Burn Notice s02e04 Episode Script


My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until - [Man] We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
- [Whistles] [Michael Narrating] When you're burned, you've got nothing no cash, no credit, nojob history.
- You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
- You rely on anyone who's still talking to you - [Laughs] - a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend - Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the F.
I You know spies.
Bunch of bitchy little girls.
- Family too - Hey, is that your mom again? - if you're desperate.
- Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line: Until you figure out who burned you you're not going anywhere.
[Michael Narrating] Get your hands on any classified document worth having chances are it's going to be redacted which makes reading it a lot like watching a movie on an airplane.
All thejuicy parts are missing, but you still get the basic idea.
Anything good? Hard to tell when you only get every third word.
Well, are you surprised? These are the people who burned you, Michael.
You're lucky if you get any information about their operatives.
Looks like Carla's cover in Kurdistan was an irrigation consultant.
Maybe she could set something up to water the ferns in my apartment when she's not threatening your family or forcing you to run black ops.
I'll be sure to ask her.
Cheer up.
It's a start, isn't it? Yeah.
And there's a decent chance she's using a similar cover here in Miami.
[Michael Narrating] Jobs in agriculture are a convenient cover.
Makes it easy to explain your presence in the field and the boardroom.
The only downside is, you might have to become an expert on chickpeas.
Why don't you put that away? Give it a couple hours.
You, um You might see something that you missed.
Like a tail.
Lincoln Town Car, up the street.
I saw them before we left my place.
- Do you think it's them? - Could be.
It's gonna be a very interesting conversation if they catch you with that file.
Can I watch? You drive.
[Tires Squealing] [Michael Narrating] You can tell a lot about who's following you by the maneuvers they use.
Quick, evasive driving, a casual bailout, feigning car trouble these are signs you're dealing with a professional.
Smashing into a rickshaw like a crash test dummy that's a sign you're dealing with an amateur, somebody who doesn't know what he's doing.
- Easy, easy, Bro! Come on.
It's a rental, man.
- [Bell Dinging] [Michael Narrating] That's when you've really got a problem.
- [Nate] You sure it's safe here? - As safe as it can be.
- You wanna tell me what you were doing, Nate? - Well, I was following you.
I was making sure you weren't followed.
Don't look at me like I'm crazy, all right? The last time I saw you, you were being chased by guys with guns.
By the way, I never got so much as a phone call from you to let me know that things were cool.
- And I guess you called Mom.
- Mom called me.
I just figured you wouldn't leave me twisting in the wind in Fort Lauderdale after I risked my ass for you.
It was just a little unclear at the time whether I should call you.
I'm not here to talk about that.
- Look, I got a friend at work who's in trouble.
- Work? Yeah, I got a job driving for a limo company.
A real job? An actual job? I'm friends with the receptionist.
She's in trouble with some Russian Mafia guys.
They're holding her sister.
I was hoping you could help out.
What's the angle? - There's gotta be an angle? - There's always an angle, Nate.
Are you trying to get money from her, trying to sleep with her? Maybe I'm just changing my life.
Did you think of that? You blew up my truck, right? You got me shot at.
You had me hide Mom.
That's the kind of thing that gets a guy to step back and make a few changes.
And by the way, I'm still paying off that truck.
- It's like 600 a month.
- 200.
Well, 300, but you see what I'm saying.
Look, would you just talk to her? Fine.
[Sighs] - Where is she? - Mom's house.
- I don't need tea, Mom.
- It's good.
It's herbal.
So, you're gonna help, right, Michael? That's what I'm here to find out.
- Excuse me.
- Uh, Ma? Could you? - Ma.
- Oh.
Yeah, I'll leave the three of you to talk alone without me.
It's all right.
Tell him, just like you told me.
[Russian Accent] My sister, Elena.
I've tried to bring her to America for years.
One day she writes to me, says she found someone to take her here.
I knew something is wrong.
Is too good to be true.
She doesn't think.
She gives me a name, and I go.
It's this patsan Ivan, a gangster.
He brings people here for money.
First he wants $25,000 all I have.
I go to pick her up this week, and now he wants $50,000 more Or you'll never see your sister again.
And if you go to the police, he'll kill her.
That's usually how this kind of thing works.
How'd you get this? Did he hit you? Yes, after I attack him with the the bar.
