business.
I got the hell out of Killeen as fast as I could.
not getting up.
Amen to that, brother.
So what do you do, Davis? Little of this, little of that.
How'd you like to add "club owner" to your portfolio? Usually, I bring in people slow offer them limited partnerships in Velvet, see how it goes.
But with you, I can see you're like me a player.
I'm not gonna waste your time in the shallow end.
Don't then.
Say somethin', son.
- I'm opening a new club in Havana.
- Havana? - Last time I checked, that was in Cuba.
- We deal only in cash.
No legal hiccups that way.
It's gonna be huge.
The upside is enormous.
- Yeah, how much you puttin' in? - Me? Plenty.
I mean, no cash, but sweat equity.
Believe me, the cash ah, that's the easy part.
- Why don't you boys stop playing with each other - Oh.
And play with me instead? This whiskey is runnin' right through me.
! - Where's the head? - Uh, that way.
- [Michael Narrating] There are two schools of safecracking.
- [Beeps] Some people like to beat the lock.
Some people like to break the lock.
But it doesn't matter when the safe is sitting wide open.
Good counterfeit money is more expensive than you think.
If you're looking to fake money on the cheap - a real bill bound to a stack of filler will do.
- [Cell Phone Ringing] Time to collect the trash? This safe is nothing but a prop to impress marks.
There's nothing in here but a few hundreds and some newspapers.
- So where's the real safe? - No time to look.
I don't want any more surprises.
I'm putting ears on this guy.
Put your phone on mute and plug it in.
Oh, Mike, you're tying up my cell? Well [Laughs] How's Veronica supposed to get a hold of me? Tell her to try the bar at Carlito's.
[Women Laughing] - [Line Ringing] - [Ringing] - Yeah, Fi? - Michael, you got a problem.
It looks like Zeke's got partners.
I think you need to hurry it up.
[Michael Narrating] Thirty years ago, the C.
Would've killed for bugs as small as cell phones.
They're the perfect improvised listening device.
But they burn juice like a Humvee.
If there's no charger handy, an unused U.
Port will do the trick.
[Fiona] Michael, it's really time to go.
Your cover's about to be blown.
- Almost done.
- [Beeps] - Sam, you there? - Yeah, yeah.
[Beeps] Hey, hey.
You wanna talk some business? Maybe a little later.
I think it's time for me and this little lady - to get to know each other better.
- Whoo! [Laughs] Hoo, hoo! You don't mind, do you, partner? There was nothing in the safe? Newspaper fat wads of it.
Man, we got one day.
I got Baranski calling me for his money, and now you're telling me Settle down.
See, Michael doesn't look worried.
Sharp lady, your ma.
Remember Zeke's partners? The guys who played the feds that stung you? Listen to what Zeke was telling 'em last night.
[Zeke, On Tape] I'm telling you, this Davis cat is big-time, and he's hungry.
[Man] Well, what kind of timetable you looking at? - [Zeke] How soon can you rent that house? - [Man Laughs] See, he wants to score, so it's just a matter of convincing him that the only way he's gonna see our money is if he shows us his first.
And when he does They're going to con him trick him into giving them the money.
[Michael Grunts] Zeke, this is Chuck, the pain-in-the-ass wet nurse that's watching my money.
[Sam] Charles Finley, sole executor of Mr.
Cullen's trust.
I'm runnin' a quart low.
I'm gonna get back here and serve myself.
Sir, do you have any idea who you're getting into bed with here? Davis Cullen can be difficult.
I mean, there have been a few incidents.
- I think I'll take my chances.
- Don't say I didn't warn you.
Fair enough.
Now, what we're talking about is 200 grand.
Not insubstantial.
What's your commitment? Well, as I explained to Mr.
Cullen, I don't invest financially.
However, my time, my expertise.
- Oh, I see.
- [Michael Narrating] To win a negotiation you have to show you're willing to walk away.
- I don't share in the same kind of profits either, of course.
- Hmm.
By getting in on the ground floor of our club in Havana, Mr.
Cullen can expect - I'm sorry, sir.
Did you say Havana? - Yes.
[Sighs] [Michael Narrating] And the best way to show you're willing to walk away is to walk away.
- [Sighs] - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Sir, it is my fiduciary duty to protect Mr.
Cullen's estate.
Not a penny moves without my sign-off not a penny.
And I can't very well sign off on anything in Cuba.
Good day.
- I don't think we have a deal.
