Burn Notice s02e11 Episode Script

Hot Spot

My name is michael westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn noticeon you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned,you've got nothing -- no cash,no credit,no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi you know spies --a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family,too hey,is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help,michael.
Bottom line -- until you figure out who burned you,you're not going anywhere.
Previously on "burn notice" someone out therewants you dead,and we bothneed to know who.
You're really gonna do this? Hunt them down? The enemy of my enemycould be my friend.
I got the chemical analysis backfrom the explosion.
Any progressfinding our bomber? Nope.
Checked the blast.
Crude I.
Amateur hour.
We recruited youbecause you're a good liar.
I guess we can't complaintoo much when you lie to us.
Your bombers couldn't go out the front doorafter they set it.
If theywent off the balcony I could checkthe security cameras at the businessesalong the river.
When you work for an intelligence agency,you operate within an official structure.
There's a chain of command to report to,protocols to be observed.
No one questions their mission.
But when you freelance,you don't have those luxuries.
Getting your team on board may require some convincing.
I don't have a problemwith hunting down someone who planted a bombat your place.
I have a problem with whyyou're hunting him.
If this was about revenge,I'd be fine with it.
Revenge is a wasteof time.
Well,so is watching tvand eating candy.
You do it'cause it feels good.
You are finding a killer for the peoplewho ruined your life.
When I find him,I'll have more on them.
Ah,intelligencegathering -- right.
He should at leastsuffer a little.
Well,when I find him,there will besome pain involved.
Are you happy? Delighted.
Do you seethat storage facility? It has security cameras that cover the approachto your loft from the road.
Here's the nameof the service rep who installedthe security system.
And the model number.
You're welcome.
You do care.
Now run alongbefore I change my mind.
Spies love technology upgrades.
When someone replaces old equipment -- a computer,a cellphone,a pda -- getting information becomes as easy as looking through the trash.
I cannotbelieve phil didn't call you.
I was up on an install up in boca.
They had me come down hereand do your service upgrade.
I got the paperworkright here.
Is it gonna takea long time? No,it shouldn't betoo long.
It's just a simple switch-out of a unit.
Well,I should checkwith them.
You should yell at them,is what you should do.
I'm gonna get started here.
When you need to steal information in a hurry,just arrange the technology upgrade yourself.
Ron,it's kay,at evergreen.
There's a guy heredoing an upgrade,but I don't have himon the schedules.
Hang on.
I'm on with ron lummer.
He said he needs to speak to you.
- Yeah,ron? - Yeah.
Who is this? No,no,no.
You're lookingin the wrong files.
It's evergreen storage.
- It's on your deskby the bobble-head guy.
- What are you talking about? I don't have a file.
- You found it? -******** Oh,it looks like phildropped the ball on this one.
I'm calling the policeright now.
Don't be too hard on him.
Everybody makes mistakes.
You're breaking the law.
Don't touch anything.
- You know me,ron.
Anything for you.
Just save me a donut! - This isn't funny! You hear me? You're going to jail!I'm -- What did he say? Well,somebody's in trouble,but it ain't me.
All right,sorry for the inconvenience.
If you need to buy a few seconds in an office environment, programming a computer to dial every phone in an office simultaneously is simple and cheap.
Just set up your cellphone to trigger the call remotely.
Sounds like you guysare busy.
To get away clean from an office,it's okay to run.
People run out of offices all the time.
If the look on your face says "I'm in a hurry," you can go as fast as you want.
It's all about covering ground before the yelling starts.
Hey,stop! "The one you love is closerthan you think.
" What's yours say? "The one who burned youis closer than you think.
" What? What? Oh,that gotyour attention.
Not funny,fi.
Is this what your life'sbecome,michael? Running aroundlike carla's errand boy? I'm doing this so I can get outfrom under carla.
The guy who blew me up --she hates him.
So I wouldlike to meet him.
I think I found something.
Passed the camera twicein 90 minutes the day of the bombing.
Right time,too.
Collapsible ladder for gettingdown from your balcony.