You know, the metal bar for taking out the nails? - You hit him with a crowbar? - Yes.
He's lucky.
His ohraniki take me away from him, hold me away.
If they were not there, I'd bite his finger off.
Katya asked me to help her get a gun.
After I heard what her problem was I figured the best thing for her and her sister would be talking to you.
Nate says you could help.
He says you do these things every day.
I don't do them every day but I'll see what I can do.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Just put that on my friend's tab.
A crowbar? That sounds like a handful.
[Laughs] Come to think of it, I dated a few Ukrainians in my day.
- Feisty.
- Fi's doing the surveillance.
Hopefully, we'll track the guy back to where the girls are before Katya gets her hands on a blowtorch.
- [Grunts] - How's it going with the file on Carla? Pretty good.
Talked to a guy named Harvey Gunderson.
He's the secretary treasurer of the Agricultural Association of South Florida among other things.
So if Carla is still using agricultural specialist as a cover chances are pretty good that he's heard ofher.
Nice work, Sam.
Just keep it quiet, all right? Can't have this getting back to Carla.
Quiet's my specialty, Mike.
Hey, what's your budget on this? You know, I'm thinking it should be face-to-face with Harvey, you know so I can thoroughly debrief him.
- I'll cover it, Sam.
- I'll try and keep it reasonable.
- Who is she? - [Engine Shuts Off] Someone I work with.
She's gonna tail Ivan.
Hopefully, he'll lead us to where your sister is.
He's there.
Uh, that is his van.
- [Nate] Wow.
- [Shutter Clicks] Guy's got interesting tattoos.
Russian prison ink.
Each one means something.
Really? - What's the spade for? - It means he's a thief.
- Tiger means enforcer.
- Yeah? Huh.
What about the skulls? What are those for? Mike, what do the skulls mean? - It means murderer, Nate.
- Murderer? He has my sister.
! Why wejust sit here? I won't let anything happen.
I promise.
[Michael Narrating] Cultivating intelligence assets usually requires some wining and dining.
The more connected somebody is the more they know the more they feel entitled to a little special treatment.
- Another cocktail? - Think we're ready for a bottle of something, don't you? Uh, I'm still workin' on the scotch, thank you.
A bottle of scotch.
I'm kidding.
- '96, uh, Château Lafite.
- Excellent choice.
I know it's an excellent choice.
I made it.
I'll pick 'em, you bring 'em! Mmm! It's a hell of a wine.
You're gonna love it.
So anyway, you're thinking of growing hops in Turkey, is it? Yeah.
Outside Ankara.
Hey, um So, Harvey, were you able to put together that list of irrigation specialists? You know, I need to make a few calls and work some things out.
I was thinking.
You don't wanna waste time going through a bunch of names.
I can point you to some top-flight people, but you know what? Maybe you and I can take 'em to dinner together.
- So you can get to know 'em, that's all.
- Oh! Oh, great idea.
But, uh, you know, I really need that list, Harvey just to make sure I got all the bases covered.
[Michael Narrating] Smart operatives know how to steer the conversation towards the information they need.
- You know what you really need, Sam? - Hmm? [Michael Narrating] Clever assets, on the other hand know how to make the wine-and-dine phase last as long as possible.
- The lobster.
- [Chuckling] - I'm serious.
You ever had the lobster here? - No, no.
- Swimming off the coast of Maine four hours ago.
- No kidding.
Which reminds me We should get a bottle of white if we're gonna have the seafood.
Montrachet, grand cru.
It's liquid gold.
- $600? - What can I say, Mike? The guy ate like it was his last meal.
And the liquor I mean, I've had gunshot wounds hurt less than this hangover.
You got, like, a bag of frozen peas or something cold for my head? Did you get the list? Look, he's just trying to drag it out, okay? Don't worry about it.
I'm getting close.
Well, do you think he knows Carla? As far as I can tell, he knows everyone who's set foot on a farm in the northern hemisphere.
How'd that thing with Ivan go? Not as well as I was hoping.
I followed him all day.
It's pretty clear hejust collects the money.
Stays away from the girls till it's over.
It's smart security.
If he has no contact with his guys, no calls, no conversations then the cops can't make a decent case, and we can't find the girls.
If we're gonna find the girls by Friday, we'll need to extract the information.