- Son of a bitch! Oh, we'll see about this.
[Clears Throat] For the hostess.
I figured I'm gonna need to get you girls back in the bag - if I'm gonna hold my own at poker today.
- [Chuckles] Um, yeah, about that - Am I early? - No.
No, no.
L-l I asked the girls if they'd come an hour later.
Um I wanted some time to talk to you alone.
- Well, what's on your mind? - This breakup.
The two of you are making a huge mistake if you don't mind my saying.
- Madeline, it - No, please.
I need you to know you are the best thing that ever happened to Michael.
He's different when you're around.
He's better.
He's almost happy.
Thank you for saying that.
It's more than he's ever said himself.
I know.
His father was the same way.
But I see the way he looks at you, Fiona.
I'll always I'll always care about your son, Madeline.
You know, l I just can't be the second Most important thing in his life? I can't blame you for that, honey.
****[Man Chanting In Foreign Language] Mmm.
Hurry back.
A Pakistani spy eating in an Indian restaurant? My friend, you have gone native.
Well, I like the chicken tikka.
- What do you want? - Same as ever.
I just want that file.
Kind oflooks like you're taking a bribe, doesn't it? Maybe.
But it's flimsy.
I don't know.
You're taking a kickback there.
You're accepting a free lunch right now.
This is on me, by the way.
- Raji! - Hey.
- I haven't done anything wrong.
- That's right.
And you could explain all of this to your boss back home.
Probably even keep your job.
But your time in Miami would be over.
You've been made, approached, possibly compromised.
You'd be relocated to a different consulate.
Where do you think they'd send you? Libya? Honduras? How's Serbia these days? - And I thought you wanted to be friends.
- We can still be friends.
All I want is a 10-year-old file, remember? But if you really think leaving the beaches the blondes and the brunettes is worth it It's your call, Waseem.
Despite my strenuous objections Mr.
Cullen has impressed upon me his desire to move forward.
Well, I'm glad to see that cooler heads have prevailed.
I have two conditions.
As executor of Mr.
Cullen's trust I still have to protect myself legally so I'm afraid that neither of these are negotiable.
First, I need to see some paperwork, and none of it had better mention Cuba.
Well, shouldn't be much of a problem to dummy up some paperwork.
Secondly and this is vital we need to know that you are as financially committed as Mr.
As I explained before I will hold Mr.
Cullen's $200,000 offshore in a joint escrow account.
If you would like to see this deal go through you will have to put matching funds into the same account.
Yeah, well, I never put up my own money.
Cullen, I'm very sorry.
[Laughs] I tried, twice.
You've seen that.
But, uh, I'm sorry.
I cannot allow you to be involved in this.
[Chuckles] Fine.
Let's do this.
Very well.
Ready your funds.
We'll make the transfers tomorrow.
- [Zeke, On Tape] I only need the money for one day.
- [Man] No.
No way.
This is stupid.
I got a whale here.
Don't you see that? You need to watch yourself, Zeke.
You'rejust a face.
You don't like how we do it, you can go back to tending bar.
If you can get him out to the house so we can give him the brush-off, fine.
Otherwise, cut him loose.
Sounds like Zeke's partners have veto power.
- So he can't put up any money? We need to deal with Baranski.
- [Phone Beeping] - I've got five hours.
- I'm gonna get us some more time.
How are we this evening? Oh, we're good.
We're gonna get you the money.
We just need a little more time.
That is acceptable.
I can wait.
But there is someone here who does not share my patience.
Tell Andy his mother is very disappointed with him.
[Quietly] Listen to me very carefully.
You do not wanna hurt that woman.
You're right.
I don't.
But she's going to stay right here with me till I have every penny.
[Beeps] Andy, listen to me.
Baranski's not gonna hurt your mom.
Are you sure? How can you be sure? He's just trying to prove a point.
That he can get to us at any time.
That he really wants his money.
Well, I really wanna give it to him, but I can't.
Andy, you have to just trust us.
You want me to make 200 grand just poof appear in a numbered account? Michael, I'm good, but I can't just will that kind of money into existence.
No one's saying it has to exist.
Come on.
You've never written a bad check? You were called "Bad Check Barry.
" I know.
I guess I could wire the money from an account that happens to be closed.
Of course you can.
I have faith in you, Barry.
But I'm gonna have to bounce the money through a few time zones to keep my fingerprints off it.
- It's a couple days to set it up.
- How does a couple hours sound? Ah.