City worker outfit keeps peoplefrom asking questions.
Meet the manwho tried to kill me.
Kind of ordinary for a spy killer.
What were you expecting? I don't know.
You know,after all this,like,boots and a mask,at least.
You know,a cape,maybe? His gear is from city of miami public works.
Capes aren't standard issue.
Fi's checking it out.
Hey,good news -- something to take your mind off all this.
I got a way to score some dolphins tickets.
- Sam - come on,mikey.
When's the last time you did something that regular people do? Don't be afraid.
I'll be right there with you.
in big plastic cups.
How are we getting these tickets? Buddy of mine -- sean martin.
He used to play for the 'phins in the '90s.
He,um -- he needs a little favor.
- And there it is.
- Yeah,well,come on.
Look,we can probably wrap this up in a day.
We're supposed to meet him at 2:00.
Most of these guys I handpicked in the roughest part of overtown -- pulled them out of broken families,gangs.
Put them on the field.
See,mike? He's a great humanitarian,and he's got tickets on the 50-yard line.
Sam said you had a problem.
Not me.
One of my players -- corey jensen.
Good kid -- stays out of trouble,but he got into a fight the other day.
A fight? What about? Not sure.
I just know the guy he fought is bad news -- felix cole,a local gangster.
Word is -- he wants corey dead.
Gangster -- this is the little problem you -- yeah -- hey,sean,what exactly were you hoping for here,favor-wise? He's at my place with his sister.
I just wanted you guys to go by and talk to him and see what the options are.
Well,if he's being hunted,he shouldn't be staying at your place.
Won't be long before they look there.
Mike's right.
Look,let me swing by.
I'll pick them up.
I appreciate it.
Okay,so it's not a little problem, but we're not exactly talking nosebleed seats either here,huh? Come on.
We got a visitor.
Is now a good time? Carla.
So great to see you.
You might want to give sam your keys.
We need to talk.
- I'll meet you back at the loft.
- You sure,mike? He's sure.
Don't I get tied to the chair? Don't go soft on me now,carla.
I thought we'd keep this meetinga little more casual.
We want to know how your investigation is going.
"We"? Who's "we"? Love to meet the team,if they're around! Michael,sit down.
We got our analysis backof the explosives at your place.
Same methodand materials used on the other operativesthat were attacked.
" Plural.
How many exactly? Do I get names? No.
I thought you weren'tgoing to tie my hands.
I've seen your work.
You do just finewith your hands tied.
Everything I can sharewith you is here.
And it stays here.
Look it over,let us know when you're done.
What if I have to goto the little boys room? Well,you're gonnahave to hold it.
My men have ordersto shoot you if you try toleave the room.
Well,that was a quickie.
You look unbruised.
Just a few paper cuts.
I got a look at carla's files.
She thinks the bomberis not local.
Oh,so the big,bad burn-noticelady's a step behind you.
You thinkit's gonna stay that way? Well,I asked for a listof all demolition experts who have spent time in serbiaand montenegro.
Said I sawa pattern there.
Yeah,we got another meetingon the books.
Fi's upstairswith the kids.
I'm just heading out to getdinner for everybody.
- Pizza time? - Yeah.
Uh,mike,just a heads-up.
This one has fi a little fired up.
I was,uh,delayed.
Oh,that's okay,michael.
I was getting to knowyour guests.
I'm -- I'm corey.
This is my little sister,tanya.
- I'm michael.
- Nice to meet you.
They told meabout their situation.
It seems this man --felix? He took tanya for a ridein his car and thenhe attacked her.
And she escaped,barely,and then corey went after himwith a baseball bat.
I found her cryingin the street.
I just wanted to make surehe never tried to come back -- no explanation necessary.
Use a golf club next time.
Greater forceto a smaller area.
But now he's after me.
His guys cameto my house.
They tried to shoot mein the street.
I mean,I don't know where to go.
It's fine.
We'll take care of it.
Would you excuse me? Fiona,could I talk with youout on the balcony? Michael,I'm gonna say this once.