How 'bout it, Sam? Interrogation? Well, it's It's been a while, Mikey, but, you know, it's just like riding a bike.
If we can snatch him by this afternoon, we'll have three days to work on him.
Oh, that's cuttin' it close.
Maybe, if we hit the ground running make him think he's up against the big boys you know, the government types.
We don't have a deep bench here.
I don't know.
I think we can do it.
Fi grabs the guy.
She's the extraction team.
You and me tag team the guy on questions, we do the sunglasses, the suit, the whole bit make him think he's up against every agency with initials.
You think you can bag him alone, Fi? [Laughing, Groans] [Alarm Beeps] - I like your taste.
- Oh! [Giggling] Thank you.
I'm Ivan.
[Screaming] [Michael Narrating] Stun guns are a great way to bring down a larger opponent.
The only problem is, if you use one on someone who's touching you, you'll zap yourself too.
You brought a toy.
You want to play.
Oh, I love to play.
[Screaming] Fi, you are one crazy chick.
[Metal Gate Squeaking] [Gate Closes] How's our friend Ivan behaving? Like an altar boy.
He even asked me to use the stun gun on him again.
He asked you, with a gag in his mouth? - Oh, he has expressive eyes.
- Feeling better, Fi? Everyone could use a few thousand volts from time to time.
- It clears the mind.
- All righty.
I got a pal in organized crime, ran down everything he had on this Ivan character.
Whoo, he's a hard rock from the motherland.
What brings him to these fair shores? They got him linked to what they think is a Russian syndicate active on the East Coast pretty much from here to New York.
The guy who handles the day-to-day operation's in Miami.
Guy named Takarov.
But this guy Ivan, he's seen the inside of every prison from Moscow to Minsk so I think the best approach here is we know everything we're rolling up his whole gang, and he's just a little fish.
Well, you're the expert, Sam.
What else? Oh, good news.
I found the perfect place for our secret facility.
It's an old concrete plant in the middle of nowhere.
They condemned it after the last hurricane.
This is gonna be fun, Mike.
[Michael Narrating] A lot of people's first instinct when they need information out of a captive is to grab a baseball bat or a gun.
[Michael] This works.
[Sam] Yeah, I've been in plenty of secret facilities a lot less impressive than this.
You get a cooler of drinks, some snacks.
Fi's driving Ivan to the Everglades and back.
- Is that enough time? - Plenty.
[Michael Narrating] The fact is, torture is for sadists and thugs.
It's like getting groceries with a flamethrower.
It doesn't work, and it makes a mess.
Getting useful information is about creating a new reality for the interrogation subject with no hope of escape or freedom.
You control every aspect of their world how they eat, where they sleep even whether it's day or night.
When it's time to ask questions you want them disoriented, anxious, wondering who you are and what you can do to them.
You have to make them understand that their entire future their hopes, their dreams every breath they will ever take from then on it all depends on one thing: Talking.
[Sam] Hello, Ivan.
I want a lawyer now.
I know my rights! You have to get me a lawyer now! That would be true, if I was a cop.
Who are you? C.
? C.
-what? No, no.
See, they're only allowed to operate on foreign soil.
So just think of me as Uncle.
- Uncle Sam.
- Do I get a phone call, Uncle? - Uncle Sam.
- Do I get a phone call, Uncle? You get whatever you want, after I get what I want.
- What do you want? - I wanna get to know you better.
I wanna know all about a day in the life of Ivan.
Where do you go? What do you do? Just think of me as your personal diary.
I deliver cheese, caviar and sausage to Russian markets and restaurants.
- Can I go now, Uncle? - Don't waste my time, Ivan.
We know what you do.
We know who you are.
And you, sir, are just a little fish.
You know the difference between big fish and little fish? When big fish get caught, they get cooked and eaten.
When little fish are caught, they get thrown back in the lake to swim away unless they piss off Mr.
I'm offering you a chance to swim away, Ivan.
It's better for both of us, really.
'Cause if you don't accept it, ooh, boy it's a lot of paperwork for me and a dark, little room for you.
It's not so bad.
I've been in nightclubs darker than this.
Maybe I like it here.
Now look, Mike.
We could send you back in there as good cop, bad cop, whatever.
I don't know what good it's gonna do.
I mean, this guy's gulag tough.
I've seen the type.
Now, after a month, when he's been in isolation so long he's howling at the moon, you know, maybe.