That sounds like Michael Westen.
There's just one thing.
You're not gonna have long before some branch manager in Zurich catches wind.
One panicked phone call to Aruba, your money's gone.
How much time before my money disappears? - Five minutes, maybe.
- Can you give me 10? - Um, for anyone else, Michael, it'd be three.
- [Phone Beeping] Zeke? It's Davis.
I'm in.
Hey, I was beginning to think that Finley guy called all the shots.
Yeah, I don't see Chuck figuring much into my financial future.
How about you wire that money, we solidify that future and I call a couple of girls over to help celebrate? Sounds mighty fine to me.
Let me just get my banker on the horn.
It's Davis.
Grand Cayman Savings account number 07-412-002-niner.
- You got it? - [Beeps] Taking a while.
- Blondes or brunettes? - Why choose? - My man! - [Line Ringing] Harmony.
It's Zeke.
- Throw a little gathering over at my place.
- [Beeps] - He's ready for us.
- [Engine Starts] Miami-Dade Police.
Turn off your engine, step out of the vehicle.
[Laughs] The girls are on their way.
- They shouldn't be too long now.
They, um - [Gunfire] Yeah, I see it now.
I see the fireworks.
Well, thanks for calling.
We'll get him.
- Who was that? - Those are my new partners couple of ex-Delta Force boys I know.
- Real heavy badasses.
- What are you talking about? Where do you think I got my money, son? Finley's got my trust all tied up in knots.
Those are my boys out there.
They insisted on watching my back.
Good thing too.
You got F.
You had a couple agents closing in on the house.
- I'm gonna git.
- They killed them? Nothin' gets between me and a deal.
No, I can't do this.
- L-I can't.
The-The deal is off.
- The hell it is! I cut those boys in.
They expect to be paid.
- There is no deal.
- You are not backin' out! You back out, you give me their money.
I can wire back what you paid, but I have to get You think those boys are just gonna accept what they put in? A thousand percent return on investment That's what you promised me, and that's what I promised them.
- I don't have that kind of cash.
- Well, then you better get it.
They just killed two federal agents.
It's gonna take a lot to get out of this one, Zeke.
You need cash now.
****[Men Rapping, Indistinct] $246,000.
You think it's enough? I mean, do you think the guys are gonna want more? You better hope not.
- What are you do - How are Zeke, what the hell is going on? - We just got jumped.
- No, no, no, because he told me that you were dead.
Okay, that's wrong.
I saw the money.
It was there.
It was right there.
- What money? - The-The-The transfer Davis Cullen's money.
I saw it.
Uh - I gave him the cash.
- The money in the safe? - How much did you give him? - All of it.
I gave him all of it.
It's 2:01.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry.
- [Diane] Are you okay? - Yeah.
I got you a little present.
It's in the bag.
That's next month's issue.
You're a lifetime subscriber now.
- I'd rather have the 300.
- Oh, but this is money well spent.
Now you have a monthly reminder to keep your hands off of people's mothers.
Thank you.
If you ever need anything Do your mom a favor Go to a bank next time.
[Door Opens] Do you have a Thanks.
- Is everything all right? - Sure.
You wanna talk about this thing with Fi? It's all right, Michael.
That door is closed.
I get it.
I talked to Fiona.
Oh, of course.
Her you believe.
Don't get mad at me.
You don't wanna talk about it, I'm not talking about it.
Mom, I know how much you like her.
I'm sorry.
And it's all right, Michael.
Fiona is a wonderful girl.
- But if it's not meant to be - It's not meant to be.
Thank you.
I'm gonna leave.
I just worry about you.
That's all.
I don't wanna give up the idea that you'll find someone.
I want you to have a family of your own.
This is about grandchildren? No, honey.
It's not about me.
It's about you.
Life is hard if you have to live it alone and having kids just makes the ride more fun.
I was fun? Hmm.
- [Water Running] - [Dishes Clattering] This better not be old newspapers.
No, that was very deep, not easy to get.
I call in favors like that again, people ask questions.
Don't worry.
No more favors.
[Michael Narrating] They say a picture's worth a thousand words.
Add in a few hundred that survive the censor's black pen suddenly, you've really got something.
There's the negatives.
You earned them.
You're a man of your word.
Thank you.
Thank you for lunch.
- What is this? - Your turn, Waseem.
Well, someone's in a good mood.
I think I found Carla's cover.
Not bad, Mike.
Not bad at all.