We are helping these kids.
Fi,this is a jobfor the police.
If we let felix kill corey,we'll have more evidence when he comesafter this girl again.
You made your point.
We can get them out of town.
They've done nothing wrong.
They're not going anywhere.
That sick son of a bitchis going somewhere,and this is nota discussion.
Fiona,you're letting youremotions get the best of you.
I'm doing betterthan that.
I'm letting my feelingsrun the show,and I feel very stronglyabout this! ******** Felix works out of that club,mostly.
His crew boosts carsfor the 24k syndicate.
That's himnext to the gto.
Man,what was I thinking? He's a stone-cold gangster.
****** No,he doesn'tdeserve to be called a gangster.
Anyone who attacks a ****** See,the thing is,ever since the word went out, his whole gang is after me --the whole 24k crew.
The whole 24k crew.
Oh,this is getting betterand better.
You see that guyhe's talking to? The guy with the glassesby the table? That's tony soto,the boss.
**** Felix earns a lot of moneyfor that guy.
Any car that gets boostedfrom here to midtown,it's his guys.
Listen,seriously,I don't think there's anythingyou guys can do.
Oh,don't worry,corey.
There's a long listof things we can do.
You know,just for the record,when I said "favor," I was thinking,like,find somebody's lost dog or something like that.
You're gonna have to worka little harder than you're used to.
I work plenty hard,lady.
I just make it look easy.
Corey's up againstan organization here,fi.
Felix is well-connected.
Well,then we'll just haveto disconnect him,won't we? Tony won't back felixif we put him out of business.
A new gang of car thievesis coming to town.
You want to take himhead-on? Well,then we got to stash coreyand his sister,tanya,somewhere for a bit.
Corey and tanyaare getting settled,and I'm making spaghetti.
Excuse me.
Ma,I'm sorry.
Fiona really felt strongly about them being in a nicerenvironment than the loft,and,uh well,you know,she -- she was really not in the moodto discuss the point.
It's fine.
If you didn't bring people over,I'd never see you.
Oh,and thank you forwhat you did for your brother.
For -- for what? Your brother's papers.
When he got out of jail? the arrest was erased,like it never happened.
You didn't do that? Not exactly.
It was,uh --it was done for me.
Well,thank your friendsfor me,then.
Yeah,my friendsput him in jail in the first place,actually,so sometimes I forget howcomplicated your life is.
There's a reason armies wear uniforms,even though they make them easier to spot.
Sometimes that's what you want.
Uniforms suggest organization,power,and numbers.
These,in turn,inspire fear.
And as any good operative knows,there's no more effective weapon than fear.
Nice car.
It's too bad,really.
What's too bad? Pepper grenades are used by antiterrorist units to disable and stun.
Not lethal,but a face full of pepper gas will keep you pretty busy.
Don't go anywhere.
The party's just starting.
What the hell,man? No! Melting through the engine block of a car isn't hard if you know what you're doing.
A few pounds of thermite in a coffee can and a fuse will do the trick and put on a pretty good show.
Felix,over here.
It's time for youto leave miami.
You what? You did that to his car? He's gonna comeafter you.
Better than himcoming after you.
We're just sending hima message -- it's time for himto move on.
Yeah,sounds like it.
Oh,I looked through thosepictures mr.
Axe gave to me.
You recognize anyone? Yeah,this dude here is J.
He's definitely big-time.
That's rodrick.
And this dude here? They call reed.
These three are felix'smain boosters.
I found some crackers.
Mom? These are like cardboard.
Well,they were in the backof the cupboard.
They're a few years old.
Corey's been helping meclean out all of the old foodin the house.
He ate a canof smoked oysters that I've hadsince you were a baby.
A little salty,but they really hit the spot.
Thank you.
Can we go home now? Not yet.
This was a goodfirst step,but we stillhave to be careful.
Is there any familythat you have that felixmight know about? No.
It's just me and tanya.
Our mom passed last year.
We got family up north.
But I need to finishschool here.