We got three days, Sam.
Well, that's why I think our best bet might be to have a friend inside.
They speak the same language.
Someone to talk to, confide in.
- The prison buddy? - Yeah.
Now, look, I'd do it, Mikey, but he knows me already.
Come on.
It's not gonna be that bad.
We'll set up a cell for the two of you.
- Bring your brother in.
He can play guard.
- Nate? Mike, give the kid a break.
I mean, we need a fresh face here.
I can't sell Ivan on a secret C.
Compound run by one guy.
Plus, I gotta get back to Harvey Gunderson and see if he knows Carla.
I'm tap dancing as fast as I can.
I'll call him.
[Grunting] So, wait a minute.
You go in the cell with Ivan, and you make friends with the guy? That's your plan? If he knows what we want, he can lie, hold out until the girls are gone.
We need him to think that I'm on his side, that I'm safe to talk to.
Nate, these are for you.
Do what Sam tells you to do, all right? Hey, I can handle it.
You just take care of you.
All right, Bro? [Michael Narrating] It's unfortunate but true that no makeup can simulate blood and bruises well enough to stand up to close observation.
So if your cover requires looking like you've been beaten you have to get beaten.
[Grunts] Ow! [Groans] [Groans, Grunts] - Nate! - What? Just trying to be a team player.
[Groans] Today is your lucky day, Ivan.
Got one of your boys in there to keep you company.
[Michael Narrating] It can take a lifetime to convince someone to trust you.
You two play nice now.
It's much quicker to make them feel like they need you to trust them.
- You have the face of a traitor.
- What? - Who are you? - You talked.
- You don't know me.
- I kept quiet.
You Not a scratch.
Be careful what you say.
[Speaking Russian] [Michael Narrating] A fight is one of the quickest ways - to tell if someone isn't who they say they are.
- [Shouts In Russian] If you say you're Russian, but fight like an American - you can consider your cover blown - [Screams] Which means you'd better know sambo, the mixed martial art of Russia.
Of course, then you also have to win the fight.
A great cover I.
Doesn't help much if you're dead.
[Screaming] - [Gasping] - What did you tell them? I told them nothing! - What did you tell them? - Nothing! I swear it.
Who are you? [Sniffles] Sergei Yoblanovich.
I work up in Tampa.
[Russian] Raised in America.
You're Ivan Petrov.
Hey, you run the girls, right? [Spits] Who do you think gets your shipment through Customs? They shut down the operation in Tampa.
It's done.
They're moving down here.
They're closing in.
- How did they find you? - I was ambushed by a little suka.
They said they know about Takarov's headquarters.
Did you tell them? - I said I told them nothing! - Then how do they know these things? They know when your deliveries are! They know what kind of vodka Takarov drinks! Maybe they are watching! Maybe they have someone in the deli or the café.
I don't know.
[Russian] Yeah, make sure you stay that way.
So, if Mike's information was right, that's probably the place.
I mean, there's not too many Russian restaurants next to a café across from a deli.
- [Sighs] - [Cell Phone Rings] - [Rings] - Ah.
Hi, Harvey.
How's it going, bud? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I got the list.
Uh, gotta tell you, I was hoping for more than two names on it though.
But Oh.
Well, I'm sure they're the best, yeah.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, sure.
I'll I'll see you then.
Another meeting? He is working you.
I've got nuclear secrets out of K.
Agents for less time and money.
Good thing my liver is flexible, because a lesser man would be dead.
Where did we get a thermal camera? Oh, I borrowed it from my neighbor's boat.
He's been using it to peek at me through the walls in my apartment, so I figure we're even.
[Michael Narrating] A thermal camera is a great tool for scouting.
It'll tell you where the warm bodies are in a building or which rooms are designed to make those bodies invisible.
- Top floor is heat-shielded.
- Oh? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
[Chattering] See the guy in the corner? That's him.
He runs half the Russian Mafia in south Florida.
[Fiona] Looks like there's a little business upstairs too.
You ready? Oh, my Oh! Oh, man! That's horrible.
! Get the manager.
Somebody get the manager.
- What is problem, sir? - Are you a manager? - L-l - I didn't think so! Go get a manager! In fact, get the chef! What a joke.
You call that food? Look, pal.
Get the chef.
- He's an impostor, the freak.
- [Russian] Oh, there he is.
Manager, I got a big What? Hello! What Ho.
! Hey, ho, I need that.
- [Bell Dings] - I write letters with that arm.
- Get your hands off me! I'm an American citizen.
- Come now.
[Michael Narrating] One issue in dealing with modern criminal gangs is that their operations are diversified.
The heat shielding you hope is hiding a human smuggling operation Oh.
! Sorry.
I was looking for the ladies'room.
Could be hiding radio emissions from software pirating computers.
[Sam] Uh, we call it customer service? [Groaning] You break my arm, you're gonna be hearing from my lawyer! Hey, keep it up! I'll own this place.
[Screaming] Take your hands off my father! He has dementia.
Do you understand? Can't you see? His mind is gone.
He doesn't even know what he's saying.
Come on, Daddy.
- "Daddy"? - Bet you never thought you'd hear me call you that.
It is days now, and all you do is talk! Katya, we're working on it, okay? I know it's hard, but you have to be patient.
And my sister? How long does she have to be patient? - Take me to Ivan.
- What do you want, Katya? Do you wanna hit Ivan with a wrench, or do you want your sister back? 'Cause it's gonna be one or the other.
And this place, Romanov's Nate says that Ivan's boss is there.
Why don't we go there? I don't know what Nate told you, but we have to stick to the plan.
My sister doesn't have time for your plans.
I'm going to them now and trade myself for Elena.
Nate, you told her about Romanov's? It's called "need to know" for a reason.
- I'll take care of it.
- [Sighs] Katya? - Katya, hold up.
- She's my sister.
I know.
And Michael's my brother.
And I can't stand that guy sometimes, but he's good at what he does.
If he says that this is the right thing to do, then this is the right thing to do.
It's gonna be all right.
All right? All right.
Just go and talk to him.
[Sighs] - [Door Opens] - Nate, I was just in the hall and I heard what you said about your brother.
That is so sweet.
Yeah, it was, wasn't it? Not that he'd do the same for me.
[Door Slams] [Michael Narrating] A good interrogator paints a picture of the world outside for a detainee.
Whatever he's holding on to, you take it away.
His organization? Crumbling.
His friends? Traitors.
His precious information? Useless.
Gum? Mmm! Cinnamony.
Mmm, Ivan.
Good news.
We're about to wrap this up.
[Chuckles] Looks like we won't need you much longer.
That's why you had me in this hole? Because you don't need me? Hey, I'm doing you a favor.
I'm giving you a chance to come clean.
You know, we're moving on Romanov's next week.
Great restaurant.
Try the borscht.
[Sighs] Look, the point is if you wanna see daylight again, you'll give me something useful.
And hey, now would be the time.
Well, I can see you're on the fence.
So I'm gonna give you some time to consider your options.
You can wear the thinking bag.
** [Loud Techno] And here's some thinking music! Oh, whoa! ****[Continues] - Is he tenderized yet? - Uh, he's getting there.
Said he likes nightclubs, so I thought I would oblige him.
So I figure we let him stew in there for another couple hours then put him back into the cell with you.
He'll be nice and loopy and happy to see his old friend Sergei.
Are you off to see Harvey Gunderson, again? Mike, I underestimated him, that's all.
He's going down.
The Best of Bulgarian Disco? Yeah.
We'll save that for bedtime.
It'll peel the paint off the walls.
Wish me luck, fellas.
[Michael Narrating] Working an information source is a delicate art.
Ideally, you can get all the information you need with kind words and free drinks.
- More wine? - You betcha.
[Michael Narrating] When drinks and good company aren't enough, however a good operative has to apply pressure - Mmm.
- and that means knowing just what a source loves.
So, um, Harvey just wondering about that, uh that list.
- How's that going? - Great.
I'm working on it.
Got a lot of agricultural experts in Miami, believe me.
I'm making that list, checking it twice.
Just wanna make sure I don't leave any names off.
Could we get some more crab cakes here? - Sure, sure.
In just a minute.
First I wanna ask you something.
- Sure.
Do you like being secretary treasurer of the Agricultural Association of South Florida? Nah, I'm trying to get back to teaching high school.
Do I like it? What, are you kidding? What are you talking about? I love it.
It's the largest agronomic trade association east of the Mississippi and I'm two heartbeats away from the presidency.