I got a chanceat a scholarship.
Coach martin looks after usif we need it.
Well,I think it's timeto talk to coach martin.
The wholeneighborhood's talking about what happenedwith felix yesterday.
The engine of his carmelted into the road? It's crazy.
Yeah,well,crazy'skind of what you want in a situation like this.
I mean,you want felix to worryabout something that's bigger than some kidbeating him up.
Sounds like a plan to me.
If there's anythingI can do to help -- yeah,actually,I need you to keep your head downfor a while, 'cause this is gonna get worsebefore it gets better.
Sam,you're asking meto hide? Hide? Oh,no,no,no.
Of course not.
I just need youto be someplace where no one can see you.
Until I givethe all-clear.
You know,for the kids.
When you need to get into a building in a hurry,you can always count on a fire exit.
Every building has them.
It's just about knowing how to use them.
The right shape charge will put a big enough dent in a steel door to disengage the lock, which can turn a fire exit into a convenient and unexpected entrance.
A coil of detcord attached to a rubber mat will give you the explosion you need and allow you to point it wherever you need it to go.
Teams call it a hockey puck.
Let me do that.
I have a more delicate touch.
I made some progress findingyour would-be assassin today.
There's a chance he worksat A.
The city contracts theirdemolition work with them.
I think I'll pay him a visit,see what I can find out.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
So,the front of the placeis pretty well guarded,but that's it.
And felix? He hangs around the back.
He's there now.
- Fresh from the printer.
- Shall we? I want to knowwho the hell they are! They come out of nowhere,destroy my car,tell me to leave my home, and you say nobody --nobody knows anything? No,felix.
Nobody's seen nothing.
Then maybe they're not looking hard enough.
"Blitzkrieg," or "lightning war," was a strategy pioneered by the germans in world war ii.
It refers to a fast attack designed to inspire fear and confusion, penetrating quickly behind enemy lines.
Good afternoon.
Let's get those hands up.
I'll thank you to back upagainst the wall.
Keep your handswhere I can see 'em.
Comfortable? Hello,felix.
Who the hellare you people? The name's johnny.
We got a lotin common,felix.
We're bothin the car-theft game.
Only we work miami,and you -- well,you work someplace else.
You have 48 hours.
After that,we'll make yourtravel arrangements for you.
Leave town? I'm supposed to be scared of some fancy-ass suitsand a shotgun? You better get the hellout of my establishment.
I hear you.
You're busy.
You got a lot to do.
After all,you only have left.
Trust me,felix.
You want to move on.
You got a lot of headaches hereyou don't need.
Miami is very humidin the summer,and you got all these peopleyou have to manage.
Plus your placeis on fire.
I'll kill you! Take care.
You hear me? Do you hear me? Did you see the shopping listyour mother gave sam? Corey is eating his own bodyweight in cereal every day.
He's a growing boy.
I have to say,I like this johnny.
He's got flair.
He reminds meof your cover in dublin when we first met.
Do you rememberwhat you called yourself? Michael mcbride.
Michael mcbride.
Sometimes I wonder if he's the oneI fell in love with.
I wouldn't be surprised.
We caused a lot of mayhem,you and I.
He was your type of guy.
Yes,he was.
Where did he go? Oh,you know how it iswith cover I.
You becomewho you need to be.
And everyone gets to guesswho you really are.
I'll see you later,michael.
I have an appointment at A.
Dismantling and demolition.
Fi,if you see this guy -- I'll give him a kissfrom you.
- Are you eric? - Yeah.
Nina roberts,green row publishing.
We spoke on the phoneyesterday.
you sell the calendars.
I make the calendars.
Theme calendars.
Firefighters,lumberjacks,cops,cowboys and now the menof demolition.
Nothing turnsa woman on more than when somethinggoes "boom.
" All I need from you are namesand photos of all your demolition guys --do me a favor.
Don't tell them you're doing it.
Why is that? Well,no feelings get hurt if I just talk to the guysI'm interested in.
All I need isanother homely firefighter offering to wax his chestin my office.
So,um what do you look for? Depends.
But I think I'm lookingat mr.
January right here.
Target selection is one of the least glamorous but most important elements in any strategy.
You want to take out the people your opponent depends on -- the ones his organization can't function without.
Lose your keys? I can give you a ride.
Don't look so scared.
Loaded itwith a bean-bag round,so it won't doany permanent damage.
But the temporary damage --that hurts like hell.
Did I forget to mention that? My fault.
My fault.
Maybe we should exchangeinsurance information.
Or maybe you shouldput these on and get into the trunkof my car.
******** Yeah.
You see? Look.
There's an element of theater in any offensive campaign.
It's not just about bullets and bodies -- killing people usually creates more problems than it solves.
It's about undermining your enemy's will to fight, destroying the morale of his troops, sending the message that fighting back is useless because the battle is already lost.
I brought you a little going-away present.
- You call this a present? - Yeah.
They're alive.
Yeah,but you won't be.
I'm good to go if you are.
You really want to dothis in front of all these peoplein broad daylight? You just wait,johnny boy.
Oh,I'll wait.
I'll wait 23 hoursand 14 minutes.
Clean this up,man! - Yeah.
- Hello,johnny.
This is tony soto.
Maybe you've heard of me? You're felix's boss.
There's a car coming upthe street.
I see it.
I want to talk to you.
Well,go ahead and talk.
That's what phones are for.
In person.
Get in the car.
"Get in the car.
" I'm new to miami,but are most peoplethat stupid here? I'll leave two of my guyswith your people,unarmed,to guarantee your safety.
And I'm not asking.
I'm telling.
Now get in.
Keep these boys company.
I'm going to meet tony soto.
there's an old saying in war that no plan survives the battlefield.
Often,as a situation evolves,you create new enemies.
Sometimes you create new alliances,new friends.
Soldiers are fine for dealing with the enemies,but you need a spy to handle new friends.
Behold the ghosthaunting felix cole.
Where you from? Around.
Why am I here? You got style,johnny.
You're aggressive.
Boom -- I like that.
Nice to be appreciated.
Felix has beena good earner,but any guy who lets someonepunk him like you did, lets a 17-year-old kick his asswith a baseball bat well,I can't have that kindof weakness in my house.
I couldn't agree more.
Which brings meto my question -- what exactly do you want? My team doesn't likecompetition.
We want to bethe only game in town.
We're selfish that way.
I'm selfish this way -- nobody operatesin this neighborhood without dealing with me.
I'll deal with you.
Listen,felix is an amateur.
He steals a few carsfor sale and lays the rest offin chop shops.
Go to a high school.
A kid can do that.
Us? We dealin high-end export -- shipping them overseasat a markup.
Overseas? How do you get the carsthrough customs? We clean 'em and clone 'em.
Sell them at twicethe price.
Now,I can't have these idiotsrunning around, boosting minivans with a shimand a screwdriver.
You can talk,johnny.
I'm gonna give you that.
But let's seeif you can deliver.
Hot off the street.
Bring it back clean.
Show me how it works.
You could be my new car man.
Felix is out? Felix is out,or you are.
So,this is yourjob application? More or less.
So,meanwhile,some poor guy's running around,looking forhis $150,000 car.
Yeah,we'll get it back to him.
We got to move faston this one,sam.
No kidding.
You know,I wentto felix's place earlier to do some surveillance.
He's been going nutssince we did our thing.
Well,the more panicked he is,the easier our job is.
Yeah,but you know,this isn't just business,mike.
I mean,he put the word out to every kid in the neighborhoodto look for corey.
That was the plan.
We made him look vulnerable.
With tonybreathing down his neck,he has to look strong now.
Quit yapping.
Let's go.
The actual theft of a car isn't difficult.
The hard part is selling it once you have it.
Between the license,registration,tax records,and vin number, it's surprisingly hard to turn a car into cash.
The best approach is to start with clean paperwork on another car from out of state, then match the stolen car to the clean paperwork.