- Why? - Because I think you're jerking me around, Harvey.
I came to you asking for a very simple list of Miami agricultural specialists and you drank my wine, and you ate my food, and you gave me nothing.
You have no idea who you're dealing with here, Harvey.
Do you know why I'm interested in agriculture in central Turkey? Let me tell you, I don't give a rat's ass about growing hops, okay? I care about opium poppies.
I'm with the D.
The [Coughing] The D.
? Now, one call to my buddies at the Department of Agriculture And let's just say they have a little bit of influence over who can be the president of the board of soil scientists.
I mean, one day, you're the chairman of the Miami Water Resources Board the next day they won't let you in the front door.
Now, I've seen the bad boys of the U.
Destroy people, Harvey and believe me, it's not pretty.
No, wait, please, please! Don't go.
Sit down.
You'll have the list tomorrow.
I swear.
Make sure I do.
Mmm! Liquid gold.
Oh, yeah.
It's the best.
They have you for hours, and still they don't touch you? They asked me questions, then left me in a room with a bag on my head.
I guess you're just lucky.
Do you want to say something? Say it! Every day they have new information! I know.
The American, he says they moving on Romanov's.
Someone in your organization is talking.
They gave us up.
If they know where the girls are Impossible.
No one knows where is the safe house but me.
Ivan, if the Americans link Takarov to the girls Do you think I'm stupid? My men have orders.
If anyone but me comes to the safe house, they kill the girls and leave.
If they don't hear from me by Friday, same thing.
Takarov has nothing to worry about from me.
[Russian] The American can ask whatever he wants.
By the time they do anything, the girls are dead.
So I gotta tell Katya that we did all this for nothing? - That her sister's gonna be killed? - I'm not gonna let that happen.
How, huh? What are you gonna do, use your spy magic? Come on.
Ivan has gotta be at the safe house by tomorrow, or Elena's dead.
And he can't be there, because we've got him in a box in a concrete plant.
He's gonna have to escape.
Escape? Are you serious? He's gotta go to the girls himself.
- He's not gonna buy it if we just let him go.
- That's crazy, man.
I mean Have you got a better idea, Nate? Because we don't have a lot of time here.
You asked for my help.
You want it or not? If you want my help, we gotta go to the concrete plant and do this.
If you don't, tell Katya to get ready for her sister's funeral.
[Sighs] Okay.
I'll get my suit.
- Michael, your brother is trying.
- Ma! Please, you sent him off to Fort Lauderdale and left him there for weeks.
I mean, what is that? Some sort of covert operations thing? Or is it just a lousy way to treat your brother? Ma, I've been living in a storage container for two days.
Maybe we can call it even? Michael, it isn't just about what you do.
It's about what you say too.
He cares what you think, more than you know.
Do you know what his first word was? - It was "Michael.
" - It was "juice.
" I was there.
His first word was "juice.
" Well, he was looking right at you when he said it.
You know what he meant.
- You were his hero.
- Ma, I just don't wanna get into this right now.
Michael, please, look.
I know that Nate has had his problems.
But you know when it all first started? I mean, when he first got into really serious trouble? It was right after you left.
Give him a chance.
What? What is wrong with you? You can't stand still.
You heard them.
This is almost over.
And when they're done with us, they're gonna throw us in some C.
Hellhole for the rest of our lives.
If by some miracle they let us go, we're gonna be dead anyway.
Dead? What are you talking about? What will Takarov think? He will hold us responsible! We will speak for each other.
I will tell him you were strong.
- You kept your mouth shut.
- Before he cuts your throat, or after? No, no, no.
We need to get out of here.
Listen, if we can get to the girls, maybe grab 'em, move 'em show Takarov that that we fought.
Escape? You are dreaming.
Can I trust you? [Russian] Yes.
They showed me a file with surveillance photos Takarov.
I swore I didn't know him.
They beat me, but I got this.
I can open the handcuffs.
We can overpower the guard.
Maybe we'd get out, maybe we'd die.
- But if we don't get out, we die anyway.
Are you with me? - Then what? - We don't even know what's on the outside of that door.
- Oh, I heard 'em talking.
It's not a real jail.
It's temporary.
- They're gonna move us into a real prison.
- [Vehicle Approaching] - You have to decide now Now! - [Car Door Closes] They'll handcuff you to the wall.