That means new vin tags and a new registration.
And in case someone decides to check close, some hydrochloric acid and a file will make the etched vin number on the car chassis impossible to read.
Well,that's it.
So,mike,you think I shoulddrive around south beach, you know,just to make sureit still drives okay? Knock yourself out.
I've got a meeting.
Say hi to carla for me.
Do we have to go all the wayto your office,or can we justdo this here? Everybody who's everblown something up in eastern europe.
Your ex-girlfriend'son there.
I thinkwe can rule fiona out.
Really? She has the expertise,and she certainly had access.
Lot of names here.
This could take some time.
Two days.
I could get startedthat much faster if you just dropped me offat home.
- Go up,make a left,make an-- - goodbye,michael.
Look at that sweater.
What? Yeah.
That was christmas.
Oh,michael must havebeen 15,I think.
God,don't they look cute? So sweet.
Must be nice.
Me and corey -- we neverhad a family like that.
Neither did we,sweetheart.
See the bruiseon michael's cheek? He and his fathergot into a fight because frank was pushing his brotheraround.
Anyway,nobody was talkingto anybody,so I said, "I'm gonna throw the wholedinner down the garbage," unless they stood thereand took that picture.
He fought his dad on --on christmas? He was beinga good big brother.
Like you.
- Is that everyone? - Yep.
Past and present.
Oh,look who's on top.
I'll schedule photo sessions in a few weeks,once I've had timeto go over all this.
Remember I'll be waiting.
Michael,I believeI found your bomber.
Who is it,fi? His name is derek poole,and he works part-timefor A.
I guess we know what he doeswith the rest of his time.
Can you geta home address? What do you think? What's the word? Fi got a name.
- You expecting somebody,mike? - Nope.
Who's there? Sean! what happened? Felix and his boys jumped me.
They said if I didn't set upa meeting with corey,they would go aftermy players.
He said he justwanted to talk to him.
He's going to kill him.
He'll probablykill you both.
Should we callthe police? Well,we could get felixarrested for assaulting you, but his crew would still beon the streets,and corey would stillbe in danger.
So,what arewe going to do,guys? 'Cause I can't have this guygoing after my players.
Felix is on the edge.
It's time to push him over.
You're gonna call him.
Set up the meeting.
It's all right.
We've done this before.
So,this addresssean got from felix? It's an alley.
Industrial areaby midtown.
- Perfect spot for an ambush? - Bingo.
You won yourselfa beer,mikey.
So,poked around.
Looks like this guy felixis kind of a one-trick pony when it comes to hits.
A few years ago,one of his rivals got popped.
Same setup,different alley.
- If something works - yeah.
Basically,car pulls in,bad guys box him in,hose him down with lead.
Well,thisI can work with.
Can I,uh,work with that? Thank you.
There are a couple of ways to make a vehicle bullet-resistant.
$60,000 worth of titanium siding will do the job.
Or you can pick up a few extra copies of the yellow pages from your local phone company.
Most non-armor-piercing bullets will only penetrate a phone book to a depth of an inch or two.
Behind a layer of steel,it's more like a quarter of an inch.
Commercially available foam sealants will keep your tires rolling long enough to get you out of danger.
For the windows -- dual-layer,high-density plexiglas is your best bet.
It's expensive,but bulletproof glass is not the sort of thing you skimp on.
My guy called the cops.
It checks out clean.
You could drive it tothe police station yourself,and you wouldn'thave to worry about it.
- I must say,I'm impressed.
- We aim to please.
All right.
Let's check outthis operation of yours.
I figured youfor a nicer ride.
We don't like to take anythingflashy to our location.
We can't affordto attract attention.
You're careful.
That's good.
Maybe a littlecrazy,but you're careful.
And when it counts.
Now,about felix don't worry about him.
This checks out,I'll take care of felix.
Countless wars have been fought over misunderstanding -- tragic mistakes,misperceptions that turn people against each other forever.
That's corey's car.
Let's do this.
Of course,it's not so tragic when you're the one creating the misunderstanding.
It's up here.
We operate out of a warehouse.
We do all our work there.
Nothing's in our name,so there's no connection to us.
Johnny,is that felix's car? You tell felix you were meeting us? No,I -- well,then why the hell is he here?He's got a gun.
Get down! Get us the hell out of here! We got to ditch this thing.
You can call your guysfor a ride? Yeah,yeah.
How did we -- we armored the car.
We're crazy,but we're not stupid.
- You know,that son of a bitch,he -- - yeah,about that.
You have a few thingsto straighten out before we getinto business together.
Yeah,I'd say so.
I think we're gonna leave miamifor a little while.
Let it cool down.
Give you timeto clean house.
You straighten out this thingwith felix.
Oh,I'll straightenit out.
There's our ride.
We'll give you a callwhen it's time.
I want you to get big edon the phone.
I'm gonna take careof this cat.
Felix cleared out of miami soon as he heard tonywas looking for him.
His whole crew left,too.
Yeah,it's probably safe to park in that part of townfor a while.
Here's your tickets.
I got you three.
I heard there was a ladydoing most of the work.
Piece of cake.
Right,mike? Hey,corey wanted to say thanks.
Hey,you guys.
Listen,man,I justwanted to thank you guys for saving my life --both of ours.
Thank you,and can youthank fiona for us? Look,if you get anywherenear the super bowl,I want tickets,okay? I want to be sittingon a goalpost.
You got it,man.
Yeah,fi? Michael,I believe I foundyour bomber's house.
All right,I'm on my way.
Bad news is,looks like no one'slived there in a while.
Mail's piled up in the box,newspapers stacking up.
I think I may go in and poke around a littlewhile I'm waiting.
I don't want to disturb -- you think I've never brokeninto a house before? Fiona,just take it easyand be careful.
When you booby trap someone else's place, you put the trigger in the door or just inside so the odds of tripping it are much higher.
If you rig your own place,the trigger has to be farther inside so you can safely enter.
A trip wire is a quick and dirty version, but a contact plate under the rug is completely undetectable.
Put a little accelerant on the walls there's a reason they call it a firetrap.
It's fi.
Leave a message.
Fi,I'm at the addressyou gave me.
Call me back if you get this.
You can't be here.
It's too hot.
Was anyone in there? - Did you find anyonein there? - We don't know yet.
We haven't been able to confirm.
It's too hot.
- Was there a womanin there? - Someone was seen going in.
I just need to knowif someone was in there! Did you see a woman come out? Did anyone see anything? Was anyone in there? - She's -- she's -- - move back!Move! Move it back! Move it back! We're clearingthis whole street.
Let's go.
It's fi.
Leave a message.
Fi,fi,pick up the phone! Call me if you get this! I need to know where you are! It's fi.
Leave a message.
There you are.
You have got to geta landline in here.
Poole rigged his placeto burst into flame.
It was no surprise,but I let my curiosityget away with me.
I waited for a burnoutin one of the windows -- now I needa new cellphone.
Michael,you didn't think that Breakfast? For me? I see fiona's spendingthe night now.
Good for you.
Putting down roots.
So,you've hadyour couple of days.
What's the good news? I ruled out everyoneon the list you gave me.
I took another lookat the blast.
I'm checkingdemolition specialists,uh,private contractors.
You could have someonelook at that list and see if there's anyoneworth flagging.
Is this some kindof a joke? From what I hear,you have plenty of time to run around town playingdress-up with your friends, but the bestyou can do for me is a needlein a haystack? If you have a better idea,I'm willing to hear it.
You're my idea,michael.
Make no mistake --there are those who think you're more troublethan you're worth.
I've convinced themthat you're useful 'cause you can findthe bomber.
What do you think's gonna happento you if you don't deliver? Same thing that would happento you,I suppose.
You gonna runthat check for me? Give me the list.
Michael it's time you focuson helping yourself, or you're not gonna be aroundto help anyone else.
It's fi.
Leave a message.