You keep 'em busy.
You distract 'em.
I'll take care of the lock.
You under - [Nate] Sergei.
! - [Banging On Door] Yeah, I understand.
- All right.
Let's go.
- [Hammer Cocks] Feel a little more talkative now? - You really think you can do this to us? - Shut up.
We have people everywhere.
Doesn't matter who you are C.
, F.
I We can find you and kill you just the same.
Hey, you ever wanna see the light of day again, shut your face.
Let's go.
[Michael Narrating] One of the hardest things to do in a fight is to make it look like you're trying to kill someone without doing permanent damage.
They don't teach any half-moves in combat training.
There are moves designed to kill and maim as efficiently as possible.
[Shouts] If those are off-limits, one option is opening your fist right before a punch lands.
Painful, but the force is distributed.
Another showy option is a kick to the shoulder.
It might break a rib or two but if you aim right, nobody's going to the morgue.
- [Gunshot] - [Nate Shouts] - [Gunshot] - [Sam] Put it down.
! - I said drop it.
! - [Gunshot] - Don't Don't kill me.
! No, please.
! - [Gunshots] [Keys Jangling] Let's go.
- Where is the other one? - Back there.
- I heard him begging.
- After the beatings he gave me, he deserves to die more slowly.
We have to go to Romanov's.
What, show up at Takarov's empty-handed? No, we gotta show 'em we thought of the organization first.
Where are the girls? Ivan, we don't have time for this! Where are the girls? They're in Hialeah.
I will show you.
- This is it? - Yes.
You think they've been here? Does anything look different? It's fine.
See the van? Means the girls are still here.
- Where have you been? - I'll tell you later.
We need to move the girls now.
- What? Who is he? - This is Sergei.
He's all right.
Now move! Go! [Russian] [Russian] - We have to get them out of here.
- Do you have a place? Yes.
There is another safe house that Takarov uses for guns.
How do you know the C.
Isn't already there? - We can't use anyplace they might know about.
- Then where can we take them? I got a place down by the docks.
No one knows about it but me.
You're sure it's safe? You're right.
I should bring some of your guys, take some guns along, just in case.
You go to Takarov's.
You tell them they might be moving on Romanov's.
- Who knows? We might come out heroes.
- All right.
- Da.
- Sergei.
- I don't forget this.
- I'm sure you won't, Ivan.
- [Car Door Opens, Closes] - [Engine Starts] There's been a change of plans.
- [Screams] - It's all over.
Drop the gun.
[Women Gasping] [Michael Narrating] In the spy game, you spend a lot of time getting people to betray their own.
Most do it for money.
Some do it for spite.
But the greatest achievement is to get a guy to turn on his own people because he thinks he's being loyal.
- You have to get out.
- What? What are you talking about? They busted the operation in Tampa.
They're coming here next.
- They had me and Sergei, but we escaped.
- What operation in Tampa? We never had an operation in Tampa.
- But But Sergei - Who's Sergei? He took the girls! He said he worked for you in Tampa! It was the C.
They had us.
You talked to the C.
? You gave the girls to this Sergei and then you come here? Take him upstairs now! [Grunting] Sam talked to a police buddy of his.
Sounds like Takarov was worried enough to skip town with most of his crew.
Apparently, he headed north, because they found Ivan's body in a Dumpster in Fort Lauderdale.
Dumpster is too good for him.
What my sister means say is thank you.
- Yeah.
- [Groans] - How is your pain? - Breathing's a little difficult.
Mike cracked three of my ribs.
But, you know, it was a small price to pay.
I'm sorry I was angry.
Nate said you know what to do.
Always you are right.
This Nate? Nate said that? You wanted me to keep her at Mom's.
I just said what I had to say.
Thank Nate, Katya.
I couldn't have done it without him, and I'm not always right.
[Sighs] $1,350, and all Sam got on Carla was a P.
More than I had, Fi.
Besides, I don't think he could have survived any more intelligence gathering.
Well, Sam's liver can take a vacation while we - What do we do now? - Now we watch.
Someone's gotta pick up the mail sometime.
[Sighs] I hate surveillance.
****[Rock] [Michael Narrating] Intelligence gathering isn't all running around with a gun and a spy camera.
When the operation demands it, you get to sit in a hot car with no air-conditioning in downtown Miami.